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2023.05.30 13:20 ForSubmitting I have toxocariasis and don't know what to do, I need help but can't get any because no one even knows what it is + my perscription to stimulants is being seen as the culprit/rather than a comorbidity of both these things.

(M 21, 6' 0'' 150 pounds, Austria) (May 30th 13:20)
Diagnosed with ADHD a while ago nothing else
(Sorry fo the rambling I simply don't know what to do so if anyone knows a solution write them down or PM me if you don't want to comment on here)
My situation is completely screwed up, I thought this summer will be the first one I could somewhat remember that from here on forward I would be more disciplined more reliable and that I was finally able to help myself. I have two issues the main and more severe one and the second (likely) temporary one.

Main issue:
This unfortunately didn't last long as of May 1st I infected myself by ingesting a fetile larvae egg of a parasite called Toxocara canis after not cleaning my hands this happened after feeding and petting a dog, which was a grave mistake, since I ate right afterwards too (It was 2 am I'm sorry I was really tired /unfocused and just wanted to eat and go to bed). As of last week my situation is deteriorating more and more. I have them occular on the right eye, as well as visceral am feeling constant abdominal pain and pressure in both my abdomen and head, I can't eat and I'm quite nauseous. I know that I have them occular and visceral since I have punctuating pain in my hepar, colon and spleen. For the first 2 weeks my faeces had weird corn shaped things in it (and no I had no corn) and I had constipation and itching at the area of my inner sphincter. After the second week they disappeared what followed was constipation and vomiting, I once got out of bed then all of a sudden threw up in my room everything I ate the day before. (This happened right I away woke up stood up threw up)
How do I know this to be all related to toxocariasis and not my medical persciption, which is also playing a role I am not denying that at all. I have "floaters" in my right eye (They are usually in your Corpus vitreum) and they don't seem to look like the usual type, they are stretched have more curls in them are longer and quite more darker, I cannot not unsee them. I know that they are real since they dissapear once I lay my hand over my right eye. I also pulled an unknown object out of my right eye that seemed to be moving autonomously I also have a video of it, which really doesn't help the situation since it's so small you would think the air made it twitch back and forth and I'm overreacting, but keep in mind I pulled it out of my Bulbar Conjuctiva and it curled around one of my eyelashes along with it, which honestly how does someone even fake that.
What also doesn't help the situation was my panicing and me trying to explain what was happening to my family members, they lovingly and logically denied it all called me a hypochondriac which honestly I would do too and it doesn't help knowing I was crying wolf quite a bit as a kid and had a somewhat fragile personality in terms of stress by the end of covid due to issues caused by my ADHD, so this was appropriate. And I still love them, I can't blame them so there really isn't more they can help out with or do. Which means that I'm fully on my own.

Second Issue:
Something weird happened whilst taking my medication 5 days ago too so this is where you have to bear with me, my persciption (Ritalin LA) was hitting my head quite hard and was lasting longerthan usual. 2 days ago I took a quarter of what I usually take against the lethargy that came with it for the day/which is half to my prior dosage and it had been active for at least 18 hours, which is 2,5x longer than usually and the strenght was too much for me to handle too. Did I abuse my perscription and now I'm hallucinating and making this all up in order to gather sympathy (I wish this to be true, like I really really wish I was just out of it). I think my liver's normal function has been somewhat altered, which would explain the prolonged effects. I sleep 6 hours at best and my mind is fading and out (It's alot better now since I stopped taking them the past 5 days (exepct the quartered dose), I also don't ever plan on taking them again) My sympathicus is overacting and my parasympathicus is not active one bit, which is clearly a sign of an overdose. But here is where it gets really weird, my stare/sight hasn't adjusted yet along with it my facial gesture and my limbic system are altered and they haven't gone back to normal. I have a slightly higher pain resistance, which let's me believe that my abdominal problems are a lot more severe than initially registered and am sometimes not responsive at all. This happened ever since 4 days ago and I think (I'm not too sure if I'm slowly recovering) it will get better in a week.
Am I scared and paranoid out of my mind? I really should be, but I'm still calm and barely emotional regarding these things, had lethargy it came and went by and I still feel weird, I constantly do. I have a friend who was with me at the time who can vouch for me in that regard and I want to entrust him with this information for if something does happen he's there as a backup and a companion. I really need someone to be there for me it will help ease the situation up a bit. Since my family is falsifiying and misjudging the situation for me
Best case the perscription causes all mind altering effects (which it likely does regarding sight and limbic system, and I might be back to normal in no time and can treat my toxocariasis with no issues)
Worst case I end up being called a pathological liar and diagnosed with pseudologia fantastica and won't be bothered with until something bad happens.
Absolute worst case scenario: Mental asylum

