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2023.05.30 14:01 AutoModerator Moose Knuckle Tuesday™ Megathread

It's Moose Knuckle Tuesday™, hunties! Slowly making it through the week...

Let's discuss all happenings in this thread that don't exactly need their own post.

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2023.05.30 14:00 b-i-gzap Are fake accents a thing in non-English movies?

Pretty much the title, it's pretty common for actors to put on inauthentic accents to sell their roles in English films (the generic Russian accents from lots of cold war era films, Hans Gruber in Die Hard etc). Is this a thing in non-Anglosphere movies and if so, do their viewers find it jarring or weird that someone's speaking (for example) French with a Russian accent? Is it even possible to convey an accent in the same way in certain languages?
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2023.05.30 14:00 GlennonBot The Pirate's Tavern - May 30, 2023

Welcome to the Pirate's Tavern
This is your weekly free talk discussion thread. Want to talk about movies, music, video-games, or what's going on in your life? Talk about it here.
There's only two rules in the Pirate's Tavern: don't discuss politics or religion, and of course, please keep the tone civil. Like Greg Schiano, all politics and religion do is divide us and anger us. So come on in, grab your finest ales, and talk about what's on your mind.
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2023.05.30 14:00 FlashyAd2748 If you could replace one word in a movie title with "pants," what would the new title be?

What is the most meaningful experience you have had while participating in a sports team or competition?
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2023.05.30 13:59 kelven_954 What was the most disappointing movie you paid to see?

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2023.05.30 13:59 SoundForMore Klevgrand Richter tectonic Compressor - Tutorial: Getting Started (Giveaway in the video description)

Klevgrand Richter tectonic Compressor - Tutorial: Getting Started (Giveaway in the video description)
Richter - a compressor that goes beyond the ordinary. This product is the culmination of years of experimentation, resulting in a compressor that empowers you to squeeze every bit of sonic perfection out of your tracks like never before. From mixes to vocals punchy drums to smooth, transparent vocal tracks, Richter delivers great results across multiple diverse genres.
Unconventional approach: Due to how the algorithm is designed, there are a few unconventional controls parameters are added used to tame Richter. First of all: one single parameter controls how much compression will get applied. The other (important) parameter controls how the internal envelope follower will react to transients vs continuous/lasting sounds. These two parameters make Richter a highly intuitive compressor where the user quickly will be able to dial in the wanted sound. On top of that there's a boost switch that literally makes the amount span go to eleven. Richter also comes with all the expected features like makeup gain, dry/wet mix, input trim and a simple EQ. There's also a handful of factory presets to get anyone started.
Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, Richter's sleek interface and intuitive controls ensure that you spend less time wrestling with technicalities and more time focusing on the actual impact. Richter's Transient knob, designed for fast adjustments allowing you to achieve sonic results in record time.
Don't settle for ordinary - let Richter effortlessly add more life into your mixes, adding clarity and impact.
Superheavy compression with minimal unwanted artifacts Intuitive Transients and Amount dials Real time graph visualization Tonal control Three-step boost switch Input trim control Makeup gain, Dry/Wet mix and Output control
The video covers the following:
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful.
Do not forget to subscribe.
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2023.05.30 13:59 blimesx 2800 euro pc build help

Hi. I want to use the computer for 1440p gaming, i have a 144 hz main monitor and a 60 hz 2nd monitor which is use for videos and stuff while i game on the main one. I prefer intel for cpu and nvidia for gpu. I will not overclock the cpu or gpu. I will only use the pc for gaming, and watching movies/streamers, nothing else. I would like to play current games and not worry about future games for a few years. I do not like vr gaming. I really don't care about raytracing or dlss that much, if i can play the game at good fps without using them i can live with that. I want air cooling not AIO cooling. My budget is max 2800 euros.
This is what i come up with so far, in my country the total is 2700-2800 euros, so more expensive than what amazon shows.
I really like how the RX 7900 XTX looks on paper and in benchmarks, alot of VRAM which is very good for the future games, but i feel it looks almost too good to be true, and usually if it looks too good to be true it probably is. The 7900 XTX in my config is 1200 euros in my country, on a sale right now, which is insane value considering the cheapest RTX 4080 (from gigabyte )here is 1480 euros.
I am terrified by what people say and of the reviews for AMD cards. They say they still have bad drivers, that you need to sometime roll back to older ones. And they also say that the 7900 XTX has insane power usage in idle when you use 2 diferent refresh rate/resolution monitors (which i have), that people say can't be fixed regardless of future driver updates. Honestly, if that's the case, i would rather have the peace of mind of not doing that and even going for a lower card from nvidia.
What's the alternative for an nvidia gpu build? Can i cut on some things from my original build and get maybe a rtx 4080 and should i do that? Is it even worth spending that much for a 4080 when the 4070ti is a thing?
Is the i5-13600k is a bit overkill for just gaming? i picked it because it has a better frequency without ever overclocking it.
I don't have a problem with AMD, i'd rather give them the money than to those greedy bastards from nvidia, but if nvidia gives me a product without needing to troubleshoot after, i guess the price reflects the quality of life after the purchase?
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2023.05.30 13:57 ghostc0 honey… you there?

