Artifact of the brute lost island

The Last descendants of the Lost Island

2014.03.24 04:07 Granny_Weatherwax The Last descendants of the Lost Island

Doggerland, the Lost Land, a real-life Atlantis that was swallowed up by rising seas in the millennia following the Ice Age. It's inhabitants fled to the surrounding lands and their descendants still live among us.

2020.11.26 03:21 James_Is_Pissed Sodorfallout

The nuclear power plant has exploded, millions are affected and might not make it out. It seems the island of sodor has lost its magic.

2011.03.07 09:42 lvl10troll Ashen Empires

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2023.03.24 14:42 Altruistic_North_4 how can I help my Lonely Senior Mother

She lives alone basically on an island, doesn't really have any hobbies or friends.
She also has built up so much fear around meeting people or doing anything out of her comfort zone where she is stuck basically.
I don't see her doing much of anything or ever meeting anyone for the rest of her life.
She's still in her 60s, retired right before covid hit, and hasn't done a thing since.
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2023.03.24 14:41 50stabwounds csgo 2 looks terrible

It looks worse. Its lost all of its character. The map just looks so fucking flat now. It looks like valve done collaboration with hi-rez. Try to change my mind.
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2023.03.24 14:40 rvasshole Paterno and Lubrano to blame for PSU basketball woes

Paterno and Lubrano are the reason that we lost coach Shrewsberry. They are witholding NIL money from the Basketball program because Jay is still butt-hurt about things that happened 15 years ago.
It's time for Penn State to move on and rid itself of the little brother energy that Jay and Anthony bring to the table.
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2023.03.24 14:40 Huggles9 My take on an easy way to fix the end of GoT and make it less…bonkers

It’s pretty simple, we play on the whole bells thing in the battle of Westeros and turn it into a PTSD trigger rather then a random reason why Dani went nuts over nothing.
We start back in mereen, in the great fighting pits, as the sons of the harpy force Dani, Jorah and her posse into the center and death is inevitable, have bells playing in the background. The bells make sense because it could be used to signal a) calamity in town to serve as a warning or b) as a signal for other sons of the harpy to attack other ends of the city
Fast forward to the battle for winterfell, after Dani arrives and all hope seems lost have the bells in the tower going off the in background this would also make sense because a) it could be tried as a rallying cry to get defenders of the living to rally against the dead or b) be some sort of signal worked out by Tyrion or Jon or whoever to signal a mass evacuation of city through the crypts to get people to safety
Now both events were clearly traumatic , you could drop little hints of how this affects Dani throughout the remaining episodes by having her freak out or act uncontrollably by being moved to tears or rage at the sound of bells
This way when she’s sitting on her dragon and deciding whether or not to spare the city, the bells bring her back to those moments when she almost died and is triggered by a PTSD incident, which explains (st least a little better) why she decided to burn everyone
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2023.03.24 14:40 NeonRedTokyo Rakuten Shoken ?

Is there a specific way I'm supposed to be using this service?
I've had a Rakuten Shoken account now for just under 2 years. I've put in 50,000 a month every month, for 22 months. That's a total of 1,100,000. I don't touch it, just let it do it's thing.
Yet, it's currently sat at a balance of 977,000 yen. LOL. I mean, you'd think I would have made a little profit no? Bye bye money. The first 8 months I was down 100,000 yen. It slowly crept up but then lost ALL it's gains in December with a massive massive loss. At this point, I can't see it actually making any money at all, considering it's tiny 3000-5000 a month gains just end up -20,000 a month later.
At this point I'm determined just to take it all out and actually put it towards proper investments.
Any tips or advice?
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2023.03.24 14:39 Gutwagon_8 What in the banana suppository is this?

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2023.03.24 14:39 crowcommunicator Lost season 7 pilot by an ai