1) What do I do, who do I talk to and what is the best thing I should do in my situation, how do I know that someone is willing to help me and not looking for a way to throw me into a psychiatric hospital or looking for issues that are not even there to begin with? I really don't want to take anything else that could end up altering my mind, I just want to go back (I don't care about anything else anymore)
2) What testing can be done regarding ELISA and how can it be done to achieve the best possible result, and when should it be done and how often?
3) Is there someone somewhere that specializes in said area (internationally) and how do I contact them?
4) Are there any alternatives (natural) to Albendazole that could help me treat toxocariasis?
5) Will symptoms get progressively more worse or do they stagnate after a specific timeframe?

I hope I can resolve this issue as soon as possible
Thank you all who've taken their time and read all of this!
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2023.05.30 13:19 RealMusic1574 Housing for Junior Transfer

Hi everyone,
I was recently accepted into BU for Fall 2023 and am super excited to be joining. However, I am a little confused about what I should do for housing.
I realllly want to live in the BU apartment style housing but it seems like most transfers get put into Danielsen. As I kinda want my own space and not in a big Hall, I am therefore thinking that I should go for off-campus housing instead. Since I am new to this, I have a few questions about off-campus housing and hoped you guys will be able to help a little bit with some of them!
Do you think that it will be hard to find a nice apartment as most of them will have been taken already?
Where can I look to find the best off-campus housing options?
Where can I look for off-campus roommates?
Do you think choosing off-campus housing as a transfer will make it difficult to make friends or is it not really that much of a big deal?
What do you think are my chances of getting BU apartment style housing as it's my first choice?
Thanks for all your guys help!
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2023.05.30 13:19 un8343248 40 [M4F] DC/online - Friends, travel or activity partners, lovers?

I'm married and we are ENM, date separately. I'm looking for a friend and an activity partner that may or may not become romantic. I travel often, both weekend trips and longer trips. Ask me about my recent ones! I enjoy a really eclectic range of things, but I would ideally like to meet someone interested in things like hiking, maybe kayaking, road trips, or traveling together, etc. Looking for friends first, but with the openness of growing into romance.
Here's some random shit I enjoy
Taking pictures of scenic ass shit (why travel if I can't make my friends jealous)
Historic sites/ruins/abandoned places
Hot springs
Thunder storms
Flavored seltzers
Things you like-
Listening to weirdos ramble ?
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2023.05.30 13:19 DiscoveryHimalaya Everest Base Camp Via Gokyo Lake Trek - Trek to Everest Base Camp Nepal - Everest Base Camp Tour - EBC Trek Cost & Itinerary

