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The Sarah Frasier Show Upcoming Podcast & YouTube Schedules for the Week of May 28!

2023.05.30 09:43 TheSarahFraserShow The Sarah Frasier Show Upcoming Podcast & YouTube Schedules for the Week of May 28!

Sunday, 5/28: Sarah & David Yontef separate fact from fiction on RHOA's Kim Zolchiak and Kroy's divorce!!!
Monday, 5/29: To Catch a Predator's CHRIS HANSEN (!!!) talks a new 'predator show', Jared from Subway and his beef with Theo Von.
Tuesday, 5/30: Vanderpump Rules' Peter Madrigal, David Yontef and Sarah discuss and recap the VPR Reunion Pt 1!!! Should Lala have clapped back at Lisa Vanderpump?? Was Scandoval staged???
Wednesday, 5/31: TLC Talk! Kody Brown attends his daughter Savannah's High School Graduation!
Thursday, 6/1: Natasha Elisa joins Sarah to discuss a flurry of subjects!
Friday, 6/2: Housewives Recap!!! Kim Zolciak reportedly callling Andy Cohen and begging to be back on RHOA! Is RHONJ on pause?? Lisa Rinna reveals why she quiz!
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2023.05.24 05:55 lawyerrosepuppy ARIANA ON CALL HER DADDY

This is the first time I've listened to CHD since Sofia left the pod so here goes nothing... will update as I listen and likely flow into the comments since it's a 2-hour pod!
TRIGGER WARNING - thoughts of self-harm/ideation
Starts off with an intro of Scandal/VPR which we all know and don't need to rehash
Night she found out
When they got home
Couple's therapy
Was she truly happy in the relationship?
This season
Tom's attempts to break up
What she's learned since the reunion:
Other case mates and their suspicions:
Other cheating rumors:
Defending Tom:
Looking back on relationship:
Back to the affair:
Tom and Rachel:
Looking back on relationship again
What she's since uncovered:
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2023.05.23 16:19 harpsdesire [US to World] [Sell] [Perfume FS and Samples]

Most samples are $2, and I am open to haggling/bundle deals. Shipping is $5.50 CONUS, for other locations I will give a shipping quote. No smoking, pet friendly house, perfumes stored and handled with care. Extras and cute packing (stickers, tea, etc.) on request.
I prefer to sell right now, but I will consider swaps.
Notes, prices and such here:
Full Sizes (full but tested)
Samples (‘slink’ .74ml size unless otherwise noted. Most have been tested once, but some are from swaps so fill varies, none appear to be less than 75% of original fill unless noted. Some labels are imperfect, some BPAL labels are rolled and taped, if they’re an actual mess it’s noted- I am happy to check condition or send photos if you prefer):
Empties (Free, but adding multiple big ones in an order may incur additional shipping)
Once more for good measure!
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2023.05.05 21:43 tayyab4141 Yung Miami in Duran Lantink, Lizzo in Paco Rabanne, LaLa in Maticevski, Janelle Monae in Thom Browne & More - World News

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2023.05.04 22:17 Spicylady10 [SALE][US] NEW! Natasha Denona, Charlotte Tillsbury, Beauty Bakerie, Bobbi Brown, NARS, MAC, Tarte, Ciate London, and more. Name your price!
Please help me get rid of my stash! Most items are new and come with original packaging. Some Foundations are used or swatched, just let me know which you’re interested in and I’ll let you know :).
