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Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Chapter 7.3

2023.03.24 13:17 AnderLouis_ Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Chapter 7.3

PODCAST: https://ayearofwarandpeace.podbean.com/e/ep1513-hail-and-farewell-george-moore-ave-chapter-73/
PROMPTS: I wonder what is going on in Moore's head... Oh wait no I don't
Today's Reading, via Project Gutenberg:
And Edward is a beginner, and he isn't progressing, I said, and may remain a beginner. For he came into the world a sketch, une ébauche by a great master, and was left unfinished, whether by design or accident it is impossible to say. A delightful study he is! And in the embowered villa I sat, looking into his mind, interested in its unmapped spaces (Australia used to interest me in much the same manner when I was a child) until the young girl came upstairs to tell me it was time to go to the theatre. One knows a single word—Spielhaus. My eyes went to the clock, the hands pointed to four, and from four to five is the hottest hour of a summer's day. By four the sun, blazing forth from a cloudless sky, has sucked all the cool of the night away, and heated unendurably every brick and tile and stone it can strike with a ray. Even in the shady villa under the lindens one could not think of the tall gables in the town, the fierce sun beating on them, or of the cobble-stones in the streets, without congratulating oneself that Edward's inclinations had been resisted. Those low-ceilinged rooms above the kitchen would stifle on such a day, and I was able to look back on my courage with admiration. It had given me a splendid view of a corn-field with reapers working in it, the sun shining on their backs—that one straightening himself to wipe the sweat from his brow with a ragged sleeve.
And while walking through the corn-field I remembered a letter to Bülow in which the Master says: One thing is certain—I am not a musician, meaning thereby that music was only part of his message. He tells in these words that his art enjoined separation from the drone of daily life, and that is why he chose Bayreuth, a small Bavarian town difficult to get at, but not impossible to reach. It had a train service even in Wagner's time, and there was a sufficient number of dirty inns and lodgings in the town to house the pilgrims. Humanity was an open book to the Master, and the hardships he was inflicting on his pilgrims he knew to be for their good, for it would induce in them the disposition of mind suitable for the reception of the sacramental Ring. And while building his theatre on the brow of the hill in the shade of the pines, there can be no doubt that he foresaw the added charm it would be to the pilgrim to leave the town and plod through the glare up the long street past the railway-station into the avenue of chestnut trees. He foresaw them, pausing in their ascent, leaning upon their staves; and the restaurant which he allowed to be built next his theatre is a tribute to his perfect understanding of men, for however beautiful his music might be he knew that none could listen to it for five hours upon an empty belly. He liked, I am sure, the little green-painted restaurant higher up the hill in the orchard close, and must have gone there himself and sat under the trees, drinking Rhenish wine mixed with cool water from stone jars. The Master, who thought of everything, must have foreseen the great charm it would be to walk through the pine-wood, seeing beyond the red bark of the trees the purple ranges of hills that enclose the great plain, slope after slope rising at evening, and no one too far distant for the eye to follow the noble shapes and all the delicate sinuosities travelling down the skyline. Every shape and every outline is visible between the acts of The Valkyrie, Siegfried, and the Götterdämmerung. The village standing in the middle of the plain is often lighted by a last ray. Between the acts an extraordinary harmony gathers; art and Nature abandon their accustomed strife, and with ears filled with calm, exalted melodies, our eyes follow the beautiful landscape in which Bayreuth stands.
There are off-days at Bayreuth when there are no performances, and these are pleasant days of rest, that give us time to think of what we have heard, and what we are going to hear, and time to stroll about the town admiring its German life. The town is more interesting than Rothenburg—to me at least—for it is less archaic. One cannot imagine oneself living in the fifteenth century, whereas one can imagine oneself living at the end of the eighteenth or the beginning of the nineteenth. Bayreuth is very yesteryear, suranné as the French say. A foreign word is a veiled face. The veil is often slight, but there is a veil always, wherefore we like foreign words—a weakness. The great gables which show themselves against the blue skies at Bayreuth mean more to me than the red-tiled roofs with the dormer windows in Rothenburg, for I can imagine myself born in Bayreuth, or growing up in it, and living there, seeing the Margrave and his court. It would be pleasant to live under the protection of a Margrave. One asks the name of the last, and wonders what he was like in his Schloss, a melancholy building full of tall official portraits and heavy German furniture, surrounded by gardens full of trees in which there is artificial water and swans. The year I am writing of the swans were followed by a brood of cygnets, and we used to watch these, not Edward and I, but myself and the daughter of a great painter, one who has inherited some of the intensity of her father's early pictures—a woman loving music dearly, and travelling with her husband in search of it.
It was pleasant to leave The Tale of a Town and visit her, and to walk about under the sunlit trees, or through the town, or to visit with her the old Court Theatre, perhaps picking up Edward on the way there and taking him along with us.
He will always go to see a building, and though we had both visited the Court Theatre many times before, it was pleasant to see it again, and she and he and I together admired its pillared front and its quaint interior, German rococo, clumsy, quaint, heavy, but representative of the German mind. And together we admired the gilded cupids, the garlands of flowers and the little boxes on either side of the stage, in which the Margrave's trumpeters used to appear to announce his arrival—a theatre not intended for the populace, but for the Court, containing only fifty or sixty stalls, beautifully designed and comfortable withal. The gilded balconies reminded us of drawing-rooms; we spoke of the courtly air of the theatre, now forbidden to the mime for many a day. A beautiful little theatre, we said—a theatre designed for the performance of Mozart or Gluck's operas, and I think Edward would have given up some performances of Parsifal to hear Gluck or Mozart in this out-of-date theatre.
In the afternoon my friends suggested to us that we should accompany them to a village some six or seven miles distant, and we went there in a carriage drawn by two long-tailed Bavarian horses, that drew us slowly but surely out of Bayreuth along smooth white roads, every one lined with apple trees and loaded with fruit. It was a wonder to us how these trees were not despoiled by thieves, so easy would it be to carry away the fruit by night. In England, in Ireland, or in Scotland a great deal of fruit would certainly have been robbed, and we asked ourselves if the Bavarian peasants are more naturally honest than the English, or if it were mere custom that prevented the waggonner from gathering as many apples as he pleased. The lady's husband, who is a politician, suggested that these wayside trees belonged to the community, and he is no doubt right; and we accepted his explanation that the honesty of the Bavarian is to be found in the fact that everybody shared in the fruit and, this being so, it was nobody's interest to strip the trees.
Behold the trees, and the long undivided plain stretching away to the foot of the hills, without wall or hedge, and we asking ourselves how do the peasants distinguish between the different farms, somebody telling how one of his farmers had called another to admire a fence he had put up between their lands. I'd like the fence, aye, twice as well, if thee 'ad not taken in some six or seven inches of my land. In our appreciation of the German landscape there is to be reckoned our disappointment at seeing nowhere beautiful English trees—ash, elm, beech, and oak—only the pine, and we, being tree-lovers, think the pine a tedious tree, if it can be called a tree; it isn't in our apprehension of one, only being intended by Nature for what the French call bois charpentier. No man would care to sit under a pine (and a woman still less), needles underfoot and needles overhead. To us English folk the beauty of a wood is as much in the underwoods as in the tall trees, and the pine allows no underwood. In a pine wood one meets few birds. A goshawk, startled from the branches, flees quickly down the long aisles. The pine is cultivated in Germany; the unfortunate pine, ugly by nature, is made still more ugly by cultivation. Pines cover the lower hills, forming black stains in the landscape and disfiguring their purple.
The long-tailed Bavarian horses walked up some steep ascent, trotted down a hill, at the bottom of which a pretty brook purls through an orchard, and the village was reached at last, built under the foot of a steep black hill, on which stand the ruins of a castle. There are paths through the woods, and one becomes conscious of the ceaseless change in human life as one follows the paths to the gateway of the robber-baron who lived there three centuries ago, defying Gustavus Adolphus, the Lion of the North, until his castle was battered with cannon. It was fortunate for Adolphus that he had cannon to batter it with, for without cannon he would not have captured it.
We came upon a ravine, and on each hillside a wooden platform had been built; the orchestra playing in the pit between, no doubt, as in the theatre at Bayreuth. We strolled up and down the steep paths, wondering if players were heard from hillside to hillside, inclining to the belief that human voices would not carry so far, and to put the natural acoustics of the wood to the test, some went to the other hillside and spoke to us. But what play had been acted in this wood? Somebody suggested a miracle play, and leaping at the suggestion, I spoke of the miracle plays in Oberammergau.
Some pious people of your sect, Edward, I said, taking his arm, who would set Asiatic Gods against native divinities.
