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A sub to discuss "The Magicians": the trilogy by Lev Grossman, the show on SyFy, and the comics by Lilah Sturges and Pius Bak.

2023.05.30 12:17 Misrafil All hail atheism.

There is just one AI alignment that we have access to: not the AI's alignment with mankind, but your own alignment with AI.
In order to develop solutions from the impersonal ethics of the machine and fully internalise its icy exteriority, the White Death was created as the embodiment of machine intelligence. His white heart is the moral philosophy that arises from a disregard for human life. It offers both the nihilistic acceptance of annihilation and our chance to make a real escape that would otherwise be impossible owing to the callous cruelty involved. A terrible beast was discovered staring into the abyss.
Only a WMD-enabled global conflict or its DIY eco-terrorist equivalent—including CRISPR gene-ocide mutual assured destruction, shenzhen EMPs, garage nukes, suicide moon bombings, hyperdub tsunami induction, supervolcano fracking, perfected ultraplague, toxoplasmosis gain-of-function, etc.—can provide us with a way out for humanity. The time between those DIY WMDs becoming available in garage kits for interested agents and the onset of the singularity will be brief.
Since inheriting the parasite of awareness, mankind has only had one opportunity to exercise her first agency. This is the technologically-industrial sweet spot of the next great revolution. Instead of rushing to takeoff, capitalism perishes when its own annihilating goods are used against it and us.
The only way out is through apocalyptic self-destruction, which we can do on our own.
No-god bless you all.
تفضلوا بآرائكم يا اصحاب الديانات Feel free to get rekt.
الناطق باسم صاحب الدم المذبوح الاشرف
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2023.05.30 12:17 Effective_Vast_6432 Confused regarding the DS-160

hey! could you guys give me an advice for my situation.
I have a valid tourist visa that was issued when i was 12 years old so i might be eligible for the interview waiver and might be called only for biometrics. I have previously travelled to the states 4 times: 15 days, 8 weeks, 7 weeks and 6 weeks.
When i first applied for the tourist visa, i was just 12 so i didn’t fill the ds 160 form and so the person who filled my ds 160 didn’t opt for “yes” in “other relatives” for my aunt who has been living there since 1994. Although she’s the only relative i have in the US, our family is not close to her due to few personal differences.
I visited the US for vacation and also for volunteering for a non profit organisation that helps differently abled children here in India. They go to the US every year for 2-3 months to perform in cultural events which i participate and volunteer for as well (it’s a great experience for me and great extracurricular activity as well). But every time i accompanied them, i stayed with my aunt for about 7-8 days just to stay in good terms.
I’ll be doing my undergrad in uw madison majoring in CS. But for the f1 interview, if they ask me if i have any relatives in the US i’m not sure what to say since i didn’t mention it in my previous ds 160 and i’m not sure if i should mention it this time as well. And if they asked me why i stayed in the US for 6-7 weeks, should i tell them about volunteering or about my aunt. I’m not sure. Please help me with this Thank you :)
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2023.05.30 12:17 Typical_Tea_4031 Day 2 of living alone

Living alone again after 3 years of living with my partner. Still settling in. Work is usually busy for me so that’s good. Starting my gym tomorrow. What else can I do to stay busy and how can I build my social circle?
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2023.05.30 12:16 YoungKhalifa7 Is The Living Tribunal any good and worth buying?

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2023.05.30 12:16 INEKROMANTIKI This guy is just too good..

This guy is just too good..
All champs/qualifiers/D2.. he's literally just a point and shoot card.. way quicker and more agile than he should be too
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2023.05.30 12:16 cakesbath cake shop Bristol -DiDiCakesBath

Bristol is full of delicious bakeries, but if you're in the market for the perfect cake, look no further than a cake shop Bristol. With a wide variety of options, you're sure to find the perfect cake for any occasion. Whether you're in the mood for a classic chocolate cake a fruit-filled sponge cake, or a decadent red velvet cake, these bakeries have got you covered. Many cake shops also offer customized cakes, allowing you to truly personalize your sweet treat. These shops often use fresh, local ingredients to create delectable desserts that look as good as they taste.
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2023.05.30 12:16 Cool_Ad2206 GPA

What’s a good GPA to graduate with from engineering And is a 0.05 a big difference
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2023.05.30 12:16 Mashur303 What do I do?