Shipping Starts at $6, free for orders $50+
Name your price, all fair offers will be accepted! And as always, bundle and save :)
**Apologies for the formatting, I’m on my phone and have spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to fix it lol
Alleyoop Stack Sassy Pants Stack Sunkissed Youngblood. Illuminating Dust Dusk ABH Highlighting Powder Peach Fuzz Purlisse BB Cream Blush Cool Mauve PYT Hot Flush Blush Flirty Pixie beauty blush Peach Honey
The Beauty Crop Blush Duo Half Caked Bronzer in Bloom FARAH. Eye Duo Bloom + Wildflower Estate Eye Duo Babygirl Laritzy Cream Highlight Virtue Beauty Vaulte Eye quad Smokey Palette Chella Eye quad Hello Beautiful TYNT Brow gel Clear LCB Plasma Gloss Quasar Goo Ciate London Glitter Flip Eye Ember
KAB Lip Oils Lemon Lime Give them Lala Lip Gloss Lip Quencher Persona E balm Manifest Mellow Liquid Lip St Tropaz OFRA Liquid Lip Canyon Beauty For Real Liquid Lip All In RMS Tinted Lip Balm Darling Lane Illuminate Liquid Lipstick Reveal Pinklipps Tinted Lip Balm Fantasy
Ciate London Glitter Flip Valentine Floss Your Honor NARS liquid lip Get Up Stand Up NARS Bullet Rouge MAC Bullet Cockney belle en argent Bullet 3 plays Illamasqua Bullet Cosmic
Jecca Blac Glow Drops Rose Pearl Yensa Essential Glow Hello FAB Coconut Skin Ciate London Dewey Skin LCB Face Primer Light Dominique Cosmetics Blur Primer Seraphine Botanicals Rose Gold Primer
Pinky Rose Shadow Sticks Jazz hiphop Beauty Crop Shadow Duo FudgeCinnamon Cargo Shadow Stick Sandy Bay Pacifica Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara Realher Brow setting gel Brow Atelier Brow tinted gel Blonde True Luscious Brow Definer Pencil Taupe KAB Illuminating Dust Bobbi Brown Lipgloss Set 5 shades
Laura Gellar Quench-n-tint Light PUR 4in1 tinted moisturizer LN2 Becca Ultimate Coverage Linen Cover girl True blend L6 Too Faced Peach Perfect Swan TYNT Tinted Eye Cream Mist Makeup Revolution Stick F1
Charlotte Tillsbury Airbrush Flawless 7N Charlotte Tillsbury Hollywood Flawless Filter 3 light/medium Tarte Hydro flex 32N Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 32N Natasha Denona Transformatte 40N light/medium
MakeUp ForEver Artist Palette 2 Ciate London Velvet palette The balm Greatest hits Vol 2
Shades by Shan Blush Juvias Place Saharan Blush Vol 2
Beauty Bakerie Eyeshadow Palette Puddin Eyeshadow Palette Bun
Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Alloy Eyeshadow Zendo Palette Cupid Cheek Duo
Laura Sanchez Mood Palette
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2023.05.03 17:44 EntrepreneurMiddle45 [PC][1995]"Games for Girls" series probably? And might be called Wendy: The Witch Hunter?

I did make a post trying to find this game a long time ago. I think it may have been on my SO's Reddit account I am not sure. I wasn't able to nail down the game back then. This morning I thought maybe I could ask ChatGPT about the game I was trying to remember and I think I got it nailed down.
I am honestly quite certain this was in the Games for Girls types of games that you could get back in the 90s. ChatGPT thinks this game is called Wendy: The Witch Hunter and that it was released back in 1995. My SO found a DOS game that looks quite similar to what I am trying to remember. It looks very similar to "Lala Prologue" except my game is way more basic. This is the closest comparison I've been able to find of it. The main character in Lala appears to be wearing a black hat and dress with brown hair and yellowish skin? The main character in my game is wearing a red hat and dress, with ginger hair and pinkish skin. Otherwise, the characters look totally alike. The problem is I still can't seem to locate this game online anywhere. No pictures, videos, the game itself for sale or an emulator of it so I also haven't been able to 100% confirm what ChatGPT told me. Now that I have a little more info, does anyone else know about this game I am referring to and where to find it?
Edit: Just to add even more details, in the game I am trying to remember I believe the character is shooting at monsters with magic and the character also collects items, there are simple platforms to jump onto, most definitely easier than the platforming in Lala. And instead of side scrolling, you transport through different levels I am pretty sure. Also I think the monsters in my game in the starting levels were pig men like creatures.
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2023.04.28 04:14 Mango7185 If Scandoval did not happen when do you think they would of broken up?

I have watched this show from day 1 and i have some unpopular thoughts or opinions. I thought before this was alerted to what happened I knew that eventually they would go separate ways. Remember all my opinion there like butts and im sorry for the ramble...
1)Once everyone started having kids and I think that was a factor hat made Katie finally realize Schwartz isn't for her.She was than hounded about not being pregnant when all her friends were realized it this man aint shit and we wont be able to move forward.
2) Sandoval has made it quite clear he wants marriage and kids and seeing this and his age and whatever diagnosis that people have said about him (narcissus etc) did not help his midlife ongoing crisis.
3)I felt Ariana freezing her eggs great for her but does not make sense between the financial and physical work and toll. I would say if you do not want to do this than dont or donate them. I think so many people desperate to have kids with infertility to have this and never use it when some people never get viable anything is just i dont know. Each their own, but for me if i wanted to have kids and i was told lets fertilize these eggs but never use them i would be low key like what are we doing here. Which is why he should of had the balls to just break up and move on.
4) A lot of podcasts i listen to have said the same shit that if scandoval did not happen the way the girls were treating Rachel was bad too. Two things can be right at the same time. Not to bring race into it people legit supported Rihanna less for being physically assaulted by Chris Brown. Very few people in the public said much out from it yet everything is riding hard Arianna.
