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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

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You know those computer snacks that store data? Cookies? Those betrayed me.

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A place to discuss about PC Parts, builds, post deals, and advice.

2023.03.26 20:45 jackarchisms [Offer] Trans Day of Visibility [US]

March 31st is fast approaching! Offering up trans flag butterfly cards to celebrate the trans experience and connect with fellow gender diverse card lovers <3
8 Available! Comment preferred compliments, gendered terms (ie. handsome, Mrs.) and a recent self discovery / transition milestone so I can congratulate you 🍓
This date of honor grows more important to me each year. Thank you in advance to the recipients of these cards for being part of it! 🏳️‍⚧️
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2023.03.26 20:44 ingestbot Data Usage Incorrect

As many others have reported issues with Data Usage I'm noting my own experience here.
First thing that strikes me as suspect here is the 25% increase of 307 within 24 hours. That's nearly half of my total consumption during the months of Dec, Jan, Feb. Please read further.
My guess is Comcast/Xfinity sees a lot of customers increase their plan upon receiving notices like this. But for me, since I have my own measurements, I had to check their work:
Month My Measurements (GB) Comcast/Xfinity Measurements(GB) Difference (GB)
Dec 778 852 74
Jan 768 647 - 121
Feb 1001 950 - 51
Mar 695 1879 1184
You can see my measurements are slightly off, but the difference in March that I'm potentially getting billed for is wildly different.
I was very surprised to engage a chat agent who understood this issue within 10 minutes. Previous attempts at simple requests have consumed hours of wasted time. Also, very surprisingly (yet simultaneously suspect), was the agent's willingness to reverse this mistake, although I'm still waiting on a full reflection of this after several hours.
I have to wonder how frequently these mistakes occur, whether they're reversed upon a customer taking notice and raising the issue, and whether they are ultimately intentional.
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2023.03.26 20:44 xfallenangelx95 27/F after losing someone I thought I could be friends with - I'm slowly losing hope but I'm still here.I'm looking for people interested in daily conversations - People who are loners as well I want to find someone in the same situation and people always fighting for a friendship.Always trying

Only Europe Please- short note - If you're not into reading or receiving long messages,don't read any further + Please If you don't want to read everything because of my post being too long for you & instead of reading It all - ..skip some parts - find another person to talk to.Let's respect each other and our free time. All people criticizing/making fun of me & other people - will permanently be blocked.Pretty much as people questioning my post and giving me unwanted advice.I'm not here for any conflicts and I know I can't please everyone - I know I never will.. However It's me who should feel comfortable in my new potential friendship & obviously someone interested in being my friend - not the whole world which is why I don't need any advice from people who don't even want to be a part of my life.
Hello guys! 🙂 (read everything before you decide to send me a message) Please send me a message ONLY If you're in the same situation and If your expectations are the same as mine.I want to find like minded people from Europe (Why Europe? Read my post to find out) I'm looking for something permanent
(remember - you can feel lonely even If you're surrounded by others - If there's no emotional bond) I'm fed up of meeting people who never make any time for me & only text me once or twice a week to ask me "what are you up to?" Out of boredom.I don't want to meet people asking others a million of questions like "what's your favorite movie?" Just to give you one word answer and ask you another question "and music? Your favorite song?" I'm looking for something "deeper" & different🙂
What kind of friend would I like to find? Someone to talk to on a daily basis - Someone who needs It & wants It just as much as me
Do you ever feel like an option? Like a stranger to others despite knowing them for months or years & talking to them quite often? Like there's always something and someone more important than you and you just..don't fit in and no matter what you do - your effort is never appreciated?

I'm always the one texting people immediately (or at the very least trying to) no matter where I am and who I am with (family) others? Never - except for one exception.A really lovely person.

What are my expectations? I would like to meet someone in a similar situation – why? Because I honestly feel like only a person with the same expectations and a similar outlook on life would get along with me & because I feel more comfortable talking to people like me..Friendless people who need a strong bond - people without friends and without partners..Don't get me wrong…Most people deserve to be happy and It's good to have friends but people who have friends or families in real life are usually more focused on them ( which is completely understandable) & have less time for others + I simply don't want to be replaced by anyone..I kind of envy people who can call others , true friends given I don't have an emotional bond with any of my acquaintances. Whenever I hear that others have friends I simply get sad because (believe it or not) If I had to choose between 20 people to talk to (Acquaintances) and one special person - I'd choose that one special person without any hesitation .. I also want to talk to others on a daily basis mainly because..I want to see someone’s effort & be someone's first choice - not another person to have random conversations with..Why I'd rather talk to people from my continent? Well..Mainly because I would like to see someone I'd get along with - In the far future - face to face :) + I don't want to wait any longer than 6 hours to receive a message - Especially given most people are always available on social media sites & keep their phones in a pocket.Once you receive & open my message - get back to me (If you're as serious as I am & really need a true friend) waiting 6 hours to receive a message is more than enough
I'm by no means criticising people who don't want to talk to others often / People who really are super busy & People who want to find someone to have non important conversations with - I'm aware that not everyone has the same expectations which is why everything you're reading now - is here for a reason.All I'm suggesting is - I don't want anything temporary and I don't want to be the one always giving more than receiving.

