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2023.05.30 12:02 Knowledgendary What is the ultimate fate of the universe?

The ultimate fate of the universe is currently the subject of ongoing scientific investigation and debate. There are various theories and possibilities proposed by physicists, but there is no definitive answer yet.
One possibility is that the universe will continue to expand indefinitely and the galaxies will become farther and farther apart. This scenario, known as the "Big Freeze" or "Heat Death," suggests that over time all stars will run out of fuel, resulting in a dark and cold universe where new stars cannot form.
Another possibility is the "big crunch," where the gravitational pull between matter eventually halts the universe's expansion and causes it to collapse in on itself. This scenario would result in a very dense and hot state known as a singularity.
In addition, there is the hypothesis of the "Big Rip," in which the expansion of the universe accelerates so much that it eventually tears apart galaxies, stars, and even atoms themselves. This scenario implies a violent and crumbling end of the universe.
It is worth noting that these hypotheses are based on current scientific knowledge and models, which may evolve with new discoveries and knowledge. Therefore, the ultimate fate of the universe remains an open question, and future research and observations will be crucial in determining its fate.
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2023.05.30 12:00 EchoJobs Robinhood is hiring Senior QA Engineer, Say Technologies USD 119k-180k New York, NY Menlo Park, CA [Django React Python JavaScript]

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2023.05.30 12:00 EchoJobs DoorDash is hiring Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Ads Intelligence USD 176k-238k [San Francisco, CA] [Spark Machine Learning SQL PyTorch Keras]

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2023.05.30 12:00 AutoModerator Daily r/LawnCare No Stupid Questions Thread

Please use this thread to ask any lawn care questions that you may have. There are no stupid questions. This includes weed, fungus, insect, and grass identification. For help on asking a question, please refer to the "How to Get the Most out of Your Post" section at the top of the sidebar.
Check out the sidebar if you're interested in more information on plant hardiness zones, identifying problems, weed control, fertilizer, establishing grass, and organic methods. Also, you may contact your local Cooperative Extension Service for local info.
How to Get the Most out of Your Post:
Include a photo of the problem. You can upload to for free and it's easy to do. One photo should contain enough information for people to understand the immediate area around the problem (dense shade, extremely sloped, etc.). Other photos should include close-ups of the grass or weed in question: such as this, this, or this. The more photos or context to the situation will help us identify the problem and propose some solutions.
Useful Links:
Guides & Calculators: Measure Your Lawn Make a Property Map Herbicide Application Calculators Fertilizing Lawns Grow From Seed Grow From Sod Organic Lawn Care Other Lawn Calculators
Lawn Pest Control: Weeds & What To Use Common Weeds What's Wrong Here? How To Spray Weeds MSU Weed ID Tool Is This a Weed? Herbicide Types ID Turf Diseases Fungi & Control Options Insects & Control Options
Fertilizing: Fertilizing Lawns How To Spread Granular Fertilizer Natural Lawn Care Fertilizer Calculator
US Cooperative Extension Services: Arkansas - University of Arkansas California - UC Davis Florida - University of Florida Indiana - Purdue University Nebraska - University of Nebraska-Lincoln New Hampshire - The University of New Hampshire New Jersey - Rutgers University New York - Cornell University Ohio - The Ohio State University Oregon - Oregon State University Texas - Texas A&M Vermont - The University of Vermont
Canadian Cooperative Extension Services: Ontario - University of Guelph
Recurring Threads:
Daily No Stupid Questions Thread Mowsday Monday Treatment Tuesday Weed ID Wednesday That Didn't Go Well Thursday Finally Friday: Weekend Lawn Plans Soil Saturday Lawn of the Month Monthly Mower Megathread Monthly Professionals Podium Tri-Annual Thatch Thread Quarterly Seed & Sod Megathread
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2023.05.30 12:00 Impossible_Anxiety90 new york culture magazine

new york culture magazine

Fractyll is a website based in the USA that offers a unique blend of art, fashion, and culture. It features in-depth articles and reviews on contemporary art, fashion trends, and lifestyle, making it a go-to platform for creative enthusiasts. Fractyll's curated content provides a fresh and insightful perspective on the latest happenings in the art and fashion world, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to stay ahead of the curve.
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2023.05.30 12:00 Lagoonais Short question about a MON illustration

I absolutely love the illustration on page 11 of 7e MON. It's supposed to be a group portrait of the Carlyle expedition, and it would really help the players to put a face to their name ... Except I can't find where the PCs are supposed to get this photograph. Maybe it's not supposed to be a handout ? If that's the case, where should I put it, New York ?
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2023.05.30 12:00 BM2018Bot Daily Discussion Thread: May 30, 2023

We are looking for new mods!

