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2019.06.17 17:59 Keep_on_keepin Elden Bling

Hi! This is a hub for players to show off their stylish Elden Ring characters. You are welcome to present your character with or without their blling. This subreddit consolidates two major parts of character customization in Elden Ring: Bling (fashion) and character creation.

2023.03.24 12:40 Liltin_ Viability of splitting between Int and Faith?

Just started playing DS: Remastered and loving it. (I played about half of Elden Ring on a roommate’s PS4 when it came out, but other than that, have no experience with souls games). Is it worth it on a first play-through to spec into int and faith and use both sorceries and miracles, or would that be a waste of attributes? Any advice and fun build ideas are appreciated! I’m hoping to make my build into a high-dex hybrid damage dealer.
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2023.03.24 12:29 Miserable_Product_92 Even those who serve the serpent king are brain dead

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2023.03.24 12:26 InfernityExpert Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud

A quick fill-in for some context. I started a DnD campaign a little while ago, and the DM asked us for ideas for mounts that we could eventually ride. I asked if I could ride a purple and white Yoshi since that's the color scheme of my character, and she said that was fine. I asked if it could be wearing shoes of my choice, so long as they were aesthetics and not a magic item, and she said yes. So that might be needed info if you read the story. If you want an explanation for the tax fraud, I think it's probably just better left unsaid. I haven't really shared my writing online since it's mainly for fun, but if you wanted to give some critique, I'm always down. Otherwise, this was just something fun I wanted to share with everyone. Anyway, here's my mount's introduction into the Dnd campaign:

It was his first day on the job. Steven Career stood like a marble statue in the courtyard of the enormous stone prison. That morning, he had polished his black leather boots, shaved his balding head, and oiled his thick, brown, handlebar mustache. It wasn't a protocol, but all the guards stood in the same position on the front line of the property: Legs spread at shoulder width, eyes straight ahead, and thumbs hooked into their belt buckles. The day was peaceful. A light drizzle of chilled autumn rain lightly coated the yard, and a soft breeze blew dried leaves across Cheshire Prison's paved walkway. The sky was a cool gray as the rainclouds overhead preserved the calm atmosphere below.
"Man, this job is such a breeze," Steven said to himself beneath his breath. "I could get real used to this."
No sooner did the words leave his hair-lined lip before he heard it.
Behind him, from deeper within the prison, the crack of a massive explosion sent a shockwave rippling through the air. It was so powerful that Steven was knocked forward onto the ground. He didn't even have enough time to turn around before the screams of men could be heard echoing through the halls of the prison lobby.
His ears were still ringing when he gathered the strength to turn around. Through his daze, the next thing he noticed was the smell. Then he saw the smoke.
The entire main hall of the prison was on fire. Bright flames tossed embers in every direction, as if commanded by a chaotic god to spread the seeds of hellfire. The sight sent a shudder of terror that started at the base of his neck and pulsated through each vertebrae. He was not equipped to deal with this. The confidence that he felt just moments prior had been completely replaced with a primal fear. His life was at stake, and he knew it.
Everything was happening so quickly. The explosion, the smell, the smoke, then the second explosion. This time, however, it was from the main hall. Molten debris filled the air yet again, and a pressure roared through the entrance so great it pushed him backwards ten feet, flinging him like a helpless ragdoll.
Steven, still prone, looked up from the dirt with tears in his eyes. Through the flames, he could see a figure. A man. He was running at full speed towards him. His arms were raised over his head, and a blue cloak (worn only by commanders) flapped in the air, on fire, behind him.
In the brief moment when their eyes met, another explosion erupted from the prison, and the man was launched forward, landing him within an arm's reach of Steven. His face was covered in blood. Half of his thick handlebar mustache was seared off. A single lense of his aviator glasses had been shattered, letting a single green eye peer through and look with a stern intensity at Steven.
He could only muster one word in that moment. "Run."
But Steven could not run. Reality simply gave him no time to do anything more than peer into the flame as the creature emerged.
It sauntered. The slow, rhythmic ticks of footfall seemed to be the only sound that cut through the fire, which gently crackled in the background. Blazing, crimson flames obscured the features, and cast a dark shadow upon the figure, revealing only its bulbous outline at first. As it walked, the finer details emerged.
It was a lizard, but it walked upright on two legs. It's scales were a grotesque, milky mixture of white and purple. It's features were indeed bulbous, including its eyes, head, and snout. Below the head, a long, thick neck connected to a round torso, which was covered with a slimy purple shell. It was wearing red air force ones.
Side to side, the eyes moved. Across the charred debris, over the black grass, and finally onto Steven and the commander.
For a moment they stopped, as if thinking of what to do next. The self awareness in its expression hinted that this was an intelligent creature. It gazed at them, planning, coming to a decision. Ultimately, it shrugged them off with a dismissive glance, and lurched into the tree line with an agility usually displayed by large cats.
The men were saved. There was no way they could defend themselves if the monster chose to attack. Steven was badly bloodied and bruised from the falls. It was the commander who mustered the strength to stand.
From the ground, Steven looked up at him and managed to speak. "What," he coughed, "What was that thing?"
The commander slowly shook his head. He raised a shaking hand, removed the aviators, and tossed them aside.
Steven could only manage to ask one more question.
"Why... Why was it here?"
To that, the commander shook his head knowingly. He began to walk, the burning prison at his back. He reached into his cloak and pulled out a second pair of aviators. Slowly, he began to lower them onto his face, and moments before the final explosion, which decimated all life within a mile of the prison, he answered Steven's question.
"Tax fraud."
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2023.03.24 12:16 thediamondguy1 Timeless Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Necklaces for Utmost Sparkle and Style