Listen people - I used to ignore being..ignored by others..always being just an option to talk to during tough times or moments of boredom.I was too young to realize that I was never important enough for most people that were a part of my life

I don't know who needs to hear this but..No one is too busy to make time for you! People make excuses to avoid others because they prioritize everything and (maybe) everyone..over them. It's true that most people really are busy - but It takes only a few seconds to start a conversation (If you're into short messages) and a few minutes (1-10/15) to type a long message Don't let anyone lie to you.Truth is that most people either don't like you enough to make time for you or just simply - feel no need to talk to others often but are they too busy? No..
You don't need to send me a message just to ask me and tell me "Do you really want to talk daily? I like long messages but I can't promise to contact you often" If you really are unsure please don't send me a message.I don't need more acquaintances aka people to talk to - occasionally

I'm not trying to sound rude - I just don't want to meet new people and get emotionally attached - only to end up being left alone after weeks or months of daily conversations.I'm sick of that never ending story and always meeting people who ghost me without a single word (even if everything seems to be ok) or people who "change priorities" over time & become like strangers…I don't want to go through this ever again.

Let me tell you one thing – A true friend would never just give up on you for no reason :)

It’s always possible to find someone to have a random conversation with – someone willing to send you one message once or twice a week..but..It’s almost impossible to find people willing to make time for you.I’m not asking a busy person to make time for me by changing some plans! Absolutely not! I’m here to find someone who wants to talk daily (throughout the day or maybe even night) of one’s own will.Someone looking for the same kind of connection.

Strong friendships are based on mutual support. One of the best things you can do for a friend in need, is just to be there for them when they want to talk.I often see posts from people who always say how friendless they are because they don't feel loved or appreciated by their "friends" remember! A true friend - someone who truly likes you or someone who wants to get to know you - will always find time for you. 🙂 I'm not really interested in small talk/short messages - I love long and meaningful conversations. It's so easy to find someone who loves abbreviations and questions like "How are you?" How was your day? Or what are you interested in? But so hard/almost impossible to find a person who knows how to keep a conversation going & show others some effort.Building and maintaining friendships takes time and effort.Never allow pursuits or possessions to become bigger priorities than your relations with other people.Close friendships are so important to us because they are so difficult to form + Having friends can help you feel as if you belong to something that brings purpose and connection to your life.

• I do NOT respond to any „Hey,hmu” or „u want to talk” type of messages (super short messages or messages full of abbreviations – I literally can’t stand abbreviations and acronyms in text messages) ALL messages full of abbreviations will immediately be ignored.I also don't like it when people ignore everything I say in my post or messages and just focus on some question in a certain message or... when they don't ask me any questions themselves.

• No dirty messages PLEASE.I'm not looking for anyone to flirt with and I'm not looking for a partner either. No NSWF profiles..I always check people's profiles (Even comment history) - To avoid guys,trying to get inappropriate photos from adult women or? flirt with them.I also absolutely don't respond to messages from people whose comments are very rude & obviously - Messages from people who judge other people and use vulgar words to describe them or? Make fun of them.Respect is very important

• Please only adult people 18-36 age range (I'm 27)

• I don’t respond to messages I don’t find interesting even If they're long - If after receiving and reading your message I don't feel comfortable or think "I wouldn't get along with him/her" I simply do not respond (what I’m suggesting is that I don’t always respond to someone’s first or second message because..sometimes you just know If you’d get along with someone or not- I’d never ignore anyone after days or weeks of daily conversations though) just because I don’t want to do anything forcefully & because I don’t want to lead anyone on. Some people don't message me back as well and even though It is a bit disappointing I'm ok with that as long as there's no emotional bond - I think it's ok to not respond to someone's first or second message If people just think they wouldn't get along I can't stand being ignored after days or weeks of daily conversation and seeing people changing priorities This is something I don't want to go through ever again for real If I'm really interested in someone's message - I respond within a matter of minutes - max 6 hours (If I'm in bed - just sleeping) you won't even hear from me "I'm too busy" because I know myself and If I really was too busy to make time for others - I wouldn't be here.I either want to talk to someone..or not.I don't want to pretend someone I'm not and always try to find some cheap excuses to avoid others. (unlike some people)

• Don’t ask me “Can you tell me something about yourself?” If you really want to get to know me - you can ask me questions :) I'm an open book.

• It would be better If you guys were into emojis - just like me - just to describe your emotions through text. Two emojis - 🙂 and 🙁 are completely enough I just don't like emotionless messages.I also don't like it when people say "yeah" or yea"

• I want to talk on reddit first (just to make sure If I'd get along with you ) before moving to Discord or some other app

• Time response matters to me a lot! It matters to me whether I get a message back after one hour,three hours,6 hours or..12 hours and even..after a couple of days..And If you're another person just looking for one day conversation and then? "Disappear" for some amount of time longer than one day to come back and apologize me for being busy - don't even leave me a message.I just want to be honest with you from the start.I'm interested only in daily conversations
Why can’t you see any of my interests listed down below? Because what really matters to me is..who you are (If you’re honest,talkative,understanding,caring and trustworthy – for example) just simply – It matters to me what you’re like! not what you like.Don’t get me wrong – you can tell me what your hobbies are but in my personal opinion,common interests are important mainly when you want to find a gaming buddy (for example) or If you want to meet someone to hang out with in real life and..go bowling for example.What most people seem to care about are other people's interests – I don’t. I get along with other people despite having completely different hobbies but I absolutely don’t get along with people way different than me (different expectations and outlook on life– way different sense of humor or personality traits – It’s just an example) It doesn't make ANY DIFFERENCE to me If you're a gamer or? Someone interested in photography! It doesn't make any difference - > as long as you're talkative and kind and If you also want to find someone willing to stay in your life..for good - But If you're into small talk and all you want is to...type and receive super short messages or If you're here only because you're bored and don't know what to do + If you're a very sarcastic person - I'm definitely not for you!I don't get along with overly sarcastic people turning everything into a joke

Friendships should be natural – not forced.Both people wanting to be friends should feel comfortable and have something in common. No - not necessarily a similar taste in music or movies but something else..Most friendships don't fizzle out because of people not having the same hobbies but..because they just simply have different expectations when It comes to something important.

