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2008.08.29 01:14 Big love for little instruments

The ukulele is a four-stringed Hawaiian instrument in the lute family with roots in the island of Madeira in Portugal. Welcome to our community of sharing and learning this wonderful little instrument of aloha!

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2015.08.07 19:12 AdmiralJuz Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game available to play on Steam, Kongregate, Facebook, Armor Games, Kizi, and the all-new Codename Games website. Produced by [Codename Entertainment](

2023.03.26 19:34 roblydobly Feeling like a cash cow

Hey there! Throw away, because anonymity. I've been in several leagues at this point (I've moved around a lot), and I have a range of experience, from multiple instances of fresh meat to BOD member and all-star skater.
I've recently joined a pretty dang good league, and this is the first time I feel absolutely used. I'm used to talk about needing new recruits and retainment for money and volunteers, but this is the first time it really doesn't feel like the league is putting any care or resources into cultivating non-travel team/new folks while wanting to get people in the door and paying dues. It really feels like they talk about new recruits as if we are cash cows. And I recently learned I am far from the only newer skater in the league feeling like this.
I guess what I want to know is: has anyone else experienced this? Is it common in top leagues in particular? Do I dare say anything about it? I would like to know if I was on the BOD/training, but I don't know if this is something I should speak up about. This is just a totally new derby experience for me and it feels gross.
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2023.03.26 19:34 Mediocre-Platform403 [PC][2005-2012] RTS like game set in Medieval times

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RTS
Estimated year of release: 2005-2012
Graphics/art style: pretty detailed, similar to Medieval Total War or Cossacks
Notable characters: archer on horse (can't remember if you could also control other units or not)
Notable gameplay mechanics: you could shoot arrows while on your horse and the arrows left a white trail behind them
Other details: Set in medieval times. There was this mission where you would find some fossils on the map and I remember you could perform some sort of ritual or something and ressurect a mammoth there. I also remember there was a faction wearing yelow and had yellow garments on horses.
I have been trying for the past hour with ChatGPT and it dissapointed me. Please help a nostalgic brother in need!
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2023.03.26 19:33 kczbrekker Thoughts on Annihilation?

Watched Annihilation for the first time today and I have to say I really quite enjoyed it. The cinematography is great but what fascinated me was the concept. I think the main theme of the movie is self destruction.
The beginning of the movie the main character Lena talks about cancer cell. The psychiatrist talks about the way human beings and everything we know tends to be self destructive. I think the way Lena destroys the mutated or shimmer duplicate and thus destroys the whole mutation is that idea. Also the way a character accepts the physical mutation they get and just turned into the plant thing. The male lead also kills himself after getting mutated.
And my take about the ending is, it doesn't really matter if it was the real Lena. Because the duplicate husband and the supposed real Lena both are mutanted. The shimmer was changed by the human and the human was changed by the shimmer. Can it refer to the opposite of self destruction? That we should try to accept things?
Another thing that sets this movie apart from other alien movies alongside with the wonderful depiction of alien/unknown/mutated nature is that they didn't want anything. They didn't want to destroy earth or kill the humans. They were just lives getting born and spread that were unknown by the humans. It was just so beautiful.
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2023.03.26 19:33 losteeling Need input

I’m getting desperate and looking for some insight in the anxiety community. Please be kind, I’m really just looking for insights.
I am in a toxic situationship with a coworker and it’s destroying my mental health and has my anxiety and panic spiking, I’m really near the end of my rope in how much I can handle. I went to the ER last night for a panic attack caused by him.
For background we are both remote coworkers living on opposite coasts. So I only see him time to time both work trips and personal visits. We talk for hours on the phone every day about both work and just our regular day to day. I feel like I have gained an addiction to him and his communication. Not to sound dramatic but if you read a drug addiction/withdrawal cycle and replace the drug with his texts and calls it’s about the same symptoms for me.
As of lately he has grown a bit more distant and my anxious attachment style is not handling it well. It’s all I can think about and when he doesnt reply or call me back I spiral. I see him active on Instagram and it kills me. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.26 19:33 jokasi58 I am stuck. I don't know what to do & I want to cry, but I can't