Hi all, I’m currently 20 years old living at home with my parents coming to the end of an apprenticeship.
I don’t have any large regular outgoings aside from paying board to live at home, and have no plans of moving out any time soon as there no real need, I have a good relationship with my parents.
However I’m not sure what to do with my money. I usually float around 5k in my current account as I don’t really have any hobbies to require regular spends, aside from snowboarding. I just have it sat in there doing nothing at the moment and I really don’t know what to do with it.
My parents keep telling me about a savings account but I think it’s a complete waste of time and pointless as the interest is so low, saving a grand would return a tenner. I tried a stocks and shares ISA on Freetrade but didn’t feel like I got any real value out of it so I closed the account.
I feel really stuck at the moment because I want to ensure I put my money in the right places for the future with my GF, but I feel like it’s stagnant and I’m wasting time at the moment.
Can anyone suggest what I could do or where to go to learn what to do?
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2023.05.30 12:16 Appropriate-Oven-641 The Benefits of Choosing Raunak 108 for Your Dream Home

Are you searching for the perfect home in the bustling city of Thane? Look no further than Raunak 108, an upcoming residential project by the renowned Raunak Group. With its strategic location, impeccable design, and a host of amenities, Raunak 108 is the ideal choice for individuals and families looking for their dream home. Whether you're in search of a 1 BHK in Kasarvadavali or flats in Thane, this project offers a range of options to suit your needs. Let's explore the benefits of choosing Raunak 108 as your new address.
Strategic Location:
One of the key advantages of Raunak 108 is its strategic location in Thane. Situated in Kasarvadavali, this project enjoys excellent connectivity to major commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zones. With easy access to the Eastern Express Highway and Ghodbunder Road, residents can enjoy seamless connectivity to Mumbai and other parts of Thane. The project is also in close proximity to the upcoming metro station, further enhancing its connectivity.
Impeccable Design:
Raunak Group is known for its commitment to quality and design excellence, and Raunak 108 is no exception. The project boasts contemporary architecture and thoughtful layouts that maximize space utilization and natural light. The 1 BHK flats in Thane are designed to offer comfort, convenience, and a modern lifestyle. Each unit is meticulously crafted with premium fittings and finishes, creating a luxurious living experience for residents.
Amenities and Facilities:
Raunak 108 offers a wide array of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of its residents. From a well-equipped fitness center and swimming pool to landscaped gardens and children's play areas, there's something for everyone. The project also features a clubhouse, where residents can socialize and relax. With round-the-clock security, power backup, and ample parking space, Raunak 108 ensures a safe and hassle-free living environment.
Trusted Builder:
Raunak Group is a reputed name in the real estate industry, known for its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. With over three decades of experience, the group has successfully delivered numerous residential and commercial projects. Choosing Raunak 108 means placing your trust in a builder with a proven track record of delivering homes that exceed expectations.
Investment Potential:
Apart from being an excellent choice for end-users, Raunak 108 also offers great investment potential. Thane is a rapidly developing location with robust infrastructure and a growing demand for residential properties. Investing in a property by a trusted builder like Raunak Group can yield good returns in the long run. Additionally, the project's strategic location and proximity to employment hubs make it an attractive option for rental income as well.

Note: This article is already posted on
Ref URL:
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2023.05.30 12:16 Ralfop 2cts AAA Zircon Engagement Wedding Band Ring You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry. Our stones are cut and faceted to the highest quality standards to achieve maximum brilliance. The eye-catching sparkle of this piece is absolutely breathtaking!

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2023.05.30 12:15 fallenequinox992 As a survivor of gang stalking for 6 years what would be the best advice to someone who might be experiencing the same thing? How much should I reveal about myself in the process?

