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Fight together with your friends against hordes of enemies in this new Warhammer 40,000 experience. From the developers of the best-selling and award-winning co-op action franchise Vermintide, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is a visceral 4-player co-op action game set in the hive city of Tertium.

2023.03.24 13:35 tonnie_taller Jubilee Trailer: Vikramaditya Motwane’s New Prime Video Series Depicts Glamour and Scandals in Golden Age Bollywood

Amazon Prime Video just dropped a trailer for Jubilee, a drama series that chronicles several converging lives in the Golden Age of Bollywood. Vikramaditya Motwane directs the 10-episode series and also serves as the co-creator with Soumik Sen. The first five episodes of Jubilee are slated to release on April 7, with the remaining episodes … Continue reading Jubilee Trailer: Vikramaditya Motwane’s New Prime Video Series Depicts Glamour and Scandals in Golden Age Bollywood
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2023.03.24 13:35 Baphoshal [WTS] Marfione Siphon II Punisher

Timestamp and Photos
Marfione Siphon II Punisher DLC SN30. Pen has been carried and used regularly, so there are scuffs and marks on it, as shown in the photos, but it is an excellent pen that is very fun to fidget with. It will come with all the things expected from a Marfione Custom: Box, CoA, zip pouch with dagger, microfiber pouch, and the microfiber cloth. Condition: C+. Comes with a Fisher Space Pen fine cartridge.
Price includes shipping to CONUS.
Payment methods are flexible, so please reach out with a preferred, if you are interested in purchasing.
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2023.03.24 13:34 Rockville15 My Top 10 UA female students

Hello! I like to make these rankings for fun, and wanted to share It here to hear your opinions :)
This is my take on the 10 strongest female UA students of BNHA. My criteria was a mix of these:
•Physical abilities: How strong, fast and resilient is the character by herself.
•Quirk performance: How strong is the character using her quirk, in terms of fighting capabilities.
If a character has a strong quirk, but has primarily developed it for rescue or support rather that fighting for example, would not rank high with it.
•Feats: Of course, strong feats achieved by the character will be taken into account.
Reasoning for the ranking:
1-Nejire: Being part of the Big 3, Who are stated to perform even better than the majority of profesional heroes, says much about her. Also, she has a super strong quirk, with a lot of range and raw power, that also allows her to fly. She managed to defeat people with quirks that made them gigant and perform well during War. No doubt that is the strongest female U.A student
2-Ibara: Ibara's quirk is increibly powerful. She defeated Kaminari with ease, gives her a ton of zone control, protection and powerful vines to stop her enemies.
3-Mushroom Girl: To be honest, she wouldn't even be on the top if it wasn't because she has one of the most absurdly broken move that put mushrooms on her rival's lungs, being able to kill them with ease, as she proved during the Class A vs B battles.
4-Ochako: As the main female cast, she has quite developed her abilities. Not only she resisted tons of Bakugo explosions during Sport's Festival. She developed a really good hand-to-hand combat skill, and she increased a lot her limits with her quirk. Considering manga status too, imo she deserves this spot.
5-Kendo: This brilliant girl has a quirk that Might not seem too powerful at first, but her keen intellect allowed her to face Mustard during the forest training camp, and during class A vs class B, she defeated Momo on 1 vs 1 and in leadership. Her great use of her quirk with her good hand-to-hand combat skills makes her deserve this position.
6-Momo: Despite her great quirk, which might sounds op in theory, in practice, ends Up with Momo being more of a support character when comes into battle. She has some feats, like her along Todoroki versus Eraser Head, but she also was overpowered by Tokoyami and Dark Shadow on Sport's Festival, and she is slow when comes to create complex things like a canon. Despite that, she is brilliant and have some good strats with her quirk. So I rank her here.
7-Tsuyu: Her Frog quirk gives her enchanced physical abilities. Great jumps, stick to walls, ability to swim really fast, and enchanced strengh, being able to even hold multiple people with her tonge. All in all, a well rounded power without anything that seems too overpowered. I think she deserves this position.
8-Tokage: Another student that came from being recommended. Her quirk allows her to Split her body and remote control them, and also regenerate herself. She made good use of it vs Class A, but ends Up being more annoying than dangeous. Despite that, is quite a good power for Battle.
9-Mina: Her Acid quirk is really good. She can control the solubility and viscosity of her acid, and can become a really dangeous weapon. Also, she developed great defensive abilities too, like acid man.
10-Pony: Her quirk is quite simple, but her horns work un a similar way than Hawks's feathers, and proved to be very skilled with them. They can be used to attack and defend decenly. A well rounded fighter.
What do you think? Do you agree? Would you make any changes to the Top? I want to hear more opinions :)
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2023.03.24 13:34 flippantbasin Our launch is today, March 24, 18:00 UTC - 3% $ARB rewards

