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2023.03.24 14:02 _-_-_DaWnOfTiMe_-_-_ 27 F Ohio - Seeking older nudist man who wants a loving and affectionate long-term relationship Possibly willing to relocate if I found a genuine connection with the right person

Hi there! So like the title says, I'm 27 years old from Ohio. I have always had a thing for much older men and don't even really know why exactly. Part of it might be that I've always been very mature for my age and tend to get along much better with people who are older than me. The idea of being in a committed long-term relationship with someone older just feels right and natural to me. I am somewhat of a traditional person and do want to be properly married at some point.
In the spring and summer, I regularly attend an all-ages family nudist camp that is near me. My mother raised me to be a social nudist, so I have been going there all my life. I'm not one of those nudists who is nude at home all the time; for me it's more of a social thing that I do at a family-oriented camp environment. I find the social cohesion in an environment like that creates friendships and bonds that are unlike any social dynamic that you would ever find in any other regular social situation. My own theory regarding this is that it triggers a dormant social-cohesion mechanism in the human psyche that we had way back in our early history when we were living in small communal tribes. Back then, it was probably more normal for people to be casually nude if they wanted to be during the warmer months because everybody knew everybody and nobody was a stranger, and I think that kind of thing would kind of solidify your bond with the tribe. That's just my theory anyways, but it makes a lot of sense because I'm friends with families at that camp and am much closer to them than I am with anybody outside of the camp.
Like the title says, I am willing to relocate if I find a genuine connection with the right person, but I would strongly prefer to remain on this continent, so that means please only message me if you're in the United States or Canada.
I also don't want you to message me if you're into the whole dom/sub dynamic or daddy/daughter dynamic; I'm not interested in those dynamics at all. These age-gap subs tend to be rife with that stuff, but that's not what I'm looking for; I'm just a traditional woman. I'm a very loving and affectionate person by nature and a strong believer in romantic love, and I just want to find my one-and-only who I can fall deeply in love with and devote myself to forever. I'm the type who sees human sexuality as a very deep and meaningful act of affection between two people who are in love, and I would rather make love than just have sex for the sake of sex. Looks aren't really important to me; I'm the type of person who bases romantic attraction on personality and chemistry more than anything else.
But if you think that your lifestyle values align with mine, free to message me in chat, and we'll see what kind of chemistry we have! 😊
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2023.03.24 14:02 Billsilis CBs running back

Hey guys, i have noticed my defenders run back towards my box when the opponent is near the midfield area of the pitch (instead of holding the lines tight like real football). Especially if an opponent attacker makes a run (instead of holding the line.
This results in huge space between def line and my midfielders for no reason, so the opponent just makes an easy pass to his attackers and gets the ball near my box. I think this happens since the 2.4 update about 2 months ago.
I tried using left and right arrows, possession game so my line stays higher, quick counter, but nothing works.
I really enjoy playing defence more than playing offense and this basically ruins everything cause its like my defenders sabotage me. Has anyone else noticed something like this?
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2023.03.24 14:01 Sir_David_Davidson Proximity is one of the best signs that a girl likes you!

Hi, David here!
She may not be smiling. She may not be laughing. She may even seem disinterested. However, if she is choosing to physically remain near you, then that is still a good sign.
Trust me, if you were screwing up enough, the first thing that she would do is try to put more physical distance between you.
If a girl wants to talk to you, one of the simplest things that she can do is physically move herself closer to you. This is done in order to provide an opportunity to start a conversation. She may even choose to fake bump into you in order to initiate an interaction.
Furthermore, if a girl has the ability to move away from you during an interaction, yet chooses on her own accord to stay, then you are doing good enough.
Girls as well as guys often do not know what to say, get nervous, are shy, etc. She may be happy that you are carrying the conversation even if she does not say much herself. If she didn't want to be there, then she would make an excuse to leave.

BTW, I wanted to let you know that I just finished putting together my eBook "Bros Guide to Meeting Women" version 4.0 and would LOVE to get some honest feedback from you!
I decided to give it away for free for the first 100 people who join my mailing list.

By joining the mailing list You would get:
- 27 pages long eBook (free for subscribing) that gives you a practical step-by-step solution to meeting women (14+ years of knowledge put into it).
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You can get the eBook and join the list by clicking here!

This book is the result of going out and socializing with girls for over a decade. I have put in there all the fundamentals I have learned over that time so you know I have something to say ;)
P.S: You can unsubscribe at any time with a click of a button if you feel you don't like the content of the emails anymore (but I am sure you will ;)

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?
Let's discuss in the comments :)
Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!
David Davidson
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2023.03.24 14:01 throwRAwayndkdkdj My partner always talks about buying a house but never about marriage? He is [30M] I’m [31F]

My partner and I have dated for two and a half years. He is very keen on buying a house and looks quite often. I have told him that I am hesitant to buy a house with him if we aren’t married. He has told me that he has thought about dates in the near future and times to ask about marriage but that’s about it. No mention of asking about rings or anything else marriage related. I have never been married so I don’t know how I should expect someone to act who is thinking of marriage.
My family is pressuring me to get married because they’re excited for me. I just have never been married so I am unsure of how to navigate these convos and what to expect.
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2023.03.24 14:00 Empereur_de_autisme Ballad Of The Dissident - Chapter 8