I'm not here out of boredom and trust me - I'm not here to meet as many people as possible.I choose quality over quantity.I higly value myself and my time & Sometimes one person but a person who makes you feel comfortable and understood - is more than enough :)

We ALL can choose what kind of people we’d like to talk to and maybe even become really good friends with and I? I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.We all have some expectations after all.

If you really need someone to talk to due to loneliness and If you have time to talk to me daily (throughout the day and maybe even night)I always make time for others.I'm literally always available.I could even stay up all night long only to talk to someone. I’m ready to commit but only If there’s some chemistry between me and someone else.I don’t do anything forcefully.

If you want to talk to me tell me your story - tell me why you're here, what kind of friend would you like to meet :) Et cetera.Such messages are way more interesting to me than...someone's long list of hobbies.I know! It's unusual on reddit but I don't make friends based on hobbies..I want to meet someone with the same mindset as mine to finally feel understood and get close to someone new.

You can share your problems with me - I absolutely don't mind "complaining" as I've been through a lot in my life.What do people usually tell you when you tell them that's something's wrong? "Don't complain" or "Life's not over yet - one day you'll be happy" or "There are worse situations than yours" and..obviously "Find a therapist" Life's not a fairytale and sometimes things don't go as planned.Emotions shouldn't be bottled up.I'm sick of people always telling others "everything's gonna be ok" move on " & more..Trust me people - not everyone wants to hear "Just believe in yourself and everything's gonna be ok" Some people take it as reassurance. But others see it as false hope. Imagine being told that things will be okay, only for them to get worse..Do you guys know why telling someone "everything's gonna be ok" Is wrong? Because you can't see the future. You can't guarantee others that one day they'll finally be happy + when It comes to social interactions - We're only responsible for ourselves - not for others & as you guys know people let us down quite often (sometimes even when there's no reason) so instead of telling people how they should move on,forget everything and be happy or asking them to find a therapist - be there for them! Always be willing to listen to them If you really like them or want to get to know them & don't suggest everyone in a tough situation to find a therapist because a therapist won't ever replace a true friend + It's quite normal to be disappointed If people always do something to hurt you.Sharing your hardships with other people in a very similar situation or exactly the same one - is VERY helpful If the other person understands you & wants to start all over by just letting it all out & feeling emotional support instead of always hearing some "positive quotes" or someone saying "Stop complaining let's talk about something else"

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. I appreciate sensitive people who always try to understand others.Empathy is everything
Our world needs more peace 🤗 I've seen a lot of rude comments on reddit.If you don't agree with me - OK but please don't criticize me + Not everyone is here for some advice.

Listen people - I know how different my post is & I know It won't be easy for me to find what or rather who - I'm looking for BUT I always want to be myself instead of pretending someone I'm not and lying to others.I know It would be easier if (like others) I had less expectations but I I know what I want and honestly? If my post was different..I wouldn't be me.Even If I won't meet a person I'd get along with - that's ok! but don't give me any unwanted advice because I wouldn't change for someone who doesn't even know me pretty much as I wouldn't want to change anyone else.I'm not trying to "fit in" and be like everyone else - just to get more attention.Accept me for who I am or let go - is my motto.I'm not here to argue with anyone and to make fun of others.

Please - If you're a completely different person than the described type of person I'm looking for (If you love abrreviations,If you don't need an emotional connection,If you're sarcastic and quiet) or If you simply disagree with my post - don't force yourself to send me a message.I want my new potential friendship,to be natural which is why I want you to contact me If your needs are the same - I don't want you to try to change yourself only to please me - Pretending to be someone you're not - is the worst.
I know It's possible to find what I'm looking for as I had conversations with people looking for exactly the same thing and being nice to me - I want to believe in my luck again as I had it a few times on reddit - I've recently lost someone I thought could be a friend of mine (such a perfect match) and I'm sad

No comments please.Only Private messages and chat requests.I don't really like public conversations.I do not respond to comments so If you want to send me a message just do it without saying "You can DM me"
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2023.03.26 20:44 Rauffenburg New moderator u/KadPresChoirSecTSV

Because our sub keeps growing having recently passed the 23K threshold and to keep up with the growing demands of our sub, we've invited u/KadPresChoirSecTSV to be part of the moderation team for exIglesiaNiCristo.
Join me in welcoming u/KadPresChoirSecTSV as our newest moderator.
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2023.03.26 20:44 Neymarvin [College - Intro Of Microeconomics] Getting started on this short run cost curves table, confusion below

Hey all,
Taking micro econ online (would not recommend it), I learn via examples and my professor does not show any. Here is what I have so far (i didn't continue with total variable cost because i wasn't sure if it was wrong) Columns L and q are automatically there. I entered in TFC, and TVC I understand in the short run that K will be constant, however, my confusion really comes from T and the rental rate values- do they = 1 to indicate that they are constant? my professor never went over this why that is to be. I am assuming it means they are constant Help is needed on how to interpret the provided information, then apply it onward. Graphing is not hard for me, so really just part 1. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 20:43 startrekspicycontent (M4A Playing M) Game of Thrones: Jon and Theon.

