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2023.03.24 12:30 Upstairs-Scene-1915 Dear R

The yellow monstrosity that is my step sister's car and a house party on wheels just barreled past me and down the drive. I had just put our oldest on the bus, discussing on the way whether or not the strays stationed in the back are in fact, pittie mixed breeds or boxer mutts. We couldn't decide, but he had a clever choice of word play pertaining to the burnt sienna one, Tybee, and how he was a "pretty pittie". I blindly groped on my newly built deck for a Newport Red clip, popped it into my mouth and waved feebly in my step sib's direction. "It's early," I groaned aloud , seeing that the screen of my phone read: 6:10 a.m.
2 and a half hours of sleep, nothing in my stomach, and I was low on my battery life. The instant coffee tasted like week old decaf. I felt myself grimace as mechanically I swallowed the muddy swill entering the kitchen and trying to wake up . My limbs felt stiff and paralyzed from the uncomfortable position I'd sat in for hours, scrolling through the magical world of Reddit. Worry gnawed at the edges of my skull: was the toilet gasket in need of repair or was the valve cracked ? What was the easiest way to tackle the nest of ancient cobwebs crawling with daddy long legs beneath the cabinets ? How much would replacing the warped and lopsided table in the back room cost? Was my mother nickle and diming me to death again?
I was in no mood to vacuum the loose debris on the carpeted floor using a 30 dollar vacuum that had a panic attack each time I pressed on. The leaking toilet suffusing the confines of my bathroom with stagnant sewer scent practically made me gag everytime I went. My fear of blind spiders with stilt like legs did not inspire any form of motivation to vacuum them up. I feared they would return with an army of other spiders, related to their kind that could actually bite. Still, I knew I had to continue moving forward. Sure, I grew tired of rearranging books, toys, and the like. I sure as hell was sick to death of my mother's endless stream of criticism . I had grown weary of interacting with my stepfather due to his lack of emotional regulation and tendency to blow up on others' without a moment's notice.
My stepsister sending her partner over right before the kid's bedtime a few evenings ago so my stepsister could spend some time in her darkened room cuddling MY baby left a lot to be desired. I practically shivered with disgust as her partner attempted to hand off a mixed drink to me, as if plying me with liquor(when I'm an alcoholic and have an abhorrent hate for spiced rum) would change my mind. Sure, let me hand you my ten month old because my stepsister is mentally ill and trying to reclaim a lost part of the opportunity she missed out on raising her own daughter. Psych! Our oldest also had just finished bathing and felt left out. "Can I come to?" He asked sweetly. I ruffled his damp gold head and explained to him that his brother was not going to be watched by my sketchy step sister.
We watched "Bluey " a majority of last night and I felt bubbles of happiness stir within me. I usually put the kiddos down around 6 or 6:30 but because I waited until nearly 7:30, our youngest slept through the entire night. Our oldest busied himself drawing with the new metallic markers I bought him, while his little brother crawled around and I tried not to panic, anticipating the chance he might put something in his mouth like a dead leaf that had blown in from outside.
You would never guess my step-dad issued a barrage of curse words in my presence the other morning with the calm demeanor he greeted me by. He kept to himself tending to errands he was forever indebted to while I went for a drive with my mother and tried to forget the nasty comments he made behind my back. All day my mother was just edgy. Her uptight nature caused panic and anxiety to consume me. It didn't help that she still interfere with my parenting, that she thought I was absent minded was nothing new- yet the alarming rate with which she reminded me of x, and y or asked if I remembered to do this and that drove me nuts.
I had to hold back every unpleasant , and biting retort I felt like voicing aloud in order to maintain the delicate balance that existed between her and I. I was not keen on being screamed at. She was very vocal when it came to pointing out my flaws. "You need to get it together, " she often snapped. "And I don't like that you're back on those meds. " you mean the ones that are literally enabling me to function like a normal member of society right now? Again as frustrated as I was that my mother failed to understand the depths of what it meant to have Generalized Anxiety Disorder or PPD, what I chose to take for panic attacks was none of her business but between I and the doctor who prescribed it to me.
Her husband could rant and rave until he was blue in the face about how lazy I was or what a bad mother I could be because I used a little too much screen time. Because sometimes, I drifted into the fog of mom burnout, anticipating the old days in which I could comfortably nap without being harassed or read without worrying about the piercing cry of our youngest making me jump out of my skin. Those days were also rife with blackouts, binge drinking marathons, a revolving door of rehabs and inpatients , you living on the streets and shooting poison into your veins, as I watched helplessly from afar; rocking our firstborn to sleep and crying into my pillow.
Those days are long behind me, I'd like to think. I'm much more willing to work toward rebuilding myself from the ground up. I'm more focused on treasuring moments spent with my boys' who are my world than I am entertaining my mother's own insecurities she projects onto me. When the sky deepens to that periwinkle hue, I find comfort playing the underwater lullaby on my phone to get our baby to bed and my mind to shut off. I lose myself in the sounds of light piano, flowing water, as birds cry out in the distance.
Maybe, I'm on a sand bar somewhere, the sting of salt spraying my face. Waves froth and foam at the shoreline. I watch the sky bleed out, a fire sunset, perched on the slope of a dark Grey jetty. It's escaping, using the endless lengths of my imagination , meditating , that allows me to continue to thrive . I thank God I haven't lost my cool yet. I thank God the hurtful comments I'm overflowing during the heat of the moment never make it past my lips. Instead, I write to you. Every word I pen brings me some degree of clarity.
I love you so much. I miss you everyday that you're gone. I FEEL your absence. I regret not saying more or being harder on you. But, there's nothing I can do to alter what was meant to be. I have a better chance now than I ever did when you were alive to make something of my life.
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2023.03.24 11:20 Evawilliam1 Unlocking the Beauty and Value of Oro Laminado Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide

Unlocking the Beauty and Value of Oro Laminado Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide
Oro laminado, also known as gold plated jewelry, has become increasingly popular in recent years. This type of jewelry is made by applying a layer of gold onto a base metal through a process called electroplating.
Oro laminado has many benefits that make it a popular choice for people looking for affordable and beautiful jewelry. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the beauty and value of oro laminado.
One of the main benefits of oro laminado is its affordability. Authentic gold jewelry can be very expensive, but oro laminado allows people to enjoy the look of gold without breaking the bank. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to accessorize without spending a lot of money.
Despite its affordability, oro laminado is still beautiful and can be very durable. The layer of gold that is applied to the base metal is thick enough to give the jewelry a beautiful shine, and it can last for a long time with proper care. Oro laminado is also less likely to tarnish or fade than other gold-plated jewelry types.
Another benefit of oro laminado is that it is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. From simple and understated pieces to more elaborate and intricate designs, there is something for everyone when it comes to oro laminado jewelry.
Whether you prefer classic and timeless pieces or trendy and modern designs, you are sure to find something that suits your style.

When it comes to caring for your oro laminado jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it is important to store your jewelry properly. Keep it in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing it to moisture or humidity.
You should also avoid wearing your oro laminado jewelry in the shower or while swimming, as the chemicals in these environments can damage the plating.
Cleaning your oro laminado jewelry is also important to keep it looking its best. You can clean it using a soft cloth and mild soap and water.
Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing the jewelry too hard, as this can damage the plating.
When shopping for oro laminado jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you are getting a high-quality piece. First, look for jewelry that is made with the high-quality base metal.
The better the quality of the base metal, the more durable the jewelry will be. You should also look for jewelry that is plated with a thick layer of gold, as this will help ensure that the jewelry lasts for a long time.
It is also important to buy oro laminado jewelry from a reputable seller. Look for a seller who has a good reputation and who offers a warranty or guarantee on their jewelry.
Also Read: Gold Plated Bangles: An Affordable Alternative to Solid Gold Plated Jewelry
In conclusion
oro laminado is a beautiful and affordable option for people looking for gold jewelry. Its durability, wide variety of styles, and easy maintenance make it a popular choice for many people. By following the proper care and buying from a reputable seller, you can enjoy the beauty and value of oro laminado for many years.
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2023.03.24 10:54 RoteKrahe How to clean a litter box I've had sitting outside and how to properly store the new one away temporarily?

Spring is here, the flies, centipedes, and spiders are back. We still have a week of snow expected tomorrow especially. Reminder that this is my first pet. My cat is currently obese and she's on her journey to become Fit ever so slowly, so I actually went and tried another litter box, because she'd haul the litter all through the laundry room floor into the hallway somehow. The intent for the new box was to prevent both that and to also prevent her from accidently peeing outside the litter box. This one works, butcthe downside is her butt is too big for the entrance. She no longer pees on the floor, but now she doesn't have a roof over it because of her butt. So now I want to bring in the original one for now. It's sitting outside next to my garbage bins and the I heavily hate the fact that I couldn't store it anywhere in my small apartment. I'm afraid of the bugs I'll bring in the house. Average Temps right now are in the 20s and 30s °F. Snowstorm tomorrow but right now the snow all melted which is why I had to eliminate the mother of demon spiders yesterday morning.
My only two real options are spray bottles for cleaning the house with All Purpose and other types, I have my bathtub to yet again wash it off. The second one is I apparently have a water hose faucet outside my house that I've never used before.
I know the internet constantly suggests baking soda, vinegar, and every kitchen ingredient on the planet, but I don't have that kind of cleaning mentality because my apartment is so cheap, my wood floors are actually just floor wallpaper.
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2023.03.24 10:48 low_orbit_sheep Weak, Feeble and Surrounded By Friends

