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2023.05.30 12:01 rottensausagez Sentimental reason for loving Outlander

I wanted to put this here because of how much good this show has done for me. Season 1 Jamie was who I came to love, and after seeing the highlands portrayed throughout the show is what ultimately made me decide to go visit Scotland. Last year in late September I did just that, and I even secured myself a date from a dating app not thinking much of it.
I’ll just ahead and ruin the surprise- I canceled every plan for the other countries I wanted to visit after having met him. We were inseparable. The accent was devine and he was amazing through and through. I stayed with him for almost a month, and by the time I decided to go home, we were already talking about logistics of the relationship and agreed on marriage in the future. I know how crazy that sounds and I can still see people doubting it, just a little less now.
I married him! 3 months into knowing each other we married, and I’m now very deep into the visa process to go and live with him in Scotland. This show changed the trajectory of my future, and I loved that it did that. I watch this show now because of how big of a piece it was for me in my relationship. We’ve now been married 6 months, I’ve been able to visit and get to travel all over beautiful Scotland, and I’ve literally found my own Jamie Fraser. So my massive TV crush came true and I still punch myself over that.
And I know how gushy this all sounds, but man do I love my husband and fall further everyday. This show means so much to me for the sentimental reasons alone.
If anyone is considering doing something similar or needs a push to do it, GO TO SCOTLAND. And if you’re feeling it, say you need your guides and match with a few to set up dates. I was solo backpacking originally and fast forward to now- my bumble date is my husband.
I seriously love this show and love the community. Just wanted to share because not everyone understands the Outlander aspect when they ask and I start telling them about my husband and I’s story.
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2023.05.30 12:00 DoranOz i get crushes in my friends (in a monogamous relationship)

i'm in a very VERY happy monogamous relationship, and i love my partner and our life together very much. it's the most stable relationship i've ever been in, and we cohabitate the best out of anyone i've ever lived with. my partner is my best friend in the world, and i couldn't imagine a life without them at this point.
i find myself often distressed, that being said, by amorous feelings for a lot of my friends. most of my friends (and who are mostly mutual friends of and my partners) are amazing, talented, charming, beautiful women who i watch get continually mistreated by dudes who are frankly abrasive losers. it makes me feel so jealous and angry, which in turn makes me feel so internally embarrassed that idk how to handle it. as tho i'm some sexless "nice guy" even tho im overall satisfied in my relationship.
this has all been amplified by someone returning in my life who i have had an on/off again thing with since we were teenagers, whom my feeling about never got any closure. we're just friends now but my feelings for her have been a lifelong grey area. she lives super far away and is freshly dating someone new, so it's not a problem im worried abt affecting anything other than. my mental health..
INB4 my partner and i are both opposed to polyamory due to various life experiences, them way way more so than me. which i understand, respect, and mostly agree with (for me personally; i think it's plenty valid and cool for others).
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2023.05.30 12:00 RadishIntelligent618 AITA for wanting to live with my father over my mother despite his cheating?

I (19F) grew up with a very one sided family dynamic. I have a great relationship with my father and we have always gotten along with each other. He was way more present in my upbringing than my mother and I overall just prefer being with him. He was always there for me and never prioritized his job over the family. My mother was more focused on her work than being apart of my life and that has really drawn a wedge between us. I don't hate my mom but I don't have nearly as close of a connection with her as I have with my father. Her work was always prioritized over my father and I. It felt like my parents weren't even married.
My mother recently found out that my father has been having an affaire with a co-worker of his for the past 2 months. I had no idea about this so this definitely came as a shock to me. They are getting a divorce and my mother is planning on moving out of our house soon. My mother told me that I should start packing my stuff so that we can move out as soon as she can sign a lease on an apartment. But tbh I don't really want to move out with her and I'd much rather stay with my father. I know what he did was terrible but I still wouldn't really feel at home or comfortable living alone with my mom. I know that if I live with my father he'll continue to support and take care of me like he has been doing unlike my mother.
When I told my mother that I wanted to live with my father, she had a mental breakdown. She started telling me that her father broke up our family and that he broke her and that me choosing him over her is a massive betrayal from me towards her. My mother got really emotional and I felt bad about this all.

