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2023.03.26 20:30 dragonskinuggs Zoya sues Lights Lacquer over use of first names for nail polish

I used to really like Zoya but this has left a really bad taste in my mouth. I'm pretty sure Zoya didn't come up with the revolutionary idea to name products after people. Makeup companies have been doing it forever. Most of them are really common names too, like Lucy and Emma. I want to hear other people's thoughts on it. Is it justified?
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2023.03.26 20:28 Charlotte2107_ Hey! I just wanted to ask the comic collector people who know much more then me if this would be a could storage thing for my comics? Kinda scared to get cardboard cuz I feel like it won’t last as long and if it get wet it would be bad. They have like a 4.5 stars I think

Hey! I just wanted to ask the comic collector people who know much more then me if this would be a could storage thing for my comics? Kinda scared to get cardboard cuz I feel like it won’t last as long and if it get wet it would be bad. They have like a 4.5 stars I think submitted by Charlotte2107_ to marvelcomics [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:27 MortalPhantom Is there s google pixel pro with 8gb of RAM?

From what ive seen there are only pixel pros with 12 gb of ram but in both amazon and my local version of ebay ive seen Pixel 7 pros offered with 8gb of RAM and 128gb of storage. Eith the 12rsm version only being offered in 256.
Where i live the pixel is not officially sold so in worried that its a scam (even though the sellers have thoudsd of sales and good revkews)
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2023.03.26 20:24 QuirkyData3500 Is my stand KICK BACK a great stand or a bad stand?

Stand name: KICK BACK
Stand type: Close range, humanoid
Ability: the stand has the ability to take away the other stand abilities by defeating stand users and turn there stand abilities into weapons or objects that give you does set abilities for 5 minutes, but it has a cooldown time of 3 minutes 45 seconds and you can only use one item/weapon at a time. Essentially its like mega man or dante type of situation, where when your have to defeat your opponent with your stand, if the opponent is still alive after the battle then the item/weapon will have 60% of the power as the stand. If the opponent dies after the battle or in a duel to the death then the item/weapon will have all the powers of the stand. The stand has a secondary ability nicknaned inventory where the stand has limitless storage space for regular items and stand items/weapons that he won.
Stats: Durability: B
Speed: A
Power: A
Precision: C
Range: D
Growth potential: A
About user:
Alastor Mei, was an teenager who was obsessed with fiction and understanding everything around him. He loved fiction so much he even learned and mastered subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, zoology, botany, hacking, military strategy, weapons engineering and computer science just to see how would powers and characters in manga, anime, comics and video games could work in real life and if he ever had powers he would know how to use them to there fullest. Once he achived his stand and figured out his function he looked for stand users to have there abilities. He defeated 10 stand users and killed 10 more. When he gained his stand he lost a part of what makes him human. People with power can get lost in the fantasy they built, non know more then the lonely man Alastor.
View Poll
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2023.03.26 20:23 UnfairTailor6777 How do you tell if your spouse is cheating on Facebook?// How do you know if your husband is cheating on Facebook? // Do people use Facebook to cheat? // What is considered Facebook cheating?