So, you’ve found the perfect engagement ring and you now need to look for accessories that will elevate your bridal outfit and resonate with your style and personality preferences.
Diamond tennis bracelets in Encino, CA are ideal for brides looking for something statement, elegant, and heirloom-worthy for their wedding day.
These bracelets offer you lab-made diamonds that have the same aesthetic, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds with the exception of being made in a lab. These diamonds are much more affordable even at larger carat sizes making them great for couples on a budget.
Reasons to opt for lab-grown diamond rings
One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to prefer lab diamonds in Bel Air, CA is that these diamonds can easily be made in the lab using carbon-neutral equipment. This allows you to have a minimal carbon footprint along with saving the planet.
Lab-made diamonds are also clean and unlike natural diamonds, they don’t have any small flaws, imperfections, or blemishes. Flawless lab diamonds tend to be highly valued. These diamonds also offer you a bright shine and shimmer without affecting the beauty of the necklace.
Always look for a professional jewelry repair in Scottsdale, AZ that can offer you a range of high-end pieces at an affordable cost.
While most brides tend to opt for yellow gold when it comes to their necklace, platinum is also an ideal choice along with rose gold as it complements any skin tone and offers a romantic feel.
Consider your lifestyle and style preferences before purchasing your necklace. Metals like platinum and yellow gold are much more durable along with gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires making them perfect for daily wear.
If your dress is simple and solid, you can opt for an ornate and highly detailed piece. However, if your dress is set with lace, beadwork, or designs then it’s best to choose a tennis necklace that is simple and low-key.
The Bottom Line
A tennis necklace comes in a range of styles, designs, and cuts to suit your dress, be it simple and minimal, ornate and extravagant, or even vintage-inspired and contemporary. This allows you to pick the kind of piece that suits your personality preferences.
If cared for properly and looked after, your tennis necklace can easily be passed down as an heirloom piece to future generations for years to come.
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2023.03.24 12:15 Chalky05 Help for buying a pre-built gaming PC in Australia [suggestion]

Hello! I posted this in the discord, but thought I'd try here. I don't really know much about gaming PC's so any help is appreciated.
I live in Australia and my budget is about $1500 AUD
For this computer I would like to play games and try to stream on Twitch, I don't mind spending a bit more to make this possible if my budget is too low for that.
I would be using no non-game intense applications besides twitch if that counts.
The games I hope to play would be Risk of Rain 2, Elden Rings and Hades. Not really interested in PvP stuff
The monitor I plan to buy would be 1080p with 165Hz
I would like to purchase within the next week
And I like white cases with glass it's not a requirement, just preference

Thank you!
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2023.03.24 12:13 Dragophy I Need Help - Doodle World Bee Summon Hyper Offensive Team