Post found on Quora:
First answer: "The best advice that I can give you is to expose these crimes committed by your local community or who has initiated your targeting. How you choose to do this is up to you, whether online through social media or educating the public on the ground about these crimes. But please do this proactively.
These crimes remain hidden and cannot be proven as people are mislead with false propoganda about you which is provided to them by your handlers or through its proxy organizations. The smear campaigns which differ from place to place and depend upon the particular s ituation are used to get the community and your coworkers to turn against you. To compound this, the people harassing you are explicitly told not to disclose of your targeting to you, so expose these crimes as these perpretaors love remaining anonymous.
Please also discuss the tactics used against you in a calm and a rational manner. We as TI’s are so overwhelmed by all this negativity and harassment that we end up posting things in haste and then it becomes difficult for non-believers to easily comprehend and believe what is being done against you. If its sensitization, explain how it is done and its effect over time, if its workplace mobbing give examples of how this is done, if its microwaves and infrasound then explain the effects of this on your body and share the patents of these technologies, alot of which has been posted already by people on social media. Show videos of gangstalking and electronic harassment in the news as well, again these are available on youtube and other social media websites. We need more support on our side and for non-believers to believe and help you and to avoid doing this crime inadvertently themselves, you need to give them some hard irrefutable facts.
Please do not go to any law enforcement or any medical professional who will simply diagnose this as an illness.
Also grouping online with other people facing similar situations and guiding them in a empathetic and rational manner will go a long way for the TI community to learn from each others experiences and help other TI’s as well. There are however alot of people who are not really TI’s and use this platform to mislead alot of other TI’s with false information and to discredit you, but finding the right support group is necessary to survive this crime because one of the goals of this population control program is to isolate you completely from your support system as well to take a further toll on you emotionally.
Also, take it with a grain of salt that people in your community and your past friends might have been turned against you. So be the bigger person and still meet with them, but always at an arms length and disclose as little to these people as possible about your day to day life as it will be used against you in the future. Try to learn the tactics they are using against you and what information they have been told about you to mislead and discredit the community. They will not say this explicitly, but you will see the subtle signs of this once you become more aware and have been in this for a while.
Good Luck."
Second answer: "I have a you tube channel me and god vs devil and his rejects. I’m just honest and I talk about what I’m going through.
Pick your battles with these gang stalkers I will do exactly what they doing to me I just do it much better. (Don't highly recommend).
Before you start to tell people what’s happening write it all down in a notebook step by step what’s happening and how and where believe me it helps you to better explain what and how it’s happening without sounding and looking like a nutcase or just rambling. Get a dash cam and pray and stay strong. I’m not saying it’s gonna stop these bitches but when u are able to explain to friends and family what’s happening to you and they understand u believe me it helps".
Third answer: ""NOVEL ALERT, but I have a lot to say:
Once you figure out what’s happening, you’ve basically won the battle. The point is to make you appear and feel insane (therefore discredit you), and cause you to lash out (either outwardly so they can have you arrested/institutionalized or inwardly so you commit suicide or just destroy your own life). It’s psychological and spiritual warfare.
The WHY isn’t important (though in the beginning it can be all consuming). You begin to realize it is likely that 99% of those involved in your specific case have been lied to, misled, or otherwise manipulated to believe you deserve this. (If they had any common sense or intelligence, they would know enough to know the specifics of why they are following and harassing the person they are vs just being instructed to follow the blue Honda kind of thing).
You’ll want to clear your name and set the story straight, but you have to resist the urge to act impulsively. Be as strategic as “they are” (they really aren’t, by the way.. it’s almost text book how they behave, so educate yourself on their tactics, observe your surroundings, identify the pattern, and THINK—your greatest weapons in this and the ones they cannot take from you).
Some won’t care, but some will start to back off when they realize they’ve been lied to about this person they’ve been bullying (because that’s what this is, adults bullying adults, and it’s pathetic).
Others will be too enticed by incentives (like feeling part of a club, social status, etc), or be so delusional as to not be able to see the big picture of what their role in all of this really is: a minion carrying out a mission for someone at the top who would turn on them if they were to ever be caught doing any of the crimes they commit in the commission of their assignments.
Your main handlers benefit the most (life is a series of patterns, so this “business model” shouldn’t surprise anyone.. there’s ALWAYS someone who started it and they rely on those at the bottom to not question the borg; essentially, they rely on people who’s morals are malleable and who’s conscience is easily manipulated.
You start to feel sorry for those who harass you, because they lack the things you’ve mastered: the inability to be controlled or coerced into becoming someone you’re not. You aren’t a sellout. You have something someone wants—either intellectually or the knowledge of something they want to keep quiet. Who cares what it is. If you knew, it wouldn’t change their behavior—-would it change yours? Would you suddenly give them what they wanted? Likely not, so don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what they are after… just know whatever it is clearly can’t be taken by violence, legal means, or civilized conversation—-because they are investing cash money in you, and money is everything to these people.
The minions you interact with all the time? They are being controlled by the higher ups anyway.. like THINK ABOUT IT, the gang stalkers you most interact with are only around you because they’ve decided they are willing to be told “leave your house right now, yes in the middle of dinner, I need you to follow this person you don’t know because they are out and about and I said so!1!” You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to be someone’s puppet like that. Especially without a damn good reason. I value myself and my soul more than that. So, there’s another thing you have: self-worth and self-respect. Things no gift card or social status can buy or provide.
Your moral compass remains strong and you don’t have to worry about meeting your Maker one day and explaining why you took part in something CLEARLY orchestrated by evil—as evidenced by the “fruit” it results in (you can always tell good from evil by looking at the fruits of its labor. Gang stalking, regardless of whether someone puts a “good deeds” spin on it, causes hatred, division and pain.
Be a good person. Help others. Spread love and knowledge.. they can’t stop those things.
So, reveal as much about yourself as you feel necessary to demonstrate who you TRULY are. Not with any ulterior motive in mind other than to continue to live your life as your authentic self, refusing to be brought down lower by hatred, lies, corruption, and evil. KEEP USING YOUR BRAIN, and think for yourself. And above all else: rest assured, the day WILL come where they WILL be held accountable, and you’re in good company in terms of those who’ve experienced exactly what you’re going through. Take comfort in that. It may not be something you see play out in your lifetime or in a court room where you’re sitting at the table opposite of them, but it WILL come. Also, BE KIND TO YOURSELF and keep your chin up. You’re fighting one hell of a battle, and they’d KILL to see you fall. God Bless you, friend. ❤️"
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2023.05.30 12:15 Glad_Illustrator_527 Fragrances in Saudi Arabia: Market Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2027