I am currently struggling with a deep feeling of having like a clog in my chest. I have been in a constant state of fatigue for the last 4 years and only recently (through therapy) I came closer to understanding what is happening.
right now I have a strong feeling in my chest. at any given time, 24/7. its a pressure, it full of emotions. if its bad, I actually feel it physically and have a hard time breathing.
what I realised is that I need time to let my mind and body relax to let things come to surface. that I tried with meditation, yoga etc.
the more I focus and observe the feeling in my chest & throat, the more I realise that it wants to come out. it feels like it is climbing up and wants to be released. It makes me want to cry. but I just can't. I talked to my therapist about it. I tried many things. I've been very patient and tried not to force things.
it is clear that there is something stuck, that has been there for years and years. its like I am getting input but I am not able to have an output. no anger, no crying etc.
as soon as the feeling in my chest climbs up and I feel my body wanting to cry, it gets stuck halfway through. I think in the last 10 years I have actually cried 2 or 3 times, in the sense of just bursting out tears and weeping. other than that I can let out a few tears but it always feels like a huge effort and it doesn't feel natural. but it won't come by itself, I feel like I need to do something.
meditation help by making me aware of my body and feeling, locating and observing that feeling. but no matter how many times I meditate with this feeling in focus, just observing, it won't come out. and I feel it growing and growing and its making my life very difficult.
I am writing this in hope that maybe a person has had similar experiences (or still has) that can be shared. any kind of advice is very welcome (:
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2023.03.26 19:32 psychsplorer Snow shoveling etiquette

Hello fellow Salt Lakers.
Wife and I are having a lively discussion about whether I'm being sensitive or our neighbors are being inconsiderate.
Every time it snows, our neighbors shovel their driveway snow onto our front yard instead of onto their own. It's not that big of a deal and I know it, but I find it mildly irritating. All they have to do is shovel right to left instead of left to right and they wouldn't be shoveling into our yard, but their own.
I didn't grow up in a snowy environment so perhaps I'm on the wrong side of the snow etiquette fence here.
Curious to know how many of you agree with me vs. her. Please vote to help settle this domestic dispute in our household and feel free to share your logic lol
(it's not that serious, this is more for fun than anything - just curious to know what the general consensus is)
View Poll
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2023.03.26 19:30 snekmomal First time espresso user—boyfriend demanded I show him "the law of tamping"

Made my boyfriend drive 6 hours round trip yesterday with me to pickup a Bambino Plus that I wanted. I had full expectations I would be the one obsessed with manually pulling shots and getting the perfect extraction while he would enjoy the automated features the bambino plus has to offer since he knew nothing about espresso as I've gotten more into the hobby than him.
Well yesterday we spent time dialing in and figuring it out with some cheap beans while today we were attempting to dial in with our nicer beans. We were having some issues still with it and machine was choking so we were slowing increasing grind size but the whole time my boyfriend kept blaming it on tamping too hard (mind you, I bought the Normcore V4 tamper so we have a good one). I kept saying he's not tamping hard enough because he's just setting the tamper on the grounds and not pushing down to which he replies "Show me the law of tamping!!"
I've created a monster.
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2023.03.26 19:29 Accomplished_Roll837 [COD] For what its worth!

For what it's worth!!!
I'm 50 years old and been playing this game for most of my adult life, ever since Call Of Duty came out back in the good old days it has been my one true hobby and passion, but....nowadays as a PC player I feel absolute disgust and sadness when I waste my time with my favourite past-time, the flagrant cheating on this game coupled with server timeclock sync errors mixed with the stupidly OP aim-assist on controller players who still use third party hardwares like the Cronus Zen and to top it all off the whitelisting by Activision of Twitchers and Youtubers who blatantly CHEAT and use apps like Phantom Overlay and other CHEAT apps to mislead the matchmaking engine so they can make media is ruining the game that so many love to play.
When are you going to fix things?...Because all I feel is that you just want to make money off honest people, Twitchers and Youtubers proliferate and normalize the use of CHEATS which you allow in exchange for free publicity.
I wait for the day that aim assist is completely nerfed and fix your servers it's shameful that you get killed because of sync issues between PC's and Consoles, get rid of match making and allow to choose crossplay or no-crossplay, and ban some cheaters because it's obvious that Ricochete is not working!
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2023.03.26 19:29 PbandJif New Christian with questions about church Pastor