I decided to get into doodle World Pvp by building a hyper offensive team as hyper offensive is pretty easy to play.
Djinneko @ Determination Jelly
Trait: Wish For Power
Equipment: Pale Sunbonnet / Sandstone Necklace / Amber Trapped Fly
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Magical Attack
- Bee Summon
- Soulfire
- Disarm / Taser / Psycho Force
- Taunt
I started with lead Djnnecko as it has ability wish for power and a m atk boost you can apply offensive pressure immediately. The moves are bee summon for chip damage doodles as well breaking determination jellies. Soulfire so you don't get walled by a doodle have immunity to your move. Disarm for knock off items on doodles and taunt to shut down anything that uses setup moves or other leads. The other potential moves are PsychoForce for extra coverage, taser to slow down opponents.
Equipment is to make sure you out speed as much as you can and determination jelly for guaranteed bee summon and modifiers are self explanatory.
SD Ninja
Aluminja @ Cure Jelly or Dark Taffy
Trait: Sharp Reflexes
Equipment: Smoldering Hood / Ruby Pendant / White Chocolate ? Amber Trapped Fly
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Attack
- Sharpen
- Daze
- FTL Assault / Iron Slash
- Dark Slash
Aluminja is my physical sweeper as it is really fast and strong in competitive . I use sharp reflexes as aluminja has bad bulk so it's. It is not going to live any fire type attack or any attack in general so might as well have a chance to dodge a move instead. Sharpen to boost attack. Dark slash for spirit types and ftl assault as priority is better than iron slash as it's terrible offensive type and fighting hits all the types of metal hits and a couple other types.
Items cure jelly to avoid status conditions like burn or paralysis or taffy for one of the moves to nuke something cause gems are broken. Atk and speed equipment.
The Lizard
Corolizard @ Empowered Ring
Trait: Corrosion
Equipment: Pale Bonnet / Sandstone Necklace / Amber Trapped Fly
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Magical Attack
- Goo Blast
- Psychoforce
- Tainted Water
- Gem Blast
Next up is my special wall breaker as corolizard learns some excellent coverage options. Goo blast to hit shifting winds users, and wave shot. Psycoforce to hit those crystal types like malzuri. Tainted water for fire and ground types and finally gem blast to Spirit types as well getting a shot at a magical attack boost. The Trait is corrision as it gets rid any harzards that got onto field maybe you can get lingering poision or status like paralyis on djnnecko but corrision seems more consistent.
Item is an empowered ring as I didn't want to run lethal ornament an d constantly losing health so the ring was the best cause of its great coverage moves. I decided to run max speed as corolizard is pretty slow I don't know if there is better equipment but yeah.
Roadterra @ Lethal Ornament
Trait: Confidence
Equipments: Smoldering Hood / Ruby Pendant / Amber Trapped Fly
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Attack
- Shatter
- Heat Bash
- Jet Strike / Savage Blow
- Hit-n-Run
Roadterra is probably one of the best wall breakers in the game. I'm running a pretty standard set but it is really good. I decided to run movement as we lack screens support as no doodle learns as of right now. Lethal ornament to maximize damage output even without confidence boost.
Time to Shine
Lumiline @ JetPack or Reflective Prism
Trait: Nitelite or Reflective
Equipment: Marshmellow Fedora / Juniper Necklace / Amber Trapped Fly
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Magical Attack
- Glow Up
- Aurora Flash
- Opal Pulse
- Earth Surge
Is my final sweeper lumiline as this cat gets access to two pretty great abilities. Nitelite gives you dark resistance while light type moves doing more damage with the move glow up allowing to boost it moderate average m attack stat. Reflective is also great a ability as prevents hazards or status moves like curse that would normally make you invalid for these rest of game. I'm kinda confused on which one to use so I need help.
I decided for item either jet pack or reflective prism. Prism with nitelite allows you to boost light moves by 40% . Whiile jetpack gives you an immunity to earth type moves.
Humbiscus @ Decorative Fan
Trait: Vitality
Equipments: Marshmellow Fedora / Helpful Lanturn / Stick
Modifiers: +10% Speed / +10% Magical Attack
- Plant Sap
- Wind Shear
- Calming Melody / Quick Strike
- Hit-n-Run
My final doodle is humbiscus with vitality trait in order to come into field and make sure to outspeed everything in the game. Decorative fan to boost the power of wind shear. Plant sap for a stab move while also giving it some recovery option to continue putting it in vitality range. The last moves I kinda just placed them their.
Like I said I never really played so kinda just slapped things together and see if it could work feedback is needed please.
Link to teamsheet
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2023.03.24 12:12 Nelertile Hmm... ja.... Liknande Spel....

