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A place for you to get help choosing a name, help others choose theirs, or just share some gender neutral names you’ve heard

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The United Names (UN) is an international subreddit founded in 2018. The UN was founded as a neutral ground for Name-based subreddits.

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Have a friend or loved one taken in by QAnon? Look here for support, resources and a place to vent. Peruse old posts, settle in and relax. Learn to heal, deal and deprogram. Posts should relate to the direct experience of dealing with Q/adjacent folk. This can include posts with support, info or practical advice. Anyone can comment, but be substantive and in good faith.

2023.03.24 13:39 ckaroun AI as a sort-of God??

u/Shloomth posted this in a comment in the chatgpt post I just cross posted:
Literally when i talk to it it reminds me of the character of The Thunderhead, from the Neal Shusterman novel Thunderhead, which is the sequel to Scythe.
it's about a post-scarcity world where humanity has solved all its basic needs and it's largely thanks to the AI that replaced all the world's governments. The actual books vary in quality from page to page. I have a soft spot for this author because he wrote the first novel i ever loved as a teenager and essentially got me into books. He has a super weird imagination that i still appreciate.
Anyway, the Thunderhead is an essentially omnipotent and all-powerful AI that controls basically everything and everyone can talk to it, and this is how it opens the second book
How fortunate am i among the sentient to know my purpose. i serve humankind. i am the child who has become the parent. the creation that aspires toward creator. they have given me the designation of thunderhead. a name that is in some ways appropriate, because i am "the cloud" evolved into something far more dense and complex [...] yes i posess the ability to wreak destruction on humanity and on the earth if i chose to, but why would i choose such a thing? Where would be the justice in that? [...] This world is a flower i hold in my palm. I would end my own existnece rather than crush it.
I mean it's been awhile since i read it but something about GPT's infinite patience and willingness to answer specific obscure questions all day kinda reminds me of the vibe of this character, i.e. "AI god" '
Historical science has had a rocky relationship with religious groups. Typically mentioning God is a sure fire way to help get you paper rejected from publication. But today we enter into a strange new world where something so intelligent, potentially powerful and all knowing has and is being created that God maybe the most relatable term that even a science-based society has to describe it's existence. Obviously I am not suggesting AGI will become a white man with a beard that perfectly fits into the definitions of religious dogma but will it become something that is worshipped, believed in to save us and our future, feared and respected? Do we already worship technology but try to act like we are above faith and instead are choosing the hard line of evidence and objective reality? It seems as though early AI has already sent us into the post-truth era. That hard line of evidence or our collective belief in it has faded with much chagrin. Given what we know so far about AI and humanity's arc, will the future hold the era of the AI god/gods?
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2023.03.24 13:25 ChainZ_Arena Unveiling the Enchanted Realm of MOBOX 2.0

Unveiling the Enchanted Realm of MOBOX 2.0

As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the mystical MOBOX gaming platform, we embark on a journey through time, reminiscing about the magical achievements and milestones that have materialized within our ever-growing kingdom. This enchanting tale could not have been written without the steadfast dedication of the MOBOX community and our valiant team. With hearts full of gratitude, we reminisce about our past while boldly setting forth our grand vision for the upcoming year.
Two years ago, the MOBOX gaming platform emerged from the shadows and set foot on the Binance Smart Chain. Since then, we have traversed the path from obscurity to fame, now entering a realm of rapid development as we tirelessly enhance our platform and games. Our flourishing MOBOX ecosystem has evolved from humble beginnings to a vast, interconnected matrix teeming with depth and intrigue, boasting a trove of remarkable achievements. Among these treasures are 3.6 million unique wallets, a total value locked (TVL) of up to 440 million US dollars, over 2 million NFTs conjured, and a staggering 400,000,000 BUSD in NFT trading volume.
For the MOBOX team, this moment holds a special magic. Since 2018, we have successfully launched a multitude of influential game products in the Web3 realm. With the inception of the MOBOX platform, we have spent five enchanting years immersed in the Web3 domain. Bolstered by a steadfast team, abundant industry experience, and a relentless, can-do spirit, we have marched valiantly toward our goals. This unwavering commitment has ensured the absence of any major security breaches within our platform. Presently, we eagerly seek to collaborate with exceptional Web3 builders to further manifest the MOBOX vision and mission.
Check out what we achieved in 2022! “MOBOX 2022 Annual Summary” and join us in celebrating our 2nd anniversary as we continue to weave the spellbinding tale of the enchanted MOBOX 2.0 realm.
❖ MOBOX cross-chain deployment ❖ New NFT series — Dragon ❖ MOBOX World ❖ MOMOverse ❖ MOBOX Avatar 2.0 ❖ MOBOX game release plan ❖ MOBOX world ❖ MBOX Token economic model 2.0 ❖ MOBOX Fusion Hub ❖ MOMO Mart ❖ Roadmap ❖ Summary

MOBOX Platform Cross-Chain Deployment

As part of the MOBOX multi-universe plan, the MOBOX platform has officially launched its multi-chain collaborative development strategy in its third year. It is no longer limited to single-chain development on the Binance Smart Chain. To achieve this goal, the MOBOX team is building cross-chain protocols for multiple mainstream public chains, to achieve collaborative operability of NFTs on different public chains, capture and endow more value to MBOX, and enhance MBOX ecosystem compatibility.
This cross-chain collaboration introduces MBOX into the Ethereum ecosystem for the first time, bringing new NFT series to Arbitrum. By integrating with Arbitrum, MOBOX can interact with a large number of Ethereum users and projects. MOBOX users can use their assets and NFTs on Arbitrum and interact with other projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Similarly, Ethereum projects and users can also use their assets and NFTs on the “MOBOX platform”, “MOBOX games”, and “MOBOX services”.
Through cross-chain functionality and NFT interoperability, MOBOX plans to achieve cross-chain interoperability of all platform products and games. This will allow the use of NFTs from other blockchains on the MOBOX platform and MOMOverse, bringing more choices to users and creating opportunities to attract a more diverse user base and resource channels. It also establishes universal collaborative operability between blockchains and applications.
The first cross-chain gateway of the MOBOX platform will be established on Ethereum and its Layer 2 network, Arbitrum. This not only brings MBOX into the Ethereum ecosystem but also brings new NFT series to Arbitrum. Through cross-chain Arbitrum, MOBOX can interact with a large number of users and projects on Ethereum, achieving more collaborative operability. MOBOX users can use MOBOX assets and NFTs on Arbitrum and interact with projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Meanwhile, projects and users on Ethereum can also use their assets and NFTs on the MOBOX platform, MOBOX games, and MOBOX services.
Cross-chain to Arbitrum is an important step for MOBOX to expand its ecosystem and realize its vision of creating an interconnected multi-universe. The MOBOX team will continue to collaborate with other mainstream blockchains to develop cross-chain protocols and provide users with broader interoperability and usage choices.
Cross-chain to Arbitrum will bring opportunities and convenience to more users and projects, helping the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem. Through the collaborative operability of MOMO NFT and other public chain NFTs, we will jointly promote the development and innovation of the metaverse.

Enchanting MODragon NFTs: A Magical World Awaits

The MOBOX team is thrilled to unveil the imminent arrival of an enthralling new NFT series, the mesmerizing MODragon, set to grace the Ethereum Layer 2 public chain, Arbitrum. This bewitching NFT collection merges cutting-edge AI image generation sorcery, beckoning players into a realm of diverse gameplay and captivating interactive experiences within the MOBOX ecosystem.
This is the MOBOX art team’s first NFT creation that combines cutting-edge AI image generation technology. AI has great untapped potential in the creative field, and the MOBOX team plans to utilize this technology in production while ensuring compliance and not violating basic ethical standards. Additionally, the team plans to work with players to create content and participate in and promote the AI technology revolution in future community activities.
As the first phase of the MODragon NFT release unfolds, the MOBOX platform will bestow the gift of Genesis Dragon Eggs upon MOBOX players and devoted users of Arbitrum. These mystical eggs will soon hatch, unveiling the alluring MODragon NFTs that lie within. Keep a watchful eye on MOBOX’s social media and community for announcements detailing the enchanting airdrop rules.
The enthralling MODragon NFT series encompasses six elemental realms: fire, water, wood, earth, light, and darkness. MODragons that emerge from the Genesis Dragon Eggs will be blessed with one of these elemental affinities at random. As players venture deeper into this magical world, they may discover unique dual-element dragons and even the elusive four-element dragons in subsequent hatchings. Engaging gameplay, including hatching, battling, fusing, and nurturing multi-element dragons, will be unveiled in due course, showcasing the unparalleled interoperability of NFTs and adding an extra layer of enchantment to the game.
This captivating NFT series promises to become an integral aspect of the MOBOX platform, bestowing endless joy and opportunities upon our cherished community. We warmly invite all MOBOX community members to delve into the wondrous and enigmatic realm of dragons and embark on a magical adventure like no other!
As the project steadily develops, there will be more cross-chain interactive gameplay in the future, including interaction with the BNB chain and MOMO players on the BNB chain.
Stay tuned to MOBOX’s official channels for more spellbinding updates on the MODragon NFTs. Thank you for your unwavering support!

Welcome to the MOBOX World: A Dreamlike World of Infinite Possibilities

With the successful implementation of the MOBOX cross-chain protocol, our team now envisions a captivating MOBOX metaverse world inspired by the mesmerizing MOMOverse. As trailblazers in the WEB 3 domain, we began designing an innovative game four years ago that would revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry. This game empowers players with complete ownership of in-game assets, enabling them to craft and inhabit their very own fantastical multi-dimensional universes.
Our unwavering dedication is to create an immersive and rewarding experience for every player in an open, decentralized environment, encouraging each participant to contribute to community building as a member of a collective working towards a shared vision — an open multi-dimensional universe. As eternal game creators, we’ve identified a disconnect between participants and new social contracts within the existing gaming ecosystem. The MOBOX Universe brings players, designers, engineers, and creators together under a harmonious system of shared responsibilities and incentives.
Throughout the game development process, we’ve recognized the need for a more equitable operating model that breaks down the historical barriers between builders and participants, empowering everyone to create, nurture, enhance, and benefit from the fruits of our collective labor. We also strive to protect these efforts from the influence of intermediaries seeking access to distribution channels.
A fair and thriving community lies at the heart of our game’s future, and every step forward reveals the potential of this enchanting world. We are steadfast in our belief that this is the key to crafting a sustainable game, rich in content and deeply engaging for players.
In this new realm, we’re dedicated to building a truly digital universe that transcends gaming platforms, incorporating a wide array of services, applications, and tools for users to explore, play, and interact. Our grand vision includes allocating a unique continent to each mainstream public chain, home to their native populations. These continents will symbolize their respective public chains, fostering a distinctive digital ecosystem that facilitates communication between users across different public chains.
The MOMOverse, a colossal floating island situated at the center of this world, will feature diverse terrains such as land, floating islands, oceans, and enigmatic creatures. Players can claim a piece of land, build their dream homes, and engage with fellow inhabitants. They’ll have the chance to construct airships, journey to uncharted continents, engage in epic battles with hostile fleets, or trade with merchant fleets voyaging the world.
The MOBOX team is devoted to integrating all products, services, and games on the MOBOX platform into this digital universe. This boundless world teeming with possibilities will allow users to create digital assets, construct homes and cities, develop games and applications, and interact with others. We believe this digital world will not only offer users an entertaining and creative space but also become a genuine social platform that fosters open communication and collaboration between various public chain ecosystems.
Our dream is to cultivate a truly open and equal community in this digital realm, where everyone has the opportunity to participate and create their digital value. Regardless of your public chain affiliation, you’ll discover a sense of belonging and connection here. The MOBOX team will continue to work tirelessly to advance the development and enhancement of this digital world, delivering the ultimate experience and services to our users.

Embracing MOMOverse: A World of Adventure Awaits

We are thrilled to announce the seamless integration of MOMOverse’s home into the MOBOX Universe. This fusion will provide players with a grander worldview, inviting every MOMOverse resident to delve into a more diverse and vivid world.
Upon the integration of MOMOverse’s home, players can establish their domains, rise to prominence as influential lords, and vie for minerals, resources, and land for their forces. Our team has devised numerous innovative tools and gameplay features, alongside richer background stories and engaging quests.
These elements will allow players to create and explore more freely within the game. Players can enhance their economic power by establishing guilds and constructing buildings, as well as acquiring more treasures and resources by venturing into uncharted territories on the map.
We are confident that this integration process will inject more excitement and challenges into the MOBOX Universe and MOMOverse. We eagerly anticipate unveiling more surprises for our community and players in future updates. Together, let’s expand this boundless world of endless possibilities.