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2023.05.30 12:00 sarckasm Can't distinguish enemies from background all that well

Maybe it's my old eyes, but I often find myself standing next to a hostile that's slowly chopping away at me, but I can barely see it. Lot of enemies' colors are similar to the background.
Not a complaint about the art style, I LOVE it all, but is there a setting I've missed to make them a bit easier to spot?
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2023.05.30 12:00 Beneficial_Seat4913 I'm scared of dogs

I was attacked by my families dog two years ago. The exact story is both blurry and traumatic to talk about, especially with or in front of strangers and there's always a huge fear of judgement, people often feel this compulsion to play defense for the dog and insinuate that I somehow deserve it or that it's my or my families fault for being bad dog owners.
I have nightmares where I feel his teeth ripping into the skin of my face. Sometimes when I remember what happened or see one of the pictures I still have up around the house of the dog, I end up staring into space and have flashbacks. Hearing a dog growl or bark triggers a deep feeling of dread and I cannot watch the parts of game of thrones where the wolves attack people or even read them in the books without feeling slightly sick. Being around dogs, especially having a dog sat on or near me or having to be close to someone else with a dog on or near them makes my heart race and my body seize up. That's how it happened, the dog was on my mums lap and I went to give my mum a hug before leaving. The dog leaped up and grabbed my face. I can still hear the snarling and see the look he had in his face.
As I said before, a lot of people want me to think it was my fault, they rush to tell me "no bad dogs just bad owners", Idk why they do this, I don't blame the dog. I sat sobbing next to his crate literally moments after the attack telling him I loved him and that I didn't blame him, that I was sorry for not being better for him. I refused point blank to have him put down. He went to a shelter set up specifically for dogs with behavioural issues like this. A no kill shelter. They have dogs there thar are permanent residents because they can't be rehomed but they don't put them down. I couldn't go to drop him off, something I still regret but I was busy being traumatised further by my ex. When I'm around people with dogs and they see me recoil away from them or look uncomfortable I usually say "I just don't like dogs" which is a lie, I love dogs, they just scare the shit out of me. But I don't like talking about this, so I say I just don't like dogs. People judge you for not liking dogs, especially their dog. People see it as a "red flag". It's made a lot of socal interactions really awkward where people will quiz me as to why I don't like dogs, sometimes I just say I prefer cats but that dosnt explain why I asked them to keep their dog away from me and usually dosnt satisfy them.
Anyway, I'm staying with a friend tonight. She has TWO dogs, ones a puppy. Puppies don't scare me nearly as much. My other friend got a puppy not long ago and I used it basically as exposure therapy which has actually made me a lot more confident. I'm still really really nervous. She has a cat though so I'll probably just hide in a corner with the cat and bribe it with dreamys.
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2023.05.30 12:00 Brave-Dream9686 25 [M4F] Queensland/Online 📲

G’day, guys.
Firstly, I would love to connect with a likeminded person. I run, gym, swim, cycle, or surf every day (depending on the season, conditions, etc).
I also have a profound passion for learning and education. I’ve got over 100 albums on vinyl and would love any book recommendations you may have.
Additionally, I enjoy cooking and would love to talk all things food. If any of this resonates with you and you would like to know more about me, send me a message with your favourite food, unpopular opinion, or favourite musician/band.
Cheers. 🤘🏽
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2023.05.30 11:59 daves1289 32 [M4F] [chat] anyone want to chat? Maybe play the numbers game?

We can just chat or play numbers game? 32 single father to a 2 yr old girl. Like a lot of sports, reading and listening music and love a good netflix binge… who doesnt!
So i have a list of questions numbered 1 to 146… you pick one I answer it, then I pick one you answer it… and just ply until we have had enough… good ice breaker if you ask me… the questions range from sfw to nsfw so see what fun we can have
Maybe from there we build on something else.
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2023.05.30 11:59 Chasemania Finally Came to Terms with being a villain in my own story

Celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday and continual sobriety and as I navigate a divorce process my ex and I have been trying to talk more and de-escalate a lot of things between us… and the sad thing is spending the day with her and my 10 month old daughter… I finally realized how much I screwed up my life with alcohol and pot and cheating and using all of that to overcome years of bullying and abuse. I finally got almost everything I ever wanted while simultaneously having this Hamilton complex occur and I finally realized… I was the villain of my own story. Almost everything “bad” that happened after 18… my biggest fuck ups or mistakes… Were substance related.
I know there’s a lot of things that happened to me that were inexcusable. Even in my marriage my wife was far from perfect… But I truly see I lost everything in a sense… But my redemption has been owning it. I’m doing everything to fix my mistakes. My daughter is going to know her dad is fighting for her. I write her letters every day… I snapped during covid and see that I took a life people would KILL for and lived every day miserable and burned it down.
I also realized how poorly I’ve treated my ex for years. Again, we both were so miserable and immature… But I look back and see how self righteous I was and used that as an excuse to just give up. Sadly I actually have been falling back in love with her.
I don’t feel I deserve redemption. I don’t feel I deserve a happy ending. Honestly I want to die a lot of days. But I have a baby girl who I want to show I am trying and fighting for. She saved what little of my soul I have left. And to my ex… I can see she loves me still on some level. We’ve talked about starting over after the divorce. But I shattered her. I shattered myself. But alcohol is never an option ever again. My vice has truly been things in excess and I’m going to be better every day to them… to others I’ve hurt… I’ve been trying…
I just wish the pain would stop. I wish people could see what happened to me to at least understand I’m a human under my worst moments. I know I have been turning it all around, but I feel like my soul is just tainted.
Happy birthday to me lol. Growing the Hell up sucks.
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2023.05.30 11:59 myhamstermaster 19 [F4A] Take my thirdwheel ass on a date