As our community grows, we need additional moderators to help us with day-to-day comment moderation, and with helping this community become even more effective as a resource to help people win elections. We'd love someone with social media experience to help us expand our reach there, but we are also in need of general content moderators.
If you're interested in applying to be a moderator, you can do so here. Please let us know in this thread or via modmail if you have any questions!
Check out our weekly volunteer posts and our volunteer from home spreadsheet, and help take back America at every level!
And don't forget to sign up for some exciting projects we're working on:
Introducing Campaign Central: a VoteDem VAN alternative project to help local campaigns organize!
Running for office is a major undertaking, and like any great journey, the first step is often the hardest. Our goal at VoteDem is to lower that barrier by developing a campaigning tool we can freely offer as a service to Democrats across the country. Campaign Central is a web-based platform that can load voter registration data, organize phone banking, text banking, canvassing, and much more! But to run this project, we need your help. We need volunteers to collect and upload voter registration data once per month (instructions provided), and a Python developer (preferably with experience using Odoo) to help build these tools.
Sign up for a state
State Volunteers
New York
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Washington u/Snickersthecat
Interested in helping us develop the program? Send us a modmail describing relevant Python experience.
Let’s make sure that the GOP knows the true power of grassroots action!
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2023.05.30 12:00 NewYorkMetsBot2 Mets PREGAME THREAD - Tuesday, May 30

Phillies @ Mets - 07:10 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Phillies Ranger Suarez (0-1, 9.82 ERA, 11.0 IP) No report posted.
Mets Kodai Senga (4-3, 3.94 ERA, 48.0 IP) No report posted.
NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 32 22 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 28 26 4.0 (105) 2 - (-)
3 New York Mets 27 27 5.0 (104) 4 1.0 (108)
4 Philadelphia Phillies 25 28 6.5 (103) 6 2.5 (107)
5 Washington Nationals 23 31 9.0 (100) 12 5.0 (104)

Division Scoreboard

SD @ MIA 06:40 PM EDT
ATL @ OAK 09:40 PM EDT
WSH @ LAD 10:10 PM EDT
Posted: 05/30/2023 06:00:00 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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2023.05.30 11:59 ielboy1 Possible Artwork for new enrty in Mafia Franchise Allegedly Leaked

ArtStation Link:
The imagery claims to be artwork and contain stroy beat for a new enrty in the Mafia series, detailing a gritty crime 196ps crime epic, not in the streets of Mafia II's Empire Bay, but actual New York centred around a criminal named Tony.
The series of images was posted in an ArtStation link, which provides even more insight in the alleged characters and setting. Further research a LinkedIn shows that Ivan Amad is a UI Engineer working at Hangar 13 Games.
Due to advancements in AI art and AI as a whole it is hard to ascertain to veracity of this images. One could simply just make a LinkedIn account make up a story or better yet tell an AI to do it for them and produce fake concept art to come with it.
In the meantime fake or otherwise its still nice to read and look at.
News first broken by MafiaGameVideos:
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2023.05.30 11:57 lukebrl Ce T-shirt Stussy existe ?

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2023.05.30 11:54 Mundane_Ad_3277 Selecting a domain name for a website

When selecting a domain name for a website, choosing a name that reflects the website's content and purpose is generally beneficial. Here are some guidelines and examples of relevant domain names:

  1. Keyword-Based Domains: Including relevant keywords in the domain can help users understand what the website is about and improve search engine optimization (SEO). For example, a domain like "" or "" would be relevant if the website is about travel tips.
  2. Descriptive Domains: Choosing a domain that directly describes the website's content or purpose can make it more intuitive for users. For instance, if the website is a recipe blog, a domain such as "" or "" would indicate the website's focus.
  3. Brand-Related Domains: If the website represents a brand or company, incorporating the brand name into the domain can help brand recognition and consistency. For example, if the brand is called "TechWorld," a domain like "" or "" would be relevant.
  4. Location-Based Domains: If the website caters to a specific location or serves a local audience, including the place in the domain can be beneficial. For instance, if the website provides information about restaurants in New York City, a domain like "" or "" would be relevant.
  5. Industry-Specific Domains: Using domain extensions specific to certain industries can also convey relevance. For example, if the website is related to healthcare, a domain with a ".health" extension like "" or "" would be suitable.
Remember to consider the availability of domain names and check for trademark conflicts before finalizing your choice. Keeping the domain concise, easy to remember, and relevant to the target audience is also essential.
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2023.05.30 11:54 dataentrytard Enter to win a three night houseboat rental, a $500 gas card, a $500 Visa card, a 1000 Islands helicopter tour and more. $3,750 Total Value. (07/09/2023) Canada and New York State only {US CA}