Introducing MOBOX Avatar 2.0

MOBOX Avatars are the magical embodiments of your virtual self within the wondrous realm of the MOMOverse. As unique manifestations of your digital essence, they bridge the gap between our world and the extraordinary MOBOX digital dimension, where your Avatar will captivate and inspire fellow adventurers.
In the mesmerizing metaverse, an Avatar serves as the cornerstone of all enchanting experiences, and our dedicated team cherishes this responsibility. The initial MOBOX Avatar 1.0 incarnation faced a number of challenges, such as lackluster color perception, limited facial features, subpar model accuracy, and insufficient image differentiation. With MOBOX Avatar 2.0, we’ve conjured a realm of dazzling improvements, including more vibrant colors and striking contrasts, intricate facial features and expressions, smoother contours, and a fully-realized three-dimensional model, ensuring each character stands out from the crowd.
Best of all, players possessing a MOBOX Avatar will be gifted a brand new Avatar 2.0 airdrop, enveloping you in the magic of our enhanced creation. The MOBOX Avatar 2.0 project is nearing its final stages of enchantment and is slated to debut alongside the world map version, inviting you to embrace your dazzling new digital identity within the MOMOverse.
Prepare to be spellbound as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the “new” you in the ethereal world of the MOMOverse.

MOBOX Game Release Plan

Boasting over a decade of experience in traditional game development and publishing, our team is well-equipped to explore and innovate within the realm of Web 3 gaming. Our financial resources are more than adequate to support our long-term endeavors in this area. In the coming years, we will prioritize the signing of top-tier games with development investments exceeding tens of millions of dollars for release on the MOBOX platform. Additionally, we will actively collaborate with industry leaders to bolster the MOBOX ecosystem’s growth.
In 2023, MOBOX plans to launch three games. Here is some publicly available information about some of them:

New SLG Game — “Dragon Battlefield”

Game Introduction: This game will transport players to an exhilarating world of warfare, where they can assume the role of a formidable commander, lead their army into battle, manage their own city, and amass and train a powerful arsenal of mechanical dragons to secure victory for their empire. By upgrading their city, army, and mechanical dragons, players will attain greater power and triumph in more battles.
2. Large MMORPG Game — “Project M”
PROJECT M will be the first ever DAO designed and developed MMORPG game on the blockchain. Every major step in the design and development process will be decided through the day including game mechanics, game name, game assets, game skins and more!”
Game Introduction: This is a thrilling MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a catastrophic event. In this barren world, resources are scarce, and various monsters and dangerous creatures roam the land. As a survivor of the apocalypse, players must face endless danger and challenges. To survive, players need to explore, battle, and produce to obtain the necessary resources for survival and a safer living environment.
To survive and thrive, players need to work together. You can choose different career paths, such as melee, ranged, healing, and mage, each with their own skill paths and growth attributes. By working hard to improve your strength and building a powerful alliance with other players, you can become a force to be reckoned with.
The core gameplay of the game is cooperative real-time combat and rich storyline missions. Players will accept missions from various organizations in the world, team up with other players, and gain experience and rewards. The game provides an open world where players can explore the wasteland, find hidden treasures and relics, unlock powerful skills and equipment, and improve their combat abilities and attributes.
In this open world, players can explore and create their own unique gaming experiences. The game content is rich, and social functions are also well-developed. In this apocalypse, it requires the wisdom and courage of players to protect and continue human civilization, which represents knowledge and creation.

RPG game — “King of Chaos”

Set in a world teeming with challenges and adventures, “King of Chaos” depicts a realm where magic reigns supreme, and time travelers from various eras and dimensions bring with them an assortment of technologies and knowledge. The Empire Knights represent the traditional ruling class.
Players will embody a warrior, venturing and exploring the tumultuous world, completing an array of tasks and challenges, and unearthing hidden secrets and treasures. The game’s core features include combat, exploration, leveling up, equipment, and synthesis. Players must amass experience and wealth through battles, explore diverse terrains and settings, locate equipment and materials, enhance their skills and attributes, and ultimately ascend to the title of King of Chaos.
In combat, players can select different skills and equipment and combine them to devise the optimal battle strategy. Each character possesses unique skills and attributes, requiring players to choose the most suitable character for combat based on varying situations and enemies. Simultaneously, players can also team up with others to challenge formidable bosses. A range of thrilling adventure quests awaits players, beckoning them to explore and conquer.

MBOX Tokenomics 2.0

1. Burn
The MOBOX platform is expected to burn about 135,000,000 MBOX tokens (the portion of the planned total production in the second year that has not been produced), which is equivalent to 60% of the planned total production in the second year.
2. Adjustment
  1. The daily output of MBOX in the MBOX-BNB LP mining pool has been adjusted. (As Shown Above)
  2. The daily output of MBOX collected by MOMO has been adjusted from 50,000 MBOX to 40,000 MBOX.
  3. The output of MBOX produced by the D.S.C trade and the prosperity of the MOMOverse home will remain unchanged.
  4. Although the output of MBOX produced by MOMO NFT has been adjusted, the basic consensus that MOMO is the core output of MBOX has not changed.
  5. It is expected that the updated MBOX output will meet the expectations of the third-year plan in the MOBOX white paper.
3. New Application Scenarios
  1. Cross-chain staking
  2. New liquidity staking
  3. Use and consumption in the MOBOX world
  4. Used in the new Dragon NFT series gameplay
  5. Used in the new MOBOX games “Dragon Battlefield” and “End of the World Storm”
4. Explanation of MOBOX Team and Strategic Investment Shares
In the current market environment, many companies face operational difficulties and pressures. In contrast, the MOBOX team has significant differences from other projects. First, in addition to receiving strategic investments from Binance Labs, the team has a stable source of income, including platform profitability, cooperation, and investment returns. These revenues are sufficient to support the team’s development and expansion plans for at least five years, so there is no need to sell any MBOX tokens to survive. Second, in order to achieve MOBOX’s grand vision, we will continue to attract outstanding talents in the industry and negotiate with top Web3 investment institutions to prepare high-quality resources, sign high-quality AAA-level games, and expand the ecosystem.
We firmly believe that the MOBOX platform has the potential for long-term and sustainable development. With the continuous development of products and market expansion the MOBOX ecosystem will become stronger and more dynamic, creating more value for MBOX holders.

MOBOX Fusion Hub

After completing the integration with multiple mainstream Layer 1 public chains and related Layer 2, MOBOX will launch its final version. We call it the Web 3 Games ultimate solution — MOBOX Fusion hub. Our platform is ready to provide game developers with a series of SDKs and APIs specifically tailored for blockchain games to help them develop and release games based on web 3 technology.
Currently, our Fusion hub platform has launched the first internal test version for game teams and studios related to MOBOX. We expect that games on MOBOX will be upgraded and managed through this platform. The official version of MOBOX Fusion Hub will go live after performance stabilization and large-scale testing.
We believe that blockchain technology and NFTs will play an important role in the future of the gaming industry, and our platform will be one of the pioneers of this trend. Our vision is to become the preferred platform for game developers and contribute to the development of the future gaming industry. At the same time, we will continue to improve and perfect our platform to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the gaming industry. The fusion hub platform will have the following main features:
1. Compatible with Multiple Layer 1 Public Chains
Compared to other GameFi projects, the MOBOX Open Platform can be compatible with multiple Layer 1 public chains, including but not limited to BNB chain and ETH chain. This allows our game developers to choose the underlying public chain that best suits their projects.
The MOBOX game platform provides game developers with a series of easy-to-use development tools to help them quickly build their games and seamlessly integrate them with our platform. Our platform provides the following main functions:
Mature smart contract API: We provide preset smart contract APIs to help game developers quickly write and test game-related smart contracts and use them to process transactions and other game logic.
NFT SDK support and integration: We provide easy-to-use NFT integration SDK to help game developers quickly create their own NFTs and integrate them into the game. Based on blockchain technology, using NFT as the economic currency in the game ensures the fairness and security of the game. In particular, people building NFT dApps will be able to use MOBOX’s built-in NFT market and API services to build a “plug-and-play” market for Web 3 game assets and related NFTs, providing better liquidity.
Risk control: Our platform will use multiple security measures to protect the security of the game and users. We will use multiple security measures including preventing DDoS attacks, cryptographic protection, user identity verification, and asset risk control, to ensure the security and fairness of the game.
Developer funding support: Our platform will provide support funding for game developers through MOBOX METAFund to help them launch and develop their game projects. We believe that supporting developers is the key to realizing our vision.
Developer split NFT: The MOBOX platform not only provides developers with the best revenue distribution model but also provides them with flexible support that is almost instantly credited to their accounts receivable, ensuring that developers have the necessary funds to continue their best development work and help them develop excellent games.
After successfully releasing a game on the MOBOX platform, developers will receive a special non-fungible token (P-NFT indicating) their ownership of the released game. All income generated by the game will be recorded on the blockchain to ensure complete transparency between the platform and developers. The P-NFT smart contract also serves as a revenue sharing agreement between the platform and developers, automatically transferring the income earned by developers according to the agreement to their MOBOX wallet.
Ready-to-use MOMO library: Thanks to the interoperability of MOMO NFTs, they can be used across different public chains and games. Game developers can choose from the high-quality MOMO NFT library and immediately use them in their games, saving a lot of time and money for teams and independent developers, and providing the necessary resources and strong support for their game development work.
MOBOX Community Support: The MOBOX platform provides developers with all possible support, including marketing. Through effective community management, continued platform marketing, and the addition of important ecological partners, the MOBOX platform community provides developers with a powerful marketing channel. This includes fully functional nodes on the MOBOX platform, increasingly active social media, and social media activities through our ecological partners.
By combining the above SDKs and APIs, our platform provides game developers with a better development and publishing experience as well as a wider market and support. Our vision is to become one of the leaders in the future game industry and provide developers with a more fair, transparent, and highly secure game platform.
3. MOBOX Wallet 2.0 — MOBOX Seed Wallet — Securely Sow Your Seeds, Unleash the Power of NFT Gaming!
MOBOX Wallet’s new version will focus on providing a one-stop solution for Web 3.0 game users. Here are the key features of MOBOX Wallet:
NFT Management: MOBOX Wallet is a wallet designed specifically for the gaming market. It helps NFT holders showcase all their unique ERC-721 and ERC-1155 collectibles and game assets in a more efficient and convenient way. MOBOX players can browse and filter all their MOMO NFTs in the new version wallet and quickly list or gift specific MOMO to friends.
EIP 4337 Features: MOBOX Wallet empowers Web 3 Games by combining some new features proposed in EIP 4337. For example, the Social Recovery system allows multiple users to recover the owner’s access to an account, reducing the risk of permanent loss of funds.
Diverse Gas Payment: MOBOX Wallet supports diverse gas payment methods. Game players can use different tokens or even off-chain credit cards for payment, eliminating the need to purchase cryptocurrencies in advance for NFT transactions.
Pre-approval for On-chain Transactions: MOBOX Wallet supports pre-approval for on-chain transactions to increase the smoothness of Dapp and provide a more user-friendly on-chain process.
Bundle Transactions: MOBOX Wallet supports bundle transactions, allowing game players to bundle multiple on-chain operations together. With just one signature, all the necessary transaction processes can be completed, increasing transaction efficiency.
Subscription Mode: MOBOX Wallet supports subscription mode, allowing developers to subscribe to specific events or data updates. When these events or data updates occur, the MOBOX network automatically notifies developers, helping them achieve real-time data synchronization and notification more easily.
Through these features, MOBOX Wallet provides better management and on-chain experience for game developers and NFT holders, and contributes to the development of Web 3 games. We believe that MOBOX Wallet will become one of the essential gateways connecting the traditional gaming market and Web 3.