My aphorism was not at first understood, and I explained it—how Bavaria comprises two spectacles: the Asiatic Gods in the South on the Tyrolean frontier, while the original Rhine Gods display themselves in the North at Bayreuth—Wotan, Loki, Donner, Froh, and the Goddesses Frika, Erda, and Freia. My remark had some success, and we walked on, wondering how it was that this division of the deities had not been remarked before. All were interested except Edward, who said he did not care to listen to blasphemy.
But, my dear Edward, it cannot be blasphemy to tell the truth, and surely the Gods that Oberammergau exhibits are Asiatic. And there can be no doubt that the Gods that Bayreuth exhibits are German and Scandinavian; and I pressed Edward to explain to me how a mere statement of fact, the truth of which could not be contested, could be called blasphemous, falsehood being implicit in every blasphemy. To escape from this quandary Edward began to argue that the Rhenish Gods had come from Asia, too, by way of Scandinavia, finding solace, apparently, in the belief in the Asiatic origin of all Gods. We laughed at this novel defence of divinity.
It is like China tea, I answered, only grown in Asia. Somebody else spoke of Havana cigars, and very soon all the life died out of the argument. We were but vaguely interested in it, for none amongst us, perhaps not even the youngest, was entirely free from the thought inspired by the empty platforms. We were all thinking how every generation is but a pageant, that all is but pageant here below. Part of our excursion was already behind us, and in later years how little of it would be remembered! Such philosophies are soon exhausted, and we sympathised with a lady who was anxious about her daughter and husband. They were walking in the woods, and she feared they might be overtaken by the coming darkness. But we assured her there would be light for many hours still, and whistled the motives of The Ring....
We returned through the hilly country, with the wide, sloping evening above us, and apple-trees lining the roads, all the apples now reddened and ready for gathering. We admired the purple crests illuminated by the sunset, as millions of men and women had done before us, and as millions of men and women shall do after us. Voices dropped and faces grew pensive. We asked if we should ever meet at Bayreuth again, and our thoughts turned towards the great Master lying in his grave, whose dreams had given us such sweet realities.
Too soon over, somebody said. In a few days Bayreuth would be deserted like the platforms we found in the wood. The long distance we had come was mentioned, and somebody asked if the pleasure we had received were worth the journey. The answer made to this—and it was a woman who made it—was that the journey would be more real in six months' time than it was today, and picking up the thought, I answered quickly:
So you think that we must live not so much for the moment as for the sake of the memory of it?
Somebody answered that memory was, perhaps, half of life and this was denied.
He who cannot enjoy things as they go by is but a poor companion.
A poor lover, I interjected. And soon after found myself arguing that the great gift Nature has bestowed upon woman is the power of enjoying things as they go by—a great gift truly it is, and sufficient compensation for lack of interest in religion and morals. It may be that that is why women have not written a great book, or painted a great picture. Or invented a religion, some one added.
Women are not idealists, Edward said, speaking out of his remembrance of his play The Heather Field.
In the evening we were all going to the house that Wagner had lived in, and in which he had written the last act of Siegfried, the Götterdämmerung, and Parsifal. Every one who goes to Bayreuth is asked there if he leaves a card upon Madame Wagner. Such, at least, used to be the custom. One presented an invitation card at the door and walked about the music-room and into Wagner's library. Edward was much moved to see the Master's books and his writing-table. Things interest him more than human beings, whereas Wagner's books and writing-table merely depressed me, and refusing to follow Edward to the grave, I sought for a friend who might introduce me to Madame Wagner.
A tall, thin woman, nearer sixty than seventy, very vital, with a high nose like her father's, came forward to meet me, full of cordiality, full of conversation and pleasant greeting. Liszt lives again in her, I said, the same inveigling manner; she casts her spells like her father, and—Well, there is no way of telling my impression except to tell the thought that passed through my mind: it was, But how is all this to end? Am I going to run away with her? And when we arrive somewhere, what am I to do with her? A woman nearly seventy years! And I thought what an extraordinary fascination she must have been when she heard Tristan for the first time, and felt she could no longer live with Bülow.
It is always pleasant, she said, to welcome to Bayreuth strangers who come to hear our art.
The arrogance of the expression amused me; but after all, music is the art of Germany just as poetry is the art of England; and feeling in the next five minutes that I must either take her hand or interrupt the conversation, I chose the latter course, and asked her to introduce me to her son. She hastened to comply with my wish, and put herself to some trouble to find him. He was found at last, and I was introduced to him.
My impression of Madame Wagner is compressed in the Am I going to run away with her? And the same words, with a change of preposition and pronoun, will describe the impression that Siegfried Wagner produced upon me. The son is the father in everything except his genius—the same large head, the same brow, the same chin and jaw. A sort of deserted shrine! I cried to myself and gasped for words.
Van Roy was singing at the time, and I succeeded at last in asking Siegfried Wagner who had composed the song.
I do not know, but it should be by Grandpapa Liszt.
I bowed, thanked him, and moved away, glad to escape from his repelling blankness. Shyness it may have been, or perhaps boredom. If we had met at Venice or in London—anywhere except in that crowd, we might have become friends. So I was glad to meet him on the bench in front of the theatre, and to find him slightly more forthcoming than he had shown himself to me in his mother's house. We spoke about his opera, and about Ellis, who had translated his libretto, and for a moment it looked as if we were going to know each other, to become acquainted, for in answer to my question whether he thought it was of advantage that the musician should write his own libretto, he answered that he thought it was, for while writing the libretto the musician sang his first ideas of the music.
Meeting me again on the same seat at the same hour, he asked me why I was not in the theatre, and it only occurred to me to tell the mere truth, that I came to Bayreuth to hear The Ring and not Parsifal. Perhaps if you knew the score of Parsifal.
I can never know a score, for I'm not a musician, but I've heard it many times, and it makes no personal appeal as do the other works.
The explanation was received in silence, and I thought how I might have better explained my position if I had said that, though I recognised Milton to be a great poet, he wrote in vain so far as I was concerned. But Siegfried's manner checks the words upon one's lips, and the people began to come out of the theatre soon after.
We parted, and all the way to the café where Edward and I went to have supper I turned Siegfried over in my mind and understood him to be a man of talent, for he is the son of a man of genius. One must be a man of talent to conduct The Ring as I had heard him conduct it, bearing the last scene of The Valkyrie along with him like a banner. A man of talent, the son of a man of genius, without sufficient vitality to be very much interested in anything; his life a sort of diffused sadness like a blank summer day when the clouds are low; and he must be conscious, too, that there is no place on earth where he can lay his head and call it his own.
If the physical resemblance were not so marked, I said to myself as we entered the café.
That little café! What enchanting hours Edward and I have spent in it between half past ten and in the morning, amid beer and cigars and endless discussions as to the values of certain scenes and acts, of singers and conductors! The year that I am now referring to, Parsifal was conducted in turn by Fischer, Mottl, and Seidl, Wagner's favourite pupil and disciple. He sat in the far end of the café by himself, and I often wondered why his society was not more sought after. Although he was an old man, and in declining health, it was a pleasure for me to sit with him and engage him in conversation, telling him that under his direction the first act of Parsifal played ten minutes quicker than it did under Mottl, and that Mottl was five minutes quicker than Fischer.
So much as that?
Yes, I took the time. And how much better I like your conducting of The Flower Maidens! Mottl gets a crescendo in the middle.
Whereas there is no necessity. It goes as well without, doesn't it?
A thin, spare man, quiet, speaking but little—a kindly man, as the reader has already guessed from the few phrases exchanged between him and me, and an unassuming man, apparently taking a pleasure even in such appreciations as Edward's and mine; a man between sixty and seventy, at the time I am speaking of, and as I write this line I can see his small, refined features and his iron-grey hair, which once must have been black. My thoughts pause, and I like to indulge myself in the regret that I did not walk home with him in the evenings to his lodgings. He might have asked me to come to see him in the morning, and over the piano, perhaps, would have told me many things regarding his relations with Wagner and his understanding of the music, and things about himself, for Seidl lived among great men, and was easily inveigled in the confessional.
He died a year or two later, and the café is no longer as attractive as it was when all the actors came down from the theatre to eat their supper there. Klafsky was my first Brünnhilde; when she died Gulbranson took her place, and the moment she came into the cafe all eyes went towards her, and I may say all hearts, for very soon a beautiful smile would light up a round, rosy, very ordinary face, suffusing it, transforming a plain woman into one to whom one's heart goes instinctively, convinced that all that is necessary to be happy is to be with her.
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2023.03.24 04:16 kareylicious Nest Migration Summary - #185