firstly, all characters and participants must be 18+.
hello! i’m a literate, detail-orientated, third-person roleplayer looking for someone of similar inclinations to create a game of thrones story with. i’ve been watching the series for the first time and would love to put together a plot for one of the ships i’ve become quite interested in. warnings for dark content ahead. you must be okay with potentially mature content as well as the presence of angst and tragedy.
i’m hoping to find someone to be the jon snow to my theon greyjoy! i have several ideas in mind, and would of course love to hear any other ideas brought to the table. there was something so particularly heartbreaking about when jon gives theon his forgiveness. i’d love to explore their dynamic.
we could explore the concept that theon never made it out of winterfell with sansa. he helps sansa escape, but is recaptured himself, and beat to near death for it. jon finds him in the kennels after the battle of the bastards. jon becomes theon’s one reason to live after all that’s happened to him and he’s inseparable from jon’s side, as broken as he is. the other idea is building off of their interactions when jon and theon meet again after the destruction of yara’s fleet when they return to daenerys.
feel welcome to chat me if you’re interested!
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2023.03.26 20:43 TeachingSpecific6720 Advice needed for breakup from spiritual leader

I broke up with my ex three months ago, but I still have weekly nightmares of being in the relationship. He was a leader in a church and used my spiritual beliefs to gaslight and control me. I'm struggling to be part of a church community again with all these warped controlling beliefs that are thrown at me.
I want to talk it through with others to heal, but of course, he's moved on and I look like I can't. I want to heal from isolation from community that was put on me. Some of the people who I want to reach out to, were people he degraded to isolate me from them. And I feel like telling them, but I also feel like a vengeful woman. Has anyone been through anything similar who can help?
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2023.03.26 20:43 mysterydevice [Question] Omega 8500 vs 8900

While shopping for watches, I think I've decided on buying an Omega SM Aqua Terra. I really like the dial with the slats which is supposedly designed to look like the teak decks of luxury boats. This led to me investigating the differences between the models with the diaos running vertically and horizontally.
The newer ones with horizontal slats appear to be from when they switched to the Master certification, and are using the 8900 movement which is certified by METAS, totally non-magnetic, comes with the third card for the additional certification, etc.
But I also see on some watch buying sites like Joma and Chrono24 there are models bearing the Master designation on the dial but which use the 8500 movement - which I'm led to believe is NOT master certified. Some sellers of supposed Master models have even gone to the length to edit out or cover up the rotor in their picture of the open case back.
Is this obvious deception on the part of these paticular sellers or is it just something more esoteric that I don't understand about these models?
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2023.03.26 20:43 lunaasbn I‘ve been on HRT now for 9 days

Hey! So I‘ve been on hormone blockers CPA 25mg) now for 2,5 years (I‘m 18 now, I‘ve started with nearly 16 to avoid more masculinisation but my parents only allowed me blockers, not HRT) and 9 days ago I started EV injections (4mg every 4 days).
And I‘ve been noticing some changes really fast, my skin got much softeclearer, I‘ve experienced a change in how things taste, mentally I‘ve also changed a bit, my body odor has basically gone away I noticed from day 2-3 on that my breasts started hurting.
These are changes which as far as I‘ve heard of take 1-3 months to start off but I‘ve noticed them like really early on. Does this mean that I‘m getting like faster changes or will this slow down?
Also I‘ve noticed that my breasts are hurting a little less since like 2-3 days, is this also normal? :/
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2023.03.26 20:42 maiaalfie Alternative to Rose Jam Washcard

I bought my mum a Rose Jam Washcard that she absolutely adored the scent of. But then when i bought her the Rose Jam shower gel she hated it as she said it smelt more like strawberries (assuming that was the Goji Berry).
So i have really rarely, if ever, found anything my mum likes the smell of so i really hope someone has a suggestion.
Does anyone have any ideas of something that would match the Rose, geranium and I'm guessing it's the cypress leaf that adds that slight spice, that are really prevalent in the washcard and avoids the sweet fruit element that she said was really too much for her from the lush shower gel version.
Thank you so much for any advice anyone can give. It was such a success with the wash card, like full on ooh that's lovely, eyes lighting up and everything so for her to ask me how to send back the shower gel is such a shame (that part is all sorted, thankfully).
But I am going to do my best to find something similar to the wash card scent and not having much luck in my googling so thought I should ask here as this subreddit has been super helpful with other lush related inquiries ha.
Thank you
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2023.03.26 20:42 2108ms Let’s talk about hair loss

Hi everyone, I posted on here awhile back but that was before I started my first round of chemo. I‘m about a week from starting round two and luckily the biggest symptom I had was 3 days of extreme exhaustion and then I felt pretty much fine! But then of course a week later my hair started coming out. It’s been small pieces that come out on the brush, then larger clumps in the shower. It’s a lot. But not yet noticeable on my head. Given that this is only round one, I’m assuming it’s gonna get a lot worse and I’ll probably be bald soon.
I’m trying to decide what to do. A part of me wants to say fuck it, dye it pink, and let it come out until it looks bad and then just shave it off and try wigs. But I also don’t know if it will let up and just thin. My doctors have said 20-30% hair loss but I’m pretty sure I’m way past that already. I know I could use extensions/toppers/clip in pony tails, etc. there’s all kinds of stuff out there, but I’m in the worst spot right now because every day I see more and more come out and it’s feeling thinner to me but other people can’t notice it yet. I’m trying to turn this into a positive. Maybe it’s time to experiment with fun wigs/colors, and my mom has been really supportive and said she would help me cover the cost of a nice human hair wig. But I also know a lot of people say they‘re annoying. It’s very strange. I feel like a normal healthy 21 y/o but my hair is literally shedding everywhere I go.
Any advice? Thank you <3
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2023.03.26 20:42 Mind_of_a_mad_man AITAH for telling my boyfriend he doesn't care enough about me?