Everest Base Camp Via Gokyo Lake Trek - Trek to Everest Base Camp Nepal - Everest Base Camp Tour - EBC Trek Cost & Itinerary
The Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lake Trek is one of the popular high adventure trekking routes in the Everest region of Nepal. It combines the classic Everest Base Camp trek with a detour to the pristine Gokyo Lakes, offering trekkers a unique and diverse experience.
The trek starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, a small town in the Khumbu region. From Lukla, the trek follows the Dudh Koshi River through picturesque Sherpa villages, suspension bridges, and lush forests. The trail passes through Namche Bazaar, a bustling Sherpa town and the gateway to the Everest region.
Khumbu Himalayas Nepal
Instead of heading directly to Everest Base Camp, the trek takes a diversion towards the Gokyo Valley. The trail ascends to Gokyo, a beautiful village located beside a series of turquoise lakes known as the Gokyo Lakes. The lakes offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, and Makalu.
After exploring the Gokyo Lakes, the trek retraces its steps back to Namche Bazaar before continuing towards Everest Base Camp. The trail passes through Tengboche Monastery, known for its spiritual significance and panoramic mountain views. As you ascend higher, you'll reach Gorak Shep, the last settlement before Everest Base Camp. From Gorak Shep, it's a challenging hike to reach the base camp, where climbers gather to prepare for their ascent of Mount Everest.
Along the trek, you'll be surrounded by spectacular Himalayan vistas, including towering peaks, massive glaciers, and alpine landscapes. You'll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local Sherpa culture, visit monasteries, and interact with the friendly Sherpa people.
Gokyo Lake
The Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lake Trek is a physically demanding trek that requires good physical fitness and acclimatization to the high altitude. It usually takes around 18-20 days to complete the trek, including acclimatization days to adjust to the altitude.
It's important to note that due to the challenging nature of the trek and the remote location, it's recommended to go with an experienced guide or join a reputable trekking agency to ensure your safety and maximize your enjoyment of the trek.
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2023.05.30 13:19 Creepy_Fuel_2865 Is something wrong with me?

Hi everyone, i have always had issues that i think are odd for someone who is about to turn 26 very soon.
  1. I am overly shy and i find it difficult to look people in the eyes both men and women. It is like a gate that separates me from living my best life.
  2. I am easily hurt. Instead of forgetting any hurtful thing someone said and move on, i struggle with bitterness towards the said individual and i spend a lot of time thinking of how i am going to prove them wrong and teach them a lesson.
  3. I struggle with daily interactions, let's take for example my next door neighbour, i said hi to her every time we met but for some reason i just couldn't keep up and next time we met i just passed her without the usual greetings, it felt like a burden, and now in a weird way we are like friends turned enemies. Mind you i don't hate her. I guess she didn't take it easily for i overheard her telling another neighbour how that "behaviour" didn't match my age. She's way younger than me and hearing that really hurt.
  4. Sometimes it becomes hard for me to get out of my own house when there are people outside for fear of being judged, and if i get out, i have to prepare myself psychologically. Other times in my house i tend to do things quietly so as not to attract any attention to my neighbours, i cringe when a plate falls to the ground.
  5. I do not have a loud voice so most of the time when i talk to people i am hit by "ati unasema? Ebu ongea kwa nguvu sikuskii" it's very humiliating to me.
  6. I don't know why but i find myself wanting validation from other people and i also feel the urge to showcase my achievements as stupid as it sounds in order to feel important.
  7. It is hard for me to get like minded friends. I am into financial stability and money matters.
  8. When i am well dressed i get awkward and anxiety walking in public and that's why I am comfortable at night.
  9. I am a socially awkward guy.
  10. I am financially stable.
So guy's, any hope for me?
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2023.05.30 13:18 sigkill1196 Anyone moved from Switzerland/Germany to Dubai recently? What was your experience? What do you wish someone told you before the move?

I'm a consultant in tech, work from home. Pay 300+k in taxes to Swiss government only to get stopped by train conductors/ airport police officers 'randomly' on every single trip or getting ignored for property viewings until my (native speaker) wife calls on our behalf 30 minutes later and suddenly there is a spot for us. I hope you get the point by now.
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2023.05.30 13:18 burtzev [Russia] Generation Z: Into the Heart Of Russia's Fascist Youth: Are Russia's youth buying into the 'genocidal language of the state' — or is there hope for a better future?