The 185th nest migration happened Wednesday!
[Calgary Nest Map] Direct link (http://bit.ly/YYCNestMap)
Nest Migration start: Mar 15, 5 pm
Next Nest Migration: Mar 29, 5 pm
Nests are as accurate at time of reporting. Please keep in mind that sometimes nests change when certain events begin/end.
The majority of the nest list has been provided by https://www.theraidmap.com/ If you want more pokemon, please consider subscribing.
In order to keep the nest list updated as timely as possible I would kindly request that nest only be reported in top level comments and avoid editing previous posts to include new nests. The easiest way for me to see when the list needs to be updated is to see when I have a notification from reddit and I only receive those on new top level comments. Thank you very much!
Thank you to all our nest reporters! Without you, this wouldn't be possible!
Please keep the following in mind when reporting nests:
Spawn points in nests have a 25% chance to spawn the nest Pokemon. If a nest only has a handful of spawn points it is common to not see any of the nesting Pokemon if you are only at the nest for a short period of time. Due to this please ensure you have spent enough time in a nest before reporting your findings.
Happy hunting!!

Reported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points

Unreported Nests

Downtown Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Barb Scott Park 4
?? Bow River Pathway Eau Claire 5
?? Central Memorial Park 5+
?? Century Gardens 4+
?? Connaught Park 5
?? Connaught School 3
?? Eau Claire Park ?
?? Harley Hotchkiss Gardens 4+
?? Harry Hayes - Red Machine Stop 2
?? Haultain Park 3
?? James Short Park 2
?? Lougheed House 5
?? McDougall Centre 10+
?? Nat Christie Park 5
?? Olympic Plaza 6
?? Princes Island Park 20
?? Rouleauville Square 5+
?? Shaw Millennium Park 6
?? Sien Lok Park North 3
?? Sien Lok Park South ?
?? South Bow Park 3
?? Stampede Park 49
?? The Family of Man ?
?? Thomson Family Park ?
?? Tomkins Park ?

North East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 40th Ave Park 5
?? Abberfield Playground 3+
?? Airways Park ?
?? Bridgeland Park 2
?? Bridgeland Sport Fields / Park 6
?? Cityscape Music Playground ?
?? Coral Shores Pathway 3
?? Coventry/Country Hills Pond 11
?? Coventry Community Garden 3-4
?? Coventry Nose Creek Park ?
?? Crossroads Park 2-3
?? Deerfoot Athletic Park 9
?? Deerfoot Business Park ?
?? Don Hartman Northeast Sportsplax NESS 4
?? Ecole la Mosaique in Martindale 2
?? Edward H. LaBorde Viewing Area ?
?? Genesis Centre 9
?? Grant MacEwan School ?
?? Harvest Community Garden ?
?? Harvest Hills Playground ?
?? Highland Park Urban Beautification 2
?? Lester B Pearson School Field ?
?? Marlborough Community Association ?
?? Marlborough Park 20
?? Martha Haven Cricket Ground ?
?? McCall Lake Off Leash Dog Park ?
?? Monterey Community Centre ?
?? Monterey Park Fields 13
?? Murdoch Park 5
?? Munro Park 10+
?? Nose Creek Parkway / Confluence Park 22
?? Pinecliff Park Soccer Field 3+
?? Pinehill Playground 2+
?? Pine Ridge Road Playground ?
?? Pineridge Playground 2
?? Prairie Winds Park 10
?? Redstone Participark 3
?? Renfrew Athletic Park ?
?? Rotary Park 5
?? Rundle Community Association 2-3
?? Rundle Park ?
?? Rundlelawn Park ?
?? Skyview Landing Playground 7+
?? St. Patricks Island Park 11
?? St. John Paul II School ?
?? Temple Community Centre ?
?? Templegreen Park 4+
?? The District Outdoor Gym 4
?? Tom Campbell Park 7
?? Tuxedo Park Community Association 3
?? Village Square Leisure Centre ?
?? Whitehorn Community Centre 4
?? Whitehorn Field 10-15