Our launch is today, March 24, 18:00 UTC - 3% $ARB rewards
All #Arbitrum Knights should get ready immediately!
$ARB rewards start flowing in a few hours
$KARB launches on March 24 - 18:00 UTC A lot of marketing, callers, shillers and promotions aligned so we can have the launch of the year!
Join our King's army!
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2023.03.24 13:33 gwh811 Coca Cola’s secret ingredient.

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2023.03.24 13:33 MrDubhead Titan Main wants to move. I NEED HELP big time.

So hear me out please.
Im playing since D1 Titan as a Main and have Hunter and Warlock as toon.
While i know that ARC Titan is dominating Hardcore i want to do the switch to warlock for now as main due PVE Reasons and.... here comes the thing.
It doesnt really click in PVP , please help me to understand what im doing wrong here.
Im playing Solar with Icarus and Heat rises. Doing my dodges regulary and have OP range with Ophidians. Maybe im playing to aggressive due i mostly played Peacekeeper titan or ape dune marcher titan but can please ANY Warlock Main share some hints, tricks and tips how to git gut at this class cause i really want to give it a shot and more time now in PvP. Maybe i should also try another subclass for the beginning ? But im allready addictive to the Icarus Dash. SO PLS ! Give me some insight !
For Weapons : HC, SMG , Sniper SHotgun , doesnt matter no fusions :D
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2023.03.24 13:32 MaliciouMantra Tula is the hero we need

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2023.03.24 13:32 Antzela_Tsela Are you looking for a job opportunity?

#Welocalize is hiring a native German Speaker based in Germany to support our global client for the Search Quality Rater role

If you are fluent in English and Dutch, and have excellent online research skills, we'd like to have you as a part of our team!
Feel free to apply directly to this link to learn more about this role:
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2023.03.24 13:31 Writteninsanity SIX ORBITS - Chapter 16, Adrift