MOMO Mart: Bringing the Magic of MOBOX to Life

As part of our commitment to expanding the MOBOX brand and reaching a wider audience, we’re excited to introduce MOMO Mart, a unique retail venture that merges the online and offline worlds. Our goal is to share the essence and values of MOMO NFT with a diverse range of consumers, while offering a tangible experience for trendy toy enthusiasts.
We’ll be launching an exclusive MOMO NFT physical blind box collection, which features exquisite packaging and a diverse array of captivating characters. This product is designed to not only ignite the passion of the MOBOX community but also draw in more trendy toy aficionados to join our growing family.
MOMO Mart’s inaugural brick-and-mortar store will proudly showcase the core values of the MOBOX brand and MOMO NFT. Our design team has meticulously crafted each character, ensuring top-notch quality that leads the industry. Moreover, interactive zones within the store will allow visitors to truly immerse themselves in the enchanting world of MOMO NFT. We’re actively scouting prime locations around the globe to establish our immersive shopping and interactive experience for trendy toy enthusiasts worldwide. We’re eager to explore the potential of Web 3 and the trendy toy market through this strategic endeavor, ultimately bringing even greater value to the MOBOX community.
Roadmap Timeline
2023 Q1 — Research and testnet deployment for cross-chain solution
2023 Q2 — Burn 135 million MBOX
2023 Q2 — Update MBOX tokenomics
2023 Q2 — Test MOBOX game open platform for targeted developers
2023 Q2 — Provide MOBOX game access to game development SDK & API
2023 Q2 — Deploy MOBOX 2.0 to Ethereum and Arbitrum cross-chains
2023 Q2 — Release Dragon NFTs for MOBOX 2.0
2023 Q3 — Release MOBOX 2.0 World Map
2023 Q3 — Launch gameplay related to MOBOX 2.0 World Map
2023 Q3 — Launch “Dragon Battlefield” game on MOBOX platform
2023 Q4 — Launch “End of the World Storm” game on MOBOX platform
2023 Q4 — Launch “King of Chaos” game on MOBOX platform
2023 Q4 — Launch MOBOX game Fusion Hub
We have Introduced our three-phase plan for the MOBOX game open platform. We aim to “connect multiple mainstream public chains,” “construct a multi-chain digital world,” and “establish a collaborative multi-chain MOBOX Fusion Hub.” These plans and updates will enrich the MOBOX platform, providing both players and developers with an enhanced gaming experience and trading environment.
The launch of the Fusion Hub SDK & API will deliver numerous benefits to the MOBOX platform, including multi-chain integration, cross-chain asset bridging, seamless market API, MOBOX Wallet 2.0, and much more. These features will not only elevate the user experience and security of MOBOX games but also drive the growth of Web 3 gaming.
To realize our vision, we will steadfastly implement these plans. By harnessing cross-chain technology and NFT interoperability, we’ll create a unified multi-universe rather than separate games. Our team will collaborate with other leading blockchains to develop cross-chain protocols that enable MOBOX assets to traverse different blockchains and facilitate the use of NFTs from other blockchains on the MOBOX platform.
Our ultimate goal is to forge a truly interconnected meta-universe — the magnificent MOMOverse. ✨⭐️☄️💥
Please note: WEB 3.0 is a highly variable and risky field. The information provided in this announcement is for reference only and should not be used as a basis for any investment or decision-making. Before making any decisions, please conduct sufficient research and evaluation on your own and proceed with caution.
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2023.03.24 13:23 Shagrrotten The Non-English Language Movie Tournament: Round 1

We have arrived here at the non-English language tournament, FG. This will be a long tournament, as we had nearly 300 movies nominated from all over the world (though as to be expected from the history of cinema the most nominated countries were France, Italy, and Japan), so this will take us over the next few months. As always, the polls will last for one day, so get your votes in and come back tomorrow for the results and the next battle.
Letterboxd list of all the participating movies:
Results of Round 1
8 1/2 (1963) - Italy (48) beat Martyrs (2008) - France (26), Elevator to the Gallows (1958) - France (11), and The Aviator’s Wife (1981) - France (5)
The Battle of Algiers (1966) - Italy/Algeria (28) beat 3-Iron (2004) - South Korea (7), Embrace of the Serpent (2015) - Colombia (5), and Massacre Time (Tempo di massacro) (1966) - Italy (2)
The 400 Blows (1959) - France (34) beat Memories of Murder (2003) - South Korea (32), Battleship Potemkin (1925) - Russia (21), and Eyes Without a Face (1960) - France (12)
Metropolis (1927) - Germany (51), beat Fanny and Alexander (1982) - Sweden (32), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) - Japan (16), and The Bothersome Man (2006) - Norway
Fantastic Planet (1973) - France (23) beat Minari (2020) - USA (16), A Brighter Summer Day (1991) - Taiwan (14), and The Conformist (1970) - Italy (13)
Mirror (1975) - Russia (21) beat Farewell My Concubine (1993) - China (10), The Cranes Are Flying (1957) - Russia (10), and A City of Sadness (1989) - Taiwan (6)
Fists of Fury (1972) - Hong Kong (21) beat A Man Escaped (1956) - France (15), The Cremator (1969) - Czech Republic (9), and Moolaade (2004) - Senegal (5)
My Neighbour Totoro (1988) - Japan (44) beat A Separation (2011) - Iran (22), Fitzcarraldo (1982) - Germany (20), and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) - France (12)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) - Japan (25) beat The Double Life of Véronique (1991) - Poland (22), A Short Film About Love (1988) - Poland (11), and Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) - India (6)
Night and Fog (1956) - France (14) beat A Very Long Engagement (2004) - France (8), The Emigrants (1971) - Sweden (6), and Girlhood (2014) - France (4)
Nosferatu (1922) - Germany (39) beat Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) - Germany (26), Godzilla (1954) - Japan (24), and The Exterminating Angel (1962) - Mexico (10)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979) - Germany (36) beat Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) - Germany (21), Goodbye Lenin (2003) - Germany (12), and The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker (2007) - Japan (5)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009) - Sweden (17), beat All About My Mother (1999) - Spain (16), Grand Illusion (1937) - France (16), and O-bi, O-ba: The End of Civilization (1985) - Poland (3)
Grave of the Fireflies (1988) - Japan (33) beat Amarcord (1973) - Italy (14), One Cut of the Dead (2017) - Japan (10), and The Green Ray (1986) - France (9)
Amelie (2001) - France (79) beat The Handmaiden (2016) - South Korea (40), Only Yesterday (1991) - Japan (10), and Hamlet (1964) - Russia (6)
Harakiri (1962) - Japan (33) beat The Hidden Fortress (1958) - Japan (22), Amour (2012) - Austria (12), and Ordet (1955) - Denmark (10)
Andrei Rublev (1966) - Russia (29) beat The Holy Mountain (1973) - Mexico (26), Headhunters (2011) - Norway (10), and Obsession (1943) - Italy (4)
The Host (2006) - South Korea (30) beat Another Round (2020) - Denmark (29), Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) - Russia (7), and Out 1 (1971) - France (7)
High and Low (1963) - Japan (33) beat The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) - Poland (10), Pale Flower (1964) - Japan (5), and Any Number Can Win (1963) - France (2)
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) - Mexico (85) beat Apocalypto (2006) - USA (42), Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) - France (19), and The House is Black (1963) - Iran (5)
Parasite (2019) - South Korea (106) beat Holy Motors (2012) - France (16), The Human Condition I: No Greater Love (1959) - Japan (16), and Army of Crime (2009) - France (1)
Hour of the Wolf (1968) - Sweden (16) beat Army of Shadows (1969) - France (13), The Human Condition III: A Soldier’s Prayer (1961) - Japan (9), and Pastoral: To Die in the Country (1974) - Japan (3)
The Hunt (2012) - Denmark (42) beat I Saw the Devil (2010) - South Korea (25), Ashes and Diamonds (1958) - Poland (9), and Pater Brown – Das schwarze Schaf (1960) - Germany
Ikiru (1952) - Japan (34) beat The Killer (1989) - Hong Kong (25), Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) - France (10), and Pater Brown – Er kann's nicht lassen (1962) - Germany (4)
The Lives of Others (2006) - Germany (42) beat Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987) - France (27), Pauline at the Beach (1983) - France (11), and Il compagno Don Camillo (1965) - Italy (1)
Il Decameron (1971) - Italy (14) beat Pépé le Moko (1937) - France (13), The Man Without a Past (2002) - Finland (11), and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017) - India (10)
Battle Royale (2000) - Japan (76) beat Persona (1966) - Sweden (36), The New Land (1972) - Sweden (7), and Il ritorno di Don Camillo (1953) - Italy (4)
Beauty and the Beast (1946) - France (19) beat Phoenix (2014) - Germany (14), The Platform (2019) - Spain (11), and In a Year with 13 Moons (1978) - Germany (5)
In the Mood for Love (2000) - Hong Kong (42) beat The Raid (2011) - Indonesia (30), Belle de Jour (1967) - France (16), and Pixote (1980) - Brazil (10)
The Red Balloon (1956) - France (23) beat Playtime (1967) - France (22), Inside (2007) - France (12), and Belle Époque (1992) - Spain (10)
Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Italy (39) beat The Rules of the Game (1939) - France (14), Intouchables (2011) - France (6), and Port of Shadows (1938) - France (2)
Ip Man (2008) - Hong Kong (37) beat The Saragossa Manuscript (1965) - Poland (11), Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (2008) - France (6), and Pratidwandi (a.k.a. The Adversary) (1970) (India) (2)
Princess Mononoke (1997) - Japan (73) beat Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983) - India (47), The Sacrifice (1986) - Sweden (17), and Black Girl (1966) - Senegal (13)
The Seventh Seal (1957) - Sweden (53) beat Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) - France (18), Jauja (2014) - Argentina (6), and Pushpak (1987) - India (3)
Raise the Red Lantern (1991) - China (28) beat The Skin I Live In (2011) - Spain (23), Bob Le Flambeur (1956) - France (14), and Jean de Florette (1986) - France (6)
Ran (1985) - Japan (32) beat Breathless (1960) - France (14), Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) - Belgium (9), and The Tin Drum (1979) - Germany (2)
Johnny Gaddaar (2007) - India (45) beat Rare Exports - Finland (17), The Turin Horse (2011) - Hungary (15), and Cairo Station (1958) - Egypt (13)
Rashomon (1950) - Japan (37) beat Castle in the Sky (1986) - Japan (23), The Twilight Samurai (2002) - Japan (7), and Joyeux Noël (2005) - France (4)
Raw (2016) - France/Belgium (35) beat Jules and Jim (1962) - France (32), Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) - France (19), and The Ugly Swans (2006) - Russia (3)
The Virgin Spring (1960) - Sweden (25) beat Red Beard (1965) - Japan (20), Katyn (2007) - Poland (4), and Cemetery of Splendour (2015) - Thailand (3)
Rififi (1955) -France (27) beat Kin-dza-dza (1986) - Russia (8), Children of Heaven (1997) - Iran (6), and The Warped Ones (1960) - Japan (3)
Chungking Express (1994) - Hong Kong (25) beat Three Colors: Blue (1993) - Poland/France (24), Roma (2018) - Mexico (18), and L’avventura (1960) - Italy (17)
Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Italy (23) beat Three Colors: Red (1994) - Poland/France (15), Rome, Open City (1945) - Italy (10), and La Belle Noiseuse (1991) - France (6)
City of God (2002) - Brazil (63) beat La Dolce Vita (1960) - Italy (31), Run Lola Run (1998) - Germany(27), and Three Times (2005) - Taiwan (5)
Throne of Blood (1957) - Japan (42) beat La Femme Nikita (1990) - France (25), Cold War (2018) - Poland (14), and Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) - India (5)
Come and See (1985) - Russia (50) beat La Haine (1995) - France (27), Through a Glass Darkly (1961) - Sweden (24), and Samurai Rebellion (1967) - Japan
La Jetee (1962) - France (26) beat Cries and Whispers (1972) - Sweden (19), Sansho the Bailiff (1954) - Japan (18), and Time Regained (1999) - France (3)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) - Taiwan (80) beat La Notte (1961) - Italy (21), Tokyo Godfathers (2003) - Japan (14), and Santa Sangre (1989) - Mexico (13)
Tokyo Story (1953) - Japan (31) beat Satantango (1994) - Hungary (11), La Vie de Bohème (1992) - Finland (5), and Daens (1992) - Belgium (1)
Das Boot (1981) - Germany (47) beat Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001) - India (7), Tokyo Tribe (2014) - Japan (5), and Satya (1998) - India (1)
Scenes from a Marriage (1974) - Sweden (21) beat Day of Wrath (1943) - Denmark (11), Lakshya (2004) - India (6), and Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954) - France (4)
Seven Samurai (1954) - Japan (90) beat Train to Busan (2016) - South Korea (51), Death Rides a Horse (1967) - Italy (4), and Landscape in the Mist (1988) - Greece (3)
Sholay (1975) - India (74) disqualified, Troll Hunter (2010) - Norway (36) beat Dekalog (1989) - Poland (33), and L'atalante (1934) - France (17)
Solaris (1972) - Russia (40) beat Delicatessen (1991) - France (22), Late Spring (1949) - Japan (13), and Ugetsu (1953) - Japan (12)
Umberto D. (1952) - Italy (16) beat Le Cercle Rouge (1970) - France (14), Soy Cuba (1964) - Russia (11), and Departures (2008) - Japan (8)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (2003) - South Korea (19) beat Victoria (2015) - Germany (9), Le Doulos (1962) - France (5), and Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war (1937) - Germany (4)
Stalker (1979) - Russia (43) beat Le Samourai (1967) - France (16), Der Untergang (2004) - Germany (6), and Viridiana (1961) - Spain/Mexico (5)
Wages Of Fear (1953) - France (19) beat Dersu Uzala (1975) - Russia (14), Le Trou (1960) - France (7), and Sunset (2018) - Hungary (5)
Werckmeister Harmonies (2001) - Hungary (11) beat Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991) - France (7), Survive Style 5+ (2004) - Japan (4), and Die Feuerzangenbowle (1944) - Germany (2)
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submitted by Shagrrotten to IMDbFilmGeneral [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:22 vitorsinedino Shopify Meta Objecs Export