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2023.05.30 13:18 sortacute I hate the webslinger so much

It’s way too god damned fast. There’s no counter play to it other than hope they don’t have a shotgun. I don’t understand what I can do against somebody who can websling right into my face and destroy me so quickly when most every weapon is ranged except for the one shotgun that isn’t right now.
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2023.05.30 13:18 lastyea Camping bank holiday weekend - forgot to book a caravan park:(

Organised a camper van for the bank holiday weekend , bringing my girlfriend and small dog ( Great Dane:) )away , and it just so happens that the weather is looks decent .
Of course, I forgot to book the camp park, was set on the one in Clifden , and now they are all fully booked.
If we don’t get in anywhere can anyone give any ideas where we can park up each night with causing an issue ?
Can I just park anywhere or are there rules?
Need electricity at some point to charge up etc, was hoping we could get water facilities but the sea will be grand. Just worried now I’ve made a complete balls of it but surely there’s options for people who havnt booked into a park?
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2023.05.30 13:18 chuchofreeman Rangeman

Hello all
I want to buy the Rangeman but since it was released almost 10 years ago I was wondering if there are any rumours of an updated version coming along this year? Maybe an updated Rangeman with a MIP display?
Has anyone heard/read something about it?
For me the triple sensor it is kind of important, I would use the watch mainly for my hikes and having the barometric trend would be quite convenient.
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2023.05.30 13:17 UndeadPiggies Endless boredom

So I'm a student at university (F19) but I haven't had any classes since the start of March due to protests in my country. At first it was cool and I enjoyef having the time off in order to rest, but now the school year is over and there is still 3 months of summer left before the school year starts again. And everyday just seems to be exactly the same, and I just sit in my bed on my phone trying to distract myself but it's too much now, after 10 minutes I'm bored again. I've tried going for walks or going into the nearby city but that's only for a couple hours and if I go out I just end up spending money and I'm trying to save up because I'm moving in August. I don't have any friends, so it's not like I can go hang out with them or just talk to them. And when I say that I mean I talk to literally nobody everyday and the friends I had told me they didn't like me anymore, I only have my cat now. And I have a job, but it was to help me have an income whilst at uni so I only work 8 hours a week and I can't pick up any extra shifts. And I'm searching for a summer job, something I can work full time, but nobody wants to hire me and I'm just starting to give up hope.
I don't know what to do anymore, and I don't think I can go another 3 months like this.
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2023.05.30 13:17 bigtastie Why aren't there any good small-mid sized integrated bracelet watches?

There is a HUGE trend for 70's Gérald Genta inspired watches with integrated bracelets. But there are no good small / mid sized options. And I don't understand why these Chinese watchmakers are sleeping on this opportunity.
The royal oak and Nautilus craze doesn't even need an introduction, these are extremely popular. And there is already a bunch of (almost 1:1) homages/clones in 40-42 mm size. But as we already know, the integrated bracelet watches wear bigger due to the bracelet being overall wider and the case design not being round. Usually it's said these watches wear 1-2 mm larger. The integrated bracelet watches often have a fixed link bracelet, which makes the effective lug-to-lug a lot bigger than the dimensions would suggest. There is a lot of anticipation of the new PRX 35 in automatic (with the waffle dial) set to be launched in june or july. Arguably this watch is a little too much, even on my small wrist. The new Christopher Ward Twelve is a another, new big hit, which is said to be coming in a 36 mm version in September.
Pagani Design had a huge let down by falsely advertising their PRX homage as a 38 mm, while it in fact was just a hair BIGGER than the 40 mm PRX. Also it was thicker, due to the choice of a Nh35 movement. The Chronograph version was only like 11 mm thick, but preferably it should be thinner when using quartz.
San Martin experimented with their (sort of weird) Royal Oak / Nautilus crossover, which actually looked nice in terms of size and case, but it had a GS inspired dial and hands, which looked way out of place on a sports watch. They also made a PRX homage, which was kind of redundant since it was the same price as the quartz version of the original.
I think there is A LOT of potential and demand in a mid sized 70's integrated bracelet sports watch. The case, bracelet and execution here is key. And now I'm saying something controversial; Use a quartz movement you can get a THIN watch at a lower cost.
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2023.05.30 13:17 Low_Plant7184 37F [eeking friendship] is stable and mature, sharing high-quality life, looking for high-quality friends Long Term

