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Keller Williams Realty© was created as a grand experiment, based on Gary Keller’s conviction that if the company focused its resources on building its agents, the agents in turn would build the company beyond all expectations. Today, Keller Williams Realty© stands as the largest real estate franchise company in North America, with more than 90,000 associates and nearly 700 market centers around the world. This subreddit is an outlet for news, discussions and anything KW related!

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Distinct Today is a news media company, focused on the intersection between hyper-relevant content and digital innovation. Distinct Today curates editorial news content, experiences, and events across multiple platforms including email, mobile, online and offline. Distinct Today is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company is privately held. Distinct Today targets an affluent, college-educated audience.

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Encouraging people to move to the great state of TEXAS!

2023.03.24 13:07 Demonic_Disposition My Experiences

Our name is Murtons. We have made previous accounts on Reddit and made previous posts on this subreddit and others and have deleted them time and again. We have promised information that might relate to some of the experiencers of this subreddit. Now that we have acquired technology which makes such an idea possible, this will be our permanent account and everything we know and WILL know, we will tell to you, if not at the time when that information is acquired or when the event happens, then when it is safe to do so for ourself or when we are allowed.

An Introduction

As you know, our name is Murtons. Murtons is a pseudonym, not for 2 people but for 2 entities contained within a single body. Our story is long and I will be creating multiple posts on this subreddit and perhaps others if this post is received well, telling our story, making posts that are just information dumps made up of relevant information and maybe update posts on our situation. At no point am I making the claim that I am an authority on the subject but I will say that I know what I know. From this point on, I am referring to myself without plural, unless it is necessary to do otherwise, as it is just me doing the work at the moment and speaking in plural is exhausting.
For context, I do not have MPD nor am I trying to rip off any other users claiming to be "2 People" or "2 Entities". I assure you that my situation is unique. I will not share my own name but the name of the other entity is Carrabelle.
Carrabelle was attached to me in a previous life as a form of sarcastic "Marriage into the family". His "Species" is unique in that, when he is attached biologically, he is attached to your consciousness and will be there in every life after the one that he was attached until detached. The longer that he is attached, the harder it is to remove him. After a certain amount of time, physical removal will not be enough as he will just grow back. My family (Again, non-human) have managed to set up an inhibitor of sorts for the time that I did not have my memories and until they are back that will stop him from making my life difficult...mostly.
As for information on myself if you want it; I have had a fear of Jesters and carnivals for a long time, along with the associated patterns. I have a fear of fictional settings with dark cyberpunk themes such as games like Observer. I have Autism, ADHD, OCD and I heal really quickly. My hair and nails grow quickly as well. I also get cold electric feelings across my body, especially when I am stressed or sick. I am introverted and have only recently begun to learn important life skills, such as being able to talk to people. My home life is terrible as well, which is important to this. Oh yeah and I have survived Meningococcal, Pneumonia, Meningitis and Leukemia twice.

My Experiences

During the course of the past 2 years, I regained memories from 5 different lives and from 3 key points in this life as well as remembering certain "Dreams" which I can guarantee are more real than I had assumed at the time. I have remembered that 3-4 of those 5 previous lives have interacted with this one and that this life happening was a direct consequence of the choices of my previous incarnation. I have remembered that I would not be who I am today without the non-humans that I call Family.
As there is so much to unpack, I will be making a separate post for each life, excluding this life, which will instead be split into 3 parts. I will also be making a post explaining certain concepts that I have learned, along with things I have learned which relate to the many other experiences of many other experiencers and maybe a Q&A, though the latter probably will not be necessary. In this post, I will be talking about the sudden re-emerging of my memories, dreams and the subsequent events.


I (Only 15 at the time) woke up to the sound of glass smashing and my mother screaming. I looked around and it was pitch black and it seemed my Mum was asleep. I assumed that she had dropped something in the middle of the night and screamed and I had managed to sleep through it, only waking up to the extremely loud subconscious recollection hours later. I felt strange though, like my body knew something was wrong but I could not figure it out myself.
I got out of bed and walked towards the door. Though it was dark, I could tell that my door was slowly opening on its own and I was frozen with fear. I saw slight movement and a shape but due to how dark it was and my own fear, I started to question if the door was opening or not. In both a curious movement to see if the door was shut or not and the thought that I might be dreaming so what I do doesn't matter, I moved towards the door.
In an instant, I felt myself flying towards my bed with a figure moving towards me and suddenly being forced onto my stomach. I felt 1 hand pushing my face into the bed, another 2 arms holding my arms down and another hand on my back. I tried fighting to see the face of my attacker, thinking that I could gain some small victory if I saw their face (Not that it would matter, as I could not tell anyone) but I fell unconscious.
I awoke slowly, the images blurry in front of me, some kind of colourful effect dancing in my vision, dissipating the longer I was awake, my emotions dull but not dead. There were sand/mud buildings in front of and around me. They did not look made by some primitive civilization but made with the intent to last. I was walking on a footpath of some kind with a road to the right of me. It was humid and felt as though I was wearing thick clothing. I just knew that I was dreaming, this whole situation was absurd.
I looked to the left of me and saw someone walking beside me. I was fairly short for a 15 year old but this person was tall, like 7-8ft tall. I slowly noticed the way that they dressed; overly colourful, a strange hat and 4 sleeves containing 4 different arms. They must have noticed that I was looking in their direction because they looked down at me, opened their mouth and as they did so, what looked like chunks of meat and wires spilled out and I looked away as terrified as I could be. I had a weird feeling that it did not hurt them in any way and that they only did it to scare me.
As we continued walking along this footpath, we came to a crossing in the road and on the other side was some kind of checkpoint. Two tall guards with tight outfits, white masks and guns guarded a metal door that was built into either a wall or a fence. I knew that if this was somehow not a dream, going through that door was the point of no return. If it was a dream, then running or staying has no real world consequence but if it was real, then running was the only option. I slowly backed away, hoping to be out of the vision of that thing before I started running.
As I started running, I turned around and saw whatever that thing was screaming, all 4 arms outstretched, clutching some kind of wand in one hand. I was as scared as my body would allow, running back the way we came, when a vehicle nearly hit me. The car was fairly low to the ground and the driver looked me with confusion. I ran back to the footpath that took me to the checkpoint and I just kept running, not knowing where to go but hoping to figure it out as I went. After a few moments of running, I heard someone yell for me and when I looked, there was someone in an alleyway next to me.
I felt myself being quickly yanked into the alleyway and I though that I had been caught. I was grabbed and made to face the person who I had unknowingly been saved by. My memory is not perfectly clear but she had bluish purplish skin, large yellow eyes and what looked like spikes coming out of her head, not straight out like a porcupine but in a way that looked like a substitute for hair.
"Ahhh, a demon" I said sarcastically, assuming myself to be dreaming.
"I am not a demon" she said bemused.
"Well, this is my dream and you look like a demon, so you are a demon'' I said extremely smugly.
"You are not dreaming".
That went on for about 30 seconds. I asked her who she was and she told me that she was my best friend. I asked her, that if she was my best friend, then how I did not remember her and she told me that I asked to have my memory erased, which made no sense to me. I asked where I was, to which she said that I was currently on Mars. Eventually I heard a voice behind me trying to get my attention. The voice belonged to another girl. She had bleached white skin, large eyes (She is not a grey. She hates being called that.), black hair and black clothes.
"Hey *****, how have you be-..." the previous girl interrupted her and would not let her speak. The first girl seemed to be somewhat... territorial. My memory faltered and I seemed to forget the conversation that had transpired seconds before. The second girl walked off with a scowl across her face, which I without my memory, assumed to be directed at me. My focus was brought back to the first girl with the spikes for hair and I noticed a watch on her wrist which reminded me of the watch the Yautja wear in the "PREDATOR" franchise, with its own differences of course.
After a while, she said that they were taking me home . I was looking forward to going somewhere familiar and less confusing. She walked to my right and I saw movement down the other end of the alleyway, which I scared me but after they didn't react, I assumed that it was more of them, so I calmed down. The girl with the spikes pulled out what looked like a fork like device but in between the middle two prongs was a circular object. She asked me if I was ready and when I said that I was, she placed the object to my right temple and my vision nearly instantly went black, I felt relaxed and I felt my body collapse, along with someone catch me and then the sensation of being dragged.
I woke up restrained and facing someone that I only have the memory of the colour green to associate them with. They simply asked me "Are you sure that you want to go home?" to which I replied with a somewhat confused "Yes", wondering why they would even ask that.
I woke up. My Mum remembered nothing and seemed fine, while my memory of the event was distorted, only remembering the city, the guards, the 4 armed monstrosity and the fact that a conversation of some kind had happened. The only possible evidence of the night prior was found later when we could not lock the front door. My memory of that "Dream" began to fade quick, being gone within 2 weeks.