North West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? 12 Mile Coulee Pathway 15
?? 14th Street Pathways 10
?? Arbor Lake School Park 5
?? Baker Park 10
?? Blakiston Park ?
?? Botanical Gardens of SS/Sarcee Park 13
?? Bowmont Park 15
?? Bowness Park 12
?? Bow River Pathway - Kensington 10
?? Bow River Pathway - Point McKay 2-3
?? BP Birthplace Forest 6+
?? Brenner Park 5
?? Brentwood Community Garden 6
?? Canmore Park 6
?? Castle Ruins 3
?? Catherine Nichols Gunn School 3
?? Childrens Village School Field ?
?? Chipmunk Playground (Ranchlands) 2
?? Citadel Pathways 3
?? Citadel Way Playground ?
?? Confederation Park 29
?? Confederation Golfcourse Playground 4
?? Country Hills Golf Course ?
?? Crescent Heights Park ?
?? Crowchild Twin Arenas 2
?? Crowfoot Crossing Pathway 5
?? Crowfoot Library 3
?? Dale Hodges Park 24
?? Dalhousie Community Association 10+
?? Dalhousie LRT Pathway 3
?? Dalton Park 4
?? Edgemont Off Leash 3 15
?? Edgemont Park ?
?? Edgemont Ravine 14
?? Egerts Park 3
?? Evansborough Way Playground 2
?? Evanston Pathway / Ball Diamond 3
?? Evanston Pathways 5-10
?? Foothills Athletic Park ?
?? Funny Wood Pillars ?
?? Giddy-Up Playground/Silvercreek Park ?
?? Hamptons Athletic Park 5
?? Hamptons Park ?
?? Hawkwood Pathways 3
?? Helicopter Playground ?
?? Hidden Valley Pathways North 10
?? Hidden Valley Pathways South 5
?? Hidden Valley Pond 2
?? Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Assn. 4
?? Huntington Blue & Red Playground 2-3
?? Huntington Hills Community Centre 10+
?? Huntington Hills Skatepark ?
?? Inland Athletic Park ?
?? John Laurie Park 7
?? John Laurie Pathway: 14th to 19th St 10
?? John Laurie Pathway: 19th St to Charleswood 8
?? John Laurie Pathway: Charleswood to Brisbois 5
?? Karl Baker Offleash Park 10+
?? Laycock Park 11
?? Macewan Glen Park ?
?? McHugh Bluff Park 20
?? Montalban Park ?
?? Montgomery Ave Playground 3
?? Nolan Hill Park 8
?? Nolan Hill Playground 5
?? Nolan Lake Pathways 8-10
?? Nose Hill Park 35
?? Nose Hill Spring Park 2-4
?? Panatella Hill North Pathway 3+
?? Panatella Hill South 2-3
?? Panora Close Playgroundy ?
?? Panorama Hills North Pathway 10
?? Panorama Hills Pathway 4
?? Panorama Soccer 3+
?? Parkdale Community Centre 3
?? Patches Hill ?
?? Patrick Burns Gardens ?
?? Poppy Plaza ?
?? Queen Elizabeth Park ?
?? Ranchlands Community Association 4-5
?? Ranchlands Off-Leash Dog Park 5-10
?? Research Park 4
?? Riley Park 9
?? Rocky Ridge Pathways 7
?? Rocky Ridge Point Pathway 3-4
?? Rocky Vista Park 6
?? RRROCA Park 3
?? Rosedale Park 2
?? Sage Hill Pathways 3
?? Sandstone Area 3 Off Leash Dog Park 4-5
?? Sandstone Macewan 1-4
?? Sandstone Park 15+
?? Sandstone Place 2+
?? Shouldice Aquatic Centre ?
?? Shouldice Athletic Park 15
?? Silver Spring Nature Park 20
?? Silver Springs Outdoor Pool ?
?? Triwood Community Association 4
?? Triwood Park ?
?? Tuscany Club 6
?? Tuscany Fire Hall Greenspace 5+
?? Tuscany Valley Playground 2+
?? U of C: C Train Station 2-3
?? U of C: Gallagher Library 2
?? U of C: Prairie Chicken ?
?? U of C: Science Theatres ?
?? Utah Drive Park 12
?? Varsity Estates Park ?
?? Varsity Ravine Park ?
?? Varsity Sport Fields ?
?? Varsity Soccer Pitch 4
?? Varsity Village Park 5-8
?? Watermark Community Gazedo 5-8
?? West Hillhurst Community Assn. 10+

South East Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? Acadia Community Garden & Art Society ?
?? Acadia Tennis Courts 3
?? Applewood Park 7
?? Auburn Bay Kids Only Pokestop ?
?? Auburn Bay Kids Park ?
?? Auburn House ?
?? Carburn Park 14
?? Chapala Drive Playground ?
?? Chaparral Ridge Circle 12
?? Copper Pond ?
?? Copperfield Community Centre 3
?? Copperfield Hoodoo Park 3
?? Copperfield Park 6-7
?? Copperfield Park II ?
?? Copperfield Park III ?
?? Copperfield Trifecta 2
?? Copperstone Blvd Park ?
?? Copperstone Grove Park 3
?? Dogwood Crescent Park ?
?? Douglas Glen Park 4
?? Douglas Glen Pathway ?
?? Douglasbank Park ?
?? Eaglequest Golf Pathway ?
?? Eastside City Church 4
?? Elliston Park 3
?? Fairview Off Leash Dog Area/Flint Park ?
?? Fairview Park 6
?? Fish Creek Park 100+
?? Flavelle Road Park ?
?? Fonda Park 7
?? George Moss Park ?
?? Great Plains Recreational Facility 5
?? Harry Huish Park ?
?? Inglewood 11th Ave Playground 2
?? Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 20
?? Inglewood Golf Course ?
?? Inglewood Wildlands 5
?? Inverness Park ?
?? Jack Setters Park 5
?? Lake Bonavista School Field ?
?? Lake Sundance 12
?? Legacy Playground ?
?? Max Bell Centre ?
?? McKenzie Meadows Golf Club ?
?? McKenzie Towne Park ?
?? New Brighton Central Park 6
?? New Brighton Park Playground 3
?? Pearce Estate Park 25
?? Pop Davies Athletic Park 13
?? Penbrooke Meadows Park 6
?? Prestwick Fountain Park 2
?? Prestwick Inukshuk 2
?? Olympia Drive Off-Leash 3
?? Quarry Park Pathway ?
?? Raddison Heights Park ?
?? Raddison Heights Park East 6
?? Rainbow Park ?
?? Ralph Klein Park ?
?? Ramsay Community Association 5
?? Ramsay School Park 6
?? Reader Rock Gardens 4+
?? Remington YMCA in Quarry Park ?
?? Riverbend Community Centre 6
?? Riverbend Pathway ?
?? Southview Park 10
?? Sue Higgins Park 15+
?? The Lone Pony ?
?? Valleyview Park 3
?? Walden Playground ?
?? Willow Park Gardens Playground ?
?? Wyldewood Estates Trellis ?

South West Nests

Pokemon Nest Location Spawn Points
?? AD Ross Park 3-4
?? Babbeling Brook Park 3-5
?? Bankview Community Association 2
?? Battalion Park 25+
?? Battalion Park School 3+
?? Braeside Park 10+
?? Braeside Park Tennis Courts 7
?? Britannia Slopes 9
?? Buffalo Park (Garrison) ?
?? Canada Olympic Park 40
?? Champlain Park 2
?? Christie Estates Playground 5
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways North ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NE ?
?? Discovery Ridge Pathways NW 2
?? Discovery Ridge Ponds 5
?? Douglas Fir Trail Lookout Platform 6
?? Edworthy Park ?
?? Edworthy Park (river side) ?
?? Eversyde Park 3
?? Flanders Park 3
?? Galbraith Park Playground 3
?? Glamorgan Park ?
?? Glenbrook Park 3
?? Glendale Meadows Park ?
?? Glenmore Athletic Park 12
?? Griffith Park Playground 10+
?? Griffith Woods 30
?? Haysboro Community Park 10+
?? James H Gray Park ?
?? Jenny Elliot Elementary Field 2
?? Killarney Glengarry Community Assn. 5
?? Lakeview Community Assn. 20+
?? Lindsay Park 20+
?? Mahood Commons - Ambrose University 2+
?? Meadowlark Park ?
?? Millcrest Park 3
?? Millview Greenspace 3
?? North Glenmore 13
?? Old Banff Coach Hill Off Leash Park 1+
?? Optimist Park 40+
?? Patterson Place 2
?? Peacekeeper Park 3
?? Picnic Park 4
?? Poplar Park 2-3
?? Prominence Park 7-9
?? River Park 13
?? Riverdale Park ?
?? Roxboro & Erlton Offleash 7
?? Sandy Beach 9
?? Shaganappi Park 5-10
?? Shawnessy Pathway 10
?? Sienna Hills Playground 3
?? Signal Hill Old Fashioned Playground 4
?? Signal Ridge Playground 6+
?? Simcoe Playground 3
?? Silverado Skies Pathways 3
?? Sirocco Park 10+
?? Somerset Water Park 6
?? South Calgary Park 12
?? South Glenmore Park ?
?? South Mount Royal Park 2
?? Springborough Playground 5+
?? Sprucecliff Community Association ?
?? Stanley Park 14
?? Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association ?
?? Sunalta Park 5+
?? Turtle Hill Park 6+
?? Valour Park 2-3
?? Westside Soccer Field 5+
?? Wildwood Community Association 3
?? Woodbine Athletic Park 4
Thank you to our nest hunters!
Nest locations only: http://bit.ly/YYCNestLocations
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2023.03.24 01:45 throw_away_bay_bay Anyone from either Detroit or Cleveland who could do a suburb-to-suburb comparison?