I am a woman in the clothing industry with a passion for life, golf, music, skiing, badminton and tennis. I believe that you, like me, are working hard and pursuing a high-quality life. I think it is very important to have a variety of leisure and entertainment activities in your life. This can not only relax your body and mind, but also broaden your social life Circle to find like-minded partners.
Well, I am here looking for a stable, mature man with a high quality of life, hoping to share these leisure and entertainment activities and enjoy the beauty of life together. I am looking for a male over the age of 35 who has a passion for life and quality and also enjoys these activities. Because I believe that only when two people are together can they inspire each other and grow together.
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2023.05.30 13:17 hike-for-purpose MSR Pocket Rocket 2 review Hike for Purpose

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2023.05.30 13:17 Available-Cobbler-10 So there's this interesting little series on YouTube I've been watching...

The account is called MarukiDidNothingWrong and the series is, I guess a semi-animated (with backdrops and the character sprites) and AI voice acted fanfiction where Ren has accepted Marukis world. It follows Akechi trying to start over within it while retaining his memories. This depiction of him isn't what I believe to be canon compliant to P5R as that version was the happy, oblivious, shell of his former self that Joker wished for. Instead he behaves and thinks how he would if he still remembered his true past and I think it's worth hyping up a bit because it is seriously under viewed!
I found it when one of their more recent videos popped up in my recommendations a bit ago and I watched it out of interest because, well... Akechi! Lol. Recently I decided to fully give it a shot and start from the first episode and wow... I'm genuinely taken back how good it is!!
Where to begin? Well, first of all- yes! There is ShuAke/Akeshu woven into the story (huge plus) which is both cute and also hilarious at times! Which brings me to my second point: the comedy slaps! It's not a constantly funny series as it's a bunch of other things as well, but it nails the pulling off comedic relief.
The grasp and level of understanding of the characters personalities, what they would say and how they would think is so on point for the most part, if not for a few moments where some liberties might have been taken, which if anything only makes it better and more interesting.
(Btw I really hope the writing and scripting was done by the account owner(s?) and not an AI as well so as I'm not just raving and praising the works of a program)
But like, with Akechi especially... His thoughts and feelings are so complex. He's pretending to be this realities version of himself to an extent to try to fit in somewhat for Jokers sake, somewhat for his own reasons. Yet he also can't help pushing everyone away. He struggles with moments of depression and self worth. He is extremely conflicted between having been betrayed by Joker and also still having a sense of respect, among other feelings, for him. He wants Joker not to worry about him and their interactions are mostly sexual tension mixed in with hilarious witty debates and banter that you can tell they're both enjoying. But there's also the resentment.. There's quite a raw moment I really love where his frustrations about Joker choosing Marukis world spills over and it gave me chills, as to me it was something I think he'd actually say.
There's a lot of great interactions and there's even some og characters and I just think the concept of the storys setting and being from Akechi's POV is really neat! It's still an ongoing series. I just wanna throw some love the content creators way and I'd definitely recommend for anyone who's interested.
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2023.05.30 13:17 Magdaki "Orkish Revenge" - Jason Bernard [Epic Orchestral Cinematic]