I had dropped out of High School due to Covid making things difficult and my School being next to useless. My Mum had begun to leave me alone over a couple of nights to go and talk to her "Just a friend". A couple of nights turned into weeks and weeks turned into 6 months. She would occasionally re stock the fridge and pantry while I was asleep, stay a few hours in the morning so she could say that she tried to see me (My sleep patterns were all over the place) and then she would leave.
I had friends online that I eventually got rid of due to realizing that they were not friends. While I had those friends, I gained memories back of a fight with some girl 2 years beforehand, which I did not realize at the time was a part of something so big. That situation is part of the last of the 3 key events and will be covered in a post.
For 2-3 months during those 6 months, every night to every second night, I would get strange dreams with reoccurring characters, that always felt so real at the time and that I would always either slowly forget or I would forget when I woke up. I will tell you everything that is worth mentioning, though I can guarantee you, everything except for the first "Dream", will not be in chronological order. Sometimes the "Dreams" would have actual dreams before or after them, most of the time related to something I saw during the events of the "Dream" or something I glimpsed before I was fully conscious in said "Dream". Sometimes, the real dreams were unrelated.
Sometimes I had real dreams that I also know were manipulated as they would relate directly to a game I had played or something similar. I will not mention these. Any comparisons I make to fiction after this point is not meant to imply that they are real dreams but merely a comparison to something that one might consider familiar.

It took me a while to wake up and regain control of my body. I heard a girl yelling at me to wake up or else they will kill me themselves (They did not mean it). I woke up, picking up the guns, when I noticed what looked like a humanoid lizard going up behind one of the people with firing. I aimed for it and shot it in the head. I heard someone yell "HOLY SHIT! HIS FIRST KILL AND IT'S A HEADSHOT!".
A girl with spikes instead of hair run up to me and gave me a thumbs up whilst saying "Good Job!". Forgetting that Kingston existed, I assumed that she was the one who threatened to kill me and told her not to patronize me. She seemed hurt and confused. When I woke up, I for some reason went on some rant about how they cannot just kill whoever they want and they told me that they were killing bad people and that I needed to calm down.
What looked like hundreds of those lizard people were running towards the railings. One of the other people firing yelled "I'm out of ammo" and then everyone else did as well. I was terrified and I suddenly got a sudden burst of confidence. I jumped onto the railing and with both guns, started firing on the lizards... and then so did everyone else. They lied to see what I would do.
There was a sudden explosion and the neon pink building exploded. I was grabbed and told to run. They were jumping of a ledge onto a street. The ground looked slippery and I was scared. They told me that I had to jump. They were telling me that it was not a dream and that if I did not jump then I would die. I think someone pushed me and someone else caught me.
We walked along the street in the rain and I started crying. Someone comforted me and I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed

I chased him, pushing past people and sliding under what looked like a cart. He jumped over something large and I had what looked like a burst of confetti hit me in the face. I lost him and I had the 2 girl sitting over me. "Better luck next time!" Kingston said, aiming something towards my face. I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

The person that I was terrified of and I sat down behind the car. She told me that she was my best friend and she wants me to look at her. I tried but I just couldn't. She said it made her sad but she understood. I said that I was sorry and eventually I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

Someone came up behind me and pulled me inside. He were dressed from head to toe in black. They had a mask/helmet on with big bug eyed lenses. He told me to stay inside because it was dangerous. He started manipulating the dials and levers, using not only his arms but mechanical arms that came off a machine on his back. The mechanical arms were had joints and pivoted on those joints, with clasps at the ends. The only thing that I can compare him to is a mix between Spectre from Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City and the skinny Comic version of Spider-Man but even then, it is not an accurate comparison.
I waited a long time and was bored. He told me to be patient. Eventually a kind of ship arrived and he told me that they are not to see me, as the people on board do not like me because of what I had done. I asked what I did wrong but he refused to tell me. At some point, I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

We heard footsteps coming from a nearby doorway. 2 people that I cannot remember the appearance of walked in. They seemed extremely cocky and started telling us how there is no escape, that we were going to be taken and that after they had me, they were going to kill my cats. I love my cats and all I could feel was hate.
I could feel what felt like pure energy running through my hands and when I looked down, my hands were glowing orange. Not having anything else to do, I put my hands out and just thought "hehe, it's like magic in Skyrim" and jokingly put my hands out to "Shoot Flames". Instead, orange energy with sparks started to come out of my hands. I looked at the person who seemed familiar and he nodded with a smile saying "Go ahead!".
I leapt at the two people who were moments ago bullying and tormenting me. I jump on the one on the right, punching him in the face. I fear the one next to me will try to stop me and so I jump, without effort, onto a wall, laughing and the leap back. I continue jumping in and out, throwing various punches and attacks, until all that is left is an unmoving gory mess and by the end I feel unstoppable.
The tall blue man who had obviously come to rescue me says "Okay, that is enough" and I fall unconscious. I wake up in bed.

I see a fat man sitting on a bench, hunched over. He reminds me of one of my mothers ex's and I try to avoid him. He notices me and I rush away but he does not get up.
I see someone tall and they glance at me for a moment before whipping their head around and staring at me. I realized they are not friendly and run away. I did not count the arms.
I walk down a pathway and notice a few public benches in front of a small fenced off decorative public bush with the wood chips beneath it. There are 2 staircases on either side of the fenced off bush, leading to what seemed like an oval and there appeared to be a helicopter or some kind of aerial vehicle, landing on said oval. I was not sure if it was there to save me or not and so I approached the staircase cautiously.
Eventually, what looked like a SWAT member started walking down the stairs. I noticed what looked like metal beams moving very fast behind his back and even before I noticed that, I realized that he was not any kind of SWAT member or cop. I panicked and ran. I heard him yell "WAIT! I'M A FRIEND!" and I responded with "WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD I BELIEVE YOU?!". In a lower voice I heard him say "Good point".
I felt my feet dragged out from under me and myself being dragged away. I tried digging my nails into the concrete and realizing that it was pointless, painful and stereotypical of every B grade horror movie, I stopped. Just as I stopped being a stereotype, my body was picked up and made to face my "Friend". I realized that mechanical arms that came from his back held me up off the ground. I told him to wait desperately, repeating myself over and over before I saw one of his mechanical arms move next to my neck/head and then I fell unconscious. I woke up in bed.