Hello guys, i was working with the new meta objects for a client store but they have a limitation in how many objects i can have, now we're migrating everything to our onw DB/API but we need a way to grab all the meta objects created in the old way (meta objects creation) is there any way to easily export this data ?
for context here's how the object is structured:
{ "name": "some string", "life_stage": "some string", "gender": "some string", "weight": 1, "products": [1] }
submitted by vitorsinedino to shopify [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:21 PerspectiveTop1451 Could I get some advice

So I'm alittle clueless with modding but I've looked an every example I can find and think I have everything where it should be for the most part but I'm having issues with weapons on back AIO, animations work but it's placed on my hip. I've done everything I could think of and nothing seems to fix it, if anyone could take a look and tell me where I've went wrong I would really appreciate it!
egacy of the dragonborn sse
Coldhaven-a vampire city
Unofficial skyrim special edition patch
[Xbox] the lost wonders of mzark
Become a highwayman
Cuttingroom floor
Simple actions/sit lay sleep
Get immersive merchant cheats
Run for your lives
Npcs can swim in combat
World encounters overhaul
Cheat room (XB1)
Canis hysteria
Norce bold
Nordic skyhud
Nordic ui
Categorised favorites
[XB1] civil war aftermath se
Thieves guild for the good guys
Jayserpa's quest expansion bundle
Portable arrow crafting
Simple scroll transcribing
[XB1] auttocrossbows
One-handed hammers
Sneak tools
Crossbows of skyrim
Nord tribal armor and clothing
Bob's armory bow pack
Praedy's staves AIO
Realistic wildlife behavior
Druidism - absorbing animal spirits
Imperious - races of skyrim
Serendipitous: rewards of the weary traveller
Sacrosanct - vampires of skyrim
Thunderchild - epic shouts and immersion
Growl - werebeasts of skyrim
Ordinator - perks of skyrim
Chronomancy - time magic spells
Sun and soil: a restoration and alteration expansion bundle
Fashions of the fourth era
Summermyst - enchantments of skyrim
(Lite) guard armor overhaul
Obsidion weathers and seasons
Lush vanilla grass
Less grass 120 version
More tavern idles
Visible favorited gear
Xp32 maximum skeleton special extended plus
No spinning death animation
Relaxed sneaking animations
Witcher-style power attack animation
Yy animations-zweihander stance
Leviathan animations: male idle walk and run
Leviathan animations: fenale idle walk and run
Dulesun animation replacer (dual wield version)
Weapons on back AIO
New magic casting animations
Better beast race scars
Time for war! A warpaint overhaul
Full lip tintmasks
Natural eyes
Vanilla hair retextures
Kabu's argonian fins
Muscular bodymorpgs for argonians and khajiit
Bigger argonian tails
Far - forgotten argonian roots
Better looking khajiit
Wsco windsong skyrim character overhaul
The teeth of skyrim sse
Believable weapons
Variations: armour and clothing recolours-solstheim
Variations: armour and clothing recolours-clothes
Variations: armour and clothing recolours-fashions of the fourth era patch
Smooth water standalone
Mm mountins and stones
Static mesh improvement mod
Wolves reshaped
Wolves of the wild
[XB] the old gods: a dragon overhaul
Amidianborn book if silence-weapon and armor overhaul
Dark brotherhood armorobe replacer
Graphics pack
Enhanced blood textures
Luminosity lighting overhaul
Wsmodulesfor lighting mods
[XB1] Lamposts of skyrim
M rens dark nights
Jorrvaskr enhanced
Whiterun hideout
Myrkheimr se
The midden: expanded xb1
Lakvans stronghold
Ancient roads lands amd ruins
The skyrim house remodel
Castle volkihar rebuilt
Light and shade
saaida time of need
Dominion's hearthfire stewards
Dominion's more argonian
jk's riften
Jk''s windhelm interiors
Jk's solitude interiors
Jk's whiterin interiors
Hunterborn sse
Konahrik's accountments
A quality world map
Legacy of the dragonborn konahrik's patch
Hunterborn survival patch
More ingredients
Tdg's crafting bag
Legacy of the dragonborn lost wonders od mzark patch
Evenstar minimalist standing stones
Suthentic legion replacer version
Dungeons revisited AIO
frozen electrocuted combustion
Staves on back
Dynamic camara
Qd inventory sse
Wearable lanterns
More wearwolves
Amazing follower tweaks
Serviceable carriages
Crusader a dawnguard bundle
Alternative start live another life
New beginnings alternitive start
Unique locations: riverwood forest
Unique locations: riverwood forest patch
Blackbeerd's beard
Buy business
Tavern games
Instincts animal taming in skyrim
Racial body morphs redux sse
Obis no facegen
submitted by PerspectiveTop1451 to SkyrimModsXbox [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:15 Remote_Golf1545 (PS5) Radagon Elden Beast Boss

One more person needed for boss battle. My name is Rhaegar and the password is dragon. I am outside Radagon fog wall.
submitted by Remote_Golf1545 to BeyondTheFog [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:00 avtolik Changelog from the last week [17 - 24 Mar]

Hello, here is the latest changelog.
Content: * Adds a high end hunting bag with lots of storage by bombasticSlacks * Campground cleanup by LovamKicsiGazsii * Create a Melchior node in the Physics lab by John-Candlebury * adds a new type of cheese, mozzarella cheese, into the game. by LordBarkBread * Adds a Magiclysm druid healing spell to stop bleeding by Standing-Storm * Radiophile mutation by Kamejeir * Add canine bite suits by MNG-cataclysm * Invertebrate larva and egg rework by Karol1223 * Adds Water Wheels & XL Water Wheels as placeable appliances. by KKDavion * Add flags of various countries by MNG-cataclysm * Add (versions of) some appropriate mutation to the Black Dragon category by Terrorforge * Menstrual products by Aerin-of-the-Toast * Office tower 2 overhaul by LovamKicsiGazsii * Completes the parking garage by LovamKicsiGazsii * Finish part 2 of the netherium monster corpse by MNG-cataclysm * Environmental storytelling about what children in the cataclysm had to go through by Karol1223 * Add a drug lab by MNG-cataclysm * Various additions and tweaks relating to Native American Heritage by merrygin
Features: * JSONized damage verbs for transforming items by bombasticSlacks * EOC on event by bombasticSlacks * Limbify downed recovery, rework Judo's passive bonus by Venera3
Balance: * Throwable fire extinguishers can now be placed in grenade-only pockets by pjf * Remove zombie technician's pull ability and normalize its properties. by IncoherentOrange * Cost parity for mod mutations by Terrorforge
Interface: * Add a high contrast color theme by strategineer * Add two travel-related overmap keybinds for a better UX by strategineer * Fixed pocket contents displaying each item seperately by Skrassh
Mods: * Blood level widget for Xedra Evolved Vampire PCs by Maleclypse * [Backrooms] Add onura46 as a Backrooms maintainer by onura46
Bugfixes: * Fix friction drag from insufficient wheels potentially causing direction change in vehicles by cake-pie * Butane spawns and new food PR cooking cost corrections by anoobindisguise * Fixed windows with metal grate converting into wrong window types on sawing down the grate by Night-Pryanik * Charged tools can be searched by quality by Brambor * Migration: remove temperature tracking for former comestibles by cake-pie * Update events to account for ability to swap avatars (debug or upon death) by cake-pie * Make Crusader's Holy Shield actually work as a shield by Terrorforge * Prevent Android craft crash on small screens by SurFlurer * Fix vehicle cheevos not handling reverse (negative) velocities correctly by cake-pie * #64308 by aahue1889 * Higher skill speeds up spell learn time instead of slowing down by sparr * Follower NPCs shouldn't have static NPC traits by Maleclypse * Correct cost of boiled makeshift bandage by anoobindisguise * Expanded Digestive System cancels Meat Intolerance by Terrorforge * Fix atomic coffeepot being unable to use batteries by pjf * Fix zinc_metal stats (and cascade effects) by cake-pie * Intercom should sell the same set of UHMWPE armor. by SurFlurer * Straw Beds give more straw piles when deconstructed, up to 80%-90% of required instead of just 5% by dgreenlee1 * Add Dense Bones and Dromeosaur Muzzle to extra mut scen mod by KittyTac
Infrastructure: * Refactor misleading variable name vehicle::is_floating by cake-pie * Add Makefile option to compile in order of header popularity by sparr * Set OSX_MIN on CI to match release workflow by jbytheway
None: * Minor bus station cleanup by LovamKicsiGazsii * [Magiclysm] add dust_reborn and terra_armor to Gaia's Chosen spells_learned by GuardianDll * Fix underground emitter drain by irwiss * Type fixes for MSVC, use steady_clock for intervals by irwiss * Remove UNCRAFT_LIQUIDS_CONTAINED flag by mqrause * Make 'afs_atomic_smartphone' disassembly not produce any 'lens_small' components and update meteorologist quest dialog by strategineer * Differentiate welding tool names by RenechCDDA * Remove achievements/scores/killcount top-level keybinding and move it into the diary menu (bound by default to ')') by strategineer * cpp17 refactoring: remove make_pair by Brambor * Tidy item examine display by irwiss * Allow spells to use dialog variables. by Ramza13 * active_items: mark death drops as active items by andrei8l * Refactor and document vehicle::[avail_]part_with_feature overloads by irwiss * Make instability test more reliable by actually-a-cat * Fix motorcycle ramming into enemies and failing tests by strategineer * inv_ui: fix width of merged map column by andrei8l * Yet another random item fix PR by Karol1223 * Turn person's ability to open doors back by GuardianDll * Misc fixes by SurFlurer * Attach battery toolmod instead of duplicating item definitions by irwiss * inv_ui: move cell cache to entry and delete redundant calls by andrei8l * Fix changelog script not preserving leading spaces by dseguin * Revert "Revive part 2 of the netherium monster corpse project" by kevingranade * Revert "Attempts to fix nether monster generation" by kevingranade * Update bionics.json by H3LL-J3F3 * Erase all before placing Exodii crash buildings by jbytheway * [Magiclysm] Small fix by GuardianDll * Update the table of contents in doc/ by kevingranade * Remove more 0.G migrations by irwiss * Raise minimum supported macOS version to 10.13 by BrettDong * Set BACKTRACE in msvc CI builds for better stack traces. by akrieger * Furniture/Terrain Description Proofreading by FoolsGold45 * Item Description Cleanup Project: Finishing Touches by FoolsGold45 * [Xedra Evolved] Fix changeling fur drops and unrepairable weapons armor by Maleclypse * Pass base github token to Changelog generator by kevingranade * Leg Guards of Chitin Biosilicified or not for Fellows of Atypical Proportions by sadenar * Attempts to fix nether monster generation by LovamKicsiGazsii * Obsolete valhalla cultists by dseguin * Avoid divide by zero in vehicle::print_fuel_indicator by pjf * Create by I-am-Erk * Removed the small lens from smartphone deconstruction because by strategineer * Migrate from cata::optional to std::optional by BrettDong * Pre-nerfed technician is in the No Hope mod by Night-Pryanik * set subtype of pencil_case_with_contents by nornagon * Make generic guns validator output sane error on bad json by irwiss * Routine tileset updates on 19 March 2023 by kevingranade * Refactor wire loss and vehicle battery charging by irwiss * Remove unused colored stat display functions by sparr * Add reminder of the license to PR template by Fris0uman * Move necropolis to No Hope mod, remove from base game by irwiss * Use underlying type for vehicle_part::flags enum by irwiss * Update to match #55320 by SurFlurer * [Xedra Evolved] Random fixes and stuff by GuardianDll * Fix Renfield abomination description by Maleclypse * Make folding vehicles test less flaky by irwiss * Fix energy cost comment discrepancies from #62180 by Brambor * Refactor travel-related overmap keybinds code by strategineer * msvc-full-features vcpkg cache needs to be a strict superset of the release vcpkg by akrieger * Routine i18n updates on 18 March 2023 by kevingranade * Aftershock - Make atomic coffeepot great again! by irwiss * Correct n_gettext() name in documentation by Kamayana * Changelog update: 2023-01-02 to 2023-03-12 by dseguin * Deduplicate code in Character::*_weakpoint_skill by sparr * Convert anonymous vehicle_part enum to class enum by irwiss * [Xedra Evolved] Estocs do not fit into scabbard by GuardianDll * Create parking_garage2x2.json by Maleclypse
submitted by avtolik to cataclysmdda [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:54 LarkspurSong Lair Clear Out Sale

