Apartments on bemiss rd valdosta ga

So far, yet so far to go.

2023.03.24 08:18 Obviouslyaburer10027 So far, yet so far to go.

This is literally my first reddit post. After trolling an incredible amount of hours, over an incredible amount of topics.
I've done okay.
Bad accident, large windfall @32 fueled the beginning of my addiction, as I'm sure other things in my life did. Needless to say I went from ~120k in the bank to -45k in debt.
In the past 14 months I've payed off 36k of that and begun to save in my 401k nearly 20k. I've lived on nothing for the past 14 months, but I haven't gambled; until the last few weeks.
I've regained my health, 40 pounds of weight loss, a lovely new women in my life, and a great career.
For the love of God I need some love from random internet strangers. I've begun playing $50-$200 a week again. I need to get back into GA as much as I needed to write this post.
I've done okay.
I'm a human being with what was a crippling addiction and I fear it will become one again. I'm impressed and happy, though wildly fulfilled with the idea I've nearly unbuttoned myself from these gambling debts, as the behavior has begun again. I pour every ounce of my being into others, yet am never satisfied with myself. I needed to put into words that I will get clean. I will get clean, I will change my life, and I will be able to help others in a meaningful way one day. All we have is each other.
The idea that I'm 32 in a shit apartment with shit credit with fucking roaches as roommates is a hard pill to swallow. I did this to myself. That's an even harder one to swallow.
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2023.03.24 02:57 amber_psych Military Partners Survey

Military Partners Survey
Hello everyone!
I am working on my dissertation for my doctorate in clinical psychology and would greatly appreciate anyone wanting to participate in my survey. I am also a military spouse and know there are unique struggles of being in a relationship with an active-duty military member. I wanted to help create better care for those seeking therapy. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
The link provided is an anonymous link.
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2023.03.24 00:53 fourleggedtable Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 6

Tracking Murders in Norfolk, Part 6
Good evening,
We are back together after another decently lengthy period of time, but back together we are, nonetheless. This time, a single incident resulted in two people being shot, but fortunately only one died as a result of the incident. To review, I am posting and examining these incidents not to scare people (the opposite) or to demonstrate graphical fluency (my maps are mediocre), but to educate on a) patterns in violent crime, b) how often violent crime doesn't happen. For all the doom and gloom sold to us, there are plenty of days that Norfolk isn't the bloodbath that some folks trying to profit or clout-grab say it is.
Ten days ago, 13 MAR 2023, two people were shot on the 1100 Block of East Princess Anne Rd. Both were taken to the hospital, but, as of right now, Tashonta Hillard died from the shooting. She died four days later, on 18 MAR 2023. Tashonta Hillard was 25 years old, and now she is not around anymore.

As the weather warms, there has not been a violent killing north or east of the Lafayette River in 2023.
A few thoughts:
- This was the sixth murder in Norfolk this year, or at least the sixth that I have noticed.
- Tashonta Hillard was the first woman killed this year, and the youngest by a fair margin (25 vs. the previous mark of 34). I do not know what this means, but it does shift some stats. For example. the average age goes from 43 to 40; still higher than I would have expected. This also sets the average age of men killed at 43 and women at 25, with a tiny sample size.
- The last murder was 18 FEB 2023, and I am once again marking by the date of incident rather than date of death. That puts these two murders 23 days apart, though my manual counting may be off. This is just short of the longest gap, about a month, and obviously far longer than the shortest gap, which was about 12-18 hours on the same day in different locations.
- As far as neighborhoods, this is tough to classify, as a Google Maps search of 1100 Block of E. Princess Anne Rd plus my own experiences in car and bicycle brings to mind that no-man's-land between Tidewater Dr and the railroad tracks, near the Jewish Cemetery and where the Tobacco Factory used to be. It's not really in a neighborhood at all. The 13 News video clip shows a car out of action by the railroad tracks. I might broadly call this Huntersville, but that seems inaccurate. You judge for yourself.
My usual disclaimeexplanation: I am tracking this data for one year and my intention is not to paint Norfolk as a violent hellscape. My intention is actually to show that much of Norfolk, both geographically and demographically, is relatively safe.
Be safe and make good decisions, especially as Spring arrives.
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2023.03.23 20:41 chlozac off campus housing

has anyone ever dealt with enviar management company? i’m considering leasing an apartment of their’s that’s on N Decatur Rd across from the law school. i’m a little sussed out and i think it may be a scam, but i wanted to see if anyone has rented with them before first.
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2023.03.23 11:49 imsolutions25 Logo Design Tips For Beginners by IM Solutions, the Best Logo Designing Company in Bangalore

Logo design is a crucial aspect of any business, as it represents the company's identity and helps create a memorable brand image. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, a well-designed logo is essential to building a strong brand image. However, logo design can seem overwhelming, especially for beginners. Here are some tips to help you create an effective and memorable logo design:
Keep It Simple:
Simplicity is key when it comes to logo design. A simple logo is easier to remember, and can be easily recognized, even when viewed in a small size. Avoid using too many colors or complicated graphics, and instead focus on creating a clean and simple design that can be easily reproduced, says IM Solutions, a Brochure Designing Company in Bangalore.
Make It Scalable:
Your logo should look good at any size, from a business card to a billboard. Make sure your logo design is scalable, and that it can be easily resized without losing its clarity or quality. This will ensure that your logo can be used in a variety of applications and media, both online and offline.
Choose The Right Colors:
The colors you choose for your logo will have a significant impact on its overall look and feel. Choose colors that are appropriate for your brand and that reflect your company's values and personality. You should also consider how the colors will look when printed in black and white, as well as how they will look on different screens and devices, says IM Solutions, creative graphic design agency bangalore.
Consider Typography:
The font you choose for your logo is just as important as the design itself. Choose a font that is easy to read and that reflects your brand's personality. Avoid using too many fonts or overly stylized fonts, as this can make your logo look cluttered and difficult to read.
Think About Context:
Consider the context in which your logo will be used. Will it be used on websites, business cards, or packaging? Will it be used in large or small sizes? Think about how your logo will be used and make sure it is suitable for each context.
Get Feedback:
Getting feedback from others can be invaluable when it comes to logo design. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for their opinions on your design, and consider incorporating their feedback into your final design. You can also use online platforms such as 99designs or Crowdspring to get feedback from a wider audience, says IM Solutions, Creative Design Agency in Bangalore.

Create A Unique Design:
Your logo should be unique and set your business apart from your competitors. Avoid using clichéd symbols, such as the globe for travel or the briefcase for business, and instead focus on creating a unique design that represents your brand.
Make It Timeless:
Your logo should be timeless and not tied to current trends or fads. Avoid using trendy graphics or fonts, as these will quickly become outdated. Instead, focus on creating a classic design that will stand the test of time.
Make It Relevant:
Your logo should be relevant to your business and your target audience. Consider your brand's values and personality, and make sure your logo reflects these qualities, says IM Solutions, Creative Design Company bangalore.
Hire A Professional:
Finally, consider hiring a professional logo designer if you are struggling to create an effective logo. A professional designer will have the experience and expertise to create a high-quality logo that accurately represents your brand.
In conclusion, logo design is a crucial aspect of building a strong brand image. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced designer, these tips will help you create an effective and memorable logo design that accurately represents your brand.
Visit: Corporate Office: 921, Laxmi Tower, 4th Floor, 5th Main Rd, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
Phone: +91-8880564488
Email: [email protected]
Branch Office:214, South West Block, Near Ram Mandir, Alwar, Rajasthan
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2023.03.23 05:07 BlazeRaiden Respect Elaine Mallory! (The Dresden Files)

Respect Elaine Mallory!


When Harry Dresden was a teenager studying magic under Justin DuMorne, he was joined by another protegee of DuMorne's by the name of Elaine Mallory. As both were the same age and were effectively raised together, they became close, eventually starting a relationship. Eventually, DuMorne would seek the power of Black Magic, hoping to enthrall both of his protegees to be his powerful servants. He started with Elaine as she was less adept at magic than Harry was. Once Elaine was under his control, DuMorne attempted to enthrall Harry but the young wizard fought back, burning down the house they were in and killing DuMorne. Elaine had survived, seeking sanctuary from Aurora, the Lady of the Summer Court. Elaine avoided prying eyes by residing in the Nevernever, the dimension where the supernatural reside until she was called upon by Aurora to act as an emissary after Ronald Reuel, the Summer Knight, had been murdered.
During the events of Summer Knight, Elaine reveals herself to Harry, who is now operating as a private investigator of Chicago's supernatural. The two agree to work together secretly so that the White Council, who is currently observing Harry, do not notice. Eventually, it is revealed that Elaine had been undermining Harry alongside the Summer Court so that Aurora could permanently seize power from the Winter Court, who Harry had been forced into working with. When all hope seems lost, Harry discovers that Elaine was attempting to double cross Aurora, and she managed to help Harry defeat Aurora in the end.
During the events of White Night, Elaine has been revealed to have started up a similar business to Harry in the city of Los Angeles. She travels to Chicago to assist the Ordo Lebes, a group of low-level practitioners in solving the mystery on why their members are being murdered. Working alongside Harry, they discover that a White Court Vampire of House Skavis is impersonating a member of the Ordo and is driving the women to suicide using his power of inducing despair. Defeating the Skavis, Elaine returns to Los Angeles but helps Harry set up the Paranet, a network for magical practitioners to defend against supernatural threats.