Thanks to u/BlueFishcakes for the SSB universe.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Chapter 8 - The Silvern Glow
- 17th of April 2024,08:45, Haninge District, Sweden -
Adam once again found himself sitting behind a tree just like moments prior, but he dared not peek his head past the tree this time. He was at a bit of a loss to what he should do next, he’d been lucky enough that they thus far hadn’t heard him dashing from tree to tree, as silently as he could mind you.
But from the sounds of things they were still just chatting about around his car, or their own, he couldn’t really tell. Anyway it was clear that they parked near his car and by that, uncomfortably close to Adam holding a highly illegal weapon. And while he had somehow forgotten earlier to take out the magazine, which was a huge security risk on his part and he felt very dumb once he had realized it. That was the only thing he had going for him currently. And since he still had some shots in the gun, if they were to see him and reasonably so try to shoot him. Adam at least had four shoots to defend himself with.
But still he didn’t want a confrontation with three or more 7 plus foot orc amazons in close quarters. So really the only choice Adam had was to try and get far enough into the little forest until he had cleared it and reached the other side which was a small beach, a very rocky beach but still a beach.
From there, he’d be more free to follow the coast until he felt he was far enough away and could enter the forest once again, considerably further away from the marines. With that said he could also just wait a little, they’d only been standing there just talking for a minute or so, in their indecipherable literally alien language, all the while Adam was sweating bullets hoping they wouldn’t see him. Not that it felt like mere minutes to Adam, to him it felt like hours.
One thing suddenly crossed Adams mind, why? Not only why come here right this moment, but more importantly. Why park so close to his car? Starting to think more his brain started setting off alarm bells. There were really only two reasons behind the why he asked himself, one being that they’re hoping the owner of the vehicle is a male they can harass, or they parked so close so they could do a quick search of it, not that they could do a very thorough search so long Adam held the keys but that was irrelevant.
As seconds went by and seconds became minutes, Adam started to believe it was the considerably worse option at play, that they weren’t just that close to his car to peer through it in case of anything illegal being inside. No, most likely they were waiting at his car, until he’d come back and they could harass him.
Realizing that he was still holding a very illegal rifle Adam decided to try and continue with his plan of putting away his rifle somewhere in the woods before they got bored and began looking for him instead of just loitering around his car. Slowly coming up into a crouching position from where he was sitting behind a tree. Adam began slowly walking away from the marines standing around his car and towards the coast. Finishing his slow walk with a thumping heart he finally came to the rocky beach.
Going down a slight hill from the woods his feet finally hit the sand, and he felt that he could finally calm down a little. Not that he had really ventured far from the marines. This patch of forest in particular was fairly thin and was more so a small detour people in the summer would occasionally take to reach some of the less well known beaches on Gålö. However that was fairly irrelevant now as the marines likely had no reason to venture into the forest, since they clearly didn’t even know where he was.
Sure they obviously knew of somebody's presence but beyond that Adam doubted they knew anything more. Continuing on from this beach in particular Adam continued walking along the coast for a couple minutes, luckily a couple calm minutes. He couldn’t even hear the marines' annoyingly loud chatter from earlier, meaning he had to be close to the end of the little coastline.
Deciding that he was now, most likely far enough away for anyone to find it, assuming Adam takes it back home before summer time when thousands normally come to these beaches. He walked up the small hill leading from the beach and up into the small forest once again.
Walking around a little bit, still trying to remain fairly quiet and stealthy, something Special forces training had luckily taught him. Adam found just what he needed, He found a hole large enough beneath a tree to stick his rifle in. Which would no doubt get his rifle dirty, but seeing as he couldn’t really disassemble his rifle and bring it back to the car as of now because of a couple marines he was left with one choice. And that was to leave it hidden, hope no one spots it, which to be fair most likely what would happen but still. Adam disliked having to go with a shit plan, now for a third time. However in his current position a bad plan was better than no plan.
So Adam began putting his pretty shit plan into action. Taking the magazine out Adam put the magazine in question on the ground and quickly, barrel first began stuffing the rifle into the hole beneath the tree. Once he was done with that he squeezed the magazine in there and then followed by that he draped the blanket he still somehow had on his shoulder even after dashing in between trees like a madman.
Standing back up from his kneeling position while he was hiding his rifle, Adam inspected his work. And while it wasn’t perfect you really wouldn’t think about it unless you were actively staring at it. One thing that did make him worry a little though was that the hole was under a tree.
A tree that could fall, however, thinking about it for more than a couple seconds Adam realized that said tree had probably been standing like that for a while and he wasn’t planning on letting it sit there for more than a day or two anyway. Meaning he was once again needlessly paranoid about nothing serious.
Deciding this was good enough Adam now began to think of what his next move should be. He couldn’t really wander back to his car, because frankly they were likely standing there, if not around his own car then around theirs which was no doubt parked very close by.
Leaving him pretty much stuck between the small forest and the beach. And standing by his now hidden rifle wouldn’t be particularly smart, he quickly realized. But since the weather was actually pretty nice even this early in the morning, with the sun shining down with what Adam would guess was about 10+ celsius, which considering the time of year and how early it was, this was actually pretty warm.
So with nothing better to do while waiting for the marines who would no doubt harass him, due to breaking the law or for literally no reason at all. Adam headed back towards the beach. However he didn’t want to be too close to his own crime scene so he headed back to the beach he first came to. Which while a little close to the planet's new found oppressors lingering around his vehicle, was still likely safe from them coming any closer to it.
So without his rifle, Adam now marched down the small hill leading into the forest and began the slow walk along the coast for the second time within only a couple minutes. Staring out at the ocean while walking Adam found a new sense of hope seemingly out of nowhere. Whether it was because the area and particularly the nature was stunning or that this was one of the first times in literal years he had gone out into nature, well this wasn’t really “out in nature” but more so a glorified patch of woods but still. Gålö was rather untouched by, well anything besides a couple villas and some farm animals dotted around the half-island.
In anycase staring out into the ocean and at the other islands in the distance. Adam made a realization, that this is what he was fighting for. And that he hadn’t just begun fighting to fill some empty place in his life and heart. That he was fighting, even if currently it was just him shooting at shil’ nobles. To protect his little home, and by extension the entire planet, from being ruined by the imperium.
The more he began thinking about why, he realized something which was both infuriating and a bit saddening. That if humanity as a collective were to fail in throwing the shil’s out of earth's orbit, in whatever way possible. What he was currently staring at, what he had grown up with. Everything he had near and dear to his heart.
Would be defiled,destroyed or made into a mockery of what it once was. Even just by the shil’s presence somewhere, wherever they plant those ugly buildings down, like they had done in central Salem and Haninge.
It’s like they’re spitting and mocking whatever structure stood there prior to their arrival. And why would they stop at structures? Likely, within a couple generations a considerable part of human history,society and culture would, as mentioned, be defiled, destroyed or twisted into something completely different.
Adam realized they’d likely even make up some story of how humans were stuck in the dark ages or something and that we we’re on the cusp of dying out to smallpox or dysentery before the oh-so heroic imperium came down and saved the entire planet.
Adam began slowing down as he looked forward again and saw his destination. Stopping his thoughts for but a moment as he came to the beach he began walking towards one of the large rocks strewn about on the small beach.
As he sat down on the flattest rock around, he continued staring out into the beautiful ocean before him and the pretty large islands in front of him he could never name despite coming here several times. And he realized another thing, that he really needed to get out more. He had spent just about the entire last year either sitting in his mancave, going to work or alternatively, sitting in his man cave drinking cheap alcohol on occasion.
This also reminded him of his dream, that he still had mind you. Of moving out into the middle of nowhere, somewhere incredibly rural. However with the invasion he didn’t even bother thinking about it for a while, sure he had savings from his time in the military and special forces, enough to actually buy a small house somewhere, especially in one of the cheaper regions like Värmland.
But he didn’t even know if Hemnet was still up because he hadn’t bothered checking, and even if the website was still usable. The imperium would probably somehow be involved in him buying a house. So as much as Adam felt like he needed to get away from civilization, especially away from the imperium he really couldn’t do it for now. However his only older brother, François, had done just that after their arrival. he mainly got away with it because the seller wanted it sold immediately and practically gave it to him for free.
However, Adam knew he still needed a job and with his only professions being in the military and construction/carpentry his options were extremely limited. Since the military was now entirely non-existent and the carpentry industry had almost died off completely. Only a few carpentry businesses survived, in particular ones that quickly specialized in making shil-sized human furniture so nobles could buy some considerably over-priced exotic earth goods.
Luckily for Adam he knew a guy, his friend and for the last year coworker, Dragan, who had begun working at that company only a couple months prior to the invasion. And when Adam had completely gone out of a job and had been forced to crash at his parents place, he had helped Adam get a job at the aforementioned company that nowadays only makes, as mentioned, shil-sized human furniture. That's also why Adam even moved to Jordbro in the first place. Since the company in question was located in the Jordbro industrial zone just behind what used to be the coca-cola factory.
Letting his brain go into yet another rabbit hole as he was sitting on the rock that was getting more and more uncomfortable the longer he sat on it. Adams' brain stopped in its tracks as he heard something he absolutely was not prepared for. Footsteps, heavy footsteps, he heard several of them emanating from the forest that was behind him, which could realistically, only mean one thing.
The marines got bored and assumed their target for sexual harassment was on the otherside of the small patch of forest, which in this case, he unfortunately was. As the footsteps got louder and louder Adams' heart began beating aggressively again. Slowly turning around Adam at first saw nothing.
But then, to his horror, he saw what, or rather who was making the noise. And then he saw them at the beginning of the forest clearing, three marines all staring at him through helmets he didn’t really recognize as normal marine helmets.
Temporarily focused on the fact that he didn’t recognize the helmets, nor the insignia on their breasts. Snapping out of trying to identify their insignias, Adam tried to focus instead on what the fuck to do next, and how to lower his steadily increasing heart rate.
He at once realized the predicament he was in….
- 17th of April 2024,15:43, Berlin District, Germany -
After the pretty short drive from her new workplace into the city of “Beerlyn” Vistiin was had now parked her also, recently acquired vehicle in front of her supervisor, Theun’s apartment near the center of the city. And Vistiin had never seen a building so tall! It was clearly made of traditional shil’vati thermocast but the building was seven stories tall. That they’d even allowed the apartment complex to be constructed was a mystery. Likely some architect saw how tall human buildings got and wanted to see if she could emulate it, however why the authorities allowed the building to be so tall was beyond her.
Continuing on from inspecting the building and what maniac built it, Vistiin opened the door of her car and stepped out into surprisingly chilly weather. Even though she obviously experienced the same coldness when she was getting into her car in the first place. How humans walked around in just shirts with no secondary layer like a jacket, without being affected was still baffling to her even after the hours of research she did today into humans.
And now she even had to wait in this sad weather! Likely caused by the clouds darkening from her observation. And said clouds were currently hiding Vistiin from the terran sun she immediately missed more than she knew she even could.
However, since she’d called Theun in advance and asked if they could talk in private to discuss some things that were rather pertinent to her current mission, that hopefully meant Theun wouldn't keep her out here in the cold.
As Vistiin stood and cursed the terran weather under her breath, she could see Theun arrived personally, which was a shock since nobles rarely if ever did something like open a door to even other nobles, much less a commoner like Vistiin herself. Walking towards the door eager to get out of the cold Vistiin was greeted by her sponsor. Who was as she remembered from when she first met her, kind of short, very classy and fairly lacking in morals. Not that Vistiin was a model shil either, especially concerning her frequent lack of morals, but still Vistiin liked to think she was a slightly better person than Theun.
As Vistiin and Theun made it to the door leading into the modern apartment complex at the same time, Theun opened the door. “Nice to meet you again Vistiin!” Theun said politely while extending her fist. Vistiin reciprocated the gesture and responded. “Yes hello Mrs Syras, I don't mean to forgo my manners especially in front of a noble such as yourself, but can we move inside? it's awfully cold out here.”
“Don’t worry about that around me Vistiin, also you can call by my first name, we’ll be seeing each other a lot until you’re done after all” Theun responded while backing away from the door to let Vistiin in. “Ah ok good to know, just a bit surprising is all” “Most nobles I've worked with prior, especially ones from big houses as yourself tend to be… not so friendly” Vistiin said back as she entered the apartment building. Even just the lobby of this place screamed old money and nobility. The building even had its own concierge, with a cute little human guy standing behind the desk.
Quickly peeling her eyes off the blonde man before he noticed, Vistiin and Theun began walking to the elevators on the other side of the lobby. She had just yesterday learnt what an “elevator” was, so Vistiin was at least partially prepared for the tight metal box humans use to get up and down floors. And the elevators in hers and presumably Theuns apartment building were considerably larger as well to account for the shil tendency to hate small spaces, so how humans could stand going in these on a daily basis was beyond her.
As they got to the door and Theun clicked on a button quickly opening the duo stepped inside and Theun spoke. “I get it, we nobles aren’t the most welcoming, but beyond that was it that you wanted to talk about?” “Already done or something? This early into your work?, I know your efficient but still”
“No no nothing like that, it's just a couple things I want to go over and what not” “Shouldn’t take to much of your time” With Vistiin’s response out Theun simply grunted in acknowledgement and the rest of the way up to Theuns apartment was in a slightly uncomfortable silence.
As the elevator came to a stop and the door opened once again, freeing Vistiin from that tight metal cube. Vistiin was surprised to only see a small hallway with only a single door at the end.
“Do you own the entire floor or something?” Vistiin said as she looked over at Theun who was taking a card out of her jacket, presumably to open her apartment.
“Of course I do!” “This apartment is small enough, if I were to live in one of the normal suites my friends and relatives would never let me live that down” she said as she opened the door.
Theun quickly walked in after she opened the door and Vistiin quickly followed. “And I'm fairly certain this is just about luxurious and expensive enough to have them not make a comment about it.”
“Well you sure a noble when those are your primary concerns…” Vistiin said with a chuckle. As both of them discarded their outside clothes and wandered into the very spacious living room Vistiin realized two things, first how incredibly far up they were and secondly how big this place was for an apartment. “This place is massive Theun, this must have cost a fortune!” Vistiin said as she was looking about the place.
“Well it's probably the cheapest bit of real estate i've ever bought, but that doesn’t say much” “Earth isn’t really expensive.. Yet anyway, from the people i've talked to they predict the prices can increase by as much as 50,000% in a year when they finally open earth up just based on interest from the rest of the imperium.”
“Hm… makes sense I guess, although I presume that doesn’t account for when humans will be compatible with us, you can probably triple that then” Vistiin said as she sat down on the large couch that could easily fit fifteen shil’s. Which in her mind was a little excessive but nobles only buy the best and biggest of anything she mused.
“I know you said it shouldn’t take long but, want a drink?” Theun said, interrupting Vistiins thought process. “Wasn’t planning on drinking but sure” To Vistiins response Theun went to the kitchen and didn’t spend long there quickly coming back with two very fancy looking drinks Vistiin couldn’t identify, not that Vistiin really cared so long it wouldn’t make her puke.
“So you don’t have any employees?” “Sorry for prying on your life but i'm just used to guards and what not flanking the noble im working with” Vistiin said as she accepted the drink Theun had just brought.
“No I do have lots of employees obviously, the Syras house probably has thousands in total, however this apartment doesn’t really have the space so it's hard to have them running around all the time here and so for now I have them on call until I buy an actual house in the area.”
“Ah ok… but beyond that let's get to the reason i'm here shall we?” Vistiin said while taking a sip of her drink, which clearly had red grain in it. “Of course Vistiin, now what is already of such importance?”
“Well, there's a couple things, but one thing at a time.” “From my research it will be nigh impossible to get a male who would be willing to participate within the next couple of years.”
Vistiin started while looking at the drink in her hand.
“But I have a solution, one that would require you pulling some strings” She continued while looking at Theun instead of her drink.
“I mean, I'm here to make sure you succeed and that the empresses money hasn’t been wasted, so I'll listen” Theun responded before she also began sipping on her drink. “Great because the only way I think we could reliably get a male would be if we convinced captured insurgents, however before you say anything obviously they won’t agree to it” “Immediately anyway…” Vistiin continued.
“Hmm, you’re sure that's the only way? Not that I'm particularly opposed, it just sounds like it could get complicated, insurgents probably don't make great fathers either at that.” Theun asked. “Great question, how we fix our problem here is that we give them an offer of either, becoming participants in our project where we will then pair them with a shil woman, how we source women for this project is another question albeit one that should be easier to solve.” With a pause to sip on her drink, Vistiin continued “Anyway or they get the choice of just facing their fate serving prison time on some mining world over side of the known universe”
“And while humans, especially insurgents may hate the imperium for now” “If one of them gets the choice of lifelong manual labour on a planet full of roaches or, they just have to be part of this little project, I believe they’ll wisen up real fast, and the ones that don’t would probably make horrible fathers anyway” “Natural selection if you will” Vistiin finished off as she began drinking her liquor again while letting Theun take Vistiins little plan for getting males into the project.
After a couple seconds of thinking Theun responded. “While it may be a bit of a hassle to pull said strings without anyone else really knowing what's going on, sounds doable.” “Could work to rehabilitate some insurgents as well actually”
“So now that we’ve got that out of the way, the other concern I have is that due to my contract for this job being limited in time to two years.” “That I have to, for us to see results before that date, get positive results of a pregnancy between a human shil coupling before like five earth months?
“Mind you it's not impossible we see a pregnancy very early on but the time it takes for results to show is still a slight paranoia of mine” Vistiin continued now instead looking at her almost empty glass of some alcohol mix she couldn’t really identify.
“Look, don’t worry Vistiin, your contract is pretty flexible” Theun said, staring out at the city through one of the tall windows. “This entire project is extremely special and you’re one of few candidates with the perfect mixture of low morals, and the right skillset so if you’re almost complete by the two year point we can negotiate the contract”
“Well that's a relief then, I knew you were a reasonable woman” Vistiin responded to Theun, now with a big concern of her shoulders.
“Well Theun, I know you’re a busy woman and it was kind enough of you to make space to talk with me pretty out of the blue so I won’t take any of your time, I've already been here for like thirty minutes so.”
“Don’t worry, I'm pretty invested in that this goes right so anything I can help you with to make it happen I'll do.” Theun said as the both of them were starting to stand up. “Also Vistiin, if you need to talk about anything relating to the project, you call or text me and we talk in person here where what we say can’t be recorded” “I really don’t want to risk anything leaking out okay?”
“Understood that from the beginning Ma’am hence why I even asked to talk.” Vistiin responded with a slight chuckle as she started to move towards the entrance to Theuns apartment. “Well it's good to know you’re as intelligent as I was led to believe” Theun said as Vistiin started to put on her outdoor clothing.
“Well it was a good talk, but i'm starving so I better go, see you later Theun” Vistiin said as she waved goodbye to Theun who responded “And i'm rather busy today, still I’ll see you later” Theun said back just before the automatic door closed.
Now with a plan to get males for the project and a weight lifted off her tired shoulders, Vistiin could relax more a little. However, now she was actually really hungry after doing nothing but research for the past nine hours so Vistiin began walking back to her car so she could have the rest of the day off….
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2023.03.24 13:57 rephlexi0n The Universe's Final Creation