Facebook cheating? [email protected] --------------- Are you worried that your significant other is spending a lot more time than usual on Facebook? Do you think that he is being secretive about the conversations he is having online? Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should be worried about this behavior? Concerned that your partner might be using Facebook to cheat on you? Worried they are having secret conversations with a lover on Messenger? Thanks to this guide that I put together, you can catch cheating on Facebook. Learn to spot the signals of infidelity and about the best app that you can use to find out all you need to know about those cheating on you.
Signs of Cheating on Facebook messenger
How to Spy Facebook Messages and Conversations?
Why Use Spy App for Facebook Messages?
How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Facebook
Get Insight Into Facebook Conversations
Other Ways to Catch Facebook Cheaters
Create a Fake Account to Trap Your Partner
Turn Your Phone Into a Mic
Hack Chrome Passwords
Use Data Recovery Tools
Hire a Private Detective
How To Spy If Someone Is Cheating On Facebook Messenger
Facebook messenger is a mobile application that supports effective conversation with other people, including chats, conversations, video calls and much more. Getting connected with people around you makes your life more fun and interesting. Facebook messenger has certainly helped millions of people around the world, to stay connected and always feel happy. The application is also found to be compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. Apart from compatibility, they also provide you with interesting features like audio or video calls, share media files or document files, fast, easy chatting and much more. It is because of these interesting features, that more people choose to use Facebook messenger whenever they want to have an easy conversation with their friends.
When someone makes a text to you on Facebook, you will be notified via this app, if you are using it. You can even check out your Facebook messages, without actually logging in to Facebook. Many people are already addicted to this app since this app has helped them to stay instantly connected to their dear or near ones. Now what people are really interested to know about is, how well you can use Facebook messenger to spy on the Facebook activities of anybody. And that is exactly what we will be talking about more, here.
How Facebook Messenger Spy Expose A Cheater?
Facebook Messenger is so concerned about the safety of all account holders, and hence track all messages exchanged between the account holder and their friends. If you find anything suspicious about your friend, relative or spouse, then Facebook messenger is the best way to do it. So there is no doubt that Facebook messenger is a super cool instant social messaging application, that lets you text with one another by sending gifs, images, emojis, texts, videos and much more.
When it comes to spying, the Facebook messenger is surely going to be of great use to you. This app is pretty cool, whenever it comes to spying on people because it helps you retain all old conversations unless someone chooses to delete them manually. All messages are stored systematically in chronological order with their respective date and time saved.
How To Spy Facebook Messages & Conversations?
The best way to spy on chats effectively will be to try out using reputed apps that are designed specifically to spy on others Facebook conversations. Such apps will help you to keep an eye on others social media activities, without missing out on anything. For example, oranjecracktech is an app, that will let you spy or monitor all the social media activities of other people with ease. Such apps give you all accurate details including keystrokes, which you could use to hack their passwords. It gives you more control over the other person’s Facebook account, takes regular screenshots as evidence against your cheating friend, relative or spouse. Lets you spy on the call log, messages, photos, videos etc.
You can also try World’s #1 Phone Monitoring Software To Spy someone’s Facebook Messeges, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use this software.
How Does Spy Applications Work Towards Detecting Suspicious Activities?
oranjecracktech messenger spy apps are sure to have designed with a set of programs to work efficiently. All these programs work independently and collect all necessary data from various segments like memory, backup, programmed designation and so on. And it is via the internet that the data being collected from mobile phones will be transferred to the website.
How Spy Apps Hack Facebook Messenger?
Most of the reputed and well-known spy apps have features to hack Facebook messenger, site or application. The Facebook messenger actually stores all its data, which includes conversation and shared data on internal storage. The spy apps work by trapping this folder and sending it to the main dashboard of the app. The next thing that they will be working on will be to decrypt collected data and monitor on the targeted person’s Facebook activities. Such spy software has a set of tools to monitor the entire activities of the targeted person. Most common tools that they might include are browser monitor, app monitor, keylogger and so on.
Why to Use Spy App for Facebook Messages?To Track Conversations
This is the best way to know who your child, friend, family member or spouse is talking to, all the time. Parents can constantly monitor what their child is watching and doing online on Facebook, as the number of online sexual predators are fairly raising these days. This also gives parents an idea of whether the child is watching or interested in drugs or drug-related stuff.
To Make Sure You Are Not Cheated
This can also be useful to those people who are married or are in a relationship, to check out with whom all your partner talks and have conversations on a daily basis. So this will give you more confidence and happiness, that you are not being cheated. Facebook messenger will surely help you to detect any suspicious activity of your partner since, Messenger is a private app, and such people are likely to carry out their conversations through it.
How To Spy On The Facebook Messages Of Your Suspicious Spouse?
Facebook gives you access to many personal details of people, and if you are in a confusion as to whether your partner is having some affairs with someone, then Facebook messenger is the best thing, that you can start spying on, cause it is sure to give you some hint to unlock the mystery. If you want to find more, then probably you should start using an app for the same, to get complete details in a short time.
If you feel that they are spending too much time on Facebook, then you should probably start monitoring all their Facebook activities. So the Facebook messenger will help you to reveal the truth behind this, as they will give you a clear idea about all their activities on Facebook.
Spy applications are usually not visible on the targeted person’s device, and it usually runs on background. The person will never come to know that you are monitoring or spying on them. As they are hidden, you will be able to discreetly collect all necessary data from them, without letting them know that you are detecting or spying on them. If you ever suspect that your loved or dear one is no more truthful to you, or is hanged up in another relation, then you can try your hands on such spy apps, cause they help you to monitor all activities in an effective, easy and organized way. So never be worried thinking about how to spy Facebook messenger, as this is quite possible in many ways, out of which a perfect alternative is to try using [email protected]
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2023.03.26 20:22 BlackGreenFalcon Adding color, storage, and hanging space to laundry room
Room is 80" x 100", 9ft ceiling. WasheDryer are essentially fixed in place due to location of drain/duct. Door swing would impact wall to wall counter (see top view). Ideally, any breaks in storage would line up with the gap between the washedryer.
Shelf for detergents above washer
Shelf to stack folded clothes
More storage, cabinets and or shelving
Enough hanging space for up to ~10 garments
Color, either on cabinets or wall
Things I've considered:
IKEA cart between dryer and door
Hanging extension rack
Hanging space in nook
Peel and stick wallpaper
There are a couple ideas at the end of the gallery link. I'm not attached to either.
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2023.03.26 20:20 Cheap_Personality811 Is it only me who think Martin and Gina is polo g best song

