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ASL: Making our hands talk. (Please read the first thread for some great info!)

2009.03.03 20:07 forceinstall ASL: Making our hands talk. (Please read the first thread for some great info!)

There are many distinct signing communities around the world, which communicate using different sign languages and exhibit different cultural norms. Sign languages also intersect with nationality, education, race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, other languages and other identity markers, leading to sign languages that is at once quite small and also tremendously diverse. This community is for American Sign Language, which is used primarily in the US and Canada.

2023.03.17 07:11 Melodic_Moose7834 I am currently learning ASL at home and am struggling to fully understand sentence structure and grammar. Are there any good sources for learning grammar more in depth?

I've been wanting to learn ASL for years, but I kept starting, then not continuing to start, and the cycle repeats. I have finally gotten to a point where I set goals, and I can actually feel like I can work towards achieving them. What I've been doing so far to learn is use a variety of different ASL dictionaries (primarily Bill Vicar's LifePrint website and YouTube channel) while watching YouTube videos of people fluent in the language. This has helped me tremendously, and I have learned more in one day than I ever would have in a week.
I am still trying to understand sentence structure and overall grammar, and I'm still sort of struggling when it comes to forming sentences correctly. I recorded a video of me introducing myself (my name, age, number of pets, and, at the end, my strongest interest)
Here :
If there is anything I can do to improve my sentence structure, please let me know. Anything and everything is beyond helpful. Is there anything I should do differently than what I did in the video?
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2023.03.16 18:55 jasondean13 Beginner ASL videos with a plot

Is anyone aware of videos that show beginner ASL being used in conversation with a plot or storyline?
For example when I took high school Spanish, there were videos that were almost Dora the Explorer for high schoolers. They would talk slowly in Spanish and the main character would try to get a banana from a market or go to the library.
I've been using and while it looks like there are videos of sample sentences ("hello my name is... I'm hearing... I'm from... etc." ), I haven't found anything that is more of a back and forth conversation or plot driven.
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2023.03.10 21:00 lilyver Help Glossing English concepts

Hey y'all. I'm learning ASL and I had a few phrases that I was curious how one might gloss. I understand some of these phrases don't exist in ASL, but I'm still trying to capture the essence of the word/phrase itself. I've made some educated guesses and added links to lifeprint videos that are the signs I think I should use.
At least - meaning "unlike you". The phrase is something like, "at least I do my homework unlike you". I know ASL doesn't use the same format as english but I'm really trying to maintain that feeling of comparison.
Play dumb - meaning "they act like they don't know anything".
Drifting off/nodding off - meaning falling asleep slowly and accidentally
I feel it in my bones - meaning, "I just know something intuitively." I know this won't have a direct translation, but I have no idea where to begin. English uses "feel" to mean "not objectively/not based in fact/based on my intuition," for example we say "I feel like this is the right way," but does ASL use "feel" in the same way? Or does feel only refer to mood?
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2023.03.10 17:05 NamesRUseless Timeline for learning ASL?

I’m deaf in my right ear and find it extremely difficult to talk verbally, so I want to learn ASL so I can sign when I go to college. Realistically, could I be fluent in ASL if I learn through lifeprint, say, over the summer (~3 months)?
Edit: Thanks for the input, looks like my goal isn’t achievable and like many suggested, I think I’ll try to get captioning services in my college classes. Also I apologize if my question made ASL/the Deaf community seem negligible/“easy to learn”. That wasn’t my intention and in the future I want to learn more about the community and interact with y’all in a better way.
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2023.03.08 18:08 ultraviolettflower Which sign should I use for myself: deaf or hearing?