I think they have not been happy for years I remember being like before this all broke that they dont have much time left. As someone who wants to be married and have children herself and is 37 watching it happen around you does hit different. Especially when magnified by spotlight.He should of just broken up with her. But Lala side note can we not act like she didnt know what was going on she loved BJs for PJ and fucking on the couch the first time. I hate revisionist history he is a piece of shit but if he was big fucken deal she would still be there just like James said he was not cute he was money she arm candy.
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2023.04.27 08:59 autobuzzfeedbot 15 Of The Most Outrageous Moments From "Watch What Happens Live"

  1. We have to start with one of Andy's self-proclaimed most unforgettable moments when he got Hillary Clinton to do a shotski with him and Dorinda Medley.
  2. Shotskis can really bring people together. Another iconic trio was Andy, bestie John Mayer, and the legendary Dan Rather, who shared a shot in 2012.
  3. Andy dropped an F-bomb for the first time in 13 years in an impassioned Jackhole of the Day in January 2023, when he went on a rant about a TikTok trend faking celebrity deaths to gauge people's reactions.
  4. Cursing was also an issue in 2015 when Lala Kent and James Kennedy got themselves basically banned from the clubhouse for cursing up a storm and pissing Andy off.
  5. Mariah doesn't know her either (Demi Lovato that is).
  6. Lady Gaga's Artpop makeover for Andy was one for the books.
  7. Shaq reveals what he's working with.
  8. Shemar Moore shared a kiss (and a shot) with Sweet Brown.
  9. Dwight Eubanks flashed Andy his "penile implant" on Watch What Happens Live back in 2009.
  10. When Kim Zolciak called into WWHL from the Bahamas to fight with NeNe Leakes for three minutes straight while Andy sat there humored and befuddled.
  11. When Andy told Brandi Glanville that Joanna Krupa tweeted "No wonder her husband left her."
  12. Brandi's been known to shake up the clubhouse, like when she appeared with Jeff Lewis, and he shot back at a joke about running her hands through his hair by implying he'd catch an STD if she did.
  13. When Joe Jonas actually answered a "Marry, Shag, Kill" scenario where his options were Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Gigi Hadid.
  14. You can't forget the time that Whoopi Goldberg taught Andy how to roll a joint, improvising with oregano and lap desks.
  15. Last but not least, the time Patti LuPone declared Madonna a "movie killer."
Link to article
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2023.04.26 06:00 ClownsHere Tons of Squish for sale! Prefer to bundle!

Hello, for sale today is most of my collection. Prices should be listed unless specified for the specific squish, let me know what you want in PM please! There’s too many to take a picture so i’ll take one of all the ones you’re wanting together! Thank you for looking! Shipping will be determined when messaged, using whatever is cheapest.
Select Series:
Aldea - $30 Barb - $30 Brooke - $15 Conradina - $30 Gordon corduroy - $30 Jarik - $45 Lake - $30 Lalinda - $30 Lorenzo - $30 Omar - $15 Renard - $30 Sigzby - $30 Terell - $30 Ulga - $45 Wade (Skeleton hybrid) - $45 Winston (fanny pack) - $30 Wyatt - $30
Squishmallow Pails - $15 each Candess Bella
Clip Squishmallows - $7 each Aimee (floral belly) Austin (fuzzy belly) Bartie Caparinne Dabney Dalton Delzi (floral belly) Elin Elton Evangelica (fuzzy belly) Maeve Mimi Nick (glasses) Pax (tiedye) Peter (floral belly) Poleena Solina (Galaxy) Swerl Tadita Ter (eyes closed) Zozo Zuni
4” Squishmallows - $7 each Egbert Garnet - $25 Griella (now bow) Iver Maribel Staley
4.5” Squishmallow $7 each Emily (candy corn) Fariq Francis (antlers) Guri (plaid) Kalina Karlie Svenja (wreath)
5” Squishmallows $7 each Aldron Anastasia (squishdoo) Anneli Avery (fuzzamallow) Bittie Cam (vampire) Canada Caparinne Carol Devra Elton Fifi (witch) Floyd Grace Guri Helmut Henley (eyes closed) Lala Lyle (heart antlers) Lyndron & Aldrin (flipamallow) Mopey Piglet Raisy & Shun (flipamallow) Rienne Rudolph Sally Scrapper Shellie Sketlana Stump Tomos (witch) Winifred Winston (scarecrow) Zan Zuni