I screamed. It moved away quick and I heard laughter. I saw the rest of it as it and others were laughing. It was sitting down on all fours, almost like a quadruped and it looked mechanical. The other people who were laughing were Kingston, the tall blue guy, the man with the mechanical arms and the girl with spikes instead of hair. I was less terrified and more embarrassed. Behind the 5 of them was what looked like the back of a chopper, with the ramp down and behind it, a metal city surrounded by walls.
After they stopped laughing, they told me that they needed me to come with them. I said that I just wanted to go home and they told me that I could, if I came with them. I assumed that they were trying to trick me, so I ran the opposite direction. They yelled after me telling me that I needed to stop doing this.
I reached a cliff and managed to find a few paths down the side of it and get away from my pursuers. I don't remember how but I stumbled up what looked like a military outpost. There were tents, a few temporary looking structures and a strange rounded pyramid shaped tank. The tank had what looked like a pivoting sphere on the top with the barrel attached to one of the sides. When I arrived, the whole place woke up. I started running as people were leaving the tents and structures with guns. The tank woke up.
The 4 people who were pursuing me caught up and managed to save me. They obviously were not happy, as I got them into a gun fight instead of just listening. I do not remember falling unconscious but I woke up in bed.

Sometimes after remembering one of these dreams, I would tell my mother and I would say how weird it is that I keep having dreams with the same people. This on it's own is strange as I never remembered any key parts of any of the dreams when telling my mother. Either I only remembered the characters within the "Dreams" or I only remembered when thinking about the latest "Dream".

2021 - Now

One late night, I had the sudden inexplicable urge to research aliens. I had found so many links to various articles and stories but a lot of it seemed ridiculous. After a few hours, I got a strange vision. It lasted less than half a second but it was unmistakable. A pair of eyes in blue sunken sockets.
I went on Reddit, creating my first Reddit Account (As far as I am aware) and going to the appropriate subreddits, asking questions. I started getting memories of a family of blue aliens and being terrified. I had various memories of walking down the corridors of a ship.
The next day was the day I moved in with the family of my mothers previously "Just a friend" . In my new home, I kept getting these memories. I eventually met a Reddit user who seems to have deleted his account. We both helped each other remember something... terrifying.
We remembered cephalopodic beings in suits. They seemed to like crystals and had rings around their fingers attached to strings which attached to computers. I began Calling them pianists. Eventually he started to doubt himself and I never heard from him again. He did however mention glowing orbs that followed him as a child and have since started following his own child. I also remember the orbs following me as a child.
I started to realize that a lot of the previous memories that I had remembered just did not happen. Eventually I started remembering more memories that I eventually realized did not happen. Not all of the memories however were false. Eventually the memories started to become real mixed with fake. What was real and false started to become clearer and eventually certain "Characters" in these memories started to become more consistent and stop being replaced by other fake "Characters".
I started getting memories of meeting a porcupine girl when I was 4-5. She seemed like a mix between a Human and a porcupine. I also remembered a guy with mechanical arms and his face was deformed and repaired with metal. I also started getting memories of Jesters with multiple arms... too many arms.
After enough time, the memories of the Human porcupine and the deformed man with mechanical arms changed. The man with mechanical arms was no longer deformed and was now wearing a mask and due to his similarity to an aforementioned videogame character, I began calling him Spectre. The porcupine girl stopped looking so Human and instead looked more like a girl with spikes instead of hair. I remembered that there indeed was another girl that looked Human. She had bleached white skin, black hair, black clothes and she loved to give everyone attitude.
Eventually, I met another user on Reddit who was and is very useful. He told me about his unique abilities and since he has been given multiple visions, some of which are visions of different people which I eventually learned were my past incarnations. He has also been given visions of the cephalopodic beings and a few details were made clearer. Their appearance is similar enough to the fictional DND species Illithids that I changed the spelling around and began calling them Ithilids and oddly enough, I also started reading it like that too. Eventually the real memories became obvious and very consistent.
After learning some stuff from that user, he told me that he had a vision while he was sleeping. In that vision, a tall ethereal man in a trench coat with a cybernetic arm and welding goggles contacted him. He only said "Say goodbye to your buddy Murtons" before messing around inside his head. I eventually remembered him. He was the tall blue guy. His name is Mason.
I have since remembered previous lives, 5 to be exact. What happened in them will be discussed in future posts, if future posts are wanted. What I have remembered about my current life will also be discussed in future posts if those future posts are wanted. What I will say is this: 3 of those 4 people are from my previous life and all 4 are my family. They have recently started visiting me after I fall asleep and I am certain that they are not dreams. They are also not the abducting kind in the slightest (Even though... yeah... they do technically abduct me). If you got to know them, within less than a week, they would seem like regular people (Because they are) and their physical appearance would no longer bother you. They are supposed to come back in August and I am so excited.
In one of my recent visits from my family, I learned that the girl with spikes for hair is called Piper.

Something Weird

Upon reading the KGB Secret Alien Races Book, I noticed 3 things in all of the obvious misinformation. 3 things which terrify me and also helped to make some memories clearer.

  1. The Caraveldi mentioned in the book are reported to be about 9 ft tall, have 4 arms and be extremely dangerous. This is an identical description to the Jesters that I remember and the thing that I saw on Mars.
  2. At the end of the book are different "Notes". Most are just gibberish or fake quotes. They do however mention something about Putin being chosen to start an avalanche. Before recently, people had assumed that it was referencing one of his other actions, especially due to another quote talking about Medvedev.
  3. In the notes section, there is a quote. The quote reads "Why do Australian Humans do not see September 23?". I am Australian and that is my birthday and as far as I am aware, the book was first made in 2008, the year that I met my family for the first time in this life. Creepy.

Your Choice

It is entirely your choice in what order I make my posts. I can put them all in chronological order and the give the Information Dump. I can do the posts on this life first and then the aforementioned order or whatever order is wanted. It is your choice.

On a side note, I am well aware that people are going to try to call me out as a LARP or for trying to create an ARG or trying to be a TAA copy cat. I am not trying to do any of that nor am I writing fiction. I am doing this to try to help people and also help myself by actually putting this out there instead of keeping it in. I would actually like to talk with people but if you are going to troll, please do not bother. I get enough ridicule from every other Human that I tell about my memories, so please do not think that your words hurts.
I am also sure that I do not have any medical issues that could be causing delusions or visions. Thank you for your concern in advance.


Murtons Out...
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2023.03.24 13:07 ScorpionoxVoid 📊 HALO Network — Daily Report — 03/24/2023

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2023.03.24 13:06 justin_quinnn French firefighters on strike hailed as heroes by the crowd during a pension protest in Paris today.