We see a group of survivors from the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on the island beach. They have all grown beards and look tired, but are still determined to find a way off the island.
SAWYER: Alright, anyone got any ideas on how to get off this damn island?
JACK: We’ve tried everything. Maybe we can try and fix that old submarine.
KATE: The old sub has been rusting away for years. I doubt it’s going anywhere.
Suddenly, they hear a strange sound on the island. They all look around, wondering what it could be.
HURLEY: Dude, did you hear that?
CHARLIE: Sounds like a helicopter.
The group looks up and sees a helicopter flying overhead.
We see Desmond sitting in a corner looking at a photograph of him and Penny.
DESMOND: (to himself) Penny, I’ll find you. I’ll come back to you.
Suddenly, he hears a voice behind him.
BEN: You should come with me.
Desmond turns around to see Ben standing behind him.
DESMOND: Why should I go with you?
BEN: Because I can help you find her.
DESMOND: What do you want in return?
BEN: (smiling) Let’s just say I need your special abilities.
DESMOND: (hesitant) What kind of abilities?
BEN: (whispers) Time travel.
Desmond looks at Ben with suspicion.
DESMOND: How did you know about that?
BEN: (smiling) I know everything.
The group of survivors see the helicopter landing on the beach.
JACK: Everyone, stay calm.
The helicopter door opens and a group of people come out, led by a woman named SARAH.
SARAH: (smiling) Hi, I’m Sarah. We’re here to rescue you.
The survivors all look at each other, not quite sure if they can trust these strangers.
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2023.03.24 14:39 Important-Energy7879 Dream of peace and happiness.

I’ve always dreamed of this imaginary world of happiness and peace. A two story house with my family living in houses next to me. A security guard who had to let people into our little community. My house had a game room and I had a pool. I would have family Sundays and I could see my grandkids swimming and everyone was happy.
I’ve had this dream since I was like 12. As I got older and had my kids, I could see them in my dreams and then see their families.
As time passed and I got older the dreams never showed me having a partner and I couldn’t understand. I just thought it meant I was going to be single.
I just always remembers how happy my life was in the dreams and then I woke up and realized how miserable and lonely I was. I had everything I could possibly want. I thought….
We can have everything in this world and think we are happy, but in all reality we have nothing and happiness is only a mask of sadness and our unhappiness. We can try to be happy in this life and do everything possible to find and get to the level of joy. We can’t do that for others though. That’s where we get lost in translation of happily ever after.
A world of lies and deception corrupting our own existence of truth and reality. To be honest with ourselves is the hardest thing for us to do sometimes. In doing that, that means we must see the truth and the facts of our lives. Smoke and mirrors. Broken promises made by people who promised to love, respect honor and protect us.
Those who are the ones who have and will continue to destroy us forever because they are truly unhappy with their own life.
Toxic people will always be in this world. It’s up to us to eliminate toxic out of our lives. The hardest thing for us to do. But it’s do able and we will one day , Have peace on earth.
As for me I’ll continue to dream of living in that big house with family and friends all around and always feeling happy and blessed.
One day we will have peace on earth and it will be real. Not only in my dreams.
Poetry by,
A lost soul, trying to find her path to happiness.
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2023.03.24 14:39 ArtStrong FOR HIRE Game Designer, I can 3D model, texture.

Hey All, I am a Indie Game Dev, looking to find some work, Although I'd prefer a FT ongoing role. I just recently lost my day job and I am trying to find some freelance or PT gigs. I have 10 years of Dev experience, and a couple published titles under my belt. I am looking for PAID work, I am already Art Director for the City OF Titans MMO Project, I do not have any more extra time for a volunteer projects. Check out my linktree for all my work.. Thanks..
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2023.03.24 14:39 knightbugs I'm being gatekept

I don't even know what to say really. I'm currently crying, feeling lost, disheartened and pointless. I contacted my ex therapist to ask under which circumstances she'd be willing to write me a letter for T (which she had stated in the past she would) and her response was that she doesn't think I'm ready. She said I wasn't working on myself, that I wasn't reflecting properly. That my plans of getting my transition into motion this summer once I move out was unrealistic. And that apparently going to therapy for one year wasn't enough because we mainly talked about how my parents made my life a living hell after I came out. I hate everything and it's difficult to keep going. I've been waiting for 2 years. No therapist has capacity. I'll be waiting even longer and I don't know if I can take it.
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2023.03.24 14:38 sewfae Bloody show? 35+5

Hello hello,
I’m currently 35+5(or 6, I’ve lost track at this point) and simply dying with either the flu or Covid. I’m waiting on some tests to arrive in the post so that I can check for Covid. I’ve been resting and keeping hydrated, baby has been moving just as much as she always does, so I’m not particularly concerned about whatever illness I’ve been plagued with.
I went to the bathroom and as I wiped, I noticed quite a bit of discharge that was slightly streaked with pink. The discharge was kind of lotion-like, not egg whites. I haven’t had any spotting or bleeding throughout my pregnancy. Dr Google tells me that this is a ‘bloody show’ but I’m uncertain.
Anyone who has had a bloody show, or even just lost their mucus plug, could you explain/describe what it was like? I’m particularly thrown off by the texture, as I always thought it would be more solid/gelatinous/stringy rather than lotion-y (which is my usual type of discharge!). Thanks in advance for the gnarly and glamorous response 😅
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2023.03.24 14:38 LagingRunaticReturns ComputerShare Account Mails (via USPS) Getting Lost - Info Gathering