I’ve been a Christian for around 2-3 months. I heard the gospel, and it resonated with my deeply. I truly accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since then I’ve been doing my due diligence to understand and know God and his word more. I didn’t think I was ready to actually get into a church until a little over a month ago, so I finally made up my mind and went. I chose the church that my fiancés mother goes to, I thought it would be the respectable thing to do. The first time I went, it was touching. The sermon spoke to me, it felt like I was meant to hear it and I was brought to tears. I felt confirmation that I was doing the right thing and in the right place. Even last Sunday it was another sermon that correlated with what I’ve been reading and learning, it also resonated with me deeply. But today the sermon was really focused about the blood and physical body of Christ and how his blood is our atonement. When the Pastor was doing his sermon I was getting the feeling that he was sort of worshipping the actual blood of Christ? He made a point to say that you didn’t need to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin to be saved, he said that if it was that important it would’ve been mention more than just the 2 Gospels. He said he personally does believe in the virgin birth. Okay fine, I guess I can agree with that, it’s not necessary for salvation but I’ve never really questioned or looked into the topic. So throughout the sermon In my head I’m thinking, we don’t worship the flesh that was being occupied by the Spirit, we worship the Spirit and the reason why the flesh was pure is because it was being occupied by God the Son. And we are saved through the shedding of his blood. The crucifixion itself. And us accepting this sacrifice, is what’s being represented symbolically through communion. This is just what I was current thinking while he was speaking. I may be wrong, if so God please forgive me of my arrogance. So after the sermon I go to speak to him and I make these points. I say we aren’t worshiping the flesh, it’s the Spirit of God that occupied that body. This led to him asking what I mean by Spirit of God and I tell him that the God the Son was using that body to be the role of the Lamb. Then he goes on to ask me if I think God can die, I tell him that death is just spirit separating from flesh so yes. It comes out that he’s a Unitarian and says the Father is only God, so I tell him that I believe the trinity is biblical and we start going through scripture and he’s kind of asking me these questions you would hear from a Muslim. Why did he pray to the Father and say he was greater than I, it says that God sent him did he send himself, can God be tempted, ask me where Jesus resides in heaven, next to God, brings up a few verses where there’s a distinction between God and Jesus. All questions I’ve heard before and I did my best to answer them, I wasn’t really stumped. We have a good back and forth, I bring up scripture and ask questions myself and ask him what he thinks of them. John, Revelation, Colossians, Hebrews. Looking back there were many more I could’ve brought up but I wasn’t really prepared for the discussion. So basically he tells me he can tell that I’ve been studying which is good and how he himself used to be a modalist then a trinitarian and now a Unitarian. That his issue with the trinity is having Jesus as coequal to the Father. We talk a little bit about early church fathers and the nicene creed then monarchical trinitarianism, he agreed with some points on that but ultimately we agreed to disagree. I believe that the trinity is biblical and fundamental. I’m not sure how to move forward, like I mentioned earlier I’m a very new Christian. I would love any input or advice. God bless.
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2023.03.26 19:28 dilexit2183 [US][H][Area 52] Social Guild Looking for Members for M+, Raid, and Achievements!

<See You At The Boss> was founded on the belief that the basis of a good guild should be measured on how much fun everyone is having, not the number of M+ dungeons you’ve run in a week or how many hours you have put into gearing. We have been in many guilds, and the ones that stand out to us are the guilds that are active, inclusive, and that take the time to engage their members. While we do raid and plan to achieve AOTC each tier, it will not be our sole focus. We have weekly activities to fill in the gaps between raids. Tired of pugging to get KSM? We’ve got a group for that. Looking to complete achievements? We’ve got a group for that. Farming for a mount? We’ve got a group for that. Want to run normal dungeons in as few pulls as possible just to see if you can? Well, we’ll see you at the boss!