Thread for Scaling

Harry Dresden

Source Key

Fool Moon=FM
Summer Knight=SK
Winter Night=WN
Turn Coat=TC
Ghost Story=GS




Offensive Magic

Other Magic


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2023.03.23 04:49 RevolutionaryHawk769 Feedback on Naperville/Lisle apartment complexes

Hey Folks, the missus and I have been planning to move to the burbs and have shortlisted the following apartments. It would be very helpful if some of you here have any feedback about these apt complexes. Also wanted to know if any of these apartments fall in not so safe areas in the burbs!
  1. Green Trails, 2800 Windsor Dr, Lisle, IL 60532
  2. Huntington Apartments - Naperville, 20 S Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60540
  3. Arbors of Brookdale Apartments, 1373 Ivy Ln, Naperville, IL 60563
  4. Brookdale on the Park, 1652 Brookdale Rd, Naperville, IL 60563
  5. 803 Corday at Naperville Apartments, 803 Corday Dr, Naperville, IL 60540
  6. Glenmuir of Naperville Apartments, 2604 Rockport Ln, Naperville, IL 60564
PS: Moving to the burbs is a new exp for us considering we have never lived in one before :)
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2023.03.23 03:56 UnSCo I want to buy a boat. Advice?

I know the title is super generic and I couldn’t find a wiki here or anywhere else for first-time boat buyers/owners.
I’m looking for a nice, all-around boat for most bodies of water (mostly the lake, but also maybe saltwater occasionally) that can fit at least 6 -8, maybe(?) 10 , maybe 7 others on and have a good amount of fun. Something with some fun speed (so no pontoon lol), nothing insane though. I’d pay for storage during the summer on the lake, and store it at my parent’s property 2 hours away when not in use. Living in an apartment in the city, 20 min or so from the lake, so it’s not gonna be coming near there.
I’m thinking a Bowrider, as big as I can manage (for more people). I’d budget in as much as $20k, hopefully less since it seems like there are decent ones for sale for way cheaper. Something that won’t need any work done anytime soon and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain or fix if something breaks. Yes, I know boats are generally expensive money pits sometimes, but figure there are certain brands/engines that are better than others.
It needs to weigh under 3500 lbs. as I’ll be towing it with a Model Y EV. I’d like to go on trips too, different lakes and whatnot. Yes, towing with an EV sucks but I’ve done it before and I won’t tow the thing often enough to make it a huge problem.
Surprisingly, I do know how to drive a boat! Very well, I’d say. Used to go shrimping a lot as a teenager on a decent sized, nicer Jon Boat and you had to be very precise going in and out when the other guy threw the net. I know how to put it off/on a trailer as well. Also aware of most of the basics, best practices, and rules.
I’d buy from anywhere in SC, NC, and GA if it means getting a solid boat and a decent deal. You guys are the experts, any advice? Besides “don’t buy a boat” lol
Edit: I knocked down the passengers to just 6-7.
Edit 2: Okay, seems the 3500 lbs. towing capacity limit is pushing it for my needs. With that in mind, I may upgrade to the Model X which has a 5,000 lbs. towing capacity, or just get a truck. Definitely something that’s important to consider though so thanks for the advice on this!
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2023.03.23 03:33 whirlpool4 Events for Fri 3/24 - Sun 3/26