This story takes place in the same universe as Humans Are Awful At War, a few centuries further along the timeline. Any allusion to a certain grimdark scifi universe is purely intentional. Any Latin declension mistake is also intentional.
The Emperor was a towering silhouette at the main stand of the Agora assembly.
He was more than three meters tall and clad in a golden power armor that further reinforced his brutal, physical presence in front of the galactic ambassadors. His right fist was a clenched psionic claw, radiating with power as it filtered the light coming down from a ceiling so distant clouds formed underneath its arch. His left hand rested on the pommel of a sword the size of a small space-to-space missile locked in its sheath, whose message was plain and simple: the Emperor was a warrior. He had killed. He had slaughtered. He had led the charge of his praetorians in the heart of battle, he had ordered the destruction of entire planets from the bridge of his superdreadnaught, he had impaled rulers, common folk and heretics alike on this blade. He did not fear, for he was functionally immortal -- the pinnacle of posthuman genetic engineering, with three hearts and twice the strength of his praetorians, themselves capable of individually manhandling an entire cohort of the weaker species. The Emperor was a glorious figure, truly, and he had been speaking sentences of honour and fury for the past hour.
Fatima Mansour hadn't listened to a single word.
There was archeo-music in her ears -- Tangerine Dreams' Love On A Real Train -- dispensed by a cassette Walkman. She knew the speech by heart because it was always the same. The Empire wasn't at the stage of barbarism, not yet, though the mask was beginning to slip at times -- the xenocide on Oltaran, the firebombing of Kazark and the subsquent death of seventeen billion sophonts, the summary execution of two million captured pseudo-simian at the battle of the Bridge Nebula (that one, to be fair, had flown under everyone's ethical radars: it was outside Agora space). The scenario was always the same. The Emperor came forward at the Agora with a request: to allow him to put another minor species under the patronage of his generous power. There was always a good pretext. An insulted ambassador; a destroyed ship; a dead praetorian; a vanished explorer; sometimes, a more elaborate lie, like the complex diplomatic trap that had led the old and venerable Xii to declare war on the Emperor a century ago. In many ways, had always considered Mansour, it had been the turning point. The militant, theocratic, dictatorial offshoot of humanity had always been taken as a pleasant joke the Agora indulged in by throwing a few expendable species at the growing and splendid monster, not wanting to deal with the stray children of Sol, whose parents were one of the most well-regarded species in the Milky Way. Surely, had thought everyone, the Xii would make short work of the Emperor and his praetorian.
Mansour still remembered the images, displayed in great detail on the virtual reality spaces of the Agora. The swift brutality of posthuman shock combat meeting the outdated practices of a species that hadn't known war in a thousand years. Military innovation vanquishing immobilism. Industry and aggression meeting useless notions of battlefield honour. Millions of dead hulks orbiting Novus Terra. Hordes of Praetorians, pristine armours under the twin suns of the Xii capital. The Emperor leading his honor guard in a glorious charge against the last Xii redoubt, trumpets blazing. Then the cleansing -- the monuments torn down by the praetorians, the reeducation of the children, the slaughter of the parents, the dismantlement of the industrial worlds, turned into agrarian prisons, the plagues and the xenocides, the forceful terraforming and the colonisation. And the Agora, watching the demise of someone's noble but annoying neighbours, hard-pressed to lift a finger in their direction.
Then, silence. Two decades later, the brutally effective intervention of the Emperor against a rogue race of constructs would give him a seat at the Agora and half a million votes. The absorptions and the colonisations started shortly again -- but everything was legal in the eyes of galactic law. In many ways, the Human Empire was practical. Its violent pragmaticism had saved the Agora once and granted the Emperor a strength that made any direct confrontation suicidal. None of the old, tired Agoran core species could size up alone to the Human Empire, and in the end, suspected Mansour, they were all afraid. Afraid of posthuman strength. Afraid of the posthuman spirit. Afraid of this immortal, bearded giant of a man, clad in armor adorned in seals and eagles.
And the civilization being discussed could but suffer the staunch words of the Emperor. Mansour barely knew them, just another fragment in the Agora, a minor border species of the Orion Arm. The Murida; a few tens of billions of pseudo-rodents with barely FTL-capable vessels. Mansour understood why the Emperor had an interest in such a pityful society his praetorians could rein in within a month -- they reproduced fast and were hard-working. Perfect slaves. The patronage would be brutal. Everyone knew it.
None cared.
Fatima Mansour glanced at the other major civilisations of the Agora and found little more than disinterest. Humanity's closest allies, the blue-skinned Pleiadians and hive-minded Messer, were frozen in place, uncertain, knowing that a negative vote would put them on a collision course with the posthuman Empire. The Weavers in Light, clad in their shadowy tentacles, were lightyears above the fate of a few billion mammals; even Ö-Three-Eyes, six thousand years old, seemed eager to leave the Agora. The war against the Great Chain had broken something in her, a subtle mechanism led bare to starlight. Once upon a time, thought Mansour, she would have had flown to the defense of the Murida -- but she was weary, the weight of hundreds of failed empires on her tentacles. Her flame was gone and so was the best hope of the interstellar pseudorodents. On the opposite aisle, the people of Kush seemed in the middle of a heated debate, but Mansour suspected they were already discussing the next vote, on the oh-so-crucial matters of red flower trade quotas, though it was hard to say what exactly motivated a civilisation made of a myriad of societies and species integrated within each other, each representative requiring a different environmental suit to survive at the Agora. The noble Perseians seemed utterly bored, much like the Weavers, albeit the humanoid uploads did not entertain the same kind of wearyness -- they simply considered the Agora as a waste of time. The excessively peaceful Gardeners were looking in the opposite direction, their many tentacle-eyes drifting away from the small niche of the Murida, as if ashamed to witness another victim of Imperial adventurism. The only ones Mansour held some hope for were the Vriij and the Scythians. The militant squids undulated in their aquarium, visibly agitated, clicking threats and insults at each other -- Mansour wasn't well-versed in their sonar dialect, but she caught a few slurs levelled at posthumans, which she took as a good sign. As for the Scythians -- the mysterious cowled humanoids that took names from ancient Earth were impassible, their representatives frozen like fossilized sequoias. But they had already taken steps against the Posthuman Empire. There was hope still. Maybe a coalition could form. Maybe.
One hour after the beginning of the Emperor's speech, which also marked the opening of the vote, ninety-five percent of the galactic assembly was abstaining, out of fear and disinterest. Many minor civilisations, keenly aware of the fact that they were next, had voted against, but votes were proportional to sophont population and their voices meant little. Only the Human Empire and a few client species had voted in favour -- but it was enough to secure the vote. The Murida representatives had seemingly already accepted their fate. They were silent.
Mansour's Walkman clicked, reaching the end of the cassette. Love On A Real Train stopped, leaving but the silent chaos of the Agora in her ears. She removed her headphones, sweeping imaginary dust off her disco jacket and reached for the voting button. Sol and its communal stars had five hundred representatives, but they had already voted in parliament -- Mansour represented them all when she pushed the slider towards NO. In the absence of overwhelming support in favor of the annexation, Mansour's vote was enough to tip the balance against the Emperor.
There was silence. Even the Weavers in Light appeared to take a sudden interest in the assembly. Never before had any major civilisation moved against the militaristic posthuman splinter. To see their parent species go first had something tragic to it -- for even the least learned races knew it meant war. Open conflict between two members of the Agora -- but why would the Emperor blink? The world had proven at length that it didn't care, and the glory of Sol was long passed. With the victory against the Great Chain, Humans had gone complacent and so had their Pleiadian and Messer allies. They were prey, now.
The Emperor turned towards Mansour. His words echoed a split-second before his lips moved -- his flesh was a puppet, his voice that of the nuclear core beating at the heart of his titanic armor.
"There are ten legions at the edge of the Sol bubble. On my order, they move and the relic you call Earth falls within a day. You have no weapons. No armies. No fleets. Nothing. Will the Pleiadians and Messer die for you?"
"We shall," said a blue-skinned lady and an insectoid hivemind at the same time. The Emperor looked unfazed.
Mansour coughed, tapped her antediluvian microphone to check if it was working and said, avoiding the gaze of the Emperor, not out of fear but pure disinterest:
"It is with a heavy heart that I must bring grave news to this assembly. Due to unforeseen consequences of a diplomatic overture, it appears we will have to interrupt all outbound trade from the Sol Bubble."
The first to react was a Kushite envoy -- a strange but marvellous thing, a sapient plant with golden leaves undulating in the wind. Its translator turned pheromones and pollen into thought and voice.
"...what, what do you mean, all outbound trade?"
"Your translator is functioning correctly, oh regal ambassador of the Stellar Orchard. With the current threats levelled at the Sol bubble by the esteemed representative of the Empire, as well as the disorder caused by the possibility of patronage on the Murida civilisation, the conditions for the safe and expedient displacement of our trade ships are no longer present. All planned convoys will be postponed until further notice, and ships currently in the black will be recalled to Messer and Pleiadian fortress-planets where they shall receive safe haven."
"Even current ongoing convoys? Our losses shall be..." said the plant.
"...astronomical, I know. But as a fellow master of trade, you understood that we cannot endanger our productive elements."
Chaos erupted in the Kushite ranks. Mansour was well-aware of the nuclear bomb she had just dropped in their well-ordained niches -- the Kushite bazaars were premier redistributors of human goods, be they physical or digital, and many of them stood to simply disappear with an interruption of commercial relations with Sol, with no way to easily find another monopolistic partner. In a few words -- the simple declaration human representatives had agreed upon -- Fatima had put the metaphorical backs of several tens of billions of interstellar businessmen against the wall.
Mansour didn't linger on the chaos she had created, for she had another fuse to light.
"Esteemed members of the Agora," she said, "in the past few decades, many of you called Sol to help and none found us deaf. Market-mistresses of Kush, do you remember the interstellar trains of grain, fungus and medicine that were ferried, without counterpart, by Sol as the city-planet of Decima fell victim to plague and famine? Vriij, do you recall the secrets of dark matter and faster-than-light travel we gave you when you left your waterworld, so that the Great Chain would not catch up with you? Perseians, do you remember the Pyramid World we saved from a supernova, carrying every single one of its casked souls into your purview, the void and the dark creatures you battled aeons ago claiming thousand of our own in return? Gardeners, do you remember when you scurried the galaxy for an answer to a plague that ate the very fabric of your life, and we offered you both knowledge and asylum? And you, Scythians..."
A cowled figure tilted their head to the side, answering in Mansour's place.
"The Scythians never forget."
Another figure said:
"The Scythians always remember."
And another:
"The music. The lights. The colours. The stories of Sol. The joy they bring us."
And another:
"The Scythians understand your words. They understand the choice you force upon us. You or them."
And another:
"Music or eagles. Kindness or blade-sharp gold. Interstellar disco balls or star-fortresses. Beauty or the fac-simile thereof. A choice easily made."
And another:
"A choice for warriors."
The last statue lowered their hood. Underneath, they had no face; just a pristine white surface, yet it bristled with wicked joy.
"Ansibles have been opened once more. Orders have been given. The myriads are already on the move. A hundred thousand ships are departing from Balcora within the day. Hyperluminal veterans of the indiran wars, moving apace in the great veil, six million times faster than photons. We shall meet at Terra. And here we shall be your bulwark."
Mansour nodded and leaned back. The Vriij jumped on the opportunity and inside their aquarium. The oldest squid clicked; the translator echoed a second later.
"The Vriij remember too. We owe you a world. If Terra faces war, then we shall answer in kind. We will be giving orders to recall the border fleets and direct them to Sol. A motion to call for general mobilisation is being sent to the parliament as we speak."
It was followed by a slur that the microphone staunchly refused to translate. A great Kushite sophont, smooth as bloody silk, shimmered towards a jewelled podium. His voice was pure honey.
"The city-planet of Decima remembers indeed, ambassador. On behalf of the Great Khans of Unruled Space, whose mothers came from Decima, I say: fear not. To the ranks of the Scythians we will add our own. Nimble and towering, elegant and savage, swift and lumbering, the ships of the star-steppes shall fly the banner of war once more. May the imperial kin cry our names in fear and hatred."
"And it will not be said that we cannot keep the arteries of trade open," said the golden flower, "hence you can count on the privateers and mercenaries of my corporations. Arrangements will be made. Prices will be negotiated."
A Gardener world-tree added, rustling leaves in the translator:
"The children of the moss are slow but firm. Hold, and you will find us."
Then came a Perseians dynast, and her quantum wings gleamed in the colours of a black hole when she said:
"I am Eletharna, seventh of her name, off-branch of the great tendril mind of the Pyramid World. I am the dynast of Meroe, mistress of the Scutum-Centaurus arm, spear of the unbelievers, hammer of the necromants and commander of the Black Armada. To Sol, I have a debt of more than life. And to Sol a million ships shall follow."
Her final word was followed by silence. The Emperor took a step forward, then leaped. He switfly reached the niche of the envoys of Sol and unsheathed his sword. It had a flaming blade, razor moving through atoms so neatly it didn't produce any wind. He raised it high above Mansour.
"Words, words, words!" he yelled, "but as death closes in, she does not dare fight! And you would die for her? My strike is merely mercy for weakness!"
Mansour raised her hand in a feeble attempt at protecting herself. The sword rushed towards her then--
A dull sound.
The blade was suspended over her forehead, so close she felt the imprint of the edge on her psionic headband. The weapon was now split in several parts that were not quite broken but distributed across three-dimensional space, stretched upon an invisible four-dimensional object. Ö-Three-Eyes stood between Mansour and the Emperor. For the first time since the war against the Great Chain, she had moved from her permanent seat at the Agora. She looked formidable once more. All her irises were open, even the third one, even the secret one; and despite his strength, despite his power, the Emperor could not move, for Ö-Three-Eyes held him in a hyercubic net he could not even see.
"None innocent died in the Agora in a millenia," she said, "and none innocent shall die today. Lower your weapon, Emperor, or face me and become a footnote in the history of this venerable house."
The Emperor blinked and looked Mansour in the eye.
"You disgust me. You are weak. Harmless. You don't fight, you don't defend yourself, you just...make music, trade and explore the world. You do not even have the decency to fight your own wars. You are a daughter of Sol! You were born on a hard, unforgiving world! You are apex predators! You should strive to take your rightful place, not cower under the shadow of Scythians and Perseians! We should be akin!"
Mansour was undisturbed, almost disappointed to still be alive.
"We are nothing of what you describe. The Earth is a mundane world and even now we are not its masters, merely passengers. It didn't turn us into apex predators or hardened survivors, not more than it made us weak or pampered. It merely taught us the fundamental lesson every single spacefaring species learned. Adaptability. Choice. We are social animals, Emperor. And society means choice. Ideological, technical, philosophical choices of what we consider to be the right path for us as a collective. Maybe our pacifism is a mistake, maybe one day there won't be anyone to help us and we will fall. But it is a choice we made in good conscience, a choice we collectively understand and support. You, on the contrary, are merely enforcing made-up instincts. A drive to conquer, destroy and colonise, born of this body you and your praetorians made for yourself, a body whose only goal is war. You try to justify this with an appeal to what you consider to be the deep nature of humankind -- but it is no less a choice than our peacefulness. There is no human nature but the one we craft for ourselves and you made it clear what manner of horrors you want to be remembered for. I may be wrong, I may be mistaken, I may be deluding myself, but I do not tell myself that I act due to some mysterious and universal human nature. You are not a son of Sol. Merely a pale, cowardly imitation. And your days are counted."
"Crone. You are..."
"Weak, kind, feeble, compassionate, foolish, fragile and surrounded by friends. In short -- Human. The word you are looking for is Human."
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2023.03.24 06:58 Yekkil Water Closet With Washbasin Bathroom Accessories Kit.