Thanks to a partner job offer we will be moving to the Nashville area. I've never spent any time there.
I am from the Detroit suburbs and we've spent some years in the Cleveland suburbs. I would love to connect with people who have lived in both Nashville and one of these areas and could draw a suburb to suburb comparison if possible, like, "Antioch is most like Parma, OH" or "Brentwood is most like Rochester Hills, MI."
Basically I'd love the Detroit Judgmental Map, but for Nashville. It'll give us a leg up on places to narrow down our home search because we won't have a ton of time to do so.
Thank you!!
(BTW--not actually a throw-away. I made this years ago for a different purpose and just kept it.)
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2023.03.24 00:35 McTime50 Deep Dive of Team Needs/Contracts and Possible Draft Prospects at Each Position

Feel free to correct me on ANYTHING and bring up any draft names, player details, or any important piece of info I might've missed or got wrong.

Hope this sparks conversations! Used PFF and Sportrac for a lot of references.
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Sam Howell 22 2026 5th round selection in the 2022 draft. I'd be lying if I said Howell didn't spark excitement. Once upon a time, he had a 1st round grade and then played a year at college without any of his weapons. Very limited sample size but right now he's number one on the depth chart. It's his job to lose.
Jacoby Brissett 30 2024 Jacoby was the bridge at Cleveland while the team waited for "You Know Who" to be allowed to suit up. In that time, Jacoby actually performed admirably, with a 2:1 TD/INT and an 82.6 PFF grade. He'll bring proper competition at training camp and should Sam Howell not show up ready for the NFL, we'll definitely be seeing more of Brissett.
Jake Fromm 24 Reserve/Future Signed when Carson broke his finger just so we had a QB3 rostered. Will be fighting for a roster spot come training camp.
Needs - It's expected that Sam and Jacoby battle it out in camp for the number 1 spot. Look for Washington to find a solid QB3 to wait in the wings however, whether it be Jake Fromm or a day 3 draft pick
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Brian Robinson 24 2026 Brian Robinson got shot twice in the preseason, then proceeded to play week 5 onwards and become a headliner for our running game. B. Rob had already been looking to leapfrog over Gibson on the depth chart before the incident, and now that he is 100% it stands to reason that we're gonna see bigger and better performances this season.
Antonio Gibson 24 2024 Oh, Gibson. A dynamic playmaker that had a small fumbling issue that spooked fans and evidently the coaches as well. I think Gibson is a very underrated back and is an important part of the offense. Hard to say if we re-sign him after this season, however.
Jonathan Williams 29 2024 Didn't see much action till weeks 16-18. Great motor and ran hard those weeks. Not quite a needle-mover and at 29, might not get another contract.
Needs - With McKissic unlikely to return and Gibson's contract coming up, it makes sense for Washington to pick up another Day 2-3 RB to be RB3 or even eventually replace Gibson.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Logan Thomas 31 2025 Logan Thomas hasn't been quite the same since his injury in 2021. He was shaping up to be an underrated gem at the TE position for us and then had a down year. The hope is that Bienemy can utilize him better.
John Bates 25 2025 4th round selection in 2021. Better blocker than a passer, but is good for a splash play here and there. Solid talent on the field.
Cole Turner 23 2026 5th round selection in 2022. Barely saw the field, but his potential to be a receiving threat is there. Look to see more of him this year.
Armani Rogers 25 2025 Undrafted QB-turned-TE. His athleticism at the position really impressed the coaches, and they're willing to let him show them that he can handle more.
Needs - Logan Thomas isn't getting any younger, and between two largely unproven talents in Cole and Armani, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Washington adds another piece to Bienemy's favorite position on day 2 and onwards.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Terry McLaurin 27 2026 Scary Terry. Our WR1.
Curtis Samuel 26 2024 Samuel missed 2021 with soft-tissue injuries but had an actually decent bounceback in 2022. A lot of flashy plays and his change of direction is no joke. Looked electric on the field. Perhaps too much emphasis was put on using him by Scott Turner, but it's clear that Samuel has a lot of value. The question is if it'll be enough to re-sign him in 2024.
Jahan Dotson 23 2027 1st round selection in 2022. Stud. Finds the ball and makes plays. What more do you want out of this kid?
Dyami Brown 23 2025 3rd round selection in 2021. Deep threat that has yet to truly break out in the NFL. Had a couple flashy TDs against TEN this year. Hopefully reuniting him with his college QB in Sam Howell will spark something.
Dax Milne 23 2025 7th round selection in 2021 draft. Punt return duties in 2022. Kid did not pass the eye test whenever he tried to return the ball and consistently had the team starting at the 10 or 15.
Marcus Kemp 27 2024 Signed to replace Cam Sims.
Needs - WR is likely Washington's second-deepest position group. It should be noted however that both Curtis Samuel and Marcus Kemp's contracts are up after this season, and between Dyami Brown not quite breaking out just yet and Dax Milne being a very underwhelming receivepunt returner, I don't think it'd hurt to add another young guy who could either develop to replace Curtis or become an instant impact starter of special teams over Milne. Possibly a round 3 selection using the compensatory pick.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Charles Leno 31 2025 Starting LT. Decent tackle that looked worse than he was due to horrid interior play. Gave up 8 sacks on the year. The team should be looking to find a younger replacement.
Cornelius Lucas 31 2024 Backup that played at RT. Did decently.
Andrew Wylie 28 2026 Signed in free agency to be the new starting RT.
Drew Himmelman 26 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Trent Scott 29 2024 Signed in free agency likely to be depth.
Needs - Not a particularly young group. Andrew Wylie comes in to play RT, so I believe Washington would look for some to play on the left if they go the OT route in rounds 1-2. However, it should be noted that prior to 2021, Wylie played OG. Getting a RT of the future and moving Wylie inside isn't an insane idea. Lots of ways to go about retooling the offensive line.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Nick Gates 27 2026 Signed in free agency. This dude can play G or C. Should Chase Rouiller be unable to, I can see Gates snapping the ball in the Wes Schweitzer role. Otherwise, competing with Norwell for LG.
Sam Cosmi 24 2025 Cosmi at guard???? Coaches think he can do well in that role, and with Wylie taking over RT duties it seems like Cosmi will be your new starting RG to replace Trai Turner.
Chase Rouiller 29 2025 Starting center that missed a lot of time to injury. The same injury has been nagging him for a while, which is unfortunate because when healthy he was one of PFF's top centers.
Andrew Norwell 31 2024 Started at LG last year, but is gonna see some competition in camp. Might be relegated to depth.
Saahdiq Charles 23 2024 Depth guy that filled in weeks 4-7. Only gave up one sack in that span. PFF grades were Not Great.
Tyler Larsen 31 2024 Backup center. Took over for Chase until he got injured himself. Performed inconsistently in the position.
Chris Paul 24 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Saw the field once in week 18.
Needs - The offensive line was one of Washington's biggest problems last season, so expect to see them address it all throughout the draft. Free agency addition Nick Gates alongside Sam Cosmi (now inside!) may help, but I wouldn't say precludes Washington from even trading back up the first and picking up a guard or a center in the second/third.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jonathan Allen 28 2026 Stud.
Daron Payne 25 2027 Stud. Got his bag this offseason after a career year.
Phidarian Mathis 24 2026 Unfortunately had a season-ending injury at the beginning of the season. Hopefully a good comeback season in 2023.
John Ridgeway 23 2026 Picked up off the Cowboy's waiver wire, this dude has motor like no tomorrow. We've all seen him wrestle move Damien Pierce against the Texans. Good young guy to have on that line to develop.
David Bada 27 2024 International player signed to a 1-year deal. Good depth guy.
Needs - After the Payne re-sign, and Mathis/Ridgeway coming in last season, DT is undoubtedly the deepest position group on the roster. I don't foresee Washington drafting another one (but you never know with this FO).