Me (14 F) and my boyfriend (14 M) have been dating for a month. My boyfriend and I are doing long distance, making it hard for us to talk all the time. My boyfriend is very forgetful; he told me this before, and I said I didn't mind. Well about two weeks ago we had the future talk to me the future talk is very important it's a make it or break it conversation. Well, today we started talking about my Pinterest boards including the one I have about my future. To my surprise, my boyfriend forgot we had the conversation. He didn't just forget a few parts of it but wholeheartedly thought we never had it. He didn't believe me to the point he accused me of gaslighting him. Just for your information, this isn't the first time. He also forgot the talk we had about the plans for our anniversary. I got really upset and we ended up arguing about it. He said that he was under a lot of stress because of school and couldn't remember certain things and that he wasn't perfect. Mind you I am in the middle of exam season while he's not. It pissed me off so bad I decided not to talk to him anymore. I'm currently not speaking to him and don't know if I'm the A-hole because my friends think I'm over-exaggerating.
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2023.03.26 20:42 JawaScrapper Super Moa Monday the 452th !! For all things Moa related! (27/03/2023 UK - United Kitsune – time)!

It's Moa'nday!
Everything which is related to Super Moa-chan has its place here, new or old stuff.
Last week thread
Last week favourite post was kind of very cool actually posted by da_one1morelight
Congratulation da_one1morelight ! You are now the Ultimate Moa fan for the week!
Special flair
"Ultimate Moa fan of the week" >> da_one1morelight you can now wear this flair. As long as you keep the title, you can wear the flair! However, if someone else win the title, you'll have to remove the flair. There can be only one bearer of this flair!
here is the link to the thread by Facu474 where it is explained how to activate a flair, according to your system.
Part 1 beginner ; Part 2 members questions ; Part 3 Lyrics & Songs knowledge questions ; Part 4 Pochette, Show knowldege & cultural questions ; Part 5 Various questions
I only link the last thread of each month. If you want to reach the second thread of a month (for example) just navigate through them by using the "last week thread" link.
Andy1295 Moa'nday threads! ; 09/2017 ; 10/2017 ; 11/2017 ; 12/2017 ; 01/2018 ; 02/2018 ; 03/2018 ; 04/2018 ; 05/2018 ; 06/2018 ; 07/2018 ; 08/2018 ; 09/2018 ; 10/2018 ; 11/2018 ; 12/2018 ; 01/2019 ; 02/2019 ; 03/2019 ; 04/2019 ; 05/2019 ; 06/2019 ; 07/2019 ; 08/2019 ; 09/2019 ; 10/2019 ; 11/2019 ; 12/2019 ; 01/2020 ; 02/2020 ; 03/2020 ; 04/2020 ; 05/2020 ; 06/2020 ; 07/2020 ; 08/2020 ; 09/2020 ; 10/2020 ; 11/2020 ; 12/2020 ; 01/2021 ; 02/2021 ; 03/2021 ; 04/2021 ; 05/2021 ; 06/2021 ; 07/2021 ; 08/2021 ; 09/2021 10/2021 ; 11/2021 ; 12/2021 ; 01/2022 ; 02/2022 ; 03/2022 ; 04/2022 ; 05/2022 ; 06/2022 ; 07/2022 ; 08/2022 ; 09/2022 ; 10/2022 ; 11/2022 ; 12/2022 ; 01/2023 ; 02/2023
Want to participate or make one of these threads, partially or entirely? Any suggestion? Just PM me! It's always welcome!
And to start the thread, here is an album.
Happy Moa'nday !
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2023.03.26 20:42 Background_Mix_6752 Boyfriend didn't tell me that he was in love with her female bestfriend

I have a bf. I met him October 2020 and we have been together ever since. So fast forward 2021, we decided to move in together. But his female best friend (lets call her Layla) wants a space in out apartment to turn it into her office. [at this time i didnt know]
I originally wanted another place but he chose this apartment because Layla wants a bigger office space.
At that time i didnt think much of it. After all, he was friends with her for more than a decade.
So we moved in, and Layla would come in every day and leave at night. She also lives with her boyfriend.
I noticed that my boyfriend talks to her a lot. Not like how we talk. They talk about pretentious things.
I tried to befriend her but i always felt something was off. I asked my boyfriend if something happened between them and he said no. And ive asked him multiple times, and he just said no.
Whenever she's around she would tell us how much guys were hitting on her. And how it's annoying. But she only brings it up when my bf is around. I told her that i dont like chocolate cake and she said "Now thats a serious mental disorder"
I didnt even try to defend myself. A couple of months passed and my bf got a new iphone, I was playing with the camera and taking pictures and videos, and curiosity got the best of me, i scrolled all the way to 2017-2019 And it was all pictures and videos of her. Even screenshots of their flirtatious messages. I saw a video of them laying together in bed being all sweet and acting like a couple. This made me hurl and threw up.
He admitted that he was in love with her and that it was one sided. And that he chased her but she only used him and led him on.
I was so mad. I was boiling. How could he lie to me like that. I was already feeling bad for overthinking. He lied to me multiple times. And Layla kept quiet.
He said that he just did not want to hurt me and at that time he did not want to lose his friend.
I went berserk. I trashed her office and scratch her paintings. I even ruined her scarf.
So why did I do that? Because they lied to me. They kept this from me. Layla led him on for years. Used him. And she was still flirting with him even while already in a relationship with her boyfriend.
So am I the asshole for kicking her out of the apartment? My boyfriend cut of ties with her and reassured me that he only loves me. And only wants to be with me.
But its been over a year and i still cant get over it. I have BPD, OCD and RJ. I take medications and I do therapy.
I apologized to her but she told me I was hiding behind my mental illness.
I hate her. I really do. And goddamn i wish my boyfriend told me all of this beforehand. Because I cant get this out of my head. She's already not part of our lives. We havent seen her since then. Can anyone please help me?
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2023.03.26 20:42 Artex196 Upgrade Path

