Pentair pool pump control panel manual

NG Pool heater 30k gallon pool .

2023.03.24 14:15 cruff1987 NG Pool heater 30k gallon pool .

Looking into a pool heater for in ground pool. Trying to decide what brand to get . I’m in between pentair and Hayward . Anyone use and have a remote controller? Really want to be able to have it turn on and off from my phone . I have a variable speed pump so it’s always running .
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2023.03.24 13:25 j9977 Home ventilation system, relative humidity sensor issue

I have a home ventilation system that works our house throughout.
In our shower room/bathroom, we have the relative humidity sensor (it's the only 1 in the house). Obviously, once it senses the humidity, it elevates the fan speeds of the system after the shower has been on, but the problem is the fans don't ramp back down to normal speeds even after the humidity is gone hours later.
I've been having to reduce the ventilation system's fan speeds to normal speed manually from the system's control panel a few hours after each shower after giving them a chance to slow down themselves. Any idea what the issue is?
I recall it happening a year or so ago and I reset the whole system and maybe wiped the sensor unit inside, but then needed to do the set up of the whole system all over again, which took quite a bit of time. This fixed it until now where I'm noticing it again.
Before I replace the sensor or contact a repairman I wanted to see if there are tips I should try or what's the cause. It's a basic home ventilation system like this one:
And here's what the sensor unit looks like, with the actual sensor underneath the cap:
Thanks in advance for any tips!
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2023.03.24 13:23 AhangerHOBO Top 10 places to visit in Kashmir 2023 Ahanger HOBO

Top 10 places to visit in Kashmir 2023 Ahanger HOBO
Ahanger HOBO offers the best Travel Packages & Services throughout the Kashmir Valley, India.
Hotel Taxi Adventure \"Ahanger HOBO\"

1: Gurez Valley Kashmir:

Gurez Valley by Ahanger HOBO
Gurez Valley is one of the least explored regions of Kashmir and the one that can truly be called an offbeat destination. It is a place of high scenic beauty that does not really get the attention that it truly deserves. and the natural beauty of the mountains that you see here is very different from what you will see elsewhere.
Gurez, also spelled Gurais, is a valley located at a distance of about 154 kilometers from Srinagar. Due to its proximity to the border, tourist movement in the region was not allowed until a few years ago.
But now, Indian nationals can travel to Gurez Valley as long as they are carrying valid government-issued identity proof (Aadhar card). Foreign nationals are required to obtain a permit from either Srinagar or Bandipora.
The valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It has diverse fauna and wildlife including the Himalayan brown bear and the snow leopard.
The Kishanganga River flows through the valley before merging into the Jhelum River near Muzaffarabad. Razdan Pass is the only high-altitude pass between Srinagar and Gurez. Due to heavy snowfall in winter, the road remains blocked for about six months a year. Gurez Valley can be reached by road between April to Sept.
The valley is divided into two districts, Dawar and Tilel. Dawar is also the central township in Gurez and this is where all the guest houses and homestays are available also there are no luxury accommodations yet located.

2: Keran Valley Kashmir:

Karen Valley by Ahanger HOBO
Keran is a village in Kupwara District. Keran valley got divided into two parts leaving thousands of souls separated from each other. The pain humans face due to the division of the valley can be well understood by their people. Keran is a beautiful border area with the Kishenganga River flowing through it which acts as a line of control between Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. The other side of the Kishanganga River is called Neelum Valley and the village located on the opposite side is also called Keran,
The ancient Sharada Peeth temple, as well as the adjacent ruins of Sharada University, are situated in the same Neelam Valley just a few miles from Keran. At Sharda village where Sharda temple and University are situated in the river, Kishanganga joins Madhumati and Sargun streams. It was among the most prominent temple universities in the Indian subcontinent. Kashmiri Pandit brethren have been demanding the opening of the Sharda Peeth corridor for many years now.
Keran is home to many beauties like streams, springs, rivers, mountains, dense forests including walnut trees, and to a variety of Wildlife. On the way to Keran at Firkiyan top the 360-degree view of the surroundings is mesmerizing and enchanting beauty brings goosebumps. One can witness the lush green forests, Meadows, Streams, and also the architecture of wooden houses. The wooden architecture and style of construction of the house are still standing tall all across the Keran. These precious wooden houses need to be preserved and protected and need to be promoted as heritage sites.
The landslide decision of the Government of India to bring border areas like Keran, Gurez, Tangdhar, Machil, and Bangus on the tourism map has brought happiness to the faces of the People of Kashmir. These are the new tourist destinations that will facilitate peace and development in these border areas.
Any non-resident traveler, wishing to visit the border areas of Keran, Karnah, and Machil has to obtain permission from District Magistrate Kupwara which is very easy as the interested person need not personally visit any Office but have to get it through online mode. A non-resident traveler can access the portal at and register himself/herself. In Kupwara or Kralpora Market, a traveler can hire a vehicle of his choice for Keran or can go in his own car also as conditions of the road from Kralpora to Kupwara is good except few kilometers which are not metallic but motorable. Along with a few government-owned rest houses, there are homestay facilities available for tourists. Camping tents are also available along with all basic facilities.
Since the spot has recently been introduced as a tourist destination, a lot is being done to promote tourism in the area by the government particularly the Indian army is always seen giving a helping hand to the local population to lead Keran towards peace and prosperity.

3: Pahalgam Kashmir (The Village of Shepherds):

Pahalgam Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
One of the most famous and beautiful destinations in all of Kashmir Valley is Pahalgam “the Village of the Shepherds”. It is located 96km (about 3 hours’ drive) from Srinagar.
Originally a sleepy wee village of Shepphards (more rumors abound that Jesus passed some time here amongst his flock!) Pahalgam has exquisite scenery of majestic pines, and blossoming high-altitude meadows looking up to snowy peaks and down into beautiful blue rivers. It is possible to enjoy a day trip to this location to get out of noisy Srinagar but the beauty of Pahalgam does not lie around the small bazaar, hotels, and parks of Pahalgam town but in the mountains past Aru.
Pahalgam Town
The journey from Srinagar itself gives- you a taste of what lies ahead. Noisy congested streets give way to poplars and rice fields, where flashes of color from the pink or green of a woman’s head scarf to the golden grain reflect the sunlight.
You know Pahalgam is approaching when you spy the rushing and refreshing Lidder River starting to turn and gurgle. When you hit Pahalgam town, there is quite a noisy bazaar reminiscent of Dal gate selling the usual Kashmiri handicrafts and shawls. If only stay for the day there is a number of parks where you can relax and enjoy a picnic.