7” Squishmallows -$7 each Avery Cam Connor Fitch Lupi Marcellus Paige (squishdoo) Raylor (black/brown) Robb Sydney Tuliop Veronica Wilfred Yara (snowflake)
7.5” Squishmallows $8 each Avery (plaid hat) Basmina Benny (blue beanie) Benny (tinsel hair) Bijan Cherie Chienda Connor (plaid flannel) Cornelias Dallas Drow Evita (snowflake) Fletcher (fuzzy belly) Iker Kai (sparkle belly) Luxmen Lyan Malcolm (harvest scarf) Marissa Mariska Nessie Poleena Rinz Ronnie Shane Silver Swish Zaylee
8” Squishmallows $10 each Adin Aggretsuko (calm) Aggretsuko (rage) Alfred (plaid) Alien Antoine Arnel Aron Ash Autumn (orange belly) Baiden (boba) Barrel Bart DOTD Belana (devil) Belana (small flowers) Bethuna (blacklight) Brandi (Silver crown) Brock (vampire) Caedyn (eyes closed) Calio (pumpkin) Cam (green scarf) Caparinne Carl Casja Cici (winking) Cienna Cillian Connor DOtD Dominic Eiko Elton Eric Evangelica (fuzzy belly) Ever (comes with clip) - $35 Franny (lights) Fresa Galia Gary Gildie (Fuzzy Belly) Hadeon Indie (tiedye) Jaelyn Jana DOTD Janet Johan Katya Kerry Kona Leon Lobert Lock Lovisa (squishdoo) Maline Minya Molly Oogie Boogie (brown) - $15 Oogie Boogie (green) Pammy (easter) Perkin - $15 Phylo Prince (watermelon) Rada Reshma Rodan Roseanne (sakura) - $15 Rosie Rosie (stackable) Seth Sheikla Shep Shock Siobhan Sissy (hoodie) Talib (pizza) Tegan Wendy Zumirez(2x) - $15
10” Squishmalllows $12 each Avery (Hugmee) Bevalee (hugme) Minica (hugme) Quinick Raina (hugme) Reginald (hugme) Shuana Stitch (floral)
12” Squishmallows $15 each Aldron Autumn (witch hat) Avery (dark belly) Baiden Benny (candy corn) Bertie Caparinne Connor Daria Delzi (floral belly) Dolan Evita (snowflake, antlers) Felton Fifi (winking) Gavyn Jack Skellington Lorelai (fuzzamallows) Paden Parson Peety Ronnie DOTD Sally Saul Selma Siobhan Sophie (easter egg) Tatiana Torrence - $20 Vera Wade & Quill (flipamallow) Zero Zipp
14” Squishmallows $17 each Alexie Boo Cam (sweater) Dunkie Elea (floral) Goofy Griella (no bow) Jaelyn (pink belly) Janna Luanne Minnie Mouse Pluto Sulley Wexla & Johanna (flipamallow)
16” Squishmallows $20 each Amelth Bambi Belana (large flowers) Brody Cherie Deezo Easton Fanina Gwendle (fuzzamallows) - $45 Iver Jarrell - Joy - Malcolm - Rutabaga Swerl Yuri (rainbow)
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2023.04.24 01:30 Ordinary-Relative642 OK people listen up

If you don’t know, I’ve a android to iOS. And this is really annoying. The microphone is so incredibly bad that I’m going to actually that I’m going to use speech to text feature to type something down.
And I’m gonna let it type down whatever pops up. Which means I’m not going to correct it this is to show you how bad the microphone the auto correct feature is.
Here it is a form of a story.
3 2 1 Go
Lil Timmy fell down the well. He was very sad. Why was he sad? You may ask well I’ll tell you. As a matter of fact, his mother. Pushed him down the well to get rid of him and that is sad.
OK for some reason my phone corrected it by cell. Oh there we go it did it C I didn’t tell her to say that. See my phone comes up with the most strangest things like what you just read.
Here’s another thing, rubber, baby buggy bumpers here’s another thing, Rick and Morty.
Hey everybody, it’s me Markiplier today. We’re gonna be playing a very intense game. It’s called the iOS microphone add-on here we go.
The fitness gram pacer test is a multi capacity test that progressively gets harder and harder as it continues.
See, I’m saying random crap.
Let’s talk about memes memes are cool memes are fun memes are great for everyone names are cool means are great. Memes are great for every case see it said names. It said it means and I did it again.
Let’s say something in particular something quite mysterious something you may nervous read see it did it again see what I’m talking about.
Bone lab phone lab, Phoma phone lab bone lab
C I’m trying to say bone lab but it keeps doing that.
Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, DanTDM, Sundee, Quavo cop, see you did it again.