10 AM - 6 PM each day 2nd Annual NM Renaissance Celtic Festival Wildlife West Nature Park, 87 E. Frontage Rd., Edgewood 5 main stages 3 small stage with concerts, shows, jousting, singing and games to play, challenge your wits with the "Quest" or skill with the X-Marks the Spot, Tomato Toss and nail the mean person with a raw tomato, Girl Scouts "Slay The Dragon" Game. 130 vendors, food, crafts, art, jewelry, blades, local breweries, clothing, leather bags, leather wear, bags, specialty teas, coffee, cookies, baked goods, fun games and festival quest, time travelers, pirates, vikings, mermaids, armor fighters, jousting, concerts, comedy, sultry shows, characters, Celtic saint’s stories, sword and belly dancing, and more (tickets and full list of vendors and entertainment lineup)
**SAT 3/25 AND SUN 3/26 *\*
10 AM - 12 PM Flix Junior: Sing Flix Brewhouse, 3236 La Orilla Rd. NW Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love. Gear up for your audition at this family-friendly movie outing! All ages are welcome to our Flix Junior showings. Expect lower volume levels for sensitive ears (tickets)
12 - 1 PM Cultural Dances - Ryedale Largo & Diné/Mescalero Apache Dance Group Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th St. NW Celebrate the seasonal cycles through prayer, song, and dance with our Cultural Dance Program. Dances connect us to our ancestors, community, and traditions while honoring gifts from our Creator. They ensure that life continues and connections to the past and future are reinforced. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the only place in North America to offer cultural Native American dances every week, year-round. Free for museum members, or with admission. Dance groups and times subject to change (tickets)
** Fri 3/24 *\*
Fri 12 - 2 PM Las Brujas Chicanas Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Courtyard, 500 University Blvd. NE First-come, first-served but registration is appreciated. For more info about the concert series. Experience the poetics, music, dancing, and community of Chicano "son jarocho," which is a musical and dance genre with roots in Veracruz, Mexico, and a history shaped by Spanish, Indigenous, and African traditions. In the U.S., the tradition has gained traction due to its accessible, collective, and often politicized practice. Las Brujas Chicanas is a son jarocho music collective of students, faculty, and community members emerging from the UNM Dept. of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Since 2016, Las Brujas have been cultivating this music through workshops and fandangos on campus and -- since 2022 -- master musician Laura Rebolloso has been teaching the group. In June 2023, the collective will be performing in Paris, France, and this concert is a way for them to share what they are working on. So bring your lunch and join the "fandango," or celebratory communal gathering in which band members take turns singing, dancing, and playing! * This event is sponsored by the UNM Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, Latin American & Iberian Institute, Dept. of Music, and LGBTQ Resource Center. It is the first of four performances that comprise the “Maxwell Courtyard Concert Series - Spring 2023," a celebration featuring superb local and regional artists. Please join us for the free concerts and dance party as we transform our intimate courtyard into a unique cultural venue. During these events, the Maxwell as well as its Museum Store will be open and refreshments will be offered
Fri 5 - 10 PM Gin & Jazz: Spring Jazz Edition Tractor Brewing - Wells Park, 1800 4th St. NW We've got a special edition of Gin and Jazz celebrating the onset of Spring! The evening starts at 5 pm with Jazz Traveler playing for the first time ever at Tractor only to be followed by the super talented Bobcats Swing Jazz band at 8pm! Get out your best Jazz outfit and spend your Friday with us!
Fri 6 - 8 PM Ladies' Night Out - A Charcuterie Affair - Part 2 Pinspiration, 6271 Riverside Plaza Ln. NW, Ste D1 Now that you have your own personalized charcuterie board would you like to learn how to create a beautiful display of food to “Wow” your guests at your next party or gathering? Look no further! Join us and learn the art of displaying your charcuterie treats on your board with us. The food (meat, cheeses, fruit, nuts, etc.) and instruction are included in this workshop. Make sure to bring your prepared board you created the Friday before. Can you attend this workshop even if you didn’t make your own board or already have a charcuterie board… of course you can! Workshop fee: $55 per person, a $10 deposit is required to reserve your spot, the balance will be paid the day of the workshop. Limited spots available, so register early! If unable to attend, studio credit will be given for another workshop or crafts. Ladies bring your gal pals, friends and family to join you for an evening of fun! Can you imagine having a party with your friends showing off your personalized charcuterie boards full of visually appetizing food you all made together!
Fri 6 - 9 PM Women’s Social Hour Wild Moon Collective, 309 Rio Grand Blvd. NE, Ste 2 FREE EVENT! Let's get social and connect with other ladies in our local community over Rosé, baked goods, beauty products & permanent jewelry. Also enjoy light bites, refreshments & Giveaways! This Social Hour is FREE and hosted by Trisha w/Wild Moon Collective, Stef Alyssa & Britt McVey w/LimeLife by Alcone, Kay w/Desert Stacks Co., Melissa w/Nini Goods, Michelle w/Meech Balloons & Southwest Statements!
Fri 6 - 9 PM Variety Dance CSP Dance Studios, 1624 Eubank Blvd. NE Welcome to the city's biggest variety dance! We'll be playing all kinds of music: ballroom, latin, country, swing, you name it! $10 cash/check at the door (sorry, no card or Venmo, CashApp, etc.) Welcome lesson from 6:00-6:30pm
Fri 7 - 9 PM Mozart in March Kelly Jo Designs by Wine, 6829 4th St. NW, Los Ranchos Spring has Sprung! Join us for a night of iconic arias in the garden! Mozart has some of the most recognizable music in the operatic cannon and we want share some of our favorites, and maybe even a few you havent heard!
Fri 7 - 10 PM Swing into Spring Dance Escape In Time, 1100 San Mateo Blvd., Ste 21 Swing Dance the night away! $10 per person
Fri 8 - 9:30 PM Studio Night Out! Dirty Bourbon, 9800 Montgomery Blvd. Come join us for a fun night out on the town! Come as you are and get your groove on. Feel free to invite anyone to come join the party. This event is free other than the cover at The Dirty Bourbon. There's no cover if you arrive before 8PM. Let us know if you have any questions at either 505-750-0011 or 520-261-1223
Fri 8:30 PM Comedy Night B2B Garden Brewery, 8338 Comanche Rd. NE Chuck Parker Comedy and Crosslines Media present another killer stand-up comedy showcase, featuring some of the funniest comics in the 505, with another Comedy Night! This month's headliner: Bryan Valencia Featuring Eddie Stevens & Isabel Madley with your hosts Chuck Parker and Sam Alvarado
Fri 9 PM Dark Dance Friday Pop-Up Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Temple of Sound returns with A Goth/90s/Industrial/Alternative Dance Party. Expect a mix of sinister sounds and driving beats from the likes of your favorite artists and some up-and-comers. Red-209 and DJ Suspence will be keeping you dancing all night. Appropriate goth attire suggested but not required. Music starts at 9 / 21+
** Sat 3/25 *\*
Sat 8:30 AM Team Rubicon Special Clean Up Historic Fairview Cemetery, 700 Yale Blvd. SE Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams, providing disaster response around the world, as well as here in the USA. The New Mexico chapter of Team Rubicon will be at Historic Fairview Cemetery to help clear the downed tree limbs that have fallen during our recent wind storms. Our regular volunteers are welcome to join in this special clean up event. Super volunteers Dominic and Renie will bring their tractor to help us make a big dent in the remaining mulch pile. We're focusing on family plots in the southwest area of the cemetery. Please join us! As always, bring tools such as rakes, pitchforks, hoes, and shovels. Wear your long sleeves, sturdy shoes, hats, eye protection, and sun screen. We'll provide water and snacks
Sat 8:30 AM Cars and Coffee Presented by Dub Motorwerks Pacific Rim Food Park, 6901-B San Antonio Dr. NE Our Second Gathering of a New Once Per Month Gathering for individuals and their families to come out and enjoy some cars along with some delicious drinks from Dawn Patrol Coffee Shack and other vendors as the park grows! This is intended on being a Drama/Judging Free Gathering that is simply about enjoying your time and having a good time. We ask for propesafe arrival and departure to and from the location to respect the ownership for giving us this opportunity, also no excessive reving, crazy driving ect in the lot. If you have to question what level is excessive then maybe you should tag a ride if you want to come enjoy. Roll in starts at 8:30am and ends kinda whenever as the later you stay more food option open up. We plan on hosting this every 3rd-4th Saturday of the month with the possibility of it becoming more regular. All Makes, Models, 2 wheels, 4 wheels welcome! We just want to bring back old school quality car gatherings back for those who enjoy the world as much as we do!
Sat 9 AM 30th Annual César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Celebration National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St. SW the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee will host the 30th Annual César Chávez and Dolores Huerta Celebration – the only celebration of its kind in the country that honors both great civil rights activists. Join us at the NHCC as we gather in solidarity with others around the country in support of the movement toward nonviolence. Nonviolence is our strength “Sí Se Puede”, “Yes, we can.” (more info)
Sat 9 - 10 AM Montgomery Park Clean Up! 5510 Ponderosa Ave NE Albuquerque is worth the work to keep beautiful! Please join me fellow Burqueños at the Montgomery Park litter clean up! Trash bags and gloves will be provided to you at the 9AM check-in; please meet me in the parking lot by the pool. I also have 4 extra litter pick up sticks to loan for the hour so be there early to grab yours! Please remind your family and friends not to litter!
Sat 10 AM - 12 PM Community Spring Sale Palmilla Senior Living, 10301 Golf Course Rd. NW Find something for yourself and raise money for Alzheimer’s at the same time. Head to Palmilla Senior Living’s front lawn for a community-wide spring sale. Pick up coffee and a breakfast burrito while you shop. Proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association
Sat 10 AM - 2 PM Be My Neighbor Day Explora!, 1701 Mountain Rd. NW Join us for this FREE Event! Be My Neighbor Day is all about being a caring neighbor and supporting families in our neighborhood. Meet Daniel Tiger, Story time, music and hands-on fun, A Community Walk and Park Clean-Up at Tiquex Park at 10:30am, Community Resource Fair, FREE Books
Sat 10 AM - 3 PM MavsterClass - Brew Double White Marble Brewery, 111 Marble Ave NW Learn to brew our beloved Double White with our Production Manager, John Heine. The MavsterClass will include brewing DW from start to finish with John, beer education, lunch, a pint and various tastings throughout the day. For your safety please wear closed toe shoes and full length pants. Open toe shoes are not allowed in the Brewery. Safety glasses will be provided. Must be 21+ to participate. Tickets are $55 per person, and there is extremely limited availability
Sat 11 AM - 2 PM 2nd Annual Renegade Classics & Rich Ford Bike Show Rich Ford, 8601 Lomas Blvd. NE Sponsored by Law Tigers! Preregistration at Renegade Classics. On Site Registration at 10am
Sat 11 - 4 PM Little Big Man's Benefit Car Show & Concert 4 Ramada Plaza Hotel, 2020 Menaul Blvd. NE This year, we will be donating to a new organization called Help Me Grow. 50% of ticket sales will go to the Help Me Grow organization. There will be live performances, great cars, great food and vendors * (Ticket sales will be the day of show only, so don't buy presale tickets from anyone) $10, kids 12 and under free
Sat 12 PM - 5 PM Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival Balloon Fiesta Park, 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE The 7th Annual Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival features some of the area's most popular food trucks along with dozens of regional and national craft breweries. The Festival will be bringing the ultimate food truck experience with live music, an arts market, and games for the entire family • Food and drink will be sold separately from admission • Family friendly (children 10 and under are FREE) • Leashed dogs allowed • Cash and credit available at gate and most vendors • ATMs available • Lawn chairs welcomed and recommended • No refunds on admission or beer tickets Get your half-off General Admission Tickets ONLINE now! GA Tickets - $5 in advance, $10 at the gate. *Festival is Rain or Shine!
Sat 12 - 5 PM Bunny Ears & Wet Noses Easter Pet Photos Boofy's Best for Pets, 4610 Cutler Ave NE, Ste A Put on your best Easter attire and join us for Easter photos with your pet! All well-behaved critters and humans are welcome to participate. $10 per photo suggested donation benefits the 120+ foster cats and kittens being helped by FAT KATZ
Sat 6 PM Fifth Annual Black & Yellow Bash Electric Playhouse, 5201 Ouray Rd. NW Meet the players! Experience fun, immersive New Mexico United projector games! Enjoy United-themed drink specials and free light refreshments! And, MOST importantly, see our 2023 jerseys for the first time! Doors open at 6 PM, Party starts at 7 PM. Tickets $15, with proceeds benefitting the incredible efforts of the Somos Unidos Foundation
Sat 7 PM Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience Sunshine Theater, 120 Central Ave SW Doors 7pm Show 8pm, all ages. Advance tickets - $20 + service charge. Venue VIP packages available Tickets from previously rescheduled dates will be honored!
Sat 7 - 9 PM Sol de la Noche Duet Marble Brewery Westside Tap Room, 5740 Night Whisper Rd. NW Through the lens of Alternative Latin American music Sol De La Noche connects us with sounds of different cultures around the world and invites us to dance
Sat 7 - 10 PM Hook Your Single Friends Up PowerPoint Edition Tractor Brewing - Wells Park, 1800 4th St. NW It's almost Valentines Day! I mean like the next day so, come and hook your friends or self up like the cupid you are! We all think we're the best at selling and talking up our friends to potential romancers, but maybe it's time to put our money with our mouth is. Here's the deal: You make a powerpoint presentation (3 minutes long) about why someone should date your friend. We give you a stage, a mic, and a big screen to project on. Afterwards, your friend will get to do a quick Q & A with the audience, and if someone's interested after, you've done your job! This is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and a great way to meet new people, so be sure to work within those boundaries on your PPT. The link below will let you submit and sign up in advance, so be sure to do so sooner rather than later. See you all there!
Sat 8 - 10 PM TKTWA & Distances (Free Show) New Mexico Hard Cider Tap Room, 505 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe (it's not ABQ, but it's FREE) Join us for the first ever FREE METAL SHOW with TKTWA & Distances. 2 bands. 2 hours. 21+ ID required
Sat 8 PM - 1:30 AM Apparition Presents: 2nd Annual Vampire Ball Insideout, 622 Central Ave SW Join us for our second annual Vampire Ball! It’s a deliciously undead experience. Featuring DJs Ren + Batboy + Moonside—the unholy trio. Vampire costume party with prizes. Vampire Photo Booth with professional photographer. Expect delirious goth, industrial, death rock, witch house, dark wave, dark post punk and more. $10 for vampires. $15 without. At Insideout (pending renovation completion—otherwise it will be right next door, upstairs at El Rey Mezzanine). Last year was killer. Let’s make this year even better!
** Sun 3/26*\*
Sun 9:30 PM Chocolate and Coffee Run Washington Middle School, 1101 Park Ave SW Chocolate and coffee runners and walkers—your time has come! Register today. NITRO 5K OPEN: 9:30 AM. RUNFIT KIDS K: 10:15 AM. Brought to you in partnership with the Southwest Chocolate & Coffee Fest, Blue River Productions, and Java Joes, the Chocolate and Coffee Run 5K is a fast out-and-back course in the heart of Downtown, Washington Middle School next to Java Joes. ***All participants will receive a ticket ($15 value) to the Southwest Coffee and Chocolate Fest on April 1 or 2, 2023, as well as coffee, chocolate, and a race t-shirt at the Coffee and Chocolate Run
Sun 10 AM March Craft Fair Lunar Rabbit Metaphysical, 2301 San Pedro Dr. NE Come by and check out beautiful crafts by amazing local folks
Sun 10 AM - 2 PM Community Vaccine Clinic Simply Diego's, 3301 Menaul Blvd. NE, Ste 10 Pawsitive Life Rescue of NM partnered with Simply Diego's. Microchip $25, 1 year rabies $20, 3 year rabies $30 (please bring proof of prior vaccine and sign up in person), nail trim $15, combo vaccines: FREE, Bordatella $20. Sign up here
Sun 10 AM - 7 PM Muzzle Entertainment Presents The Inaugural Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show Isleta Resort & Casino, 11000 Broadway Blvd. SE The Inaugural Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show is the area's first and largest guitar show, blending musicians, fans (that's you!), collectors, and celebrities together into one musical extravaganza. With live music performances by local and national artists on the Al Bane For Leather stage. thousands of guitars and musical equipment, over 100 booths, exhibits, and additional special events and activities, the Muzzle New Mexico Guitar Show has more than enough to keep you busy all day!! Join us for some incredible live performances and unbelievable instruments. Get your tickets now ONLY $10.00 General Admission and Kids 10 and under are FREE
Sun 3 - 4:15 PM Holy Week Sacred Music Concert St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church, 5712 Paradise Blvd. NW Experience the serene a-cappella sounds of Holy Week: Gregorian chant, polyphony and contemporary choral music. No tickets required!
Sun 4 - 6 PM Big K! Nexus Blue Smokehouse, 1511 Broadway Blvd. SE What goes better together than soul music and New Mexico soul food...nothing! The Train is pulling into Nexus Blue Smokehouse for a Sunday afternoon R&B party -- get on board!
Sun 4 - 7 PM Music on the Patio: Mineral Hill Canteen Brewhouse, 2381 Aztec Rd. NE Mineral Hill was formed in 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We bring salty Americana, funk, honky-tonk, bossa nova, psychedelia, polka, New Mexico gothic, disco…. Enthusiastic fans have described us as “surprisingly tolerable,” “dork core” and “the house band at the human dog park.” Lauren Addario on drums and vocals, Jonathan Mack on guitar, banjo, and vocals, John Funkhouser on keyboard, vocals, and melodica. Oh, and we all play the kazoo!
Sun 4 - 8 PM Dealers Car Show & Local Showcase Sister, 407 Central Ave NW Dealers has put together a killer lineup of local artists to perform at Sister. Roll through for a spring afternoon of dope music and hit the car as the sun goes down (tickets $20)
Sun 6 - 9 PM Blues Dance Night Juno, 1501 1st St. NW Join us for a blues dance lesson from 6-7 and then dancing from 7-9! This is a free event just make sure to support the bar for their generosity of letting us use this venue. Lacie Forde will be DJing a mix of trad blues and fusion as well as teaching a lesson on connection and rhythmic expression for blues dancing!
Sun 8:30 PM UwU- Kawaii Anime Show Albuquerque Social Club,4021 Central Ave NE Come out for Sunday Funday-- ANIME STYLE! This cast will be bringing there favorite characters and lewks to life! Help us raise money for our coummunity with the ISCNM! Presented by Uncle Jaie Steel! Hosted by the Fabulous Papa Sucia! 21+ event, valid ID required
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2023.03.23 02:14 Now17 HOA sold my friends home