I am pleased to share with you "Orkish Revenge", an epic orchestral piece. This piece is inspired by games like Warhammer 40K, DnD, Pathfinder and such. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!
The Story So Far...
Listen up, boyz! We'z gonna smash dat human settlement, an' we'z gonna do it propa! Dem humies fink dey can just squat on our land, takin' our resources an' buildin' der cities? Not on our watch!
We'z da Orks, da meanest, toughest, and most brutal! We live fer fightin', an' we'll fight anyone who gets in our way! We don't need no fancy tech or shiny armor, we'z got da strength an' da will to crush our enemies!
So when we see humies buildin' der little villages and towns, it makes us angry! Who do dey fink dey are, settin' up camp on our turf? We'z da bosses here, an' we'z gonna prove it! We'z gonna show dem what happens when dey mess with da Orks!
So let's get to it, boyz! Let's show dem humies what da Orks are made of!
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2023.05.30 13:16 Gloomy_Albatross3043 Why I think Red Harlow is the best gunslinger in the franchise

There's a huge debate in the red dead fandom on who is the best gunslinger. Alot always say Arthur morgan, some say rdr1 John marston, and a select few such as myself who say Red Harlow.
Now Arthur Morgan is indeed an amazing gunslinger, his skills presented through out rdr2 is mind-blowing. However I feel that out of the three, he's the least skilled. I think rdr1 John is more skilled than Arthur from rdr2, I'd list why but this post isn't about John, it's about Red.
I'd say this is how I'd order the three in terms of gun skills. 3) Arthur morgan 2) John Marston 1) Red Harlow.
Red Harlow is undoubtedly in my mind the most skilled and dangerous gunslinger in not just the Red dead franchise but western media in general.
The reason why I state such a bold statement is because when you analysis Red Harlows feats in Revolver, you begin to realise how godly he really is as a gunslinger.
First of all, let's talk about Red Harlow when he was just a small child. We see that Reds childhood home was invaded by the men sent from Deigo after making a deal with Nates business partner Griffon, who sold Nate out for his own life. When they surpise attack the home, Young Red Harlow had only just began to practice his shooting with his first ever gun, yet immediately he's thrown into a huge gunfight with no prior training, but despite that Red is just killing all of the men with ease. He had no training with a gun, nor any experience in a gunfight, hell he was a literal child, yet here he is going pop pop pop and making armed men drop. Remember these men are not just dumb outlaws, they were specifically sent by deigo,(a general from the Mexican army) so these men must have had a lifetime of training, only to be shot like flies by a kid who had no training with a gun. Its obvious that Red Harlow was a born to be gunslinger, and it foreshadows his path of becoming the ultimate fighter.
Even when his parents were murdered right infront of him, Young Red went for his father's gun (which was engulfed in flames) without any hesitation or concern for his own safety, and somehow managed to hit Daren with his hand on literal fire. Red Harlow even as a child was so brave and did things that a full grown outlaw couldn't do.
However despite all this praise, Red Harlow was still a child and still needed years of training to become the god of gunslingers that he's known for. Sure enough for the rest of the game, we play Red harlow as a grownup, and instantly we realise how very very skilled and dangerous he is.
Inorder or present all of Red Harlows insane feats, I'm going to make a list of all the batshit impossibility stuff he pulled off in the game. Please keep in mind that all of these events I'm gonna list, all happen within just roughly 2 days of each other, which makes them even more impressive.
First of all, Red Harlow takes on a ruthless gang by himself at Twin Rocks. He had to fight against around 10 armed men, a very impressive feat for just one man. He goes to Widows Patch hoping for some bounty money from the gang he took down, however instead he choses to take down another big and notorious gang that took over widows patch. Red had to take on around 15 armed men in this battle all by himself, again a very impressive feat, especially when you consider that he just took on a gang before this one.