Lyrics I think about you on the road when I tear down the booth Girl, I can't wait 'til I get home and fuck the shit out of you Even on your worst days, girl, you still kind of cute If it go down, I'm gonna protect you, pull that stick out and shoot All I want is your love, I can't see no bitch after you Off emotions, we did things that we didn't have to do Scared of you leaving, I told lies when you asked for the truth I second guessed if you the one, that's when I didn't' have a clue And we Martin and Gina, but we ain't think about behind the scenes The way I kill it, lose her voice when she tryin' to scream We from the trenches, we moved onto the finer things Now you done went from H&M to a designer fiend He was playing games, got you dancing in the middle of the club Got you dancing in the middle of the club I know what you chasing, you can only get this feeling from a thug You can only get this feeling from a thug Tears falling, and it's liquor in your cup, all you really want is love Baby, all you really want is love Only talk to bosses, independent, can't be fucking with a scrub Girl, I know you can't be fucking with a scrub I get this feeling in my stomach when you next to me Man, I'm tryna get to know you sexually Take you on shopping sprees for therapy Move you out to Cali', in my mansion takin' care of me I know sometime I'm crazy, I was hoping that you could bear with me Beauty and the beast, pretty girl with a gangster I swear, you still the baddest in the room with no makeup You the type of woman every hood nigga pray for I vow to stay a hunnid, never change up In that sun dress, damn your body so amazing Love the way you smell, I'm addicted to your fragrance It's somethin' about you, but I really can't explain it Just know that you mine, I tell that nigga he can save it He was playing games, got you dancing in the middle of the club Got you dancing in the middle of the club I know what you chasing, you can only get this feeling from a thug You can only get this feeling from a thug Tears falling, and it's liquor in your cup, all you really want is love Baby, all you really want is love Only talk to bosses, independent, can't be fucking with a scrub Girl, I know you can't be fucking with a scrub
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2023.03.26 20:18 Dragathar12 Setup Suggestions for a budget ofP30-40k no dedicated GPU PC?