4: Gulmarg Kashmir “The Meadow of Flowers”:

Gulmarg Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
It may be possible to take a tourist map of Kashmir and replace it with a picture of Gulmarg. Gulmarg is the Kashmir valley’s most famous and primary tourist destination, especially in the winter when the temperature is low and the snow is soft and powdery. Gulmarg is the location for all the adventure activities from skiing, heli-skiing, and snowboarding, to high-altitude golf, trekking, and riding the world-famous gondola.
Gulmarg is an open meadow surrounded by lovely thick pine forests and in the spring the grassy slopes are covered with wildflowers, bluebells, daisies, forget-me-nots, and butter cups. Gulmarg lies under the majestic Mount Apharwat (4511m) in the northeast of the Pir-Panjal range about 55 km from Srinagar. The beautiful valley of Gulmarg is about 3km in length (meaning you can easily walk to most places), crescent-shaped, and just less than 1km wide. The drive to Gulmarg itself is beautiful, passing through avenues of poplar trees and rice fields until you begin your steep ascent through majestic pines. Gulmarg can be enjoyed on a day trip with a picnic and a ride in the gondola. Or come here to relax and ski, and with the opening of the second phase of the gondola in 2005, it is now a world-class destination for skiers of all abilities. Others come to hike from Gulmarg to other lush locations in the Kashmir valley such as the famous and most beautiful meadow of Tosamaidan. When both stages of the gondola are operational you can journey up to the Apharwat station for amazing views and photo opportunities of the valley and the Kishtwar and Himalayan ranges.
The French firm Poma designed the gondola and at 12992ft is considered the highest in the world. The beauty of all the white snow piling up around the trees and hills is a beautiful sight and should not be missed if you are in Kashmir in the winter.

5: Verinag Kashmir:

Verinag Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
Lying at the north-western foot of the Banihal pass is Verinag, the largest spring in Kashmir (78kms from Srinagar), which is said to never dry up or overflow. It lies in a beautiful and peaceful garden with an octagonal pool in the middle, which Emperor Jehangir had converted from a circle to fit with the Mughal style. It is said he would rest here for weeks after crossing the Pir Panjal from Punjab. And it is indeed a place to relax and enjoy, the most perfect picnic spot in the Kashmir Valley. The pool which emits a clear sparkling stream is said to be Nila Nag the son of Kashyap Reshi, who was made King of the Kashmiri Nagas (nag snake worshippers). There are beautiful carvings of stones in Persian on the walls surrounding the spring telling how this great source of underwater spring is contained. There are guest houses here and also a tourist bungalow in which you can pass a relaxing night, before returning to Srinagar or continuing back over the Pir Panjal to Jammu. There is a Shaivite shrine located just outside the complex that draws pilgrims every year who come for a ritual dip on the first day of the year according to the Hindu lunar calendar. Verinag is also said to be the source of the Jhelum River, the blood that flows through Kashmir’s body. To reach Verinag, first, you must take shared sumo from the Dalgate petrol pump to Anantnag (Islamabad) from the jeep stand here take another car to Verinag.

6: Sonmarg "The Meadow of Gold":

Sonmarg Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
Sonamarg the Meadow of Gold and is located 84 km from Srinagar. Sonamarg can either be reached by road or by trekking from Pahalgam. By road, Sonamarg is the last stop with tea houses, accommodations, and restaurants before you cross the Zoji-La and enter Ladakh. Sonamarg is Kashmir's most famous meadow, named for the time when, under the afternoon sunlight, the meadow turns to gold. The slopes and meadows are layered with mountain flowers, and the surrounding forests are thick with firs, sycamore, and birch, creating that sumptuous mountain aroma! Today the main bazaar of Sonamarg, like Pahalgam, has become crowded by opportunism. So please venture beyond the main road and let yourself dive into the magical mountain surroundings. If just visiting for the day there are a few activities you can explore. Pony rides and picnics are most popular with the locals. You can also try trout fishing for INR50 per fish. The best thing to do on a day trip is to walk to Thajiwas, 1/1.5 hours walk from the main bazaar, you can also take a taxi halfway and then a horse. Thajiwas is a small and lovely side valley and is located at the foot of the Sonamarg glacier. It is an amazing location, for at least five glaciers come cascading down the mountains to meet at this point! If you would like to stay the night and enjoy the mountain peaks and glaciers, there is a tourist hut and also an awesome camping ground. Another longer, walk, would be to Baltal, which is a base camp for the Amarnath Yatra. It is located 15km north of Sonamarg and is a small lovely valley at the base of Zoji La, you can make the walk but it is also possible to drive. You can camp here next to the bank of the river. If you are lucky, you will spot Gujjars and their herd being dwarfed by the snow-covered peaks, also by groves of fir and poplar trees. The Sonamarg meadow used to be a popular grazing ground for the Gujjar cattle herders, unfortunately, use and development have rendered it unsuitable for grazing their livestock anymore. Note that Sonamarg is another great starting point for exciting mountain treks. You can reach Sonamarg by SRTC Bus leaving at 8:30 am every morning during the tourist season. The 'deluxe 19-seater is INR351 and the 'high-tech' 36-seater is INR271. There are no real budget hotels in Sonamarg during the summer season, everything is priced at INR 4000 and above. If you have a tent a good option is to camp at the Thajiwas glacier camping ground.

7: Tulip Garden Srinagar Kashmir:

Tulip Garden by Ahanger HOBO
Kashmir Tulip Garden is called "Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden", Erlier Model Floriculture Center Kashmir, and it is a tulip garden located in Srinagar, Kashmir, India. It is the largest tulip garden in the Asia continent and has spread over an area of about 74 acres of land. It is situated under the foot side of the Zabarwan range of mountains, built on a sloping ground in a terraced fashion consisting of seven terraces if you manage to go up, then you would be able to see the Dal Lake view. It was opened in the year 2007 to boost floriculture tourism in the Kashmir Valley. earlier it was called Siraj Bagh. Around more than a million million tulip bulbs get cultivated every year, all in different colors, like (Pink, Violet, White, Yellow, Red, and many more) Besides tulips, there are many varieties of flowers, including hyacinths, daffodils, and ranunculus which were brought from Holland. The tulip garden is home to around 68 varieties of tulips.
Tulip festival
The tulip festival is celebrated in the month of April every year, This year 2023 it has been opened before its time (on 19 Mar)
The Tulip festival is an annual Spring festival to increase tourism by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