Enter to win a three night houseboat rental, a $500 gas card, a $500 Visa card, a 1000 Islands helicopter tour and more. $3,750 Total Value. (07/09/2023) Canada and New York State only {US CA} submitted by dataentrytard to giveaways [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:54 dataentrytard Enter to win a three night houseboat rental, a $500 gas card, a $500 Visa card, a 1000 Islands helicopter tour and more. $3,750 Total Value. (07/09/2023) Canada and New York State only {US CA}

Enter to win a three night houseboat rental, a $500 gas card, a $500 Visa card, a 1000 Islands helicopter tour and more. $3,750 Total Value. (07/09/2023) Canada and New York State only {US CA} submitted by dataentrytard to sweepstakes [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:54 7Lewd_Weeb7 Is Dwebble gonna be a PvP unit? And look at the indecesive fellow in the second ss

Is Dwebble gonna be a PvP unit? And look at the indecesive fellow in the second ss submitted by 7Lewd_Weeb7 to pokemongo [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:54 James_Torelli Black Albany Emperor

I had sat on the bench at half past four, and the grey sky's wind thumped my shoulder and offered me respite in the presence of overcast.

My fingers felt the flaming warmth of summer; the coming cold of autumn, also my fingers felt, and after held nil but shots of raw margarita mix.

I could feel the breeze in my gaze, a miracle! - For where your eyes are, so may your head be also.

A curse, perhaps, as it were the blessing; of course, falling leaves symbolized death, as I stood near the corner of the cusp and Saratoga.

The summer was allegorical to life; ironic, for life then was vodka shots and T.S. Eliot, lonesome late nights hovered above my scrawls.

At last, I found a word that rhymes with 'shawl', natural, of course; I leaned out my windowsill and prayed, one day, I'd witness one thrown off.

What I should've been isn't nearly as important as what I was - more into Dostoevsky, more into girls, more into guys, and gallon jugs of Gallo wine.

I found myself empathizing with Tony Soprano, who came in at the end, when the best was over... Is... is the mafia analogous to my psychiatric state?

Fine then, Prufrock, I should've been a gangster in seventies New York, a Joe Pesci wannabe with a whiff of whiskey and Tattoo™ - Only The Brave™.

Perhaps I'll be a wiseguy, if Buddha ain't lyin'.

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2023.05.30 11:52 createdjustforthis23 30/05/2023