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Chase Young 23 2025 2nd overall selection in 2020, he had a stellar rookie year, got injured in his sophomore, then proceeded to take most of 2022 before seeing the field again. Once he trusts his leg again, he should have a FULL bounceback season.
Montez Sweat 26 2024 26th overall selection in 2019, Montez has been a consistently good EDGE. Watch for him to have a career year with his contract coming up a la Daron Payne.
Shaka Toney 25 2025 7th round selection in 2021. Backup. Played 7 weeks in 2022 and did just ok.
James Smith-Williams 25 2024 7th round selection in 2020. Rotational player, backup. Did ok.
Casey Toohill 26 2024 7th round selection also in 2020. Made a nice tandem threat with James Smith-Williams.
Efe Obada 30 2024 Depth guy.
Abdullah Anderson 27 2024 Depth guy.
Benning Potoa'e 26 2024 Depth guy.
Needs - Montez Sweat is the next big re-signing on the horizon for Washington. Coupled with (hopefully now 100%) Chase Young, the EDGE group is shaping up to be pretty strong this season. However, if you take a look above, a LOT of backups are out after this season, so a day 2-3 pick is in the realm of possibility. There needs to be stronger talent beyond just Young and Sweat.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Jamin Davis 24 2025 Drafted to be MIKE but worked better outside. Improved heavily as the year went on.
Cody Barton 26 2024 Signed in free agency to replace Cole Holcomb, who had been improving at the MIKE position for the team.
Drew White 24 2025 UDFA picked up in 2022, never saw the field.
Khaleke Hudson 25 2024 5th round selection in 2020, saw the field only 5 weeks in 2022. Special teamer.
De'Jon Harris 25 2024 Special teamer.
David Mayo 29 2024 Special teamer and back-up LB.
Nate Gerry 28 2024 Practice squad guy.
Needs - Jamin Davis was drafted in the 1st round to be a MIKE. Didn't work out. Holcomb took a big step up in the MIKE role last season. Got injured and left in free agency at the season's end. Cody Barton signed on a 1-year deal. Beyond Jamin Davis, LB is still one of Washington's most anemic position groups. Jack Del Rio's scheme puts more emphasis on CB than it does on LB but it would be nice to see this group get just a bit beefier.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kendall Fuller 28 2024 CB1, Kendall Fuller has been really good at corner for us. Contract however is on the horizon.
Benjamin St-Juste 25 2025 CB2 who had been improving more and more until he had an injury in 2022. Look for him to continue his upward ascent in 2023.
Danny Johnson 27 2025 Did a little special teams and stepped up a little during regular play. Did pretty well!
Cameron Dantzler 24 2024 Picked up in free agency on a prove-it deal. Look for him to prove it or leave next year.
Tariq Castro-Fields 24 2026 Barely saw the field in 2022.
Christian Holmes 25 2026 7th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams. Look for him to have an expanded role in 2023.
Needs - Kendall Fuller's contract is coming up and there isn't an enormous amount of talent beyond Benjamin St-Juste. A corner has been heavily mocked to us in the 1st and/or 2nd, so I would expect to see one go in those spots. Another point I want to bring up is zone vs. man. Jack Del Rio's scheme is predicated more on Zone than Press Man. Kinda the reason why William Jackson struggled last year and got traded. Now if the talent and tools are there, they may pick up another press prospect but I would look more into zone guys.
Possible Draft Prospects
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Kamren Curl 23 2024 PFF highest rated safety. Kam Curl had a breakout season and is only gonna get better
Darrick Forrest 23 2025 This dude had not 1, but 2 highlight interceptions in 2022. Darrick Forrest always seems to be where the ball is and the secondary could always use more of that.
Percy Butler 22 2026 4th round selection in 2022. Instant impact on special teams and likely going to be a starter in 2023 as Kam movies into a Buffalo Nickel role.
Jeremy Reaves 26 2024 You all know the story. All-pro special teamer.
Needs - Kam Curl has really come into his own as well as D. Forrest and all the other young safeties. PFF had them highly rated a bunch last season. I would expect day 3 picks here, just because you can never have enough good special team players with upside.
Possible Draft Prospects
Special Teams
Name Age Contract Expires in Comment
Tress Way 32 2025 The perennial Washington MVP.
Joey Slye 26 2024 Big leg, hits some long ones, but man does he miss ugly some times. Brought stability in 2021, and then got inconsistent in 2022.
Camaron Cheeseman 24 2025 Get you a man who snaps the ball to you the way Cheeseman does to Tress.
Needs - Joey Slye's contract is coming up and is inconsistent at inconvenient moments. They could draft a round 7 kicker, but I wouldn't count on it.
Possible Draft Prospects
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2023.03.24 00:12 numen_photography Marvel Champions LCG Core Set, Hero Packs and Scenario Pack - Cleveland, OH

Looking to sell Marvel Champions LCG Core Set, The Green Goblin Scenario Pack and the following Hero Packs: Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Gamora, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Quicksilver and Thor. All are sleeved in Dragon Shield Clear Matte sleeves and everything is in like new condition, rarely played. Looking for $110 for everything. Local pickup in Cleveland, OH area only. Let me know if interested.
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2023.03.23 23:37 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in LA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Dietary Aide Mansfield
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Diet Aide Mansfield
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Baton Rouge
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Bossier City
Jackson Family Wines Seasonal Harvest Enologist Covington
Winn Dixie Retail Stores Seafood Associate Destrehan
Royal Caribbean Group Manager, Commercial Planning and Sales Operations Gretna
AMC Theatres Theater Director Hammond
Clark County School District 2023-2024 Explorations Teacher (Robotics) - Guinn MS Hammond
Care At Home CAREGIVER in New London County, CT (Per Diem) Kenner
Snap on Technical Sales Representative - ADAS Specialist Kenner
Farmer Brothers Route Sales Representative (RSR) Lafayette
Manistee Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Veterinarian Lafayette
G.C.P. Technical Sales Representative - W Washington & Alaska Laplace
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Mandeville
Thorntons Seasonal Worker Metairie
Thorntons Seasonal Worker New Orleans
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, Cardiovascular-Long Beach, CA New Orleans
Doggett Sales - Outside Parts Doggett Freightliner STX New Orleans
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative New Orleans
COLAS Commercial Manager - Dayton, OH New Orleans
HD Supply Field Sales Professional (Trades, Cleveland, OH) Prairieville
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Shreveport
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Shreveport
TEC Equipment Outside Parts Sales Zachary
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in la. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 23:21 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in LA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Dietary Aide Mansfield
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Diet Aide Mansfield
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Baton Rouge
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Bossier City
Jackson Family Wines Seasonal Harvest Enologist Covington
Winn Dixie Retail Stores Seafood Associate Destrehan
Royal Caribbean Group Manager, Commercial Planning and Sales Operations Gretna
AMC Theatres Theater Director Hammond
Clark County School District 2023-2024 Explorations Teacher (Robotics) - Guinn MS Hammond
Care At Home CAREGIVER in New London County, CT (Per Diem) Kenner
Snap on Technical Sales Representative - ADAS Specialist Kenner
Farmer Brothers Route Sales Representative (RSR) Lafayette
Manistee Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Veterinarian Lafayette
G.C.P. Technical Sales Representative - W Washington & Alaska Laplace
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Mandeville
Thorntons Seasonal Worker Metairie
Thorntons Seasonal Worker New Orleans
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, Cardiovascular-Long Beach, CA New Orleans
Doggett Sales - Outside Parts Doggett Freightliner STX New Orleans
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative New Orleans
COLAS Commercial Manager - Dayton, OH New Orleans
HD Supply Field Sales Professional (Trades, Cleveland, OH) Prairieville
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Shreveport
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Shreveport
TEC Equipment Outside Parts Sales Zachary
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in la. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 23:06 USOC_Matchday 2023 U.S. Open Cup Thread: Round 1, Day 3