I was trying to say, quibble cop say I can’t say it no it can’t say it see what I mean. It is types down whatever he wants.
That he was supposed to be in it sometimes it corrects it and other times it does it mean when it does say what I say it just changes it to something else.
I like it what it was doing to me earlier, so you just did it again.
I told you I’m not correcting any of this. I’m just letting it take down whatever it wants.
I’m trying to think of other stuff to say hold on. Let me get my pen and paper.
Henrico my grocery list
Eggs, bacon, sausage, bread, milk, pepperoni cheese, yo cereal, flux, capacitor, fusion, reactor yolk, soy milk, soy beans, and legalize nuclear bombs.
Are the quick brown fox jumps over the way see you like dog. If you know you know.
This is a company that sells toilet paper toilet paper is great but this toilet paper is special. It has radiation in it and this is a terrible company as you can clearly tell.
C I’m just typing down random stuff as I go
XPO debit debit Gary Lala Docia‘s
Frick does auto correct bull crap.
Seriously, stop typing down whatever you want. Getting annoying.
Fudge chocolate vanilla, vanilla extract, cake.
What’s up everybody it’s me it corrected it that time
ONH did again
But not that time.
Do you see what I mean? This is what it does it just types down whatever it wants and I’m just typing down random stuff as I go I say whatever I need to win the microphone and anything it just does this.
I tried to correct everything I say.
And it’s really bad android didn’t do any of this, but this phone dies and it’s really effing annoying
Dice equals does no not die dies, not dies dies I’m trying to say dies, but it keeps saying other crap. She just did it again.
Anyway, that’s the end. Goodbye.
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2023.04.20 06:43 spookyhistory Chrome stuck in dark/highlighted mode (see image)

Chrome stuck in dark/highlighted mode (see image)
Hey, I'm looking for some help to get my chrome out of whatever setting this is. I don't think it's a regular dark mode issue because it hasn't changed when I switched both chrome and computer out of dark mode. Nor did it go away when I changed the chrome theme. I'm not entirely sure how to describe what the issue is so I couldn't easily find answers on google so I'm hoping someone here might be able to assist because it's a bit difficult to read at times.
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2023.04.15 22:44 MaezHam Boxycharm April with add-ons

Boxycharm April with add-ons
Really happy that everything was still in one piece, I was a little worried about the Natasha Denona pallet since I has seen some people recieving them in bad shape. I also got the drunk elephant rosi drops (with a sample of their lala retro whipped cream in with it) Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick in golden pink, MudMasky eye serum and Sonage vitamin c serum. I added on Seraphine Botanicals happy hibiscus blush pallete, wake up call four pan shadow and the Earth Harbor adaptogen clarity ampoule which I got in my box from January and really liked. All in all I'm pretty happy with this month.
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2023.04.07 21:39 Obijohn3 Everything written on Brenton Tarrant's guns

Tours 732: Battle in modern-day France, when the Frankish soldiers under Charles Martel turned back an invasion by the Umayyad general Abd al-Rahman ibn Abd Allah Al-Ghafiqi. The battle ended in a slaughter and complete retreat of the Arab forces (even being forced to leave behind their spoils), thus gaining Charles fame for being the savior of Europe.
Charles Martel: Previously mentioned leader of Francia and founder of the Carolingian dynasty, also known as Charles the Hammer. He is one of the fathers of feudalism, and his grandson Charlemagne is often regarded as the father of Western Civilization.
Acre 1189: First battle of the Third Crusade. Ended in a Christian victory thanks to King Richard the Lionheart, thus dashing Saladin's (sultan of Egypt) hopes of completely destroying the Levantine Crusader states.
Lepanto 1571: Naval engagement off the coast of modern-day Greece between the Holy League (a coalition of Catholic states), who were backing up the Venetians, and the Ottoman Empire. Ended in a disastrous defeat for the Ottomans, and signaled the end of their dominance over the Mediterranean, though they would end up winning the war against Venice and taking Cyprus.
Vienna 1683: Second Siege of Vienna, where a combined Polish-Austrian force decisively defeated an Ottoman army sent to capture the city. Often seen as the definitive end of Turkish expansion into Europe, and is often seen as the beginning of the decline in power for the Islamic world.
Turkofagos: Literally means "Turk-eater". Nickname for Nikitaras, a famous Greek revolutionary general, who gained the epithet during the Battle of Dervenakia after breaking 4 swords in combat.
14 Words: A phrase coined by David Lane ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children") that has become popular amongst far-right groups. The American founder of the White Supremacist terror organization the Base, he was arrested in connection to the murder of liberal Jewish talk show host Alan Berg outside his Denver home in 1984.