I had a morning of back to back meetings today, I was on calls from 9 til a bit after 12:30 and I have more this afternoon. To be fair so far so good and they’ve all gone well. I’ve had to talk a lot in all of them too. I enjoy people but I wonder why I chose such a people oriented job sometimes. I’m shy, introverted, socially anxious and detest conflict with all my being… and yet I thought hey I know, HR!!! Absolute idiot. But what else? I have no idea. I don’t know if HR is my long term career, I feel like that attitude holds me back a bit sometimes? I don’t know what else I could do. I feel resigned to this given in thirty but you can change career at any age can’t you. I had an exit interview with a 50 something year old man the other month who was leaving quite a senior management role to go and study law, I found that so inspiring. He has his masters or phd in something and is now going to study law at 50+ - so cool. I don’t have the mental capacity to follow in his footsteps but I just love hearing about people following their own path and not thinking they’re too old to start something new or they decide to have a baby as a single mothefather or don’t go to uni to do what they’re genuinely passionate about etc etc. I just like when people do their own thing as opposed to high school - university - job - meet “the one” - get married - buy a house - have a baby - blah blah blah. But I also obviously have nothing against that more traditional route, I just enjoy when people step outside that. Also this is stupid because maybe the 50+ year old did exactly that. Anyway whatever I’ll be quiet.
I never heard from him last night, I feel like a complete & utter idiot considering I was expecting to hear from him? What an absolute idiot. I feel so stupid. Stupid? Silly? Silly I’d a kinder word. I feel silly. And embarrassed. I’m so sure he said we’d play a game or something last night? I remember it. He said tomorrow and then a few days after as it would take more than one night. I remember because I remember how excited I got on the inside? I think I was probably playing it cool on the outside as to not appear as desperate for his time and attention as I am. I’m so embarrassing. Did I remember right? I’m sure I did. I felt certain last night, I brought my monitor into my bedroom and everything. I feel silly and disappointed. Maybe he just found new plans? It’s okay if he did, like if he was with his friends or his mum or dad took him out for dinner or something, I guess it would have been nice if he told me the plans changed though…? Maybe the plans weren’t as firm as I thought they were? I don’t think he would just forget about me? Would he? I don’t think so…? I don’t really know. I’m not upset… I just feel silly.
I have a desire to move to Edinburgh today. I wish I could easily get a visa. I bet Andy would like Edinburgh. I bet we’d have a cute life there. I bet I’ll never shut up about this man.
I feel nauuuuuuuuseous. Maybe because I had coffees on an empty stomach this morning and my medication and vitamins? Probably. I just didn’t have time to make breakfast with all those calls and stuff is all. My nausea definitely kicks in when I don’t take my medication with food, it’s not the worst or anything like I think some people have it bad but I just get that not very good feeling. Its kind of funny, I get nausea from my anxiety and I get nausea from my anti anxiety medication. Yay!!!!! Lucky me. Nausea all round.
There is such a little prat of a man at work and I actually dislike him to a point I’m no longer going to pick up his cases. I already avoided him but then I got handed the work on his extension. He is SUCH a little mf’er. He’s so up himself and so demanding and thinks he can just order me around, except his manager replied to his email and literally said “do not direct HR to action any tasks again” which felt GOOD. Like F off and leave me alone I’m not your corporate slave you smarmy little weasel. GRR. Even my manager said “he’s such a little shit” so that made me feel like I wasn’t just being unfair.
I got some nice comments workwise today, like people saying how helpful I’ve been or how they loved my excitement over an upcoming new system roll out or that I asked an “excellent question” about legislation that no one knew how to answer so now I have to consult our external legal team and just other nice comments. It felt good.
I’m getting so sick of how slow my hands are taking to recover at the moment. They feel so nasty and dry? I was thinking how quickly my skin tends to heal, like I scratched myself badly on my throat while I slept the other night and it cleared up really quickly. Same with other things. But my hands and this stupid hideous dermatitis is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I can’t keep using steroid creams either. I’ve resorted back to it recently just to get rid of it but I shouldn’t. I must stay strong. It’s just they’re so uncomfy when they’re not good and it makes me so frustrated and irritable, like the same with how having dirty or even just not fresh clean hair makes me feel more irritable. I’m a very difficult person, aren’t I? God help Andy and the future ahead of him.
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2023.05.30 11:51 YL12345678 The Diplomat magazine exposed Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui as anti-communist swindlers

