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2023.05.30 13:42 Silent-Phil Graphics effects in the four elements - Shaders in 2D game

Graphics effects in the four elements - Shaders in 2D game
Hello everyone! We are a small team that has been developing a 2D strategy game called Norland - a medieval kingdom simulator - for several years now.
This is our second article about 2D rendering of various effects in our game. You can read the previous article here. Just to remind you, the game is a 2D one and is being developed on the Game Maker Studio 2 engine.
Today, we will be discussing four elements - water, fire, earth, and air. What graphical effects do they encompass? Let's find out.


Currently, water doesn't have a profound impact on the gameplay in Norland - you can't build structures on it, that's about it. You can't catch fish or construct ships yet. Nevertheless, it still needs to be rendered somehow.
It all started with the development of a mockup (a fake screenshot of the game drawn in a graphics editor). As the initial water reference, I used a screenshot from the game Graveyard Keeper, adjusted to our color palette.
Artists created the tiles for the shoreline for us, but they struggled with the actual water surface. So, I had to come up with its appearance myself.
I recommend using the \"Match Color\" function in Photoshop. It was specifically with the help of this feature that I adapted the color scheme of the Graveyard Keeper screenshot to our desired colors.
The coastline tiles were drawn by our artists, but they had some difficulties with creating realistic water surfaces. Therefore, I had to come up with the appearance of the water myself.
I had a rough understanding of how to create a shader for water - a seamless texture with "caustics" is overlaid on water tiles, and waves and ripples are simulated by moving the UV coordinates of the water surface over a special noise texture (effect commonly known as Displacement).
I found the caustics on OpenGameArt, but I don't remember where I got the texture for shifting the UV coordinates - they are found online under various names (e.g., bump mapping water texture).
The effect is simple - at each point, I take the r and b components of the Displacement texture color, which represent the shift value, and add it to the texture coordinates of the caustics. Additionally, the Displacement texture is looped and constantly shifted in a certain direction (which corresponds to the direction of water ripples).
The final effect in the game engine
The same effect in SHADERed
I recreated this shader in SHADERed, and if you're interested, you can view its implementation and experiment with your own parameter values and textures. The project can be downloaded here.
You can see the code of the fragment shader by double-clicking on \"Simple\" in the project's \"Pipeline.\"


Initially, to create the effect of burning houses, only particles were used. However, I quickly encountered a problem: to achieve a dense and vibrant fire effect, a significant number of particles were required. This, in turn, negatively affected the game's performance (Game Maker Studio 2.3 is not the most performant engine), especially when a fire spread across half of the city. Moreover, I wasn't satisfied with the resulting effect - the fire seemed insubstantial and didn't blend well with the environment. You can see the results of this work in the game's announcement trailer.
So, to avoid game lag, it was necessary to reduce the number of particles. However, even with the initial particle count, the effect still appeared insufficiently dense. Therefore, a different approach was needed. In the end, I came up with a solution that involved a small number of particles and a special fire shader applied to the building texture, creating the desired density of the effect.
The effect consists of several components:
  1. Creating a fire texture from Perlin noise, overlaying this texture on the building, and animating the result (simple upward movement of the fire);
  2. Darkening the building texture and subsequently "dissolving" it (effect commonly known as Dissolve) to fully destroy the building engulfed in fire;
  3. Several types of particles - smoke, scattered sparks from the fire, and an older fire effect that was used on a much smaller scale than before.

Please adhere to... protocols
I also transferred this effect to SHADERed.