I know this sounds like a dumb question but I'll explain. I am hard of hearing, but my hearing loss is unilateral and classified as "mild," so I grew up speaking English. As an adult, I am learning ASL for a few different reasons (I am using From his explanation, my understanding is that the sign for "deaf" is also used for "hard of hearing" and "Deaf (culturally)."
My question: which meaning applies when introducing oneself? Functional status of ears or culture? I don't want to use the wrong sign to describe myself, especially in regards to accidentally claiming Deaf culture which I am not a part of.
Sorry for the long post!
Edit: I have been informed that there is actually a separate sign for Hard of Hearing. It was a dumb question! My bad!
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2023.03.06 17:56 Old_Preparation315 How many Signs should I know before introducing myself to my city's Deaf community? I am using Dr.Bill's LifePrint. (Also, what cultural things should I know before introducing myself to my city's Deaf community?)

TLDR at the bottom. I want to become fluent in ASL and I am very much enjoying Dr.Bill's LifePrint. There are 60 lessons and I am on lesson 4. I am finding I am picking it up quickly as I am a visual learner and have good muscle-memory. Once I am ready, I want to continue learning my signing by meeting Deaf/deaf people, and developing friendships. (I need more friends in my life and I want to learn ASL fluently, so befriending deaf people seems like the logical choice!). However, I don't want to unnecessarily burden Deaf people by trying to communicate with, and learn from, them before I am ready. I feel it would be rude to attend a public Deaf meeting, knowing too few signs. On the other hand, I wonder if I will not be able to retain all the signs I know, if I don't start using ASL in conversation, or perhaps I will develop bad/improper signing habits and be unaware that I am doing something wrong, if I don't interact with Deaf people. Out of the 60 lessons on LifePrint, how many should I master before trying to use ASL in conversation; 30, 45, all 60?
As for cultural things, I have done some reading on what is and isn't appropriate. For example I understand that I should wait for 1-2 years after hanging out with the Deaf before I ever attempt to stomp or light-flick to get attention, so I won't do it offensively. If I tap someone's shoulder for attention I should do it gently, but not too gently as that may be creepy. What else should I know, so as to be polite? Links to articles or videos would be appreciated, as well as personal responses.
I always wanted to know a second language. I have always been deeply fascinated by Sign Language, and studies report that 2.5% of Canadians are deaf or hard of hearing. It would be a blessing to increase my ability to communicate with a higher number of people, and it is good for the brain to know multiple languages. Who knows what new friendships and experiences I could have by knowing ASL fluently? Thank you for any and all advice.

TLDR: How many Lifeprint lessons (or how many signs) should I master, before it's not rude for me to continue learning ASL by conversing with Deaf people at social events? And what cultural things should I know, so I don't offend anyone?
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2023.02.26 17:17 hands---free GOOD You can learn sign language (ASL) online at American Sign Language University ™ © Dr. William Vicars webbot bot="Include" U-Include="../../topics/adsense2.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan webbot bot="Include" i-checksum="96" endspan Notes: Here is an example of how the sign GOOD...

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2023.02.12 05:35 Tomatosmoothie iwtl ASL!

Heya everybody, I researched this question for a bit on Reddit and it recommended me lifeprint. I checked the website however and apparently it doesn't exist. Hopefully it's just temporary downtime, but I just wanted to ask here just in case it isn't.
So yeah, what are some great ways to learn ASL? I would like a good way to learn it, like maybe an online course, and a good way to apply myself, like maybe some kind of group out there? Thank you!
Edit: If you wanna be ASL learning buddies, let me know haha
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2023.02.12 04:57 JKmelda Can’t access lifeprint???!!!! Anyone else???

I’m just getting “your connection is not private” notifications and I can’t get on the website! Is anyone else experiencing theses issues or knows what’s happened??
Lifeprint/ ASL university has been my go to ever since starting to learn ASL in college 10 years ago. I don’t want to lose the resource!
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2023.02.11 18:17 cat-turd-called-life Been learning ASL for 5 months now.