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2023.03.24 13:05 TeaTree24 African Cichlid pond advice

Were located in central florida and looking into building a 650 gallon African cichlid pond. I have previously kept African cichlids in an aquarium so I am familiar with types and care requirements, parameters, etc but there isn't very many resources online for keeping them in outdoor ponds.
Ive heard they need a large filter, does this mean I would need a bigger filter then one recommend for standard a 650 gallon pond? what type of filter would be best?
Heating advice, from January to mid February we can get the occasional coldfront, and weather will dip down to around 60s or in rare cases 40s at least, would we need to invest in large pond heating or is it possible to get away with a few high wattage aquarium heaters? If we need to take them in for winter we can look into it, though I really would prefer for them not to move around
If someone can link me some resources or give advice I would really appreciate it!! Thanks in advance!!
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2023.03.24 13:05 DonDahlmann Why CoD is in serious trouble

Lack of innovation
Activision is perfect in one thing: Marketing. Every year, they sell a game, that has no innovations. And if they add something new, they take it away in the next game. Theatre mode from CW? Gone. Detailed Gun Smith? Gone. Map voting from older Cods? Gone. Combat pacing from VG? Gone. While other studios (CS, Fortnite) are constantly innovating, Activision does nothing.
Especially, this will be a problem. Epic just released Fortnite Creator, where you can build your maps etc. (see here ) They basically created a platform where you can create your own content without being a coder. And yes, people created already CoD type maps and game play.
They also seem to miss the trend that FPS games got more intense. Smaller maps, more players, etc. Most maps in MW2 are large to mid-size. At least they acknowledge it with the Close Quarter playlist, but they're still lacking content for faster paced action. This is also a reason why people constantly shout for Shipment. CW had "Face Off", four or five small maps. 6v6, no kill streaks, so people had the chance to choose between Nuketown and that. Of course, you need larger maps because not everyone wants constant action, but they need to address the need for smaller maps.
The burnout effect
It is one of the most important reasons why many friends of mine stopped playing. This is a competitive game, but your lobbies get rigged because of the matchmaking. You get thrown into lobbies where you don't stand a chance. I, like most gamers, don't mind loosing against a better player or team. But when the outcome of a game is that your complete team has a 0.x k/d while every one in the other team has 1.x or 2.x k/d, something does not add up. Spawns are rigged too. You get A-spawn (safe spawns, no enemy close) and B-spawns (you run 3 seconds and get killed). Feeling helpless because of those mechanics does not add any fun and makes the game stale. Because, you know that you can't do anything against it. It creates a kind of burnout because you ask yourself before you even start the game "Why would I play today when I know that I get frustrated anyway, because of things, that are outside my control?"
Dripping content/ Playlists / Weapons / Cheater
One new original map since the release in October. No mastery cameos. The new cameo event contains two cameos for hundreds of headshots. Removing Shoot The Ship all the time. The game gets super stale very quickly. Weapon balancing was horrible at the beginning. Also: they can fix the bug with the One-Shot-Sniper in three days, but need four weeks to nerf the KV broadside? That was intentional, and it adds to the feeling that they only care when they can sell something. If they can't. if fans ask for something easy, they ignore it.
While Activision cannot be blamed for the fact that people are cheating, they can be blamed for the lack of reacting to this. It took years until they introduced an Anticheat (they added it end of 2021) and seems that it does not work properly. While other Studios fight with the same problem, some of them seem to have the problem more under control because they add more resources to their Anticheat.
TL;DR: Like many long time CoD-Fans, I have the feeling, that the game may die due to the lack of positive changes and the lack of attention to the wishes of the fans. Activison only do or change things when they absolutely have to. It appears that they don't do anything to create more fun and enjoyment for the players. The combination of ignoring the wishes of the fans, the focus on short-term metrics and a toxic SBMM/EOMM that creates a burnout effect and no innovations poses a serious threat to the future of the franchise.
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2023.03.24 13:05 Saffronlover My 2 week old Kitten just died....

First off, the reason why I'm posting this here and not going to a vet is because there's protests going on in my area and if I take the car out, then I'm done for.
2 weeks ago, my sister's cat Gracie gave birth and my sister gave two of the kittens to me.
I initially wanted to give them back to my sister or put em up for adoption since I didn't have experience with pets of any sort, but I couldn't because of the riots and protests. Then I inevitably had to keep them and take care of them. And within a week I decided that I'm gonna keep them and raise them both. I named the girl Belly and the boy Tony.
Today morning I woke up and was doing all the morning stuff and went their room to check on them and spend some time with them.
Belly came started to crawl towards me, then I picked her up and placed her on the table.
Not less than 2 mins, she started to act uncomfortable. Then I placed her on my hand and she was making cough-like sounds and looked like she was choking. Before I could do anything else, blood started gushing out of her mouth. At that point I knew I was helpless and that she was choking on her own bloof. Then she stopped shaking and making those squeaky sounds.
Anybody knows any possible reason to this? Any vets here?
She deffo wasn't poisoned as she's at home all the time, and I always make sure there's no small objects in surroundings that she could possibly swallow.
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2023.03.24 13:04 Bad_Moon_Ryzen Trusted Auto Performance shops in the area?

I've got a newer vehicle that has active dampers in the exhaust that is controlled by motors on the edge of the mufflers. The motors block the trailer hitch mount holes so now I can't take my bike around and it's getting prime riding weather. Can anyone recommend a trusted performance shop that would be able to alter the trailer hitch with some slight cutting/welding and powder coating? The exhaust will have to be partially removed as well. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 13:04 LePushkin Is my AIO pump dead?

Hi, I built my first and current system around 6 months ago and everything has been working fine until this morning. Upon turning my system on today I was greeted with a “CPU Fan speed error”. Once I entered my BIOS I noticed the CPU temp climb from cool to 85 degrees in about a minute before I turned the system off.
I have checked that no cables have come loose on and sure enough everything is fine. I called the retailer from which I bought the parts since they’re all under warranty and the guy on the phone seemed unsure about the cause of the issue. First he assumed it was the AIO due to the Fan speed error, but then said it could be a CPU issue since the temp was climbing so fast with the system doing nothing. Before I go through the process of getting a new part sent out one by one until the system is fixed, does anyone here have any ideas/advice? Cheers.
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2023.03.24 13:04 pluralshrimp670 What do I do

What am I doing wrong ? M22
Hello I recently got back in contact with my gf 20 I reached out to her to say happy birthday because she reached out for mine, I love this woman deeply and she knows, before I reached out she previously blocked me for messaging me and flirting with me and me telling her how I felt. She left me almost 4 years ago. For another guy who ended up taking his anger out on her and abusing her deeply than soon started dating her best friend. Who didn’t work, clean, peed in bottles and threw it on there bed and left it there for her to clean. When I reached out she thanked me for what I said and told me she was in the hospital for heart problems, I kept up my walls because I was scared but I didn’t want to be rude and soon told her I was going to bed which led to her telling me to message her in the morning, I didn’t.
She messaged me and was telling me she wanted to play video games with me later. I said sure. That led her and me to have fun than she turned into talking about our relationship in the past. How I was the only guy that ever treated her right. How she wants to come down here and only spend time with me. That she missed our cuddles even tho she hates cuddling, I kept trying to shoot her down but it was not working. She brought up something than that brought down my walls and told me I was the only person she could see herself marrying and her family feels the same way and actually looked at rings. The next day we talked again she reached out. Crying to me I was there for her. We talked on the phone later that night and the girl that was talking to me was completely different. She said she hated men that they all lie and manipulate and a lot of other stuff and that she has no feelings anymore. To be fair she goes through a lot. But for the past 5 years I’ve been there for her. She acted that way for days than called me and almost fell asleep on the phone with me but I hung up.
Soon she got told she was going on a trip to Hawaii we called for literally everyday she was out there and fell asleep on the phone for 13 hours every night. All day she was set up her phone to watch tv. When she went back to her home she asked me to take a trip with her and only me and her would be on this trip and than proceeded to tell me she might be pregnant. I broke down in tears and told her I would work my butt off to be a man she wanted to be with and to be a father regardless she told me she thought it was amazing for it but I didn’t need to. I told her I wanted to I would write paragraphs for this girl I would talk to her while she slept hoping she slept great. Now she’s back home I know she’s not my girlfriend she’s talking to other people probably and I see where it’s heading she’s distant but all of the sudden super happy. Doesn’t call me at night anymore barely talks to me. She told me when I called her today she told her friend “what does this dude want” I’m so confused why does this hurt. We have been split up for so long it shouldn’t. She told me she was going to sleep but updating her profile picture ten minutes ago and she said she was going to bed 2 hours ago. My mental health is messed up she told me a few days ago she needed me to help her because her mental health was horrible. I feel used. I know she doesn’t care but I want to go off. What does I do ?
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2023.03.24 13:04 Afletch331 Can we stop the personal attacks and degradation of Lamar Jackson