I was hoping to get a suggestion on parts to build a PC with integrated graphics on the CPU side. I'm looking at either a Ryzen 5 or 7 (need suggestions on model I don't mind intel too if it's a better option), 8gb to 16gb RAM, 256gb to 512gb SSD. This of course is just a pre setup, once I have more budget I'm planning on adding a 3060 or higher but for now I just need a working PC. I am especially concerned on the motherboard because that's one of the parts I have bare to zero knowledge about. I want to get something that can be slightly considered "future proof" (ex. add more RAM, Storage, when cashflow allows in the future).
Any help would be appreciated. I already have a Steam Deck but I want to make a Gaming PC in the near future. Just need a working windows PC for now for stuff I can't do on a Mac.
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2023.03.26 20:18 GeoLune Bakit ba ako ginagaya ng mga kapatid ko

I feel guilty for being annoyed, but then again 'di ako sanay gayahin while I was growing up hahahha
For background, only child kasi ako sa father's side ko, then recently ko lang nakilala mga step-siblings ko sa mother's side nung 2020, there are exactly 4 of them who are younger than me. I'm 21, their ages range from 16 to 12. Don't get me wrong- I still love them to bits kahit ginagawa nila akong template jusko.
Pero ganito yun, after a year of getting to know me- and until now napapansin ko na ginagaya nila every weird trait I have or kahit yung interests ko and the way I dress up, how I consistently dye my hair, my fascination with dogs and how they started romanticizing my favorite dog breed to the point na makakita lang sila ng ganun- they collectively squeal and fangirl over it. Recently the one sibling i'm closest with started asking advices on fashion and is very open to me about borrowing makeup and vanity stuff, tapos na-appreciate ko naman na she approaches me to learn my ways of doing things.
One small thing that irked me is i found out na recently- ginagaya nila yung photos ko- how I pose, how i dress up, style my hair and how I play with coloured lighting in my pictures. I do these little self-shoots kasi that I do out of boredom and as a hobby- and I recall about two years ago when I've just met them wala silang ka-arte arte in styling themselves up. Tapos now, they also do it. I feel flattered but at the same time parang weirded out lang kasi di ko nakalakihan yung may ginagaya ako or may gumagaya sakin. I hope I overcome this and get used to it nalang HAHA tho lab ko parin sila
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2023.03.26 20:18 ProfHiggins 29 [F4M] Seattle Area – My (38M) old girlfriend is looking for a good man with an armory and a library who wants to start a family. Here’s why you should date the living hell out of her and wife her up.

Here’s a recent pic. No makeup. She’s got more if you get that far, and they’d be more appropriate coming from her.
First things first, I am of course ancient history, moved across the country, happily married with a wife and kids and so on. All in-bounds and appropriate.
But wait—what kind of thunderously sane woman asks a happily married straight man to help her vet suitors?
Well, almost all women who have ever lived, as it happens, and ideally they’d call the guy “Dad”, but… well, there are entire subreddits dedicated to the sins of the Boomers, and that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to talk about a woman who wisely wants to keep her body count low.
Now that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with you if your immediate answer to the question was, “Well, hopefully a sexy one.” Inside a relationship with an exclusive, Capital-B Boyfriend, well, it would probably be best if you viewed “I taught your girlfriend that thing you like,” not as a bug, but a feature. She didn’t identify as a hot girl in high school, much more of a Sporty Spice vibe, but when we dated I helped her realize that while competing with other women isn’t something she’s interested in, making her man feel like Genghis Fucking Khan absolutely is. And I mean, we were ages ago, and she’s kept working on herself. Today she’s one of the most unfashionably heterosexual women in Seattle. Ugly duckling hunters, lock and load.
So… to me, indirect experience is among the best ways to get experience in bed while keeping your body count low. And, as an advantage, her approach of shagging only Boyfriends means she has relationship experience as well. She’s sane, competent, and constructive in a fight, gentlemen. And she means the make-up sex. All the sort of stuff you want to wake up next to for decades.
She works in tech for a household name global non-tech company. Plentiful travel pics are not a red flag here; she does international shit for work. She’s specifically picked a career path that she can scale up or down, and often remotely, so she can accommodate a husband and children, but until then, is surely not a hobo. She’s actually deadly good with her finances and would manage a household’s affairs brilliantly.
OK, OK, the less of my input, the better… checks notes
Kickboxing, tennis, walks with her pup, learning the piano, aspiring pool shark, yada yada… Oh, and she shoots, and you should too.
Her primary love language is physical touch, so the hanging out quietly reading is fine, but without touching is not. More importantly, she knows about love languages and will give a shit about yours.
She’s big on open communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to be silly together. Oh, and a balance of shared and individual hobbies. Married guy can confirm. You need lives both individually and together if you want to go any kind of distance and not get bored to death or wander away from each other.
Oh, and she’s pretty damn fit, which is also a feature, so… you should probably at least pretend to have some kind of fitness plan.
OK, that’s probably enough checkboxy shit to get the ball rolling. If you’re interested, impress me with your take on any or all of the following:
• How you would teach a child right from wrong. • What you think the nature of masculinity, femininity, or both is. • How you would describe your relationship to order and chaos. • How you arrive at what you hold to be true. • What you like and/or don’t like about travel and why. 
And I mean, also send your usual pitch. She’ll have questions. And for those of you without a ton of experience, send a picture as well, you romantic idiots. You’re what she’s gonna wake up to for decades also. After I wade through the slush pile, I’ll present the most likely candidates to her, and if you impress her, she’ll reach out to you. I'm planning on running this post for a couple weeks regardless. EDIT: Old school orangereds are easier for me to keep track of than chats, so those are preferred.
Bon chance, gentlemen.
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2023.03.26 20:18 ouush AITA for not giving my husband a break?