I pulled myself back through the open grate in the armoury's floor and tossed my hardlight adjuster onto the work table, swearing as I did. The water I'd grabbed earlier was still sitting on the floor beside the central leg of the table, untouched.
Victoria had been sitting in the cockpit, but she got up as she heard me climb back out of the engine housing. There was only space for one of us down there, and even though she'd explained she knew a lot about ships, she wasn't exactly going to be able to repair a human one. "Still bad?"
"It's fucked. We're-" I sighed instead of swearing again.
"Do we?"
"I'll give it one more shot before we need to make new plans."
"So we can't get to Ovigaia then?"
"Don't write it off yet, but-" I trailed off instead of saying 'yeah.' The laser fire we'd taken had pierced the hull, and while the prognosis could have been worse, there wasn't far for it to go. The shot had damaged the right-side power cells of the ship. Even if I managed to fix them so they stopped losing power on every circuit run, we'd already bled enough storage that we had essentially half as much auxiliary power as I'd planned for the trip to Ovigaia.
Unless I could restore peak efficiency and was wrong about how much power we'd lost in the past hours, we would need to land somewhere else. Not to mention, we'd pierced the veil at the wrong angle after getting hit, meaning the journey already would have been overlong with a fully functional ship.
"Do you want me to take a look at some of the options we might have?"
"Hard to tell what's in range until I have a read on the power, but sure. Thanks," Victoria nodded as she stepped back to the cockpit, sliding into the co-pilot's seat and bringing up the console.
At least she was making herself useful, better than she'd been on Mythellion III when I'd first met her. Maybe she was warming up to me or maybe just warming up to the idea of someone who was keeping her alive.
Mom had always said that getting shot at was great for developing character.
I took a sip of the water and watched as she started working on the console, slow and methodical but making progress. She hadn't asked for help, but I imagined everything that seemed intuitive for humans was like a foreign language of UI for her. Most tech used agreed on universal standards if they wanted to reach the mass market; human military surplus was optimized for our neural networking.
She swore, and I almost spoke up, but every minute I spent jabbing her ego instead of working on the batteries could be light years off our expected distance.
I dropped back into the floor and was met with the telltale thrum of the perpetual engine funnelling power to the rest of the ship. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the hyper-blue light.
Across from me, at the end of the first maintenance way, I could see the shield of the ship making a translucent lattice between myself and the infinite void of the black. Interlocking hexagons shimmered in a pulsing rhythm over the wound in the Gunboat Diplomat's hull. Just to the right of the damage, the twisted, melted metal of the power storage battery hung loose and open, pouring purple light like a gash in reality.
My personal shield, the one that I'd been storing on the ship, sparked to life as I approached the exposed battery, absorbing heat and radiation spillage from the damaged part and using it as power. Once I was close enough to see the inside of the battery, I pulled out my PA, not expecting anything new.
It only took a breath to establish that, despite my wiring a spare shielding cell into the network of the battery, we were still losing power each cycle through the laser wound. Nanite temp-repair gel had been enough to slow the pour of energy, but it was a patch, and perpetual energy needed a perfect system to remain perpetual.
There was a chance that I could rewire the shields connection and it would be good enough. I reached down to grab the hardlight adjuster on my hip and ended up patting nothing. Shit. "Victoria. Can you throw down the tool? I need it." After waiting long enough, I called again, "Victoria?"
There were two taps behind me as Victoria gently lowered herself through the floor into the maintenance hallway, stooping to avoid knocking her head on any of the support struts. She walked over with awkwardly bent knees and pressed the adjuster into my hand.
"You shouldn't be down here without a-" Victoria showed me her other hand and revealed my old mk23 shield generator. "-Thanks."
"Any better?"
"Yes and no."
"We're losing less power, but we're still losing. I just wanna try decoupling the shield cell I hot-wired in there and seeing if I can't-" I cut myself off to focus as I reached into the hole in the battery's casing and started dematerializing the hardlight wiring I'd built before. "If I can't get it running better."
"No chance of perfect then?"
"Don't think so."
Breaking down hardlight was usually quick work, but when working around a damaged battery storing enough power to restart a miniature sun, everything took too much time. Unlike the previous rounds of repairs, Victoria stayed with me this time and kept trying to find new angles to see what I was working on.
After a while, she gave up and sat down on the floor. ; there wasn't enough room in the hallway to see past me and into the casing.
"You can go back up and-"
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Is that a human last name too?"
"No." I stopped working momentarily, pulling the adjuster out and shaking the last motes of light free of it. How close were Fotuan and human languages that her translator could catch the differences in species' last names?