if you’re still out there, I’m right here. “hiding” in plain sight, I wonder if you can see me. I’d be willing to bet you already know I’m here… I haven’t looked for you yet, I’m afraid of what I’ll find. to be honest, I’m afraid of you letting me go. (or if I’m being really honest, I’m afraid of you pretending to let me go.) so, this one is for you: there is a line in one of my favorite movies that goes like this: “we accept the love we think we deserve.” I want you to sit on that one for a little bit. I want you to really think that over for me. 1 year ago, you had a chance, that was “your test”. in some ways, I’m glad that you failed because it meant that I didn’t have to go thru with making any kind of conscious choice. but on the other hand, I will always be left wondering. there will always be a “what if?”. because what if you had typed in that extra address? what if those songs and those memories held more than what they do now? you didn’t make that choice though, and that was the answer for me. you wanted to give me more than what I could accept. it was never about you, never. it was always about me. look at the love that I have accepted, look at the broken promises, the lies and the hurt that I’ve seen. look at what he did. of ALL the people I know, out of every single person around me, you know the most about that, about him. you know what he did and what he said and you know how I acted and reacted to it. you know me, just like I know you. why did you ever think I could love someone like you? someone who wouldn’t hurt me, who would’ve given me everything I wanted and everything I needed? come on now baby, you know me better than that.
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2023.05.30 13:56 autobuzzfeedbot As A Music-Obsessed Gen Z'er, I Found 21 Songs That Perfectly Embody The Experience Of Navigating Your 20s So You Don't Have To

  1. "20 Something" by SZA — If you have no idea what you're doing in your twenties, you're definitely not alone. This decade is like a blank slate as you enter adulthood for the first time, which is both exciting and terrifying.
  2. "Story Of My Life" by Ant Clemons — Following unconventional dream-like music, acting, or comedy in your twenties can be especially challenging as we are all constantly under pressure to find stability in our careers. Your twenties are the time to take a risk and follow your passion, even if it's risky.
  3. "24" by sundial — In your twenties, it can be easy to feel left behind because everyone you know is at a different stage of life for the first time. This is the time to remember that everyone is on their own path and to not compare your life to other people that you see on social media.
  4. "Don't Tell My Mom" by Reneé Rapp — No one wants to admit that they're struggling and worry about their loved ones, but this added pressure of dealing with stress and anxiety on our own usually just makes it ten times worse.
  5. "Love Me More" by Sam Smith — We have heard the term "self-love" all our lives, but in our twenties, we realize how important that practice is when navigating the unknown. Self-love can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself, and practicing it constantly allows you to be in the headspace to succeed in this decade of life.
  6. "Best Days" by Alessia Cara — It's easy to forget that when you're in your twenties, you are still young! There are so many great life moments to come, with some of your best days ahead.
  7. "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac — Our twenties are the beginning of adulthood, where we really say goodbye to our childhood selves. Though realizing that we will never be kids again can be hard, we can still bring elements of those younger versions into adulthood.
  8. "golden years" by Christian French — Our twenties are heavily romanticized by the mainstream media in movies, TV, ads, you name it. We are told that these are our "golden years" where we should always be having fun and achieving, but that is a lot of pressure to put on a decade that is known to be unpredictable. Our "golden years" can look different and still be just as valid.
  9. "Twenty One" by Khalid — When you're truly on your own, it's all too easy to rely on others to keep you grounded and happy; after all, that's what the first twenty years of your life were all about. But there's a flip side to that trap that's so easy to fall into: You, and only you, are in charge of your own happiness. As intimidating as that sounds, it can also be a powerful realization.
  10. "Chaotic" by Tate McRae — Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, and that's okay! In our twenties, we often find ourselves clinging to old friendships, firstly because they are familiar, and secondly, because we believe anything is better than being alone. This decade is a time to figure out what we value most in our friendships and set aside relationships that no longer serve us.
  11. "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson — If you grew up in a small town, the idea of starting your adulthood in the same place can be somewhat unappealing. It's important to always acknowledge where you come from but to also be unafraid to try something new.
  12. "Good Thing" by Zedd & Kehlani — Being "good on your own" is harder said than done, but once you find your independence, you'll be unstoppable from your twenties on!
  13. "Fake Smile" by Carlie Hanson — We're all guilty of trying to put on a mask to hide how we're really feeling. Whether it's hiding your nerves at your first job or wearing that fake smile around your friends.
  14. "jealous of my friends" by Bea Miller — Being jealous of your friends is a universal feeling for the twenty-somethings. Social media can make it even harder when everyone is showing off their personal wins, but realizing that others doing well has nothing to do with your journey is crucial.
  15. "" by J. Cole and Lil Baby — Learning to check your ego in your twenties is important because pride can often get in the way of achieving your goals.
  16. "Seasons" by Madison Ryann Ward — Your twenties are a learning season of life. Not every part of your twenties will be a happy season, but it's important to find ways to stay present as life changes.
  17. "Changes" by Justin Bieber — While transitioning from your early twenties to your mid-twenties, you can feel the shifts in your mindset, decision-making, and thought processes as you move through the world. Acknowledging those changes is important because you are growing!
  18. "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyoncé — Sometimes what we think we want in our twenties is not what we actually need. At times when things don't happen as you planned, it can be difficult to move forward, because you already have a picture painted in your mind. But the #1 phrase of your twenties should be "everything happens for a reason," because it usually works out better in the end.
  19. "Eastside" by benny blanco, Halsey, and Khalid — Adulting in your twenties is a lot of pressure. From taxes, to rent, and health insurance, I mean everything costs money. On top of that newly added pressure of providing for yourself, you have to simultaneously juggle all of your emotions as relationships fail and the world around us changes.
  20. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield — Your twenties are the beginning of your chapter of adulthood! You and only you are in charge of how your story unfolds.
  21. "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus — Sometimes we all just need some motivation and a taste of childhood. In your twenties, it's important to remember that there will always be setbacks and difficulties, but learning to navigate them in a healthy way is how you will grow into the best version of yourself.
Link to article
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2023.05.30 13:56 _Entrapta_ Why is this happening? Im just trynna watch titanic :(