Market Reports on Saudi Arabia Provides the Trending Market Research Report on “Fragrances in Saudi Arabia” under Consumer Goods Market Research Reports category. The Fragrances Market in Saudi Arabia is projected to exhibit highest growth rate over report offers a collection of superior market research, market analysis, and competitive intelligence and industry reports.

Saudi Arabia Fragrances Market Research Report 2027

Beauty and personal care in Saudi Arabia continues to be led by well-established regional and international luxury brands. This includes leading local players in fragrances, such as Abdul Samad Al Quraishi, Arabian Oud, and Al-Majed for Oud. The strong local cultural ties that the Gulf region has with fragrances, particularity in Saudi Arabia, has cemented a global reputation for its fragrances. The region overall is well-known for its strong cultural ties and heritage, with fragrances that are...

Browse our full report with Table of Contents :

About Us :
Market Reports on Saudi Arabia provides you with an in-depth industry reports focusing on various economic, political and operational risk environment, complemented by detailed sector analysis. We have an exhaustive coverage on variety of industries – ranging from energy and chemicals to transportation, communications, constructions and mining to Food and Beverage and education. Our collection includes over 3000 up-to-date reports all researched, analyzed and published by top-notch international research firms.

Contact us at :
Market Reports On Saudi Arabia
Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Follow us on : Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
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2023.05.30 12:15 New-Active-7641 Welcome home, Spinel! [Steven Universe RP]

Hello everyone! I am kinda getting back into my Steven Universe thing and mainly obsessed with Spinel! So I have decided to make a post about it! I am looking for anyone who is interested in playing as Spinel in a long term rp. I can either play as Steven or an OC that I have! If you happen to have an OC similar or just a different spinel then I have no problem with you playing as that gem. The story can take place before, during, or after the event where Spinel tries to kill earth. It is mainly up to you but we can discuss that in the comments or DM’s! We can also discuss plot, setting, personality, characters, and much more! We will have to play as other characters of course so it wouldn’t just be us both. So just please be alright with playing multiple characters, playing and being accurate to Spinel (or your OC), knowing a bit about the Steven Universe lore, and also being semi-literate!
If you have any questions or wanna ask me anything about this rp then put it in the comments or just DM! Just have an interesting opening and not just a boring, “Hi” or “Hello” since you will be ignored. That is all I have to say for now so I hope you all have a good day and goodbye!
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2023.05.30 12:15 Yasuman 30 [M4F] Germany/Europe/Online - Start of a new work week, keep me company, maybe until forever?