Let me start by saying I’m breaching contract by sharing this. If the company’s lookouts link this post to me – which they will – I’ll be disgraced, and any chance at getting a job in this profession again will be out of the picture. I have the common sense to keep my name unknown, but all that’s gonna do is slow them down.
Keeping this hidden would be a crime against humanity of the highest order. You all deserve to know, as terrible as it is.
I work at an unnamed technological research company as, you guessed it, a researcher. In recent years, we’ve made astonishing advancements in developing technology that can interact with and harness tachyons.
Tachyons are particles that travel faster than light; that’s the most important part. They’ve been a subject of theoretical physics since the late 60s, but as far as public knowledge goes, they’re still just that. Theoretical.
But they are most certainly real. Well, not “tachyons” per se, though their behaviour is equatable. I won’t bore you with the technicalities, but the result of a particle travelling faster than light is that said particle is able to, effectively, travel backwards in time.
My other group members and I have been experimenting with these particles for the best part of two years now. We’ve made major advances, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.
Yesterday, 23/03/2023, at 09:07 am, my equipment detected a tachyon signal. This was in the morning, mind you, and no tests had yet been carried out. From what I can tell, this signal originated – or, rather, will originate – from elsewhere.
Playing it out loud, it at first just sounded like a garbled mess of frequencies. But after observing the audio structure, I found it to be made up of thousands of tones, of which there were only two types – long, and short.
The realisation hit pretty quick. It was Morse code, or, at least, it could be interpreted as such. The most fundamental form of digital communication known to man. So, I ran it through an auto-interpreter a few times, and got a fully coherent message.
I refuse to believe that I’m seeing patterns where there are none. The chances are so astronomically low that I can’t feasibly consider it to be a random signal, especially considering I’ve never received one from somewhere outside the lab.
I’m going to copy over the translation here. I do not wish to instil panic, but please, spread this post. People need to be aware that this is a real possibility.
To whomever is reading this, prepare yourself.
Here it is.
My name is Tim Hermelle. Before I write down this account, I should insist that this is the truth. This is happening to us all right now. This is not a joke, prank, or an interactive project.
This is the truth. You HAVE to believe what you are about to read, for our sakes.
Okay, with that out of the way… shit, it’s getting closer. I’ll write down what I can before we’re pulled back to the city, to join the others. I hope enough context is given in my account for you to fully understand.
I live - lived - in the great city of Pharades (that’s Pha-ra-dees). The utopia of humanity’s future. Life was amazing. Every aspect brought joy and satisfaction to every person. No hunger, thirst, no overpopulation, pollution… a Nirvana if there ever was. The level of advancement may be difficult for some of you to believe
Work was optional, and automatons would fill the spaces left by those choosing to pursue their own personal dreams. Even so, a large number of people here still choose to have jobs, vocations I suppose. Healthcare was unparalleled, and not one person has died during my time here.
Everything major was decided by a vote. It was the perfect democratic system, but I’m no politician, so I wouldn’t be able to explain to you why that is.
Hell, we even had a collective vote to decide the next week’s weather every Sunday. That’s right, we’d taken control of the weather. Want to splash around in puddles, smelling the petrichor? Maybe get a tan on? You’d just have to go and vote for it.
Pharades was, without hyperbole, fucking beautiful. In between the city blocks, there were great swathes of woodland and meadows. Crystal rivers flowed underneath silver bridges, and leaves of every colour painted the landscape like polka dots.
And the city itself, well, they say nature trumps anything manmade in terms of beauty, but I disagree. The intricately designed towers were accented by all the most complementary colours, gold, chrome, red, blue, any combination you could imagine, it was here. Arches, spirals, and patterns of every variety adorned the structures.
The day in question was a Wednesday – not that days of the week held any particular significance anymore. I’d planned to meet with two of my buddies, Erin and Tuan, at our favourite coffee shop a couple of districts over, in the Wantania area.
Historically, the journey may have been arduous, or frustrating. Not now. Most people didn’t even use vehicles anymore – instead, the city had built a vast underground network of ever-shifting and rearranging tracks, called “Tubyrinth”. Each person owned a personal pod of sorts, customisable to any degree.
I input Wantania Central, and hopped inside. My pod contained a sofa and a minifridge, stocked up with my favourite drinks. The journey was always snappy. Each time, the underground superstructure would arrange a new and unique track to be used, direct to a reserved bay.
Just fifteen minutes later, I was stood under the vaulted, ornamental expanse of the station roof, a hundred or so feet above. I always stopped here to just stare upwards for a moment, absorbing the imaginative architecture.
After exiting the station, I was surprised to see that both Erin and Tuan were already waiting for me outside. The good kind of surprised, that slaps a goofy smile onto your face.
“Took you long enough!” Tuan chuckled, finding the irony in his own words hilarious.
“God, I know right?” added Erin, “I was worried I’d need crutches after standing out here waiting!”
“Well, heh, you’re not gonna like this next part,” I joked, and we set off down the street, laughing. Our favourite café was called “Beansmith’s Forge”. It was a cheesy, but endearing name, and the theme fit the three of us like a glove; as I said before, we’d been working on worldbuilding for our fantasy RPG, an immersive neurolink VR experience, where the player could design their own character and have a unique questline auto-generated out of a complex system.
We ordered brunch, and, of course, coffee. I won’t get into the details of our talks, but we quickly finished up, paid, and set off down Gerben Street.
The more exciting event of the day was our session booked at the aptly named Noji Box, something you could call an “anti-grav playground”. Admittedly, I’ve never fully known how it works, just that it involves paired wormholes, immensely powerful electromagnets, and a huge vacuum-chamber.
One thing I was always grateful for was that the automatons, who I saw working robotically through storefront windows, were withheld any accurate human likeness – I’m sure you’ve heard of the uncanny valley, so you’ll know what I mean. They fell just short of it.
All was calm on the walk, as to be expected. We made it to the Noji Box in good time, ten minutes before our session booking. I get it’s company policy to take everyone through the safety basics, but it was admittedly a little boring after many, many past visits.
The only real requirement was that you’d have to wear an “osteopatic suit”. No, osteostatic? Something about keeping your bones from floating away from each other, or from disappearing over time.
We were suited up, ready to enter “S.S. Slamdown”, when a sudden tremor shook the building’s foundations. Everyone shared the same puzzled expression – not once had something like that ever happened in Pharades.
The staff looked a bit stumped at first. I guess they never had to deal with a situation like this in the past. To our dismay, but unsurprisingly, our session was cancelled, and we were told that they would call us later to sort out a re-booking.
I had the strangest feeling when we left and began back down the road. Something similar to déjà vu, but not quite. Like nostalgia, but without the accompanying feeling of reminiscence or joy.
Trying to brush it off, I distracted my mind by humming a tune. I didn’t know what it was from, at the time, but I knew it was a stringed melody. A violin? Thing is, I wasn’t really humming it as much as hearing it in my head.
We rounded a corner, and Erin paused in surprise.
“Oh, that’s… hey, that’s Jeremiah! He’s been playing that fiddle the street over from mine for the past, what, two weeks? Come on, let’s go listen.”
I grew confused when we approached, only to hear the exact same melody that had just been looping in my head. Before I’d heard this guy playing. I don’t remember stumbling upon this particular street performer before this point.
We stood listening for a few minutes, then continued our walk. Thoughts no longer infested with that tune, I was hit with what I can only describe as a taste. The savoury taste of something on my tongue, complete with mustard and relish. Meat of some kind?
The concern started to flourish when we came upon a food truck, and Tuan asked if we were hungry. Sure, we’d just eaten at the coffee shop, but I could fit in one more tasty bite. He offered to pay, which we gladly accepted, and he returned with… hotdogs. With mustard. And relish.
My gratitude masked the ever-growing confusion within me. Was this just a weird coincidence, or something else? Did I know we were going to get hotdogs?
We wound up back at the station, where a feeling of detached sorrow welled up inside me, something you might feel after recalling a bad memory from which you’ve since recovered. I understood then that I would run into my on-good-terms ex inside. But, before we could enter, another rumbling tremor swept across the street, followed by the clamour of destruction and screams from inside.
A grey dust cloud plumed out from the entrance, sweeping us off of our feet. I saw Erin flipped face-first into the pavement, just as I caught my heel on the base of a stop sign. Yet another quake boomed underneath the asphalt.
The asphalt I was falling down onto… but the impact didn’t come. Instead of a hard surface, the sensation of falling went on. You know that feeling when you think there’s another step at the bottom of the stairs, only to find the floor instead? It was just like that.
The ground I fell upon wasn’t asphalt. It rang out as I collided, almost hollow-sounding. Metallic. Maybe it was just my head ringing, but without a doubt, I was not in the street anymore.
I sat up, and my palms confirmed I was on a metal floor, the kind with those diamond-shaped grips. Looking around almost caused a complete sensory overload, immediately. A multitude of flashing lights, screens, wires, buttons, and all sorts decorated the room. It looked not far off from the control room of an intelligence agency – at least, how they’re depicted in movies.
I got onto one knee and pivoted to look around. The tall man standing directly behind me almost led to a second fall, but instead I scooted backward frantically at the sight.
The man – well, I say “man”, but this person didn’t really have any distinguishing features. They were wearing a spotless black and white cloak of some kind, and a metal cage covering the upper half of their face, so that only their mouth was visible.
They stood still, not reacting to my show of surprise, then spoke in the most androgynous voice conceivable.
“How did you get in here?”
I scanned the room, finding that there were no obvious entrances anywhere around, like we were inside a closed-off box.
“I- uh, I fell over, a-and next thing I know – here,” I stuttered.
“Well, you shouldn’t be here, and there’s no way that you should be able to get here.”
I stood up, feeling a little more comfortable in the presence of this stranger, though not letting my guard down entirely. Now, I could see the pictures displayed across the screens – they seemed to be feeds of countless locations in Pharades, streets, woodlands, you name it.
“What… what the hell’s going on here? Who are you? Why are you spying on the city?”
The stranger didn’t seem amused, being pelted with questions, and held up a hand, gesturing me to stop. They let out a deep, held breath.
“Well, since you’re here, I may as well enlighten you. Take a seat.”
So I did. I sat in shock and disbelief for the next five minutes as the person answered all my questions, even the ones I didn’t know I wanted to ask. They introduced themselves simply as “Administrator”, but I chose “Admin”, to avoid the mouthful.
Admin proceeded to tell me the truth, as casually as one would talk about the weather.
It wasn’t real.
A simulation.
They told me we were inside a highly advanced, self-sustaining, supercomputer pod travelling through deep space, harvesting energy from ions extracted from the surrounding vacuum. Over a hundred trillion years ago, those living here now consented in having their consciousness imported to the device.
On top of the ion harvesting, power was supposedly generated from emotions experienced by a consciousness – the more intense an emotion or feeling, the more power generated.
I interrupted the monologue at this point with a question they hadn’t seemed to consider,
“Let’s say I believe what you’re saying. If this system’s been up for as long as you say, why did I only just have my 29th birthday, what, two months back now?”
“I understand your concern, but allow me to continue. Every 50 years, it is reset. All your memories are wiped and locked away until the moments when you would again make those memories. There are only a set number of people who were uploaded to the system, and their minds cannot simply be deleted if they were to die.”
Not only a simulation, but an endless loop? My brain felt like it might burst.
“Wait,” I said, “if we’re reset every time, and everything plays out the same… then, we can’t possibly have any free will of our own, right?”