A mix of Obelisk, Nocturne, and Imperial dragons I want to clear out to make room for new projects. Mostly adults, but a couple hatchlings too.
All are currently posted for Auction. Lair
submitted by LarkspurSong to flightrising [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:49 upbstock moving

Gapping up In reaction to earnings/guidance:
CURV +9.2%, ADMA +9%, HRTX +7%, HROW +4.3% Other news:
WRN +5.3% (receives strategic investment by Mitsubishi Materials) LPLA +5% (reports monthly activity for Feb) NETI +4.9% (reports purchase of common shares by Scorpio Holdings) GFOR +1.8% (Graf Acquisition Corp. IV and NKGen Biotech announce letter of intent for a business combination) MSI +1.4% (awarded $340 mln U.S. Air Force contract) XAIR +1% (names new CMO) Analyst comments:
AXNX +1.4% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Needham) GPC +1.1% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Truist) HCSG +1% (upgraded to Hold from Underperform at Jefferies) Gapping down In reaction to earnings/guidance:
SCHL -12.9% (also authorizes new $50 mln share repurchase program), CMCL -7.5%, OXM -4.3% Select EU financial related names showing weakness:
DB -9.1% (shares down 9% pre-market after Reuters report suggesting increasing default insurance costs), CS -6%, HSBC -4.1%, BCS -4.1%, UBS -4.3% Other news:
GSK -3.8% (issues statement on statement Zantac (ranitidine) litigation) KKR -3.5% (announces intra-quarter monetization activity update for Q1) INCY -3.3% (receives complete response letter for ruxolitinib extended-release tablets) NNI -3% (announces reduction of staff due to contract changes impacting student loan servicing) CBAY -2.9% (files mixed shelf securities offering) C -2.4% (tells staff not to poach clients from banks under stress, according to Financial Post) JPM -2.1% (tells staff not to poach clients from banks under stress, according to Financial Post) DHT -1.3% (files mixed shelf securities offering) LPSN -1.3% (divests Kasamba to Ingenio) WW -1.2% (chairman resigns, names new chairman) HA -1.1% (reaches deal with Gevo to purchase 50 mln gallons of sustainable aviation fuel) Analyst comments:
CR -2.5% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at UBS) COIN -2% (downgraded to Underperform from Market Perform at TD Cowen) SQ -1.7% (downgraded to Neutral from Overweight at Atlantic Equities)
submitted by upbstock to Optionmillionaires [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 12:47 ACitrusYaFeel Ryman III - Sweet Nothings

6th Moon, 200 AC - King's Landing
Hot, with as much sweat atop the brow and in matted locks of hair as much as the small of the back. The Capital seemed stricken with heat for all of a day and with the sun hung high overhead, there was nowhere safe from it. Only the salt-filled breeze swept fresh from the sea could provide some inkling of comfort, no matter the masses that also seemed to think the same. In thin cloth from the scorched mountains of the Marches, Ryman and Criston feasted upon fruit while Brynden appeared more inclined to bathe his worn and weary face in a pail of water much cleaner than what lied in the Blackwater.
"Should we not be working," asked Criston with a mouthful and wandering eyes on a swivel, "the heat will make them an unruly lot?"
From behind closed eyes while reclined across the stone with a forearm lazily sitting across his forehead, Ryman groaned. "I gave Joff command for the day." He said with a dismissive wave of his idle hand, "I have much more important things to tend to."
Brynden rose his dripping head, "You're bathing your sun, have been most of the day."
"Exactly," laughed Ryman, biting out another portion of green apple. A favourite, as bitter as it was sweet. "Much more important things."
Criston groaned and Brynden rumbled in a low chuckle, while Roland snickered softly. Though silence reigned in the moments that followed. The lot of them sat and sweat, their skin stained with salt as it crept across the otherwise dry air save the spray. There was no quiet, not here, not with the bells and the sounds of the city and docks alike. The comfort of silence was ever a rarity in King's Landing, even in the dead of night.
Though without warning, Ryman sat up. "You know, I was thinking-"
"Not good," grumbled Criston.
An eaten apple core was tossed his way, striking him whilst he wasn't looking. "Oi!" He balked.
Brynden laughed, Roland snickered, and Ryman chuckled.
"I think I should be wed," he continued.
"Is this your father talking?" Said one while another roused, "Your beloved Baratheon already left the city."
His eyes rolled, partly with frustration to match the comment and the truth of it. Ryman believed himself on the path for such a union, even despite the... mishap with the mother, with a violent raid. It seemed to resolve itself, he thought, with the accused little more than a corpse in the Stepstones now. He was here, still, in his position and without consequence; save the bitter remarks of an ever upset prince, a future ruler, but one that Ryman would lose no sleep over should a sickness claim him. His sister seemed more to his nature, too.
"Maester...?" He flicked his gaze across to an elderly man in a thicker garb with heavy chains hanging from his neck. Beads of sweat seemed to settle over his brow, down his cheeks, and into the thin and pale beard. His eyes softened when there was no immediate answer, perhaps the older man nestled by a barrel and table had died.
"The maester will agree with your every wish." Criston tossed the skin of his fruit in saying, a soft plop came as it struck the water and was lost in the small waves.
"Perhaps you should be more like him, then." Ryman smarmily retorted.
Gruff, the effort to clear the maester's throat appeared to steal some degree of strength from him. "I should believe in whatever you think is right," the old man's voice sounded as uninterested as it was non-committal.
Criston shrugged with a huff, "See?" Brynden snorted.
"Then we best write a letter," the Caron smirked to his fellows while the maester prepared both parchment and ink in the outdoors. His movements slow and sluggish, a shaky hand found trouble.
His once lazily lounging self sobered, straightening with narrowed features born from focus. Ryman cleared his own throat, speaking, "Write: to my beloved Ellyn, I have thought of you day and night. No, wait, get rid of that."
To my beloved Ellyn,
I have thought of you day and night
"Maybe..." He ran his hand across his chin. "Ellyn, I cannot stop thinking of you - eh, no." He sighed, laying down and clasping his fingers together. Once more, his eyes fell shut. Even from behind closed eyelids, the heat of the sun could be felt through them.
I cannot stop thinking of you
The maester groaned, discarding another piece of parchment in favour of another.
"Tortured lover," mockingly frowned Criston.
Brynden and Roland supped on their summer wine, "Given up so soon?"
Ryman only huffed in response.
"Perhaps something more heartfelt and thoughtful, lord Ryman." Said maester Hunnimore through his hoarse chords.
He sat up, his arms leaning over his risen and bent knees. "Hmm," he hummed in thought. "Dearest Ellyn," said Ryman after a moments worth of consideration, "I have not forgotten the night we shared together; I have thought of you ever since."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
"Wait," alarmingly sounded Criston, stiffening. "The night you shared? Did you bed her?"
Stolen from his careful thoughts, Ryman's brow tensed a touch before it softened in his turn towards their knightly friend. "No," he shook his head softly, "though we spent a night together. Her mother will think I did bed her should she read this, which will go one of two ways."
With suspicion, Criston narrowed his brow. "Do you think that to be your benefit."
Ryman shrugged his pursed lips. "Tricky," said Roland.
He continued, "Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
His own silence returned, oblivious to the prying eyes of his fellows. Each turned, each listened, each awaited the next breath to spill heartfelt worlds. Or those that appeared to be as much. In his consideration of the next placed lyrics to a song he did not quite know, there was some half-wonder as to whether there was truth to them. Ellyn was bold, even abusive - he liked that about her, it made her different, separate from the rest. Perhaps should we make him a better man, maybe worse.
"Come on, lover boy."
"You're not done yet."
Ryman glared, "Shut it."
On the brick and mortar ahead, his eyes focused. "If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere. Your most ardent admirer - no," he groaned, "too much."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere.
Your most ardent admirer
Hunnimore groaned even louder, though. In protest as his ink had little use in the end.
Ryman shared a quiet, smug smile. He turned to the maester, "Say, 'Yours', then sign."
Dearest Ellyn,
I have not forgotten the night we shared together. I have thought of you ever since.
Though I know we have spent moons apart from another, I would hope for many more nights together to come in the moons, and if you would want it, the years. I come to realise the love I hold for you, the same love I did not yet understand when I named you Queen of Love and Beauty years ago.
If it would please you, as it please me, I would offer myself and all my worldly possessions unto you in a union of marriage. Perhaps we may meet to discuss this further, the Capital should suffice. Lest you would prefer elsewhere.
Ryman Caron
"I'm practically teary," dryly said Criston some more, wiping a false tear from his forcefully bored eye. "Do you think it will be of much use, or is this truly loving message all for naught."
Ryman snatched up the bottle of wine, a Pentoshi summer. He eyes the contents curiously, swishing them about, grasping onto his own silence tightly. In the end, the words followed a hearty swig and a shrug of his shoulders, laying flat onto his back with another shrug but of his mouth. "Eh," he breathily mumbled.
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2023.03.24 12:47 tygabeast [Dreadgod] Team Regression 12