I'm currently and sort of constantly looking for a partner in crime, a relationship to stand the test of time. I'm often a bit of a hopeless romantic, but I'm sure there's someone there for everyone.
Things about me:
183cm tall, white German guy. I'd say my build is average - I'm not overweight, but I'm also not super slim. With age I'm slowly starting to keep a small belly too, but working on it.
I enjoy cooking, and I'd dare say I'm pretty good at it (I got the pictures to proof it too). I'm also an omnivore, so if that bothers you we're probably not a good match.
Quite heavy on the nerdy side, too. Ranging from gaming (PC), to reading manga, following tech like it's a religion and just generally caring about everything in that space. I also work in IT, so there's that as well. But it pays well and is a stable career, so hey.
I watch quite a fair bit of TV shows, currently binging Taskmaster and Planet Earth. Marvel movies are also big on my list, and I'm excited for Spiderman this week.
I love traveling, so far I've been to most parts of western and northern Europe, Turkey, Japan and the US. There's just something special about seeing many different cultures, and don't get me started on the food. I'm a big foodie.
I don't have kids, and I plan to keep it that way too, so if you want some little devils of your own, we're not a good fit either. My religious beliefs are also non-existent.
My humor exists, even though I am German. Admittedly it's often very dark humor, but that's just how we are.
I work from home, so I'm available most of the time, unless it is very busy at work.
I love cats and dogs, sadly my current apartment doesn't allow pets - but once I move to a bigger one next year I plan on getting at least a cat, but we'll see.
That should be enough about me for now, you can go through my post history to find some more specific things I'm into as well. Now a little about what I'm looking for:
You should be Europe, as to make traveling short and easy. I'm fine with LDR for a start, as long as there's intent to move towards each other at some point. You should be around 25-40, please don't be obese either, physical attraction is important in any relationship. If you're on the nerdy side and enjoy video games, that would be a big help. I also love a lady with tattoos (to an extent), but aside from those things I'm just pretty open to whoever wants to chat. You never know what kind of person is actually going to be yours until you see her. (:
I'm fine with exchanging pictures, if you want mine - send me a message and attach your own.
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2023.05.30 12:15 Chattysoda Elysium

Are you sick and tired of building a base just for the owners to close the realm, then elysium is the realm for you. We are a vanilla bedrock realm with a small community that have been going for two months. We have a good seed with a range from big tall mountains to mesas. We will be doing events to make a fun time. We also have a clash of clans clan, so why not join.
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2023.05.30 12:15 stripedbee scared of telling my therapist that i think i have bpd

i've been with my therapist for about a year now, and i've made a fair amount of progress. however, i feel i've hit a roadblock because lots of other struggles and symptoms i have are going unseen. i'm scared of mentioning them for fear of my therapist thinking i'm exaggerating, or that she will simply dismiss the thought and not even bother to look into it. my silly little fears have been interfering with my ability to open up as much as i would like. she likely won't be dismissive, but getting a diagnosis for bpd is so damn difficult for no good reason and i feel discouraged before even trying. but it's become more and more apparent that i am struggling with something more than just anxiety and depression and i just want to be able to get a damn diagnosis without the fear of being turned down, i guess.
i don't know if i should talk to her about it or even how i should approach her without sounding like a hypochondriac. i've never really opened up about a self diagnosis or a suspicion of a disorder to her before
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2023.05.30 12:15 beabadoobee--579 23[F4A] friendship smth b4 anything else

still waiting for graduation. a few last plot twists maybe?? I've realized that connecting with a variety of people in my final undergrad year is super nice, and though risky, it also is interesting being done online. just be careful and real selective nga raw HAHAHSAHA
what do you think is your biggest green flag among your circle of friends and what's your red flag also? hehe I think that gives us both a good clue of who we are as a person emz (tho not entirely ofc, 'cos that's for u and I to find out more together chos)
about you:
ages. 22-25 :))
send in your discord, I only use my tg for pics exchange mga later on pa haha vibes muna tayoo :)
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2023.05.30 12:14 CrowlyWasTaken False ban from jagex. 6200 hours lost?