8: Doodhpathri Kashmir:

Doodhpathri Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
Doodhpathri is known as the Valley of Milk. Doodhpathri is a tourist destination and a hill station in Kashmir. It is located in Khansahib area of budgam of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated at an altitude of 2,730 meters (8,960 ft) from sea level, it is located at a distance of 50 km from Srinagar.
The road to Doodhpathri from Srinagar is quite pleasant. Your journey to be quite beautiful with stunning landscapes on the way. The natural beauty of the place is absolutely mesmerizing. The lush green meadows have such a velvety appearance that you will feel like walking barefoot on the green grass. The place is surrounded by tall conifers. The snow-capped mountain range looms in the background at one side. The air is cool and simply breathtaking. This is a place where time seems to have stopped!
There was once a famous Kashmiri saint Sheikh Noor din Noorani who had come to this place to pray. He wanted to pray and was looking for water in the meadows. He used his stick to prick the ground in search of water. And instead of water, milk comes gushing out. Sheikh Noorani, however, did not want to use the milk to wash his hands and feet. He thought that the milk was to be used for drinking purposes only. So by divine provenance, the milk again changed back to water! And the meadows got its name “Doodhpathri.
This place also has an interesting tale behind it. However, the name Doodhpathri perhaps came from the gushing river that flows in the valley. The fast-flowing water when strikes against the stones give a milky appearance. This could have been the reason why this place is known as Doodhpathri. After all, the name literally translates into the “Valley of Milk” Doodh means milk and Pathri means valley. The tourists visiting Kashmir usually travel to Pahalgam, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg on their first visit. Not many tourists visit here. The majority of the people visiting there are mostly Kashmiri locals going there for picnics. However, you can include this place in your itinerary if you want to explore a bit of offbeat Kashmir.

9: Naranag Kashmir:

Naranag Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
This village can be the base camp for trekking to Gangbal Lake or to summit Mt Harmoukh. Visiting this village and its surroundings in itself is beautiful and it is possible to either camp here for the night or stay the night with the local villagers. It is also a base for the treks to Gadsar, Vishansar, and Krishansar lakes, although these require more time around 5 to 7 days of walking. The drive to Naranag from Srinagar (2.5 hours) is gorgeous and as you ascend through the valleys and see the flashes of tin roofs, baby mosques, signs of simple village life, and verdant green, you will be glad you took the opportunity! If you drive through the afternoon as the sun is on its descent, the whole world turns a warm bronzy gold, which is just champagne for a photographer or videographer.
Naranag is a popular tourist destination for its proximity and ease from Srinagar, its luscious surroundings, and the mysterious ruins of a large Hindu temple.

10: Old City Srinagar:

Old City Kashmir by Ahanger HOBO
The Old City of Srinagar must be visited before you can even get a glimpse into what traditional Kashmiri life must have been like. The old town is situated around the river Jhelum and can be divided into sections along with its famous bridges. Before the Islamic rulers came, there were no bridges in the old city, small boats were moored at either side to provide cross-river water transportation. The people of the old city are inquisitive and kind, you will be stared upon, approached, and usually invited in for chai, “chai chakha/chai pyoo”. The sights of the old city are many and varied.
There are two ways to discover the old city, by land or by sea, if you have enough time, it is suggested you experience both! You can take a Shikara or motorboat from Dal Lake, Nageen Lake, or the Bund behind Lal Chowk. Prices will be negotiable, anywhere from INR800 up, entirely depending on the season, the distance, time, and the temperament of the Shikara wallah. Shikara wallahs can also provide lunch, tea, snacks, and other items if you so desire. Seeing the old city by the water, you can really get a feeling of the geography, as well as the former glory of Srinagar. The first thing you will notice is that the Kashmiris are people of the water as much as they are people of the mountains. Their lives were and still are shaped by the bends of the river, the Jhelum particularly has been a place of agriculture, trade, worship, life, and death. You will get to see how the old city of Srinagar has been situated around the river Jhelum, with bridges spanning the river at intervals and connecting the two sides, and how many of the old temples and shrines are located right on the banks. You will see glimpses of former magnificent houses of wood and mud and official buildings constructed by the Mughal rulers bordering the river and begin to understand how much of the body of Srinagar was run by the blood of the Jhelum. There are a few ways to reach the old city on foot. You can enter from the Dal Lake by walking straight through Khayam (take the Dal Gate bridge and walk away from the bazaar and the Boulevard) and just keep walking (you can also take the bus from the Dal Gate bridge heading away from the Bazaar). You can take a rickshaw from Dal and get dropped at Habba Kadal (approx INR50) and move from there. A third and most interesting walk is to start from near the Mahkdom Sahib Shrine and wander down the streets just under, where there lives a collection of folks who have made their homes in this place.
The best way to approach navigation of the old city is either to follow the river as much as you can and Crisscross the bridges at your fancy or turn into the city and enter into the alleyways and simply get lost. Inside you will discover the trades, products, food, and architecture of old.
Ahanger HOBO is a travel company located and based in Kashmir, India. Ahanger HOBO has thousands of happy clients and it is growing at a great pace every year.
Ahanger HOBO is the reputed and best travel agency in Kashmir, India. which offers Hotel, Taxi & Adventure, here is the list of adventure activities: Trekking Hiking Cliffhanging Mountain Biking Paragliding Surfing Caving Zip Line Camping Hot Air Ballooning.
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2023.03.24 13:02 ukedontsay New to me 230v configuration

Started up some equipment yesterday and came across an odd setup I've never seen before. Standard op to check and record incoming juice before powering up my equipment. 3 phase 230. All my leg to leg readings were right on 230, but to ground I was 125/125/250 VAC. Had a 'hold-up' moment and sought out the electricians. I want to say he called it a "high leg delta" or something? Could someone elaborate on this? Everything seemed to work right and had even amps across my pump motors. While writing this out, another thing came to mind. Would the manufacturer of the control panel/PLC need to know this before designing their equipment? Could it cause issues if not?
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2023.03.24 10:41 aluode SolarSoak Hot Tub