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to astrophotography, I started in May last year. So far, I have a full spectrum Canon Xsi, a Redcat 51, and a diy tracker called open Astro tracker. I'm torn on what part of kit to upgrade next, the mount or the camera. Both would cost about the same, so that's not part of the consideration. The xsi is pretty old and severely oversamples the Redcat with it's huge sensor. Also being a DSLR the noise is pretty bad, and I haven't even tried to use it in our hot Oklahoma summers. The mount can handle my current setup, and could handle an ASI533 Pro. It guides anywhere from 2" to sub arc second depending on conditions.
Please let me know your thoughts or some pros and cons of each! Thanks guys!
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2023.03.26 20:42 TeaZealousideal1444 Hours change rant

I’d like to give Trek Corporate a big middle finger 🖕 on changing hours to 11-7 yet again without input from the retail workers. Despite last year corporate saying “we fucked up changing hours without input” amid huge pushback from it’s retail employees.
What a wild ride it’s been since September. Hours cut for everyone. Suddenly “giving a shit” about payroll and screaming “SALES PER HOUR SALES PER HOUR SALES PER HOUR” endlessly. No bonuses paid out to retail staff. Understaffing. Firing staff because they don’t seem to realize buying stores that are near other stores just increases overhead and produces shit sales numbers.
Yet the brain trust at corporate seems to be unable to wrap their minds around that because they give every excuse possible.
WHO could have possibly seen a downturn coming after 2 years of crazy numbers?!?! Unthinkable!
Keep treating retail staff like shit Trek. It’s been a great few months! Everyone i know is actively looking elsewhere for work.
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2023.03.26 20:41 horny_alcoholic Coming up on 30 days and while I’ve been thankful for my sobriety I think it’s helped me realize im depressed and it fucking sucks

As part of being sober I made some other changes to my daily routine. Im going to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, and weight lifting 6 days a week. I noticed I was a lot more lethargic and lacking energy and interest in doing things in the evening, which I chalked up to my body adjusting to my new schedule, the fact I was getting off booze, and the fact that my meds we’re probably actually working correctly without any interference from alcohol. I read online and consulted with my psychiatrist and therapist about this and everything pointed to normal adjustment periods of getting off booze, so I thought nothing of it.
This weekend I had a really cool trip planned to go to a small music festival just a few hours out of town. I had my ticket purchased and hotel booked months in advance. I was really excited. And the day came to leave and I just couldn’t get out of bed. The excitement I felt previously was gone. I was filled with anxiety and a deep desire to cry. I had no idea what the fuck was going on with me, but I couldn’t make myself leave. I told my wife what was happening, canceled my reservation, and that was the end of it. My wife asked me if I thought I was depressed and up until then I hadn’t considered it, but I guess the signs point to it. The lack of energy, interest, appetite all point to some form of depression, right? So now in addition to what I was feeling before I’m now fighting the desire to beat myself up about the regret I feel for missing out on a weekend I was really looking forward to. I can’t bring myself to eat or get off the couch.
Either way, I contacted my psychiatrist to move up my next appointment and I have an appointment with my therapist on Friday. A part of me can’t help but feel like at least when I was a drinker I could suppress these feelings and I would have ended up having a blast. The price of sobriety is facing my demons and dealing with the fact I’m depressed, which is definitely important. I just hate things right now. It feels like there’s a lot going on. All these changes are a lot to take on and it all feels heavy.
I can honestly say that the upside to all this is that despite all the anger, frustration, and stress, which historically are things that have always gone hand in hand with my alcohol abuse, I haven’t once felt the desire to drink. I do truly feel like I’ve reached a point where I’m in control of my drinking and saying no isn’t the problem it once was. It’s all the other stuff that’s hard.
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2023.03.26 20:41 Loudnoises1379 Sick of hearing people say I wouldn't pay... for Blanton's.

At this point if you're not willing willing to pay secondary dollar for Blanton's you are not getting blantons. Each liquor store will probably get one or two bottles a quarter nowadays. And if they're not taking it for themselves or holding it for their best customer they're selling it for secondary prices more likely than not. So yeah I'd love to buy plants for MSRP tell me where on God's green earth that is otherwise I'll settle for the 120 I paid for mine.
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2023.03.26 20:41 atnhuiopwvvdgj I decided to be straightforward and it's been straight radio silence