Raid Info
8/8N 6/8H
Tuesday, 8-11pm EDT (5-8pm PDT) - Alt/Open Normal night
Thursday, 8-11pm EDT (5-8pm PDT) - Heroic progression night
Actively seeking a healer and ranged DPS, however anyone is welcome!

Achievement Night
Sunday, 8pm EDT (5pm PDT)

Message me if you would like to talk.
Discord: Rory#0376
Bnet: Rory#11526
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2023.03.26 19:27 jdeeth Mass voter inactivation happening this week

Mass voter inactivation happening this week
Public service announcement from the sub's resident auditor staffer:
This week, Iowa voters who missed or skipped last year's midterm election will be moved to "Inactive" status. This is under a 2021 law change that was widely called "the Pate Purge," though the real architect was then-Senator Roby Smith (now state treasurer). Either way it's just a fact that it was a straight party vote.
Inactivation is a preliminary step to cancellation. People who are inactivated this year, and who don't re-register or vote, will be fully canceled in early 2027.
The cards will look like this sample, and they're getting mailed from Des Moines this week. If you get one you should fill it out and send it in (don't forget to sign it!) so that your auditor can either re-activate you at the same address, update you to your new address, or if you've moved away get you cancelled.
We inactivated about 10% of active voters in Johnson County in early 2021 when this happened, and this year I think it'll be more like 25%. A lot of people only vote in presidential years.
Feel free to AMA.
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2023.03.26 19:27 ForwardOpportunity18 How is the formula for the balance of an increasing annuity derived?

So I’m kind of confused of how the formula for the balance of an increasing annuity A=D[((1+i)nt-1)/i] is derived, where I is the annual interest rate and n is the number of deposits per year, t is the time in years and D is the deposit.
Currently, what I know is if you put all the balances in a sequence, each balance is (1+the interest rate)*the last balance and then added to the deposit, but I don’t know where to go from here.
PS: this is from the geometric and arithmetic sequences unit from Algebra II, if that helps with the explanation
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2023.03.26 19:27 SonOfLeoTrotsky My shortest raid ever...

Going for a quest on factory. Got killed there several times today. Spawned. Heard a voice. Heard the crack. Died. Hadn't even enough time to recognize my spawn. But yeah... obviously the bosses started spawn camping 'cause the killa is Tagilla. Guess that's one of my most frustrating deaths in EFT ever because there was nothing I could do. Damn, I know I'm definitely an average player at best, but that's really frustrating.
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2023.03.26 19:26 m_staf First time grower, question about organic living soil + Dr. Earth

First time grower, I wanted to keep things relatively simple first time around. In doing some research, I stumbled upon Dr. Earth's organic cannabis growing schedule. From an inexperienced grower, it seems pretty straight forward and simple which is attractive. The problem I am having is they are not specific on what type of soil to start with.
I am wondering if I start with SoHum organic living soil and use Dr. Earth's dry fertilizer (advanced) feeding schedule, will I burn my plants? From what I understand, organic living soil has ammendments in it. Will following Dr. Earth's schedule be too much?
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2023.03.26 19:24 AdLocal4102 AITA for asking that my share of the inheritance be respected and that my nieces and nephews get my sister’s portion, not mine?