If you simply apply a tiled texture to the surface, it doesn't matter how good the texture is - as the camera moves away, it will look unpleasant. To achieve an acceptable result, it is necessary to somehow break the obvious repetitiveness of the pattern.
Example of poor tiling
Initially, I had the idea to generate various-shaped and colored grass clumps and then randomly scatter them across the entire map. I was satisfied with this approach - it lasted for almost a year, but as the game is getting closer to release, it was time to revisit this task for polishing.
These pre-drawn \"blots\" were randomly distributed across the map
The downside of using clumps became evident - to ensure even coverage of a map sized 31,500 x 22,500, a large number of decals would be required, and they would inevitably intersect with each other, creating overdraw (excessive rendering of pixels that won't be visible on the screen due to object overlap). And it turned out that there might not be enough of them. Moreover, the shape of these clumps is predetermined, so creating new ones would require manual work in the editor.
Therefore, I came up with another solution - generating a diverse surface pattern directly in the shader (GLSL Fragment).
varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;varying vec4 v_vColour;varying vec2 v_vTexelPosition;uniform float u_fMidAlpha;uniform float u_fBrightAlpha;uniform float u_fGrassScale;uniform float u_fMidScale;uniform float u_fBrightScale;uniform float u_fGrassSmooth;uniform sampler2D u_sPerlinNoise;uniform sampler2D u_sGrass;void main() {float scale = 10000.0;
float threshold = 0.5;float threshold_step = 0.02 * u_fGrassSmooth;
float mid_noise = texture2D(u_sPerlinNoise, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale, scale * 0.7) * u_fMidScale).r;mid_noise = u_fMidAlpha * smoothstep(threshold - threshold_step, threshold + threshold_step, mid_noise);
float bright_noise = texture2D(u_sPerlinNoise, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale, -scale * 0.7) * u_fBrightScale).r;bright_noise = u_fBrightAlpha * smoothstep(threshold - threshold_step, threshold + threshold_step, bright_noise);
vec3 back_color = vec3(134.0, 131.0, 63.0) / 255.0;vec3 mid_color = vec3(113.0, 112.0, 55.0) / 255.0;vec3 bright_color = vec3(157.0, 151.0, 70.0) / 255.0;vec3 final_color = mix(back_color, mid_color, mid_noise);final_color = mix(final_color, bright_color, (1.0 - mid_noise) * bright_noise);
vec3 grass = mix(vec3(1.0), texture2D(u_sGrass, v_vTexelPosition / vec2(scale) * u_fGrassScale).rgb, 0.64);gl_FragColor = vec4(final_color * grass, 1.0);}
The code for this shader is relatively simple - a tiled Perlin noise texture is fed into it, and the smoothstep function is used to cut off areas that are darker than a threshold value.
I perform this operation twice, but the second time, the noise texture is scaled and offset differently to avoid repeating patterns. Then, the spots are colored with designated colors and blended together based on alpha, and finally, a tiled grass texture is overlaid.
In addition to the texture itself, various decals such as grass clumps, rocks, and dirt spots are placed on top of the grass. However, they are required in much smaller quantities than before.
Here's the result before and after the effect.


Actually, this section is not specifically about air but rather about color grading. However, I needed to align it with the overall concept of natural elements in the game ;)
LUT (Look-Up Table) is a technique that is well-known in the photography and videography communities. Its purpose is the same everywhere – to colorize an image in a specific way.
A LUT is essentially a texture (usually 512x512 pixels) that encodes the entire RGB color range. Imagine it as a cube divided into layers. The texture may look something like this:
Neutral LUT texture that will not change colors after applying the color correction shader
The idea is that each RGB color corresponds to a specific pixel in this texture (the RGB components of the color are used as coordinates in the texture). For example, for the color red (#ff0000), it would be the top-right pixel in the first square.
The job of a color grading shader is to change the color of each pixel in the image to the color corresponding to its pixel in the LUT texture. The only thing you need to do manually is prepare these LUT textures, but it's a fairly straightforward process.
For example, let's say we want to create the effect of a sunset with a shift towards red tones. We take a screenshot from the game, load it into a photo editor, and start playing with color parameters using various tools like Hue/Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, etc. Personally, I would focus on shifting the Hue towards red and increasing saturation, but feel free to let your imagination run wild. You could, for example, saturate only the red color and make everything else gray (hello, Sin City).
Next, you apply the same color adjustments to a neutral LUT texture. The result would look like this:
LUT texture to which color adjustment settings have been applied
Now, if you pass the render of our game through the color grading shader with this texture, the game will look exactly as the image was adjusted in the photo editor.
varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;varying vec4 v_vColour;
uniform sampler2D u_sLut;
precision highp float;
//Number of colours per channel (64 is standard)#define COL_N 64.0//Square root of COL_N#define COL_S 8.0//Reciprocal of COL_S#define COL_R 0.125
vec3 look_up(vec3 col) {vec3 index = clamp(floor(col.rgb * COL_N - 0.5), 0.0, COL_N - 1.0);vec2 coord = (index.rg / COL_N + mod(floor(index.b * vec2(1, COL_R)), COL_S)) * COL_R;
return texture2D(u_sLut, coord).rgb;}
void main() {vec4 base_color = texture2D(gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord);
gl_FragColor = vec4(look_up(base_color.rgb), 1.0);}
In Norland, we use a set of five different LUT textures, each corresponding to a specific time of day – morning, day, evening, sunset, night – as well as a special texture for artificial lighting. At any given time, two textures are active and blended together to achieve a smooth transition in color grading. For example, if morning starts at 6 am and day starts at 12 pm, at 8 am the color grading will be a mix of 33% morning LUT and 66% day LUT.
Day and night cycle
There are many other effects in the game (artificial lighting, rain, blood, equipment damage, etc.) of varying complexity, but there's still much work to be done (I'm currently brainstorming how to create snow and winter). But that's a story for another time.
I hope you found it interesting! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 13:40 unprotectedcitizen Some crazy shit happened to me