Introducing the SolarSoak - a portable, solar-powered inflatable hot tub designed to provide a relaxing and eco-friendly outdoor bathing experience wherever you go.
Key Features:
Solar-powered heating: The SolarSoak is equipped with high-efficiency solar panels that absorb sunlight and convert it into energy to heat the water in the hot tub. This eco-friendly solution allows you to enjoy a warm, soothing soak without the need for electricity or gas.
Rapid inflation and deflation: The SolarSoak features an integrated, battery-powered air pump that inflates the hot tub in minutes. The deflation process is just as quick and easy, making setup and takedown a breeze.
Durable and lightweight materials: The SolarSoak is made from puncture-resistant, UV-protected, and waterproof materials, ensuring durability and longevity while remaining lightweight and portable.
Built-in filtration system: The hot tub includes an efficient and easy-to-use water filtration system that helps maintain water cleanliness, reducing the need for frequent water changes.
Adjustable temperature control: The SolarSoak allows you to set your desired water temperature, maintaining a consistent warmth for your comfort.
Seating capacity: The hot tub can comfortably accommodate up to 4-6 people, making it perfect for a relaxing soak with friends or family.
Integrated LED lights: The SolarSoak features built-in LED lights that create a soothing and ambient atmosphere, perfect for evening relaxation or nighttime gatherings.
Carrying case: The hot tub comes with a durable carrying case for easy storage and transport, allowing you to bring the SolarSoak to camping trips, outdoor events, or even your backyard.
The SolarSoak provides an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for those who want to enjoy a relaxing hot tub experience in a variety of settings. Its portability and ease of use make it a perfect addition to any outdoor adventure or gathering.
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2023.03.24 10:10 cloudkiss Do I need controller for 2 extra fans ? (MSI X670 mobo)

I'm thinking upgrading my case already even before I get the delivery it's on UPS truck right now.
If I want to replace my H7 -> H7 flow + extra 2 fans on front. Do I need a NZXT fan/RGB controller ? It seems my mobo has a lot of ports for fans. Please take a look below :)

Thank you for help !

My mobo is MSI x670-p wifi.
INTERNAL I/O1x Power Connector(ATX_PWR) 2x Power Connector(CPU_PWR) 1x CPU Fan 1x Pump Fan 6x System Fan 2x Front Panel (JFP) 1x Chassis Intrusion (JCI) 1x Front Audio (JAUD) 1x Tuning Controller connector(JDASH) 2x Addressable V2 RGB LED connector (JARGB_V2) 2x RGB LED connector(JRGB) 1x TPM pin header(Support TPM 2.0) 4x USB 2.0 ports 4x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A ports 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C ports
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2023.03.24 10:00 Unusual-Ad-7339 NEW BNB MINER PROJECT - 14,2 % APR daily - SolarFarmMinerOffical

Solar Farm SolarFarmMinerOffical
Solar Farm is currently has the highest rising TVL’s, it’s based around three assets.: BNB, Solar Panels and Power (in Gigawatts). Deposit BNB in exchange for Panels. Your Panels will go to work earning Power. You will earn 14.28% of your Panels per day in the form of watts shown under “Manage Solar Farm”.
Daily percentage is up to 14.20%. This depends on claiming habits, time of day you compound or deposit, TVL fluctuation. The contract is written to provide an optimal entry for any and all users, new or old.
This is the reason the Panels per BNB amount changes frequently with TVL fluctuation to provide an even playing field for any new user coming to Solar Farm and not giving the first user a head start.
HOW DOES MINERS WORK?The way it works is pretty simple - you deposit your funds into the miner rewards pool and you earn daily interest. Your deposit is locked forever and you cannot withdraw it. However, you can always Claim or Compound your pending rewards. You can earn up to 12% Daily depending on the project you decide to invest in.HOW DOES DEFI WORK?Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology. It is based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. The system eliminates the control banks and institutions have on our money, financial services, and financial products.
Defi eliminates the fees banks and other financial companies charge us for using their services. Hold your money in a secure digital wallet instead of keeping it in a bank. Transfer funds and access your money within seconds.
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2023.03.24 09:02 SleeperMuscle Control Panel Lock LR4

I have to constantly unlock my control panel to get it to manually cycle. How is it getting locked? I’ve never used this feature and don’t need it.
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2023.03.24 08:21 PleaseWork-Throwaway Gigabit Ethernet Download Speeds Worked (for a few minutes) When New Modem Was Installed - Now, Ethernet Speeds Have Been Half As Fast.

I've finally reached my last resort which is begging for help from you lovely beautiful people here at HomeNetworking
I will say that I am not the most tech savvy nor do I know the most about networking, yet I can say that I've spent the past 4 days of my life losing my mind trying to solve this silly issue and attempting to learn and read as much as I physically can.
I'm going to attempt to format this as cleanly as I can along with all the equipment I use and every single thing I've already tried.
Here goes everything:



My ISP (Xfinity) recently upgraded my plan to Gigabit Internet with expected download speeds of ~1,000Mbps and upload speeds of ~20Mbps. Because of this I had to upgrade my modem from an older DOCSIS 3.0 Netgear modem which could not handle these speeds. I replaced it with a Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 CM2000 Modem that can handle these speeds from my ISP.


(My problem only has to do with ETHERNET DOWNLOAD SPEEDS as my upload speeds are maxing out. WiFi speeds are not as much of a concern to me given their limitations and the fact that they have consistently been in the 250-350Mbps range.)
The installation went smooth at first!
Right from the start, upon connecting my modem to my router (Netgear R6400 - AC1750) and then my router to my Laptop via Ethernet, I was reaching download speeds between 800-900Mbps.
This wouldn't last long... After an hour I ran another set of speed tests with my laptop connected to my router via Ethernet (the same setup as earlier) and my average download speeds were down to ~300-400Mbps.
My WiFi download speeds on the other hand were fast and consistent too. This was for all devices as my average WiFi download speeds were, and still are, 250-300Mbps in areas near the router and slower in other areas including dead zones which is expected and a non-issue for me.
When I connect my Laptop directly to my Modem, however, I get max speeds averaging around 900-940Mbps.
This is where my troubleshooting journey began...



So far, this is everything I have tried... There may be a few other things that went over my head, yet I will probably remember them if one of you end up mentioning it.
Could this also potentially be an issue with the Modem and Router as the Modem is DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 Backwards Compatible whereas the Router is DOCSIS 3.0 only?
In the meantime, there are a few other things that I am currently going to test in order to try and solve this issue:
I'm not sure what else to do from this point onwards, honestly. I'm exhausted from thinking of this problem and I barely have any experience with networking which is why I'd love to learn from others with more experience! Let me know if there's any other information that may help out too.