Honestly, this sub has become extremely insufferable lately due to the lack of a signed contract but over the past week it’s crossed a line. We are currently watching a product of a failed school system, poverty, generational inequality and oppression be taken advantage of and now martyred by fans, NFLPA and “trusted” people in his life. He is being manipulated , lost millions of generational wealth and unfortunately serves as an example of the multiple inequalities of our system at large.
As fans, we’ve resulted to degrading Lamar’s intelligence, dragging him online any chance we get and mocking the dude. He’s been the best thing that has happened to this franchise since the 12’ super bowl and this is how we treat someone in need, much less our most talented player in a decade. It’s just extremely disappointing because he clearly needs a knowledgeable support system and is now even being let down by us.
Comments like “he’s greedy”, “he just wants the bag” etc… we don’t know that, his uncle may want the bag, his moms boyfriend wants the bag, the nflpa is using him for godsake. A million (billion?) organization manipulating a young man that grew up in a poverty stricken area and a horrible school system and we as fans sit here and call him an idiot, greedy and make jokes at his expense. It’s honestly disgusting and we don’t deserve him. Someone literally posted about him reaching AB levels today…. the guy that literally pulled his d*ck out on a women in a hotel pool. Are we serious?
I hope his teammates and other trusted friends recognize the manipulation he’s being put through and he surrounds himself with a team, as fans I hope we can recognize someone being taken advantage of and try to show some empathy for once.
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2023.03.24 13:04 sonam2112 Ping Pong launches itself in Indonesia to strengthen its presence and provide innovative payment solutions to Southeast Asia Consumers

NEW DELHI, 19 JANUARY, 2023 (GPN): Ping Pong, a global payment solutions provider, has debuted in Indonesia and plans to strengthen its hold in the South-East Asian markets. A pioneer in providing end-to-end payment solutions for global cross-border businesses, PingPong offers global e-commerce sellers the ability to manage multiple currencies on a single, secure platform across the US, Europe and Asia.
Since it was established in 2015, the company has been growing rapidly and, as of today, more than one million merchants utilize its technologies for cross-border, value-added tax and supplier payments.
PingPong is strengthening its coverage in South-East Asia at a time when buying and selling habits in the region have changed profoundly following the unprecedented challenges of the global pandemic. South-East Asia’s digital economy is expected to grow by 20%, approaching $200 billion GMV. PingPong Cross Border is well-positioned to capture the growth of cross-border e-commerce in South-East Asia with its extensive experience in working with both upstream and downstream participants in the e-commerce payment ecosystem and providing high-quality cross-border financial services for enterprises of all sizes in the region.
Launching the brand in the Indonesian markets, Mr Mukesh Sahu, Country Manager, India & Korea Ping Pong, said, “We understand the anxiety of our customers when they venture into new markets, especially a region as diverse as South-East Asia, which consists of 11 countries, seven major languages and multiple local currencies. But it is also one of the most exciting markets for e-commerce right now because a majority of the population is young and digital-savvy. PingPong Payment team provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that allow global payments at a lower cost and higher speed and, most importantly, helps our customers navigate cross-border compliance and regulatory complexities, which are some of the key concerns they have when establishing their e-commerce businesses beyond borders.”
Talking further, Indonesia country head, Eddy Sarputra said “our presence will boost small – medium enterprises to support international cross border payment in multicurrency, but also give priority to enhance domestics income through export, this is also in line with Indonesia government to support Small medium enterprises or business”
About Ping Pong
Founded in 2015, PingPong is a leading technology company built on the global vision that empowers cross-border digital commerce to grow. It is one of the largest payment and digital trade solution providers, serving more than one million global customers. Its one-stop, compliant and comprehensive suite of products includes e-commerce payments, B2B trade payments, acquiring services, card issuing, FX management, supply chain finance, VAT tax services, enterprise solutions, business intelligence software and more.
Today, PingPong has accommodated business flows from over 200 countries/regions. The company’s tested and proven global infrastructure has processed over $90 billion in transaction volume and connects over 100 international e-commerce marketplaces and ecosystem partners, as well as over 100 international financial institutions. Ping Pong Forex has established more than 20 global offices and holds relevant payment, forex, financing and Internet operation licenses and permits in the world’s largest economies, including the US, Europe, Greater China, Japan and India.
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2023.03.24 13:04 3la_zag I wear these shorts everywhere I go in the warm weather months. European and effeminate American men are regularly left speechless

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2023.03.24 13:03 Erutious The Tapping of the Keys