My husband (27M) and I (31F) are planning on moving to our new apartment on April 1st. We have spent the last two days moving boxes over to a storage unit and cleaning up our current place in preparation for showings.
This morning, we had showings from 11-12 and I stayed home while my husband took our daughter (2) and dog for a drive.
When he got home, I gave my daughter lunch and tried to get her down for a nap so he could have a break. After about 45 minutes of trying to get her to sleep, I told him I didn’t think the nap was happening today and asked if he could watch her while I ran out to grab more things for our move.
He got annoyed and asked if I could take her with me so he could get a break from her. I told him that I had a few places to run to and that it would be a lot easier if I went by myself.
This escalated into a whole fight over how he’s always doing me favors by watching her on the weekends so I can run errands or get some alone time. I’m a stay-at-home mom and hardly ever get to have time to myself during the week.
AITA for asking my husband for an hour to run to the store while he watches our daughter? Or AITA for not giving my husband a break?
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2023.03.26 20:17 LemonsGetSqueezed What the hell is up with OneDrive?

I've been using Windows since I was 6 on XP, never have I dealt with anything as frustrating as OneDrive.
At first, I felt it was a decent idea, so I signed myself up for 1TB of storage, and let it work it's "magic". Randomly, Microsoft Office would not save to OneDrive, and instead it would be in some random "offline" folder I had to go dig for. Annoying, but not deal breaking. What was, however, was when I tried to sync a file, and it failed because there was another file with the same exact name, which I ALSO had to go dig for, taking me over an hour to go fix. I had to nuke the folder, and redownload it from for it to not freak out at me, and OF COURSE, it was the old file from a month ago without any of my new hours of work saved. Along with that, it would constantly backup my desktop shortcuts from my laptop, and throw them up onto my desktop randomly, just for fun.
After that, I promptly said "fuck it' and uninstalled OneDrive from my PC. Now, all of my shortcuts in explorer are broken, I keep getting explorer.exe errors randomly, and I had to completely factory reset my PC, skip the Microsoft Account login with a workaround (thanks, Microsoft.) and uninstall OneDrive before it had a chance to mess with my computer.
This is a huge fucking nightmare and should be completely removed from windows. Sorry for the rant, but this is just such a anti-consumer thing to have setup.
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2023.03.26 20:16 squidlips69 Regularly washing my irritated eyelids with dilute baby shampoo and then alternating 1. dilute boric acid for eyes washes with 2. A drop of tea tree oil in 2 or 3 drops of water, olive or coconut oil mixed onto a soft makeup wipe. Seems to be helping my irritated eyes.

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2023.03.26 20:16 SIR-PONPON Anyone have any experience with a 1981 Yamaha 550 Maxima?