My (29 m) family grew up poor. My dad worked several jobs and so did our adoptive mom. My adoptive mom (step mom who adopted us) came from even less. Her dad (our grandfather) died a brutal death by prison guards and it was tragic. My family sued and won an incredibly large settlement.
My mom and dad have regularly asked what they should do with the money. I told my mom she should travel the world, retire, and do the things she has always wanted to do. My dad wants to also buy a house on the country side where they can quietly retire. And I believe whatever is left should be split down the middle between my sister and I.
I’m not wealthy myself but my partner and I get by. My partner is disabled and we would benefit from the inheritance in terms of affording things like IVF, a baby, and making that dream come true. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like we really could afford a child like we would want to.
My sister disagrees. She believes that since she has kids, and I don’t, it should go to her kids. My problem with this is that my sister has struggled all throughout her life with addictions. My parents and I both have bailed her out financially so many times. I’ve stepped in and raised my nieces and nephews at moments and have had to pay for school supplies, piano lessons, etc. (She has four kids and another on the way). And I honestly feel that if I didn’t have to step in and parent her kids at an early age myself, I might be able to better afford my own child.
Things were civil about these discussions until my sister and her husband keep harassing me and my fiancée. Saying that we are selfish. That we are taking their money. And that the money is meant for the kids. My sister even sometimes tells me that my dad plans on just giving all of the money to grand kids. I brought this up with my parents and they said this wasn’t true. That the plan is actually to give my sisters share to her kids and my share to me. I haven’t told my sister that I know this.
My sister has started telling people in their town that I’m greedy, I hate my family, and that my partner and I don’t need the money since we don’t have kids. She’s even started shaming my partner and the temporary work she has found over the years as a disabled person. And went so far as to say I should’ve considered money when I chose to get engaged to a disabled woman and implying my fiancée is lazy. My sister feels as if I shouldn’t take half because that leaves smaller shares for her children.
AITA for standing my ground and asking for my share of the inheritance?
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2023.03.26 19:24 BigElevatorEveryone [SR1 mods deleted this]. These comments on a video about Tom Cruise (and his supposed sexual secrets) show how semen retention is perceived by the mainstream. In summary, the idea of semen retention is totally unthinkable and weird to them. That is why SR will never be widely popular.

(In case you already saw this post, I had originally posted it in r-semenretention, however the mods there deleted it despite it getting a good amount of votes and positive comments. I'm reposting it here in the hopes that other journeyers find it helpful).
Through the Youtube algorithm I was recently recommended that old South Park segment on the scientology origins story, and then that lead to videos about Tom Cruise because he was also featured in that episode. I came across two videos that discuss supposed sexual issues Tom Cruise was facing, which would partly explain his continued participation in scientology. Let's ignore the entire scientology angle (I'm not a scientologist and don't care about them), and focus instead on the perception by some regular people of Tom Cruise.
Apparently the scientology-insider's rumours were that Tom Cruise had insecurities (revealed to sci higher ups) about his impotence.
First of all, we don't even know if that's true, and second, as far as celebrity problems are concerned, it's probably the most ordinary of problems. We're dealing with the types of people who are regularly covered in the news as overdosing on terrible drugs and engaging in criminal and dishonourable activity. On the other hand, impotence, whether that's erectile dysfunction or something similar, is really nothing compared to that. In Cruise's case, is it even ED, or just a disinclination to sex?
But what do the Youtube comments say regarding these findings about Tom Cruise?
"I remember years ago there was an interview with Mimi Rogers after she split up with Cruise. She bitterly spoke about she and Tom rarely having sex and she sarcastically said his stance was "his body was a temple"." -- other replies try to insult him as being gay.
"There are many causes for impotence both physical and psychological. I would argue that denying one's authentic sexual impulses and desires could be a cause of impotence."
"When you're in love with your own reflection, another's love for you can't compare. I doubt he's impotent with himself. "
"My intuition told me long ago that Tom was impotent . I got that impression yrs ago when Nichole failed to get pregnant . It is said that she had miscarriages but I always thought that was a cover . Anyway I got chewed out furiously by Tom fans. It's good to be validated "
"A coworker of mine who is very credible (a surgeon in NYC) was dating an interior decorator who had TC as a client. He swore TC was gay and had been to parties at Ts NYC apartment. These guys (my friends) are very accomplished, successful, educated group of gay men. Not gossip mongers who’d make up stories. Doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t what matters is he hides it if true. I have thought so many times if I should share this or not because it really isn’t important but it is interesting."
(Source of the comments: and
You can see that it's incomprehensible that a man would have any lifestyle practices similar to SR. I don't know if Tom Cruise is an SR practitioner. I can guess that he might be. But Tom Cruise being solitary and focused on his work is given various negative interpretations, because people can't contend with the idea that Tom Cruise is willingly choosing this path of his, which appears to give much less importance to sex.
As far as my own opinion about him, I don't know all the celebrity gossip around Cruise and his various relationships and history with scientology. I haven't even watched the Mission Impossible movies except the first one. But I will say he is the most intense actor I've seen. If you haven't seen A Few Good Men with him and Jack Nicholson, I would recommend it. Cruise is basically on the edge of an insane breakdown in every scene, and that intensity carries the movie, and makes a fairly boring topic (military justice trial and legal proceedings) incredibly engaging. And in the most recent Top Gun, which was a monumental box office success, Tom Cruise was by far the actor with the most charisma and vitality. This is a man who at the time of filming was in his late 50s, and he totally outshines these other young actors starring with him in their 20s and 30s. There wasn't any comparison between those young actors and Tom Cruise. It was like watching Michael Jordan/Leo Messi/Tiger Woods play against amateurs.
I'm not the only one who has made this link between Cruise and SR. It has been discussed here and in the other subreddit:
She was brutally frank when, in 1993, Playboy magazine asked if she was the one who ended the marriage. "Is that the story, that I was bored with that child and threw him over, chewed him up and spat him out?" she shot back, angrily. "Well, here's the real story. Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. At least for that period of time, it looked as though marriage wouldn't fit into his overall spiritual need. And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument." Drily, she added: "My instrument needed tuning."
However, if Cruise, with all his success, is still considered weird for a lifestyle that may include SR, then I don't think SR will be accepted among the masses. So in your own practice and life, beware that your approach may be considered too fringe and that you must be self-directed and not seek any validation for the methods to achieve your goals.
(Again, Cruise may be a horrible person to other colleagues and staff or not in real life -- this post isn't about that).
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2023.03.26 19:23 ApprehensiveCamera40 How do we move forward from this?