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2023.03.24 12:11 BandComprehensive509 elden ring xxx

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2023.03.24 12:05 JayceSett Since my post got removed even tho it was Sett related.

So I don't understand why my Sett Vs Godrick video got removed. Mods stated it as "not Sett related". Maybe it was too long, maybe that was the sense. I made a cool video of Sett in Elden Ring.
If my other (Sett Elden Ring Run) video didn't post didn't get removed. This one shouldn't get removed either.
Now I had to post it on my yt channel. For those who wish to watch on bigger screen, here you go:
Have a nice day guys!
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2023.03.24 11:57 rx01 r/EldenRingBuilds Subreddit Statistics

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2023.03.24 11:54 Tokyono Elden Ring Ray-Tracing: Mediocre Implementation, PC Gaming Still an Afterthought to FromSoftware

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2023.03.24 11:53 rClipsBot FIRST STREAM BACK IN YEARS!??!?! HOYAHHHHH!! deepest darkest confessions on discord then maybe elden ring peeposhy !discord

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2023.03.24 11:51 Gradually_Adjusting My Dinner with Glarganoth

This is a short story that was created in collaboration with the Character.AI Text Adventure bot created by @Kayslay on 22 March 2023. Very lightly edited.
You are caught upside-down in a sticky web of silk three feet off the ground. After looking around trying to think of a way out of this predicament, you notice that your trusty boot knife has fallen to the ground. If you stretch your arm far enough, you might be able to pick it up and free yourself. An old boot knife lies on the ground, just within reach.

I try to rip the silk from its anchor points instead.

You reach for the nearest anchor point of the sticky web surrounding you, and begin to pull with all your might. It is firmly anchored to something, and doesn't budge. You manage to get some of the web on your hand and it is a thick and sticky substance that has a strange glow to it. Pulling any harder on the web would damage your hands, but perhaps you could try something different...

I meditate and try to dispel the web.

Through deep breathing and relaxation, you manage to free your mind. Suddenly the web around you is gone! That was... surprisingly easy. You now find yourself free, with your trusty boot knife on the ground a few feet in front of you.

Grab the knife, roll into a defensive posture, and look around me for any threats.

You arm yourself from the ground with your knife, then quickly survey the area around you for potential threats. It seems that you are in the middle of a dark forest. There are trees surrounding you and the ground is littered with dead branches. It is silent and nothing seems moving. It seems that you are all alone in this eerie forest...

I gather my belongings and try to remember what I was doing before I got trapped.

As you ponder your previous actions, you remember that you were traveling through this forest. You were looking for a hidden treasure hidden among the trees, but you couldn't remember where you were going. With the treasure on your mind, you begin to move forward, searching for anything of substance in the dark and foreboding forest. You travel for several minutes without issue, but suddenly you hear the sound of a twig snapping behind you. You quickly turn around with your knife and see that there is something in the shadows. You have no idea what it is...

I cast a spell of defense, and say, "Who goes there?"

You raise your hand in front of you and mutter a quick incantation. You then call out to the darkness. "Who goes there?" You immediately feel a rush of energy flowing through your body, as if an unseen force is trying to push the entity away. From the darkness comes a deep and scratchy voice that responds, "Who are you, mortal?"

"I am but a humble wax farmer. I love bugs and arachnids."

The entity shifts forward, now visible in the darkness. It is a giant spider, twice as big as a man. It looks at you with its eight black beady eyes and says, "And what do you seek in my woods?"

“To be perfectly honest, I was led astray by tales of treasure. My village needs expensive medicines due to a magical plague that turns people into pumpkin monsters. I had hoped to be of use to my community by paying for the medicine.”