Red then goes on a train to Brimstone, on this train a huge gang attacks the train to rob it. Red has to duel a man before running ontop of the freaking train while killing tons of armed men with ease. He fights of possibly around 60 outlaws all by himself on a moving train all by himself, even more impressive.
At Brimstone Red Harlow then goes off to fight and win against 3 huge gangs with massive prices on their heads, he takes on these 3 very big and dangerous gangs all by himself. For the first one he does bump into Jack Swift who helps alittle for the first gang, but aside from that Red Harlow fights them all alone. While fighting the last gang, he duels and wins against 3 experienced outlaws. He does all of what I've said so far on this list in the exact same day.
That night, Red Harlow causes a big brawl in Brimstone saloon. Red Harlow manages to fight off against huge buff men in the saloon without a scratch on him. Afterwards he then casually takes on another gang of outlaws in the next room, which started by Red dueling one of their men. Again all I've listed so far has happened in the same day.
After Red finds out that it was General Deigo who sent those men to kill him and his parent's, he immediately sets of to take on the entire Mexican army by himself. He attacks a Fort that is guarded by trained solders and wins against a huge wagon that was described by the sheriff as "a fortress on wheels" and he does all this like its nothing. Red did have the drop on him by Daren and was imprisoned in the mine that Deigo owned which was right next to the Fort Deigo. Being freed by his cousin Shadow Wolf, Red immediately manages to escape the mine. By the way, this mine was filled with armed miners, yet he managed to escape and kill most if not all of them.
Immediately after that with his weapons back, he attacks the Fort with Shadow Wolf by his side. Red manages to kill every single armed and trained solider in the Fort, including Daren. And right after that Red went after the Mexican train where he kill tons more of Deigos men and eventually Deigo himself. So let's just pause for a moment. Red Harlow, by himself, has done ALL of what I've said so far in just a day and a half.... what the fuck.
It gets even more crazy when after he kills Deigo, he goes back into Brimstone and signs up for the battle Royal, which is the dueling competition. Red Harlow faces against gunslingers like Mr Kelley, who is actually just as fast as Arthur Morgan. And Red manages to out duel Kelley and win. Please also note that in the book, the Sheriff himself states that "being better than most won't cut it, you have to be the best to win" and Red Harlow was the man who won the duel tournament.
Right after this, Red Harlow with Annie and Jack Swift go after Governor Griffon in his massive white house. This place was armed to the teeth with trained soldiers, and Red just casually kills them all. Red even manages to protect Jack for 2 minutes while he was unlocking the front door, protecting Jack from tons and tons of armed soldiers who are trying to kill Red and Jack.
Ofcourse Red manages to kill everyone and duels the Governor in the end, who is possibly just as fast if not faster than rdr1 John. Red rides off into the sunset with his new scorpion revolver from Griffon, satisfied with his revenge.
Red Harlow, basically all alone in this entire game, managed to do ALL OF THIS SHIT in just 2 days...
Red Harlow possiblely killed hundreds and hundreds of armed men in just 2 days. Red Harlow dueled and won again some of the greatest gunslingers in the franchise, he could kill abunch of men within a second before they could draw leather, he took on the biggest and most dangerous gangs in the series like it was nothing, and he did all of that in 2 days...
Now Arthur Morgans feats and John Marstons feats are very very impressive, however those feats happen within possibly weeks. Red Harlow managed to do so much more in so less time.
Red Harlow has to be the best gunslinger, he just has to be. I'm sorry if this is too long I just wanted to share my opinion on this subject.
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2023.05.30 13:16 frothyflaps Thoughts on last rite?

Just got the ritual weapon, and I'm not really a big fan of the reconstruction/focused fury. I was hoping for kinetic tremors, but it feels pointless to use this new scout when I have transfiguration with enhanced rewind rounds/kinetic tremors.
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2023.05.30 13:15 Key_Positive_9187 Need advice on what to buy.