"But you're-"
"Yes, I'm human," I confirmed, "I was adopted by a mixed family."
"My biological parents were human. Mom was an Ovishir, and Dad was a human."
"But you just said that-"
"Mom and Dad raised me after adoption; my bio-parents provided the parts," I clarified.
"Sorry, I'm just confused by- You keep saying 'adoption,' and I don't think it translates."
"I don't know what it means."
"It means that the people who raised me didn't give birth to me."
"That's so strange. And one of them was an Ovishir?"
"My Mom."
"And by Mom, you mean-"
"She raised me but didn't give birth to me. Yes."
"That's so weird," Victoria added just as I had to get quiet again to focus on what my hands were doing. My PA overlaid a wiring setup on the AR glass as the optimal path for energy, but it was the same one I'd just been using. I added a small touch of hard light off the highlighted circuit, hoping the system would suggest something else, but it just told me to erase my work.
I knew my way around electronics well enough to follow instructions, but I wasn't about to take apart and rewire the entire battery when it was powering my ship through the black. That was just asking to become a statistic.
I set myself on redrawing the wired connections that I'd just spent the last few minutes erasing. Victoria spoke up again.
"You were raised by an Ovishir, then?"
"Mostly, my D- male parent," I switched the wording to try and help the idea translate for her, "died when I was pretty young so-"
"And that male parent was-"
"I didn't know that was a thing that happened."
"Two different species raising a kid," she explained, "just seems… Wrong isn't the right word, but it's strange."
"How long have you been away from Fotul?"
"How long have you been outside of Meritocracy space? Mixed couples aren't common, but they aren't that rare."
"I'm just surprised you haven't seen one. How long have you been away?"
I'd almost finished rewiring the system, but I pulled my hand out to let my shield cool down. It could use the energy from the battery but feeding it too much for too long was asking for it to overload, and, unlike some other species, I couldn't get exposed to that much radiation for very long at all.
"I'm going to go check on our flight path options," Victoria said as she stood up, "let me know how the repairs go once you're done." She walked away before she was fully finished speaking.
I sighed once she was out of earshot and got back to work.
Even though adding the shield cell to defend the tears in the circuit had given the best results of anything I'd tried, we were still light years away from perfect energy cycling, even with optimal hardlight wiring. There was a chance that I could have gotten us somewhere closer if I had physical wires to use, but I didn't have any heavy-duty spares on the ship.
If this had taught me anything, it had shown me that I had too many spare parts for guns and not enough for the ship itself.
At least I'd have time to look at the Basking once we'd chosen a new destination.
I held the PA up to the newly rewired system and let it calculate how much energy we were losing on each cycle, then sent that data to the nav console itself before packing and heading back up myself.
As I closed the access panel to the lower deck and re-affixed the radiation shielding, Victoria spoke up from the cockpit.
"Are you kidding me?"
"What's wrong?" I asked without turning my attention over to her yet.
"We're losing that much power? I thought that-"
"Well-" Victoria growled in frustration, and I heard her shoot up from her seat, "none of the routes I was planning are going to work then."
"Not enough?"
"We wouldn't even make it halfway to Ovigaia according to your human piece of-" she trailed off. We'd already beaten around the bush once regarding her ship vs mine. The Gunboat Diplomacy had won because it wasn't currently scrap metal polluting Mythellion's orbit.
"What are our options then?" I asked as I finally stood up in our conversation. Victoria turned back to the cockpit and got into the co-pilot's seat.
"Two. Maybe three."
"I think we need a main population center for repairs."
"One then, maybe two."
"What planet's number one?"
"Not a planet," Victoria brought it up on the screens as I went to meet her, blocking out the infinite void that the front cameras had been showing for the past hours. The reading on the screen was an ancient mining station that had been retrofitted into a colony ship. "Station-"
"What's the other option?"
"Uh-" Victoria shot a questioning look but no questions with it, "Baris-Na, an Anteraxi forward colony."
"Baris-Na it is."
Victoria didn't hit anything that would mark the planet as the ship's target. Instead, she pointed to the bottom of the screen and the energy it would take to get there. "I said maybe for a reason."
If we cut everything but the engines, we'd need to drop out of superluminal speeds within a few hours and drift for three days.
"We should aim for Station 26; the other one's not really an option."
I bit my lip for a moment before speaking up. "You're right." There wasn't a point in explaining why I'd cut her off before. Avoiding the obvious choice was just putting us in unnecessary danger.
Still, I'd told myself I'd never be back.
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2023.03.24 13:31 porusan01 LC please. I have been looking to buy a bape hoodie, and I found this colorway which I really liked, but I’m not sure if it’s legit. The two things that threw me off were the bape classics tag, and the fuzzy M. Please do note that I am new to bape. Any kind of help is much appreciated