Last week my daughter (35f) physically assaulted me (69f). It resulted in the police being called and her being arrested for domestic violence.
It started because I was worried about her. She is having major relationship issues. I told her I concerned and was there for her if she needed anything. She asked why I was concerned. Details are private, but I gently expressed what I was seeing happening to her.
She started yelling at me that I was wrong and got verbally abusive. We were sitting in my car at the time and I told her to get out and get her groceries so I could leave. I opened the back and she kept yelling at me to help her. I said no. I have a neurological disorder that causes me to shake uncontrollably when I am very stressed, and I just wanted her away from me. The whole time she was standing there yelling and refused to unload her stuff. I grabbed a few of the bags and put them on the ground next to the car. She screamed at me to stop throwing her groceries, grabbed me by the hair, threw me to the ground and started hitting me. I yelled for help and tried to get up. She finally backed off but continued to scream at me. I reached into the car to take another bag out. She grabbed me by the hair and slammed me into the back of the car. I got away from her and got into the car. She blocked me from closing the door. When I refused to help she hit me in the face and raked my neck with her nails, gouging it in the process. Thankfully someone had called the police and that's when they showed up.
At this point the arrest was out of my hands. My bleeding face was evidence that I had been assaulted and they were required by law to arrest her.
I am not condoning her actions. But I am so worried about her.
The officer who wrote up the report and sat with me asked if I wanted to press charges. I said no. There is a stipulation that can be added on for her to have a mental health evaluation and risk assessment, which I said please do. I see on the paperwork I got from the court she has an appointment this week. In the past, she has had problems with severe depression and anxiety. I think the relationship issues have really gotten her to a point where they are coming to a head and she's in a very bad place.
We are no contact until she has her court date late next month. I am in touch with her boyfriend, who she lives with.
They don't have a car, so I would usually come at least every other week to take her grocery shopping. They have a child together. They live in a small town out in the middle of farm county and an hour away.
I paid her bail, and she is back home with her boyfriend and child.
I don't know how to move forward from this. Right now I feel like I never want to see her again, but I know that would be the worst thing. She really doesn't have any close friends. I have been in touch with close family members to ask them to check in with her. Just feel so helpless, yet so angry and heartbroken.
TL:DR I was physically assaulted by my daughter who is having relationship issues. How do we move forward from this?
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2023.03.26 19:17 admimosa [Instagram]How is this not a feature yet?