Hey there! Nice to meet you all.
I’ve been learning ASL for about 5 months now? Give or take a few days. Via Lifeprint. I know the alphabet (but still struggle with finger spelling receptiveness), my numbers 1-21 confidently and then after that it’s hit or miss from 21-100 lol. I know about 265 words and can form a basic sentence and have a very basic conversation.
But I feel like I’ve kind of hit a road block. I feel like it’s time I find more advanced signers to practice with, to learn from. I enjoy practicing with everyone of all levels, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck.
Is there anyone here who is intermediate, fluent, or even D/deaf who might be interested in chatting sometime?
*I’ve been looking for D/deaf events in my area but covid seems to have wiped them all out unfortunately.
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2023.02.10 13:17 hands---free GOOD You can learn sign language (ASL) online at American Sign Language University ™ © Dr. William Vicars webbot bot="Include" U-Include="../../topics/adsense2.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan webbot bot="Include" i-checksum="96" endspan Notes: Here is an example of how the sign GOOD...

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2023.01.29 04:07 Starrybellatrix Genuinely want to learn the language and make friends!

Hello! I'm Chloe, I'm 27 F, neurodivergent, and hearing. I live in southern California in the IE.
I've been drawn to the language all my life. Always thought it was so beautiful. My parents were almost gonna teach me it because I couldn't speak for the first 4 years of my life. I wish they taught me anyway. Speaking was so difficult for me growing up. It still kinda is.
Anyway, I just started learning ASL. Again. Honesty I was doing it a while back but fell off track but I'm going at it again all the way! I'm on lesson 3 on Lifeprint and a lot is coming back to me fast.
I honestly want a friend/s from the community. I want to become fluent in ASL yes, but I would love to make a friend/s along the way. We could either text a lot until I become more fluent or sign here and there if you don't mind my clumsy signing in the beginning :)
If anyone is interested in being pen pals let me know. Even fellow students/learners I wouldn't mind.
I'm sorry if this is the wrong place but deafskype is dead, deaf suggested I post here, and I just want to make friends. In the meantime I also plan on attending deaf events in my area soon. But I would love to correspond with anyone willing from here too 😊
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2023.01.17 01:51 Status-Caramel-8583 Clarification Needed: Inner-Discord Sign

Hello! I am a beginner in ASL, learning using various internet sources to help me such as Bill Vicars' wonderful website, Lifeprint. I was looking for a sign for "it seems" or "looks like (but isn't in reality)" and stumbled upon this sign, which I am confused about. Does it literally mean inner discord or can it mean something else like "it seems"? It looks familiar, maybe because it's similar to confused? Please let me know if you have any knowledge about this :)
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2023.01.05 23:58 anamaltic ASL Bloom/Lifeprint for day-to-day conversations

I'm trying to get back into learning ASL, as I loved doing it when I worked at a gym and attempted to converse with the few deaf members we had (keyword attempted, facial expressions are my absolute weakness). I used to watch LifePrint Lessons when there was nothing for me to do and I learned a ton, but now I'm using ASL Bloom, and I noticed there's a handful of differences in the way the two sign and it's throwing me off on which is right.
I had always assumed YOUR is signed by using your palm towards someone, while ASL Bloom points to said person?
And they also seem to add redundant words to their sentences, like for example, one lesson for "I like your idea" is signing "YOUR-IDEA-GOOD-YOU", I feel like, and I could totally be wrong, but isn't the YOU at the end a little redundant? Seeing as how your starting the sentence off with YOUR?
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2022.12.30 01:17 AllGirlsPretty Where in my community can i find ASL classes?

I tried learning ASL using an Anki deck made from lifeprint's resources. I made some progress, but i think a more structured environment might be a better fit for me. My college doesn't have any foreign language classes, so I'm wondering if there's any other non-profits or community center type places that are likely to have classes.
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2022.12.30 00:09 Ailuj182 How to sign "pedantic"?

Trying to learn ASL and while has been AMAZING and the internet is full of heros...I can't find a sign for "pedantic" (something my husband and I call each other and our children a LOT. Because we ARE) Any help would be appreciated!
Edit: thank you all so much! I'm so grateful for the suggestions!
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2022.12.27 18:59 SOuTHINKurA-ble Since you need authorization from the copyright holders to translate a copyrighted work, do the copyright holders need to see exactly how you translated it? And do we need to pay them for the permission to do so?