I was driving down the road, following my friend we were on the way to a restaurant. It was midnight, raining and foggy. I was about 2 car lengths behind him I didn’t know the area it was dark with little to no street lights. He was in front of me I was going under the speed limit, he saw what looked like a box or a rug in the road and was able to swerve, there were a couple of cars in the right hand lane but I didn’t see any flashing lights hazards or anything (where I live it’s pretty common to see cars on fire on the side of the road of crazy shit happening I was just minding my own business), there was also a truck in the middle of the road in the turning lane parked facing us with its lights off which I thought was unusual. I kept going. When he saw the object he swerved I didn’t have time to react and I didn’t see anything. Turns out it was a cop that had chased a wanted man into the road, he was on top of the guy trying to arrest him apparently. I noticed damage to my vehicle, my airbag didn’t deploy, I had some repair job done on my car a few weeks prior and they did a shitty job and I had parts fall off on me while driving before. I stopped immediately in the center turn lane got out and checked the damage. This lady started to yell at me saying I just killed some people, I was very confused and turned around and saw the officer in the road behind my car. I didn’t see the suspect and didn’t even know there was another person. I was straight in shock at this point I called my family told them what happened and then the police stopped me and took my phone, a cop ran up and asked me “ what did YOU DO?” I didn’t know how to answer so I stupidly said I don’t know what happened I guess they ran out in front of me” I was detained and the police asked me if I was drunk. Then asked me if I would do a sobriety test, in no way would I do any test I saw a cop and I immediately wanted my lawyer. They got a search warrant for my blood about 3 to 4 hours after the incident and I was charged with serious injury by vehicle dui and driving too fast for conditions and failure to maintain lane. I was just driving, they said some one saw me swerve around a bunch of cars which was bullshit. After a few days in jail I was able to post bond which I was told that I was lucky that happened and it cost A LOT of money. I’ve never been convicted of a crime also. I never saw any flashing lights and or police presence, I asked the cop why there was no flashing lights of flares or anything to alert me of there presence and he wouldn’t answer me. I was at the jail when the cop was speaking to another and told them the cop was chasing an armed suspect. I’m looking at 30 years in prison as per my lawyers are saying, the suspect was out on bond for being arrested 2 weeks prior. I found the incident report and no gun was found yet they still say he was armed in the media. They call me a drunk driver in the media and yet no evidence is even out there yet of said intoxication. I wasn’t drunk either, I was in shock I didn’t know what was happening, they are trying to pin this on me they talked about how the cop was “protecting his community” when he was endangering it. I’ve sold part of my inheritance to pay for lawyers but I still have no confidence in them, I’m terrified and lost countless hours of sleep and sanity, I feel like I have ptsd from this. I’ve lost job opportunities, I work in hospitality as well so I make money off tips. My lawyers say it will take a year to get the toxicology results back. I even asked the cop if if I had to sign his piece of paper and he told me yes which I signed begrudgingly. Now this cop is suing me for something he caused. Even going on the news and talking about how “ he doesn’t do this stuff for money” he exaggerated a whole bunch of facts of the incident as well saying he had to learn how to walk, when his go fund me says he was up walking around less than week after. The media is all on his side and dragging me through the mud for something he cause by chasing a convicted felon out on bond into the road. I got what I thought was the best lawyers I still have faith in them but I have little to no assurance, they won’t even schedule a time to meet me in person, I’ve sent them so much information and I don’t even think they looked at it. I sent them the incident report for the suspects case and he said, “ the incident reports that we need will be in discovery” I feel doomed and my life is over. One news agency reported an interview from the suspects family saying he had mental problems and he was being profiled. I feel like I’m being sent up River and made a political martyr I’m even wearing an ankle monitor I’m no flight risk or even a convicted criminal. I live in fear of people recognizing me or someone seeing my monitor at my new job( they don’t know this about me) I could get fired any moment I’m in an at will state. I can’t get a therapist either due to them being subpoenaed and it’s not protected info. This happened last year and I still have no movement on this, and the police officer is suing insurance trying to get paid and ride this wave as much as he can even tho he raised over 20k on his go fund me. Can someone please give me some assurance on this I feel like I’m losing my mind.
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2023.05.30 13:39 com8_77700 LPT Request : sleeping with a heavy breather partner