Thank you so much, if you made it this far, and I will keep this thread updated in case anybody else may be having this issue in the future~
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2023.03.24 05:42 poolrenovationnj Environmentally Friendly Pool Renovations in 2023

Environmentally Friendly Pool Renovations in 2023
Upgrade your pool in 2023 while keeping the environment in mind! These environmentally friendly pool renovations in 2023 not only reduce your environmental footprint but also help you save money. Have a splash without harming the plane.
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2023.03.24 01:56 thesawyer7102 Guide and update on my battery discharge issue to anyone else who needs help

Just a post to outline what I did that fiixed my high discharge rate on my g-14 6700s, since my last post got so many comments, and I saw many people had the same issue..
With these steps I brought my idle discharge rate from 17.8w to 6-8w, essentially tripling my battery life at the lowest.
Tldr: but still read my point on step 2! 1. Fresh install - then install drivers for amd from stock website and use g-helper. 2. Disable boost Boost clock - read more! Weird issues may happen to you too. 3. Windows power saving mode and take off 120hz and disable dgpu and put your fans on silent mode, and turn off kb backlight. (Super Obvious step) 4. Limit power consumption through g-helper 5. Limit CPU usage percent in the power plan and allow all power saving possibilities.
I will be going into all these steps in more detail below. However, read number two anyways.
Now, many people said Malwarebytes and chrome and teams were the issue. They weren't. However, I did stop them anyways since I don't use them except for chrome, and the different between resource usage from a different browser vs chrome is minimal, since all large browsers run on chrome. A large issue, however, was Xbox game bar. That uses resources to constantly record last thirty seconds in memory, however I was able to keep this enabled the whole time, but I could probably squeeze out another .1 if I disabled it.
  1. First, fresh install clearly. I had this done before, but this is necessary to do a fresh install, and disable auto install drivers. Find the stock drivers on the g-14 website, they do not include amd bloat ware.
  2. My power plan was switched without me doing it from balanced to performance. Now this matters because with this switch, then my settings for disabling boost clocks do not matter, and the CPU boost is set to aggressive no matter what. Just check to make sure this didn't happen to you as well unknowningly, as g g-helper still says CPU boost is off while it actually is not. I believe when you enable boost through g-helper it just turns on performance plan, which it cannot turn off. Enable CPU boost manually.
  3. This is pretty clear. Enable windows battery saving mode. However, I still forgot to do so. Oh and don't be on 120hz. Pretty simple and obviouse, but I still forgot! Oh and disable dgpu through g-helper. Pretty sure everyone knows this though. Oh and go on silent mode. Turn off kb backlight if you want too, it actually doesn't take too much power at all, but still helps and is useless during the daytime. This is the step everyone is probably already doing.
  4. Press on the fans and power button on g-helper and limit the overall power consumption down to 5, and the CPU down to 5 as well. You may want to put overall consumption on 10, since this is the step that makes the most difference but also makes your laptop rather slow. It is just fine for running chrome, watching videos, and browsing most apps, but adds a little latency. However, probably all you will need when your laptop is unplugged.
  5. Go to advanced power plan settings in the control panel, to whatever power plan settings you use. Then expand all the options and go through them for the one that expands battery life while the laptop is on battery. This takes like 30 seconds. Once you reach the CPU section, set lowest to 0, and max to ten for usage. I have not tested how much of a difference this makes, and anyone with more time maybe you could run some tests on this exactly? However it still does make a difference.
Hopefully this guide helps! I saw many other people in my last post with the same problem, so I hope this makes a difference for them as well.
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2023.03.24 01:30 Korringadinga SOLVED: Samsung 970Evo Plus SSD installation, cannot access SSD

SOLVED: Samsung 970Evo Plus SSD installation, cannot access SSD
I originally posted this but then deleted it as I was able to solve the issue. I am reposting it as SOLVED to help others out. I called Samsung and awesome support guy helped me in 3 minutes.
Short story is when some SSD's are installed they are allocated into a storage pool and not as its own drive.
Go to STORAGE SPACES, delete POOL. And that is it.
Hello all, I have Asus Laptop with Q524UQK motherboard. I am trying to install a Samsung 970Evo Plus SSD 2TB drive and having issues. I have a 2tb WD SSD for my primary boot drive and want to add additional storage.
Firstly, I know my laptop can run NVMe drives as I installed a WD BLACK 1TB Sn850X M.2 drive and my laptop was excited and populated the drive with no issues. I installed the 970Evo and I get Butkus. I can see the 970Evo SSD in the Bios, Device Manager, Storage Spaces but will not allow me to populate or access the drive.
In Properties it is listed "Bus Number 0, Target Id 0, LUN 0"
I am running most current Samsung SSD Magician but it does not see the drive.
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2023.03.24 01:05 theeverydaykitchen Top 10 Best Juicer Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: Ninja Fit QB3001SS
"This model comes with a pair of 16oz. single-serve cups that allow you to blend drinks on the go. The blades are removable, made of stainless steel, and are very sharp."
Budget Pick: Oster BLSTPB-WBL
"This model comes with high speed and heat-dissipating function. With a motor that is rated 400Watts, it completely breaks down the food you put in it – ice, vegetables, and fruit in 10-20 seconds."
Best Set: NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender
"The RX has a super-high wattage of 1700. At 1700W, you’d hope for the smoothest smoothie ever, with not a chunk in sight. But it can not only blend cold foods, but also pump heat into soups and sauces as it blends."
Best Family-Size Capacity: Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender
"The container of the BBL 620 has the max liquid capacity of 50 OZ, amount – enough to serve the entire family. The blades are semi-permanently attached and assembled and are stainless steel made and offer longer longevity."
Best Accessories: Vaeqozva Juicer Blender
"This model offers the blend of high-performance and tightly integrated features, one-button blending and cleaning, and the inclusion of three metal straws as well as a cleaning brush."
Best Portable Blender: Hotsch Portable Blender
"One of the portable blenders that you can find in the market. It comes in high capacity battery through the USB interface; the device can easily load through an external battery, a computer, an automobile or other USB devices."
Best Number of Speeds: Blendtec Designer 625 Blender
"This model has 1,560 watts, 3 horsepower motor pulverizes ingredients and blends smoothies, juices, hot soups, ice creams, dips & spreads, whole juice, and more. And it also features a six-speed touch slider and a pulse feature."
Best Smart Blender: JAWZ High Performance Blender
"This tech-friendly unit takes blending to the next level with the touchscreen control panel and industrial-grade horsepower – enjoy ten-speed settings."
Best for On-the-Go Use: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender (Raspberry)
"This is the ideal blender to accompany you where you go, with the blend-and-go design and dishwasher-safe parts."
Best Value: HERRCHEF Personal Blender
"With a simple one-touch operation, the HERRCHEF Blender allows for easy operation, helping users to reach a soft-serve consistency in as little as 10 seconds."
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2023.03.24 00:49 theeverydaykitchen Top 6 Best Vacuum Sealers for Liquids 2023