LC please. I have been looking to buy a bape hoodie, and I found this colorway which I really liked, but I’m not sure if it’s legit. The two things that threw me off were the bape classics tag, and the fuzzy M. Please do note that I am new to bape. Any kind of help is much appreciated submitted by porusan01 to bapeheads [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:29 JiyoBangla405 বাঙালি পরিবারের চালচিত্র বদলের গল্প বলবে তথাগত ভট্টাচার্যের নতুন ছবি ‘আকরিক’

বাঙালি পরিবারের চালচিত্র বদলের গল্প বলবে তথাগত ভট্টাচার্যের নতুন ছবি ‘আকরিক’
গাছ যতই আকাশ ছুঁয়ে ফেলুক না কেন শিকড়ের কাছে ফিরতেই হবে তাকে। শিকড়ই যে বাঁচিয়ে রাখে তাকে। মাটির সঙ্গে জুড়ে থাকার বন্ধন। মানুষের জীবনও গাছের মতোই। গোটা পৃথিবী জিতে হলেও শিকড়ের টানে তাকে ফিরতেই হবে ঘরে। মানুষের শিকড় তার পরিবার। কিন্তু পৃথিবী জুড়েই বদল এসেছে পরিবার ভাবনায়। পরিবার কাঠামো বদলেছে। বদলেছে মানুষের বসবাসের আদল। তবু সে ছেড়া আসা উঠোন খোঁজে। আদর-উষ্ণতা খোঁজে পারিবারিক আবহে। এমন প্রেক্ষাপটই পরিচালক তথাগত ভট্টাচার্যের নতুন ছবি ‘আকরিক’। ছবিতে মুখ্য ভূমিকায় ভিক্টর বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় ঋতুপর্ণা সেনগুপ্ত, অনুরাধা রায়, মাস্টার অঙ্কন। গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভূমিকায় দেখা যাবে সুপ্রতীম রায়, জয়শ্রী অধিকারী, সুদেষ্ণা চক্রবর্তী, অঙ্গনা বসু প্রমুখ অভিনেতা অভিনেত্রীকে। প্রযোজনায় আইসবার্গ ক্রিয়েশনস। সহ প্রযোজনায় দীপক পারিক। ছবির গল্প লিখেছেন সলিল সরকার। সঙ্গীত পরিচালনা করেছেন দেবজিৎ বেরা।
#ঋতুপর্ণা_সেনগুপ্ত #তথাগত_ভট্টাচার্য #ভিক্টর_বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় #অনুরাধা_রায় #সুদেষ্ণা_চক্রবর্তী #অঙ্গনা_বসু #আকরিক
সম্প্রতি সামনে এসেছে ছবির ট্রেলার। ইতিমধ্যেই নজর কেড়েছে দর্শকদের। হিমাচলের পাহাড়ি প্রেক্ষাপটে ছবি। সবুজ আর পাহাড় মন ভাল করে দেয়। ছবির সংলাপ ভাবায়। বাঙালি যৌথ পরিবারের ধারণায় কেন বদল এল, অনু পরিবার, বিদেশবাসী সন্তান আর বাবা-মায়ের একাকিত্ব নানা রকম ক্রাইসিস ধরা দিয়েছে। যা দেখে উত্তর খুঁজতে চাইবেন দর্শক। চারপাশের চেনা বাস্তব উঠে এসেছে ছবিতে। ট্রেলারও আগ্রহ বাড়াচ্ছে। ছবির মুক্তি ‘আকরিক’ মুক্তি পাচ্ছে ৭ এপ্রিল।
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2023.03.24 13:29 protonprotocol_ SAFU — Validation✅

SAFU — Validation✅
One more objective completed, SAFU approved, we closed with CoinSult- @CoinsultAudits a renowned company specialized in this area!
🔹CoinSult SAFU:
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2023.03.24 13:29 ThrowRA-2125 One Month Post D-Day Update & A Thank You To Reddit.