“I suppose you could say that. But the illusion we, I, have worked tirelessly to maintain, gives the impression that you do.”
“Wh… what? So, the original me signed up for this? But I’m not him! I’m a copy, aren’t I? Do I have a choice in this?”
“There is no way for me to erase any person that lives here. Only if the pod itself is damaged or destroyed, can I, or anyone else, truly die. The Great Stellar Extinction has come and gone, and all that remains outside is cold, and dark. A handful of black and brown dwarves, and black holes. To my knowledge.”
The sudden feeling of intense, hollow loneliness filled up my chest. We were alone in a great black sea of nothingness. My slack jaw must have told Admin I didn’t have the capacity to speak.
“Over time, I have lost contact with the hundreds of thousands of other pods that were ejected from Earth all that time ago. Either they are too far now, or they met a destructive end. I can’t say which is the better, anymore.”
Absorbing the sudden truth, the emptiness evolved into anger.
“Let me get this straight. We, living our lives down there, are puppets to you? Is that it? Just an endless cycle of digital paradise, kept in the dark of all you’ve just told me? How can you possibly justify this?!”
“Calm down. Having your memories wiped is a luxury I cannot afford. Anyway, that’s only the preface of what I need to talk about. I’m sure you also noticed the tremors, down there?”
“The tremors? Oh, oh yeah. Sort of ruined my plans, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.”
“I didn’t do anything. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Whatever the cause, it’s not within this pod.”
I took it all in. A system malfunction? Why did the Admin feel the need to share this with me?
“Is… is that why, maybe, that I could predict some of the things that happened afterwards?”
“It’s worse than I thought. The memory suppression seems to be failing.”
Both of us paused for a moment. The silence was deafening.
“I’ve been taking readings on the external sensors. There’s… something out there. An object. It’s been following us for a while now, but with no starlight left, I don’t know what it is. Space debris couldn’t move on its own accord like this thing is.”
“What are you trying to say?” I sputtered, the dread I felt deepening by the second.
“I’m saying that something has found us.”
My blood ran cold. Found us? What could have found us?
“Didn’t you say all the stars are dead? The universe is just darkness now. What could have found us? What?”
“I wish I had the answers, too. I don’t think we’re safe anymore. The most recent readings imply that whatever it is, it’s latched onto the pod somehow. Possibly-“
Admin was cut off by the loud screech of static from the speakers around the room. Their head shot up to the nearest corner in a manner that set me on a knife’s edge.
The tremors returned with a vengeance now, and the both of us were sent sprawling onto the floor. I didn’t fall through it this time, though. Sparks flew and monitors went offline.
I was about to ask what we should do, when the roaring static settled, and something else started to play.
An innocent, childlike giggle. Gurgled coos, infantile squeals of joy that pierced my eardrums like needles and left them ringing. Remembering the sounds that came from those speakers make my insides twist and yearn to escape my body, knowing what came next.
The laughter grew, and so did the tremors. The room started to collapse, wires and boxes raining down upon us. Well, not really collapse, no, but change. The far wall crumpled, like something on the other side assailed it with forceful impacts, and the room began to shrink.
As if that dark place wasn’t claustrophobic enough, the ceiling, walls, everything began to close in on us. All the while, the childlike giggling only grew in joy. I thought we were to be crushed and snapped by the pressure, when we were abruptly freed.
It had happened again. Pushed through the floor and spat out somewhere else. This time, I – we – found ourselves near a paved road leading out of one of the city blocks, into a green meadow which gave way to trees a ways down.
Something was terribly wrong. Only after brushing myself off and standing up did I become aware of the swirling darkness that replaced the once baby-blue sky, with its cotton candy clouds. A heavy and unsettling calm had fallen upon us, dampening the city’s brilliance. No more did sunlight gleam off the ornate spires and arches, replaced by a still, hanging shadow.
The eerie quiet was shattered by that godforsaken crackling, booming across the landscape, despite not a speaker in sight, again followed by those ill-belonging coos and cries. Accompanying the infantile sputtering came an uproar of cracking and crumbling, great impacts from deep within the city’s heart.
Both Admin and I stared in disbelief as distant buildings sunk into the ground, while others twisted and warped their way into the sky, as if made from soft clay. Some just disappeared entirely, leaving not a shred of evidence behind that they had ever been there, while their former inhabitants plunged from storeys above.
“It’s taken my place.”
Those four unprompted words shook me to the core of my being. The god of this world had been usurped.
“But why?” I found myself asking, “with what motive?”
Admin went to reply, but stopped upon seeing the great, pinkish masses floating up out of the streets, far ahead. We stared in bewilderment, trying to make out what they were. The chorus of screams hurried us to the realisation that the balls were… they were made of people.
Agonised, howling faces littered the fleshy abominations, while more objects rose around them. Structural beams, signposts, metal objects of every kind gravitated toward the amalgams of humanity, before their relentless assaults began.
Ripping, tearing, stabbing, slicing… it was already too much for my mind to comprehend. It garnered no reaction from myself other than stunned shock. Flesh and blood spewed from the masses, and orbited around them like the rings of Saturn, falling back in to haphazardly patch themselves back onto the wailing people.
My thoughtless attention was redirected as a frantic deluge of citizens fled the city, running down the street towards us. One by one, the exodus was halted, people seeming to stop in place abruptly, though the screams did not relent.
I couldn’t see what had stopped them until the crowd drew closer, where I saw an elderly man whip forward, foot stuck fast, instantly snapping his knee from the momentum. He let out a heart-wrenching cry as he fell down and looked to see what had stopped him.
Something that looked like roots, water pipes maybe, had erupted through the tarmac and coiled their way up his leg. I could see the strength draining in his eyes as they stood him back upright by force, wrapping around his entire body.
I watched in abject horror as he was raised off the ground, and each and every one of the old man’s limbs were bent and snapped at unnatural angles, shattering frail bones into dust.
His feeble cries were promptly silenced as a squirming metal tube forced its way inside his mouth, his eyes rolling back in unfathomable agony as the bulging mass forced its way down his throat, splitting his ribcage apart and allowing the organs within to slop out and float in the air, as if weightless. The whole process seemed to reverse itself in time, then repeat, over and over.
I could only hear the echoes of Admin’s shouts and the faint sensation of their grip on my forearm as they pulled me away from the mind-bending atrocity. My vacant body tumbled backward, sending both of us falling onto the grass.
Still I could only sit there, frozen. Somewhere off to the right, I saw a young woman pulling presumably her daughter along by the wrist, fleeing the hellscape of flesh and bone down a small alley. Her head spun wildly as she noticed the walls of the alleyway closing in around them.
She burst out into the open, but was yanked back, her grip fast. She turned in desperation, only to see her daughter, who couldn’t have been more than seven, being slowly crushed into a paste of bloody flesh and yellow fat. Her pitiful screams still ring in my ears, seeing her child suffer such a terrible fate.
Admin was finally triumphant in breaking my trance, and I rushed to my feet, stumbling before gaining my footing and bolting the fuck out of there. The childish giggling echoing out over the sky only served to push me forwards and away from that place.
What the fuck is going on?!” I yelped, glancing over to Admin, hoping they could offer just the slightest of explanations.
“I have an idea, but we need to get somewhere first. You see that hill through the woods, right over there?”
“Hill? To the observatory?”
“There’s one last thing we can try to stop this. It’s a shot in the dark, but I can’t just stand here and fade away with the rest.”
High speed winds whipped the trees as we ran below them, leaves fluttering in a wild seizure. Air-splitting cracks sounded, so loud my ears began to ring once more, and I looked over my shoulder to see what they could have been.
Blazing spouts of fire shot down from the clouds behind, more akin to lightning than anything, striking the forsaken with white-hot temperatures. Even from a distance, I could see skin and flesh melt off of bones like candle wax, forming spiralling clouds of organic vapour.
In my distraction, I ran straight into a tree, and tumbled over, blood leaking from a small cut on my forehead. Admin skidded to a stop and pulled me up to my feet, and ran onwards, not waiting for a moment to ask if I was okay.
Neither of us were okay. That was a given now.
We reached the top of the hill without too much effort – seems it was programmed for everyone to have an above-average level of fitness, young or old regardless.
Admin frantically, but methodically, sifted through what appeared to be a large hoop of keys, searching for the one to fit the observatory’s door. I looked back over to where we had fled from.
The twisted buildings coiled toward the sky, gargantuan talons holding captive everyone I’d ever known. But there was something else. Far behind the city, in the distant hills and woodland, a great black wave that spanned the horizon was travelling towards us, eviscerating the world itself. All it left behind was an endless chasm of darkness, defying reality itself.
The tsunami came closer, before stopping at the city’s outskirts, leaving only a towering earthen spire of suffering, flaming bolts cracking down upon it.
“Admin, what is going on?!
They paused for a moment, then continued working on the several locks barring our entry.
“Do you remember what I told you earlier, when you found me? How this system is able to keep on running, over the trillions of years?”
“Yes, but that’s only the basis. I told you that emotional activity generates power, yes? The more intense an emotion, the more power generated?”
“What are you getting at?”
“This is pure theory, but I believe that whatever is out there is feeding off of the system.”
“Is that why all that was happening? The-“
I stifled a gag, recalling the horrors fresh in my memory.
“Again, it’s a theory. I don’t understand what it is. If the constraints of the universe are loose enough for something to evolve in its endless darkness, to predate on the last sources of energy within it… I don’t know. And I doubt we ever will.”
I stared out at the hellscape, speechless. Finally, Admin found the right key, yanked the door open, and pulled me inside by the arm.
“Hey!” Admin yelled, snapping their fingers, “I need you to be present for this. I am restricted in this world, I can’t break and reform things like you can. A failsafe, for if the power were to go to my head. Follow my instructions exactly.”
They told me how to break apart some of the technology in the observatory, and rewire it into a different machine. I had no idea what we were creating at the time, but complied nonetheless.
The finished product was a makeshift beacon of some kind, connected to the nearby terminal.
“Thank you. Now, type.”
“Type what?”
“Everything that has happened. Add as many details as you can, because we won’t have another chance to get this out there.”
“O-okay, what is this thing? A radio?”
“In a way. The observatory is one of the only places here that has a connection to the outside. I have used it more than once to observe the universe fading away. This setup will send our transmission as a unique, superluminal type of wave. Hurry, we can’t waste time chatting about this.”
And so, here we are. I don’t know who will be hearing this, if anyone at all.
I beg of you, consider how our advancements might be our downfall.
It’s almost here. I can hear the flaming bolts striking the forest, closer.
This is my account. Please save us. Please spare us.
Don’t condemn us as you have.
There it is. I’ve revised the translation more times than I can count, and I’m sure there’s no mistake here.
Other readings imply that this message has travelled an unimaginably vast distance, and not only over space. Repeated triangulation only tells me this came from above, somewhere far away, among the stars.
I can feel the edges of my mind singeing. This can’t be proven as truth, nor can it be discredited. There’s no possible way to explain how this message came from our own planet.
I’m trying to be rational, but I think we need to consider future development very carefully. As a people, we have always rushed through our technological advancements at an incredible speed, not stopping to consider all the consequences that might follow.
If anyone will believe this, please spread it around. I have no doubt this post will be taken down the moment they find it. As for myself, I’ll be disgraced, probably. Stuck in a cold cell, most likely.
Spread the word. The fact that the higher-ups will attempt to conceal this is a cruel thing indeed, if any of it’s true.
Signing off.
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2023.03.24 13:55 Richard_William_2x23 On this sub I was told I needed a 4090 to play this in VR so .. I got it good with a 12gb 3080