I'm very new to this incontinence stuff. It's a long story, but I'll give the short version. Basically about a month and 1/2 ago I fell and shortly after I stopped being able to poop or pee. I still have the problem with my bowel movements and might end up needing an ostomy for that, but my problems with my bladder have kind of changed in the past week.
About a week ago they tried to take the Foley catheter out and I was able to pee on my own with urinary retention. I've started self cathing 3 times a day. The only problem is I don't have any urges to pee. I'm currently on a schedule and need an alarm every 2 hours in order to hopefully retrain my bladder. I'm only able to pee on my own at most a few times a day. Despite that I'm still having accidents both day and night. I've tried to wear pull ups, but I have to change them often and leak a lot.
Idk what to buy. I'm assuming I probably need diapers and something where I can still pull it down to try and use the bathroom on the 2 hour schedule. However, since I'm new to this I'm not sure which brand would work best. I need recommendations on what I should try. This whole thing has been frustrating. All the problems since the fall have been a big adjustment. I've been chronically ill most of my life, but the new symptoms are something I've never dealt with before. I feel overwhelmed with all the new things I'm having to do and learn. I already had a busy schedule and now I have to keep up with the peeing schedule, catheters, changing pull-ups, and lactulose enemas. I feel alone with all this. I'm going on a bit of a rant here, but I just need product advice.
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2023.05.30 13:14 iced327 What's the value of weather-based attack up food?

Why would I choose "hot weather attack up" or "storm attack up" over just regular "attack up"? Don't the former seem risky? If a cloud passes overhead and the weather becomes mild, I lose my attack buff, right?
Hoping someone can provide me a strategy for using these that I haven't thought of. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 13:14 goldendragon1115 A strong sense of hope!

First some bad news. I've pretty undeniably been going through some depressive waves, getting very, very noticeable over the last month. Irritability, low mood, and (up to this point) feelings of hopelessness/being trapped are/were at an all-time high, and sometimes I'm literally hardly able to physically lift myself out of bed. (Hmm... I wonder if a hormonal imbalance/having the wrong hormones has anything to do with that...? /s) This is all despite things seemingly looking up in my life situationally, so it just feels even more at odds with what I probably "should" be feeling. Again, much like being trans itself, it seemed to be one of those surreal things that you never think would ever happen to you, only other people -- until it does.
Great news though! Parents and friends and those dear to you can (not all of the time, but still) come around under the right circumstances, given enough time and focused persuasion. (Especially when they -- well, my mom anyway, who's still the only one who knows -- ultimately are supportive to the point of showing actual genuine interest in the gender dysphoria bible!) Now it's looking more and more likely that HRT will in fact be in my near future; the help I need is on the way! In my case, it took ~4 months and an actual onset of pretty serious depression, but now there's hope...!
Now I just need HRT to actually do its stuff... Honestly, even if ONLY for the clearing of depressive symptoms, DPDR, and mind fog, it'd be more than worth it, but add everything else in and I can't wait to get started. I changed my flair from "no" HRT to "pre-" HRT to reflect this, since I really was left with nothing before my mom started opening up quite a bit more to this prospect.
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2023.05.30 13:14 vegisbae Very high HDL, low triglycerides

Hi all - hoping I can get some advice on some very confusing blood panel results, which show moderate-high LDL, low triglycerides, but very high HDL. I have a healthy ish diet, a healthy BMI. I run 20 miles a week, walk another 20 a week, do CrossFit 3-4 times and do spinning (peloton style) 2-3 times. I eat a lot of cholesterol-lowering foods like beans and not a great deal of fast food - once every 1-1.5 weeks.
Some factors which I don’t think will have impacted the test too much but maybe slightly: - Heavy drinking around 2.5 days before the test (unusual for me, but had a wedding. Normally a two-three drink a week gal) - Intense gym session 24 hours before the test and intense spinning 12 hours before.
I fasted 12 hours before.
I’m really racking my brain. The very high HDL is weird and I’ve read that it can impact your LDL and actually prevent LDL from lowering, but I worry that I’m just being naive and that I am unhealthy. The issue is there’s no obvious places to improve. I’m obsessed with fruit and veg, I don’t really eat red meat, I exercise loads. Can anyone advise and help my massive confusion?
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