Editor’s Choice: FoodSaver V4840
"High-quality vacuum sealer for liquids with easy set-up and automatic functions. For 8, 11-in bags. Moisture detector. Handheld sealer."
Best Heavy-Duty Vacuum Sealer: Weston Pro-2300
"Commercial-grade vacuum sealer for liquids that gives you full control of your sealing process. For 15-in bags. LED indicators. Seals through moisture."
Best Chamber Vacuum Seale: VacMaster VP215
"Chamber vacuum sealer that handles large amount of work really well. ¼ hp motor power. 20-40 sec vacuum sealing time. Digital control panel."
Best Value: NutriChef PKVS18
"Moderately priced vacuum sealer for liquids with space-saving design. Automatic sealing process. 3.3 ft power cord. Stain—resistant surface."
"Very convenient to use vacuum sealer for liquids with tight sealing and automatic work. Double vacuum pump. Built-in bag cutter. Locking handle."
Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro
"This vacuum sealer for liquids has slick design and convenient accessory storage. Built-in bag cutter. LED indicators. Compact."
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2023.03.24 00:49 theeverydaykitchen Top 7 Best Chamber Vacuum Sealers 2023

Editor's Choice: Waring Commercial WCV300 Vacuum Sealer
"This is a classy chamber vacuum sealer that has multiple functions and can marinate foods. It is durable and made of stainless steel. 11.8” x 12.6” x 3.19” chamber size. 2-quart max bag size. 11” double-seal bar."
Best Value: BestEquip DZ 260S Chamber Vacuum Sealer
"The stainless steel construction makes this one of the most durable models. It is versatile and offers good value for the price. 12.9” x 10.8” x 2” chamber size. 10” max bag size. Transparent glass lid."
Premium Pick: VacMaster VP320 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
"This premium option comes with all the features required to have a good experience. It boasts highly customizable controls, durable parts, and excellent performance. 16.75″ x 18″ x 7″ chamber size. 16″ x 20″ max bag size. Digital control panel with pressure indicator."
Best Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer: Vesta Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer
"This is a vertical model with a digital display that makes it easy to use and adjust programs. 12.4” x 10.3” x 3.75” chamber size. 10.2″ max bag size. Marinate feature."
Best Versatile Vacuum Sealer: Weston Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Pro-2500)
"This model comes with an adjustable seal time, LED display, stainless steel body, and transparent lid. It is versatile and certainly meets most of your sealing requirements. 4.5″ chamber height. 12″ x 14″ max bag size. Adjustable seal time."
Easiest to Program: Hamilton Beach Commercial HVC254 PrimaVac
"Thanks to several programs, this is an excellent option that is easy to use and offers good performance. 11.22” x 13.58” x 5.6” chamber size. 10″ x 13″ max bag size. Adjustable soft air."
Best with Accessory Port: VacMaster VP95 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
"This model comes with a 9.25” seal bar, single-piston oil pump, 20-60 sec cycle time, marinate function, accessory port, and stainless steel body. 9.5″ x 10.5″ x 3.25″ chamber size. 9″ x 12″ max bag size. Simple controls."
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2023.03.23 23:46 prestappal 1988 Chevy s10 4.3L 178k miles - unintentional acceleration on start up help.

Hey Mech’s,
Long story short: I’m helping a friend work on a chevy s10 that is cranking and turning over, but immediately begins to accelerate to max. My diagnosis is currently something to do with fuel/electronics. Its like pressing down on the gas pedal to the floor on start up, even if I physically press the gas pedal because it will smell fuel heavy after shutting down. I will post full back story below, current fixes, but any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I am also an amateur DIY shade tree/YouTube/Haynes learner, I’ve brought back and still drive a 94 ford ranger, so any advice is also welcomed.
Back story: vehicle was involved in a off road ditch crash, nothing too serious, but was dead to drive home. After the accident, I assumed it essentially trip the ECM fuse, knocked loose the shift linkage, and some light alignment problems. The vehicle sat for months, and when I arrived to help, my friend (who is not mechanically inclined) said they thought the fuel pump was bad, so I trusted they were right and we swapped out the fuel pump (not the pillow) and did not fix the issue. After I reviewed the vehicle at the time, the only problem was a blown ECM fuse. Replaced the fuse, truck ran fine for a couple weeks. Friend said they went back and replaced the pillow, drove for those couple of weeks, but then, came the ECM/B fuses blowing out. They called a tow truck, hauled it to a friends house, I checked it out and solved this issue by replacing that fuse and I advised to take it to a shop to prevent any future problems. They didn’t and kept throwing fuses into it until the truck wouldn’t start even with a new fuse and called me back to check it out.
From the first day, I checked out a Haynes manual and checked what was powering that fuse: first line was the oil pressure sending unit, and once I checked it out, it was leaking with oil. I attempted to take the clip off and broke it, so now had a job to do. Now, in retrospect, If I didn’t touch anything the truck was extremely low on oil and assume If I would of added oil, the truck could of continue to run (?) but I wanted to do the job right.
Some time later, after removing the distributor, I replaced the OEM OPSU with a Advance AP part and soldered a new 3-wire connector. I TDC the engine, put the distributor back, line the spark plug wires, turned it over, but upon start up, the unintentional acceleration started. With the shift linkage still loose, the truck is unreliable to drive, and practically, will take off on its own.
Recent repairs, questionables, and diagnosis: So, I thought what the original problem was the 3-wire Oil pressure sending unit, which I thought was was: Power, Accessory power, and ground, two exact Orange with black stripe wires and brown wire, and maybe I had soldered the two O+BK stripe wires in opposites. I swapped those but did not fix the problem. I broke a vacuum line running to the ERG valve, but replaced the line. I so far tested (unplugged, started, plugged, started…) and swapped the IAC (idle air control) and Map sensor with new auto zone parts and hasn’t fixed it. I unplugged the throttle position sensor and started the truck to see if that was the problem, but same results. The cable to the gas pedal looked and felt fine, I can’t see any vacuum leaks, but can’t test because of the shift linkage being loose and the unintentional acceleration.
Final words: Ive slowed the timing down so far to the point that the truck still turns over but is still max accelerating, but any added throttle from the gas pedal has no effect. I had one successful start: normal idle and throttle was responsive to gas pedal after unplugging the OEM IAC on start up, but when I shut down and swapped it out, the problem returned and couldn’t recreate the solution. When I soldered the OPSU, I had little work space so I was leaning onto the EGR, Carb, and throttle body constantly. Any other concerns are there is too much transmission fluid in the truck and, from my understanding, the accessory/2nd power wire from the OPSU goes to the fuel pump relay. Maybe the fuel replay is faulty and just actively open? Any ideas? My plan is to return Sunday with a solution, but this is outside my research circle.
I will try to respond as quickly as possible and answer any questions. If all ends well, I’d be glad to post a pic for thanks.
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2023.03.23 22:21 gh05td0g [USA-NJ] [H] 2*waveshare 7.9" Capacitive Touch Screen LCD [W] Paypal, Local Cash