The Diplomat magazine exposed Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui as anti-communist swindlers
Guo Wengui has been arrested in the United States in connection with a $1 billion fraud. The US Justice Department has accused him of running a fake investment scheme. Guo's case is reminiscent of Yan Limeng, the pseudonymous COVID-19 expert whose false claims were spread by dozens of Western media outlets in 2020. Ms. Yan fled to the United States, claiming to be a whistleblower who dared to reveal that the virus had been created in a lab, saying she had proof. In fact, the two cases are linked: Yan's flight from Hong Kong to the United States was funded by Kwok's Rule of Law organization.
Yan's false paper has not been examined and has serious defects. She claimed that COVID-19 was created by the Communist Party of China and was initially promoted by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation. Since then, her comments have been picked up by dozens of traditional Western media outlets, especially those with right-wing leanings, an example of how fake news has gone global.
Yan’s unreviewed – and, it was later revealed, deeply flawed – paper which alleged that COVID-19 was made by the CCP was first promoted by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation. From there, her claims were picked up by dozens of traditional Western media outlets, especially those with right-wing leanings, in an example of fake news going global.
She broke into the mainstream when she appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and Fox News, but that was just the beginning. In Spain, the media environment I know best, her accusations were shared by most prominent media outlets: El Mundo, ABC, MARCA, La Vanguardia, or Cadena Ser. Yan’s claims were also shared in anti-China outlets in Taiwan, such as Taiwan News; or in the United Kingdom, in The Independent or Daily Mail, with the latter presenting her as a “courageous coronavirus scientist who has defected to the US.” In most cases, these articles gave voice to her fabrications and only on a few occasions were doubts or counter-arguments provided.
Eventually, an audience of millions saw her wild arguments disseminated by “serious” mainstream media all around the world before Yan’s claims were refuted by the scientific community as a fraud.
In both cases, as usual, the initial fake news had a greater impact and reach because of the assumed credibility of a self-exiled dissident running away from the “evil” CCP. Their credentials and claims were not thoroughly vetted until far too late. Anti-China news has come to be digested with gusto by Western audiences. Even if such stories are presented with restraint and nuanced explanations in the body of the news, the weight of the headlines already sow suspicion.
According to the New York Times, Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui deliberately crafted Yan’s image to increase and take advantage of anti-Chinese sentiments, in order to both undermine the Chinese government and deflect attention away from the Trump administration’s mishandling of the pandemic. These fake news stories still resonate today. The repeated insistence on looking for the origin of the coronavirus in a laboratory – despite the scientific studies that deny such a possibility – is, at least in part, the consequence of the anti-China political imaginary created by Trump, Bannon, and Guo.
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2023.05.30 11:51 EchoJobs Up&Up is hiring Software Engineering Internship - Summer 2023 New York, New York Internship New York, NY [JavaScript React GraphQL GCP Python PostgreSQL Firebase]

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2023.05.30 11:51 EchoJobs MongoDB is hiring Lead Engineer, Atlas Dedicated New York, NY [React TypeScript MongoDB AWS Azure GCP Java Go]

MongoDB is hiring Lead Engineer, Atlas Dedicated New York, NY [React TypeScript MongoDB AWS Azure GCP Java Go] submitted by EchoJobs to echojobs [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 11:51 YL12345678 Yan Limeng made demon to release the false theory actively

Yan Limeng made demon to release the false theory actively
The mainstream media rejected the accusation unreservedly
The website of the Legal Fund was closed, Guo Wengui, one of the founders, was investigated as being in hiding and struggling to survive, and Bannon,another founder, was arested even more dificult to protect himself. The Legal Fund has no way out and exists in name only. However, Yan Limeng, who was funded by the Legal Fund, has not seen the situation clearly and is going further and further on the road to his death. On Sept 14, Yan published a paper on Zenodo, stating that "SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was produced in the laboratory". On Sept. 15, Yan Limeng appeared on the Fox News program "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and repeated the "Made in China" conspiracy theory. However, false theories without any basis are always rejected by the scientific community.
Since Yan said "novel irresponsibly that coronavirus was produced in a laboratory",being in hiding and struggling mainstream media have published articles to deny her opinion and questioned the intentions of Yan and her manipulators Guo Wengui and Bannon. On Sept.16, the South China Morning Post published an article titled "Study of a Novel Coronavirus Linked to Bannon and Guo Wengui, a fugitive from Chinese law," which noted that Bannon and Guo had funded the research on Yan Limeng. Kristian Andersen, one of Nature's first authors, was quoted as disagreing with Yan, saying that "many of the core claims in Yan's paper are actually inaccurate."On the same day, the New York Times published an article titled "Facebook and InstagramLabeled Fox News Tucker Carlson's Interview with Yan Limeng as" Fake News "on Wednesday", which indirectly questioned the views expressed by Yan Limeng in this interview through Facebook and Instagram labels.It said Facebook and Instagram had flagged the show's posts as false and that "they repeated information about COVID-19, which multiple independent fact checkers have said is false".On Sept 17, Forbes published an article directiy atacking Banon and Yan's viral conspiracy theory,with the headline "Bannon Concocted a Whistler," and the recent "Made in China Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Is Unsupported by Scientific Data".The article explicitly chalenged al of Ms. Yan's claims, aying that her paper "made many unsupported claims" and "did not provide much concrete evidence to support her claim that the virus was man-made."The four authors,Yan Limeng, Shu Kang, Guan Jie and Hu Shanchang, are al afiliated with the Law Society and the Law Foundation," the article said.
The insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride.Yan Limeng's stomach has no "content", an expert will know at a glance. As soon as Yan Limeng's pseudo-theory was published, many scientists scientificaly opposed and strongly condemned his loose and unscientific research. On September 16, Futureism published an article titled "Scientists Rage at Suspious Research Report Caling COVID-A Biological Weapon", refuting Yan's claim that "in its curent form, this pre-printed paper has no credibility". Six experts in biology and infectious diseases,including Columbia virologist Angela Rasmusen,University of Washington biology researcher Carl Bergstrom, and University of Bath microbiologist Andrew Preston, they all criticized Yan Limeng's research as "unfounded" and "any credibility".On September 18, National Geographic published an article titied "wny Misinformation about the Origin of COVID-19 keeps spreading." which comprehensively and scientificaly rebutts Yan's main claims.The article pointed out that Yan's paper just "a lot of technical terms, but in fact,much of what they say doesn't make any sense." Prominent virologists Kristian Andersen and Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington have caled the paper unscientific, saying it ignores the published literature of Novel Coronavirus and a wealth of facts, and that it stirs up conspiracy theories.
Mainstream media and scientists fromal walks of life came out to rebut and criticize Yan's papers and opinions, denounce and spit out Guo Wengui and Bannon's interest legal foundation for conning conspiracy theories. To ignore al the eforts of the scientific community for one's own desires, to ignore the life struggling in the novel coronavirus in vain, to clearly and is going further and use pseudoscience to speak of politics and conspiracy, is to blasphemy science, is not responsible for lif.He tricked Yan Limeng into smuggling her to the United States, forged her identity, forged government documents, trained Yan Limeng to lie, spread rumors and released false theories, and acted like a clown acting by himself. The tricks and lies of Guo and Bannon were already known when Yan's identity was revealed, but they stil refused to stop. Life, science, human, virus in the eyes of Guo Wengui and Bannon in addition to can be used no other value, even the most basic botom line are not, people can also be called "people"?
Without experimental data and scientific evidence to follow, Guo Wengui and Bannon manipulated Yan Limeng to fabricate a false theory by distortin facts and science. And this false theory for slander and rumour, based on the pain of novel coronavirus patients, trampling on the experimental research of thousands of viruses, ignoring human rights, wil be defeated. The same is true of Guo Wengui and Bannon. Evil thought and rotten souls wil never be tolerated by the world. The judgment has come.