So I matched with a guy on insert dating app here and we had a decent conversation going, we had a few things in common and he had some interesting travel experiences. He asked if I wanted to continue talking through text or instagram.
I chose ig cause I really don't like giving out my number like that. I kinda wish I would have just used my google voice number but I didn't want to go through the awkwardness of explaining I gave essentially a fake number if things went well.
We followed each other, he liked some of my pics and I liked some of his. We continue talking.
During this time I really start to question everything. I've been going through a rough mental health period for a while now and I started to really think about what a potential relationship would look like right now. I realized that my issues would probably mess everything up. I've seen most of my friends enter relationships with issues of their own and things have worked out in a lot of situations but have also gotten messed up in others.
I guess I feel like since I've already gone this long without a relationship, what's some more time? Every person and every source online that talks about people in my situation say to let go of the idea of a relationship and just solely focus on bettering yourself in the meantime. It's heartbreaking, but it seems like that's what I'm ought to do.
I reached out to him right away explaining that I don't believe I'm in a good place to date right now and that I'm very sorry and wanted to let him know straight up cause I want to respect his time. I wished him the best for the future.
As of now it's been "seen" for nearly 24h. I kinda want to unfollow and remove him from my followers cause the silence is really uncomfortable and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like I did things "right," like I honestly communicated and cut right to the chase which is what everyone is always telling people to do when it comes to communication with men. Should I unfollow? Or just leave things as they are? I want to move on but I'm kinda off put by the silence and I want to make sure he's not like super pissed at me or anything cause some guys can be unpredictable. This is why I feel like I should have just given my google voice cause he's seen my ig and my pics now, I don't have any super personal or revealing info on there but it's just uncomfortable
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2023.03.26 20:41 drzero7 This game is the best indie RPG I've played since Undertale (My personal VERY HEAVY SPOILERS thoughts and review.)

I just finished this game yesterday, and I kinda have to say my piece (vent out somewhere) of what I thought about this game so. And again, VERY heavy on spoilers so for those who have not finished the game, don't read ahead.

Overall, like I can't believe how good this game is. I got this game as a recommend, since the person knew I was a HUGE chrono Trigger and FF6 fan, (yes I am a boomer 90s kid) And as soon as I started this game, with VERY little expectations to be honest, I was like, "Wow, this part of the map looks like chrono trigger and/or FF6" So at first I thought this game was just "looks and feels like CT/FF6" but oh boy I was wrong. By the end of act 1 I got heavily invested in the story. (was already enjoying the gameplay since you have to actually think about turn based choices rather "then just save TP/MP until the boss and spam attack on trash mobs to save item resources" that I am used to in most old classic RPGs I play. ) And at the end of act 3, I actually got emotional of what the story was going for the revelation. (Yeah, this is how you do a "plot twist" right IMO)

Robb and Egyl: Im putting these two together because well, Robb character progression is very tied into Egyl. Robb starts off as a snobby arrogant nobel kinda char BUT he had his reasons of being such a being. He had a horrible father and was abused by the maids he was working under. And he ended up being blindly loyal to Lenne because she was the only person who was kind enough to care about him. But as time went on and seeing and meeting other characters, he started to realise his own flaws through their good deeds and in his head, realise he needs to change. But changing who you are is hard, even though it is right. The thing that finally pushed Robb to be who he really wants to be, (Instead of just a servant under Royality, which he clearly hated and was a forced role) was Egyl. Robb started as the "black sheep" in terms of negativity into someone who wants to be a good heroic person through Egyl. I honestly say I enjoyed his character progression.

Mikah: Honestly wished she wasn't an optional char but a perm one, like very much into the actual storyline. So OP and a fun personality to boot. Reminds me of Yuffie alot in FF7.

Lenne: Honestly thought her and Glenn is going to get a romantic relationship kinda deal. Then the story throws a HUGE plottwist and makes them end up as "friends who respect each other". RIP couple shipping but eh, I get it.