My Dad died nearly two years ago, and we just buried him today.
Dad was a writer, though you've probably never heard of him. He was known in small circles, celebrated by the community where he lived, but his books will likely never grace the shelves of Barnes and Noble. I say that like it's a fact, but that may not be the case anymore. Dad, like one of those old painters from the 1800s, became infinitely more famous in his death than he ever did in life. People who wouldn't return his calls and wouldn't even think of publishing his work now come to see him from miles away. This probably seems strange, given I just told you he's dead, so let me start at the beginning.
Dad died as he lived, at his keyboard.
He's been writing the same book for as long as I can remember. It's a massive seven or eight-volume series. In one of my earliest memories, I can remember tottling into his office and looking up at him as he smiled at me, his fingers never leaving the keyboard as he plinked away. Dad wrote other things for magazines or freelance work, but the books were his magnum opus. He would tell anyone who would listen, usually interested friends of mine who were aspiring writers themselves, how the book would be his greatest work once it was done. He had envisioned ten books and all, detailing the hero's journey of his main character as he attempted to find his father's murderer across several continents, meeting people and finding clues along the way. I've heard him talk about that book almost every day since I was old enough to understand what he was talking about, but I couldn't tell you much about it. He never let anybody read it, he was so protective of it, and I don't know if more than a dozen people were aware of its existence. That being said, he was always in his study when he had time, tapping away at the keys and refining his manuscript for the day it would be picked up by an editor.
I was the one who found him, and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.
I was getting ready for college, packing up my things, and moving out, and I came to see if he would help me move some furniture onto the truck. He had been in his office all day, and I thought maybe he was mad at me. I knew he didn't want me to leave, he was sad to see me go, but he had to understand that I had to go to college. I had a full-ride scholarship I'd be a fool not to use, and living on campus would give me access to resources I wouldn't have at home. It seemed like the best choice to move out, and I couldn't believe he couldn't see that.
So when I stuck my head in and asked him, I was surprised when he didn't turn around. That only seemed to cement in my head the idea that he was mad at me. He had his back to the door as he always did, fingers tapping away, and when he didn't say anything, I just stood there and looked at the back of his head for a moment. He had a bald spot forming, the hair receding away from the center, and I thought it a little sad to watch my Dad aging in such an obvious way.
I asked him again, his fingers never slowing, but when he didn't say anything, I went downstairs and managed to manhandle the desk down into the u-haul. I decided I wouldn't bother him if he wanted to act like this. He would fold when it came time for me to leave, apologizing for acting like this, and we would have a hug before I drove off into the sunset.
Around lunchtime, I looked at my now-empty room and realized I was finished packing.
Mom was at work at the post office, and I had planned to swing in and say bye on my way out of town. We had said our goodbyes that morning, with lots of tears and hugs over breakfast, and Dad was the only one I felt I still needed to say goodbye to. So, I went upstairs again, saying I needed to leave and wondering if he'd come to give me a hug?
His fingers just kept tapping away uninterrupted.
"Come on, Dad," I said, stepping inside as he continued to ignore me, "I know you're bummed about this, but it's time for me to get out there and make it on my own. It's not like I'll never be back again. You'll see me on Thanksgiving. That's less than," but when I put my hand on his shoulder, I noticed how cold it was.
Dad had been up here for three days writing, and Mom said she didn't think he'd come to bed at all in that time. This wasn't uncommon for Dad. He would hyper-fixate on a project or revisions and lose days at a time. His office was towards the back of the house on the second floor, so without foot traffic or noise, he could lose himself for days as he worked. He usually came down for food after everyone was asleep, but I couldn't remember hearing him stumbling around lately.
I turned him towards me, his hands moving comically in front of him as he swung away from the desk, and as he came away, he began to scream as if someone were stabbing him.
I stumbled away, taking in his long face and sunken eyes, and found myself running from the room as I grabbed the phone out of my pocket.
Mom said she'd be home immediately, and as I waited downstairs, I could still hear him screaming from his office.
Mom came home in a rush, going up the stairs two at a time, and when the screaming finally stopped, I breathed a sigh of relief.
When she came downstairs, she asked me to come to his office.
"I need to talk to you about something, and I think this should be a family decision."
I came back up to see that Dad was still staring into the screen of his MacBook, tapping away like we weren't even there.
"I don't know how to explain this, but I think your father has died."
Looking at his fingers as they went about their tireless typing, I asked her if she was kidding? Dad was clearly alive. His hands were moving, and I could see words on the screen forming coherent sentences. Were they playing a joke or something? None of what she was saying made any sense.
"I checked his pulse. He has no pulse, no vitals, he's just gone, sweety. But, it appears that he's not quite gone."
She tried to move him, and as she turned him away, I could see his lifeless face as it turned to regard me. His jaw had been hanging slack, his eyes open and staring, and as his hands came away from the keyboard, he started screaming all over again. It was a deep and tortured noise, similar to the one he'd made before, and without even meaning to, I turned him back to the keyboard, where his hands started typing again.
I asked her what was going on, and Mom shrugged as she tried to come up with a reason for all this.
"His book was important to him, you know that. I think, maybe, once he finishes it, he might stop on his own. I can't explain what's happening here, but I don't want him to die with his work unfinished. Your father kept saying it wasn't ready, but I'm going to send the first manuscript to his editor. Maybe once he sees it and someone puts it in print, he'll finally be able to rest, but either way, let's keep this between us, okay? I want your father to pass on without regrets, don't you?"
I nodded, telling her that, of course, I wanted Dad to die at peace.
"Then do him this last favor, and don't tell anyone what you've seen here. Promise?"
I didn't know how to feel about this, but I told her I wouldn't tell anyone, and she thanked me as she hugged me goodbye.
I left in my Uhaul, unsure how to feel about the situation, but I kept the secret.
I didn't come home much for the next year.
I came home for Thanksgiving as promised, but the whole thing felt uncomfortable.
Mom and I sat downstairs eating, her curious about how school was going and me filling her in on my studies. As I ate turnkey and tried to have a normal conversation over stuffing, all I could focus on was the tapping from upstairs. Mom had closed the door to Dad's office, something that I could never remember happening at any time in my life, but despite her best efforts, the tapping was still audible. There was also a smell from the room at the end of the hall, and I was worried about her living in a house with a decomposing body. She said he hadn't decomposed much, but I think she might have been trying to spare my feelings. Worse than the smell, though, was the tapping. It never stopped and sounded too loud to be from whole fingers.
Despite this, Mom was in pretty good spirits. She said Dad's first book was being edited, and his publicist thought it would likely be ready for the shelves next year. He couldn't believe my Dad had been keeping this gem to himself for so long, and I think that was when I realized how few people Dad had shared his books with. She said the initial payment on the book had allowed her to pay some overdue bills, and she would send him the second book sometime next year.
"If I release them slowly, it won't seem so odd when he finishes, and I let them know he's passed."
I asked if his writing had slowed at all, and she said he was still typing night and day.
"He never rests, and I've had to start sleeping in my noise-canceling headphones. The sound takes some getting used to, but I think I can almost put it out of my mind."
I had meant to stay for the week, but I ended up making excuses and leaving the day after Thanksgiving.
The sound of the keys as they clicked away was becoming too much for me to handle.
After that, I made excuses to not come home. I told Mom I had a paper due during Christmas and stayed on campus over the holiday. I took extra classes, so I didn't have to come home on semesters I would have been able to take a break from. I still called her on the phone, but our conversations became shorter and shorter as time went on. The longer I was on the line with her, the more pervasive the clicking became, and it felt like I could hear it over the phone no matter where she was.
My mother's mental state began to deteriorate as well.
She had sent the second book to his publicist, and he had fast-tracked it after the first one had done so well. She deflected any sort of interviews or phone calls for Dad, telling them how shy and anxious he was, but people really seemed to want to pick his brain about the direction of the book, and they were becoming harder and harder to put off. She didn't sound like her usual self, either. It was clear that she wasn't sleeping, and she said the clicking was getting louder and louder the longer it went on.
"I tried to do some soundproofing in his office, but it never seems to help. I can't stand to be in there for very long. Even though he's looking at the screen, I can feel him watching me when I'm in there. I think," Mom took a breath, and I could almost see her looking in the direction of his office as she pitched her voice low, "I think I can hear something moving around at night."
I asked what she meant, afraid that maybe animals had gotten in to try and get at Dad's body, but she said it was just little sounds.
"You remember how he used to leave his office late at night to get food? Sometimes, I feel like I can hear someone coming down the stairs in the wee hours of the morning. While I was listening to it the other night, I realized that I couldn't hear the keyboard anymore, and that scared me even more."
She started crying then, and I think I had already decided to come home that weekend so we could sort this out.
I hadn't come home in a long time and found a very different woman than I had over Thanksgiving the year before.
And why not?
It had to be nerve-wracking knowing you were sharing a house with a corpse.
Mom looked like she had aged twenty years. Her hair, light blond the last time I'd been home, was threaded with gray and looked thinner than ever. Her skin sagged, and her eyes looked bruised from the bags under them. She was thin to the point of emaciation, and I wondered if she had been eating? When she hugged me, I could feel her ribs pressing against me, and I decided then that something had to be done before I lost both my parents.
I told her that we had to end this, I told her that we had to put him to rest, but she feebly resisted.
"He isn't done yet. He's still typing up there. I can't lay him to rest until he finishes."
I asked her how long that would be, but she didn't seem to have the answer.
I told her I was tired and wanted to rest, but after I heard her door close and the sound of her springs grumbling as she went to bed, I got up and went downstairs. I wanted to see what this thing was that was moving around after dark, and I knew just the place to hide. There was a small closet in the living room, a place for wrapping paper and old crafts Mom hadn't gotten around to yet, and after sliding some things around, I made myself comfortable and cracked the door. It took some time, and I wished I had some coffee to keep me from dozing in the small, warm space.
I was just starting to nod off, my phone showing half past three in the morning, when the landing at the top of the stairs creaked.
Something glided down almost soundlessly, its body light, and I pressed my eye to the slit in the door to see what it was. It was dark in the living room, the curtains drawn, but I didn't dare turn on a light. If it knew I was here, it might flee, and then I'd have nothing to report to Mom in the morning. Luckily for me, it jostled right by the closet door, and the creature was impossible to miss. It was thin, almost lacking dimension, creaking as it ambled into the kitchen. I held my breath as it disappeared into the dim space, but the pale head was hard to miss.
When it turned to look at the closet from the kitchen doorway, I feared I had made a noise.
When those empty sockets fixed on the door, I covered my mouth with my hand.
When the creature creaked its way into the kitchen and disappeared from sight, I tripped out of the closet and made my way less than gracefully back up the stairs and into my old room.
If it heard me, it didn't stop at the door to comment.
Only then did I come to the same conclusion that Mom had, realizing what was missing from the silent house.
The tapping had stopped.
We called the police the next day, me threatening to call them myself if mom didn't. I didn't know what the thing I'd seen was doing in the kitchen, but I couldn't very well leave her alone with it. She just nodded and picked up the phone, and I think she was ready to call them. She had lived with Dad's corpse for two years, and even she had to agree that it was time to end it.
The paramedics weren't sure what to make of him, but he was definitely what I had seen the night before as it went into the kitchen. He had mostly rotted, but his bones had moldering flesh still attached in places. His scalp had some hairs clinging to it, the bald spot I had noticed was still visible, but we had taken his hands off the keyboard before they got there.
When we had taken him from the computer, his scream was little more than a wheeze of protest.
He had no vocal cords to scream with, but still, he protested.
The police had questions, but I think my mother managed to convince them that it was harmless. She said that when he died, she had gone a little crazy. She couldn't cope with him being gone, so she had just pretended he was in his office, typing away on his novel. I told them that was what she had told me for months, and I think they believed me. Dad's remains were taken to the funeral home, and it goes without saying that his funeral was a closed-casket affair.
As we sat on the front row, though, I heard something that would haunt me until I went into the ground myself.
Dad may not have been able to scream, but it seemed his work went on regardless.
As I sat there with Mom, my mother sobbing as she heard the all too familiar sound, we both heard the low tapping as those bony fingers smacked against the lid of the coffin.
I can only assume that they still press against the lid even now, my father's last story worn into the wood of his coffin.
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2023.03.24 13:03 pb007007 What are the most challenging SAT Reading Questions?