John Hunyadi: A 15th-century Hungarian general and voivode of Transylvania. Led multiple campaigns and crusades against the Turks. He is most famous for defending Belgrade in 1456, which led to him being seen as a savior in the rest of the Catholic world.
St. Michael's Cross: Looks like the number sign. Insignia of the Iron Guard, a clerical Fascist paramilitary group in Romania during the interwar period (sort of like the Brown Shirts). Were integrated into the pro-Axis Romanian government in 1940, but eventually had a falling out with the government over a perceived revoking of privileges and launched a revolt/Jewish pogrom in Bucharest, thus leading to their demise and exile in 1941.
Jean Parisot de Valette: French Grandmaster of the Knights Hospitaller (pretty much Crusader pirates) who led the defense of Malta in 1565 against the Ottoman navy. His bravery and smarts during this battle eventually gained him immense fame, and today the capital of Malta is named after him.
Malta 1565: Siege of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean by the Ottoman Turks. Despite being outnumbered almost 6 to 1, the Knight's Hospitaller was able to hold out until a relief force arrived, almost completely wiping out the Turkish force and killing its leader Dragut (who was regarded as one of the most feared admirals of his time). Destroyed the idea of Ottoman invisibility in the eyes of many Europeans and stopped their expansion into the Western Mediterranean.
Crab Rave: A song by Irish DJ Noisestorm that eventually became a meme, often to signify a celebration of some kind.
Here's your 14-Point Migration Compact: Refers to the Global Compact for Migration, a nonbinding agreement endorsed by the UN in 2018 which is supposed to deal with the rights and treatment of migrants across the world.
Josué Estébanez: A former Spanish army soldier who, in 2007, was sentenced to 26 years in prison for stabbing Carlos Palomino (a 16-year-old Anti Fascist) to death on the Madrid Metro. They were both on their way to attend different sides of an anti-immigration rally.
Vac 1684: Battle in modern-day Hungary during the Great Turkish War which ended in an Austrian victory.
Miloš Obilić: He was supposedly a Serb assassin who killed the Ottoman sultan Murad I at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, but his existence is a mystery as he is never seen in contemporary sources, first being mentioned in a biography of a Serbian King around 50-60 years after the battle.
Sigismund of Luxembourg: Contrary to his name, he was the King of Hungary, known for leading the failed Crusade of Nicopolis in 1396 against the Ottomans. Afterward, he founded the Order of Dragon to combat the Turks (this alliance included various Balkan states like Serbia and Albania) and became Holy Roman Emperor for a while. If you played Kingdom Come: Deliverance, he is the bad guy king in that game.
Feliks Kazimierz Potocki: A Polish general who took part in the Battle of Vienna and fought in the Great Turkish War
Battle of Sarikamish: First battle of the Caucasus Campaign during WW1 between the Ottomans and Russians on the modern-day Armenian-Turkish border. It ended in a decisive Russian victory, largely because the Turkish commanders didn't equip their soldiers correctly for the cold weather and thus allowed tens of thousands to freeze to death.
Battle of Sardarabad: Fought in May 1918 between the Ottomans and the newly independent First Republic of Armenia. The victory stopped the invasion by the Turks and is often stated to have saved Armenian statehood.
Iosef Gurko: Russian Field Marshal during the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. He spearheaded the invasion of the Balkans and even threatened to take Constantinople, thus ending the war. He is regarded as one of the liberators of Bulgaria.
Slankamen: Battle during the Great Turkish War in 1691 which saw the Austrians defeat a Hungarian army under Emeric Thokoly, thus securing Croatia. Thokoly was a Kuruc, which meant he and his soldiers were Protestant Hungarians who allied with the Ottoman Turks to preserve their religious freedom from the Catholic Austrians.
Khotyn 1621: Battle between the Poles and the Turks in modern-day Ukraine, ending in a Polish victory and the stopping of an Ottoman invasion of the Commonwealth.
For Ebba: Ebba Ackerlund, an 11-year-old Swedish girl who was killed in a 2017 truck ramming attack in Stockholm. Her killer was a 39-year-old Uzbek asylum seeker who had previously pledged loyalty to ISIS in a video.
For Rotherham: Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal that came to light in 2010, in which a group of largely British-Pakistani men in the town of Rotherham was arrested on charges of sexual abuse (including SA and forced prostitution) of underaged girls, many of whom were White. This led to a major debate over race as well as the neglect of working-class children by British authorities.
Alexandre Bissonette: A Canadian far-right extremist who, in 2017, opened fire on the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City, killing 6 and wounding 19, ostensibly in revenge for the killing of a Canadian soldier by an Islamist 3 years prior.