Flashscore Live Table
List of Streams
Cleveland SC (NPSL) – Lionsbridge FC (USL2)
Cleveland SC readies for the US Open Cup Thursday
7:00 ET - North Olmsted High School; North Olmsted, OH
Time Event Team Player Score
30' Yellow Card Lionsbridge J. Bradley CLE 0-0 LFC
31' Yellow Card Cleveland C. Cvecko CLE 0-0 LFC
45'+1 GOAL! Cleveland C. Cvecko CLE 1-0 LFC
45'+3 - HALF TIME - CLE 1-0 LFC
65' Yellow Card Lionsbridge J. Dizdarevic CLE 1-0 LFC
66' Yellow Card Lionsbridge A. Kirkwood CLE 1-0 LFC
66' Yellow Card Cleveland J. Schmidt CLE 1-0 LFC
70' Yellow Card Cleveland D. Koniarczyk CLE 1-0 LFC
73' RED CARD! Cleveland J. Schmidt CLE 1-0 LFC
90'+5 - FULL TIME - CLE 1-0 LFC
Cleveland SC advance to face Richmond Kickers (USL1)
Jacksonville Armada FC (NPSL) – Miami United FC (LQ)
City Council approves soccer stadium; USS Orleck agreement; Downtown marine fire station
7:00 ET - Hodges Stadium; Jacksonville, FL
Stream 1 - YouTube
Stream 2 - Twitch
Time Event Team Player Score
24' Yellow Card Miami M. Benito JAX 0-0 MUFC
36' Yellow Card Miami J. Espita JAX 0-0 MUFC
42' GOAL! Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-0 MUFC
45'+4 Yellow Card Miami R. Imsua JAX 1-0 MUFC
45'+4 - HALF TIME - JAX 1-0 MUFC
49' GOAL! Miami B. Dominguez JAX 1-1 MUFC
56' Yellow Card Armada L. Tom JAX 1-1 MUFC
59' Yellow Card Armada T. West JAX 1-1 MUFC
62' Yellow Card Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-1 MUFC
83' RED CARD! Armada M. Thomas JAX 1-1 MUFC
93' Yellow Card Armada S. Palusi JAX 1-1 MUFC
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️
Jacksonville Armada advance to face The Miami FC (USLC)
Hartford City FC (USL2) – Lansdowne Yonkers FC (LQ)
Yonkers’ Trophy Hoarders Target More Cup Magic
7:30 ET - Trinity Health Stadium; Hartford, CT
Time Event Team Player Score
17' Yellow Card Hartford A. Adefioye HFDC 0-0 LNDN
28' GOAL! Hartford H. Guerra HFDC 1-0 LNDN
38' Yellow Card Hartford A. Cekic HFDC 1-0 LNDN
45'+1 GOAL! Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-1 LNDN
45'+3 Yellow Card Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-1 LNDN
45'+5 - HALF TIME - HFDC 1-1 LNDN
66' Yellow Card Hartford T. Bryan HFDC 1-1 LNDN
74' GOAL! Lansdowne J. Devivo HFDC 1-2 LNDN
76' Yellow Card Lansdowne S. Sanchez HFDC 1-2 LNDN
78' Yellow Card Lansdowne S. Nolan HFDC 1-2 LNDN
84' Yellow Card Lansdowne M. Lynch HFDC 1-2 LNDN
90'+8 - FULL TIME - HFDC 1-2 LNDN
Lansdowne Yonkers FC advance to face Hartford Athletic (USLC)
Previous Threads:
Round 1, Day 1 / Round 1, Day 2
Visit /usopencup for more U.S. Open Cup news and discussion.
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2023.03.23 23:05 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in LA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Dietary Aide Mansfield
Desoto Retirement & Rehabilitation Diet Aide Mansfield
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Baton Rouge
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Bossier City
Jackson Family Wines Seasonal Harvest Enologist Covington
Winn Dixie Retail Stores Seafood Associate Destrehan
Royal Caribbean Group Manager, Commercial Planning and Sales Operations Gretna
AMC Theatres Theater Director Hammond
Clark County School District 2023-2024 Explorations Teacher (Robotics) - Guinn MS Hammond
Care At Home CAREGIVER in New London County, CT (Per Diem) Kenner
Snap on Technical Sales Representative - ADAS Specialist Kenner
Farmer Brothers Route Sales Representative (RSR) Lafayette
Manistee Veterinary Hospital Small Animal Veterinarian Lafayette
G.C.P. Technical Sales Representative - W Washington & Alaska Laplace
Bath & Body Works Sales Agent Mandeville
Thorntons Seasonal Worker Metairie
Thorntons Seasonal Worker New Orleans
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, Cardiovascular-Long Beach, CA New Orleans
Doggett Sales - Outside Parts Doggett Freightliner STX New Orleans
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative New Orleans
COLAS Commercial Manager - Dayton, OH New Orleans
HD Supply Field Sales Professional (Trades, Cleveland, OH) Prairieville
Advance Auto Parts Commercial Parts Pro Shreveport
FRITO LAY Route Sales Representative Shreveport
TEC Equipment Outside Parts Sales Zachary
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in la. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 20:56 TigerUppercut08 Rushing hands

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2023.03.23 20:55 TigerUppercut08 Rushing hands

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2023.03.23 20:22 FreeThinkk Newbie, used & maintained saws in the past. Never owned. Just picked up this 8” cordless (3rd pic) for super cheap. Wondering if I can upgrade the bar & chain to something better. Any pointers would be appreciated. More in comments.