Water Closet with Washbasin and Bathroom Accessories Kit. A siphonic toilet is a type of flush toilet that uses gravity and a siphonic action to remove waste from the bowl and into the sewer line. It is designed to conserve water and provide efficient flushing performance. Bathroom accessories are additional items that can be added to a bathroom to enhance its functionality, appearance, and comfort. Examples include towel bars, soap dispensers, shower curtains, and rug sets. they are available at
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2023.03.24 06:37 awesome-food_5085 Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)

Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)
Terangganu, Malaysia simply is probably the most enjoyable location you have yet to hear of (or maybe you do know about it, and that i apprehend why you want to preserve it a secret).
whether or not its the ever-breezy Terangganu air, or the concept of having a chef deep-fry a brimming choice of sea meals for you – Warung Pak Nong restaurant is a restaurant with some thing for anyone.

…and its in which we're going for lunch today!

excellent ocean views are only made better when you have a table full of seafood waiting for your arrival
the ocean perspectives ARE awesome, eating WHAT the ocean gives whilst DOING it's miles EVEN greater!
Its a ‘Win-Win’ with seaside and seashore food
Its quite lots a win-win state of affairs every time you discover your self taking part in a terrifi seashore view, even as expecting a banquet of seafood to arrive at your table.

paying attention to the sea spray at the same time as feeling the warm breeze, sitting in coloration whilst watching the waves is perfect – till a group of pals subsequent to you starts calling out for assist.

No issues nowadays even though, because the only hassle right here is, your buddies are calling you to assist them consume!**

With An Indoor Take-out Line
one of the matters that makes this Terangganu restaurant so a laugh, is how they prepare the restaurant to maximize both comfort and pace, whilst additionally retaining a cozy make-your self-at-domestic type vibe.

i will most effective suppose to call it a eating-in take-out line, and the manner you order here is just splendid.

Scroll down now and examine ‘the way to Order.’

Even on a weekday, Warung Pok Nong was full of families - now that's how you understand its true
tremendously Busy, And amusing
There are a few tables out inside the open air (on both facet of the eating place, parallel to the seashore front), however most of the tables are beneath the main roof building.

you will need to reserve both your beverages and your food your self, however they may assist you carry the food (which is ideal, because you’re going to want a variety of it).

There’s a line for liquids, and a separate line for food, and in case you’re following the main drift of factors (just look for the unmistakable line of smiling and hungry customers), then food is what comes first.

notice – a couple of Warnings
don't forget to usually ASK earlier than tagging your pals on Instagram, or they might get in trouble for cutting off work early on a Wednesday (we were fortunate to be in this example now not as soon as, however numerous times – and i can handiest say a large ‘thanks!’ Malaysians like to devour, and we have been only too fortunate to be there with these new friends nowadays).

note:** huge reminder right here, this area is certainly popular, i'm no longer kidding – although it was simplest after finishing off the primary 5 or so plates of seafood that it got here to our interest – this eating place typically needs reservations from the day before you need to visit!

Make your self aware of how to order, so you don't need to interrupt the cool atmostphere or float within the eating place
ITS A lovely thing TO WITNESS SUCH HUSTLE, but additionally relaxation, IN perfect concord
Terangganu Seafood strategy at Warung Pok Nong
Step 1: Seafood
‘Warung Pok Nong’ restaurant focuses on deep frying seafood, and there are pretty a massive wide variety of selections and styles for you to select from.

due to the straightforward ordering (each patron lining up in the front of the counter like school students) they keep the order line splendidly easy.

everything is deep frying, moving instantly from the fryer, to the dripper, to your plate, for your table, each plate comes with a small saucer of red sauce. watch for your turn in line, deliver your order of form of seafood, and how many plates, and subsequently point out to them the place in which you are sitting.

Get different updates
enter your electronic mail and i’ll send you the first-class travel food content.

Step 2: liquids
the subsequent component to do will be a drink order, but they have got separate places for ordering both blending drinks or water. The water (and coconut water) is to the right of the food ordering, while the liquids that take preparation (coffee, tea, 3-in-one sweet powders) are to your left.

Its no longer as complicated as it may sound, due to the fact you can virtually try and order liquids out of your table (timing it proper, simply whilst a server arrives with the meals). Its just that this restaurant may be so extraordinarily busy, its sometimes simply quicker to simply make the circulate your self.

The chef right here is working with masses of fish according to hour, deep frying every remaining one
Step 3: Seating
the quantity of seafood they fry here is wonderful, and it gained’t be long before your order will arrive.

in case you need to take a moment to witness the chef in movement, lightly stroll through the valuable door, and make your manner across the returned.

The cooks right here are so friendly, it turned into first-rate to see them chortle as we stared in awe, the sheer amount of oil, of seafood, and the large length of all of the frying pans – it's miles pretty a sight to see.

And of course, one so as to make you uncontrollably hungry right away.

move returned outside and attempt to find a table, and of direction for seating, and then for consuming, this step is always extra easy to do with pals.

hundreds of fish frying on the same time, it's going to make you uncontrollably hungry
the amount OF FRYING movement IS mind-BLOWING – each of those ARE complete OF FISH
Crispy and Crackling meeting Line
The sounds of nearly 10 massive deep-frying pans full of fish are without problems heard all of the way from the ordering line.

walking back into the kitchen is highly enjoyable but, and its clear to me from this lunchtime as a minimum, that human beings of Terangganu are very secure running with gigantic quantities of frying seafoods each day.

these two ladies are professionals at fast cleansing each squid earlier than the deep frying which comes subsequent
those younger women had been taking part in a threat to expose us how to properly easy every squid for frying.

One woman lightly removes the inside parts of a squid (along with the ink sack, which is normally stored), after which offers it a short rinse earlier than passing it down.

the second one lady then quickly but easily eliminates the squid’s outer layer of pores and skin with a knife, making small incisions earlier than putting off all of it by using hand as one shiny pink sheath.

Smaller squid will nonetheless have smooth skin, but with fats and extra mature squid like those, the outer skin may be difficult after frying.

4 mackerel to a plate, and i think we had 3 orders of this today at Pok Nong Seafood
The Lunch banquet begins with Fish
the primary of the fried fish are prepared, the first of numerous different plates that were on their way.

To quickly describe a bit about the mackerel, you may see why its just a perfect fish to deep fry.

The mackerel does have scales, and therefore it's far halal and safe for Muslims to consume, but the scales are so small that the skin is sort of velvety to touch – which offers no hassle at all to our enamel after those fish deep fry!

i am amazed at how light and golden the colour is of these fried, crispy, little fish, and there’s not anything like a display of fish like this to get the urge for food going.

specially else, that is just an exceedingly fun finger-food, and so simply after the instant they're cool sufficient to the touch, dig in on your first finger-ful of white, mackerel meat.

Crispy on the out of doors, bouncy and chewy on the inside, The squid here are super
Fried Squid
The squid here are a miniature epic of a journey of texture – I truely love each chunk of these.

Frying to quite a difficult, crispy outdoor, but so skinny, giving manner immediately to the bouncy, nicely chewy, thick chicken within. Take the scissors furnished, and reduce each piece yourself before ingesting.

Squid to me is more about the feel, but there may be a richness and fattiness there as well. Our squid sincerely came full of eggs, and these roe appearance beautiful as well, like a bit bowl of glass beads internal every squid.

Sauce on your heart’s delight
The deep frying may additionally go away them with a bit much less flavor on their own – so that you may also sooner or later need to grab a sauce to go with those bites as nicely.

The eating place has a dark sauce that includes the squid, it smells bitter and tastes barely sweet, and whilst I want it turned into a chunk greater highly spiced, it in reality goes top notch with these squid.

those plates of squid were long gone in a hurry, i was very grateful to see still many more plates of both fish, squid, and then shrimp, on their manner from the recent oil drip trays to our desk.

easy, deep fried, and scrumptious. The shrimp is a have to-order at Warung Pok Nong restaurant
pink AND GOLD, simply shades on this evidently scrumptious PLATE OF FRIED SHRIMP
Fried Shrimp
At closing, the plates of large shrimp arrive, the only dish I never can wait to strive (I received’t lie, I may also have burned a finger or , attaining in earlier than they even hit the table).

The shrimp here are large, they could best match six or seven to a whole dinner plate, and the small bits of crispy batter on top upload a pleasing of entirety for presentation.

The huge scales on the returned are simplest too smooth to peel off, and the beauty of each chew of shrimp meat is elegant. Crunch for your heart’s content, and cheers your pals to any other successful day entire (sure, despite the fact that its simplest lunchtime!).

it's miles a need to-order right here at Warung Pok Nong eating place, it's miles obligatory to finish off about one plate of these shrimp in keeping with person earlier than absolutely everyone can dare mention mind of a departure.

Piping warm squid, sparkling from the frying pans
THE FRIED SQUID IS PILING UP, just WATCH YOUR fingers while IT ARRIVES – it's miles warm!
The very last step earlier than each batch of seafood is prepared consists of a at the back of-the-scenes movement that I also want to proportion with you.

The chef cleans out each pan of a virtually unbelievably amount of crispy batter that falls off at some stage in the cooking. He swoops those all out, swishing through the oil with a large display screen tool, and movements maximum of the fried-to-a-crisp bits of batter into a collection urn at once at the back of him.

word: some bits to go on top of each plate, however most of the people is not used for meals, however goes to feed the households chickens that stay out behind the restaurant instead.

It made the experience all of the better nonetheless to see how, even at this sort of busy and popular searching eating place, there was nonetheless a completely ordinary and nearby circle of relatives lifestyles in movement. Their lives here are growing and taking place in conjunction with the restaurant’s boom as well, and it's miles great to see an instantaneous view of 1 local own family serving meals (and their happiness) to so many other families coming for a meal.

Ice cream and shaved ice, covered with candy and colorful syrup
DON’T neglect considered one of numerous DRINK OR DESSERT options here TO HAVE on the give up OF YOUR MEAL.
The restaurant experience
It is a great day, whenever you can both visit the beach, and keep down ratios of over a dozen objects of seafood in step with individual according to table. exceedingly, our large order this present day nonetheless did no longer include the total kind of seafoods (or cakes) to be had at Warung Pok Nong.

There are also massive crabs (frying shells and all), a few other styles of fish besides the squid, mackerel, and tuna in our order these days, and then deep frying fish balls and tofu which also appear to be favorites here as properly.

subsequently, you can word on almost every table inside the restaurant, a dessert order of this vivid, cooling, ice cream and shave ice combination.

I did not do this myself, but some human beings at our desk say that it's miles very sweet, clean, and an excellent finish to the more heavy seafood options in a meal right here.

add to their dipping sauce with your personal part of Tempoyak, the fermented durian local Malaysian delicacy that we assume youve been sporting to your pocket for the complete ride
BONUS in case you occur TO BE carrying TEMPOYAK for your POCKET… mix YOUR own DIP!**
Terangganu – the proper seaside surroundings
The seafood options right here are wonderful, however i would say that its the environment and place of this Terangganu restaurant that would keep me coming lower back.

I couldn’t believe a higher region to go for a mid-day meal with circle of relatives and friends, an interesting (the remarkable food) but laid-again region (the beachside seating), a high-quality example of Terangganu food and culture.

It surely reminds me of the last time we had a seafood ceremonial dinner within the sand, that point at the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

in case you are traveling Kuala Terangganu, make sure to check out a few of our different articles as nicely – here is a jaw-losing meal of neighborhood Terangganu-style breakfast at Nasi Dagang Atas Tol, and i would suggest following this by means of a lunchtime banquet at local favorite Aroma Kampong restaurant for fish, soups, and of direction, tempoyak.

notice*: Tempoyak isn't for sale here, but if you do occur to be carrying a few (like we had been, from the first time we noticed it available on the market, until the very last meal of the whole journey), then sense loose to feature a few dollops to your own small dipping box.
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2023.03.24 06:05 throwra_eacb Me (30F) and my partner (29M) have a disagreement over cleaning/work.