Hi, for the last 15 years I slept with earplugs, what made me a really light sleeper when they're off!
I would like to stop using them, I sleep well without when I'm alone, but when my partner is home, this is another story... Most of the time my S/O is silent while falling asleep, so I have no issue falling asleep myself, but if I fall asleep later or if I wake up during the night, I can't stand the heavy breathing that my partner has when sleeping.
Except for the earplugs, do you have any idea, tips, or anything to help me not get crazy about those breathing noises?
Thank you all for reading !
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2023.05.30 13:39 BooksRock Struggling with family member passing

I’ve been out for 3 years and we just had my uncle’s funeral a few weeks ago, died suddenly in his sleep at 51. Left behind a big immediate family. Everyone of course is grieving and adjusting but I can’t get over that they’re just gone and we won’t ever see them again.
My family isn’t chin up cheer up weird but is honestly handling it really well despite struggling because they’re soo confident in forever families. Anyone have any advice on how to come to terms with it and work through it?
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2023.05.30 13:37 mrsir911 Tapering down from 20mg

Hi! (27M) I’ve been tapering down by 5mg per week from 20mg. I am currently down to 10mg and have not had any side effects from doing this. I have been on 20mg for 2 years and it has been a great experience. I plan to sit on 10mg for 2 weeks.
I’ve always had anxiety and in particular health anxiety which is what led me to finally try meds after I had a swollen lymph node which doctors assured me was totally fine. You can guess what I thought it was…I even made them give me a ultrasound and of course it came back as just a normal node. So after a couple miserable months a I jumped on lexapro and after getting my dose right it worked wonders. It seriously helped me not have obsessive thoughts and also helped regulate my moods. My anxiety was leveled out and i no longer obsessed over anxiety for entire days. I was one of those people who really didn’t have any side effects at all other than I didn’t sleep as well for a couple weeks and I didn’t have the urge to masturbate for a month or so. I still could, but I just didn’t have that same urge every night and would go days without it which was different. I could have sex no issue but just wasn’t into masturbating but that subsided back to normal after a few months. No other side affects to note.
I’m stopping due to the fact that I’ve developed other strategies in these two years through therapy and other lifestyle measures. I also quit drinking alcohol and was a huge binge drink alcohol type and that was a HUGE trigger in my anxiety as well as messing with my brain chemistry overall. I expect some anxiety to return and with that I want to try and manage that. IF I can’t I will be happy to jump back on lexapro.
CAUTION: to those who get on lexapro and feel better so they think they can quit. Please consider that, that is lexapro working and you will go back to where you were if you stop the drug. I’ve seen so many stories where person xyz decides “been on lexapro 6 months and feel amazing, I can manage my anxiety now” only to stop and go back to square one and more discouraged. If you eventually plan to quit, take your time and use lexapro to help you get in a place to where when the time comes you are ready.
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2023.05.30 13:34 Culture_Culture Sleep Token's "Sundowning" and "TPWBYT" will most likely receive new variants in September/October