We are in GA. A friend of mine who has owned her home for 20 years and has never been late on her mortgage is getting evicted due to owing her HOA $4,000. They will not take the money at this point.
The HOA sold her home to property investors and she has to be out by the 22nd. The HOA is even already sending welcome letters to the new owners. She has a lawyer of course, and he has advised her to continue paying her mortgage . She now is in the process of trying to buy it back from the investors. In the meantime she will rent an apartment. So she will now pay rent and mortgage.
I can’t believe her HOA can sleep at night, this is so evil imo. My heart hurts for her.
Any advice or loophole for the state of GA. ? Anyone gone through this. ? GA does right to residency laws.
I see that my friend played a role in this and I’m not sure how many notices she received or how long this has been going on. She struggles with mental health issues and the notices could’ve been on of her reclusive dark periods.
I do know that she was very particular about the upkeep of her lawn and home. There is a greater chance that renters will not invest in the upkeep like she has. And honestly I still feel like this was a power play move by her HOA. I just don’t think it was this serious . I would never do this to a person. She is a teacher so she has a very limited income.
She did not live in a condo. It was a single family home in a poorly taken care of subdivision. She stated they did not do anything to better the community.
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2023.03.23 00:45 Fa-ngel Chance me for NYU and Northwestern

I decided just to do this for fun since why not
Demographics: First gen black girl, urban GA, public high achieving magnet IB school
Intended Major(s): Data Science/Statistics and probably double major with international Relations
ACT: 31
SAT: 1320 (didn't report)
UW/W GPA and Rank: school is on a 100-point scale of 93.5 UW and 98 W
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc:
In total took 23 rigor courses out of 37 total courses taken with 11 honors, 6 AP, and 3 IB pertaining more to my major and dual enrollment for higher level math classes
I took all 6 six APs and I got two 4s, three 3's, and one 1 (during lockdown so I couldn't be helped 🤷🏾‍♀️)
Awards: AP scholar, Questbridge finalist but wasn't match :/, National African American Recognition Program (got a free app fee from Northwestern), and an IB certificate for open-mindedness (included it since it kinda matched the vibe of my essays.)
Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities -
Student Ambassador for my school during my junior and senior years giving tours and essentially being the face of our school.
Black Student Union for all four years being treasurer for the last two
Varsity Lacrosse all for years
Was a part of the culinary program all four years raising over 10K to donate to our local mission center
MUN for three years
Was an athletic trainer for two years for our football and track programs
Essays/LORs/Other: Optionally, guess how strong these are and include any other relevant information or circumstances.
My original essay was about how growing up with my immigrant parents pressured me to take different, look at myself and view the world in different ways and become more open to it. However, I turned that one into the questbridge and the grammar was all off so I fixed it and turned in the new essay for NYU.
I felt my LOR from my science teacher was good since I was an active participant in her class and my Stat teacher turned it in late but I feel confident in it.
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
Accepted to the University of San Francisco with a scholarship, and Denison with only having to have 2k a year!
Waitlist: GATech
Rejects: Columbia ED, MIT EA, Swarthmore, Amherst (not really surprising due to how long it took to upload 😅
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2023.03.22 19:02 felix7483793173 Gas Main Leak in Falls Church

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2023.03.22 18:35 CiaoChuruCat Subleasing 2 bedroom apartment - summer 2023

Hi I’m looking to sublease our 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom apartment. May to end of July ideally. Cat friendly, free parking, and offering discount on original rent.
My partner is a UGA PhD and got a summer internship, which is why we want to sublease.
It’s a clean, brand new apartment that is a 20 min walk from UGA and 1 min walk from the cafe Buvez (585 Barber St, Athens, GA 30601). We can lend you our furniture if necessary.
Usual rent is $950/room + $50 internet + $100 for all utilities (total of $2050 a month). BUT we are willing to offer a discount:
$750/room + free internet + free utilities = total of $1500 a month.
I can send pictures and share for details if you DM me.
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2023.03.22 17:39 jkos123 Traffic switch on Legacy Drive between SH 121 and Warren Parkway on Wednesday, March 22

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2023.03.22 14:20 zslsibyl [HELP!] Scan information in the internal system not updated on online tracking?

Hi, I am looking for a priority mail sent from uscis to Atlanta, GA (tracking # 9205590153708642733319). It was delivered to my apartment on Mar 8, but due to some misunderstanding the leasing office returned this mail to the carrier to return it to the sender (but there is no such update on the online tracking; it remains “delivered”). I went to the local post office yesterday and they showed me an internal tracking report. This mail was scanned at a distribution center on Mar 19 and in transit on Mar 20, so I think it’s already on its way back to the sender.
I am quite confused. If this mail has already been returned to the sender, why is the tracking system not updating but stuck at "delivered on Mar 8”? More importantly, why the new scan information not included in the online tracking? Is there any convenient way get access to the internal tracking report ? (I cannot come to the post office everyday; it’s too far away). I really need most updated tracking info for this mail because it contains my immigration documents.
I'm hoping there's an internal USPS angel who can shed some light about these questions and take a look at the internal tracking status for this mail. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help!!
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2023.03.22 13:34 RenanXIII Final Fantasy V Retrospective – The Best of Both Worlds