If you don't know what ComputerShare is then this conspiracy discussion won't make much sense, but I'll try giving a high level overview for those interested. If you do use CS then skip down to the questions please.
Overview of short selling
In the stock market, you can buy stocks, or sell stocks short. Selling stocks short is accomplished by borrowing stock from a broker and selling them into the market. Brokers borrow out shares that were purchased by their customers, and brokers pay them a portion of the borrow fees. The short seller is hoping the price falls so that they can buy-to-cover (close the position) and use the purchased shares to repay the loan.
Short selling is allowed in markets to provide liquidity but some argue that it is a predatory practice used to attack companies. So if GM wanted, they could short sell Tesla stock to try and hurt Tesla's ability to raise money, among other things.
Using ComputerShare to remove shares from broker and into your own name
There has been a recent trend to transfer shares out of brokerages into ComputerShare to prevent brokers from lending shares to short sellers.
Upon completing account creation in CS, a snail mail letter is sent to the verified address with login details. Many are not receiving the letter. The percentage of people not receiving the letter seems to be low but the number of people not receiving it seems too high.
We know that the US Mail system is very reliable. Letters should not be getting lost, but they are and this is why we need to look at other factors.
Questions for people who have used ComputerShare... but not received the US Mail letter with their account access information.
  1. Have you ever been canceled? Have you had a bank account, insurance policy, job canceled recently? This information is useful because those who have been canceled are probably on a list. For me, Yes. I've had a job, home owners insurance and stock brokerage canceled in the last few years.
  2. How late is your snail mail letter? For me, ~3 months late
  3. Have you escalated the matter by contacting CS? For me, No. Accessing the account via web isn't a high priority for me. I'm more concerned about the collective issue of what is occurring in "loss" of these letters.
Anything else you wish to add that might be useful?
Any theories as to why so many are not receiving mail about their account? There are only a few obvious guesses, CS is incompetent or someone is intercepting the mail before it is received by the account holder. I'm leaning towards believing the latter and why I'm posting this.
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2023.03.24 14:38 ep2992 A painting I made of the Great Island Trail in Wellfleet

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2023.03.24 14:38 IllusiveManJr I kept track of 5,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors in Legacy of the Duelist matches (determining who gets to decide first turn) and I lost a whopping 82% of the time against NPCs

I kept track of 5,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors in Legacy of the Duelist matches (determining who gets to decide first turn) and I lost a whopping 82% of the time against NPCs submitted by IllusiveManJr to YGOLegacyOfTheDuelist [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 14:37 rather_be_hiking Opportunity to learn from 3 bad things I did recently and 1 good thing

Opportunity to learn from 3 bad things I did recently and 1 good thing
Even though I have been in the crypto space since 2017 I did a series of bad things recently. In other words, I should have known better but greed got the best of me and the cryptoverse punished me for it.
I am not very upset about any of this now. Gotta dust yourself off and get back in it. The most important thing to me at this point is making sure others can have better luck or make better choices after knowing what I did wrong. I also did a good thing recently I will highlight at the end.
Let's get on to the lessons I re-learned the hard way (again).

We had a whale purchase a heck of a lot of MOON on March 10th and that drove the price up to a peak of around $0.31. I sat here with my precious MOONpile thinking, “I never plan to sell my precious but what if I temporarily sell and buy back in when the price resets -- I will have so many more!!” The problem is now I am beholden to the price of ETH and MOON for my scheme to work and I hadn't thought about slippage or other factors. Notice the price rose steadily and held well above my sell price for days soon after. Did I time that whale spout? Yes. Was it a smart move over the coming days? Hell no.