It's no secret that this part of the test can be a bit of a beast, but if you know what to expect, you'll be in a much better position to crush it. Today, we're going to dive into some of the most challenging types of questions you might encounter in the SAT Reading section.
First up, we've got inference questions. These are the ones where you have to use your reading comprehension skills to draw conclusions that aren't explicitly stated in the text. Inference questions can be tricky because there are often multiple ways to interpret the same passage, and you have to be able to back up your answer with evidence from the text.
Next, we have vocabulary-in-context questions. These are the ones where you're asked to figure out the meaning of a word based on its context in the passage. These questions can be tricky because sometimes the words are used in unconventional ways, and you have to be able to think creatively to figure out what the author is trying to convey.
Another type of question that can be challenging is the author's tone and purpose question. These questions ask you to analyze the author's writing style and intentions. You must be able to identify things like tone, mood, and the author's underlying message. This can be tough because sometimes authors are intentionally vague or subtle, and you have to be able to read between the lines.
Last but not least, we have the comparative reading questions. These are the ones where you have to analyze two or more passages and compare and contrast them. These questions can be tricky because you have to be able to identify the similarities and differences between the passages, and you have to be able to use evidence from both to answer the questions.
So, there you have it, folks. These are some of the most challenging questions in the SAT Reading section. But don't let them intimidate you! With practice and perseverance, you can tackle these questions head-on and come out on top. Good luck!
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2023.03.24 13:03 EnchantedStarlight13 FINALLY GOT MY BOLT!!

Custom ordered a 2023 Bolt EV 2LT in Ice Blue Metallic back in December and it finally came in today! MSRP was about 32K and it was 34K out the door! Dealer charged about a 600 dollar mark up which wasn’t bad. If you’re in the Vegas area, I def recommend Henderson Chevrolet!
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2023.03.24 13:03 ethicalhackingclass Best Ethical Hacking Course Fees in Delhi

Although the term "ethical hacking" may seem contradictory, it is one of the most demanded certifications for cybersecurity experts today. If you want to acquire these skills you can learn from the ethical hacking course in Delhi.
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2023.03.24 13:03 ButterBandit3 Anyone with weather triggers consider moving to Arizona?

I live in the New York area and the weather seems to be all over the place all the freaking time. I sometimes take a look at weather in other states and Arizona is like 80, 0 humidity, perfect all the time and super consistent. Just curious if anyone has thought to move or has made the move over there.
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2023.03.24 13:03 _jpizzle_bear I [22m] not invited to the wedding of a "friend" [22f]

Hey, so I'm a little conflicted with how to feel about this, any advice would be appreciated :)
Tldr; I am a senior in college and someone in my group got engaged but she invited everybody except for me and a few others. How do I handle this, either interpersonally or within my own mind?
I really thought that I was friends with this person, but clearly she doesn't view me that way. She is in my major (it is a relatively small major so we're all really tight), and I found out today that she invited most people in our group except for me.
I've always been kind of on the outs socially, although I am a nice person. I am slightly introverted, which sometimes makes it hard for me to connect with others, but once I do I am typically highly regarded. I think that this personality trait may have contributed, but also she invited some other people that she is not THAT close with, so maybe it's just me.
I would normally want to be direct and say something to her but you can't really do that in these sorts of situations. But also it also feels kind of rude because I've done a lot for her over the past few years. In general, how do you handle this sort of friendship rejection and not take it personally? And if I was to say something to her (I think bad idea but humor me), how should I approach this?
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2023.03.24 13:03 MorbidSauce 21M I asked a girl 21 F to meet up/walk before classes but she didn't ask me back.