tldr: FFV is extremely good. Play it.
The middle child of the series’ 16-bit era, Final Fantasy V doesn’t share the same lofty legacy as its immediate predecessor and successor. Final Fantasy IV was a game-changer for the franchise and RPGs on a whole while Final Fantasy VI is still regularly considered one of the greatest games in the series and on the Super Nintendo, but audiences far too often neglect the big bridge between them. Final Fantasy V deserves to be held in the same regard and for good reason. V strikes a perfect balance between the gameplay heavy Job-based titles (I & III) and the denser, story-focused (II & IV) games in a way that neither IV nor VI accomplish.
Philosophically, Final Fantasy V combines the player-driven customization from the odd-numbered entries with the narrative and thematic ambitions of the even-numbered games, albeit not by design interestingly enough. In a 1992 developer interview from Famicom Tsuushin (now Famitsu), series creator and FFV director Hironobu Sakaguchi rejected the idea that V was an intentional culmination of what came before,
“Distilling the essence of Final Fantasy into a single game was not our intention. We created this new job ability system in order to carry forth and further iterate on the good ideas we had in FFIV. In that sense it was a distillation. But rather than summing up all of what Final Fantasy has been, it’s more that we simply wanted to give players a kind of fun they haven’t experienced yet. That doesn’t necessarily imply that we wanted to cut out the good parts from FFIV, though.”
In practice, V takes what works from previous games, but redefines everything to fit its own identity. The Job system has been heavily tweaked to offer greater customization options, while memorable character arcs and dramatic story beats tend to drive the plot forward over pure exploration: it’s the best of III and IV with none of the worst. The kind of “fun [players] haven’t experienced yet” means that everyone will go through the same motions more or less, but no two playthroughs need ever be alike: narrative linearity plays off mechanical flexibility. Even though FFV’s story moves in a fixed fashion like IV, players are afforded an incredible amount of freedom when it comes to building their party courtesy of the revised Job system. The end result is an RPG that will always feel fresh.
The gameplay variety in V is still genuinely impressive to this day. Parties are scaled back down to just four members, but everyone can learn any skill and fulfill any role with enough effort. Every party member starts as a Freelancer who can then be reclassed between 22 Jobs (26 in the GBA port). Party composition is less of a puzzle ala FFIII and treated instead like a proper character building system. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Galuf all begin as blank slates, but will very quickly fall into different gameplay roles based on how you choose to train each character. The lack of CP (Capacity Points) also means you can swap Jobs whenever you want.
Party members can actually learn and equip Job specific abilities in V. You can mix and match abilities with different Jobs, essentially creating hybrid classes suited to your gameplay interests. Make mages deal barehanded damage like Monks, Monks who attack eight times in a single turn with Rapid Fire, or singing Summoners whose summons and Bardsongs turn them into full-blown utility characters capable of dishing out heavy damage, restoring health, and changing the flow of battle with buffs & debuffs. Where FFIII encourages you to upgrade Jobs with each Crystal, V wants you to find the Jobs you like most and go wild having fun.
FFV is well designed enough where sticking with a single Job is perfectly viable, even if challenging. There’s no wrong way to play according to V’s Battle System Designer Akihiko Matsui,
“There’s so many different jobs, and we decided to make them all viable. Players are free to make any kind of party they want. Player A and Player B might have completely different parties, but ultimately any party can make it to the last boss. After players beat the game, I recommend trying a party that caters to your aesthetic sense.”
Character and Job levels are still separate like in III, but Jobs have had their level caps reduced from a flat 99 to between 1 and 7 depending on the class. Jobs start at Lv. 0 and level up by earning ABP (Ability Points) from completing battles. How much ABP a Job needs is determined by its current level. Lv. 0 Jobs typically only need 10 for their first level, while fully mastering a Job regularly requires hundreds. Since ABP is earned at a slower rate than EXP, ability progression is a gradually paced process. Early encounters will often only yield 1 ABP despite fighting a full team of enemies.
You’re better off relying on boss battles and mid- to late-game battles to master Jobs as enemies will drop more ABP the further you get into the game. You can grind, but simply following the story and getting the abilities you get by playing naturally saves a lot of time in the long run. It’s smarter to go with the flow than to grind for hours off low ABP encounters. At the same time, ability acquisition gives grinding its own rewarding loop and low ABP drops do mean that you can power-level Jobs without necessarily becoming overleveled. Either play style works just fine without completely curbing the difficulty curve.
Each Job level teaches the assigned party member a command, passive, or innate ability that can then be equipped on the Ability screen in the menu. While every Job learns a diverse enough set of abilities to keep them handy, the goal is ultimately to experiment and synergize your party with different abilities. Party members do not learn new spells or abilities by just leveling up, so you need to make use of Jobs to maintain a sense of permanent character progression. Most Jobs can only equip a single ability alongside their class command, while Freelancers have access to two ability slots and Mimes have three at the expense of needing to equip Attack and Items as proper abilities. Ability limits force you to approach Job combos strategically and carefully consider your party’s many options.
V’s Job variety is frankly nothing short of excellent. Job acquisition is fast-paced and you’ll have access to almost every Job before the halfway point. This gives you plenty of time to experiment and find the Jobs best suited to your preferred play style. V also strikes a healthy balance between Final Fantasy mainstays and creative additions that make the gameplay loop even more diverse. Freelancers learn no new abilities, but can equip anything and inherit innate abilities along with stat benefits from mastered Jobs. A perfect Freelancer can inherently dual wield weapons, spot traps in the level design, be able to sprint with B, and counter attacks automatically. A common goal for the endgame is mastering as many Jobs as possible to create the ultimate Freelancer.
The Wind Crystal unlocks the first set of Jobs. Knights can equip some of the best weapons and gear in the game, letting them function as a primary damage dealer and tank. Knights also automatically redirect attacks to themselves when allies are at low health and learn to two-hand Swords, Katanas, or Axes which inflict double damage at the expense of a Shield. Monks have a narrow equipment spread, but are cheap to outfits, always attack twice, counter enemies when struck, and deal heavy damage even without weapons. Their barehanded ability synergizes particularly well with mages, since it allows them to deal decent damage that circumvents their poor weapons spreads.
Thieves have the highest agility in the game, which often means they’ll move first in battle. They can Steal from enemies, later learning the ability Mug, which lets them deal damage while robbing baddies blind. Thieves can also comfortably flee from most encounters, spot hidden passages in the level design, and sprint inside of dungeons & towns by holding B. White Mages play a primarily supportive role by using White Magic to restore HP, heal status effects, and inflict status ailments. Spells are not learned and instead purchased from stores. Purchased spells do not have to be consumed by individual characters and instead apply to the whole party innately. Each Job Level improves the White Mage’s magic capabilities, which is consistent with all magic-based Jobs. Black Mages are squishier than White Mages, but compensate with powerful Black Magic. They play an offensive role, being able to take advantage of elemental weaknesses and status vulnerabilities.
Blue Mages are a new Job created for FF5. Blue Magic cannot be purchased at stores and must instead be learned during battle. Blue Mages learn an ability called Learning that, when equipped, teaches the party any Blue Magic spells enemies use on them. The one caveat is that the attack must connect for it to be learned. Not every attack can be learned, but several enemy spells are obscenely overpowered. Level 5 Death instakills any enemies with a level divisible by 5 and Aqua Breath deals heavy water damage to all enemies on-screen. Regular Blue Magic acquisition and a great spread of attacks makes the Blue Mage one of the most fun Jobs in FFV.
The Water Crystal unlocks five more Jobs once it shatters, with a sixth locked behind an optional dungeon in the final overworld. Time Mages are another new magic-based Job, but they inherit pre-existing magic from previous games. Spells like Haste, Slow, Comet, Float, Teleport, Return, and Meteor are all now considered Time Magic. In practice, Time Mages can use their wide variety of spells to comfortably deal damage, support the party, and debilitate enemies. Summoners can use a wide range of Summon Magic to fulfill different gameplay roles. Summons can deal elemental damage, heal, inflict buffs or debuffs, and the strongest wipe out most enemy encounters with relative ease. While some Summons can be bought at stores, most are tied to side quests and must be found by exploring the overworld & dungeons.
Red Mages can use low and mid tier White & Black Magic in the same ability slot. The best they can cast are -ra spells, but since the best -ga spells are locked off until closer to the end of the game, Red Mages end pulling their weight for quite a while before falling off. Mastering the Red Mage Job is a lengthy endeavor, but ultimately pays off by teaching Dualcast — a borderline overpowered ability that lets them cast two spells in a single turn. Pairing Dualcast with any type of high level magic is one of the best combos a mage could ask for.
Mystic Knights can buff their weapons with Black Magic or Holy via the Spellblade ability. Once enchanted, Mystic Knights combine magical damage with the regular physical capabilities to take advantage of elemental weaknesses or inflict status ailments without compromising attack power. They also automatically cast Shell on themselves at low health to increase their magical resistance. In the right hands and paired with abilities like Rapid Fire and Two-Handed, Mystic Knights end up extremely powerful. Berserkers are an especially unique Job in that they get no active command slots in exchange for dealing considerably buffed damage. While Berserkers can still equip an ability, they cannot be controlled in battle, which limits their overall utility. Berserkers have a great weapon spread, but they need to synergize with the rest of your party well enough to overcome their lack of command slots.
The Fire Crystal unlocks three Jobs right away and then two more once the party explores Black Chocobo Forest. Ninjas are strong, fast, and can dual wield weapons. The Throw command lets them toss items and elemental scrolls at enemies for extra damage, giving them great coverage in combat. Beastmasters can tame, catch, and control different monsters. Controlling a monster gives you full access to their commands. You can make them damage themselves to death or intentionally teach your party rare Blue Magic. Weakened monsters can also be captured and then released in battle, unleashing different attacks depending on the monster. Geomancers fight by altering the terrain with the command Gaia. Their attack types change based on the environment you’re fighting in, along with the character’s level, giving them an impressive amount of gameplay variety. Having a Geomancer in the party will also save you from falling into pit traps and nullify any damage tiles.
Bards make for fantastic utility characters thanks to their variety of Bardsongs. New songs are learned by speaking with NPCs and playing pianos in different towns (like a proper bard!) Singing can buff the party or damage groups of enemies. Songs like Requiem let you lay waste to undead monsters at the cost of 0 MP. Rangers are bow wielders, which means they can deal full damage from the back row. The Aim command increases their accuracy and overall damage, but unlike Rosa from FFIV, bows no longer need individual arrows as ammo. The main benefit to the Ranger class is its mastered ability Rapid Fire, which deals for weak attacks in one turn and pairs excellently with Monks, two-handers, or dual wielders.
The Earth Crystal unlocks the final four Jobs in the original release (sans Mime). Dancers are weaker than other Jobs comparatively, but get by thanks to their unique Dance ability and great access to accessories. Dancing triggers one of four random effects in battle, either confusing enemies, absorbing MP, absorbing HP, or dealing damage. They’re also the only class besides Freelancers who can innately equip Ribbons, which nullify all negative status effects. Dancers on a whole are reliant on equipment to be functional. Gear like Lamia’s Tiara and Red Slippers help raise the chances of Dancers dancing the Sword Dance, turning them into solid attackers. Dragoons are limited to spears and knives for weapons, but have a great equipment spread otherwise. Their abilities let them function as reliable damage dealers who can survive lengthy battles. Dragoons can Jump to temporarily avoid damage mid-air and attack enemies by landing. Lance also drains enemies MP and HP, which pairs well with Mages.