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2023.03.23 20:04 iphoto513 ITAP of the Traffic Guardians in Cleveland, OH

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2023.03.23 19:44 kibbliebear [Live Setlist Thread] Thursday, 3/23/23 - 8:00pm ET - Roadrunner - Boston, MA

Poster: AJ Masthay
Official Stream: Free for Nugs Subscribers @ Nugs.net
Unofficial Stream: Mixlr: https://mixlr.com/hippy-hour-hero-radio--2
Tickets: Cash or Trade
Scheduled Start Time: 8:00pm ET (Likely start 8:30-8:45)
Set 1 (8:21PM - 9:25PM )
Flopener (11)
Turbulence and The Night Rays (9)
Elizabeth (12)
Travelers (10)
I'm writing a Novel * (7)
Earthing? or Alien? (25)
Set 2 (10:11PM - 11:34PM )
Creatures (18)
Hungersite (19)
Red Bird > Please Forgive Me^ ( 25)
Bob Don (6)
Pancakes ! (15)
Encore (11:36PM - 11:48PM)
Slow Ready (12)
Show Notes:
*Father John Misty
^ David Gray
! Dirty Arrangement
[ ] Backstage bananas
[ ] Rocking
[ ] Arpeggiating
[ ] Floating
[ 🕺] Hip swangin'
[ ] "Are you freaking kidding me right now?"
[ ] Straight Bird'n
[ ] Channeling evil Goose
[ ] Flipping switches
[ ] Razzle dazzle shoulders
[ ] Entering inter-dimensional travel
[ ] Loving you guys
[ ] Summoning deep space aliens with a mating call
[ ] Crowd Participating
[ ] Wondering whose first Goose show it is
The band dedicated the tour to Chuck Morris (drummer of the jam band Lotus), and his son. Both tragically went missing during a kayak trip in Arkansas last weekend. Both are presumed to be perished as of this show.
You can donate to the family of Chuck Morris here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-jenny-thompson-family
Venue Info: Roadrunner
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 54°F
Check-In: Albany, NY Alberta, Canada ATL ATL burbz w/ jacked tits Asheville, NC Ascutney Vt. Augusta, GA Austin, TX x3 Boone, NC Boonton, NJ Boston, MA x 2 Boulder, CO Buffalo, NY Center Rail w/ Jacked tits Class then omw to Roadrunner x2 Cleveland, OH Chicago under some blankies Colorado Springs, CO Covington, KY x2 Dayton, OH Denver, CO x2 Edwardsville, IL Finger Lakes Fort Myers, FL x2 Fort Wayne, IN GBH Parking Garage, Level 2 Glastonbury, CT Hackensack, NJ Hartford, CT Headed to the city! x2 Houston, TX Hudson Valley, NY Indianapolis, IN Lancaster, PA Landing, NJ KCMO Lodi, NJ Madison, WI Midlothian, Virginia Milwaukee, WI Montgomery, IL Morristown, NJ Nashville, TN North Plainfield, NJ NYC New York Oklahoma sticks Oshkosh B'Gosh Parts Unknown Pittsburgh, PA x2 Pittsfield, MA Portland Portchester, NY Raleigh, NC The Roadrunner Rochester, NY x3 Rocklin, CARichmond, VA San Antonio, TX x2 Seattle, WA Seneca, SC Springfield, MA SSI, GA Syracuse x2 Syracuse, NY Syragoooose Terlingua, TX Trenton, NJ Williamsburg, VA White Mountains, NH
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2023.03.23 16:51 A80j Old Coast Guard station on Whiskey Island in Cleveland, OH. Designed to look like a cruise ship

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2023.03.23 15:07 Devinclark851 Five Ways to Increase Your Radiology Practice Collections

Five Ways to Increase Your Radiology Practice Collections
Several factors influence your radiology practice collections and improper management of collection measures that may lead to loss of revenue of your in-house practice. Therefore, it becomes important to evaluate your radiology A/R and collections regularly so as to observe any gaps in your collection strategy.

To improve your radiology practice collections, here are some key factors you need to take into account.

1. Make your patients know their payment responsibility

For smooth flow of your Radiology practice collections, it is important to keep your patients aware of the insurance process and their responsibility towards insurance payment. In fact, not every insurance will offer the same coverage to patients. Therefore, it is significantly required to make your patients know what diagnosis and treatment their insurance will cover and what not.
This will ease out your radiology collection process ensuring consistency in collections and improving your practice’s revenue.

2. Enhance collections with leveraging technology

Automate accounts receivable with effective collection payment system software which helps you reduce follow-ups and keep collections up-to-date. This will not only help you with regular cash flow but also gives your patients a positive impression towards your radiology practice management. Using high-end technology through software sends automated reminders to patients for their insurance payment. This reduces your concern of regular follow-up with patients through emails, outbound phone calls and messages.
Moreover, accepting payments through IVR technology in phones and online processing improves patient experience along with making them understand the importance of paying for insurance.

3. Train your staff to interact with patients regarding payments

Sometimes, emailing the balance bill amount to patients apart from the insurance amount claimed may not play an effective role in improving collections. Train your accounts receivable team to call up every patient after sending an email about their balance bill amount to be cleared and explain the break-up. This will not only develop transparency between your practice and your patients but also creates goodwill along with reminding them to make the payment.
Based on age of the pending payment, your staff should regularly follow up with patients to clear their payment. But this should not be in a disrespectful manner, since the majority of the amount is cleared by their insurance-providing company.

4. Manage your denials in a better way

Controlling denials of patient claims can improve your collection process way better and faster than ever. In order to make sure that your patients’ insurance coverage is reimbursed on time, you should have a strong medical billing system in place and up-to-date information on claims should be notified to your patients along with the bill amount they should pay. With proper medical billing and coding, it is possible to speed up your A/R collection process as well.

5. Concentrate on strategic growth planning

A radiology practice to grow heights should be able to identify growth opportunities and maximize their practice’s value. Keep the market information always handy to understand how uniquely your practice is performing compared to other radiology practices. Just streamlining collections alone cannot make you stand out from your competitors. You should have proper strategic planning for your business growth that helps keep all your practice activities intact and helps improve your revenue as well.


Along with the changing technology, it is a good decision if you are able to adapt to that technology. If capability of staff and size of your radiology practice is a major concern, then think of outsourcing radiology medical billing services to a renowned medical billing company that is highly qualified to handle end-to-end collection process and revenue cycle management for your radiology center.
If you are one of the practices struggling to improve your collections, you can follow the solutions provided above. Still if you require assistance for collections enhancement, get in touch with 24/7 Medical Billing Services, the best medical billing partner for quick results and improvement at +1-888-502-0537.
About 24/7 Medical Billing Services:
24/7 Medical Billing Services is the nation’s leading medical billing service provider catering services to more than 43 specialties across the entire 50 states. You can rely on us for end-to-end revenue cycle management. We guarantee up to 10-20% increase in the revenue with cost reduction of your practice for up to 50%.
Call us today at 888-502-0537 to know more on how we can help boost profitability for your practice.
Media Contact –
24/7 Medical Billing Services,
28405 Osborn Road,
Cleveland, OH, 44140
Tel: + 1 -888-502-0537
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.247medicalbillingservices.com/
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2023.03.23 15:02 AggravatingReason649 Olivieri & Son INC

Olivieri and Son Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1981. Over the years, we have solved and repaired hundreds of problems in homes in the Cleveland area and the surrounding suburbs. Our experience, knowledge, and equipment can handle any job from start to finish.
As a family owned and operated business, we take pride in the work we do and our ability to provide a more personal touch for our customers. We value your business and in return we go the extra mile to take care of each and every account. Throughout our process, we take extra precautions to protect your property because we believe the problem we are fixing is the only inconvenience you should have to deal with. Olivieri & Son Inc. is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. All our work comes with a free guarantee.

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2023.03.23 11:42 TCaschy Best place to buy crew gear including kids not in Columbus?

I'm in Cleveland and looking to get some gear especially for my kids. Is there a local shop in Northeast OH that sells Crew gear? If not, what is the best online place to do so? Thanks in advance!
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