Asking because I'm bringing a proposal to my school that would involve presenting a play in ASL and spoken English and I need to know whether the licensing company would need a gloss/transcription of the interpretation before the performance is authorized. I'd also need to know whether the school would need to pay the company if the company does indeed give its permission.
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2022.12.04 02:39 LilFakeRaccoon Good signs to know?

Hi all, I'm currently learning ASL on my own time using LifePrint as I've visited here before and saw it thrown around as a good source but I'm learning in the case of meeting my partners parents. He's a coda and I may be meeting his dad much later this month, and was just wanting to know what words and sentences may be good to learn or at least get a solid grasp of..
I figured it'd be a nice thing to do and really want to at least be able to barely hold my own when meeting him.
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2022.11.19 15:39 Es_Jacque Hey, y’all! I’m recording a video for my friend and need help proofreading the script.

I’ve been learning ASL for the past two weeks and want to surprise my friend with a video of myself signing the following message. Can you please give me some tips on grammatical structure/word order?
Please note that some words that are not necessarily finger-spelled (AT, SO, APPS) have a # in front of them because the gloss is near equivalent to finger-spelling them and it helps me remember. Doing that could also be acceptable! Let me know!
My sources: Apps: Rocket Languages, Pocket Sign Sites: Lifeprint, Signing Savvy, Handspeak
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2022.11.16 06:33 pianohoee would I be welcome in the Deaf community?

hi, I hope this is okay to ask! feel free to remove if not!
I [25F] was born with a cleft lip/palate and have a voice disorder (velopharyngeal insufficiency). I've had 13 years of speech therapy and lots of surgeries with the goal of correcting my speech. I am intelligible and I get by okay, but speech is fatiguing. my anatomy makes it unnatural so I'm always on guard. my voice goes hoarse if I talk for very long (usually struggling by the end of a therapy session, for example). if I have ti project my voice, I have a lot more speech errors. when I'm tired, I get hard to understand to new people.
I also have reverse slope hearing loss which I am getting hearing aids for next month. my low frequency hearing is moderate-to-severe, but then I rise to almost-normal at mid-frequency, and back to mild loss at high frequency.
I feel like I hear pretty okay one-on-one, but especially in the past couple years, at a certain point of background noise, I just stop being able to participate with both my ears and voice. phone calls with men are also quite difficult.
anyway!! all of that to say.. I've been learning ASL for the past few months from lifeprint/bill vicars, and I'm so awestruck by how much physically easier it is to communicate (minus my lack of fluency).
I'm grateful for my access to speech therapy, but I have been thinking about how different my life could have been if I'd been exposed to ASL as a child. I've always felt so alienated in certain situations (but in others I'm fine).
anyway, I'm moving to the DC area soon, which I understand has a big Deaf community.
I guess I'm just wondering if it would he silly for me to try to establish myself in a new city by seeking out the Deaf community.
am I too "hearing" to really be part of it from the inside? I know there isn't exactly an initiation, but I want to make sure I'm respectful of the culture and that I understand where I do or don't fit within it.
thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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2022.11.07 00:32 Kuntalope Asl learners

Anyone learning asl or hoh and learning? I know there are two groups a month but I feel like I'm too new.
I've always wanted to learn and I have basic knowledge. I'm using Bill Vicars and his website but I need more practice.
Anyone want to get together and practice/learn more together?
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2022.11.03 09:17 hands---free ASK Dr. Bill, is a wonderful tool that's been helping me with ASL. thankyou so much for its content.quick question for "ASK-to" sign. if signing "he-ASK-me", would youstill have the palm facing out (away) and bring the sign back to yourself as you switch to the 'x' handshape? or do...

ASK Dr. Bill, is a wonderful tool that's been helping me with ASL. thankyou so much for its content.quick question for submitted by hands---free to learnASL [link] [comments]