Samurai learn some of the best commands in the game while having access to powerful weapons and gear. With the right set ups, they can obliterate the difficulty curve. Mineuchi is basically a regular attack that sometimes paralyzes enemies. Zeningage lets you throw Gil to deal massive damage. The more Gil you have and the higher your level, the more damage is dealt. Shirahadori raises evasion, turning your party member into a dodge-tank, and Iainuki simply insta-kills most enemies at the cost of requiring two turns to use. Chemists are great support characters designed all around items. They can brew new concoctions mid-battle by mixing different ingredients to different effects. Your existing items can turn into an attack, heal your party, or temporarily buff everyone’s level. Chemists can also drink special potions that buff their stats, and restore more HP & MP by using Potions & Ethers than other Jobs.
The Mime Job can be unlocked by exploring Walse Tower underwater in the final overworld. Mimes are the core of the Job system condensed into a single Jon. They inherit some mastered abilities innate (not all), and have three ability slots that let you fully customize each party member. You can even remove commands like Attack and Items in favor of other abilities. Mimes can also mimic any move used by the previous party member at no MP cost and without consuming items. The Mime makes a great alternative to Freelancers, especially for magic-oriented characters.
Final Fantasy V Advance introduces four extra Jobs. Three of which are available as soon as you unlock all 12 Legendary Weapons and visit the Sealed Temple, with the last unlocked after defeating the Temple’s boss. Gladiators are powerful melee fighters with access to strong weapons and armor whose commands help them make short work of enemies. Oracles are the strongest magic-based Job in the game, but their main command Condemn has a chance of randomly healing enemies, so they’re not the most reliable beyond their stat benefits. Cannoneers can deal full damage from the back row and can combine ingredients together to make new items and the final Job Necromancer learns unique Dark Art spells from enemies like a Blue Mage with Blue Magic. Albeit fun to play with, the GBA Jobs enter the picture too late to actually have an effect on character building.
Overall, V’s Jobs are incredibly fun to play around with and offer a consistently rewarding gameplay loop that lasts the whole playthrough. The early game encourages you to diversify your party, the mid-game pushes you to mix & match dozens of different abilities, and the endgame rewards you for mastering Jobs by letting you customize Freelancers and Mimes into bonafide powerhouses. The Job system gives FFV an incredible gameplay flow that keeps combat and exploration fresh all the way to the credits.
V’s battles flow at a great pace. The ATB (Active Time Battle) system returns from FFIV, albeit with an on-screen bar for each party member that refills and signifies when they can make a move. Taking turns in real-time lends combat a sense of urgency and pressure, especially in boss fights. The difficulty curve is never so high where you’ll be overwhelmed by lightning fast enemies, but V tends to require more strategy and thought than IV on average — although mainly on a prep level. Battles challenge you to diversify your party’s abilities while rewarding you for experimenting with Jobs. Low EXP payout compared to previous games keeps parties from overleveling. The focus is on earning AP, learning abilities, and creating hybrid Jobs.
Enemies are vulnerable to a lot of different elements and status ailments across all types of magic and abilities. Trying with different spells and debuffs usually pays off. There are more status effects to contend with, with some particularly dangerous ones for the party. Old slowly lowers the affected character’s stats. Dischord halves the target’s level. Zombie turns a character against the rest of the party. Smart Job synergy lets you blitz through most random encounters, but you’ll often run into stronger enemies or packed parties that’ll keep you on your toes. It’s not uncommon to fight an army of weaker enemies battling alongside a considerably stronger monster. FFV doesn’t share I or III’s Vancian Magic system despite being a Job-based game, instead maintaining the MP system from FFII and FFIV. MP still needs to be managed to some extent since the best spells require quite a bit of MP to cast, especially Blue Magic.
Combat’s fast and sometimes frantic pace ends up mirroring the game’s overall progression. Final Fantasy V wastes no time opening up. The status quo is always changing and you unlock new Jobs surprisingly quickly. V cycles through three overworlds just like IV. They’re not as striking as Earth, Underworld, and Moon trio, but feel more cohesive. The game begins on the protagonist Bartz’s world, shifts to party member Galuf’s world, and ends in a merged overworlds that’s an amalgamation of both worlds. The story is fairly linear up until the last world where the game finally lets you explore at your leisure. Most of the final dungeons can even be done in any order, most of which are actually optional. V sports more methods of transportation than the average Final Fantasy and cycles through them often, trapping you in specific areas with unique restrictions.
You ride on a Chocobo, set sail on a ship led on a hydra, fly on a dragon’s back, sail a fire-powered boat, fly a Black Chocobo through the air, pilot an airship, and submerge a submarine underwater. The fact you’re always engaging with the overworld in a new way keeps progression fresh and reminds you that anything can change. Some towns disappear and you lose access to them over the course of the story. Multiple dungeons are one-time trips. There are actual consequences to in-game actions. Once you’re done with an overworld, you’re done. There’s no jumping between worlds like in IV. The world permanently changes and stays changed. The space you’re interacting with and how is always being altered. V isn’t the first Final Fantasy with real consequences, but it’s the first one where those consequences fundamentally reshape your experience beyond just locking away a few key areas.
Towns themselves are packed with colorful NPCs who do a good job at directing you. Ancillary dialogue often sets up later story beats or just fleshes out the world in small yet significant ways. V’s game-long side quests encourage you to talk with everyone and hunt the overworld for secret summons and optional dungeons. V’s towns are generally well designed with enough secrets to keep you exploring, but dungeons are the real star when it comes to level design. FFV’s dungeons aren’t as long as III or IV’s, but they’re a healthy length and set pieces are consistently memorable and engaging. There’s a good mix of traps, gimmicks, and environmental variety. Every dungeon feels creatively distinct.
The Ship Graveyard is an early standout, as you explore debris from ruined ships on open water, jumping from wreckage to wreckage. The Library of Ancients features a prominent bookcase maze. Bookshelves move around as you explore the library, opening up seemingly dead-ends and keeping your own navigation confused and claustrophobic. You have to walk into nooks to let the bookshelves collapse back in, creating new ways to traverse the room. The Phoenix Tower is a 30 floor gauntlet with no save points, you only have seven minutes to explore a sunken Walse Tower before you drown, and the Great Sea Trench is filled with damage tiles and pit traps.
The four Tablet dungeons do a great job at closing out FFV on a fight, with the Pyramid serving as a great introduction to the endgame. You only have three party members at this time, which makes things notably harder, but the dungeon itself is packed with different gimmicks. Branching paths lead to chests with monsters ready to ambush you. Sarcophagi that double as secret passages hiding mummies. Wall switches let you deactivate traps and unlock doors. Spike traps block your path and snakes jump out from walls to trigger battle on contact. Mecha Heads patrol the upper floors, and floor tiles that move around every few seconds drop you down to the floor below if you’re not quick enough. By the time you reach the Rift, you’re ready for everything the final dungeon has to toss at you.
V’s presentation really helps bring different set pieces to life and is a big step up from IV. Environments are rich with detail, playing with depth perceptive to add some welcome spatial depth to the level design and using unique effects that help foster atmosphere. Exdeath’s Castle is overflowing with thick fog, dark areas warp the visuals around you, and knee-deep water rushes through Istory Falls. The game’s spritework is nothing short of fantastic. Enemies are the best they’ve ever looked at this point, and each character has a unique battle sprite for every single Job — all of which play to your party members’ distinct personalities. FFV also sports one of Nobuo Uematsu’s most underrated soundtracks. Lenna’s theme is a beautiful song, Fate in Haze is a haunting dungeon tune, and Clash on the Big Bridge is one of the most blood-pumping battle themes in the series. The score has a wide musical range, and is as emotional as it is energetic and ambient.
The scope of Final Fantasy V’s story isn’t as emotionally charged as IV, but it’s no worse for wear. Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshinori Kitase worked on the story together, both leaving their own personality behind in V’s script,
“Sakaguchi was in charge of the overall plot, and because FFV was a relatively serious story, I wanted to be sure to inject spots with a little bit of comic relief and humor.” – Yoshinori Kitase, Scenario Writer The end result is a plot that knows when to be dramatic and when to cut loose a little. Final Fantasy V is just as comfortable letting Bartz and Faris share a tender moment at his parents’ grave as it is having the party’s main rival have a very tongue-in-cheek redemption right before the final battle. V is a Final Fantasy with a sense of humor and a sense of heart.
One particular point in the story’s favor is its modern English localization. While V’s original English translation on PSX left much to be desired (to say the least), the revised Game Boy Advance script plays to the story’s natural charm and stands out as a strong localization altogether. Characters joke around together and interact with each other often, playing off each other’s unique personality traits. Bartz is a few men short of a full crew, Leena is an all-loving princess, Faris is a headstrong pirate with a sensitive side, and Galuf & Krile are usually the game’s go-to when it comes to injecting some humor and pathos into the plot.
Character development is gradual in V, trading IV’s big beats for several smaller interactions amongst the cast that help flesh out their relationships, backstories, and motivations. By the end of the game, V’s party of four feels more defined than IV’s cast of a dozen. Little moments highlight their growth as opposed to life-changing events. Bartz and Galuf build a mutual respect for each other over their journey, and share a man-to-man drink in Regole. Lenna and Faris are two sisters torn apart at birth who reconnect throughout the game and mourn their father together. Krile gets to know the party and forms a bond with everyone before replacing Galuf. Bartz, Lenna, Faris, and Krile feel like a close-knit group of friends when all is said and done.
While the crux of FFV’s story is a fairly traditional “good versus evil” plot, the narrative is bolstered both by strong characterization and some light but tight theming. Nature is dying due to man’s abuse of natural resources. The four Crystals are sapped of their energy, draining the world of its elements. The wind will stop, the air will stagnate, the birds will fall from the heavens and drop dead as seas dry up and fires die out. The fact Exdeath is actually a tree can even be read as nature rejecting humanity and wiping the slate clean as a consequence. The story doesn’t really push the theme beyond the surface level, but that it’s present at all gives the plot a minor layer of depth.
Big gameplay moments to advance the story aren’t as frequent as IV, but they’re as impactful and V has more cutscenes in the grand scheme of things. The Battle at the Big Bridge throws constant enemies at you to build tension during a major turning point for the story. Gilgamesh interrupts a fight with an entirely different boss and superseding their battle theme with his own. Galuf’s death and final duel with Exdeath uses the battle system to emphasize Galuf’s sheer force of will. Exdeath peppers you with powerful attacks, but Galuf refuses to die even at 0 HP. You can feel Galuf’s determination and desperation translated through the gameplay loop as he survives Flare, Holy, and Meteor back to back to back. Watching him fight to the very last inch of his life justifies it when the party can’t help him with Curaga, Raise, Phoenix Downs, or Elixirs. Galuf’s death feels painfully earned narratively and mechanically.
Exdeath is a great villain, both in spite of and because of his outlandishly cartoonish malice. He’s outlandishly cartoonish, laughs maniacally, takes every opportunity to torment the party, and has no real ulterior motives beyond his evil. He’s chaos personified, which is perhaps fitting considering how FFV echoes FFI’s story in several respects. Exdeath also stands out for being an active antagonist whose role isn’t taken over by a last minute villain who was secretly pulling the strings all along. He’s nothing special in the greater context of Final Fantasy villains, but Exdeath serves V’s story well.
Between an incredibly charming story and a fantastic gameplay loop, Final Fantasy V is nothing short of one the best games in the series. It’s a perfect marriage of Final Fantasy’s two distinct styles, combining the character-driven storytelling from II & IV with the gameplay diversity of I & II while giving both halves of the experience enough depth to thrive. The story’s stakes are high, the cast is very likable, and the lighter tone gives the plot a strong identity without undermining its drama. The Job system offers an amazing amount of replay value and is freeform enough where there is no wrong way to play. Impressively memorable dungeon design and an ever-changing status quo lend the impression that you’re on a genuine adventure with real stakes. Addictive, endearing, and brimming with heart, Final Fantasy V is a near flawless RPG and one of Square’s finest 16-bit achievements.
Here's that same write-up with pretty pictures and links:
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2023.03.22 07:22 PortablePorcelain музика від україна