It’s been a whole month since I (26M) was told my by ex-girlfriend (25F) of 6 years that she had been having an affair with a married co-worker of hers.
Quick backstory:
I was told by my ex-girlfriend that she had been having an EA with her married co-worker who also has a newborn at home. Claimed it was only emotional, but she also deleted all the texts and switched off our phone plan within days. She wanted to reconcile, but I could see through all of her lies and deceit. None of the story made any sense and I could tell it had been going on for much longer than I had known and it has been more intimate than I’d probably like to know. I ended up telling some of her co-workers, the wife of the husband (who basically told me she knows and to leave her be, which makes me think she has known MUCH longer than I) and some of her family members before I broke it off. So far, absolutely no regrets in walking away.
The first two weeks were easily the hardest of my life. I realized I was so sickly co-dependent on her for my happiness, that I almost immediately wanted to attempt reconciliation because I was so afraid of what my life would look like without her. I questioned my self worth and felt so low because of how awful she had made me feel. But during those two weeks of reflecting, I realized I had lost the person I was during this relationship. I wasn’t doing things I liked, and always found myself trying to appease her. I realized I was so caught up in the relationship that I never saw my needs weren’t being met.
It’s been difficult, but I’m here a month later and can confidently say I’m getting better everyday. I’m going to the gym nearly everyday, eating healthy, and back to watching sports and doing what I love to do. I still think about her, especially at night and in the morning when I’m alone. But I realize that she is not the person I thought she was and she is the sole source of all the pain I felt.
I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone on here who reached out to me in both my posts and in messages. The support I got from everyone easily kept me in a better head space, and I wouldn’t have known how to react if I didn’t have the advice of all you. So thank you all🙏🏻
TLDR: One month since I learned of my ex-girlfriends affair. I’ve broken it off and have been working on myself, doing better each day.
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2023.03.24 13:28 chrisevans1400 No wonder

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2023.03.24 13:28 Brainstorm71 Brainstorm Days

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2023.03.24 13:28 Meuphonia Chopin - Mazurka in A minor, Op.68 No.2

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2023.03.24 13:28 tkris9 Sexy vampire plan

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2023.03.24 13:27 ShrekMakesMeHard love/hate relationship with game

This game is an emotional rollercoaster. One game i get put with two 700 bastions at 500 trophies that just rush in with one magazine like goddamn idiots and then spam help help, while it win a 1v3 and ofc that has to be the first fight of the round so i can count on 2 more full teams geared up waiting to rush, defeat. Next game i get put with 2 average power bots that are programmed to have some sense but i'm surrounded by 2 op teams. We slug it out but still 2nd place at best if i'm on top of my game. And then the 3rd game i get put with random people that actually know how to play the game and we dominate at 500 trophy level. And ofc the ratio is 10:5:1. Also the goddamn cards. I have 200+ cards for heroes i don't use and the ones i use/want to use have to grind 3 days to a week to upgrade rare-epic or epic-legendary one hero. I know its a heavy p2w game and i don't mind. What i mind is the imbalance(contracts mainly but few other problems inbetween) that rots the game from inside and out.
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2023.03.24 13:27 coinmannf I don't know if this is the right place more in comment

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2023.03.24 13:26 jairusbibleworld Understanding Jehovah’s Commands Bible Study with Jairus – Leviticus 17