Hey there,
a few days ago, I came across a post from u/yagirlhailee discussing pre-orders for "Sundowning" and "TPWBYT" at a store in the Netherlands. According to the record store's website, the release dates were set for September 29th and October 13th. I decided to do some research and found five sources, four of which appear to be reputable, all listing the same release dates for the albums. Interestingly, most of these websites are from the Netherlands, I couldn't find any listings in Germany or other countries I checked:
Each version of the albums has a new, unsued, different EAN code, indicating that it's not just a repress but the release of new album variants. Although this information is unconfirmed, I am pretty sure that this isn't a mistake and that new variants are coming. I reached out to one store and this was their answer: "These lp's will be available in september and october of this year. At this moment there is no extra information about these items. We expect more information about them in the near future". So they confirmed that these variants will indeed be available from September / October and that there will be more information soon. Of course, this is nothing official but considering the evidence, I believe it's highly likely that new variants of "Sundowning" and "TPWBYT" will be released

Edit: oh well, fuck me I guess. I just saw u/darkforestpedals post on this subject. But I will leave this post online as it contains a bit more information
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2023.05.30 13:34 somefuckwho Live with mentally ill brother. Father to afraid/loving to call police...

Edit context. In 32. Brother is 35. We all still live together because it is insanely expensive out there.
We have known something has been up with my older brother for a long time... when he was 7, said he would kill my mom in her sleep. when he was 10 , broke my moms finger. Everyday fighting. She died. Messed us up...
Well he has only gotten worse and worse and now has developed same addictions as my mother ( she died from alcohol)...
Every night, every-single-night we put up with him rambling on about the past, FOR HOURS. If we tell him to be quiet. No effect. We tell him to shut up, and it only angers him even more. To the point of violence. I've been dragged out of my bed because I left food on the counter. I've had my knee cap popped out as I walked away from a fight with him, because he decided to kick my bad knee. I had my tooth go through my lip because pf fights. Head smashed through glass picture frame...
And now lately, last 3 -5 years, hes been targeting my father. They will get into stupid arguments because my brother cant let go of old arguments/problems . It will even get physical. Pushes down our 60 year old father...all of his and my dads friends , he had either burned a bridge or literally fought...
I'm scared my dads going to die because of my brother ruining his mental health.
Tldr. Mother passed from booze. Brother was always a demon/needed help ( but we could barely afford food) so I understand why my parents never did. And now hes so bad, he has threatened himself with a knife, talks TO HIMSELF every night, sees intruders outside when doing cocaine. The talking to himself leads to all sorts of fights. Even if we aren't fighting about that, he will want to fight you if he cant get what he wants ( favors, his way)
I plead and beg parents, if you think your kid needs help. GET THEM THE HELP.
I post here as me and my father do not know what to do. As he is 60, doesnt have a credit due to consolidation, and living in Ontario canada is beyond expensive so we can't go find a place for us...
Our story will end on the news... someone dead. Someone in jail. Some one in hospital.
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2023.05.30 13:32 cyd-nova Symptoms of Lyme

I’m a farmer and I also have dogs who sleep in the bed with me (although they have preventative). Basically I’m exposed to ticks a lot, but I do full tick checks every day.
Yesterday I woke up feeling very creaky, just thought it was from hard work. In the evening my glands were swollen, my body extremely achy, and I had a fever. Waking up today I’m a little sore but glands are down, not feeling sick particularly. I’m wondering if this sounds like initial symptoms for Lyme infection? I haven’t had a bulls eye rash and the only tick that I found latched was well over a month ago and on me for less than 12 hours
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2023.05.30 13:31 skyeward33 Started a degree of "passion" but should I have taken a degree in "skill"?

I'm REALLY good at maths. Always been naturally good at it. I like history and thought I wanted to be an archaeologist. I chose a degree in Ancient History and Anthropology.
There's SO MUCH reading and I find myself not at all actually absorbing any of the information. It's in one ear out the other. I have an average mark of 86, so I'm doing really well, but my partner is pointing out that I literally do nothing but work, uni and sleep. I have no social life, haven't seen family in weeks and I can't remember the last time I got to sit down and watch TV or play a game.
I find the assessments so difficult because I don't feel I'm a creative person, I want to deal in facts rather than what ifs and ethics.
Originally I had considered History, Law and Engineering as my options. Looking back, I think Law probably would have the same amount of reading which probably wouldn't work for me?
So I'm left with Engineering. Should I have gone for this? Like there seems to be a lot of pros. - I'd have so much more job security over an archaeology career. - The pay is better. - Rather than long continuous reading, there'd be much more practical work involved.
Tldr: I'm thinking Ancient History isn't the degree for me as adhd makes the reading hard. Would I have been better off in a Law or Engineering degree?
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2023.05.30 13:29 Then_Resolve3112 More central apneas after a week of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training