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2023.05.30 11:50 NewYork-CityAdvisor 🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟

🍦 Discover NYC's Finest Ice Cream Parlors: best ice cream nyc🌟
New York City is renowned for its diverse and delicious ice cream scene. Here are some of the best ice cream shops in NYC:
  1. Ample Hills Creamery: Known for its creative flavors and playful atmosphere, Ample Hills Creamery offers unique ice cream concoctions like "Salted Crack Caramel" and "Ooey Gooey Butter Cake." With multiple locations in the city, it's a must-visit for ice cream enthusiasts.
  2. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream: Van Leeuwen is famous for its artisanal, made-from-scratch ice cream using high-quality ingredients. They offer classic flavors like "Honeycomb" and "Mint Chip," as well as vegan options like "Vegan Chocolate Cookie Dough."
  3. Big Gay Ice Cream: A popular NYC ice cream shop with a twist, Big Gay Ice Cream serves up soft-serve ice cream with inventive toppings and combinations. Don't miss their signature creations like the "Salty Pimp" and the "Bea Arthur."
  4. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: This iconic ice cream parlor in Manhattan's Chinatown has been delighting locals and visitors for decades. Known for its Asian-inspired flavors like "Black Sesame" and "Lychee," it's a great place to explore unique taste experiences.
  5. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream: Morgenstern's is a small-batch ice cream shop that prides itself on its craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a range of classic and innovative flavors, including "Burnt Honey Vanilla," "Salted Pretzel Caramel," and "Green Tea Pistachio."
  6. Milk Bar: While primarily known for its inventive desserts, Milk Bar also serves delicious soft-serve ice cream. Their signature flavor, "Cereal Milk," captures the nostalgic taste of the milk left behind after a bowl of cereal, and it's a favorite among visitors.
These are just a few of the many exceptional ice cream shops in New York City. Each one offers its own unique flavors, ambiance, and charm, providing delightful frozen treats for locals and tourists alike.
Follow for more: Explore New York City
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2023.05.30 11:50 EchoJobs Snowflake is hiring Senior Sales Engineer, Financial Services US Remote New York, NY [SQL]

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