Understanding Jehovah’s Commands Bible Study with Jairus – Leviticus 17
Consuming Blood
Leviticus 17 talks about Jehovah’s command against consuming blood. Our discussion focuses on why God does not allow blood to be consumed. Of course, in addition to health and hygiene considerations, there are also spiritual considerations.
I was contemplating this question while I watched Sid Roth, an American Christian TV host, inviting Michael Brown, who is Jewish and a doctor of theology, to debate with a Jewish rabbi on his show. This man who had his doctorate in Christian studies tried to prove to the rabbi that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He tried to prove Jesus was sacrificed on the cross once, and He forever satisfied God’s request so we can receive eternal salvation in Him. But the way that this Jewish rabbi understood the Old Testament was different from this man with a doctorate in Christian studies. The Jewish rabbi said that in the Old Testament, Jehovah repeatedly emphasized that one’s own son should not be sacrificed to the idols, and when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, Jehovah personally stopped him. This shows that Jehovah was very opposed to the sacrifice of sons. Therefore, he believed that the statement that God has sacrificed his son Jesus Christ was unacceptable. This is not what he believes Jehovah would do.
We certainly did not agree with this Jewish rabbi, but we did have to think about why Jehovah had repeatedly warned the Israelites not to sacrifice their children to Molek, but He had offered His Son as a sacrifice. We also had to consider why Jehovah prohibited anyone from consuming the blood of any creature, but He prepared the blood of His Son for us to consume. In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus clearly stated that “You will eat my flesh and drink my blood” (John 6:54).
Listen more on: PodBean
#bibleversedaily #bibleversefortoday #biblestudytime #BibleVerseChallenge2023 #biblestudywithjairus #biblestudy #BibleVerseSharingChallenge #bibleverseoftheday
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2023.03.24 13:26 mgcypes Would you like to join a genre-dedicated bookclub on discord?

TL;DR: Want to read these kinds1 of novels together in sync?
DM me, u/mgcypes, if you want to join a discord server that exists to organize exactly that!

Hello everyone here on MartialMemes. I would very much like to introduce you to our genre1 dedicated book club!
In short, the discord server seeks to organize synchronized reading of novels, usually in the format of reading a target amount of chapters pr. week, with a concurrent dedicated text-channel for discussion.
Alongside a co-read, we also have optional opt-in events, ranging from trivia minigames, weekly riddles, to full events like a jeopardy.

We heavily focus on experiencing a novel together at the same time, and thus spoilers are a big moderation subject. Anything beyond, or major within, the current-target-chapters, are 100% considered spoilers, and must be tagged as such. Alongside keeping it pegi13, not openly sharing piracy, and general common sense, that's pretty much it for the rules.

On our server, we will typically have around 2 main co-reads.
Currently, this consists of being up to release on Shadow Slave and Circle of Inevitability (LoTM2), as well as the upcoming start of co-reading Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, set at an initial 75 chapters / week, starting the 31st of this month (Friday, March)!

If you are like many of our members, and read plenty more than what the main novels have, don't fancy the choices, or really want to read something else, we also have the Library pavilion2: Where you can make a post and collect enough members to start an unofficial co-read through the server's help. If it gets popular enough early enough, being promoted to main novel is also a possibility; like Shadow Slave was. Totally join my cradle pavilion this summer wink

We, of course, also have a dao-debate room, where general novel discussion takes place, and a sect courtyard where other off-topic content takes place. The latter being an optional claimable role2unlock.

(1); :Stonks: Progression fantasy, Cultivation, Xianxia, Xuanhuan, Wuxia, LitRPG etc.
(2): Claim the role in #roles to see the pavilions. There is a minimum number of participants needed, to be allotted a channel, and pacing is primarily to be handled by the participants themselves.

I am not providing a direct join link, as we would like you to dm u/mgcypes, @ Cypes#5798, or simply commenting on the post (anything that gives me a notification) - to show that initial level of interest; that's pretty much our member filter.
You are also very welcome to ask questions via the same method.

TL;DR: Want to read these kinds of novels together in sync?

DM me, u/mgcypes, if you want to join a discord server that exists to organize exactly that!
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2023.03.24 13:26 TheHamsterDog Humbled international student…

Intended Major: Double major in CS and Philosophy
Intended Minors: Math and Business
Academic Stats:

Awards: * 2nd position at an international programming competition * 1st position at a state-level marketing competition * 2 X 3rd positions at national level STEM competitions * 3 X 2nd position at a state-level gaming tournament * 2 X 3rd positions at stem-related state-level competitions * 1st place at a stem related school level competition * 2 X verbal mentions at MUNs + one honorable mention
Letters of Recommendation:
Rejected: * Stanford(REA)
Awaiting results: * Harvard
Do you guys think that I have even a shot at getting into the IVYs to which I applied? I’ve given up all hopes since I got rejected from Brandeis this morning…
Feel free to ask me anything.
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