Looking to get my first road bike, he is asking 1300$CAD, it has 52000kms and the seller says a new battery is needed. I asked my biker friend who live across the country and told me some stuff to look for but said it looked solid. The seller did send me a video of it running and it sounded fine. The yellow cloth is a "cover" for the carburetor for winter storage (never really heard of anyone doing this). Comes with extra sets of wheels. I'm planning on going to take a look at it this week but don't really have experience with inspecting motoecycles. I also don't have any rider friends to take with me. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.26 20:14 Haileyjane-85 Please ignore the crazy hair. I just started experimenting with makeup and I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far. Still pre HRT but should be starting in the next month or so 😁

Please ignore the crazy hair. I just started experimenting with makeup and I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far. Still pre HRT but should be starting in the next month or so 😁 submitted by Haileyjane-85 to transpositive [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:14 Dan_0859 What should I upgrade?

These are the specs on my PC. It runs games at about 120-200 FPS. But I want it to run faster. What should I upgrade first to make my FPS and general performance higher and better?
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2023.03.26 20:14 Neon-Predator Your phone as EDC.

In the EDC community we love to geek out on tools, knives, and other pocket junk that is often seldomly used, but I feel like little to no attention is ever given to the ubiquitous and essential smartphone. We all have one, and we all use them to get through our day. With this in mind, I wanted to spotlight my phone as a piece of EDC gear as far as what's on it, how it can be used, etc to make the most out of it as something taking up my pocket space. Obviously the main stuff includes internet access, calls, and texts, but there's much more you can do. I like to view my phone as the computer that it is and give it as much capability as possible.
I have an Android phone, and in my opinion one of the main advantages with an Android is you can add additional storage via microSD, of which my phone takes a terabyte. This is big for me because I own all my music rather than using Spotify and I need a place to put it. This also gives me the ability to have an extensive amount of offline resources.
Apps of note:
Osmand - downloadable offline maps, best used as an alternative to Google Maps. The only downside is you'll have a harder time searching for businesses and will be best off looking for a specific address.
TimeTree - alternative to Google Calendar. I like this because I can set a full page widget to view my calendar and daily events.
Wunderground - best weather app in my opinion, you get everything you expect with minimal ads and a decent widget. It also gives you the ability to set a permanent notification in the icon row up top and on the lock screen so you can always see the temp and forecast at a glance.
Ground News - best news app in my opinion because it offers news articles from all political angles, allows you to sort by topic, and is transparent about article biases and factuality.
Kiwix - Many of you are probably familiar with the kiwix desktop app, but it's also available on phones. You can have lots of offline wikis, just make sure you have enough storage.
Kindle - for reading Amazon books on the go.
NetGuard - this one is neat because it allows you to block app traffic and telemetry at various different levels. I have mine set to block traffic from pretty much all apps anytime my phone is locked.
AccuBattery - best battery health app, it will break down all the different aspects of battery health and use.
Roku - Have a Roku TV? Ever misplaced the Roku remote? You can use the app as a replacement.
GasBuddy - Compares gas prices in real time based on your location or search criteria.
Police Scanner - Allows you to listen in on law enforcement and emergency frequencies.
goTenna - A mobile mesh networking app that allows you to maintain communication when cell, wifi, and satellite services are unavailable.
I'd love to hear more from you guys about how you use and customize your devices.
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2023.03.26 20:13 doublepiggy New vanity drawer organization

New vanity drawer organization
Recently bought my new vanity! It's the Ikea Alex desk 37 inch with two drawers. I'm still getting things together but thought I would post my makeup drawer organization. Will post the final vanity area soon. I have all lip products in one drawer. Eyeshadow, palettes, face makeup in the other. I used the vinyl organizers from Amazon. I can link them if anyone is interested.
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2023.03.26 20:13 Haileyjane-85 Please ignore the crazy hair. I just started experimenting with makeup and I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far. Still pre HRT but should be starting in the next month or so 😁

Please ignore the crazy hair. I just started experimenting with makeup and I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing so far. Still pre HRT but should be starting in the next month or so 😁 submitted by Haileyjane-85 to MTFSelfieTrain [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 20:13 the1corrupted Never thought I would be so happy getting a PC case from 2007