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2023.03.21 23:47 digiphyit Why CPG Beauty & Personal Care Brands Need QR-Connected Packaging

QR is opening up an entirely new marketing channel that stands apart from traditional marketing strategies. Beauty brands need to implement innovative technology to stay relevant, reach new customers, and unlock new revenue.
A 2018 study commissioned by Conde Nast found that 80% of consumers spend most of the purchase journey in the research and information-gathering phase, and many look for this information while shopping in stores. These knowledgeable shoppers want beauty products that meet their care needs and match their personal beliefs.
QR marketing is the easiest way for consumers to research products beyond the label while shopping. Brands can share their story, product catalog, unique value proposition, sourcing, and other key differentiators elevating their current marketing strategies.

Boost CPG beauty & personal care online sales

According to Statista, in 2021, cosmetic brands recorded that over 59.8% of product sales were purchased from mobile devices meaning that brands need to put a renewed focus on their digital and mobile experience. Scanning a QR code bridges the gap between the in-hand product to the brand's digital presence.
For example, product samples are an excellent way for shoppers to try a new beauty product. After trying it, if consumers like the product, they can scan the QR code on the packaging. It's a quick and easy way to find and purchase full-size products online, research product ingredients and origins, get tips and consider similar products.
A QR code scan should give consumers a contextual experience about the in-hand product. Brands can communicate directly with consumers, ultimately driving online sales through a new marketing channel.

Communicate clean, traceable beauty

Shoppers are more attuned to what they are putting both in and on their bodies —and the impact the product and its ingredients have on the planet. Roughly 40% of consumers search for beauty products made with natural ingredients. But these details are tough to fit on the small packages standard for beauty and personal care products. Adding QR codes to products and packaging simplifies sharing relevant information with consumers past the label.
Putting information at the consumers' fingertips when they need it, beauty brands streamline the path to purchase. There's no need to spend unnecessary time Googling information or searching ingredient-ranking websites to decipher which reviews and websites you can trust.
Beyond simply including ingredients, QR code traceability combat counterfeits. Did you know the beauty and personal care industry loses $5.4B in sales yearly? Beauty brands can implement QR codes across products and packaging to verify authenticity.
Check out the full article to find out how QR-connected packaging helps beauty brands build an online community and foster user-created content. Read more
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2023.03.21 22:33 Thesauce05 [USA-KY] [H] Oculus Rift CV1, Ryzen 3600X, MSI RTX 2070, Motherboards, Label Printer, Docking Station [W] PayPal

Hello all! Sorry for the poor formatting. I only ever use Reddit mobile. I’ve got a few things to sell that have been sitting around for too long. May be some dust or a bit of hair on a few things, but everything is pretty clean and well taken care of by me. Some things have been stuffed in a closet for quite some time.
All prices are shipped. If you’re interested in local and can meet around my schedule I can knock a bit off the prices. (Local is 40511)
Up first is an Oculus Rift CV1 with extra sensor. I bought this off eBay sometime before 2020 and only used it less than 10 times before boxing it up and putting it in the closet. Worked fine when I used it last. Has a bit of dust on it. Asking $150
Next is my Ryzen 3600X. I can’t remember when exactly I got this but I bought it new maybe in late 2019. Used it until last month when I upgraded to a 5800X3D. Works great. I never tried to OC it and it was under an AiO it’s entire life. Comes in the original box with the original, unused air cooler. There’s a bit of thermal paste that got too close to the pins for me to be comfortable trying to clean it. Asking $80. SOLD
Third is my MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z. This was an RMA card from MSI they sent me to replaced my dead 1070 from spring 2020. Used until last month when I got a 6800XT. I never OC’d or mined on this card. It’ll come in the non-retail package it was sent to me in. Asking $200. SOLD
Next is an Asus Prime Z270-AR. I don’t remember when exactly I got this. Late 2017 maybe. Used it until I got the 3600X and was planning on building another PC with it, but never did. Worked fine when decommissioned. Comes with IO shield and original box. Asking $50 SOLD
I’ve got a Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H that I bought around summer 2017 and built a cheap PC in. Used it until I got the Z270 above. Worked fine until decommissioned. I don’t have a CPU slot cover, but I’ve had paper clamped in it for protection. This one will come with the IO shield and in a random MB box. Asking $30.
The Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo I purchased as an open box item about a year or so ago thinking I would starting selling and shipping more stuff, but I never did. It has sat in the closet until I decided to clean stuff out and tested it. It works fine. I don’t have any labels for it. The ones I used for testing were just a couple left in the box. Comes with power cable, USB cable and original box. Asking $175.
Lastly is a Dell D3100 docking station. This was also an open box item purchased about a year ago. However it never worked. I finally decided to have a go at it and it had a solder bridge on the power input. Took it apart and cleaned it up and it works perfectly. Comes with all cables and original box. Asking $50.
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2023.03.21 21:47 secretalt123456 hi vr
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2023.03.21 21:21 r3crac ALIEXPRESS Deals (21.3.2023)!