Luca Traini: An Italian anti-immigrant political candidate who shot and wounded 6 African migrants in a drive-by shooting in the city of Macerata, supposedly in revenge for the brutal dismemberment of an Italian teenage girl by a Nigerian illegal immigrant.
Battle of Kagul 1770: Decisive Russian victory over the Turks during the Sixth Russo-Turkish War in present-day Bulgaria, with them defeating an army twice their size.
Bajo Pivljanin: A Serbian Hajduk (irregular soldiers who protected Balkan Christians) who was employed by the Venetians in Dalmatia during the 17th century.
Fruzhin: A 15th-century Bulgarian nobleman who led a failed rebellion against the Turks (with Hungarian help) in order to reform their old empire.
Battle of Bulair: Fought between the Ottomans and Bulgarians during the First Balkan War in modern-day Turkey. The Bulgarians decisively defeated an Ottoman counterattack, wiping out half the Turkish force.
Sebastiano Venier: Admiral who led the Venetian naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto mentioned previously, who later went on the be the Doge of Venice. Theorized to have been a cousin of Ottoman Sultan Murad II.
Shipka Pass: Major battle in the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War. A small force of Russian soldiers and Bulgarian volunteers held the pass against a Turkish army many times its size. This led to the collapse of Turkish rule in Bulgaria.
Novak Vujosevic: Montenegrin tribesman who fought valiantly at the Battle of Fundina in 1876, killing 28 Turks in combat.
Anton Ludin Peterson: Swedish Neo-Nazi who murdered 3 people at a school in Trollhattan in 2015 before being shot by police. All 3 were of immigrant background, and he had chosen the school specifically for the area’s high foreign-born population.
For Berlin: Berlin 2016 Truck Attack, when a 23-year-old Tunisian asylum seeker drove a semi-truck into a crowded Christmas Market, killing 13 total. The driver, who was supposed to have been deported, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a video.
Othala, Sig, and Tiwaz Rune: Germanic runes that represent heritage, victory, and the God Tyr respectively. The Sig rune is famous now for its use in the SS icon.
Unconfirmed Symbol: Looks a little like an L. From my research, it most closely matches up with the flag of the National Radical Camp, a fascist party in Poland.
Odo the Great: Duke of Aquitaine in Southern France who originally supported the Umayyads against Charles Martel, but later joined forces with him. He is known for his victory at Toulouse in 721 (the first decisive victory over the Muslims by Europeans), and his vital role in the Battle of Tours in 732.
For Madrid: Madrid 2004 Metro Bombings, which killed 193 people and wounded 2,000. The attack was carried out by Al-Qaeda in retaliation for Spanish military involvement against them in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Clavijo 844: A legendary battle during the Reconquista that most historians agree is almost certainly fictional.
Skanderbeg: A 15th-century Albanian nobleman who defected from the Ottoman army and led a revolt in Albania, creating the League of Lezhe (an alliance of Albanian lords) that lasted for 30 years. Seen as a revolutionary freedom fighter by Albanians today.
Remove Kebab: Refers to the song “Karadzic, Lead Your Serbs”, which showcases a group of Bosnian Serb soldiers celebrating their leader Radovan Karadzic (the president of Republika Srpska who was convicted of war crimes against Bosniak and Croat civilians during the 1990s Yugoslav Wars). Quickly became a popular meme, especially among the Paradox grand strategy game community, before being adopted by the Alt-Right.
Refugees Welcome to Hell: Self-explanatory.
Edward Codrington: A British Admiral who supported the Greeks during the Greek Revolutionary War. Most notable for his victory at Navarino in 1827, which completely wiped out an Ottoman armada and forced the Egyptian Army to evacuate from Greece.
Antonio Bragadin: Venetian general who led the defense of the Cypriot city of Famagusta in 1570. Was eventually skinned alive by Grand Vizer Lala Mustafa Pasha after the city fell due to his supposed killing of a group of Muslim pilgrims.
Ernst Rudiger von Starhemberg: Austrian military governor who led the defense of Vienna in 1683. Used clever tactics and planning (including blowing up tunnels dug by Janissaries) to delay the larger Ottoman army (120,000-20,000) until Polish reinforcements arrived.
Konstantin II Asen: Ruled the Tsardom of Vidin during the early 15th century. Regarded as the last ruler of old Bulgaria.
Battle of Ivankovac: First major victory of Serbian Revolutionaries over a regular Ottoman Army in 1805. The outnumbered Serb forces were able to survive an ambush and hold until reinforcements arrived, killing a Pasha and forcing the Turks to retreat.