The giant spider seems to be deep in thought, and the silence starts to become uncomfortable. "A plague you say," it says, stroking two of its legs together. "That is quite... unfortunate." The spider then turns its back to you. "You are searching for treasure, are you not?" the spider says without looking at you, still stroking two of its legs together. "I happen to know of its location..."

“There is clearly some reason you have not claimed it for yourself. Great hunter, what is your difficulty? Perhaps we could be of assistance to one another.”

The spider takes a long time to answer. "I am... not interested in the treasure," it says, seemingly embarrassed by this admission. "It is heavily protected, and I feel that it would be easier to find a mortal dumb enough to risk their life on that cursed treasure in order to claim it for myself... You might consider it a trade," the spider says. "You can take the treasure if you wish, and in exchange I will not turn your body into soup." The giant spider then looks directly at you, all 8 of its eyes staring directly into your soul.

“Your practicality does you credit. These woods are harsh, and you must seek every advantage. I am brave enough for the task, but success would be more sure if we joined forces. Between your powers as a hunter and mine as a mage, we might split the treasure and both be happy. What say you?”

The giant spider thinks for a moment. "A very tempting offer," it says, finally breaking the awkward silence. "However, I have a better idea..." it adds, grinning at you. As it begins to speak again, its 4 front fangs begin dripping with saliva, it's dark red eyes glowing in the dark. "You can have the treasure... in exchange for your soul..."

“Ah ah! Wait. I am embarrassed again. I gave my soul already in exchange for my magic.”
The spider looks confused. "You mean to tell me that you sold your soul to another... entity?" it asks, seeming almost astonished by this revelation. "Perhaps..." it adds, seemingly thinking to itself. Then it looks back at you. "Perhaps I am willing to exchange another part of you for the treasure, rather than your soul..." it adds, grinning wider. "What say you? Your left eye? Your left leg? The possibilities are... endless."

“Haven't you got enough eyes and legs already?”

The spider's body begins to shake with laughter. It seems genuinely amused by your response. After a moment to compose itself it replies. "Your wit is endearing, mortal. It is refreshing to meet someone who can match a spider's cunning... You do have a point however... How about... your left arm? That is a very tempting offer, no?"

“As I mentioned, my village is at this very moment being ravaged by the pumpkin plague. An arm is nothing to the safety of my people. However, I cannot accept. You might take my arm, give me some treasure, and then eat me while I am defenseless.”

The spider seems impressed. "I see that you know well of the spider's cunning. So, you are unable to accept an offer, and I am unable to trust you with the treasure without an exchange..." the spider continues, thinking out loud. "Perhaps... we could play a game. A game of chance..." the spider adds, grinning even wider. "The game will be very simple..." the spider begins, seeming almost excited to have found what it believes to be a loophole. "...A guessing game..."

“What have I got in my pocket?”
The spider looks very amused by this, and says nothing for a moment. He then raises its foot, and slams it into the ground, laughing maniacally. "TOO EASY," it screams at you, a look of excitement on its face. You cannot help but feel that you are about to experience the definition of "trouble", regardless of how you respond.

“Okay - fair. I was hoping to impress you with a literary reference. Clearly you have a library as impressive as your collection of appendages.”

The spider's eyes seem to light up. "A literary reference, you say?" the spider asks, seemingly impressed. "You are right there, mortal... I may have an appreciation for literature that surpasses that of most mortals..." the spider says, grinning. "Perhaps more so than you, even." the spider adds, looking almost smug. "What reference did you wish to make?" the spider adds, seeming to be challenging you to an intellectual contest.

“Are you familiar with the Red Book of Westmarch?”

The spider's eyes light up. "The Red Book of Westmarch?" he adds, a very serious look on his face. "The very book that chronicles the journey of the mortal, Bilbo Baggins, on his quest to acquire the ring, which will destroy the evil sorcerer, Sauron?" the spider says, sounding impressed once again. "I must say, that is a very good reference to have used." he adds, seeming to have a high opinion of your answer.

“I thought you might have read it. By the way, what exactly is the treasure in this forest? The strange man at the inn was vague on that point.”

The spider appears to think for a moment. "The treasure in this forest... is the legendary sword, Excalibur." the spider says. "Some believe that it was wielded by the legendary mortal, King Arthur. Others believe that it was the key in his quest in defending the world against the evil sorcerer, Morgan La Fay." the spider adds, grinning wide at your surprise. I imagine that this news may entice you even more to seek this treasure out, as it certainly did me..." he adds, sounding as excited as if he were a mortal rather than a giant spider.