So im trying to watch one of my downloaded movies since im not on my house but it wont let me play it cause “wifi is needed” those are pretty old movies i downloaded like 4 years ago so idk if theyve changed anything on the tv app so could yall pls help me
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2023.05.30 13:53 dontbemeantomeillcum 19 [F4A] Oslo, hi! i’m looking for someone to get to know and talk to cause i’m lonely and too shy to make friends irl [Chat]

Hi! i’m an 19 year old girl who struggles with mood swings and my mental health in general. i also feel alone most of the time and i’m looking for someone to become my friend.
we could talk about anything really, i like anime, reading, manga, music and movies. please feel free to dm me!
(also i know i have nsfw in my account, im not looking for that rn i just want a normal convo please don’t comment on my body)
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2023.05.30 13:53 thereallukesimpson My favourite new Android Studio features from Google IO

I've been feeling pretty productive since downloading the Android Studio Hedgehog preview during #GoogleIO. The new emulator-embedded layout inspector and network inspection rules bring Chrome's Developer Tools and Charles Proxy into the IDE.
I put a bit more detail on how to use them on my blog at:
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2023.05.30 13:52 MoralBattery Toss a coin to your american talk show host

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2023.05.30 13:51 Material-Iron-7884 What's the most valuable life lesson you've learned from a movie or book?

Have you ever had an unusual or vivid dream that still haunts you?
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2023.05.30 13:50 tikivic My copies of Tim McCoy Police Car 17, the first ever comic adaptation of a movie. (1934 Whitman #674-1933).

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2023.05.30 13:50 Useful_Pop_7981 19F. A friend would be niceeee

Hello! Genuinely never know what to write here soo um hi. I'm Hannah (U.S, Midwest) and I'd love to get to know someone and connect in the long term! I'm a huge nerd, and so most of my interests include:
Books- Fantasy, science fiction, horror, history. Mostly fantasy tho! Some of my favorite authors are Tad Williams, R. Scott Bakker, Steven Erikson, Stephen Donaldson, Tanith Lee, Janny Wurts, and Glen Cook
Movies/tv- I watch so many movies and shoes but i could not make a list if my life depended on it haha. My mind goes so blank for some reason- but I'm open to watching most things and have a preference for horror! As for TV shows, some my favorites are The Wire and Breaking Bad. There's also this reality tv competition show called "Big Brother" that I'm irrationally obsessed with, so please dm rn if you watch that lmao. I watch anime and cartoons too (:
Manga/comics- current favs; Chainsaw Man, One Piece, Dandadan, Sakamoto days, Vinland Saga, Slam Dunk, Hajime no Ippo, Alice in Borderland, Kaiji
Music: I mostly listen to metalcore/posthardcore! Way too many bands to list, but a few favorites are Veil of Maya, Invent Animate, Periphery, Silent Planet, and Dance Gavin Dance. I listen to a lot of.rap top, and some kpop!
I love basketball as well.
Already wrote too much I guess so feel free to dm (but please, introduce yourself. Don't just say hey- it never works)
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2023.05.30 13:50 Block-Busted 'The Walk' (2015) - This live-action film by Robert Zemeckis had a budget of $35 million and received 83% on RottenTomatoes with 7.1/10 average and 70/100 on Metacritic.