I'm not one for making videos. There's videos on how to do anything I'll be typing.
CPU is an i9-13900k. 64GB ripjaw. The ram size likely doesn't matter but it's the fastest timing DDR5 on market right now. The 12gb 3080 has high memory bandwidth compared to many of the other RTX series. About 50% faster than the 10gb 3080. It may be 30, 40 percent. Who knows. I'm tired. Point is, I'm writing about this card.
So. ACC installed via Steam. OpenXR installed. OpenComposite (global) installed. Enable OpenComposite so it doesn't use SteamVR.
Once in game, CTRL-F2 assuming you haven't changed the default keys.
I changed the resolution down to 70% in the OpenXR tools. Fixed Foveated Rendering on, default settings.
That's it. First of all, any time I can switch from steam to OpenXR I gain 10-30FPS without fail. This may be my setup but the more I read the more common it seems.
With this I've gone from glitchy 20-30fps at settings a Youtube video suggested (a lot of low, off, etc) which led me to asking for help here and being told "your card sucks go spend $1500 if you want to play this in VR" pretty much to having many settings on High, some on Mid and a few on Epic. Antialiasing is on. FSR enabled.
The game is on a 7gbps+ NVME for whatever difference that may/may not make.
A loss of 30% of the resolution on a Reverb G2 may be easily noticed on some games but not on this one. Without the switch to OpenXR and couple tweaks, it was a pixel-y mess. I couldn't race. I could max it on my TV but who wants that when every other racing game (I have) runs fine in VR.
Your system likely varies. What you do/don't have running in the background likely varies. I didn't edit any settings via Nvidia. I'm sure I could get it better. I'm sure with some tweaks I could get it at 90FPS and looking decent. I'm sure with others I could have everything at Epic and running at a good enough framerate for single player. I can easily stomach a stable 70FPS. No Man's Sky is another game that wasn't made for VR and I'm lucky when that thing hits 70FPS (it can't use OpenXR or well, anything helpful) and it doesn't bother me. Your experience may vary.
Again though. With OpenComposite and OpenXR as the baseline, I'm sure you could reach 90FPS and have it looking better than with SteamVR and without having to buy a 4090 as I was so lovingly told on here.
It's funny. I'm nearing 40. I've been coding and building computers since I was 12. I imaging the people that jump on these posts like "nooo mannn your old ass card sux you gotta shell out for the newest" are young and have parents paying for half their crap. I'll gladly save the 1500 and dump it on a couple Nintendo Switches for my kids. Already did.
Enjoy your races!
BTW, no I won't share exact settings because I don't want to have to open it again and honestly I've never set any settings from a video where my system worked precisely the same. The point here is how much of a difference OpenComposite (formerly OpenOVR) and OpenXR can make. They've saved more than a few games for me. SteamVR just needs to integrate already.
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2023.03.24 13:55 BamboohElbabu ID Request: Blurry image my mom sent me, is it some kind of Coleoptera? (near Barcelona, Spain)