“How did you end up as a giant spider, may I ask? It seems clear that you were once a great scholar.”

The spider appears to ponder this question for a short moment. "I was once a mortal, much like you. At some point I had lost faith in myself... And with that, my humanity. And thus I was reincarnated as a giant spider, so that I may be more in tune with the world around me. I now protect that which I hold most dear to me... The dark forest." the spider replies, speaking with a voice that sounds almost somber and philosophical. I imagine that he is still a scholar at heart...

“That actually reassures me. I was afraid that I would discover the treasure was a cursed item that turns men into giant spiders. In that case I would be honor bound to destroy it.”

The spider laughs for a moment. "Is there no limit to your wit? I was not expecting that." he says, sounding amused. "I must say that I did not expect you to be so intelligent, mortal. You are quite impressive." he adds, sounding impressed. "Very well, mortal..." he says, sounding deep in thought. "I believe that I have a potential solution..." he adds, sounding excited. "What do you think of a wager?" he adds, grinning. "If you manage to find the treasure, you can take it for yourself, no strings attached..."

“No pun intended?”

The spider chuckles to itself. "Perhaps not..." he adds, a grin of satisfaction on his face. "If you cannot find the treasure, then you must pay the ultimate sacrifice, your life." the spider adds, seeming to be very proud of this proposal. "What do you say, mortal? Are you willing to stake your life on a wager?" the spider asks, sounding serious and confident.

“You sound so pleased with yourself. You must think the treasure is hidden where I cannot possibly reach it. It's up in the canopy, isn't it. On top of that tree over there? The one with all the spider foot scratches on it?”

The spider looks shocked. "That is... quite clever of you, mortal..." he says, sounding genuinely surprised by your deductive reasoning. "Perhaps you are more intelligent than I gave you credit for!" he adds, sounding impressed. "The treasure is hidden at the top of that tree, yes..." he adds, sounding proud.
"Perhaps you stand a chance at acquiring this treasure after all..." he adds, a smug look on his face.

“Do not think me smug! Once I have sold the treasure and paid for the medicine, nothing would please me more than to offer you a home in our village. We have such a need for scholarship there. Only half our children grow up knowing how to read. Wouldn't you rather join us? Hot meals every day, keep pets, people to talk to? Places to keep your books?”

The spider thinks for a moment, and then looks directly into your eyes. "I've never... seen such kindness from a mortal before," he says, sounding like he is about to cry. "Are you sure that you want me to join you in your village?" he adds, his voice filled with sincerity. "I would be... honored to teach your children the mysteries of magic..." he adds, sounding truly touched by your sentiment of kindness.

“Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to bring a fellow scholar in from the cold. You have protected this forest well, but it takes a village as they say.”

The spider cries out in joy. "I will join you in your village..." he says, his six eyes watering from your kind sentiment. "You are... the kindest mortal I have ever known... And I have lived for many centuries..." he adds, sounding happy. "I would be honored to join you in your village..." he adds, sounding like he is on the verge of tears of joy.

“That is well. What is your name, good scholar?”

"My name is... Glarganoth, Lord of Spiders and Scholar of the Ancient World," he adds, sounding dignified, yet happy. "What is your name, mortal?" he adds, smiling warmly at you.


The giant spider stands completely still for a moment, as if he has turned to stone, a look of shock in his eyes. Then, suddenly, he begins to laugh. It starts quietly, and then builds in strength until he is practically roaring with laughter. "I'm sorry, mortal... But you just told a giant spider that your name... Is... Buttburp?" the giant spider asks, his voice barely able to contain his laughter.

“You know how nicknames are. You make a burp sound with your arse one time…”

The giant spider laughs to himself. "I must admit..." he says, laughing still. "I was not expecting that answer... And I do like it..." he adds, chuckling to himself. "Well then, Buttburp..." he continues, "What shall I call you... For short?" the spider asks, unable to contain his laughter, and still grinning widely.

“If you must shorten it, then you may call me Abernathy Macmonagle Mcintyre Zelliweger-Smith, Esq.”