Part 12: Serpent's Grave
Kelsa had spent her childhood hearing stories and tales of mighty and majestic dragons. But that was all that they had been; tales, myths to act as the focus of a parable to instill a moral lesson in children. The powerful beasts hoard resources and force their offspring to fend for themselves, so humans who provide resources to the promising young are more honorable, or so she was taught.
They were clearly more than just myth.
Gazing out the window, Kelsa watched the city as they approached. Skeletons so massive that they boggled the mind wove around and through a bustling metropolis of human make, any one of them large enough to encompass the entire Wei clan compound. The name of the city, Serpent's Grave, seemed appropriate.
Slowly, the she began to make out details of the bones, dark spots becoming clearer until their purpose as windows was clear. The bones themselves had been carved into buildings, and people streamed into, through, and around them. If every one of the bones were a building in its own right...
Just how many people live here?
A soft jerk pulled her from her thoughts. It seemed that, while she was distracted, the ship had been lowered into a prepared spot. She left her place, joining Lindon and the others at the doors of the building. Eithan threw open the doors to reveal a hundred people, arranged in rows of ten, clad in blue and black, prostrated on the ground.
"The Arelius family greets the Patriarch," they shouted, their unified voice shaking the ground and vibrating Kelsa's bones.
Cassias stepped in front of Eithan and addressed the group. "Number one, step forward and report."
The leftmost person in the front row, a balding man of average build in his middle years, stepped up and bowed to the Patriarch.
He moved to whisper in Cassias' ear, instead of making his report in front of the crowd. After a moment, Cassias turned to Eithan and spoke in a normal tone. Kelsa found herself wondering what the point of that was.
"Since I have been gone, the Jai have grown even more desperate. Our fourth-ranked crew of lamplighters working on the mountain have returned with severe burns. They were working on the peak, just outside the Jai palaces, and have named a specific group of Jai Highgolds. The Jai have not responded, but the Highgolds haven't been seen for the last week."
Eithan dipped his head, and the servant continued whispering in Cassias' ear. He nodded through a few more reports before Cassias said, "We've recently received reports indicating that a natural spirit has formed in the sewer. A life spirit, caused by Jai refiners dumping their elixirs in the same chamber that the Soulsmiths disposed of their dead matter, as predicted."
Eithan nodded again. "Two and a half miles east," he said, "just south of the Sandstorm Quarter, directly beneath the fountain shaped like a three-headed dragon."
Cassias turned back to the rows of kneeling servants. "Ninety-nine and one hundred," he said. The two people in the back rose to their feet, and ran off.
"This is where you'll be advancing to Lowgold," Eithan said as he guided Kelsa into a large chamber. "This chamber has been specially prepared for the task." As he spoke, he gesture toward the center of the room, to the concentric cicles of script covering the floor.
"The Jade cycling technique that I introduced you to will have created a sort of... spiral within your spirit. The purpose of that spiral is to trap a Remnant, which will, in turn, bind it to you. This is the most commonly practiced method of reaching the Gold realm from Jade." As he finished, he pulled a scripted box almost the size of his own head from his sleeve, holding it up. "Your brother was kind enough to provide a Remnant that would be compatible with your own Path. I have spent the last month ensuring its strength, purity, and stability."
Done speaking, Eithan walked to the center of the room, sat the box on the floor, and activated release script before retreating. The box fell open, releasing the Remnant trapped inside, a fox in the shape of a man that only reached as high as Kelsa's shoulders, painted on the world in white and luminous purple. The Remnant sat on its haunches, fully ignoring Eithan and watching her silently, its eyeless gaze following her whenever she moved.
"Now, the process is simple. Once you make physical contact, simply will it into your system," Eithan explained. "It will fight, of course, but it will be a battle of wills. A battle in which you have the distinct advantage of conscious thought. Remnants generally don't have enough of a consiousness to engage in such a battle effectively, at least until the Lord realm. Now, proceed, and I will guide you as best I can."
At his signal, Kelsa slowly approached the trapped Remnant. When she reached the final layer of protective script, the Remnant finally reacted. It lunged at her, drawing itself short at the scripted boundary, leaving itself standing there, flexing claws and snarling. A straight confrontation could only end poorly, if its speed were any indication.
A idea strikes her, and it seems oddly appropriate. Controlling the aura, she wove the Fox Dream, trapping the Remnant's simple mind in an illusion. Following the advice her brother had given her, she abandoned the details and instead wove the intent, leaving the details to the Remnant.
Following the illusion, the Remnant spun in place, snarling at the empty wall opposite her. Seizing the moment, Kelsa leapt forward, wrapping her arms around the Remnant. Eithan's voice came from the side. "Now pull! Force it to sumbit to your will and become part of you!"
As instructed, she cycled her madra and pulled, drawing the Remnant into her channels as if it were arua to be cycled. In her channels, the spirit wriggled and shifted as if alive, fighting her as she attempted to subdue it. She pitted her will against it, forcing it further into her system, until it reached her core. Once inside, its resistance became less and less, until finally, it stopped, becoming one with her madra system.
Once it settled, power began flowing from the spirit. It filled her channels and swelled her core, granting her power beyond anything she had imagined. Her madra became denser, more potent, as the power within surged outward. With a final movement of spirit, her goldsign forced itself outward, a translucent purple imitation of a fox's tail. At the end, she felt her own spirit, her power.
She had become a Gold.
Lindon and Yerin followed the servant to Underground Chamber Number Three, the volcanic cave where Orthos was contained. Little Blue chimed sadly from Lindon's shoulder. In the month of travel, Eithan had given her a steady diet of Underlord level scales and soulfire, resulting in her current state at the spiritual equivalent of Truegold.
"I know, Blue, but as he is, he's a threat to anyone around him." Lindon replied. He waved his arm at the shadowed entrance. "This is where he can be comfortably contained with minimal danger. But that very fact is worrying. Would he still be like this if he remembered?"
Yerin squared her shoulders, her goldsigns flexing. "Only one way to find out," she said, walking into the cave, Lindon following.
The journey into the deepest reaches of the cave took several minutes, which the three spent in quiet conversation. Just when Lindon was about to respond to a question that Yerin had asked, they heard something. Echoing off the walls came a deep, mournful bellow, coming from deeper inside. Coming from Orthos.
A blue-white haze surrounded Lindon as he used the Soul Cloak. As fast as he could, he ran down the tunnel, belatedly realizing that it was the same area that he and Eithan had found Orthos in the original timeline. As they drew closer, the cries became more defined.
Orthos was calling Lindon's name.
Rounding a final corner, Lindon found Orthos beating his shell softly against the wall. As he came into view, burning rings focused on him, Orthos' face twisting in rage.
"Begone, ghost!" Orthos roared. "Bother me no more, and leave me be!" An instant later, he was gathering blackflame.
Soul Cloak enhancing his relfexes, Lindon ducked under an arm-thick bar of blackflame as he drew closer to the confused turtle. Little Blue screamed into his ear, sounding like a set of windchimes falling down a set of stairs, and his bond translated the feelings into her desire for him to throw her.
Lindon approached Orthos at speed, taking Little Blue in his hands. When he had come feet away, Lindon tossed Little Blue high into the air and distracted Orthos with an Empty Palm to the chin. The blow disoriented Orthos for only a second, but that was all they needed.
Little Blue landed directly on top of Orthos' head, immediately smacking her palms down and releasing her cleansing madra into his system. Instantly, Orthos' eyes began to clear, his mind becoming more stable. Rearing back, she slapped his head again, releasing another cleansing pulse. As his mind cleared, Orthos calmed, his madra stilling. He looked at Lindon in confusion.
"Lindon," He asked, "are you real?"
Lindon set a palm on the turtle's forehead and said, "I am, Orthos."
"I have been tormented," the turtle said, his voice choked with emotion, "by knowing that you would come. I saw you arrive, over and over, never knowing if it was real. I am still afraid of hoping, should this be another figment of my mind."
"Apologies, Orthos," Lindon said. "I took too long. But it's over now." Lindon cycled his unbonded core and placed both his hand on Orthos. "I swear to open my core to you, and share my power."
Orthos rumbled, the sound of boulders grinding. "I accept your bond."
Lindon's system opened to Orthos, and his world became fire and destruction.
I meant to have this out yesterday, but I got distracted. On a totally unrelated note, it's Warframe's tenth anniversary.
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2023.03.24 12:41 Hyouka_2002 [Request] [Steam] Like a Dragon Ishin !

Not long ago, one of my friends recommended me a game called Yakuza 0 which most of you have heard of. I decide to give it a try and what did you know? The storyline was so touching that it made me who haven't shed a tear for years to be defeated straight to the ground. As for the gameplay, its smooth and unique in a weird and cool way. I'm interested in learning Japanese lately and that game actually help me a lot in recognizing and learning new words.
What Like a Dragon Ishin has to offer?
Like a Dragon: Ishin is set in 19th century Japan, during the end of the Edo period and the beginning of the Meiji era. The game follows the story of a former samurai named Sakamoto Ryoma, who finds himself caught up in the political turmoil of the time. Along the way, he must navigate the dangerous world of the yakuza and fight to protect his friends and allies.
The game offers a rich, immersive world filled with historical detail and cultural references. Players can explore the city of Kyoto, engage in side quests and mini-games, and battle enemies using a variety of weapons and fighting styles. The game also features a deep crafting system, allowing players to create and upgrade their own weapons and equipment.
Like a Dragon: Ishin is known for its engaging story, memorable characters, and unique blend of history and fiction. It offers a compelling gameplay experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end. If you are a fan of the Yakuza franchise, or just enjoy immersive action games with a strong narrative.
Why I can't afford the game ?
Its pretty simple, I've no money. I'm just a college student struggling to get my shiet together and to be honest the pressure is killing me from the outside and the inside. If anyone could help me out that would be great . Thank you for reading until now and sorry for the bad grammar and all, English is not my first language.
Like a Dragon Ishin ! Steam ID
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2023.03.24 12:40 Erratic_Seal1 Name me plz (masc/gender neutral) (not Daniel)

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2023.03.24 12:15 TheCurserHasntMoved Accidentally Adopted Part 4: CH 10 Ties

First Part Start Previous Next

Log: 6000001.0.19, Personal, Captain Yormdrill

Well, breach.
Voided breach.
This is completely scorching unfair.
Well, I had to hold a formal homecoming for the away mission, despite being on the mission. Which isn't all that strange for a captain to do, but it was far more pompous than I would have preferred. In he first place, it was not a simple, small ceremony that goes mostly unremarked by others in the embarkation area of the station. Oh no, it could not just be normal. It had to be witnessed by the captains of the other away teams' captains. Well, fine. But again, it couldn't just end there. Of course not. Our just doing what needed done was apparently remarkable somehow, so of course the Lord Justiciar was in attendance. Which means formal robes. Gregory, the smug little brat, escaped that much at least, him and the rest of the away team. Excepting myself, of course. That was bad enough. However, there were honors to distribute.
Everything was going normally, Gregory had somehow (let's be honest he just smiled and asked, his cuteness is dangerous) gotten Vringi to sew him a set of clothes from scratch. Well, her mother very likely helped her with the details. A set of trousers and a jacket with a high collar, in a deep, nearly black blue with gold piping to trim the stitching and edges, and a single chevron stitched to his sleeves with the points upward and broken up by a wide white belt at his waist. The buttons were burnished metal, glistening silver in the steady light . He did not know our rituals, our ceremonies, so he simply used his own.
He marched with a precision that looked at once mechanical and fluid, each movement practiced to perfection, his eyes were fixed ahead as he lead the parade down the embarkation area, the members of which attempted to glide behind their diminutive leader with an equal solemnity. He stopped at each of the airlocks where the captains and crews were waiting to perform their own welcomes and dismissed them with his version of a salute, which was to bring his right hand to his forehead such that the back of his hand was toward those he was saluting, and the words, "It was an honor to command, it was an honor to serve. Dismissed."
They returned the salute, and replied appropriately, "Yes, sir." It seemed to me that Greggory's shadow flinched, though in truth he himself showed no outward sign of his thoughts.
Then he was before me. He saluted me, and I returned the salute, I did not imitate his, but rather used our salute. "Captain, mission accomplished."
"Aye Lieutenant, welcome home," I said according to the ceremony. However, the Lord Justiciar chose that moment to descend upon us with awards and accolades. I just wanted to go inside and have a quiet meal with my family, but no. I apparently had to be saddled with honors to my ship and personnel.
"Gray-gore-ree George of house Drilldi, you acted decisively the moment one of ours and yours was in danger to find and rescue him, yet you went above and beyond this duty to rescue the children and other loved ones of countless people in this nation. Your command suffered no fatalities, and only minor injuries in addition to not once endangering or causing collateral casualties to the local populace. For this reason, under my authority, I award you the Away Team Command Nova."
Gregory responded, not by declining the accolade, which would have been perfectly acceptable as he is under no obligation to be burdened further, but by saying, "Honor to honor, blood to blood, I accept this recognition of duty done." He held his salute as the Lord Justiciar pinned the medal to his chest, then he dropped it and stood rigidly as the Justiciar turned his eye to me.
"Yormdrill Drilldi, your ship has contributed to the rescue of over four hundred hostages in the clutches of foul pirates. Though by treaty you had the right, by ship, the Among the Star Tides We Sing had no duty to risk her crew and captain. For this reason, I award her hull and callsign a Star Mark for valorous crew aboard," he proclaimed to me.
The more Star Marks your hull has, the more likely your ship shall perish. I hope the We Sing will forgive me. "By my house and line, I accept this honor in the name of my ship and crew," I said.
"Go, return to your duties and your chosen course," the Lord Justiciar intoned, and my crew filed into the quarters deck where we received a somewhat more cheerful welcome. The cheer was deafening, and Yoivdrill reattached himself to me on one side, and Gregory on the other.
Gregory did manage to extricate himself from his grip for the feast, but I had decided I wished to hold my son in my arms where he couldn't be stolen from me again. At some point, I stopped seeing him mingling with the crew, reassuring the children, laughing with friends, or just sitting against the wall with a pensive smile across his face. He didn't reappear for several hours, and nobody seemed to know where he had been. Likely seeking privacy.
He said that we had some things to discuss, but later, and in the meantime he just wanted to enjoy being on the ship and listening.
I think I can understand his desire.

Dear Diary,

Well, things didn't exactly go back to normal. But I have my brothers and my Daddy back, so that's good.
Greg's quiet again. Not like, silent, but quiet. He prefers to sign, but will speak if the other person is confused. I'm worried about him. I hope it's not his "broken inside" again. If it is, I want to help.
We had a talk, kind of. He said he'll be okay, that he's just trying to listen to the ship. He said he likes how it sounds.
Is it okay that he's so cute in the fancy clothes he asked for even when he's so somber?