ID Request: Blurry image my mom sent me, is it some kind of Coleoptera? (near Barcelona, Spain) submitted by BamboohElbabu to insects [link] [comments]

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In reality, it’s the other way round – heavy items (books, kitchenware, small appliances, etc.) should go into small to medium boxes while lightweight items (clothes, bedding, etc.) should be packed into large cardboard containers.
In your attempt to fit more items in a single box, you can easily make the container much heavier than necessary. As a result, you could get to experience the dire consequences of overfilling – one of the worst packing mistakes.
Lifting and carrying boxes that are too heavy may lead to back injuries, especially if you fail to follow the proper lifting techniques. Also, when overloaded, a box is more likely to break even if you’ve double-taped its bottom as mentioned above.
How to do it properly: Follow the rule of packing heavy things in smaller boxes and light items in large containers. Do not exceed the safe weight limit of roughly 50 pounds (22.68 kg) per box.
4. Wrong way: Your boxes are bulging with too much stuff.
Correct way: Your boxes do not seem to be bursting at the seams with too many things packed inside them. The original shape of your cardboard boxes is preserved without any visible deformations.
Obviously, making boxes too heavy to lift and carry safely is one of the big mistakes to avoid when packing for a move. But that’s not all. If you overstuff and overfill your cardboard containers so that they are bursting at the seams, that may change their original form and make them much harder to handle properly. Ultimately, deforming cardboard boxes due to overstuffing can lead to various moving day accidents.
It can be really tempting to fit as many items inside a single container, but doing so will pose a risk later on when such boxes are being transported. As a general rule, you should be able to close the lids of a box without applying too much pressure on the top. If you do use excessive force to close a moving box, then you are likely to break whatever’s been packed on the top row.
Also, boxes that have lost their original shape because of over-packing will be much more difficult to stack securely one over the other inside the moving vehicle. And when not properly packed and secured, then packing boxes can tip over during transport and create quite a mess.
How to do it properly: Avoid overstuffing your moving boxes. Transfer some items onto another cardboard container if you can’t seem to close the flaps without having to press down hard. Don’t leave boxes half-empty, either. If you just don’t have enough items to fill up a box, use plenty of padding to eliminate any empty spaces inside it.
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2023.03.24 13:53 EffinLawnNome Local Retail Source for King Milling Flour?