I work a physically demanding job, and most days I get about 6 hours. for arguments sake lets say i make about 2000 a month. My money mostly goes to bills, including rent, food, phone, gas etc. Whatever is left over is normally split between something I want to get and 60-100$ of weed he gets for back pain every 2 weeks.
He does not work, and has an income of 300/mo for disability. It mostly goes to buying him more weed, getting money for a game, keeping up with our Spotify, and his phone bill that he rarely keeps up with then complains about.
He gets upset with me for rarely doing cleaning around the house, which is very true, and whenever I do things like clean, cook, reorganize, do laundry, etc., he will complain that I did it the wrong way, even if the outcome is identical. I never complain if things aren't clean, and he does clean at least once or twice a week, however he rarely cooks, and when he does he makes me help, but when I cook hes upstairs playing games and talking to friends. I've gotten upset a few times and snapped saying if he wants to go work and make all the money I will happily trade places and clean, cook, do laundry etc. I've even said he's welcome to find someone else to move in with and let them pay for everything, but only once after a particularly tough day and long argument. We struggle for money, and rarely have anything left over at then end of 2 weeks so it would be nice if both of us had jobs but hes putting it all on me that I should be helping him with VA stuff instead, and that he wont be able to increase his disability unless I write something that I don't even understand how to write.
Over the pandemic the roles were reversed for 2 years, and I was in and out of hospital unable to work while he was working. His disability clearly didn't prevent him from working full time back then. He treats me like I owe allowing him to just sit around while I do everything, but anything I do outside of going to work and coming home I get criticized over. If I clean the kitchen, well i should have hand washed everything that didnt fit instead of running two loads of dishes because it wastes water and soap to run the dishwasher twice (also, no it doesnt but thats a fight ive had with him for about 3 years. ) If i cook, well i should have known he wants the burger patties all this one specific size and if i wanna make myself smaller ones thats INCORRECT, because he had me buy those ingredients for a very specifically made meal that he shared no specifications beforehand for.
I don't ask him to clean, or cook, or work, or shop, or anything. Almost everything he has to do i have to be company to, but everything he expects me to do needs to be done without him because hes busy. But god forbid i get home and want to stream, play games all evening after working, cook for just me, chat with friends etc, and not include him directly. I can elaborate for hours but ill stop here. I AM NOT PERFECT, Shit im not even pretty good. I am adequate. I love him. I'm exhausted from all the expectations he has on me, when I ask for so little, and rarely ever ask.
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2023.03.24 05:30 bootswiththeefur Dryer is making laundry smell bad after construction in basement

We recently had some construction done on our kitchen and the contractors were using the utility sink next to our washer and dryer. Now that construction is over, our laundry smells awful after removing it from the dryer. It smells like the dust from when the contractors plastered the walls. We’ve never had an issue with dryer smells before this. I’ve tried ~4 loads now and although the smell wasn’t as horrible on the 4th load as the first, it’s still pretty gross.
I cleaned the lint screen (I do after each load) and then washed it with dawn dish soap.
I vacuumed as much as I could around the front and sides but I need to wait for help to move it away from the wall and vacuum behind it. We have a very old and unfinished basement and it’s honestly not very clean down there!
Do dryers have air intake screens that could be drawing in bad smells from around it?
Any advice on my next steps to cleaning the dryer and stopping this god awful smell?? Even when I’m outside and the dryer was going I could smell the nasty construction/dust smell coming from the vent.
Dryer is a Whirlpool WGD5521SQ0
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2023.03.24 03:21 BlackGreenFalcon ASKO - F10 after breaker tripped

I started the dishwasher a few nights ago, then went to bed. Woke up and the breaker had tripped after the detergent door opened, water was still pooled up in the bottom of the dishwasher. The breaker threw a failure code, so I got a replacement, and swapped it the next morning. The dishwasher sat with soapy water in it for ~36 hours. Turned it back on, pump starts running, empties out the water, but there's an F10 code on the display.
I watched this video from the manufacturer:, opened up the bottom, dried out the overflow pan, checked/cleaned the pipe that goes to the disposer, but the code is still there. I tried running hot water from the faucet into the dishwasher for a while in case there was dry soap, but the code persists. No additional water has flowed into the pan, so I don't think there are any leaks.
Are there any other steps to take before making a service call?
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2023.03.24 01:06 SCS-Group Sanitation and Disinfection Tips for Public Places

That includes schools, universities, public libraries, museums, public transportation, community accommodation, and workplaces.
What you should know
Common cleaners and disinfectants are effective in eliminating the coronavirus.
Surfaces frequently touched with the hands are more likely to be contaminated, for example, door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, light switches, cabinet handles, faucet handles, tables, counters, and electronic devices.
We don't know exactly how long the virus causing COVID-19 survives on surfaces, however, evidence suggests it can live on objects and surfaces from hours to days, depending on the type of surface.
Choose a product that cleans and disinfects
When cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, choose products that clean and disinfect at the same time (eg, premixed solutions / commercial cleaning and disinfection wipes, if available).
Cleaning with soap (or detergent) and water will reduce the number of germs on surfaces. Cleaners don't necessarily kill germs, but cleaning can kill germs and reduce their numbers. This can play a role in reducing the risk of spreading infections.
The disinfectants (solutions or disinfectants sprayers of Business) kill the germs on the surfaces by means of chemicals.
Only use hard surface disinfectants with a diluted bleach solution.
Create a cleaning and disinfection procedure
Business owners and operators of community spaces should develop or review procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.
They should: have or establish site cleaning and disinfection processes, including precautions to be taken if an employee or visitor exhibits symptoms of COVID-19
This will help determine where to make improvements or perform additional cleaning and disinfection work.
The following guidelines will help prevent the spread of infection based on professional and commercial cleaning standards
Clean surfaces before using a disinfectant.
Read and follow manufacturers' instructions for the safe use of cleaning and disinfecting products (i.e., wear gloves, use products in a well-ventilated area, leave disinfectant long enough on the surface so that it kills germs depending on the product used).
If you use gloves, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after removing your gloves. In the absence of soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
Wet cleaning methods (clean damp cloths or a wet mop) are preferable to dry methods (dusting and sweeping). Wet cleaning methods are less likely to release virus droplets into the air.
Put used disposable cleaning items (eg, mop heads, cloths) in a lined garbage bag before being discarded with the regular garbage. Reusable cleaning items can be washed using regular laundry soap and hot water (60-90 ° C).
In addition to routine cleaning and disinfection, surfaces that are frequently touched with the hands should be cleaned and disinfected more often, and when visibly soiled.
Common areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, should also be cleaned and sanitized more often.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning regularly used electronic devices, such as keyboards, tablets, and smartboards. If electronic devices can withstand the use of liquids, disinfect them with 70% alcohol, such as alcohol prep wipes.
That includes schools, universities, public libraries, museums, public transportation, community accommodation, and workplaces.
What you should know
Common cleaners and disinfectants are effective in eliminating the coronavirus.
Surfaces frequently touched with the hands are more likely to be contaminated, for example, door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, light switches, cabinet handles, faucet handles, tables, counters, and electronic devices.
We don't know exactly how long the virus causing COVID-19 survives on surfaces, however, evidence suggests it can live on objects and surfaces from hours to days, depending on the type of surface.
Choose a product that cleans and disinfects
When cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, choose products that clean and disinfect at the same time (eg, premixed solutions / commercial cleaning and disinfection wipes, if available).
Cleaning with soap (or detergent) and water will reduce the number of germs on surfaces. Cleaners don't necessarily kill germs, but cleaning can kill germs and reduce their numbers. This can play a role in reducing the risk of spreading infections.
The disinfectants (solutions or disinfectants sprayers of Business) kill the germs on the surfaces by means of chemicals.
Only use hard surface disinfectants with a diluted bleach solution.
Create a cleaning and disinfection procedure
Business owners and operators of community spaces should develop or review procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.
They should: have or establish site cleaning and disinfection processes, including precautions to be taken if an employee or visitor exhibits symptoms of COVID-19
This will help determine where to make improvements or perform additional cleaning and disinfection work.
The following guidelines will help prevent the spread of infection based on professional and commercial cleaning standards
Clean surfaces before using a disinfectant.
Read and follow manufacturers' instructions for the safe use of cleaning and disinfecting products (i.e., wear gloves, use products in a well-ventilated area, leave disinfectant long enough on the surface so that it kills germs depending on the product used).
If you use gloves, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after removing your gloves. In the absence of soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
Wet cleaning methods (clean damp cloths or a wet mop) are preferable to dry methods (dusting and sweeping). Wet cleaning methods are less likely to release virus droplets into the air.
Put used disposable cleaning items (eg, mop heads, cloths) in a lined garbage bag before being discarded with the regular garbage. Reusable cleaning items can be washed using regular laundry soap and hot water (60-90 ° C).
In addition to routine cleaning and disinfection, surfaces that are frequently touched with the hands should be cleaned and disinfected more often, and when visibly soiled.
Common areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, should also be cleaned and sanitized more often.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning regularly used electronic devices, such as keyboards, tablets, and smartboards. If electronic devices can withstand the use of liquids, disinfect them with 70% alcohol, such as alcohol prep wipes.
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2023.03.24 01:06 theeverydaykitchen Top 6 Best Moen Kitchen Faucets 2023

Editor’s Choice: Moen 5923SRS
"Single-handle Moen kitchen faucet with 68-inch pull-down hose and Power Clean™ spray technology."
Premium Choice: Moen 7594ESRS Arbor
"Touchless Moen kitchen faucet with Duralock™ quick connect system that will make installation a breeze."
Best Value: Moen 7585SRS Method
"Moderately priced Moen kitchen faucet with Spot Resist™ stainless finish and nozzle cleaning power spray technology."
Best Faucet with Hose: Moen 7185SRS Brantford
"Pulldown Moen kitchen handle with single handle, Power Boost™ technology and elegant design."
Best Stainless Steel Finish: Moen Edwyn 87028SRS
"Single-handle Moen kitchen faucet with Reflex™ system, it is made be easily used by any household member."
Best with Chrome Finish: Moen 7425 Chateau
"Moen kitchen faucet with simple design, it is fit for wide sinks due to convenient low arc."
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2023.03.24 00:48 theeverydaykitchen Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets under $100 2023

Editor’s Choice: WEWE Single Handle High Arc Faucet
"This stylish pull-out faucet has brushed nickel finish which will allow it to be the central element of your kitchen."
Best Value: Peerless Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet
"A single-handle model which comes with a retractable hose for all-aroung cleanup."
Commercial Grade Faucet: KINGO HOME Single-Lever Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
"Despite its low price it looks like a commercial grade model. Comes with a 2-function sprayer."
Best with LED Light: AIMADI Commercial Pull-Down LED Kitchen Faucet
"This one features a pull-down sprayer with easy-to-clean rubber spout and a 3-color LED light."
Simple and Functional: Ufaucet Single-Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet
"A simple yet functional model: comes with a pull-out hose and 3-function spray head."
Best with Soap Dispenser: Hotis Home Three-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet
"This almost 16-inch tall faucet is all about style in simplicity: comes with a separate handle and a soap dispenser."
With Magnetic Docking: CREA Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer
"One-hole installation is what makes this model utterly attractive. Features magnetic docking."
Easy-to-Clean Nozzle: KINGO HOME Modern Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet
"This compact model will look great in any interior. 2-function spayer. 20-inch spray wand."
Best 2-Handle Faucet: Peerless Two-Handle Wall Mounted Faucet
"A basic model which we are all used to since early childhood. Lifetime limited warranty."
Most Compact: Delta Faucet 100LF-WF Classic Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
"A faucet which looks neat thanks to compact dimensions, simply doing its job well. 3-hole installation."
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2023.03.24 00:43 theeverydaykitchen Top 8 Best Beautiful and Functional Commercial Kitchen Faucets 2023

Editor’s Choice: Moen 5923SRS
"Beautiful stainless steel faucet with touchless activation and a pulldown design."
Best Professional Kitchen Faucet: Kraus Oletto Kitchen Faucet
"Faucet with a quick and easy installation, available in 2 finish options and comes with a lifetime warranty."
Best Restaurant Style: Blanco Culina Kitchen Faucet
"22-inch faucet with a great flow rate of 2.2 GPM; choose from 2 finishes: satin or chrome."
Easiest to Install: Kraus KPF-1690SFS
"Brass faucet with a brushed nickel finish, features a 360-degree swiveling head and a safe, lead-free waterway."
Best Double Handle Kitchen Faucet: MSTJRY Commercial Kitchen Faucet
"25-inch stainless steel wall-mounted faucet with a simple, quick installation and a flow rate of 1.45 GPM."
Best Modern: Primy Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer
"Easy-to-clean faucet model, thanks to the spot-resistant stainless steel finish; comes with a 10-year warranty."
Budget Pick: GIMILI Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
"Budget-friendly faucet with a great design and impressive 1.8 GPM flow rate; includes all the necessary mounting hardware."
Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet: Delle Rosa Commercial Kitchen Faucet
"Lead-free brass model with a height of 21.2 inches and 360-degree swiveling spout, comes with hardware for installation."
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2023.03.24 00:12 promocodesiherb Top 10 Winter Care Products from iHerb iherb coupon 2023

Top 10 Winter Care Products from iHerb iherb coupon 2023
Iherb promo code for the first order or for a 5-10% discount for the site - enter the code BAG6659 when placing an order.