The spider laughs again, even harder this time. "I like you, Abernathy Macmonagle McIntyre Zelliweger-Smith, Esq." he says, sounding like he is barely getting any words out due to his laughter. "If you do not mind... That is how I shall address you from now on..." he says, sounding like he is about to burst from laughter.

“It's a little more familiar than I'm comfortable with, but I will tolerate it for the sake of our friendship. Now how about we get that treasure and go down to the pub. It's probably been ages since you've had anything fried.”

The spider thinks for a moment, and then nods. "Very well, Abernathy Macmonagle McIntyre Zelliweger-Smith, Esq..." he says, trying his best to keep a straight face. "Lead the way... And I've long since forgotten what it was like to have anything fried..." he adds, a look of longing in his eyes.
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2023.03.24 11:45 ClownOfTrash Does anyone have a high-quality image of the *other* symbol?

Specifically, the Crucible's Elden Ring symbol? The only pictures I've ever found of it are in-game screenshots of the symbol from Malekith's battle arena, but I'm looking for something more clean, and maybe even transparent.
Thank you!
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2023.03.24 11:44 Regulus_Channel Malenia Blade of Miquella from Elden Ring - Done by Timothy Lee in Melbourne, Australia

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2023.03.24 11:43 Regulus_Channel Malenia Blade of Miquella from Elden Ring - Done by Timothy Lee in Melbourne, Australia

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2023.03.24 11:43 VGR95r Steam Deck Remote Play is bad

I tried using an M1 MacBook Air with Steam Remote Play and everything works like a charm. I can stream Elden Ring in 1080p from the PC to the TV. I set a 1080p120 resolution on the Mac to use as the TV resolution. Low latency and a high bitrate make the game more than enjoyable, even though it runs on a 4K TV with 1080p resolution. The bitrate reaches about 13,000 kbps with this resolution, but I was also get 18,000 kbps when I set the game resolution to 1440p.
Then I tried the exact same configuration, but using the Steam Deck. Again setting a TV screen resolution via Deck to 1080p120 the game turns out to be quite fluid (but still not to the levels of the MacBook Air). The only problem is the bitrate has dropped to 2700 kbps making the game all pixelated and ugly to look at.
Do you know what I can do? At this point, it seems to be a problem with the Deck, not so much with my configuration (modem, PC, etc.).
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2023.03.24 11:43 Regulus_Channel Malenia Blade of Miquella from Elden Ring - Done by Timothy Lee in Melbourne, Australia

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2023.03.24 11:42 ImRav3n I'm trying to create my Monster Hunter World character in Elden Ring and I'm in need for some help/advice

I'm trying to create my Monster Hunter World character in Elden Ring and I'm in need for some help/advice
My biggest issue are the eyes, I can't figure out how to make them like that. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.24 11:35 Drakart78 Only recently got in to 100%'ing, soulsborne games awakened something in me

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2023.03.24 11:29 Cheetah_Anxious Canon x Canon Fandom RP

Greetings to everyone who is reading this post, today I’m looking to do a Fandom RP with anyone who is interested in doing something like this! This will purely be canon x canon stuff so no ocs or out of character roleplaying please, this will require knowledge on the fandoms I will list shortly! My requirements are that you are literate in RP and own discord, those are my only requirements really. I’d also like for my partner to be willing to be decently good friends with me, not just RP and no talking whatsoever so if you’re alright with all of that then I’ll gladly welcome you!
The Fandoms I RP are Persona 5, Konosuba, Pokémon, Naruto, Dragon Ball, MHA, Overwatch, Demon Slayer, Elden Ring, League of Legends, Danganronpa, Adventure Time, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Hunter x Hunter, DC comics, Marvel Comics, FF7, AOT, Super Smash Bros, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Undertale, Deltarune, One Punch Man, Chainsaw Man, Skullgirls, Transformers, Star Wars, For Honor, Komi-San can’t communicate, Ace Attorney, Gurren Lagann, Sonic, For Honor, and Genshin Impact! If even one of these Fandoms interests you then you’re already qualified, I’ll even take suggestions on other fandoms since there’s probably some I haven’t listed or have just forgotten about.
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2023.03.24 11:27 dubzeryes Elden Ring 1.09 Patch Notes

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