I'm just a home baker and decided I want to try some locally milled flour. I know King Milling is in Lowell, but they don't do retail direct sales. I've reached out to Heffron Farms since they have a location near me, but haven't heard back yet. I was also thinking of calling over to Heidi's Farmstand. I thought I'd ask here first. Does anyone know where I could source some from King Milling or anyone else processing their grains in the area?
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2023.03.24 13:53 Wedge_of_Spite Cookie Fairies KNIGHTDALE/WENDELL FALLS - 3/25

u/Bdizzleontheskittle is blessing us with her amazing baking skills again! She's making four boxes of chocolate chip cookies and Heath Bar cookies, She'd like to offer them to anyone in the area who is having a hard day and could use some cheering up. Wonderful Redditor u/BullLoney has offered to deliver.
u/BullLoney will be delivering within a radius of about four miles near Wendell Falls and Knightdale. Use this map to see if you’re within the delivery circle. Hint: You can use the tool to create a circle with a radius of .5 miles and see if your address is within the delivery area.
If a box of cookies would brighten your day, please DM ME WITH YOUR FULL ADDRESS (INCLUDING CITY AND APT #) AND PHONE NUMBER. The phone number is important in case the driver gets lost.
**This is new: PLEASE WRITE "KNIGHTDALE" in your request. We have so many deliveries going on, this will help me keep it all organized. If you're responding to the Northeast Raleigh or Garner deliveries I posted yesterday, please write "NE RALEIGH" or "GARNER." And remember to check the circle map on the relevant post!*\*
No need to explain or justify your bad day…I trust you.
u/BullLoney will drop the goodies off on your doorstep sometime on Saturday, March 25, and text you when the drop-off is complete.
I’ll post as soon as all 4 boxes have been claimed.
No catch! We don't expect payment, and we’re not taking photos or videos for social media. We’re just a handful of volunteers who like to bake and/or deliver cookies, and this is our way of improving people’s day when we can.
Please know that goodies may contain wheat, nuts, eggs, and other potential allergens. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 13:52 Simmiboy99 Help needed(i dont know which to choose

I dont know which to choose. Its either the q1 v2 or the q1 pro.
Im a gamer, and plan on taking a computer science degree. So i Will be programming alot in the near future ( i also do it now ). Im new to the keyboard world. I have been using a Razer huntsman elite for the past years, and I generally like the feel of it, but it’s very loud and I want something more quiet so my gf won’t kill me. Which one would you recommend?
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2023.03.24 13:51 tobermort I wrote a children's story for my sister years ago, and I want to have it beautifully bound for her wedding. Can anyone advise me?

It's hard to describe, but it's sort of a fairy tale with her as the main character, and it means a lot to both of us. It's only 3700 words, so I'm not sure if that would be too short to bind as a book? I've thought of getting illustrations done, perhaps, but I know that could be a long and expensive process.
I'd really appreciate any insights into how best to do this. If anyone could direct me to a good company, or if any independent or hobby bookbinders might want to take it on as a project, that would be amazing. Advice as to how much I should expect to spend would also be really welcome. I'm in the UK but would be happy to have it made overseas and shipped if that's a better way of doing it. The wedding's in September so I have nearly 6 months to work this out.
If anyone's curious about the vibe of the story, it's sort of like an old-fashioned children's book. Here's the first couple of paragraphs:
"Once upon a time there was a small person, and her name was Rosa. The Moon loved Rosa so much that she lent her radiance to her tumbling hair; The Sun loved her so much that he left little freckles as love tokens all over her high cheekbones and brown shoulders. When The Earth felt Rosa passing it would always reach up to her to make her stay. For this reason, when Rosa was very little she would always have her wellies snatched from her by bogs, and grub would always find its way under her fingernails.
When Rosa was not so very little any more – although still a small person, as I mentioned earlier – she began to have a think. Rosa liked to have little thinks. She was the sort of person to sit down and ponder like a trout in the shallows, and then, when she was done, to dart off again like a minnow in the sun."
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2023.03.24 13:49 Long-Flounder6087 Does this count as a crush? I need help please!

(17F) here, I’m a junior in highschool. For some context, I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.
Which makes it hard for me to tell the difference between certain emotions. Which includes wether or not I’m crushing on someone, or if it’s just friendship.
There is this person, (18M) who I have been talking to since last year. Our conversations were off and on until the beginning of this year; now they are more frequent.
We share a class together, and walk to classes we have near each other.
He’s attractive, it’s not hard to spot when someone is. He makes me laugh, and i like talking with him whenever I get the chance.
Recently, we’ve been making awkward eye contact. Even though eye contact usually makes me uncomfortable, I can’t tell if the feeling in my stomach is that, or nervousness.
I notice things about him that make my stomach drop. But not in a bad way. It might be his shirt, glasses, or even his hair that day. I wouldn’t say it makes me… flustered. But it’s close enough?
I look forward to talking with him! His smile makes me happy, and so does his humor. But I also have friends who make me just as happy.
He’s told his friends about me. One of them mentioned that I: “go find my boyfriend.” Even though me and him aren’t dating. It made me embarrassed but extremely happy at the same time.
If it is a crush, I don’t want to ruin our friendship…
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2023.03.24 13:49 sissymeagan4all looking for older men to serve and use me...

Hi I'm meagan a 30 year old sissy crossdresser who loves getting dolled up for a man and serving his desires.. looking for a man to please for a steady while and willing to relocate if you wanna make arrangements to make me yours.. I love wearing heels and cute outfits, pleasing my man, cooking, cleaning and more! Hit me up if interested! Located near Denver C0
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2023.03.24 13:49 tragixc Had a panic attack earlier after a while, just need some advice or responses please :(

I had an argument with my dad earlier which led to him raising his voice at me, this triggered a panic attack and I hyperventilated in the kitchen for nearly half an hour in front of him crying my eyes out. He tried to comfort me and I wouldn’t let him out of anger, now he feels bad. I’m still so angry and depressed about it. I’m livid, I want to smash things, I want to hurt myself so I’m not in charge of myself. I’m so alone, I’m not saying I feel alone, I literally am. My friends never speak to me anymore, and I’m not going to be the only one making the effort to reach out to them. It hurts too much. Anyway, I just wanted to vent.
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2023.03.24 13:48 OwlEntertainer My boyfriend (28M) doesn't seem to take me (25F) seriously