Iherb promo code
iherb twitter facebook
The more the temperature on the thermometer drops below zero, the less the desire to go outside - of course, if we are not talking about winter activities. And the reason is not only in the slush that is dangerous for shoes. Frost, snow and wind become a real test for the skin and hair and negatively affect their condition. We have collected for you the top best products from iHerb for face and body care, even in the most severe frosts.

Hyaluronic acid serum

📷Hyaluronic acid is able to attract and hold a huge amount of water molecules - and do it better than any other substance. This feature makes hyaluron the best skin moisturizer. In winter, this is especially true: on the street, frost and bad weather wind the face, and central heating dries the air in apartments a lot (therefore, by the way, the right decision would be to buy a humidifier at home - it is also good for breathing). In addition, sudden temperature changes (from +20 indoors to -20 outdoors) also have a negative effect on the skin.
It is not at all necessary to give preference to serum: hyaluronic acid can also be in the form of creams or gels, or even be part of another product. It is important to apply it daily - this will help keep the skin in good condition even on the coldest days.

Shea Butter

📷Shea butter is used in folk medicine to treat irritation, burns, abrasions and wounds. All thanks to the high fat content, as well as moisturizing and antioxidant properties.
In the cosmetic industry, shea butter is used to nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as to protect and restore it after minor damage and aggressive external influences (such as, for example, winter frost). Shea makes the skin and hair softer and more elastic, and also gives a healthy shine.

Nutritious cream

📷In winter, weather conditions and other external factors act on the skin more aggressively than in summer. Therefore, it is important to additionally nourish the skin, and nutrition should be deeper.
Nourishing creams have a complex effect on the face: they cleanse the skin, moisturize it and supply it with nutrients and other necessary substances. And due to hydration in the skin tissues, normal blood flow is also maintained, which additionally increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the cells.

Eye patches

📷In winter, care for the area around the eyes should be more thorough: the skin there is especially delicate and thin, and besides, it is devoid of sebaceous glands. Therefore, instead of the usual moisturizer, you should look at the nutritious one. Or generally give preference to patches.
Hyaluronic acid will hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss. Gold will reduce inflammation and redness, as well as protect cells from free radical damage. And sesame seed extract will serve as a source of omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin E - the latter improves the ability of cells to regenerate.

Lip balm

📷One of the areas of the face most vulnerable to winter frosts is the lips. In addition to the fact that the area of ​​the lips (as well as the area around the eyes) is devoid of sebaceous glands, it is also under the constant influence of warm, moist air that we exhale. The contrast between it and the dry cold winter air severely damages the skin of the lips and causes it to dry and crack.
Balms prevent possible problems and help the lips recover. Oils and waxes create an additional protective layer and also nourish the skin. And vitamin E improves regeneration.

Hand cream

📷In winter, the skin of the hands dries and flakes. Therefore, it must be moisturized. Creams rich in moisture and essential fatty acids with natural ingredients - oils (avocado, shea, jojoba, sesame) will best cope with this task, which will additionally create a thin film that protects the skin from damage.

collagen peptides

📷No means can guarantee one hundred percent protection of the face from winter (un)weather. And so the skin still loses moisture and dries, becomes lifeless and more prone to wrinkles.
Collagen is the main connective protein of our body, including the basis of the dermis and hypodermis. Various creams and serums with collagen, in turn, have one significant drawback: the protein molecule is too large to pass through the epidermis. As a result, all the collagen simply forms a film on the skin that visually tightens the face.
But in order to achieve a more complex effect, it is necessary to take collagen peptides, that is, small fragments of the molecule that are absorbed into the blood during digestion, and from there enter the skin and serve to synthesize a new protein. Due to this, the skin becomes more toned, elastic and resistant to external influences. In addition, the condition of hair and nails improves.


📷Biotin is another extremely important protein for skin and hair. Sometimes it is even found in the literature under the name "vitamin H" - in German, the words "hair" and "skin" begin with this letter. Lack of biotin leads to brittle hair and dry skin. And extreme winter conditions will only exacerbate the situation.
Also, biotin prevents the destruction of collagen, which means that the skin will not lose elasticity.

Vitamin E lotion

📷Vitamin E helps the skin fight dryness, redness and inflammation, improves the ability of cells to recover from microdamages. Vitamin E lotions additionally retain moisture, making the skin softer and more elastic.

Castile liquid shower soap

📷Castile soap (i.e. soap made from saponified olive oil) nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin without leaving you feeling dry after washing. Formulated with vitamin E and vegetable oils to help fight imperfections in the skin, both face and body.
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2023.03.23 23:00 queenofthescreen [Thank You] A jewel thief was caught & sent to prism. Lucky for him, it was a light sentence. Mickey Mouse was arrested for identity theft - he was charged with being Goofy. Hear about the road worker fired for theft? No one saw it coming, but when they checked his house, all the signs were there.