ALIEXPRESS Deals Compilation (21.3.2023)!
Check products in compilation image: or
-1- 1 Slot Universal 18650 USB Battery Charger
📉 Price: $0.98
-2- 8mm No Tie Shoe Laces
💰 Price: $1.22
-3- Toocki 100W USB-C To Type-C Cable 1m
💲 Price: $1.89
-4- 36Pcs Blind Sewing Needless
🥇 Price: $1.93
-5- Quick Charge USB Cable For iPhone 1m
⭕️ Price: $2.02
-6- 5 in 1 Usb 2.0 Type C/Usb /Micro Usb/Tf/SD Memory Card Reader
✌️ Price: $2.37
-7- Mini Cute Toy Light
👌 Price: $2.39
-8- Car Charger 4-Ports
📉 Price: $2.58
-9- Pokemon Pikachu Night Light
💰 Price: $2.97
-10- LadyMisty Ceramic Tungsten Nail Drill Bit Milling Cutter
🥇 Price: $3.16
-11- Motion Sensor Night Light
👉 Price: $3.30
-12- Aubess Power Monitor 16A Wifi Smart Switch
⭕️ Price: $4.92
-13- USB Heated Shoe Insoles
⭕️ Price: $5.22
-14- 16cm Son Goku Super Saiyan Figure
👉 Price: $6.54
-15- ORICO Docking Station Type-C HUB 6 in 1 30Hz RJ45
🔹 Price: $13.22
✏️ Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart + $10 off on $20 coupon "ORICOPWAS10"
-16- Lenovo XT80 Bluetooth V5.3 Earphones
💥 Price: $14.20
-17- LiitoKala Lii-ND4 1.2V Battery Charger
💲 Price: $17.02
🖍 Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-18- BAOFENG UV-5R Walkie Talkie
👌 Price: $17.49
-19- Apeman Dash Cam 1080P [EU]
💥 Price: $17.56
✂️ Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart + $5 off on $5,01 coupon "XU3PU1WPWCH9"
-20- HAYLOU X1 Neo TWS Bluetooth 5.3 Earphones
🔹 Price: $18.13
⏳ Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-21- Anime Pokemon Building Blocks
〽️ Price: $19.89
-22- Tronsmart Trip Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker
⭕️ Price: $20.10
👉 Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-23- Baseus WM03 Wireless Earphones BT5.3
💥 Price: $21.97
✂️ Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart + $1 off on $10 coupon "GF328SALE"
-24- (Note: Original) Oclean 6pcs Brush Heads X Pro Elite Flow One Z1 F1 E1 Air 2 X10 [EU/CN]
📉 Price: $22.03
📍 Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-25- Redmi Band 2 Smart Bracelet
⭕️ Price: $22.51
👉 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-26- Xiaomi IMILAB A1 Baby Monitor IP Camera [EU]
🚨 Price: $22.73
👉 Coupon: "ANUP3" + "6RP9V3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-27- Booster E Massager [EU]
📉 Price: $22.78
🔓 Coupon: $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-28- Baseus GAN 65W USB-C Charger 3 Ports
💲 Price: $23.97
⏳ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart + $1 off on $10 coupon "BASEUS320"
-29- SAMODRA Bidet Attachment [EU]
💥 Price: $26.79
✌️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart + $1 off on $10 coupon "PT6APR1TJA04"
-30- Baseus 65W GaN5 Charger
✌️ Price: $28.58
📍 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart + $1 off on $10 coupon "BASEUS2332"
-31- 50L 1000D Nylon Waterproof Trekking Backpack
💣 Price: $28.84
🏆 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-32- LiitoKala Lii-600 Battery Charger
⭕️ Price: $29.10
✂️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-33- Transpeed Android 10.0 TV Box with Voice Remote
🥇 Price: $29.11
🔖 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-34- Baseus 65W GaN Pro Charger 4 Ports with 100W PD Cable
🔹 Price: $29.81
✂️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart + $1 off on $10 coupon "GF328SALE"
-35- JAZER DDR4 RAM 16GB 3200MHz
⭕️ Price: $29.94
-36- Dahua Imou Bullet 2C 2MP IP Camera [EU]
✌️ Price: $30.92
✂️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-37- Xiaomi Mijia 1S 150PSI Air Pump
⭕️ Price: $32.11
🖍 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-38- Logitech G304 Gaming Mouse
🔹 Price: $32.33
▪️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $4 auto S&S discount in cart
-39- UGREEN HiTune X6 Bluetooth Earphones ANC
🚨 Price: $33.19
👌 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart + $5 off on $5,01 coupon "B43L08T5Y8PI"
-40- Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun 16.8V Brushless
💰 Price: $33.59
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-41- REDRAGON Fizz K617 RGB USB Mini Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys
💰 Price: $33.99
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-42- Goldenfir SSD 1TB
🥇 Price: $34.35
📌 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-43- FIFINE Ampligame USB Microphone
👉 Price: $35.07
📌 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-44- Tree House Diamond Building Blocks 5186pcs
💲 Price: $35.91
💎 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-45- GameSir X2 Bluetooth Gamepad
👉 Price: $38.18
▪️ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-46- XrayDisk SSD 1TB
📉 Price: $38.56
🔖 Coupon: "ANUP3" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-47- Oclean X Pro Elite Sonic Toothbrush [EU]
✌️ Price: $40.46
✂️ Coupon: "AN5" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-48- Asgard W2 RGB RAM ddr4 8GBx2 3200MHz
👉 Price: $40.63
⏳ Coupon: "ANUP3" + $12 auto S&S discount in cart + $7,02 off on $46,78 coupon "ASGARD32201"
-49- KingSpec M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB
✌️ Price: $42.57
💎 Coupon: "AN5" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart + "1KSFANS"
-50- KingSpec SSD M2 1TB NVME SSD
💣 Price: $42.67
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-51- Asagrd Loki w2 RGB RAM 8GB x2 3200MHz DDR4
⭕️ Price: $42.85
👉 Coupon: "AN5" + $12 auto S&S discount in cart + $6,5 off on $6,51 coupon "21WB3P4NPDCW"
-52- Divoom Timebox Evo Bluetooth Speaker
🚨 Price: $43.81
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-53- RD DPS5020 Constant Voltage Current DC Bench
💥 Price: $43.82
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-54- WALRAM M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB PCIe Gen3x4
✌️ Price: $44.07
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-55- Baseus PowerCombo 2500W Power Strip 65W Charger
🚨 Price: $44.72
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-56- Phoenix A2 Massage Gun
👉 Price: $45.13
⏳ Coupon: "AN5" + $8 auto S&S discount in cart
-57- Amazfit GTS 2e Smart Watch [EU]
👉 Price: $59.00
▪️ Coupon: "AN5" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart
-58- Sofirn Q8 Plus Flashlight 16000lm XHP50B
👌 Price: $65.39
🔑 Coupon: "AN5" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart + $2 off on $55 coupon "W0EH2M4UVASI"
-59- Reolink Smart Security IP Camera 4K 8MP PoE Outdoor RLC-820A
🚨 Price: $67.13
📍 Coupon: "AN9" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart
-60- Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch [EU]
📉 Price: $69.00
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-61- Amazfit GTR 2 LTE Smart Watch
💥 Price: $71.00
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-62- NiteCore BR35 1800lm Bicycle Lamp
🔹 Price: $72.50
✂️ Coupon: "AN9" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart
-63- MIUI Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal [EU]
⭕️ Price: $72.61
🔓 Coupon: "AN9" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart + $3 off on $70 coupon "TYDEYZY1R1VP"
-64- UTRAI Power Bank 2500A Jump Starter
🚨 Price: $86.74
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-65- VIOFO WM1 Dash Cam 2K
💲 Price: $88.43
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-66- Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard
👌 Price: $91.60
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-67- Reolink RLC-811A 4K 8MP IP Camera PoE 5X
👌 Price: $93.63
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-68- 70mai Smart Dash Cam 4K A800S [EU]
⭕️ Price: $105.37
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-69- Reolink Duo 2 POE Camera 4k
💣 Price: $118.66
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-70- TicWatch Pro 3 Smart Watch GPS [EU]
📉 Price: $138.19
▪️ Coupon: "AN18" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart
-71- Imou Self-empty Vacuum Cleaner Robot [EU]
🔹 Price: $218.31
👌 Coupon: "AN25" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart
-72- Iscooter I9 Pro 36V 7.5Ah 350W 8.5in Electric Scooter [EU]
⭕️ Price: $266.31
💎 Coupon: "AN35" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart + $38,37 off on $219,24 coupon "35EURLA"
-73- Midea S8+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner [EU]
🥇 Price: $314.36
▪️ Coupon: "AN35" + $16 auto S&S discount in cart + $35 off on $300 coupon "8XSQK5OT8S0S"
Products compilation image: or
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2023.03.21 18:01 msbonnie0414 I can no longer tell if I’m wrong I. This situation because I think I’m being manipulated

I posted a couple days ago about this guy I’ve been seeing. He’s started getting really aggressive when it comes to other people talking to me, especially men. He would have insecure outbursts where he makes shitty comments to me, trying to tear me down bcs he builds up scenarios in his head and gets mad about them, etc.
A couple of days ago it came to a head and he publicly humiliated me in front of hundreds of people at a concert. I’m going to try to tell the story from my perspective as well as what he’s described to me as his perspective.
I invited him to go to a concert with me, and all week I had been looking forward to it. Me night started out great, he came over to have a couple of drinks before we left for the show. When we got there, we wandered around a bit, got some drinks, and went up to the VIP area (I got us VIP tickets). There was a VIP table next to the area I wanted to watch the show from, so I asked the table owner if it was okay if my boyfriend and I stood there to watch the show. But my boyfriend didn’t follow me up, and instead stayed in the GA area. I waved him up and he wouldn’t come. I texted him, asking him why he wouldn’t come up and he just stood there angrily staring at me. I tried to go back, I grabbed his hand and tried bringing him with me but he ripped his hand out of my grasp and mumbled something. I could tell he was in a mood or whatever and decided to go back to VIP bcs I wanted to see the show. He still wouldn’t come up with me. Then he left me there all together, I looked back to make sure he was still there and he was gone. I texted him a bunch of times but he wouldn’t answer.
When the show ended, he immediately called me and all he said was “come out.” I finally found him after trying to drunkenly navigate through the crowd and as soon as I saw him I ran up to him and tried hugging him because I was excited to see him, and he pulled me off of him and started yelling at me. He started accusing me of flirting with some random guy that I don’t even remember talking to, he said he took a video of the guy with his arm around me, and he accused me of leaving him??? At this point he was screaming at me in front of a bunch of people leaving the venue. So I told him I’d get my own ride home, and that I’m not doing this with him in public and he tried to restrain me by bear hugging me. He held me tight so I couldn’t move and I started begging him to let me go because he was scaring me and I just wanted to go home. It got to the point where multiple other random men had to repeatedly rip him off of me and I kept trying to walk away so I could get a taxi. But he kept doing the same thing. When he caught up to me, he’d grab me in a bear hug again so I couldn’t move.
He followed me home, and when I got back to my apartment he realized what he did and was over apologizing and wouldn’t leave. He left the next morning after an entire night of us going in circles and me trying to tell him that his behaviour was unacceptable. He would go from genuinely apologizing, to self depreciation, to denial and try to blame it on me/ justify his actions once again.
It went in circles until he finally left and I told him I needed space to think about what happened. He’s been blowing my phone up since, calling every hour. Last night was the first time I answered because he called me 20 times in a row at 1am. He begged me to reassure him and to tell him if it was over between us, and then he accused me of sleeping with a coworker. (I didn’t, this guy I’ve been seeing is the first guy I’ve been intimate with in nearly 6 years) I said are u fucking kidding me, and I honestly lost my shit a little. I said you have some balls to pull the shit you did and still think I owe you an explanation. I went off, told him he’s acting crazy, manipulative, and I won’t have that energy in my life. I told him to get therapy and to grow up. It went back and forth for a while and he eventually cycled back to trying to justify his actions and blame me, once again said I left him to talk to another guy??
So his side of the story is that he believes that I left him to talk to another guy, he got mad because he saw the other guy put his arm around me I guess?? And then he said that’s when he got pissed and left me there. But to me, I don’t even see that as a big deal?? I mean, if he had been up there with me that guy might have had his arm around him instead. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think anymore
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