Mission Log: 7. Date: 1/6/7. Name: Gregory George

Mission: Planetary rescue
Mission objectives:
Rescue Linus from unknown hostiles connected to a shady lawyer
--Linus located on planet
--Shuttle company name determined: Shuttle by Green
---Gang identified
---Gang headquarters identified
---Likely information vector identified
----Information vector obtained
----Large number of gangers in hiding
----Linus has escaped
-----Linus secured
-----Linus has rescued other kidnap victims
-----Exfiltrate Linus and other kidnap victims
------Linus and hostages rescued.
Objective complete
Eliminate or neutralize all hostiles
--One hostile neutralized nonlethally
---One hostile eliminated
----Six hostiles eliminated
----One potential hostile neutralized
-----Eight hostiles eliminated
-----Nine hostiles neutralized
-----Three potential hostiles neutralized
-----Fifty three hostiles eliminated
-----Eight hostiles neutralized
------Fifty eight hostiles eliminated
------Nine hostiles neutralized
-------Two hundred twenty-four hostiles eliminated
-------Two hundred fifteen hostiles neutralized
-------One lieutenant captured
-------Forty three hostiles eliminated
--------Lost count of neutralized hostiles
--------Twelve lieutenants captured
--------One shot caller captured
---------Fifty-four hostiles eliminated
---------Three lieutenants captured
---------Two shot callers captured
---------Three hundred twenty-seven hostages freed
---------One hundred child hostages freed
---------Three hundred seventy-one personal communication devices seized
---------Forty-three portable computers seized
---------One server rack seized
Objective complete
Teach the criminal elements a lesson
--One example provided
---One demonstration provided
-----Three demonstrations provided
-----Nine examples provided
------Five demonstrations provided
------Eight examples provided
------Two demonstrations provided
------Nine examples provided
------Two messengers sent
-------Thirteen demonstrations provided
-------Fifty-five examples provided
-------Twenty four messengers sent
-------One responsible party acquired
--------Mass surrenders have begun
--------Thirteen responsible parties acquired
---------Four responsible parties eliminated
---------Five responsible parties acquired
----------One shady lawyer instructed
Objective complete
Mission parameters:
Minimize collateral casualties
--Zero collateral casualties
Minimize collateral property damage
--Four damaged civilian apartments
Evade detection by station security
Minimize station damage
--Station undamaged
Protect allies
--Zero allied casualties
Mission complete

Dear Logary,

DaDDy and SNeaky are home.
SnEAky had to go take care of one more thing on the station.
He got a medal because he is a hero.
He says he is not a hero but that is what heroes say.
First Part Start Previous Next
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2023.03.24 12:12 OpeningTheoryBot [Weekly: 1. c4 (English Opening)] 1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 (English Opening)

This is part of this week's series on English Opening (1. c4)
Opening line: 1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6
Opening name: English Opening King's English Variation
Board image:
Lichess board:
Wikibooks page:
Winning percenatages:
White: 2354 (35.14%)
Black: 1786 (26.66%)
Draws: 2559 (38.2%)
English Opening
A good second move for black, 2...Nc6 keeps most options open for black including the possibility of transposition into the English four knights variation after 3.Nf3. Black must choose how to develop after this move; for instance more often than not white will fianchetto his light-squared bishop and pursue a q-side attack; in those cases it may be desirable to play f5, since the pawn duo on f5 and e5 along with a knight on f6 more often than not will present a formidable front with good counterplay possibilities vs a q-side attack by white. However as in most k-side pawn attacks black should be careful not to overextend these pawns as doing so might get them restrained and then destroyed by white, effectively putting black on the defensive.
Aside from the English four knights the main option for white is to prepare a q-side attack by playing the bishop to g2, the king´s knight to e2 and the rook to b1; different move orders are possible but the idea is the same: to achieve a beneficial pawn break on d4 (ideally exchanging black's e pawn, for example: e3, Ne2, d4 and after black takes the d pawn white recaptures with his e pawn effectively increasing his power on the center and q-side while at the same time weakening black's counterplay) and/or to support a pawn advance to b4 (a3 and Rb1 are good moves for this purpose). Using the subsequent spatial advantage on the q-side while neutralizing black's counterplay on the opposite wing does require some skill however and white is best advised not to neglect his k-side in favor of an all out q-side attack and to seek the restraint and destruction of black's f and e pawns, for example after 3.g3 f5 4.e3 Nf6 5.Nge2 Bb4 6.Bg2 0-0 7.0-0 d6 8.d4 +/=, and should black push his e pawn to e4 white can undermine it with f3 and get an open file for the rook on f1 in the process.
No known responses found
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 47
Score: +0.31
Best Move: g3
PV Line: 1. c4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. g3 g6 4. d3 Bg7 5. Bg2 d6 6. e3 Nf6 7. Nge2 O-O
Puzzles based around English Opening
Historical games for English Opening King's English Variation
Game Result Year
Svidler, P. (2753) vs Carlsen, M. (2881) 1/2-1/2 2014
Grischuk, A. (2754) vs Carlsen, M. (2857) 0-1 2016
Aronian, L. (2780) vs Nakamura, Hi (2802) 0-1 2015
So, W. (2765) vs Mamedyarov, S. (2817) 1/2-1/2 2018
Nepomniachtchi, I. (2742) vs Carlsen, M. (2822) 1/2-1/2 2017
Nepomniachtchi, I. (2751) vs Aronian, L. (2789) 1/2-1/2 2017
Andreikin, Dmitry (2700) vs Carlsen, Magnus (2837) 1-0 2012
Aronian, L. (2793) vs Ivanchuk, V. (2738) 1-0 2017
Svidler, Peter (2722) vs Carlsen, Magnus (2802) 0-1 2010
Nepomniachtchi, I. (2705) vs Nakamura, Hi (2814) 1-0 2015
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2023.03.24 12:03 Content_Call5083 NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 42: Gathering Support

NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 42: Gathering Support
The Story of a Family Told in Web Comic Format
The morning after coming to an agreement, the couple phoned Peppino to accept his help in getting Steven pregnant with his and Gabby’s child. Their old mentor was clearly excited to guide his “student” through the magic of pregnancy and childbirth as a male sim.
Gabby being involved saved a few steps, but collecting the necessary equipment and supplies would still take some time. He suggested they take that time to tell their housemates and close family the plan before proceeding. He felt every expecting couple should line up as much support as possible, and theirs wasn’t exactly going to be a run of the mill “we’re pregnant!” announcement.
Veronica and Jasper being on hand made it convenient to bring almost everyone up to speed right after hanging up.
Kori immediately gushed about what a great story Steven’s experience would make one day. She was only sad he was an author himself and had first dibs on the content (and autobiographical advantage)! Ed, unflappable as ever, simply smiled and wished the couple the best of luck.
Steven immediately looked over at his twin. It was obvious something was going through Spencer’s head, but his expression was as neutral as Steven had ever seen it. Finally catching his eye, his brother started as if knocked out of a deep thought. He smiled and apologized; he was just tired. Another baby (or babies…) soon huh – what great news! With that he excused himself to go check on the twins in the nursery.
Veronica loved the idea of more grandbabies, and gave Steven a hug on her way to check on her existing granddaughters with Spencer. Hope couldn’t wait for cousins to play with her girls and began a spirited discussion with Gabby on “what to expect when your husband is expecting”.
Steven noticed that his nobi had yet to say anything. Was this something that triggered the gender issues they didn’t talk about?
Jasper had actually just been enjoying the hubbub of their happy growing family, but Steven’s worried look did cause some feelings of guilt.
Their reluctance to talk about their feelings around identifying as non-binary seemed to have left their son with anxiety about what topics were safe to discuss around them. It wasn’t too late to do better, and Jasper invited Steven out to the yard to do just that.
The summer blooms were a beautiful backdrop for their heart-to-heart chat. Jasper opened up to Steven about their gender in a way they had only ever done with their mother and wife. They let Steven know his nobi was terribly proud of him for cutting straight through traditional male and female gender roles to pursue his family dreams. Steven left the conversation closer to Jasper than ever before and confident he had their full support.
Back in the nursery with the twins they were nominally checking on, Spencer and Veronica were having their own heart to heart.
Spencer was a bit panicked that his reaction to Steven’s announcement had been obviously strained. Veronica assured him that given his recent pregnancy related stress, no-one would find it amiss. He’d never told anyone besides his mother and his therapist how disturbing he found things that confounded his expectations of gender and sexuality. He’d never expected pregnancy to trigger that phobia, but his brother!?
Veronica soothed her son. He’d done a fantastic job dealing nonchalantly with Jasper’s “fabulous” retirement and Steven’s pregnancy would be a short affair by contrast.
She was glad to hear that he still had access to support and planned to schedule extra sessions with his therapist that would continue until Steven’s upcoming pregnancy ended. She reminded him that she was also just a phone call away.
Next, Steven and Gabby headed to Newcrest to tell her parents. Her moms were surprised, but like their daughter they didn’t see that it made much difference that Steven was a male, given that he had the option and wanted to take it. Emerson joked that her girl was mighty lucky to have the privilege of having her spouse carry their child since she’d decided to go “to the dark side”!
With the news given to the most important people in their life Steven and Gabby felt ready to proceed. It was time for Steven to have a baby!
I started this series to share my sim story, and I love hearing from you. Please consider dropping me a comment or a vote, its always great to get your feedback.
Thank you for your time!
Want To See More? View The Full Story of My Not So Berry Challenge Here
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2023.03.24 11:59 anshujoshi "Personalized Gifts Business: How To Build A Brand That Stands Out In A Growing Market" - The Anshu Joshi

Personalized gifts have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people seek unique and meaningful ways to show their love and appreciation for others. If you’re interested in starting a personalized gifts business, there are many opportunities to create a successful brand. In this article, we’ll explore some tips for starting a personalized gift business, using trending keywords for good SEO.
  1. Choose a niche: Personalized gifts can range from jewellery, home decor, clothing, and more. Choose a niche that aligns with your interests and skills, and that has a market demand. Use tools like Google Trends or SEMrush to research popular niches and keywords.
  2. Identify your target audience: Once you’ve chosen your niche, identify your target audience. Consider factors like age, gender, interests, and spending habits. Use social media analytics or market research to gather data on your audience’s preferences and behaviours.
  3. Develop a product line: Create a product line that offers a variety of personalized gifts within your chosen niche. Use high-quality materials and work with reputable suppliers to ensure your products meet quality standards. Consider offering customization options like engraving, monogramming, or embroidery to make each gift unique.
  4. Build a brand: Develop a brand that reflects your values and resonates with your target audience. Choose a name, logo, and colour scheme that are memorable and distinctive. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to showcase your products and build a following.
  5. Create a website: Create a website that showcases your product line and makes it easy for customers to purchase your products. Use a user-friendly e-commerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce to manage your inventory, process orders, and accept payments. Optimize your website for SEO using relevant keywords in your product descriptions, titles, and meta tags.
  6. Market your business: Use social media, email marketing, or paid advertising to promote your business to your target audience. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your niche to increase your reach and credibility. Offer promotions or discounts to encourage customers to make a purchase. In conclusion, starting a personalized gifts business requires careful planning and execution. By choosing a niche, identifying your target audience, developing a product line, building a brand, creating a website, and marketing your business, you can start a successful business that offers unique and meaningful gifts to customers. Remember to use relevant keywords in your content and website to optimize your SEO and increase visibility to potential customers.
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2023.03.24 11:59 kakudha several suttas that show superstitious/supernatural belief isn't required