I met a girl at a group meet and talked casually. A week later met up with her and her girl friend, walked around talking about random stuff. A week later I DM her asking if she's free/ would like to meet up in the morning. She said she isn't around and will be around the next day. (She actually wasn't around)
I assumed the ball was in her court at this point. Ie. She would DM me when she's around smthing along "hey I'm in today want to meet up". It's been a week and there have been no messages.
I am considering giving up and accepting the friend/acquaintance zone.
PS. She is part of a girls group. If that matters.
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2023.03.24 13:02 AutoModerator Ekinde Town Hall • Rule Clarification and Q&A

Ekinde Town Hall • Rule Clarification and Q&A
Welcome to our first ekinde Town Hall! We've seen your requests for an open discussion between mods and users and welcome you to join us in an open discussion here. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THIS POST BEFORE COMMENTING!
First, we have some ground rules!
  • Please remember Rule 1: No Bullying or Harmful Language. No personal attacks, foul language, or unnecessary rudeness towards mods or other users will be tolerated. If you break this rule, your comment will be removed and you will be given a one-day ban, meaning you will no longer be able to participate in the discussion.
  • Users will only be replied to by mods. You may ask as many questions as you'd like, but only mods will be allowed to reply. To do this, we will be locking all comments. You will be given an opportunity to reply to mods, but once a question is sufficiently asked and answered, the thread will be locked. This is to ensure we can have a discussion without other users interrupting or piling on. If you reply to another user's comment, your comment will be removed. Please be respectful of this request so we can focus on and hear each user individually.
  • We will be hiding comment scores for the entirety of the Town Hall. This means you will not be able to see other user's upvotes OR downvotes. We hope this encourages all of you to openly participate today, without fear of being downvoted for expressing your opinions.
  • Rule 5: No Reference to Other Subreddits is temporarily suspended in this post only. We know some of you have questions in reference to other subreddits, and we welcome you to ask them here today.
  • We ask that you limit your questions regarding post removals or bans to your own account. Ban appeals are always open and we always have and always will provide explanation to users when asked, but we will not discuss another user's mod actions.
  • We will try to have at least two mods on at all times to answer questions today. If needed, we will lock this post for breaks. If we do step away, we will pin a comment letting everyone know when to expect us back.
  • We will be responding to users from 12PM GMT - 12AM GMT. We hope this allows all of our users an opportunity to participate in whichever time zone they reside.
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Our Subreddit Rules

We have updated the language to a few of our rules and hope this clears up some of the recent confusion. Currently, our rules are as follows:
  • Rule 1: No Bullying or Harmful Language
    • In the spirit of Reddit, please remember the human. We ask that you share your opinions and perspective in an appropriate and respectful manner. This applies to other islanders as well as members of this subreddit. Personal attacks, name calling, or unnecessary rudeness towards users you disagree with will be not tolerated and will result in a temporary or permanent ban for repeat offenders. Bigotry of any kind will result in an immediate, permanent ban.
  • Rule 2: No Duplicate or Common Reposts
    • Duplicate or common reposts will be removed, including pictures or videos that have already been posted or multiple discussion posts about the same topic that could be contained to one post. Please use the search function or sort by new to avoid reposting!
  • Rule 3: No Low Effort Posts
    • Low efforts will be removed. Please move them to the daily discussion thread. This includes:
      • Generic posts that are not intended to start a discussion
      • Memes (this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis)
      • Posts about people following or unfollowing each other (unless it is related to major news)
      • Posts that do not contribute new information
      • Posts about people liking or commenting on other’s social media unrelated to Ekinde (unless it is major news or Ekinde)
  • Rule 4: No Off Topic Posts or Comments
    • Posts and comments should be relevant to Ekinde!
  • Rule 5: No Referencing Other Subreddits
    • Posts and comments referencing other subreddits will be removed. There is no need to focus on what other subreddits or their users may or may not be doing. The best defense is to simply ignore and continue to celebrate our favs!
  • Rule 6: No Posts About Friends or Family
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Behind The Scenes

In the spirit of full transparency, we'd like to give you a peak behind the curtains of ekinde. The following are tools we used to help moderate the community:
Post Approvals
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Crowd Control
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    • Users who have not joined the subreddit (this is the most common removal, so please hit join if you haven't already!)
    • New users
    • Users with negative karma in our subreddit (not total karma, just from what you've posted here)
  • Potential Rule 1 Breaks (NEW!)
    • You may see a comment from automod explaining your post/comment was held for mod review. This does not mean you have broken a rule, it just means you've used a word that triggered the bot. Automod does not understand context, so don't feel like you've been accused of something! You can always send us a modmail if you feel automod has removed something it shouldn't have.
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  • Automatically removes links to the s*n.
    • You may post screenshots, but please do not link directly to their content.
  • Mod Mentions
    • We are notified through modmail whenever a user mentions the mods. This is particularly helpful when users comment about a rule break rather than reporting.
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Meet Our Mod Team

We've seen the accusations. We've seen the rumors. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves!
Our team currently consists of 9 moderators. Here's some fun facts about our team!
  • We came up with the idea for ekinde in our LoveIslandTV mod group chat! We were struggling with our want to approve all ekinde content, and the subreddit's want (or lack thereof) to be exposed to that much ekinde content lol. A number of couples subreddits have since been created, and while ekinde wasn't the first, we certainly set a trend!
  • While we don't all moderate the same subreddits, combined we moderate over a dozen, with over 1 million users!
  • We have a combined experience of nearly 20yrs and all of our mods have completed Reddit's official moderator certification courses.
  • We span the globe! We have mods from the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, and Scotland!
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Apply To Join Our Team!

If you are interested in joining the mod team, please fill out an application here.
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Now that you've made it to the end, we welcome any questions, comments or concerns regarding the subreddit. We look forward to engaging with you all in a respectful, productive manner.
KIND REGARDS 🤌 -The Ekinde Mods
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2023.03.24 13:02 Velo_ve Regeneration after running

I want to start serious barefoot-running again. My last serious running year was 2019: I started my barefoot experience up to a halfmarathon in the forest. Tried a lot of minimal-shoes and pure barefoot. Great year! Then my sport-focus went to cycling, I just did a few runs - and got some calf pain for a few days.

Last sunday I did my first run this year, the weather was too bad for cycling - so I decided to get my FiveFingers on and went on a run. It was okay - in total I achieved 3km. Yesterday my calf pain was almost over, so I did a run. This time 5k, my calfs are in a better shape. I tried a different technique and was suprised it worked. Ü

Now I want to hold this 5k level for a few weeks, I want the body gets used to this load. What do you think is a good regernation time between the runs? 2 days? 3? My focus is to get a efficient and nice running style, I do small steps with a high frequency (170-180 SPM). It actually feels well, not perfect, but I run forefoot and my calfs are on 60-70% load.
submitted by Velo_ve to BarefootRunning [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:02 One-Olive-3322 Another prime example of my loser Father

Today is the First day of Ramadan My mother is the one who spends money for our family expenses (+ the little i give my mother) My father has a job and salary bt we arent allowed to touch it His salary is his fun money and my mother is not allowed to ask questions about it Or she will get beat up He also took monthly pocket money from my mother Most of the times he is screaming about how we are wasting his money ( he means his wife's money which he consider his) And that money we spend for skin care or fast food should have gone to him Ramadan is the most expensive month here And he just brought most expensive dry fruits no one in our family eats coz his shopkeeper friends insisted and if he Didn't took them he would have lose face He has done that many times before and that food end up expiring everytime My mother is going crazy with her monthly budget coz she will have to pay for it all That's Ramadan for us People pray and fast We fast and hear my abusive father screaming at us His shopkeepers friends also know he is a huge loser and laughs at him behind his back ( i saw them) They know they can take money from us by giving him few fake praises And my mother is the one who suffers
submitted by One-Olive-3322 to raisedbynarcissists [link] [comments]