Goodies from goodies:
u/lunatenchi_ Honeybuns, it's Random Acts of Cards. Not RANDOM ACTS OF CRAZY hahaha!!! Thanks so much for the early birthday card with the hilarious answer to my prompt for the funniest/strangest thing that’s happened to you. Your insane, WTH awesome answer was the best birthday gift ever!!!! You magically, maniacally (kidding) wrote: “Someone had a Hello Kitty magnet on their car. I stole it while the owner was getting in their car. There was a lot of laughing & screaming going on as I got into my car & drove away. I still have the magnet.” Well HELLO crazy kitty! Aren’t you a crazy awesome b#$%* HAHAHAHA?!? OMG OMG OMG it’s not your fault, you sweet magnet-pilfering-psycho! Hello Kitty is CRIMINALLY cute!!!!! She led me to my first crime as well, at the age of 4. The only thing I’ve ever stolen (besides a few hearts hahahaha) is a mini Hello Kitty purple pencil sharpenetape dispenser in the shape of a house from Target. I have no idea if I knew that day that stealing her was wrong - but not having her crazy cute crap couldn’t be right! Am I right?!? Question - who was doing the “laughing & screaming” in the midst of your crime?!? Was it just you, or hopefully the original owner too?
I now worship you. And fear you. And sorta feel like dialing 911 to report this Hello Kitty emergency. Because all I know is if I were the owner, I woulda lost my damn magnet mind. And I kinda want us to hang out so you can school me in the art of purrfect petty theft. As long as I don’t get arrested, k? Because while I might talk a good Hello Kitty feline felony game in a thank-you post, I’m just a library nerd whose greatest crime after “borrowing” that Hello Kitty pencil sharpener as a kid is having outrageously overdue library books. So be gentle with me, Sassy-Sweet-Sanrio-Stealin’ Sensei. But I like how you live so dangerously, darling! I kinda wanna be your best friend. As long as you don’t steal my sh#%, you klepto cutie! I adore the heck out of you, especially after you shared this simultaneously cute n' charming yet terrifying thievery tale but from now on, I’m sleeping with all my Hello Kitty goodies underneath my pillow & warning all my fellow Hello Kitty crewmates like u/SherlockLady , u/kittycatcon , u/Moose-Maleficent u/pinkpengin to leave all their Hello Kitty paraphernalia at home before a mail-meetup-turned-holdup with you, you lovable, loony thief, you! But honestly, I’m so happy I asked you that question & learned that funny, fabulous story about you. What a terrifying, tasty treat. Seriously that was so fun, thank you for letting me peer into your sweet Sanrio-skedaddling soul. I honestly wanna know more of your sassy secrets now. That’s why I DMed you yesterday with a request to mail you (not kidding, but DMs are wonky so lemme know if you didn’t get it). Here’s hoping that the FORMER owner of that magnet hasn’t cursed your insane awesome @$$ & that you’re GIFTED Hello Kitty goodies so you don’t wind up in the slammer, sweetie!!! =)
u/_xamesx Your BEAUTIFUL bun-bun card had my own big bun-buns doing a little happy bun-bun dance in my desk chair LOL! I’m so in love with this terrific treasure! I can’t wait to frame it & feature it in my future dream-home! Absolutely everything about your artwork is stunning. Love the color scheme & your whimsical theme. Your work is amazingly not only bright n’ bouncy, but also calming & tranquil! I don’t recall the last time I saw another art piece that was able to accomplish the same magic! The pastries you drew look even more delicious than any pastries I’ve seen live LOL! I’m so in awe of your BRILLIANT talents! Your fine detail work is just incredible - I’m in awe of all the fine lines you draw with such flair & finesse! I keep staring at the lines you drew (to make the frosting for the cupcakes & on the cupcake liners, the cookies, & the croissants) because how skillfully you drew them to depict each illustration is incredible! I don’t know how to talk art with a pro like you, but I see with your work how important those little lines are in creating your magic. Here’s a shout-out to your Insta page so others can admire your awesome work: Just saw your sweet strawberry sundae illustration on the page - OMG to die-for!!!! Thanks for making me so happy with your gorgeous gift! Wishing you endless joy & starry success as you continue to create such wonders!
u/ciryadien Thank you for this gorgeous, magical original postcard art of yours featuring the stunning little witch & cute curious kitty! It makes me smile so much! You’re an amazingly talented artist & I’m so lucky to enjoy & appreciate it! I wish I could analyze the art more but my technical art education is limited (I’m just a crazy crafter who tries but needs to work on art skills). So I’ll just say I love the dotted watercolor-y vibes of the greenery in the background….this one elegant element taught me how I can hopefully make painting a forest accessible to me! As for the rest of your card…I could only dream of creating something so full of motion & magic! Thanks also for your super inspiring words: “There’s a little magic to be found in every day if you look for it.” You’re so right! And right now, RAoC & the friendships I’m making as a newbie are definitely the magical highlights of my life! Please let me know if there's an IG account for you so I can mention it here. Wishing you lots of magical days, that your paints are always juicy/fresh, & that your artist brushes never fray at the tips!
u/yetanotherblankface x 3 Thanks for the pretty Tiffany glass postcard & your super sweet welcome to the sub - you’re thanking me for being a part of the community, you angel?!? That’s so touching!!! Thank you for your warm words, your constant generosity, & for letting my newbie nuts @$$ annoy the hell out of you with endless card requests! I regret to inform you that this excitement is not dying down yet. Hahaha, go your fine flair! ;) Thank you for the *gorgeous* vintage flower seed postcard - I love all the bright colors & vintage prints so much! Out of all the fun postcards you’ve sent me, I think I have a favorite now…thank you for this AWESOME “The Martians Are Always Coming” postcard!! I love love love it!!! Everything about it is so cool. From the aliens theme, to the mixed-fonts style (oh I dig this creepy-cool green paint-like font for the headline plastered in huge letters over a random page from a dictionary). I’d love to know where I can find this card/others like it pleeease!!!! You asked if I believe in aliens. I don’t just believe it, baby, I live it! My boyfriend is an alien (may as well be, he’s a rare sighting ;) But seriously - with how vast the universe is - it would be kinda intellectually uppity to suggest we’re the only ones around! And there are way too many accounts from eyewitnesses who prove it. And what the holy hell has been going on with the country shooting down freaky things in the sky lately? So fascinating! Hell yeah I believe in aliens! You?
u/caishuyang Thank you for this EXQUISITE illustrated postcard of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!!!! Illustrated depictions of places are my favorite. The artwork is just stunning. The colors are so bright & cheery - this card made my day! I love being able to track you on your journey as you work aboard the Picton Castle ship! You have such a cool, adventurous job - I’m so delighted to have met you & now be able to stalk you online with your coordinates hahaha! Just kidding - but I so love how you invited me to follow your cool journey & look forward to seeing where you are on a certain day! But wherever it may be, may you find yourself safe on the seas & smiling, friend!
u/Trueloove Thanks for the fun, festive pink floral handmade postcard! It’s so bright & cheery! I just love the little pocket you crafted. And you are a FABULOUS storyteller, friend! I loved hearing about your experience in Indiana as an Italian exchange student & running into the other Italian exchange student on accident at the grocery store! What a small world, indeed! But HELLO there’s plenty of room in Texas, sure wish we coulda entertained one of you here! I’ve never been to Indiana & I’m sure it’s delightful, but I’ll bet my buttery BBQ @$$ they can’t compete with our beautiful BBQ beef ribs & blissful brisket! Sure hope you can visit us sometime, sweet friend. Thanks for brightening my day with your sweet postcard! Wishing you endless scrumptious slabs of beautiful beef wherever you may journey!
u/cookalot Thanks for the Animalium postcard decorated with your sweet Easter stickers! I love your face doodle!! I also cherish the sweet encouraging note you shared: “Your kindness is felt more deeply than you realize.” Your words are so profound! I want to share them here for all the lovelies who put so much love & time into sending snail-mail smiles. What you said is so true. I love how the sub continuously shows me how radically uplifting it can be to send and receive snail mail! Thanks for all the kindness you’ve shown to me & countless others. Wishing you infinite joy & snail mail utopia!
u/mostvaluablepotato x 2 Thank you for the fun SG postcard from “Spirited Away” & the surreal night sky postcards! You also sent such cute washi & cacti stickers, thank you! I also love the GORGEOUS illustrated envelope of what looks like a cherry blossom tree. So precious - but that kinda snail mail serenity would be the case, coming from the mostvaluablepotato - thank you, friend!!
u/ghostchild25 Thanks for the adorable sticker-bombed postcard! Your sassy sweet sticker-taste really brightened up my mailbox! Wishing you limitless love!
u/rokrchik Thanks for the fun postcard featuring The Raincoats! And I LOVED your funny answer to my question about the oddest/strangest thing that has happened to you…”I am, myself, both odd & strange” hahaha! Ditto that. And you said, “Whenever I travel, I always fall. Walking down the street in London, Paris, Dublin, & even in some random sand hut in Turkey! I just - FALL. Dunno why! The vapors I guess.” Guess what? Same thing happens to me too. I think sometimes it’s because I’m wearing stupid flip-flops. Do you wear flip-flops too?!? But if you’re like me, you also just might be so deep-in-thought and/or fascinated by what you’re seeing that you forget to walk/walk properly & that’s why you fall?!? Either way, I’m so sorry this happens to you. Please do carry bandaids on your travels, friend! Wishing you joy & boo-boo-free trips!
u/purpleteasoul Thanks for the nifty, super pretty floral-card with the fun textures & patterns! How was the new Ng book? I’ve only read “Little Fires Everywhere” & couldn’t put it down! I was also happy to hear about your helpful husband who took the baby so you could have a solo bookish lunch date! That’s awesome. It was especially kind of you to think of others & write cards at that time, when I know you get so little of it. Best books I’ve read in years - historical fiction books by Amor Towles, including “The Lincoln Highway” & my fave, “A Gentleman in Moscow.” They’re both fun, fast, & incredible reads! Wishing you smiles & lots of fun future solo lunches to rest & recharge!
u/cheeneebobeanie x 2 Thanks for the adorable illustrated foodie/chart cards & the warm wishes for RAoC’s 10th birthday! Love the Hello Kitty sticker decoration & other stickers you sent. Thanks also for the Howth postcard with the awesome wise affirmation: “I let go of all that no longer serves me.” Fabulous! I LOVE your fun personalized stamp - the illustration is adorable!!! Here’s an affirmation for you I found to be powerful: “I am not pushed by my problems; I am led by my dreams.” Wishing you lots of love & joy as you pursue your dreams, friend!
u/batcaved Thanks for the super beautiful Yoshida art print postcard! I love the serene scene you chose for me. Thanks also for sharing about your fave local flower, the “Flame of the Forest” - what an intriguing name for a flower! Wishing you the prettiest of floral flames, not literal ones. ;)
u/lspjackie Update! I added a pic of this cutie!! Thank you so much for the so-cute-it-hurts belated “Be Mine or Else” valentine! I LOVE the fun bright colors & artwork! The stickers you used to decorate it & the extra stickers you sent are *adorable*! My niece was all over this card (which is why it’s sadly not in the pic - she excitedly took it to school to showcase in her journal lol but I’m so stealing it back soon) & the sour patch kids candy you sent - thanks for all the love! Wishing you lots of love & limitless chewy caramel candy!
u/welshfancy x 3 Thanks for the Pendleton postcard with the cat cutie hugging coffee postcard, the cute “catpuccino”/ donuts postcard & adorable unicorn coffee card on the gorgeous vintage print! The kawaii smiling coffee sticker you sent is so cute I wanna dance. But I also wanna punch the morons who made your work experience anything less than stellar. I’m sorry that DD now stands for the DD I wrote to you about the other week. You deserve so much more, friend. Holla if you want me to trash that hellhole on Yelp or Google. I know they deserve it. Wishing you peace & serenity.
u/MCCNDVST Thanks for the super soothing, beautifully-illustrated floral card! The pretty print is so breezy & easy on the eyes! I also appreciate your kind welcome to the sub! To answer your question - RAoC has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me in…years! I’m hooked & loving it so much, but just finding it hard to balance all my fun RAoC to-dos with all the boring real-life tasks waiting for me. Wishing you endless snail mail smiles!
u/Shadow-pop Thank you for the DYNAMITE, oversized homemade neon postcard!!! It’s so stunning! I just love your *gorgeous* fruit doodles & all the fun, bright ink colors you used to draw them. You’re so talented!! What a gem, and so are you for your kindness in sending it to me! Wishing you the same brightness in life that you gifted me!
u/Peggyannsfeet Thanks for the calming plant card! Thanks also for the cute stickers! I was delighted to hear you’re a fan of the UK version of “The Office” - can’t believe I’ve only seen the American version so I gotta catch up. Like you, I dig period pieces! Hope you get to check out Mad Men soon. Wishing you the best of snacks & tv binges!
u/cloudycat4 Thank you for the gorgeous illustrated kitchen postcard! How lucky am I that you shared it with me even though you know it’s adorable & it was sent to you by a penpal? Wishing you many more adorable cards sent your way for being so sweet & generous!
u/DollieSqueak x 2 You made me squeal with the INSANELY AWESOME, ADORABLE, precious perfection that is this tiny vintage valentine! Thank you!!! =) I’m bananas for vintage-y kiddie illustrations & this one must be framed! I love it so much! Thanks also for the precious underwater mermaid card! Wishing you oceans of joy!
u/DianaPenPal Thanks for the gorgeous Frederick’s of Hollywood postcard! It’s so dreamy in so many ways! Just so you’re not alarmed if you see the pic - I’m not the jerk who took a black Sharpie and scarred the card like that!!! I don’t know why they did the same thing on the other side. Also curious - I got this awesome card 7+ weeks after the postmark!!! If I had to guess, someone jealous of your mail love for me stole this postcard because it is that cute. And then when they got busted by their boss for finding this cutie buried in their mail truck, they were forced to mail it but Sharpie sabotaged it. But I’ve got the last laugh because no Sharpie scar could ever diminish its beauty & the love with which it was sweetly sent! Thank you!! Hope you had an incredible birthday on the 17th!
u/dwrfstr x 2 Thanks for this GORGEOUS illustrated postcard of the Avocado, Beet, & Citrus Salad - I love it!!!!! This is SO my style in postcards! When I looked for the info on the back of the card to look up similar postcards for future purchases, I was excited to see that I recognized the names of the artist/cookbook. :) So that was very neat! Thanks for the cute homemade card enclosed in the neat-o envelope you upcycled from an old calendar sheet! So cool & creative! Thanks also for the cute stickers & adorable fruit & veggie ad. I’ve had the book you’re reading, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek on my TRL. Hope you enjoy it. I did read The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes & was scandalized to hear this: Interesting! Thanks for the kind wishes. Wishing you smiles & scandalous reads! ;)
u/birdiebennett Thank you for the beautifully-illlustrated Roald Dahl Rhyme Stew card! I just love Dahl’s whimsical stories. Thanks for including your fave Dahl quote: “A little nonsense now & then, is relished by the wisest men.” Love it!! My favorite Dahl quote: “If you think good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams & you will always look lovely!” Wishing you lots of good thoughts, friend!
u/wabisabi_sf Thanks for the lovely Harriet Powers Women in Art postcard with the BEAUTIFUL blue-themed vintage stamps! I love how you put the postcard in the clear sleeve…I’d love to try something similar! Also love your glittery blue ink on the card. :) Wishing you glittery blue skies, kind friend!
u/germymany Thank you for the funny “OOF” card decorated with the most adorable stickers! The cupcake & fruit kawaii friends are so crazy cute! I also love how you stickered my name! Wishing you the cutest stickers ever - I will send you only the coolest crappiest ones I have per our pending exchange, sweet soul! =)
u/LXAXS Thank you for the lovely mental health awareness postcard with your great advice to set boundaries! I appreciate how concerned you are for mental well-being. Wishing you lots of peace!
u/OneiricOstrich Thanks for the beautiful Women in Art postcard of astronaut/educatodoctor Mae Jemison! BTW you made such a super cool, crafty upcycled envelope - now I wanna make my own upcycled envelopes too! I love how you wrote out so much about her life on the postcard - it’s so touching how you really do view her as a personal hero. I love your passion (so inspiring). You taught me something so cool: “She’s still active working on projects for DARRA, including the 100 Year Starship Project, which aims to make travel to another star possible in the next 1oo years.” Incredible! Thanks to both you & Dr. Jemison, both passionate souls, for being so inspiring!
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2023.03.23 21:40 fax5jrj I sat down and reviewed all 25+ of the Isntree products I have tried over the years - let me know if you have any question!

Hey y’all,
I wanted to review all the Isntree products I have tried over the past few years in one place for anyone who is looking into the brand. I find them to be basically unrivaled when it comes to ingredient lists, and have been tempted into buying essentially their entire line as a result. I get rewards through winning contests at work, and bought many of these in the 50% off sale on Stylevana, so I tried these gradually over the course of three years.
I am at the halfway point between white and tan skin, I have dry skin in the winteoily skin in the summer, and you’ll find my routine below:
  1. Rinse with water
  2. Hydrating toneessence
  3. Fermented essence
  4. Niacinamide serum
  5. Gel cream
  6. Sunscreen
  1. Oil cleanse
  2. Second cleanse
  3. AM steps 2-5
  4. Heavy Cream
I have a bias against serums in the way that they are less product for more money, so I will hold it against them if they're not justifying that. I also strongly dislike silicones, which is something else that other people won't necessarily share.
I’m going to format it by product type, and will rate it on a scale of 1-5. You can assume I will at some point probably repurchase a product (on sale) unless otherwise noted. I have reviewed some of these before, so I will be using a bulk of what I said before on those with added updates. One final note is that I don’t fully remember some of these to give a full review, so some won’t have scores but rather descriptions and impressions. Alright, let’s dive in!

Onion Newpair Gel Cream
This is a great option and one of their best moisturizers - I am shallow so I won’t lie about being obsessed with the slight purple hue. I’ve seen it retail from $10 USD all the way up to $40, and I have no idea why haha. It is not a holy grail hyperpigmentation treatment, but it is fantastic at evening out skin tone and giving you a nice healthy glow. It has 71% Onion Extract as well as Niacinamide, which are the two main ingredients I would purchase this for. While it has tranexamic acid, a vitamin c derivative, and a bunch of other great ingredients; they are probably all well below .1%. This does dry down pretty quickly, so it makes a fantastic daily moisturizer under sunscreen. What I love about this gel cream is that your face could be violently wet, but this would still apply like a normal moisturizer. It absorbs moisture and locks in whatever you’ve done before better than most, which is a compliment I’d pay to a lot of their gel creams. I wish this one didn’t have dimethicone, though.

C-Niacin Toning Cream
This is a very similar cream to the Onion Newpair, but instead of a light purple, it’s a vibrant orange. Trade onions for sea buckthorn, and you’d get this product. This is better to me, though, because of the fact it is their cheapest moisturizer almost at all times, the lovely yet natural smell, and it is the best glow booster I have ever used. It dries down so well, but it will leave you with a glowy, hydrated complexion while staying dry to the touch. It is glass skin in a tube, essentially. The blend of oils, addition of beta glucan, and removal of dimethicone just overall makes this their best cream.

Cica Relief Cream
This is a strange addition to their catalog and it seems like they’ve phased out the entire line, perhaps to relaunch it as they do. It is one of those creams that further emulsifies on contact with water, so it becomes impossible to use if you use the wet skin method. It is legitimately impossible to blend in without white streaks. The ingredient list is impressive with basically everything you could ask for (especially the peptides whew), but its lack of utility would never make me feel comfortable recommending it. It is also piss-poor at locking in moisture because of this, which is again pretty point defeating.

Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream
Impressions: I did rate this in a recent point somewhat poorly, but in retrospect it really is a decent cream. I find that you need to apply it to a dryer face as it will end up not very significant on a wet face. I don’t find I have this issue with the aqua, but for this one I remember just not being able to feel any kind of locked in feeling I like to feel from moisturizers. I’m going to try it again one day, maybe this summer.

Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Cream
I like this cream a lot, and have already repurchased it. I rate it lower because it is both not significant enough to be used alone most of the time, while also leaving a pretty glowy finish if used alone. I will typically use this at night before another moisturizer, and will use a more natural-finish sunscreen if used during the day. I find this to be intensely hydrating in a way most moisturizers fall short, however, and will stay loyal to this just for the punch it packs in that department. I will often combine it with squalane or hemisqualane to give it an additional oomph, but this is for sure a go-to.

Hyaluronic Acid Water Sleeping Mask
This is an all-time great. They struck gold with this formulation, and I hope they never stop making it. I have bought at least 15 of these, and considering how much I like to try new things, something becoming a staple means something haha. I would describe this as a goopy occlusive containing almost no occlusives that somehow just works. If you use it as your final step, your skin will be well protected and wake up so hydrated. If you want to use it as a serum, it absolutely smashes all other hydrating serums and you only need a little. I will alternate between both using it as a serum and an occlusive depending on the weather. One drawback is that it is so THICK that you do need to melt it down in your hands sometimes depending on how much you’re using.

Chestnut PHA Clear Cream
Another fantastic product that is actually super new. They used to have a PHA sleeping mask that caught them in hot water because it had some fragrant extract (lol), but this updated version adds chestnut extract and removes any fragrance. According to their insta, they wanted this to be more of a daily moisturizer akin to the onion and c-niacin creams, and I’d say they mostly succeeded in doing this. The ingredient list is another humble brag, and I’d say overall this has helped me so much with daily usage. The benefits of getting minor exfoliation every single day kind of speak for themselves. I will say that this doesn’t dry down as well as their other daily moisturizers, but I would just use less of it if this bothers you. I also find it doesn’t “lock in” as well as some moisturizers do, but having a PHA 5% gel cream is just too useful for me to not love it.

Mugwort Spot Gel Cream
I’m gonna be honest, I find it suspicious that this doesn’t smell like mugwort even a little bit. I could add a drop of One Thing’s Mugwort toner and make this thing so fragrant, so I am just a bit confused there haha. This is very, very similar to the onion and c-niacin creams in the way that it locks in everything really well and dries down quickly. It doesn’t have Niacinamide, which is a bit of a drawback overall to me, but if you are one of the B3 haters out there, then this would be the one for you. It does a great job at reducing redness and was a great medicinal treatment of a burn I got recently. I’d recommend this cream up and down, but it is typically just a bit too expensive for what it is.

Yam Root Cream
This is a unique product in their line as it is their only moisturizer outside of the HA sleeping mask that aims to be heavy. It has 57% yam root extract with a bunch of other great, soothing/brightening extracts like rice, soybean, and oat. It also has 5 ceramides and cholesterol, which isn’t a common feature for them. This does dry down pretty well, but not nearly as well as the others, seemingly by design. It applies like a luxury cream and was so similar to Then I Met You’s Renewing Rich Beauty Cream that I just put the rest of the cream in that packaging and mixed it with hemisqualane to provide even more moisture. This is their best moisturizer for people with dry skin IMO

Isntree’s Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF50+ PA++++
I recently reviewed this on here and gave it a worse score and a mediocre review. I would like to publicly apologize. This is for sure not a summer sunscreen, but I find I can wear it almost all year round and look incredibly healthy without eating a single vegetable. (This is a joke please stay well nourished.) It is so oily on me if used in humid weather, and is one of the more emollient sunscreens I’ve used in Korean and Japanese beauty. In the winter I see that as a plus! It is a runny but significant emulsion type liquid, spreads really well and evenly, and is an easy sunscreen to reapply as it will never pill for me. Overall a big fan!

Green Tea Fresh Toner
I find that this toner didn’t do much of anything. I love the experience of using it as it smells amazing, but it has this slipperiness to it that I couldn’t really get behind. It is purported to have a complex that helps with oil control, but I don’t find this to be something the product does well. It has a series of botanical extracts, beta glucan, hydrolyzed HA, and allatoin. It is very no frills, and something I’d recommend if green tea works well for you. For me, this didn’t hydrate much at all.

Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus
This is essentially a top-quality hyaluronic acid serum packaged as a toner and sold at an excellent price. I will forever return to it because if used sparingly like a serum, it can last you a year. It’s gorgeously goopy, smells just a bit funky, and will at times foam when used in large quantities and allowed to lather on the skin. I have been told this is not a red flag, and will pass this vague assurance onto you. Both this and the normal HA toner are composed of 50% HA aqueous solution, but this one has 5 types of HA rather than the 3 in the standard. There are a host of typical botanical extracts like centella, birch juice, rosemary, and licorice. Sodium PCA, beta glucan, and panthenol round out a beautiful ingredient list and a super hydrating product I have already repurchased.

Hyaluronic Acid Toner
This is a basic hydrating toner, and doesn’t try to be anything more. No active ingredients, no frills, just a solution of 50% hyaluronic acid composed of three different kinds, other humectants like glycerin and beta glucan; and some barrier supporting ingredients like panthenol and sodium PCA. It’s slightly more viscous than water, so it is far more dispensable than the plus version. As far as the effect of it goes, it is expectedly super hydrating, and softens the skin upon application. All of the other toners they have are like upgraded versions of this, so I won’t repurchase.

Onion Newpair Essence Toner
This is the perfect toner in my opinion. I often look for and extract based as opposed to water, 2-4% niacinamide, watery texture, and a decent amount of humectants; and this delivers on all in spades. I enjoy the purple color, and do find that the onion extract supports the product in a way that yields brightness and evens out skin tone. It has a skin-softening effect once applied, and feels like a burst of hydration. It is overall somewhat basic, but it succeeds.

Yam Root Vegan Milk Toner
Impressions: I dropped this product in the sink while it was full of water, so I threw it away after only a few uses. It is 80% yam root extract, and is otherwise what I would describe as a Cream Skin Refiner with a much more complete ingredient list. As far as ingredients, it has a well-selected series of oils like meadowfoam seed, argan, sunflower, and macadamia; a milk replacement themed list (lol) of extracts like oat, almond, and rice; and some barrier supporting ingredients like panthenol, ceramide NP, and cholesterol. This is a top tier milky toner, and I enjoyed it while I had it haha

Onion Newpair Clear Pad
I very much enjoyed using these in the morning instead of rinsing my face with water. The pads are soft, somewhat easy to separate, and are adequately soaked in product. The ingredient list is a bit simpler, and in my opinion better than the toner as it mostly gets rid of the botanical extracts to focus on the barrier-supporting ingredients like Panthenol, hyaluronic acids, allantoin and adenosine. The tranexamic acid and vitamin c derivative are also higher up on this ingredient list, but that doesn’t mean anything necessarily. Once done using this, my skin is super glowy and healthy looking to the point where I don’t know if I need to do anything else. These are often super expensive, like the rest of this line; but you will be able to find everything here for cheap on Stylevana at some point.

(their new serum packaging is super ugly, will try not to mention this again)
C-Niacin Toning Ampoule
This would get a perfect 5 out of 5 from me if it were less watery. From my perspective, serums have a certain responsibility to have a certain viscosity to them so that they feel a bit more significant and spreadable on the skin. This felt like a toner packaged in 50ml serum packaging, if that makes sense. Apart from that, this is a top tier product. It focuses on superfoods like sea buckthorn, pumpkin, and turmeric; while having a great ingredient list featuring niacinamide at the top. It is a bit too basic for a serum, for me, as I typically will only buy serums for a buffet type product. This would get a 5/5 as a toner

Green Tea Fresh Serum
I found this serum to be super oily, and it broke me out. I really couldn’t tell you why when looking at the ingredient list, but I ended up using it on my body because I just really didn’t like it. This has a great ingredient list, but again I just hold serums to higher standards (as we should) and this is fairly basic for them. Again, if a green tea-based oily serum appeals to you, however, I would definitely recommend this.

Spot Saver Mugwort Ampoule:
Impressions: I ended up just combining this somewhat early on with a One Thing toner and using it on my body, so I don’t deserve to rate this. I find this to be mid as far as mugwort products go, and that is overall the extract my skin fucks with the most. It has a perfectly serviceable ingredient list with beta glucan, panthenol, and ceramides all combining to create what is in the end an effective serum. I would recommend One Thing’s Artemisa Toner over this, though.

Green Tea Fresh Cleanser:
I love this cleanser so much. It smells insanely good, has this amazing goopy texture, and it has tea leaves in it. I find that they don’t do much exfoliation, and I honestly never see them again after cleansing it off. It is surprisingly gentle for being so thorough. This feels like a luxury cleanser, and is better than almost every luxury cleanser I’ve tried for cheap. Count me as a big fan.

Onion Newpair Cleansing Foam:
This was my HG cleanser for a while, and while I wouldn’t buy it again, I will describe it to identify why that is and why it might work for you. I have water that rinses cleansers off well, but when I go to other people’s places I find that film-leaving cleansers will be difficult to completely remove, which bothers me. This has your typical whipped creamy cleanser texture, with a slight purple tint. I am not a fan of this type of cleanser as it is everywhere in Asian Beauty, it a bit stripping, and is somewhat difficult to completely remove. If you are looking for a thorough creamy cleanser with added brightening benefits, then this is it. Final note: it smells like caramel corn.

Chestnut LHA Jelly Cleansing Oil
I would consider this something of a formulation failure in the way that it is almost impossible to get an oil texture out of this. Naturium also has a first step cleanser like this: it just spreads like a gel. You have to really rub it in, and I need to have some slip to my cleanser as I have skin that is sensitive to rubbing, so this wasn’t something I could really use. I also can’t imagine it is super adept at removing makeup as a result.

Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser:
This is a great cleanser for people who have sensitive skin, but only on wet skin. I used this as a second step cleanser when I wanted a non-foaming option, and it always left my skin so soft and well-cleansed. I don’t have too much purpose for it as I would prefer other non-foaming options purchased locally, but this is the best non-foaming AB cleanser I’ve used by far. It does, however, fail at being a makeup removefirst step as it is truly like a cream. It just sinks in. You can’t get any slip on it because your skin is drinking it up. Apart from this, I do recommend it.

Everything Else:
Chestnut BHA 2% Clear Liquid:
There are so many BHA liquids on the market, but this is a really solid one if you are looking. It is a simple ingredient list with 3 types of hyaluronic acid, allantoin, and glycerin. I have really not much to add - it is watery and thin, sinks in quickly, and is super friendly to sensitive skin. Peach Slice’s has the best version of this, though, IMO.

Chestnut AHA 8% Clear Essence
Like the BHA, this is one of the best options for the type of exfoliant it is. It is a massive upgrade from the previous version as it removes the fragrance and adds the chestnut extract, which I do enjoy. I find that when I use this, my pores look so clean and healthy. It has 4% both glycolic and lactic acids, which I enjoy as most multi-AHA exfoliants are mostly composed of glycolic acid with a low concentration of any others present.