Nagsasawa na ko maging thirdwheel ng friends ko. I need to go on my own date asfafw. Hmu. If we click, let's go on a date.
abt me: Small asf, petite asf, loves reading books, loves buying books way more, i love karaoke!!, doesn't have talent in singing, i def love attention.
hmu wit ur best intro!!
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2023.05.30 11:59 pizzaislife777 Should we skipped our choreographed dance?

So my husband (legally married already) and I signed up for dance classes 3 weeks ago. My intention for this was to do it because my dear husband has two left feet. I love my husband dearly but I have to admit that he’s not the next dancer. There’s been times when we’re dancing on the dance floor and my cousins have tried to teach him how to dance and move because he’s a very awkward dancer. I’m not a great dancer but I get by. So with the wedding coming up, I asked my husband to sign us up for some dance classes so we could learn the basics. I basically wanted him to learn how to sway side to side for a slow dance.
My idea somehow got lost in translation because after our first lesson, the instructor was really excited to do a choreographed dance for our song. It would be four weeks away and they said it was plenty of time to learn something new. We’ve been doing classes twice a week.
We did a demo last week in front of a group and it went okay. We did another one last night and it was awful and our wedding is on Saturday. I tried really hard to keep my composure but the instructors tried go reassure us and I guess the stress and embarrassment got to me and I cried a bit. I was so embarrassed.
Now I’m worried the same will happen at our wedding. I have a hard time with facial expressions so if we mess up then it’s obvious and it’s hard for us to keep going and find our place in our routine. My husband is still struggling a bit with the moves and at times I feel like we’re stepping on each other or I’m about to fall over etc.
I’m feeling guilty about not wanting to do the choreographed dance because we’ve spent all this time and money. We’ve been so stressed with planning but have made time to go to each session. I would also feel like I let our instructor down after he spent all this time helping us. But it’s stressing me out and I don’t want to get super embarrassed in front of everyone. At the same time, it’s our friends and family so I’m sure they don’t care but I’m super emotional and messing up in front of everyone would get to me.
I’ve enjoyed the classes a lot and want to continue. It’s a fun hobby for my husband and I to do together so I don’t regret taking them. I wish I had made my expectations more clearer or that we had longer than a month to learn. It’s 3 am and I’m awake and overwhelmed.
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2023.05.30 11:58 skvidvard_yeet Looking for a Crusader Kings 3 Mod: In-Game Character Notes

Hey fellow Crusader Kings 3 enthusiasts!
I've been absolutely hooked on CK3 lately, and one thing that would greatly enhance my experience is a mod that allows me to keep notes on my characters directly in the game. Currently, I've been using ChatGPT for taking notes, but it would be fantastic to have a mod that lets me save and access these notes without needing an external app like Word or Notepad.
I'm reaching out to this amazing community to see if anyone knows of a mod that provides this functionality. It would be incredibly helpful to have the ability to jot down important details about characters, such as their traits, relationships, or key events, right within the game.
If you have any suggestions or know of a mod that fits the bill, please share it with me! I'd love to hear about your experiences and recommendations. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sure many other CK3 players would benefit from such a mod as well.
Thank you in advance for your assistance, and happy ruling
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2023.05.30 11:58 Chilled254 Phone cases: You buy a flagship phone and the first thing they do is wrap in a cheap plastic case 🤨

I'd love a durable flagship phone that allows me to enjoy the premium material and design.
Wrapping flagship phones in plastic sucks.
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2023.05.30 11:58 themolliesong Day three

Last night was a real struggle.
I turned up at an office this morning and the police were waiting for me to help them, this happens occasionally and is always a nightmare because they don't really know what they're doing. That isn't a go at the police but they do this so infrequently they rarely remember what to do. I do it less frequently.
I'm so glad I'm not hungover and dealing with this, hating my life. Instead I've sorted it and am not in an awful mood.
This office is also none stop, I've gotthrough everything in good spirits.
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2023.05.30 11:58 brisik I got banned from that sub for speaking against a murderer in yesterday's Sakshi murder and that means mods are defending a murderer

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2023.05.30 11:58 OSRS-Weno OSRS Mobile Clan Recruiting!