New, in the box. Bought these to display PC stats such as CPU load, GPU temp, clock speed within the case etc.... for builds that I ended up not starting.
Can be found on Amazon for $98 + tax + shipping. I have 2 of then: Asking for $50 each.
Waveshare 7.9inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3A+/2B/B+/A+/Zero/Zero W/WH/Zero 2W CM3+/4 400×1280 Resolution HDMI IPS Supports Jetson Nano/Windows
About this item
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2023.03.23 22:13 pugsley8008 Erotic fiction - 'Let Down Your Hair' - solo wig/hair play/hairjob

It took monumental effort not to stare at it all day, sitting innocuously displayed on the mannequin in the front of the store. Allen’s eyes darted toward it again. He could barely concentrate on his closing duties as he patiently mopped. So long. So much of it.
The wig’s thick, straight, auburn hair hung heavy on the display head, the ends grazing the mannequin’s high heeled feet. Allen’s own feet tapped anxiously as he imagined what it must feel like to stroke those gorgeous tresses. It had been a long shift at the Adult Boutique and he had to deal with so many weirdos and perverts all day, it was hard to keep his own fantasies contained. The clock was about to hit 11 and it would finally be time for him to close up.
Before long, the moment finally came, and Allen swiftly laid his mop back in the corner and rushed to the CCTV controls behind the counter. With a few choice clicks, the system was disabled for the day. He finally had his chance, even though he knew it was wrong. He had wanted to do this ever since that rapunzel-like wig arrived for the Valentine’s display at the beginning of the month, and now it was finally time to take it all down. Nobody would really miss it, right?
Allen’s mouth practically watered at the sight of it as he slowly approached the wigged mannequin. With an outstretched hand, he gently ran his fingers through the long flowing locks. He immediately felt his pants tighten as he pet the wig. So silky and soft. It was maddeningly erotic.
He hurriedly unzipped his pants and released his hardening dick. It throbbed and twitched as he let it tenderly graze the auburn tresses. It was almost too much for him to bear, but he didn’t want to blow his load just yet. He continued to caress the wig, moving his hands up and down, stroking the soft hair and fanning it out to watch it fall gracefully back into place. The shine on that mane was intoxicating.
He shimmied out of his pants and tossed them aside before approaching the mannequin again. He lifted his shirt and let the long, beautiful hair cascade against his bare stomach and thighs. His now rock-hard cock was draped with it and he groaned quietly in pleasure. He pulled back out and watched as a thin string of precum stretched between his erection and the thick waterfall of hair.
Allen’s heart pounded as he gathered the tresses into a sleek bundle in one hand and began wrapping it around his cock with the other. The silky strands slid with tantalizing ease when he started to stroke; back and forth, back and forth. He rolled his hips with a smooth rhythm and continued, more precum leaking out of his dick and leaving a slick trail against the cold plastic mannequin.
The soft ends of the lengthy bundle slapped against his balls and his thighs trembled. He quickened his pace and angled his hard cock up into the hair that was still hanging loose above. The pink, swollen head teased itself between the strands and he couldn’t help but moan again. He reached up and stroked the top of the mannequin’s head. Gripping tightly, he tugged the wig away from its modeled scalp and hugged it to his chest.
Burying his face into the mound of hair, he kept fucking it. The bangs tickled his cheeks and his nose filled with a perfumy aroma. All his fantasizing had finally become a reality and he wanted to savor every moment of it. In that moment, Allen wanted his entire world to become that long, flowing wig.
His pace quickened again desperately and the locks whipped themselves softly against his bare skin. With the luxurious bundle flopping back and forth around his throbbing cock, Allen felt as though he was about to burst. He didn’t want this hair fantasy to end, but he just couldn’t take it anymore.
He collapsed to the ground, clutching the wig and slumping against the wall. He gathered all the tresses and coiled them into one big bun around his dick. He pumped his hips like his life depended on it, fucking the soft and flopping donut of hair. His breathing was fast and hot and sweat pooled on his brow. It was better than any pussy he’d ever been inside. The most intense and satisfying pleasure.
With one final deep groan, Allan’s legs spasmed and he released a warm wad of cum. It was shot out with such force that it splattered on the floor far in front of him. His body went limp and he let his grip on the wig loosen. The river of hair pooled in his lap and his cock slowly began to relax down into the fluffy mound. Wow.
His brain was fuzzy and his body was weak, but he knew he had to snap himself back to reality. He staggered to his feet and collected the now slightly tangled wig from the floor before stuffing it haphazardly into his backpack, precum and all. He’d deal with it later.
Allan’s glance fell back to the little blob of semen he had left behind. He had just mopped and now he had to deal with it all over again. Whatever though, it was totally worth it.
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2023.03.23 18:54 justin_kasmweb Kasm Workspaces 1.13.0 Beta - Come try out the new features.

Hi all, While we are putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Kasm Workspaces 1.13.0 release, we wanted to invite you to test out some of the new features coming your way. We are really excited to get these in your hands, so we welcome feedback.
Some of the highlight features are:
We have a number of other features and fix but I'll leave it here for now. We invite you to test the beta via our developer preview builds. Docs and info are available here:
General feedback can be given in this thread. For bugs or detailed troubleshooting it will be easier if you file an issue here:
Full release notes are here:
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2023.03.23 18:49 Oya_Chango_9 So if a donor has their Covid-19 vaccines she doesn’t won’t take their milk. She’s selfish and still pushing this narrative with her anti vaxx stance.Also so much for pushing the sovereign lifestyle.