Mugwort Calming Clay Mask
I find clay masks almost all the same, so this doesn’t get altogether too much praise from me in the way that it’s very similar to other products. However, it is the best clay mask I’ve used as far as experience goes as it smells really nice (IMO), has large enough granules to not feel like a scrub, can be easily combined with serums or spot treatments (it will usually get really creamy like mint ice cream), and dries down quickly. I love the tugging/tightening sensation of clay masks, and I will say this one does deliver.
So that’s it! I clearly love this brand. I want to acknowledge that people aren’t always big fans because they use preservatives that have not historically yielded the desired results. I have never had a product go bad on me, and I haven’t experience a product becoming less effective quickly. That doesn’t mean this hasn’t happened, though; as I have seen a lot of people on this sub mention it. I don’t know where Isntree is at with this, but it hasn’t impacted my experience in any capacity.
In looking at my reviews, I definitely prefer their toners and creams over everything else. If you have any questions for me, I am here! Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.23 21:38 yung_clynch How to get rid of hard water stains

The handle for hot water on my bathroom sink has been leaking for a few months. I tried to tighten the handle but didn’t get very far. I told myself I would come back to it but I’ve been busy with other home projects. It’s been a few months now that water will slowly leak out and become stagnant around the faucet. I try to soak up the water with a cloth when this happens but it doesn’t always get done. Now I have these aggressive hard water stains. I have tried CLR (leaving on for a few mins), vinegar and soapy water, traditional soap scum and hard water cleaners, and have used a more abrasive sponge. I’m still not having luck. Any advice?
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2023.03.23 21:26 pillowsformyfeet A Review of Every Bathroom in the Major Buildings on Campus

I usually don’t have a lot of time on campus, but for some reason, this semester I have a six hour block between classes. I live far enough away that it would be extremely inefficient for me to drive home for 3 hours and come back. I don’t work well on campus so instead I usually just walk around campus bc I have been on campus for 2 years now and I realized I didn’t know where anything was so I take walks around and through each building to pass the time.
Also I thought it would be funny lmao.
To be clear, I have not been to every bathroom on campus, but I would say I have been in most of them in the main buildings. From my experience, the bathrooms are pretty similar between floors of most buildings (of course with a few exceptions).
Now that I am about to post this I don't know why I decided to do this.
Without further ado, a full list:
Horizon Hall: Most are the same between floors besides the second floor. They are all pretty clear during class hours but for the 15 minutes between common class times they are the worst. The second floor is a exception because it is significantly less clean for some reason.
Planetary Hall: Probably one of the better buildings for bathrooms. The LL, 2nd, and 3rd floors are always empty, and I have never really had a bad experience there. The first floor is meh, mostly because of foot traffic. The only slightly annoying thing is how the paper towel dispensers are seemingly always out/broken. I will note, the lighting is sort of recessed or something which is nice bc it’s pretty dim inside.
Performing Arts Building: 0/10 I got yelled at for being there.
Exploratory Hall: Probably the most middle of the road to bottom middle set on this list. There is seemingly always traffic no matter what floor (albeit there is a slight reduction for every floor you go up). There is always something wrong with either the faucets/paper towels/etc. and there’s always water on the floosink. I tend to avoid going here if I can. There are two variations of each bathroom, a small type and a large type. The small type is fine but even one other person is too much while the large is consistently more open, but also covered in water. Side note: The mirrors on the LL have some black stuff or coating removal on the bottom which is kind of an ick.
Krug Hall & East Hall: Grouped these together because I think I have the same experience for both. Pretty small, definitely made during a different time. Not a fan of the sink being that close to people pissing tbh. For some reason when I went to East a few semesters ago the water pressure was crazy high and hot, but that seems to be fixed.
Lecture Hall: God I hate this building. I forgot if there was a bathroom here until I asked a friend because I never want to go to this building ever again. Personal bias aside, I remember it showing its age. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there, but it’s not the worst. Definitely lower on the list though.
Art and Design: Definitely the best overall during off hours. Never dirty and always restocked. The cleaners here are chill and I have never been bothered for anything. It’s probably the baseline for all of these tbh.
Fenwick Library: Fenwick has the most variation floor by floor and between old and new Fenwick. I would say the worst one is definitely the ground floor of new Fenwick. I actively avoid going in here. The water pressure on the right sink is way too high and has crazy splash back, which most people don’t know until their second time going in there, and either cover themselves, the counter, the floor, or whatever else they can get wet. This along with the higher than average traffic for the building and garbage air blade hand dryers make this probably my bottom tier. The 3rd floor is definitely the best. Overall, it’s wider than the 4th and 5th floors, and has an overall better vibe. 2nd is way too busy.
Old Fenwick: Old Fenwick has by far my favorite bathrooms. Regardless of which floor you go to, there are very rarely any people, the lighting is good, and it is always stocked and clean. That being said, if someone is there before you or comes in after, it’s kind of annoying.
David King: As much as I hate these, I will say I have been to them more then probably any other. I have had at least one class here every semester, so I am very well versed in these. So, they are trash. No matter what floor you go to, there always seems to be someone there. They all look straight from the 80s-90s and I feel like if I were to get bullied/killed, this is where it would be. Each floor has a quirk. The top floor is the most decent, the ground floor has the weird frosted window and high traffic, and the bottom has piss on the floor and a broken toilet. (Bonus note: why is the handle broken on the bottom floor? I asked my friend’s dad who went here in the late 90’s and he said that handle had been broken then as well)
Johnson Center: I want to be upfront about my bias before this: I hate Johnson Center. That’s not a joke. There are too many people there all of the time and I don’t like the vibe. Don’t use the bathrooms here. They are always packed and gross. At the JC I have been there while people have forcibly opened a stall with multiple people inside, opened the door while someone was busy lighting up, and had some random try and look me in the eyes while I piss. Take my advice, go somewhere else. Also, if you are any of the people in the situations I listed please drop out.
SUB 1: Like if Johnson center had less visitors and better cleaning.
Peterson Hall: Probably the coolest or close to coolest in terms of space and cleanliness. If it was restocked more often it would most likely be my favorite.
Nguyen Engineering: This is the reason I wanted to write this. The engineering building has a total of 10 bathrooms. I have never, and I genuinely mean this, never been in a slightly decent one. The one that I think represents these the best is the ground floor one in the statistics hallway (near the glass front). It is always an out of paper towels, floor covered in water, trashcan filled mess that I want nothing to do with. Multiply that by 10 and you have the building. You’d think that a building so recognized for its engineering would have better paper towel dispensers.
Innovation Hall: One of the better halls for size and cleanliness. Overall, I have never had a horrible time here.
College Hall (and all of the buildings connected to it + Aquia building): Similar to East and Krug. Not really where I’d want to be, but I think the second floor of mason?(I went through one entrance and out another and did the whole thing in one take) was pretty decent. I have only been here during off hours though, so take that with a grain of salt. Aquia building kind of folds into this. They’re all so similar and mid that I stopped noticing anything really interesting after a point.
Enterprise Hall: I decent hall for bathrooms. Very similar to planetary. The bottom floor is probably the busiest, but other than that it’s okay.
Research Hall: An okay bathroom. I couldn’t go up to the upper floors because I was afraid of the construction, but it was a nice enough experience that I would rather go there than engineering.
And that’s all I have for now. I haven’t been to Findley hall, the Hub, or most dorms. I don’t really have any desire to go to the dorms, but from my experience I’m not missing much. I don’t think I could even get through the doors if I wanted to.
I think my biggest takeaway from this is that GMU charges way too much for its campus experience and maintaining something as simple as bathrooms. I want to make it clear the cleaners for all of the buildings I went to are fantastic. I mean, if you can clean the JC then you are a saint in my book. As I went through these I feel like I became more and more desensitized to their flaws and just how absolutely vile some of them are after a bunch of students rush through them. Y’all need to clean up after yourselves. And stop splashing water on the floors wtf is wrong with you­.
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2023.03.23 21:10 Belmonda Embrace Reuseable Products

Embrace Reuseable Products


A lot of people are familiar with recycling. But what about reusing? Reuse is great for the environment, and it’s actually easy to do. There are plenty of things you can reuse in your daily life that will save you money as well as keep plastic out of landfills. Here are some ideas:

Reusable shopping bags

You may be wondering why you should have reusable shopping bags. Well, here are the top five reasons:
  • They're better for the environment. Plastic bags are bad for our planet, so it makes sense to ditch them in favor of something that will last longer and not pollute as much.
  • They're healthier than plastic bags. Did you know that some reusable shopping totes can be washed up to 100 times? This means they won't get dirty as fast as disposable bags do, which means less germs getting onto your food or into contact with anyone who touches them! Plus, some materials like glass or stainless steel don't retain odors like nylon does (which is why many people prefer those types). So if someone buys something smelly like fish in these types of containers then whoever receives their gift won't have any problem enjoying their meal later because there won't be any lingering smells left behind!

Reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles are the perfect way to reduce your plastic waste and save money. Plastic water bottles are a huge contributor to the world's plastic pollution problem, which is why you should use reusable alternatives instead.
Reusable water bottles have many benefits: they're better for your wallet, they help protect the environment and wildlife, and they're more convenient than buying individual plastic bottles each time you want a drink of water. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and styles so that there's one that suits your needs perfectly!

Refillable coffee cups

  • Reusable coffee cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable cups.
  • Reusable coffee cups are better for your wallet.
  • Reusable coffee cups can be used to hold other drinks, like water or tea! Some reusable coffee cups even have lids that keep hot drinks hot (and cold drinks cold).

Cloth napkins and towels

  • Cloth napkins and towels are a great way to reduce your waste. They can be used over and over again, washed in the washing machine, and are useful for drying hands, wiping up spills and cleaning up messes.
  • Cloth napkins are especially useful when camping or picnicking because they're lightweight and take up very little space in your backpack or picnic basket.

Food storage containers

If you want to make the most of your reusable products, it's important that you know how to store them properly. Food storage containers are one of the easiest things to keep clean and sanitary when they're not in use. To keep your food storage container fresh, wash it with hot soapy water before each use and then rinse thoroughly with hot water before drying completely or placing in an air-tight bag or container.
Reusable ice cube trays are also easy to clean: simply run them through a dishwasher cycle (without soap), or soak them in hot water for about 15 minutes before washing by hand with mild detergent and warm water. Afterward, let them air dry completely before storing away again!
Sandwich bags and snack bags can be cleaned similarly--just make sure no residue remains on either side of the plastic material after washing! If there is still some leftover crumbs from previous meals inside these types of containers after being washed thoroughly once already then try using warm vinegar instead; this will help remove any remaining dirt particles while disinfecting at the same time!

Wool dryer balls to reduce static and save energy.

Instead of using dryer sheets, try wool dryer balls. These little fabric spheres are made of 100% pure wool yarn and can be used to reduce static in your clothes while saving you money on energy costs.
The first step is to simply toss one or two into the dryer with your wet clothes. You may want to experiment with how many balls work best for you; some people like three while others prefer just one or two. Once they're done spinning and tumble-drying, take them out (they'll be hot!) and store them somewhere safe until next time--you don't want to leave them in the machine! If any lint sticks around after washing, use an old toothbrush or similar tool to remove it from all sides of each ball before putting them away again so nothing gets caught in there next time around."

A filtered water dispenser instead of buying bottled water.

One of the easiest ways to make a positive environmental choice is by using a filtered water dispenser instead of buying bottled water. Bottled water comes with its own set of problems, including plastic waste and increased carbon emissions from transporting the product to your home.
A filtered water dispenser will save you money in the long run as well. The average American spends over $1,400 per year on bottled water, which adds up to about 2 million pounds of plastic waste per day! If you use one or two reusable bottles instead of buying single-serving containers every day, those savings add up quickly!

The more you use reusable products, the less you'll need to buy things that are bad for our environment

The more you use reusable products, the less you'll need to buy things that are bad for our environment. And that's a good thing!
  • Reusable products are better for your wallet because they save money in the long run. You won't have to buy disposable items like paper towels and napkins again and again, which will save you money over time.
  • Reusable products are better for your health because they don't contain harmful chemicals like those found in plastic bottles or food containers (like BPA). They also don't require any additional packaging or wrappings like plastic bags, so there's nothing extra going into landfills after they're used up!
  • Reusable products help keep our home clean by not adding an excess amount of waste into landfills every day--and we all know how important it is to keep things clean around here ;) If everyone started using more recyclable options instead of disposables then maybe someday we could even become completely sustainable as a society...but until then let's just stick with what works best today :)
The best thing you can do for the environment is to reduce your waste. Buying reusable products is a great way to do this, and it will save you money in the long run too.
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2023.03.23 21:02 Winter-Owl1 Alexa, lather my filthy hands!

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2023.03.23 19:34 OLukioO Mossy Skeletons in upgraded jungle temples

Before entering the new temple, you will be affected by a new Jungle Temple Curse where you are unable to break part of the temple nor place blocks near it however you are able to break any spawners inside of it but it takes longer to break. Mossy skeletons will either hold a stone sword or a bow and the temple will also include a final room as well as being massively upgraded to be a lot more bigger and contain a ton of randomly generated rooms. Some of these rooms include:
The loot inside of the chests will vary depending on how hard they are to get for example, simple chests in treasure rooms will have iron, gold and the other lacklustre usual loot whilst the final room will contain things like diamonds, emeralds and armour trims
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2023.03.23 19:33 dealgad [Amazon] KOHLER K-80085-1PC-NA TASK Kitchen Sink, 33" Top or Undermount Workstation Sink with 1 Hole Faucet and Double Bowl in Stainless Steel, with 43% off, for $381.86

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