Welcome to OSM - Oldschool Mobile 📱
We are a fun loving, easy going Social clan with big plans for the future, housing a broad range of players from those who are brand new to those who do endgame content. No matter your level of understanding of the game, or your skill level, we're happy to see you join us.
If you are interested give me a PM for an invite to our discord and help us grow the mobile community.✌🏻
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2023.05.30 11:58 EmilyJanePeters Can you help me? I have one problem...

I have been following this topic for about 10 months, there were entries that I read with a smile, and there were also entries that I received a lot of inspiration from, but I guess it's time to ask questions.
I have had heart palpitations for about 10 months, the source of which has never been determined. (I had covid, yes, let me rewrite this once so if anyone asks, let the answer stay here.)
I went through 2 different profs, 2 specialist doctors, and 1 heart health check-up. Holter, 60 kinds of blood were also checked, usg's, imaging, everything was done, you can see... the result; your heart is beating high, but there is no problem in the imaging.. your blood tests are OK, there is no cholesterol, there is no this, no this. In fact, the last one I went to, the very sweet-hard prof, whom I liked a lot, "Would it be a pity to visit a doctor like this!" He concluded the examination. (Of course, after the tests are done.)
I was advised to use beloc zok, let me be frank, I did not use it in the first 6 months because I went to the doctor in September, and tests were done. the doctor gave the medicine; There were those who said that using it makes it worse. (There were people with medical knowledge among them, I did not do business on my own.)

Thank God, I got better in October, and I didn't have any problems until the end of January. Then in February, that absurd process started for me. When I say doctors-emergency-control check-ups (by the way, I have Hashimoto and panic attacks, but those processes were also eliminated) I have been using 50 mg beloc zok a day for 2.5 months. Well, the process wasn't going bad. I had calmed down but frankly, my heart woke me up by beating inside this morning and I am still not fully recovered. You know, I stand up, I see my strength, there is no sweating, etc. but my head is in an extreme state of alarm, I will take my beloc at around 14.00 as always ... this beloc is a separate problem, no it causes blurred eyes, sometimes it causes constipation, sometimes It makes idiots, etc. But we still love it, that's another matter...
Guys, I'm looking for a solution. You know how important it is for someone with panic attacks and anxiety to make sense of the processes and find answers to the process. ee I've been in this loop for months (with outgoing-incoming situations) how do we do it now? (As I said again, there is no problem psychologically at this point; I am already taking therapy. There is no trigger, the state of the country or something else has been digested by me now.)
By the way, I have to say this; I work in a home office; I will start swimming again in June, I try to walk at a moderate pace, not every day, but yes, I am not a very active person.
I reduced the coffee to 1 cup a day, I don't smoke. I haven't been drinking alcohol for the last 2-3 months.
I am waiting for your wonderful and effective answers, even if it does not come, thank you very much.
treat yourself well, regards and greetings.
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2023.05.30 11:57 ughbullshits What is the school system like in your country and what are your studying styles/habits? Do you still use paper books or just PDFs? Do you cram?

Hey everyone. I'm really curious to know how the school system works in different countries and if the student life is generally similar for all of us no matter the location.
In my country, we use paper books from elementary to highschool, and same in universities except if there was a PDF version available.
My studying style is cramming lol. I have also noticed alot of my schoolmates do the same too. I also find it really hard to absorb information from dry textbooks and I hate reading long materials. I prefer summaries and clear data, like bulletpoints and direct questions with answers. Images are very important to me, and I really love auditory things. Ugh imagine all my books in an audio or video format?
What about you all? Would love to read a bit about your experiences!
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2023.05.30 11:57 Alone_Order8211 random venting poems? feedback maybe?