I traded one third of my MOON … then the other third … then the last third as I convinced myself that this was a genius moment on my part. In the wake of it all I sat there MOONless. This greedy fool sold what had taken so many months to accumulate. I love the MOON movement and had sold all of my favorite token due to greed.
Now the supposedly easy part – wait for the market to calm back down – it was one whale after all that drove up the price – and wind up with more than before. Without a plan for when I would attempt to re-buy I found that the timing never seemed very good and fees plus even small slippage would make it not really worth buying back in. The days slipped by and I remained MOONless.
That’s when the cc snapshot came and the full weight of my stupid hit me like a brick. I had a few of my best posts ever the month prior and because I sold all my MOON I was only getting 130 MOON instead of 1000+ from the next distribution. I wiped all of that potential MOON gain out by getting greedy and breaking golden rules.
The work I put into making was going to be supported by kind upvotes from the community and I torpedoed almost all of that.
As far as why the snapshot mattered, this relates to CCIP-030 which is a good rule we approved. Heck, I voted ‘yes’. I lost sight of the snapshot coming up.
NEVER DROP YOUR EARNED MOON TOTAL BELOW 75% (because it will and should murder your next distribution … and the next … and the next until you fix the situation).

Many of you know I have been a liquidity provider on SushiSwap since day #1 and it’s amazing to see we almost have 1 FREAKING MILLION MOONs in the pool! That’s almost one nanooverbtc for those keeping count.
PROVIDING LIQUIDITY HAS BEEN RATHER AMAZING. You get both MOON and SUSHI every day (to buy more MOON) and can feel darn good about helping the community. While you may see your MOON total fluctuate you are always getting ETH when that happens and still seeing the overall value of your holdings go up as prices rise for either asset go up. To me this all makes it 100% worth it.
I don't consider my MOON in liquidity mine at this point. Those are going to remain there for the community for a very long time. As far as my MOON total, I was able to buy back a third this morning and it was nice to see that pushed the price back up a good amount. This did not bring the big profit of MOON I hoped for originally. I wound up gaining maybe 40 total. I don't care, I have some of my precious MOON back and that's what matters.

TLDR; I made many classic blunders in the span of days, had a few of my best posts (most upvotes) this month wiped out mostly based on many hours of programming work for, and flushed all of it right down the drain by trying to time the top of a whale spout. Also enjoying providing liquidity on SushiSwap and earning precious MOONs.
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2023.03.24 14:37 Dephori Any videos on taking fights against masters/preds? Or just tips in general?

I was wondering if there’s any videos anyone would recommend on taking fights against high level players. I’m currently D2 after dropping from D1, and the reason is I always feel lost when fighting these top tier players. So I was wondering if there any videos on it, or any general tips you high level players have, or any content creators you’d recommend watching? I’ll take some clips of fights and post them soon for some better advice, but for now this should help a bit. Thanks.
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2023.03.24 14:36 luvemp WTT/S 121X5 EU

EU - 121x5 C6 Alhaitham C6 Kamisato Ayaka C6 Jean C6 Xiao C6 Qiqi C6 Yelan C6 Mona C6 Keqing C5 Raiden C5 Hu Tao C2 Diluc C1 Cyno C1 Nahida C1 Tartaglia Shenhe Kamisato Ayato Yae Miko Sangonomiya Kokomi Yoimiya Kaedehara Kazuha Ganyu Zhongli Arataki Itto Klee Wanderer Tighnari
Weapons Thundering Pulse Aqua Simulacra x2 UNREFINED Polar Star Elegy for the end Kagura’s Verity x2 UNREFINED Everlasting Moonglow R4 Lost Prayers to the sacred winds Engulfing Lightning R5 Primordial Jade Winged-Spear Redhorn Stonetresher Key of Khaj-Nisut Misplitter Reforged Primordial Jade Cutter Skyward Blade R2 Aquilla Favonia Calamity Queller Vortex Vanquisher Wolf’s gravestone x2 UNREFINED Memory of Dust The unforged Staff of Homa Skyward Pride Primordial Jade Winged Spear Skyward Spine Light of Foliar Incision
Dead psn link - awaiting unlink request
some receipts available
LF - offers
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2023.03.24 14:36 rainning0513 Really have some trouble setup a minimal Neovim flake