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2023.05.30 13:50 tikivic My copies of Tim McCoy Police Car 17, the first ever comic adaptation of a movie. (1934 Whitman #674-1933).

My copies of Tim McCoy Police Car 17, the first ever comic adaptation of a movie. (1934 Whitman #674-1933). submitted by tikivic to comicstriphistory [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:49 tikivic Movie adaptations is the theme? How about the very first? Here are my copies of Tim McCoy Police Car 17, the first ever comic adaptation of a movie. (1934 Whitman #674-1933).

Movie adaptations is the theme? How about the very first? Here are my copies of Tim McCoy Police Car 17, the first ever comic adaptation of a movie. (1934 Whitman #674-1933). submitted by tikivic to comicbookcollecting [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:49 constant_insanity18 so, I just finished watching The Taking of Deborah Logan. took a break from watching feel-good movies and jumped right into my fave genre. again, no proper words to describe this one as well. and the ending. dude. it made my eyes wide open. what a fun movie to watch before going to sleep 😅 8.9/10

so, I just finished watching The Taking of Deborah Logan. took a break from watching feel-good movies and jumped right into my fave genre. again, no proper words to describe this one as well. and the ending. dude. it made my eyes wide open. what a fun movie to watch before going to sleep 😅 8.9/10 submitted by constant_insanity18 to CasualPH [link] [comments]


"No one has ever asked me to come back, but I would be willing to."

18 years ago, Natalie Portman ended her participation in the 'Star Wars' saga with the premiere of 'Revenge of the Sith'. The actress gave life to Padmé Amidala in the three films directed by George Lucas.

Portman recently responded to comments from fans in a GQ video raising the possibility of bringing her back to the "Star Wars" universe, which has continued to expand since her departure nearly two decades ago. To this, Ella Portman would reply, "I have no information on this. No one has ever asked me to come back, but I would be willing to."

As any fan of the saga will know, Portman's character died giving birth to Luke and Leia (two of the main protagonists of the films), in 'Revenge of the Sith'. However, the 'Star Wars' saga has managed in the past to bring back other deceased characters. (Like, for example, the villain of 'The Phantom Menace', Darth Maul, who appeared again in 'Solo').

This is not the first time that the offer has come into the hands of Portman. In the summer of 2022, the director of one of her Marvel movies, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', Taika Waititi, offered her something similar. In the same GQ video, the actress joked that Waititi had offered to cast her in the 'Star Wars' movie she is developing. What the filmmaker did not seem to remember is that the interpreter had already participated (in a more than relevant way) in the saga.

"She says she forgot. She asked me if she wanted to be in a 'Star Wars' movie and I said, 'I've already been,'" Portman commented. "She thought she was joking. She's so joking that she thought she was laughing at me. But later, she said in an interview that she died of embarrassment."

Regarding Waititi's future film for the franchise, the filmmaker recently shared with Total Film that he is not interested in making a movie with existing characters and stories. Nor in visiting the origin of plots already seen. The director wants to "create new characters" and "expand the world of 'Star Wars'" with his film.

"Look, I think the 'Star Wars' universe needs to be expanded," Waititi commented. "I don't think it's going to do me any good to make a movie where everyone is like, 'Great, there's the plans for the Millennium Falcon, there's Chewbacca's grandma.' All of that stands on its own, and it's great. I'd like to do something new, create some new characters and just expand the Universe, otherwise it would seem like a very small story."

In the writing process for her film, she is joined by Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay for the Sam Mendes film 1917.
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2023.05.30 13:49 pphair_ June's Book: The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath.

Time to announce our next pick, and this time we're going with another classic in 'The Bell Jar', the semi-autobiographical novel written by renowned poet Sylvia Plath. Synopsis as follows:
*"Sylvia Plath's shocking, realistic, and intensely emotional novel about a woman falling into the grip of insanity.
Esther Greenwood is brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going under—maybe for the last time. In her acclaimed and enduring masterwork, Sylvia Plath brilliantly draws the reader into Esther's breakdown with such intensity that her insanity becomes palpably real, even rational—as accessible an experience as going to the movies. A deep penetration into the darkest and most harrowing corners of the human psyche, The Bell Jar is an extraordinary accomplishment and a haunting American classic."*
Get ordering for what promises to be a thoughtful, involving, and rather emotional read!
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