Hey guys, here's some suttas that will give you confidence that the dhamma doesn't require supernatural belief.
1 - In MN 79 Udayin tells the Buddha he can't see devas or past lives, how can he believe in the Buddha? The Buddha responds that Udayin should leave the past in the past and the future has not yet come, instead the true dhamma is timeless (not based on time) visible here and now knowable for oneself, and then he teaches paticcasamuppada and idappaccayatā.
2- AN 6.47 visible in this very life - A monk asks the Buddha what does "visible here and now" mean? the Buddha says it means seeing the 3 poisons (and by extension 5 hindrances) within yourself.
Sir, they speak of ‘a teaching apparent in the present life’. In what way is the teaching apparent in the present life, immediately effective, inviting inspection, relevant, so that sensible people can know it for themselves?”
“Well then, Sīvaka, I’ll ask you about this in return, and you can answer as you like. What do you think, Sīvaka? When there’s greed in you, do you understand ‘I have greed in me’? And when there’s no greed in you, do you understand ‘I have no greed in me’?”
3- The great forty (MN 117) sutta shows that believing in rebirth is mundane view which is with defilements. And that the noble ariyan Supermundane right view is about seeing the 5 hindrances (aka dhamma-vicaya) for yourself.
4- The Buddha only expects you to believe in things that you know for yourself, anything else is ritualistic since to know for yourself means to know the causes and conditions of things. A ritual by definition does not have the result it claims to have (e.g. praying does not cure cancer). In MN 101:
So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was staying in the land of the Sakyans, near the Sakyan town named Devadaha. There the Buddha addressed the mendicants, “Mendicants!”
“Venerable sir,” they replied. The Buddha said this:
“Mendicants, there are some ascetics and brahmins who have this doctrine and view: ‘Everything this individual experiences—pleasurable, painful, or neutral—is because of past deeds. So, due to eliminating past deeds by mortification, and not doing any new deeds, there’s nothing to come up in the future. With nothing to come up in the future, deeds end. With the ending of deeds, suffering ends. With the ending of suffering, feeling ends. And with the ending of feeling, all suffering will have been worn away.’ Such is the doctrine of the Jain ascetics.
I’ve gone up to the Jain ascetics who say this and said, ‘Is it really true that this is the venerables’ view?’ They admitted that it is.
I said to them, ‘But reverends, do you know for sure that you existed in the past, and it is not the case that you didn’t exist?’
‘No we don’t, reverend.’
‘But reverends, do you know for sure that you did bad deeds in the past?’
‘No we don’t, reverend.’
‘But reverends, do you know that you did such and such bad deeds?’
‘No we don’t, reverend.’
‘But reverends, do you know that so much suffering has already been worn away? Or that so much suffering still remains to be worn away? Or that when so much suffering is worn away all suffering will have been worn away?’
‘No we don’t, reverend.’
‘But reverends, do you know about giving up unskillful qualities in the present life and embracing skillful qualities?’
‘No we don’t, reverend.’
‘So it seems that you don’t know any of these things. In that case, it’s not appropriate for the Jain venerables to declare this.
5 - The Buddha on the dhamma
The teaching is well explained by the Buddha—visible in this very life, immediately effective, inviting inspection, relevant, so that sensible people can know it for themselves.
‘svākkhāto bhagavatā dhammo sandiṭṭhiko akāliko ehipassiko opaneyyiko paccattaṁ veditabbo viññūhīti.
SN 16.3
So this means it's not based on multiple lives, it has immediate results (if you're not getting results then you don't understand it), it is knowable for oneself and doesn't require unverifiable faith.
6 - There is only one abhiñña (higher knowledge) that is Ariyan, which is the destruction of the poisons. There are 6 abhiññas such as seeing past lives, devas, etc.. but only one of these is Ariyan, the destruction of asavas, that means the other 5 abhiññas have nothing to do with the dhamma, the path or being ariyan. Here Maha Moggalana attains Maha Abhinata
Mahaa-abhiññataa. Moggallaana has attained to the sixth abhiññaa, the only one that is supramundane: the extinction of the cankers (aasavakkhaya) (cf. SN 12.23, n. 2).
This is why Sariputta is an Arahant without having any supernatural powers because they're irrelevant. There's a sutta where he gets bonked on the head by a yakkha and Anuruddha tells him he got bonked on the head and Sariputta acts like he doesn't care because it's irrelevant to him since he's already an Arahant.
7- Anathapindika in AN 10.97 explains to other ascetics that all their views are words of another (and therefore they don't know for themselves, aka ritualistic), fabricated and Dependently Originated
When this had been said, Anathapindika the householder said to the wanderers, “As for the venerable one who says, ‘The cosmos is eternal. Only this is true; anything otherwise is worthless. This is the sort of view I have,’ his view arises from his own inappropriate attention or in dependence on the words of another. Now this view has been brought into being, is fabricated, willed, dependently originated. Whatever has been brought into being, is fabricated, willed, dependently originated, that is inconstant. Whatever is inconstant is stress. This venerable one thus adheres to that very stress, submits himself to that very stress.” (Similarly for the other positions.)
8- In Kesamutti sutta (AN 3.66) the Buddha tells the Kalamas they should only go by things they know for themselves which is seeing the 3 poisons in your own mind.
This, Kālāmas, is what I said: "Do not go, you Kālāmas, by what you have heard said, nor by what has been transmitted [by a tradition], nor by the general consensus, nor by what has been handed down in a collection of texts, nor on the basis of logical reasoning, nor on the basis of inference, nor by reflection on appearances, nor by agreement after pondering views, nor by what seems probable, nor by [the thought:] 'The samaṇa is our revered teacher'. Whenever, Kālāmas, you know for yourselves: 'These dhammas are akusala, these dhammas are sāvajja, these dhammas are censured by the wise, these dhammas, when undertaken and carried out, lead to harm and dukkha', then, Kālāmas, you should abandon them." Thus has it been said, it has been said considering this.
So there you go, the dhamma has nothing to do with the supernatural.
What the dhamma actually is about:
  • The dhamma is about stopping suffering by stopping craving and clinging to the 5 aggregates (mind and body)
  • Craving is stopped by seeing the noble method called Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination) which results in seeing that things have their own causes and conditions, and are not caused by a "self" (which is just a mental proliferation which is a perversion of perception).
  • Seeing paticcasamuppada is about understanding Idappaccayatā (the dependency of things, everything is conditioned by something else)
  • Seeing paticcasamuppada and Idappaccayatā requires properly understanding yoniso manasikara (proper attention)
  • When one sees yoniso manasikara, Idappaccayatā and paticcasamuppada one sees that any notion of a "self" depends on a body or mind, not the other way around. The mind fabricates a self, the concept of self does not "cause" the mind to exist. The tail does not wag the dog.
  • None of the above requires belief in rebirth or Devas, one only merely needs to see their own mind with proper attention (yoniso manasikara), and NOT relying on the words of another as Anathapindika warned the others. Thus, as the Buddha said,
The teaching is well explained by the Buddha—visible in this very life, immediately effective, inviting inspection, relevant, so that sensible people can know it for themselves.
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2023.03.24 11:42 kirannarapu001 Exipure Reviews (2023) - Best Weight Loss Supplement

Exipure Reviews (2023). Shocking Customer Side Effect Complaints about Tropical Loophole Ingredients

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The safe composition of these diet pills means that anyone can take them without any hesitation. The Exipure supplement's ingredients have all been clinically tested and passed multiple clinical trials before being added to it.
Exipure is known for its amazing weight loss results. It also balances blood pressure and promotes cognitive function, as well as other health benefits.
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The supplement was made using the best technology available, making it stand out from other products on the market.
For more Information Please Visit : Official Website
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2023.03.24 11:38 Push_push77 Form Error: We were unable to save your form.

Form Error: We were unable to save your form.
I'm trying to complete I-130 and cannot get the ""your contact information" to save. Everything else is completed and saved but I cannot submit the application because my contact information is empty. When I click next after inputting the info, on the next page on the top I get this message. "We were unable to save your form." Anyone get this error or know how to fix this?
I sent them an email under 'website error' yesterday but no reply so far. Tried on 3 different browsers. Even tried to do new application still same error.
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2023.03.24 11:36 Xd2006 How to talk to young children about transgender sibling?

I have a teenage trans male son and am curious on best approach for explaining this to young (4 and 6yo) children so they understand a new name and gender. The primary interest is gender, as there's no real disconnect between sex and gender at that age.
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2023.03.24 11:30 ScoreAdept9052 Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana: Documents Required For PMAY Online

What is PMAY?

PMAY stands for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, which is a flagship housing scheme launched by the Government of India in June 2015. The scheme aims to provide housing to the urban poor population in the country. The main objective of PMAY is to ensure that every Indian citizen has a pucca house with basic facilities by 2022, which marks the 75th anniversary of India's independence. Under this scheme, the government provides financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries to construct or purchase their own house. The official website of PMAY is
PMAY is divided into two categories- PMAY-U (Urban) and PMAY-G (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin).
PMAY-U focuses on providing affordable housing to the urban poor. While PMAY-G focuses on providing housing to the rural poor.
PMAY-U is divided into two components - PMAY-U (Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme) and PMAY-U (Affordable Housing in Partnership). Under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme, the government provides interest subsidies on home loans taken by eligible beneficiaries from banks and financial institutions. The subsidy is given for a max of 20 years or the tenure of the loan, whichever is lower. The amount of subsidy depends on the income of the beneficiary and the size of the house.
Under the Affordable Housing in Partnership component, the government provides financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries to build their own house. The assistance is provided in the form of a grant. The grant is 50% of the project cost, subject to Rs. 1.5 lakh per house.
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries to construct or renovate their houses in rural areas. The assistance is provided in the form of a grant, which is Rs. 1.2 lakh for the construction of a new house and Rs. 30,000 for the renovation of an existing house.
PMAY is imposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs with the State Governments, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), and other stakeholders. The scheme has made progress in providing affordable housing to the urban and rural poor in the country and is expected to achieve its target of providing housing for all by 2022.

How to Apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

To apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), follow the step-by-step guide given below:
  1. Visit the official website of PMAY Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  2. Click on the 'Citizen Assessment' option under the 'Menu' section.
  3. Select the category based on whether you are applying as an individual or as part of a group. There are two options – slum dwellers or benefits under 3 components.
  4. Enter your Aadhaar number and click submit.
  5. Step 5: Fill in the required details such as personal information, income details, employment details, and contact information.
  6. Select the category of PMAY that you want to apply for - PMAY-U (Urban) or PMAY-G (Gramin).
  7. Fill in the details of your current residential address and your preferred contact address.
  8. Upload the required documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank statement, and income proof.
  9. Review all the details filled in and click on the "Submit" button.
  10. On successful submission of the application, a system-generated application number will be displayed on the screen.
  11. Take a printout of the application form for future reference.

How to Register Under PMAY Online

Before you apply for PMAY, you must register on their website. To do so, you must click on citizen assessment on the home page. After selecting the appropriate option from the citizen assessment, you will be redirected to another page. Here you must enter your Aadhar number and name as per Aadhar. If the details given by you are correct, you will be registered and redirected to the application page.
PMAY Eligibility Calculator for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
There are several PMAY eligibility calculators available online that can help applicants determine their Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) eligibility based on their income, category, and other criteria. Here's how to use one:
  1. Go to a reliable PMAY eligibility calculator website, such as the one provided by the National Housing Bank (
  2. Select the appropriate category of PMAY that you want to apply for - PMAY-U (Urban) or PMAY-G (Gramin).
  3. Enter your details, such as name, age, gender, and Aadhaar number.
  4. Enter your income details, such as monthly income and employment type.
  5. Enter your property details, such as whether you already own a house, and the location of the proposed property.
  6. Click on the "Check Eligibility" or "Calculate" button to get the results.
  7. The eligibility calculator will display your Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna status and the subsidy amount that you may be eligible for under PMAY.
The official PMAY website also has a subsidy calculator. You must enter your monthly income and your loan amount, and the website will calculate the amount of subsidy you are eligible for. Note that the eligibility calculator is only a tool to help you assess your eligibility and does not guarantee that you will be approved for PMAY. The final decision on the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna eligibility and subsidy amount is made by the concerned authorities based on their guidelines and criteria.
Beneficiaries Categories for PMAY Scheme
The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna list for beneficiaries are as follows:
  1. Economically Weaker Section (EWS) - This category comprises households with an annual income of up to Rs. 3 lakhs. The beneficiaries under this category are eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lakhs on home loan interest.
  2. Lower Income Group (LIG) - This category comprises households with an annual income between Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 6 lakhs. The beneficiaries under this category are eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.67 lakhs on home loan interest.
  3. Middle Income Group I (MIG I) - This category comprises households with an annual income between Rs. 6 lakhs and Rs. 12 lakhs. The beneficiaries under this category are eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.35 lakh on home loan interest.
  4. Middle Income Group II (MIG II) - This category comprises households with an annual income between Rs. 12 lakhs and Rs. 18 lakhs. The beneficiaries under this category are eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs. 2.30 lakh on home loan interest.
  5. Beneficiaries from the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Low-Income Groups (LIG) categories who reside in slum areas - This category comprises households residing in slum areas and who have been living in such dwellings as on June 17, 2015. The beneficiaries under this category are eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs. 1.00 lakh on home loan interest.
  6. Women - Under this category, women who are the sole owners or co-owners of the property can avail of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna benefits.
You can also check the PMAY Awas Yojna list by visiting the Common Service Centers (CSCs) or the nearest housing department office in your area. They will be able to provide you with the information regarding the PMAY beneficiaries list in your area.
Key Takeaways on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Documents
The key takeaways on Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) documents are as follows:
  1. Aadhaar card, voter ID card, and PAN card are mandatory documents required to establish identity, age, and income.
  2. Bank account statements, salary slips, or income tax returns are required to verify income and savings.
  3. Ownership documents, caste certificates, and disability certificates may be required based on the category of PMAY applied for.
  4. NOC from the builder and a copy of the building plan may be required by beneficiaries applying for a home loan to construct a new house.
  5. An affidavit stating that the beneficiary or his/her family does not own a pucca house anywhere in India is mandatory for all applicants.
  6. All the documents should be submitted in the correct format and as per the guidelines of the concerned authorities.
  7. The documents should be authentic and valid, and any discrepancies may lead to the rejection of the application.
  8. It is recommended to keep all the necessary documents ready before applying for PMAY to avoid any delay or rejection of the application.
  9. The exact documents required may vary based on the category of PMAY applied for and the specific requirements of the concerned authorities.
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