Glenn: It's been A LONG TIME, since I liked a main character. When it comes to RPGs, my fav characters are usually the badass OP characters. I was honestly expecting your typical "mary stu" MC who always does the right thing cookie cutter perfect nice bland personality. But instead we got a MC who is VERY FLAWED individual. He starts as a merc who does killing in wars etc for a living, then accidentally kills thousands/millions with a Great Grimoire. Then goes into a path of trying to correct his mistakes of the Great Grimoire, only to let it happen again a 2nd time! (I was like, REALLY?!) Then goes into existential crisis seeing dead ghost (This reminds me of Terra post time skip part, but much darker) Then even his past life wasn't Lenne former love Timothy, but the abusive noble drunk Van. (I was like, wait, Lenne screamed Glenn isn't Timothy... then who is " OH ****, its VAN!?") Like the whole story of Glenn past lives where he started as a horrible abusive stalker level lover, then in his next few lives ends up being a genius magician who revolutionized magic, to a firefighter saving lives, to an inventor who revolutionized the world. Like he went from being a horrible person, into spending centuries to being a good person just so he can redeem the one mistake in life. I can't believe this game was telling me, the world isn't black and white, everyone deserve a 2nd chance, and people do good things and bad things, that is life. The game was giving me life lessons WTF man.
Kylian: Oh boy, I noticed alot of people in this subreddit like this character. But man I hated this character for like the longest time. Right at the beginning I was feeling "SUS" about him. Being the "Glenn best friend" while seems to be hiding some stuff and sketchy. Then at the end of act 1, the betrayal happens. This took me by surprise but I also make sense with how the story was going and hinting. And then he betrays AGAIN to the Church and take sides to the kingdom, only to fail blowing up the Great Grimoire because he got cold feet. (I was like, "YEAH, now you scared huh. Ya think blowing up millions for your noble cause is easy conscious. What ya think about Glenn now huh) And then take side to Gwayn only to betray YET AGAIN to steal Gwayn powers (But at this point, it was obvious) Yeah my thoughts about this char is, to achieve his goals, he will betray and switch sides at a flip notice. Never loyal, opportunist. But even with that, we see from the beginning, his reason WHY he took this path. (His goal of saving the world, even if he becomes a monster) I liked him as a sympathetic villain role and in that part, IMO he was well written villain, but man I didn't liked him at all being "part of the good guys". I honestly thought he was going to rejoin the party and will be going through an entire story arc with his forgiveness, but nope, as soon as I got Raphael as my optional party with HIS greatsword weapon type, I was like, (WOAH, so Kylian is NEVER coming back?!)
And then the thing that angered me of the story choice, the ending. (at least at my initial thoughts) That Kylian was forgiven by Glenn and ended up inheriting Glenn's will and Gwayn powers. I was like, "REALLY?! Kylian is Gwayn 2.0?!" (Yeah, I know Kylian was helping me against the final final boss Vaen, but I was like, "NOPE, thanks for the help but I aint forgiving you traitor".) I was honestly yelling at the screen couldn't believe that Glenn, for all he done, turned into a bird and Kylian getting superpowers. It felt like Kylian won and Glenn lost in the end. And while after the credits , I gave it a LONG deep thought of what I just digested of the story. And welp, it make sense. Back in act 3, the story went all in about, "nothing is black and white, there are good things in bad people and bad things in good people, everyone deserve a 2nd chance" etc. And yeah, I guess this is the start for Kylian redemption arc. Kylian, while being human and betraying people left and right, is like how Glenn was "drunk abusive lover Van" back then, a flawed evil person. And now Kylian must embark his journey to atone for his errors by a long cursed endless life of a journey to save the world from the Harbinger, like how Glenn spend centuries of reincarnations to atone for killing Lenne in his previous life.
Its this thought that I think this story is very good. Even the "evil bad Vaen" weren't really evil people. They were originally good normal humans who sealed away the evil Harbinger, and did everything in their power to keep him sealed, even if that means killing millions and civilizations over 1000 years to keep him sealed. And while the church was a hoax where their true goals was freeing the Harbinger, it was still noble to try to save everyone and do good things. The people who were tricked, the followers, were good people who didn't knew the true goal, and helped alot of people. Gwayn manipulated the king into evil and used the Great Grimoire to trick people into killing millions, but he did it for the greater good of killing the evil false gods Vaen. (killing a "few millions" to save the entire world over millennia of oppression) Heck, even the evil king, brother of Lenne, was doing horrible things to unite the kingdom and everlasting peace, by becoming the symbol of hate so after the tyrant himself dies, the people will be united instead of hatred. Except for the Harbinger, there is no true black and white, everything in this world is gray. So after this thought, I was "accepting" that yeah, Kylian also deserve a 2nd chance. Still bummed that Glenn is a bird BUT his story is over. He spend centuries of reincarnations after reincarnation of trying to do the right thing, and now that he did, deserve his rest, as a bird.

My few complaints. (nitpicking, overall I LOVE this game)
Why can't I fight the 7 kings? Like WTF, there was this entire hype train about the epic seven kings and you dont get to fight any of them. Im not saying we should kill them, but more like a (to pass, you must fight me for a trial of worth, prove you are worthy) kinda fight. In fact, I thought getting the trials of the seven kings was the post game content. But nope, just fights this mysterious "Harbinger jr" who is the "Destroyer of the True Kings" who was sealed away instead.
Also, what about the Harbinger. After I killed Vaen, I was like, "Welp, now I bet The Harbinger is going to be freed and we gotta kill that right?" NOPE thats for a sequal. I guess that make sense. Just because you opened the gate to the world of Vaen doesn't mean suddenly the Maelstrom is flooded open with The Harbinger coming out. Still kinda bummed that you haven't truly save the world and that part is potential sequel bait story.

Sorry about the long rant, kinda had to say this out of my chest after I beaten this game.
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2023.03.26 20:41 Champaign__Supernova What would you do in this situation: unsure how long frozen food had been out of the cooler/freezer?

I've never had this happen before and I'm not sure what to do here. I normally don't care about orders being late especially because it's Sunday and I know stores are busy and I've been sick for a while and just wanted some food, but I've also never had one that took this long.
I had a shopper claim my order and from the time they said they started shopping to now it's been ~1.5 hours and it doesn't seem like they've left the store or checked out yet. It wasn't a large order, mostly fruit, maybe like 10 different items with multiples of some, and no additions to the order after they started shopping. But there were a couple dairy and frozen items with meat in them and if they were taken out of the freezer early on in that trip they could have been out at room temperature for over two hours by the time it gets to me.
Maybe if I'm concerned about food safety I shouldn't be using shipt but I've never had this issue happen before and I'm not sure what to do. Should I wait for the order to get here and see how warm it is? Would it be rude to ask the shopper how long the frozen items have been in the cart? If I cook the stuff tomorrow and it smells/tastes funky can I reach out to shipt for a refund then? I just checked in because I hadn't heard anything since the initial text and the shopper said the store is busy and I feel for that I'm just trying not to get food poisoning in addition to this cold
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2023.03.26 20:41 BearCubTeacher Is Eero 6E Pro compatible with Eero 6 Pro?

I'd like to create a 6E wifi connection for VR use. I currently have three Eero Pro 6 units connected to my Xfinity XB7-T cable modem. I want to replace the cable modem with an Xfinity XB8 unit, and the Eero unit that's connected directly to it with a Eero 6E Pro unit, but leave the others as Pro 6 units.
Will this give me a 6E wifi network to connect to stream VR data from m PC? Note: there will be unmanaged Gigabyte switches and another wired Eero Pro between the computer used for streaming VR content that Pro 6E unit connected directly to the XB8.
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