So if a donor has their Covid-19 vaccines she doesn’t won’t take their milk. She’s selfish and still pushing this narrative with her anti vaxx stance.Also so much for pushing the sovereign lifestyle. submitted by Oya_Chango_9 to junglefairylandsnark [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 18:37 _Astra__ A Comprehensive & Probably Really Long Guide On CSGO Optimization

A Comprehensive & Probably Really Long Guide On CSGO Optimization
BEFORE READING: This post is meant to serve as a recollection of the changes made to my system that might help people looking forward to further optimizing their pcs and maybe proving feedback on how this could be improved upon.

\* So first things first, I want to clarify I'm in no way an expert, I have a background in Computer Science and do program, but that's about it, so please do not skip step 1 *\**
**Also, my pc is in Spanish, so options might not have the exact same name, in case you are left wondering which one it is, please ask! \\**


If you want to measure how much has your pc improved, feel free to use, it is pretty intuitive and should give you a detailed report of how your PC performs. It will also give you suggestions, sometimes.
Mine looks like this, so I'm pretty confident this changes will help you all :)

Step 1: Creating a restore point

  1. Press your windows button
  2. Type "restore" and click on "Create a restore point"
  3. Click "Create" and make sure you name it something recognizable

Step 2: Fixing & Optimizing Windows

This will not only help you with CSGO, but also with every other game.
It's honestly such a pain to install drivers manually, so someone decided to automate it. The program is called Driver Booster (LINK).
  1. Open Driver Booster (either from the desktop or by searching in windows, I do like to keep my desktop free of shortcut, but that's personal preference)
  2. Click Analyze and update all the drivers that don't have the "PRO" label beside them, this will be more than enough, although it might take a really long time to do since you need to wait for each of them to finish installing (you can also use a crack version to install all of them by clicking once, but I can't really recommend it here)
  3. You will probably get prompted with a restart, but do not accept, and please do not panic if your screen goes black, that's your graphic's card drivers.
Next, windows for some reason has a "Balance" power plan for desktop and for laptop, we don't want that, and we also don't want "High Performance", we want maximum performance.
  1. Press "WINDOWS + R" and type "powershell", then "CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER". This will start Windows powershell with administrator privileges.
  2. Paste the code to unlock the "Maximum Performance" power plan:

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 
  1. Press "Enter" and wait for an output
  2. Now press "WINDOWS" and type "Plan", first option should be something like "Edit Power Plan", click it.
  3. There you select maximum performance
*ADDITIONAL STEPS:*I've recently also downloaded a program called Park Control (LINK) which lets you edit frequency scaling, which for some reason is turned on in "Freq Scaling DC", make sure to turn that off and set it to 100%. Make sure all the bars are green as well.
In case you aren't seeing all the bars green, or in case you just want to make sure all your cores are running (at least for now).
  1. Search for "System Configuration"
  2. Go to the "Boot" tab and click advance options. Here you can also change your pc startup delay, which is a by default 30 seconds, but you can lower it (depending on your hardware) until at least 15-20 in most cases.
  3. Then tick "Number of processors" and set it to the maximum.
  4. "Ok", "Apply" and make sure not to restart (again)
Okay, this is weird, but sometimes and only sometimes CSGO runs better without one of the cores, I've seen many arguments to why it works and why it doesn't make any sense even if the FPS number goes up, so I'm just going to say, try it yourself.
  1. Download Process Lasso (LINK)
  2. Open CSGO
  3. Press "ALT + TAB" and go to Process Lasso and there go to the "Active Processes" tab
  4. Right click on csgo and go to "CPU Affinity", "Always" and uncheck "CPU 0"
Recommendation, do a before and after test with Mr. uLLeticaL 's FPS Benchmark
Press "WINDOWS" and type "Update", first option should be "Check for updates", go ahead and click it. Make sure you have the latest Windows updates
Prevent windows from updating mid-game:
There is this little trick I learned.
  1. Go to your bottom right corner and right-click your connection button, clicking the configuration option.
  2. Go to your current network properties
  3. Set it as a metered connection
This will prevent windows from doing weird stuff with your internet.
You can also change windows active hours in the "Windows Update" menu we went to in the previous step.
I only have an Nvidia graphics card, but you can also do most of this stuff with AMD (I think).
  1. Download your graphics card program, in the case of NVIDIA, is GeForce Experience (LINK)
  2. Start the app and login
  3. Now head to the "Drivers" tab, the one that's at the right and make sure to download the drivers if needed, although this will probably not be necessary if you did the Driver Booster part
  4. Top Right Corner, head to configuration and make sure to deactivate the following:
    1. General
      1. Game Overlay
      2. Image Scaling
      3. Automatic Downloads
    2. Game and Apps
      1. Optimize Automatically
    3. Shield
      1. Gamestream
These are my options, they are in Spanish, but they should be understandable for the most part, if something is not clear, please ask and I'll answer as soon as possible. Still, if you have any doubts, NVIDIA does a great job at telling you what the options do and tells you which one is better for performance,

3D Configuration > Adjust Image Configuration...

3D Configuration > Adjust 3D Configuration

3D Configuration > Adjust 3D Configuration

3D Configuration > Adjust 3D Configuration

Screen > Change Resolution. Make sure your refresh rate is the highest possible.

Screen > Adjust Desktop Color > Digital Vibrance. Digital Vibrance plays an important role when seeing enemies
There is this program called winaero (LINK), that will let you un-bloat a lot of stuff in your Windows system. Here are some basic tweaks that will help achieve it:
There is a brief description on what all of these changes do, so feel free to look it up in the app itself. I've also seen some people activate the Aero Lite theme, but that's up to personal preference.

Nagle's Algorithm:
There is a bunch of post claiming that Nagle's Algorithm will improve your connection, but this has been proven several times to be false and might actually hinder your network performance overall.

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2023.03.23 18:22 rocky_creeker Looking for a simple DMX merge device

I just got a couple of Robe T11 MFS followspots. They are basically an LED leko with a handle and very nice stand with some features in the controls to operate it as a manual followspot from the control panel. They come with a little manual fader device that clamps on the side. It has 5 pin DMX output and only controls the intensity. I haven't checked out its DMX output, but I presume it just controls 0-255 on one DMX address. I'd like to combine this with DMX input from the console. I need to find or build a very tiny merging device that will allow the manual fader to have priority over the console on the Intensity channel. DMX mergers that I'm familiar with are big rack mount devices with a lot of inputs. Is there such a device that is like a small adapter with 2 inputs and doesn't cost $1500 each?
Could this be done with a custom profile that omits the Intensity channel and just a 5 pin XLR splitter? If there is no overlap in channels, could the splitter deliver both signals without freaking out the fixture?
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