Instagram is essentially the only platform where stories are of any relevance to creators (thanks to the broken implementation in YouTube and lack of proper discoverability in Snapchat.) With that said, how are the Story Insights SO ass backwards? How are number of likes not visible in the Interactions? How about basic features like average time spent on the story/ retention? How about showing where the non-follower views are coming from? It’s like they made the insights dashboard and then never updated it for the tons of features they’ve added since.
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2023.03.26 19:15 Jetstream_Arty Looking for people to help creating a game about war in Ukraine(more looking for 3d modeler!)

Hello im making a game about drone that fight back Ukraine from demonic russians.
We need more members to help us with project to make game perfect!
Right now in our team we have 6 members
Right now we r looking for
Why you should join our team?
  1. Our team is friendly and understandable all time
  2. We already made 2 games
  3. You dont need to worry about results because owner will always understand you and say your issues very delicant and would wait if it needs!
  4. And much more good things about it
  5. We dont hate any nationality
  6. Would make everything to make members happy!
  7. We would help you with all your troubles at tasks!
  8. And much more positive things!
If you are interested on it and can do one or more things from list above, please do not hesitate to write me on email, here or on Discord! My Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) My Discord tag: Raigil#7420 All members of team will recive percents from sales on game release(depends on how good you made your job!)
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2023.03.26 19:15 Lopsided-Tough-9580 Builds Competition! Do join this fun Event!

Builds Competition! Do join this fun Event!
Hey fellow Minecraft players! I am one of the moderator of Lucky Ghost SMP and we are organizing a build Competition on our server.
I invite you to participate in this competition and show off your building skills! We want as many players as possible to participate, and we are excited to see what players make!

The rules of the competition are pretty simple:-
  1. the competition starts on 10 AM GMT on Monday the 27th of March and ends on 10 AM GMT on Monday the 17th of April.
  2. the building completion's theme is gothic architecture. the theme is not here to restrict you but to inspire you, try to implement it in different ways into your build, be creative with it.
  3. Server is Java only but we will be allowing Bedrock players for the competition!

  1. all building and resource gathering must be done in survival.
  2. builds may be submitted by an individual or a team.
  3. all general rules from the server still apply.
  4. don't copy anyone builds. whether it's someone else on the server or some images you see on Pinterest or anywhere else, don't copy. you are allowed to take inspiration but no direct copying.

scoring system:
all players will be able to choose 3 of all of the builds to mark as they favorite. this will be worth 1 point
moderators will judge all builds based on this criteria:
0/3 points for overall look
0/3 points for attention to detail
0/3 points for theme implementation
0/3 points for overall effort and time spent
additionally, each of the moderators can choose 3 of all the builds to mark as they favorite. this will be worth 3 points.
Meet u on the server! Have a good day :)

To participate DM me on discord:- RED#1081
or join the server using this link:-
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2023.03.26 19:15 Sadgoatchild What creature is this?

So me and some people online have a little rp going, I'm trying to figure out what kind of creature something is. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo, but I do have a description.
"Long ears, like a jackal's, fur, extended claws and teeth, sort of wolfish hind legs?"
Its some sort of shapeshifter, from human to whatever. Werewolf seems the most obvious but I don't think it's that. Most likely to be from Celtic mythology.
The first time the person transformed, they only wanted to eat people, now it seems happy to eat any meet. It started happening after the person had been in the Otherworld for a month.
Anyway I'd love some help figuring out what this is!
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2023.03.26 19:14 Lucky-Grapefruit-507 GMAT 720 for INSEAD/ LBS?

Hey, would appreciate some advice or relevant experience. Im interested in INSEAD and LBS MBAs.
By time of joining would be 27M with 4.5 WE in Consulting. Middle East background. GPA 3.85. Have leadership roles on campus and founded an NGO in COVID that preps people for consulting interviews.
My scores are GMAT 720 (Q50, V39) and GRE 164Q/ 160V.
Do i need to retake the exam or is not worth focusing on anymore as Ive wasted so much time to achieve the 720 (multiple tries later too). Is there a potential scholarship with a 720 for INSEAD/LBS?
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