Pavlo Lapshyn: British White Supremacist of Ukrainian-Tatar ancestry bombed 3 mosques in the West Midlands and murdered 82-year-old Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham in 2013. Told police his goal was to kill and harm non-whites.
Michael Szilagyi: Hungarian general and brother-in-law to Hunyadi who defended the fortress of Belgrade in 1456. Eventually was captured, tortured, and sawed in half in Constantinople by Turkish soldiers.
Bohemond I of Antioch: Experienced Leader of the First Crusade who would later go on to become the Prince of Antioch (a Crusader state). Went on to fight multiple campaigns against both the Arab states and Byzantines.
Gaston IV of Bearn: French count who fought in the First Crusade, showing notable performances at the sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem. Ironically enough, Gaston actually had very sympathetic feelings for Muslims, advocating for their rights under Christian rule and peaceful dialogue/negotiation with Islamic communities and powers. He even attempted to save members of the Muslim community during the Sack of Jerusalem by hiding them in Al Aqsa Mosque.
Pelayu: Misspelling of Pelagius. He was a Visogothic nobleman who founded the Kingdom of Asturias in Northern Spain in the early 8th century, fending off the Umayyad invasion. He is thus seen as the man who started the Reconquista.
David Soslan: King consort of Georgia in the late 12th and early 13th century. He is known for his victories over Turkic groups which solidified Georgian dominance over the Caucasus.
David the Builder: A 12th-century Georgian King who expelled the Seljuks from the country and ushered in the Georgian Golden Age.
Dmitri Senyavin: Russian Admiral who fought in 3 wars against the Ottomans from the late 18th to early 19th century. Instrumental is allowing Russia to gain naval dominance over the Black Sea.
Serban Cantacuzino: Wallachian Prince who betrayed the Ottomans and helped the Austrians during the Siege of Vienna. He planned on joining the Holy League if the Austrians promised him the throne of Constantinople.
Marko Miljanov: Montenegrin chief and war hero, most known for his victory at the Battle of Fundina in 1876 mentioned earlier.
Stefan Lazarvic: Ruler of Serbia and founding member of the Order of the Dragon, he was previously an Ottoman vassal before declaring independence and allying himself with the Hungarians in the early 15th century.
Gjergj Arianiti: Albanian noble and father-in-law of Skanderbeg, he was an important Albanian lord and ruler in the League of Lezhe.
For the Bataclan: Refers to the Bataclan theater, which was hit as part of the November 2015 Paris Attacks by ISIS. The theater, which was holding a concert for the hard rock band “Eagles of Death Metal”, was faced with a mass shooting and hostage situation which killed 90 attendees.
Sonenrrad: Also known as the Black Sun, this icon was popularized in Nazi Germany and remains a prominent far-right symbol to this day.
Sinine Aratus Mark: Symbol of Sinine Aratus, a far-right nationalist party in Estonia.
Celtic Cross: An old symbol of the Gaelic Church that the Nazi Party adopted in various countries during the 30s and 40s. It is known now for being the icon of the website Stormfront.
Stefan the Great: Prince of Moldova in the 15th century who led multiple campaigns against the Ottomans and their vassal leaders in modern-day Romania. Often regarded by Romanians as one of the greatest leaders of the nation.
Psalm 144:1: “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;”
Knight’s Templar Brievik: Reference to Anders Brievik, a far-right Norwegian terrorist who killed 69 people at a Worker’s Youth League Summer Camp on Utoya island. His motivations were to stop Eurabia (a conspiracy theory that states that elites are trying to replace Europeans with Arabs or other Middle Easterners), which he thought the party was promoting due to their pro immigration and multicultural stance.
Marcantonio Colonna: Viceroy of Sicily who led the Papal Naval forces at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. He famously killed the head admiral of the Turkish Navy, Ali Pasha, and placed his head on a spike, which demoralized the Turks and helped hasten their loss.
Werwolf’s Symbol: Ancient Germanic symbol that could supposedly ward off wolves, later became a symbol of German liberty and independence. Was adopted by the Nazis.
Deus Vult: Rallying cry for Crusaders, translates to “God Wills It”
This Machine kills Communists: A twist on a message that American folk singer Woody Guthrie put on his guitar.
Otoya Yamaguchi: Japanese Ultranationalist student who assassinated the chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party Inejirō Asanuma on live TV in 1960.
Seven lives for my country: Quote from Otoya, supposedly referencing a 14th-century Samurai.
TO ENGLAND TO EUROPE TO BRITAIN THEY WERE TRUE: Quote by Oswald Mosley, head of the British Union of Fascists during the 20s and 30s.
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