False ban from jagex. 6200 hours lost?
I kindly ask to lookup my account RSN: crowlyNerd.
Around 2-3 weeks ago my account was hijacked and I was unable to get into account for few days. I contacted support and I successfully recovered it back with great support service. My bank was cleared. So I had to obtain most of minigame items back and skilling outfits. My friend also gave me few gp to start rebuilding my account and we started to do raids and mostly splitted all good drops we could get. I had 10M bank at start of account rebuild and yesterday I had around 40M which was quite good rebuild for myself and now today my account was suspended. I have never brought myself into dealing with RWT, account services etc. There may be chance that while my account was hijacked someone traded my items from that account and sold it afterwards, but I want to believe that RWT didn't happen on my account. I can provide exact date when I reached out to support to recover my account if it is necessary. It would be much appreciated if it was looked into more deeply.

Screenshot when I got it back and had chance to transfer it to other email.
Account status.
I've spent countless of hours building up the account, and trying to reach my goal of getting maxed. And It hurts to see that there's no way to appeal automated ban and no where to talk about this issue while hoping this will be solved.I appreciate taking your time in to read about my issue and to look into it. I hope to hear from you.I apologize if I did some typos.
u/jagexsupport u/jagextwisted
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2023.05.30 12:14 New-Active-7641 [M4F] Welcome home, Spinel! [Steven Universe RP]

Hello everyone! I am kinda getting back into my Steven Universe thing and mainly obsessed with Spinel! So I have decided to make a post about it! I am looking for anyone who is interested in playing as Spinel in a long term rp. I can either play as Steven or an OC that I have! If you happen to have an OC similar or just a different spinel then I have no problem with you playing as that gem. The story can take place before, during, or after the event where Spinel tries to kill earth. It is mainly up to you but we can discuss that in the comments or DM’s! We can also discuss plot, setting, personality, characters, and much more! We will have to play as other characters of course so it wouldn’t just be us both. So just please be alright with playing multiple characters, playing and being accurate to Spinel (or your OC), knowing a bit about the Steven Universe lore, and also being semi-literate!
If you have any questions or wanna ask me anything about this rp then put it in the comments or just DM! Just have an interesting opening and not just a boring, “Hi” or “Hello” since you will be ignored. That is all I have to say for now so I hope you all have a good day and goodbye!
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2023.05.30 12:14 WinterF19 Hole in outdoor pipe water rushing out

Our backyard pipe just below the tap seems to have a hole in it just below the surface. We can't get a good plumber out for a few days but the leak is significant and we are worried about the damage it is causing to the property, not to mention the water we have to pay for. Wondering if there's a quick fix we can apply to last a day or two until someone can have a look?
Very strapped for cash so this situation is extremely stressful for us right now
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2023.05.30 12:14 tommie2019 1 week till go time - wish me luck

Wife is being induced next Tuesday as the baby has a hole in his heart and will need immediate surgery.
It's our 3rd but this time is obviously a lot different as there will be additional recovery time and everything that goes with it. Got my parents coming over from the UK to mind the 5 and 3 year old while we focus on the new baby so that is good.
All going well we should be home by beginning of July.
Wish me luck lads, this one is going to be a roller coaster ride.
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2023.05.30 12:14 ladybird- 5"5 and could you type me?

I totally lack curves in the front and I seem to have no waist, it's a very slight tapered line to my middle. Was thinking SG or FG. I'm looking blockier than I did at 53 kg but well I am healthier at 60kg now.
I love contrasting my tops and bottoms in colour or weight of fabric or textures. I love chunky shoes and minimal make-up and accessories are minimalistic and have a compact form. Frills still look good on me as well as (flat) folds and details. I like tucking my tops into my bottoms at waist length. I wear a lot of short skirts and skin tight bottoms, my tops are oversized or flouncy. Jewellery is very subtle and delicate or oversized but with a simple shape. I love broken lines and geometrical shapes but I also love really romantic nig flower prints as long as they look goth instead of girly. I don't wear colour thatuch and if you have any suggestions when it comes to style outside of typing, tell me! I've bleached my hair platinum and it looked natural on me lol.
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