i don't even know if these would be considered poems or not but i wrote them while in a frustrated, depressed and lonely state of mind (aka right now). any feedback on if these are actually decent or if i just sound crazy and im spitting bullshit would be appreciated (i usually do not write poetry but i have so many negative emotions atm i just needed to get it out somehow and i don't want to talk about it with people i know).
ok anyways
  1. You are a tadpole slowly eating me from the inside.
I cannot tell if my heart pumps jealous delusions for a truant frog, or if you truly are parasitic; I don't want to return to the lake of alligators.
I cannot handle any more flies forming in my arteries.
Please be the frog I've prayed so long for, the one that eats the flies in me to satisfy my veins.
  1. Even being your favorite cannot save me from competing with the teacher of seduction.
How charming.
I shall write an essay of thanks while she exists to slap my wrists repeatedly; her ruler a void I'll never understand.
Does my blood on the paper please you in ways my spit never could?
  1. Every week I invite a new man to my bed, they all remind me of you.
I love them all less each time they walk the same thin lines out the door.
Never have I hated how dying flowers wither inevitably more until now.
I want nothing more than to see you bloom across my room again, our roots locking the door behind us.
  1. When you were hurt, I prepared a bed of marigolds to comfort you in.
When I was hurt, I shriveled in my own bed alone.
You stared at me silently through the doorway.
Living to see a bush's marigolds all die the same is Mother Nature's cruelest joke.
~ Those are my poems, wrote them all in around 20 minutes. I'll give further context to specific parts if you want. I also wrote them at 4am so I might just sound completely incoherent idk what do you think?
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2023.05.30 11:56 Immediate_Water5848 This YEAR in history

Hi, I' m a 16 year old student, who loves history as much as you do! My preference is roman germanic history but back to the topic. For my history class I volunteered for a project in which we researched and composed every major event from a certain year. Being active on reddit in historical subreddits, I thought mostly saw post about the same topics over and over again. Realizing how less I now about events not so well rememberd. It shocked me to see that I do not know anything but some basic facts about certain years or even decades! Having that school project and this sub in the back of my mind, I had an idea to change my but maybe also your gaps of knowledge. That led me to the idea of starting a Email Newsletter, maybe involving volunteers from my class, where we provide informative but short information not about each day, but year in history. We thought about starting in year 0. advancing one year per day. If you are interested, please dm me feedback and your email. This way we can improve our knowledge and get in touch with some of you out there.
We are happy about every message!
(To Mods We will post this into multiple subreddits to reach as many interested people, also this is non profit and therefore no advertising)
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2023.05.30 11:56 4nak8r Taco Truck x VB lyrics

Preface: Unlike Lana, I'm not a generational song writing talent. That said, and perhaps even because of Lana, the way I hear the lyrics in TTxVB have two small deviations... When I'm violent, It's CarlitA's way -- I feminize it in Spanish. The second is I know, I know, I love that you hate me..
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2023.05.30 11:55 DabKitty420 I had a horrible birth experience and the postpartum isn't any better 😥

So as the title states I had a horrible experience giving birth to my precious lil squish, and I've been having a hard time with the recovery in the week since.
1st I had to get induced a week early bc they decided pretty much last minute that I've had hypertension my whole pregnancy .....but yet they didn't diagnose this until I was 37weeks? Ok....whatever....
Then during my induction they placed a Foley balloon catheter to help dilate my cervix and the pain was excruciating! They also refused to give me the epidural until it slipped out at 6cm....which took hours! I ended up taking 3 doses of Fentanyl so I could at least sleep.
Finally, I stalled at 6cm for over 6 hours so they decided to do a c-section bc I stalled and baby had 2 low heart tones 4 hours ago.....during the c-section prep I started to get nauseous and I threw up, so they had to give me something for the nausea obviously....I had already told them I have a reaction to IV Zofran(SEVERE panic), I had discovered this early on in my pregnancy but apparently it had never been listed in my chart as an allergy 🙃. So they gave me IV Zofran, this combined with the increased epidural meds making me numb from the neck down sent me into the worst panic attack I have ever had in my entire life! I literally felt like I was in danger and needed to run away, intellectually I knew I was fine but my body kept telling me to run basically. I then lost control of my arms (probably from the panic) and they started flailing so bad they had to strap them down! I couldn't hold my baby for HOURS after until the meds wore off and I regained control of my arms (they did place him by my face for some brief snuggles after they pulled him out tho) the rest of the hospital was pretty OK and they finally put Zofran down as an allergy, but I still wish it had gone differently ofc.
And in the week since his birth I've already dealt with a bout of Mastitis, barely being able to walk bc of the c-section incision hurting so much (which is "normal" according to my docs) and the typical adjustment period of having a newborn and breastfeeding every few hours.....if you've made it this far thank you for reading my rant, any encouragement or advice is appreciated but this was mostly just a rant that I needed to get off my chest lol, hope everyone has a wonderful year and a lovely time with their little ones. Here's to hoping my 2nd week of being a mom goes a little better lol!
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2023.05.30 11:55 Sammywins Any ways I could build a 4+ style B-Wing for my son?

My son is really into Star Wars and loves watching me play the Rogue Squadron games, but we do not have a B-Wing. The junior sets are great for him as they have very few pieces and are simple enough for him to fix.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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