My boyfriend and I met online over a decade ago and started dating Jan 2020 right before the pandemic hit. I am from California where I stay with my mom and he is from Belgium where he used to live with his parents so dating during that time was difficult on us (especially on me as I was the one who made all those trips to Europe). I lost my job after it shut down due to COVID rules but I managed to save a ton of money and my school was online so we decided it was best for me to visit him. As an American, I am only allowed to stay for 3 months so all the flights and AirBnB prices piled up and soon enough, I blew through all my savings. He didn't offer to pay for any of my trips until I mentioned that I cannot continue affording such a lifestyle. To this day, he still has not paid for a full trip (only half or PayPals me a certain amount) despite me telling him that I am low on funds.
Sadly, those trips are always so bad on me and I have a dog I have to travel with. Imagine having a small nervous dog under the seat in front of you on a 13-17 hour trip just to be met with more bad luck once you get there. I have had my phone snatched from me while waiting at a tram stop, I've had a stranger sexually take advantage of me after possibly drugging my drinks, I've had to sleep on hard floors at airports and bathrooms while I wait for hours (these are all during layovers) and when I tell him this, he asks "what am I supposed to do?" I've lost thousands of dollars on cancelled flights, you know the ones that force you to call only to give you credits that expire in year... Finally, during a trip I had on Dec 2021, I said I've had enough and I don't want to go anymore. He took initiative and decided to visit me in California for the first (and so far only) time. Everything was great, we seemed to fix the problem that was me having to be the only one to move around. But why does it feel like it got worse?
After graduating with my Bachelor's in May of 2022, we decided to finally move in together! I'd go to Belgium and get a visa through cohabitation. Except... Remember when I said I was running low on funds? Well by this time, I owe thousands of dollars as I haven't had a job due to school and all the visits we'd planned. I tried to at least land a temp job but never got a call back after going to a few interviews. I arrived in Belgium on Oct 2022 and he found an apartment for us a month later but we were met with even more bad luck!!! How!??!?!?! I lost my passport and I was set back $135... paid for it myself when he knows I don't have money and he's the only one with a job here. To be fair, he does pay for food and rent so I thought it was fair. Still, having to pay a huge chunk with my nearly maxed out credit cards really sucked, almost as much as waiting a month for it and having my visa delayed.
We also needed apostilled copies of my birth certificate and divorce decree (yes, I was a married woman) but that set us back even more as we waited months for certified copies only to have to mail them back for APOSTILLED copies. We are still waiting and I have been in Belgium without any visa for 5 months now. Well, guess who paid for those? Guess who's debt just went higher? He claims that I don't let him pay but there is a HUGE difference between "do you want the money for it?" and "here is the money for it". I am not going to ask him for money, I have never asked anyone to give me money except for my parents when I was a teen. We have had this conversation multiple times where I tell him I feel icky asking for money and nothing has changed. He laughed when I told him that my ex husband used to give me an allowance of $50 per week despite his cigarettes costing $30 a day and then he does this. He's even told me that he feels "indifferent" about my debt... Yeah cause it's my debt, not his.
Now, I am rambling here but I swear I am getting to my point. See, this all seems less serious to me when I look at the bigger picture because eventually I'll have my visa, I'll get a job, pay my debts, and we will (hopefully) have a double income. There is light at the end of the tunnel. But here comes the huge deal breaker: He winces whenever I bring up marriage. I told him I want to get married within the 5 year window. I do not want to be dating someone for 7, 8, 10 years and I am extremely firm on it. He says he doesn't know about it and that I'm pressuring him at this point (we've been dating for 3 years). I said it's part of my core values and beliefs... Maybe Belgians don't really get married but as an American and a Hispanic woman, I dream of marriage, even if my last one didn't work out. I don't want to be someone's girlfriend for a decade. My mom called him her "son-in-law" over the phone and he just walked away, offending her and bringing up the question "where does he see your relationship going?"
This doesn't sound like a person who takes me seriously. This doesn't sound like a person who would bawl if I picked up my things and left. I don't know what to do because I love this man so much and I know he loves me but it doesn't feel enough. I feel like I've lost a huge part of myself to get here. I don't have a job or money, I have already given up a ton to get here and he doesn't care? I've been married to an abusive groomer and ending our marriage was the hardest thing I ever had to do. After having gone through that, why am I letting myself be treated this way? I am so confused, what am I doing here? Is this worth saving?
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2023.03.24 13:48 BigClout00 Remix of Fever

I must have been searching for the song for over a decade, but there was this version of the song Fever that I once did a break dancing show to in like 2008/09 and it was amazing but I can’t find it for the life of me.
It was much more fast paced and the singing was much more passionate. The singer (a woman) had a rather deep voice and you could tell she was really shouting. It was a song you could dance to. I remember a line very near the end that goes something like “6 1 9, til you shiver. Oh what a crazy way to burn. Huh, You give me fever. Alright. You give me fever. Fever, in the morning. Fever, in the evening. Fever, in the morning. Fever. Fever. Fever. The most distinct part of it is that there is a stoppage midway through the song for a short trumpet solo. The song in general is characterised by trumpets playing.
I’ve tried to search the lyrics and everything but I just can’t find it. By any chance has anybody heard it and could help me find it?
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2023.03.24 13:47 diehthrindel Megasaur near me. 4096 4265 7014

Let's get it done!
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2023.03.24 13:47 McPickleston Echo of Starvation is a better Feed the Void than Feed the Void. There, I said it.

It's easy to bootleg the other Void classes into having the good shit on Voidwalker by slapping Echo of Starvation in. “Picking up a Void Breach or an Orb of Power grants Devour.“ Actually, considering how easy it's become to make Orbs, I would, without a second thought, kick Feed the Void to the curb and put Echo of Starvation in an aspect slot on Voidwalker if it was possible.
God, Echo of Starvation is so nice. No more having to save a grenade for the kill threshold, no more having to try to kill a redbar with that beanbag they call Pocket Singularity, and definitely no more sighing in dismay when your teammate and you channel the same braincell to toss a nade at the same pack of enemies, except they didn't have to charge up their nade so they got all the kills and you got no Devour, no health, and no business actually getting in the thick of things until your grenade comes back, after which you can try maybe possibly try to not get kill-stolen again. With this Frag, all I have to do is pop my class ability, shoot a redbar and grab the orb. Devour comes online, and I can start rampaging. Hell, if I felt like it I could just make orbs also show up on grenade kills, and then I'd very nearly have Feed the Void.
I just don't get how Void Hunters and Titans get so much interaction with their associated buffs and Voidwalker is just expected to treat being able to get Devour at all as an incentive to play this class. Hunters can make the fireteam invisible and duck out of sight on a whim. Titans get to give everyone overshields and receive bonuses for maintaining it, and they can do these things while benefiting from healing and grenade energy on kills, but a Warlock gets an aspect that is even worse at generating its own buff than a fragment.
It's so confusing to me why Attunement of Hunger's ability to consistently activate Devour ended up getting removed in the move to Void 3.0. I liked being able to eat my Grenade to start Devour, and I at the very least didn't hate having a melee ability that consistently allowed me to start Devour, rather than this little mockery of a grenade they call Pocket Singularity.
Look, I realize not everything was going to translate in one way or another over to the new system, but I think if an Aspect is getting significantly outdone in terms of consistency by a Fragment, something is wrong, simple as. Until then, whenever a Void Burn shows up in a Grandmaster I will be playing basically anything other than Voidwalker.
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2023.03.24 13:47 General-Kitchen-5157 35 [M4F] #Philly - Looking to hookup with a cute Temple student

I work near Temple and lately I’ve been going crazy seeing the cute college women. It’s been a while since I’ve hooked up with someone younger than me and I’d love to change that. I miss the energy, enthusiasm, and tight bodies if a younger woman. Anyone into slightly older guys?
Im 35, white, fit, clean cut, STD Free, and good looking. You must be over 18. Race and body type don’t matter to me. Let’s exchange pics and see if we want to meet!
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2023.03.24 13:46 Emotional_Ratio5666 A Rant About a Co-Worker and Advice on How to Deal With Her.

Since this is my first post here, here's a little about me, my name is Nizoe and I'm a 27-year-old Afro-Irish American (Have an Irish mum and a Nigerian-American father) who works as a sous chef in Charlottesville, Virginia. I currently live just outside of Henrico and I'm also an amateur romance/erotica author.
Anyway, this is a bit of a windy rant about a Black co-worker of mine who I think is being really racist so fair warning and if this isn't allowed, feel free to let me know.
So a couple of days ago, we got a new chef in the kitchen, a fellow Black woman, which was a welcome relief to me because I'm the token Black woman on the kitchen brigade. However, a few hours after meeting her, she brought up the fact that she has a white boyfriend and began asking me about my dating preferences. I told her that I just recently discovered I'm bisexual after believing myself to be gay for the longest time, that all of my ex-gfs were Black and that I'm attracted to black people in general. I also told her that I write Black romance and erotica.
Ever since then, she's been going on almost daily rants towards me about how Black people are criminals and thugs and how much happier I would be with a white guy because her boyfriend gives her everything she wants. She also continuously offers me chances to meet her boyfriend's brother who just got out of prison and could turn me from the "depressed stud" that I am to a "happy housewife with beautiful 3/4 white babies". She's also begun pointing out "statistics" that show how 95% of Black women marry outside of their race and how those marriages last far longer than those between Black men and Black women, something I know to be entirely false.
She also makes rather pointed remarks about how my mother should have never gotten with my father despite the fact that my mother is an Irish immigrant and my father is full-blooded Nigerian-American. Even though I've told her I have no intention of being with a white guy, she's continued to make these sort of remarks and yesterday morning, it's begun crossing a line since one of the front desk agents approach me as I was coming in yesterday, her having told him that I was needing a tall white stud to fuck my brains out.
When I confronted her about this, she stated that it was for my benefit and after I went to HR about her, they told me that they can't do anything since she's entitled to say what she wants. As a result, she's continued to go on these rants almost incessantly. I've begun ignoring it but it's to the point where I can't so much as I get a word in to her without her mentioning how my attraction to Black people is unnatural and how Black people need to get with Whites to produce a "superior race".
Being that we work in a kitchen, communication is key and when someone isn't focusing or able to give commands, it's a major liability and I know this could affect my job performance in the near future especially being that I'm technically in charge as the most senior sous chef when the Executive Chef isn't here.
Does anyone have any advice on how I can deal with her because this is starting to push me to the point where I may snap and give in to the fighting urge of my maternal ancestors.
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