Hi, I'm very new to Nix and I want to achieve these simple goals:
  1. I have two systems with different OS: macOS and Ubuntu.
  2. In my current situation:
    1. I have a dotfile repo that contains my Neovim Lua configs.
    2. Currently, I have to clone the source repo of Neovim on both systems. (My code has to run on nightly version to work correctly
What I hope to achieve with Nix:
  1. I want to use the new Nix API (v2.0?) to build stuff. I have found some resources on flake but I haven't finished all the readings. (I don't like to learn things that going to be deprecated soon)
  2. I would like to run nix build . so that it will build Neovim nightly for me on both systems. (apparently, there is no homebrew on Ubuntu, and I hate installing dependencies on Ubuntu since the versions are off)
  3. I DON'T want to rewrite my Neovim configs into .nix. I saw people do this but that is not what I want.
  4. I DON'T need Nix flake to help me install Neovim plugins. I have a Neovim plugin manager to help me do that inside Neovim.
My background:
  1. I had zero knowledge of functional programming 3 days ago. Now I have read a little of the manual and understand some basic syntax of Nix.
  2. I have tried finding resources to achieve my goals but I really felt that I'm lost.
I have spent many hours on this, but I believe these simple goals should be easy enough for an expert to achieve in minutes.
Even better, appreciate that if you could share some concrete examples.
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2023.03.24 14:35 IllusiveManJr I kept track of 5,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors in Legacy of the Duelist matches (determining who gets to decide first turn) and I lost a whopping 82% of the time against NPCs

I kept track of 5,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors in Legacy of the Duelist matches (determining who gets to decide first turn) and I lost a whopping 82% of the time against NPCs submitted by IllusiveManJr to yugioh [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 14:35 Puzzled_Analysis_518 What led strips should I buy for my build? LS100?

What led strips should I buy for my build? LS100?
Hello everyone! I've been working on my setup, and I wanted to add some led strips to my Corsair 5000D. The idea is to add them around the edges of the case on the inner side, but I'm a bit lost on what set of led strips to choose.
This is an image that I found in a reddit post which shows pretty much what I want to achieve. I see that it has a strip placed at the bottom, and the other one at the rear. I would like to add one at the top in my setup as well.
Is it the LS100? Do I need to buy the base pack and an extension?
I would really appreciate your guidance.
Many thanks in advance!
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2023.03.24 14:35 Apprehensive_End_395 the gym doesn’t fix everything & ethan IS inspiring

hey all, just sharing my experience. i don’t expected to be upvoted or interacted with, just want to share my experience with the gym.
i grew up playing sports my entire life. in off season, i would hit the gym to maintain being in shape. i went to college and continued to eat well and tried to exercise every so often. through every second of that, i was struggling. i have journals from the age of 14-15 talking about my suicidal thoughts. i was a child who exercised VERY regularly and was still depressed.
going onto college years, like i said, i tried to exercise when i could. my anxiety worsened as i got older.
when i graduated college, i broke. i was so anxious and depressed. most days i could not get out of bed, let alone make it to the gym. i wanted to go so badly but i just couldn’t. bc of ethan i seeked help and was diagnosed bipolar. i started taking daily medication to combat my lows i was having. after being medicated i returned to the gym. yet i hated every second of it. i hated being there and moving my body, but i cared about losing the weight i gained from being so depressed and laying around for months. it did nothing to improve my mental health. it was solely for phsyical health reasons.
but, i would not have been able to return to the gym if it hadn’t been for the podcast. for the months i laid in bed, the only joy i got out of the day was watching the podcast live. ethan and hila talk so openly about their medication that it made me seek help. they inspired me to get better. i got back on my feet and started going back to the gym. and when i would go to the gym and hated it, i would watch the pod to get me through my 45 minutes of cardio after i was done weight lifting.
this podcast IS inspiring. who knows how long it would have been before i did something to harm myself if it weren’t for ethan and hila encouraging seeking help and trying medication. they saved my life. since then i’ve lost 30-40 lbs, and i’m still losing more. it’s especially helpful that i now see ethan as a competitor. i thrive off competition and everytime he talks about losing weight, it motivates me to lose more so i can “win.” (lol)
i’m so glad ethan doesn’t have a boy club audience anymore. i’m a woman. i would not have been attracted to the podcast if i didn’t feel welcomed from the community despite my gender.
thank you to ethan, hila, the crew, and the fellow fupa troopers. you helped me get better. not from the gym, but from seeking a source that would actually help. ✌️&❤️
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2023.03.24 14:35 LoveMangaBuddy Read Lost in the Cloud - Chapter 69 - MangaPuma

Hanuel, whose hobby is collecting pictures of his unrequited love, Chanil. However, he was caught by Hyunwoon, the head of the same class, by mistake. The sky is good and expects that Hyunwoon, a good student, will keep her secret... But, for some reason, it seems that Hyunwoon is playing in the hand...? ... Read Lost in the Cloud - Chapter 69 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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