I did not want to build a rack or begin investing in rack mounted equipment but I want a really cool looking home storage server with hot swap bays and a SAS card and all kinds of other cool things.
I discovered that the 5.25 standard was adopted for mobile backplanes so I get to searching.
I begin my hunt scouring eBay and Newegg to see if any ancient PC case inventory is lying around from the glory days of 5.25 inch bays and I find ONE. Featuring 4 bays, this ancient Rosewill case came to me new in box for less than $100
I will populate the entire front with hot swap goodness and fill it with 9 hard drives one day. Six hot swaps can fit in the front for 3.5 inch drives. I am going for capacity not speed because it will at max be asked to read/write somewhere around 400 Mbps over 2.5g lan.
The case for my future server
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2023.03.26 20:13 JCMiller23 Replacing SSD and installing a fresh copy of windows at the same time (includes TL;DR)

Unnecessary background:
PC has problems for a while; ran virus scans, malware detectors, found nothing. Random freezes regularly, display errors, various problems, have to restart PC a couple times a day at times. RMA’d processor, tried three different graphics cards, all didn’t help.

Going to do a clean install of windows. Been meaning to upgrade storage space on SSD for more games, figured it would be easier to do both at once rather than copy to HDD.

The Plan:
  1. Install new 4tb SSD in 2nd NVME slot on motherboard.
  2. Run Windows setup from flash drive, clean install onto 4tb SSD
  3. Copy save files, documents and setup files directly from old SSD (should I boot up to old SSD here or new one?)
  4. Reinstall apps/games on new SSD with copied setup files from last step

Will copying files from one SSD to another (and having them on the same PC at the same time) increase risk of (a virus I may or may not have) spreading?
I have a 6tb HDD already installed (as a 2nd hard drive), will that cause any complications?
When do I physically swap out the NVME drives and make the 4tb the primary? After everything is done? Does it matter?
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2023.03.26 20:12 throwRA-nonSeq Does the management company of a secured apartment complex need to disclose gunplay inside the building?

On Xmas eve, my “lux” apartment building flooded. A lot of my property was damaged beyond repair. Huge loss. They gave me the option to move into a different unit that happened to open up, or, end my lease early with no pentalty fee. I had until 2/24 to make this decision, provided that no one else scooped it up before I could. Pressure. After some hemming and hawing I decided to for for it. It was only three units down the hallway, but just beyond the flood zone and reconstruction.
The gunfight happened one floor below me, and on 2/9. There’s no way I would have renewed my lease if I had known this had happened. I especially chose this building because of the key fobs, the (supposed) security cameras and on-site security.
I learned about the gunfight from a Google review that was posted a month ago. It happened on 2/9, and there were bullet holes in the walls; one in a shared wall with the reviewer. In their review, they say that a rep from the property spoke with them and disclosed all the new security measures they are implementing to prevent this kind of thing from happening again “and it made them feel better about it.”
But then on 3/6 the building storage spaces were robbed! Someone broke into the building and went to each of the 5 floors, pried open the storage rooms, and bolt-cut the storage lockers open. I had a lot of property stolen. HUGE, HUGE LOSS. (Side note: because I was moving from one apartment to another, they forgot to transfer over my storage space lease, so during the break on on 3/6 my property was not covered by insurance. They remembered my parking space lease, which is an almost identical document, they just forgot the storage space. So I’m fighting with renters insurance right now too.) This tells me that they never improved any security measures between the 2/9 gunfight and the 3/6 break in, as they stated in the Google review. And again, *I was on the fence about staying because of the flood damage to my own unit, but because another unit became available, they offered to transfer my lease as opposed to breaking it at no additional fee, and moving out.
I can’t help but think “if they had disclosed this gun activity to me, who was already in a vulnerable position, I would not have renewed my lease, and I would not have had any property here to get stolen.”
Is there anything I can to to hole this management company accountable??? Can I sue for emotional stress and loss of property? Or even misrepresentation? They gave me a little talk about “improving security measures” but after discovering that Google review I have solid reasons not to believe them.
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