I have been blowing on balloons for a little over a week now. I have had very little central apnea events (~9 events on average per night) occur the over the past week, but last night I got 21 CAs recorded on OSCAR. All of them happened within a 4 hour period.
I have EPR set to 3 on my ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset. My pressure is set to 8 minimum to 8.8 maximum. I opted for EPR at 3 because it greatly reduced my flow limitations (now consistently 0.00 at 95%) However, despite all this for almost two months (at sub-5 AHI), I still feel horrible and my high blood pressure still hasn't dropped (every other cause for my high BP has already been ruled out).
I started blowing on balloons over a week ago out of desperation to fix my sleep. I had a hunch that maybe strengthening my breathing muscles such as my diaphragm would help my CPAP therapy be more effective. I went from usually having 13-23 CA events per night to having just 5 - 13 CA events per night over an entire week. I'm not sure whether to attribute this decrease to my balloon exercises as the change happened overnight, but I noticed that my morning blood pressure has gone below the usual 120/80 over the past week (though, it goes back to ~130/90 in the afternoon and evening).
My morning blood pressure today after that one horrible night of 21 CAs is in the 120/80s again.
I have a theory that my exhalation efficiency has improved over the past week such that the EPR level I'm currently at is now detrimental to me. I have read that EPR can cause CAs because of flushing out too much CO2. Would I be correct in thinking this? I'm contemplating reducing my EPR level or just turning it off entirely. I'm afraid my flow limitations might increase.
How should I proceed?
Additional context: I have only had one sleep study where I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea at an AHI of 8. I only had 4 hours of sleep that night because of insomnia and only 20 minutes of it is REM sleep. My REM AHI is 18. I have also have a deviated septum, large turbinates, and large tonsils. I probably have UARS as well.
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2023.05.30 13:29 New-Restaurant9744 Sleep paralysis

Has anyone dealt with sleep paralysis while having been on the tapes and while in a focus?
Was having a discussion the other day about sleep paralysis with some people and then got the sudden idea to try to "corrupt" one of the creatures that comes with REBAL and just the light energy we utilize.
The following night, after doing intro to focus 12 to refine and refresh, i dont think i actually completely left focus 12, (i definitely didnt drop past focus 10) I got up and locked my door and immediately fell asleep. Despite only having sleep paralysis once, I was locked into a constant nightmare slipping in and out of consciousness of what is best described toy story but in a horror format.
Throughout the whole night I was getting hit by the same fear I felt the first time I had sleep paralysis seeing a tall shadow man open my door and stare at me, something I can only describe as primordial.
This time however, I was both unconsciously and consciously controlling my REBAL, expanding and contracting as if it was battling something, i was conscious of my body reacting automatically to cycle energy in and out as it got used. My REBAL and energy composition seemed to evolve from pure yellow during this (I've mentioned my color before) to primarily yellow with light energy, similar to starlight from shining galaxies being thrown in randomly.
My eyes were forced away and my body kept getting into uncomfortable positions, none painful, just uncomfortable. I was not able to influence my body during this time. My cat was also right next to my head and while she is very irritable, never moved once until the end, when I was finally able to move, see a dim light at my window, and hear my window close slowly.
It's just odd.
If it wasn't hallucinations, did I piss something off possibly that it attempted to teach me a lesson?
Edit: I did forget to mention that the fear seemed to be getting forced out by an intense feeling of love as well, so it was just constant fluttering between fear and love.
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2023.05.30 13:29 Desertnomadwx Took the plunge and decided to double wrist

I have both my 44mm Apple Watch SE with a rugged case an nato strap on my right wrist and my GW-9400 Rangeman with a nato strap on my left wrist. Both watches and straps are black, although the gshock module is bigger than the Apple Watch they sort of balance each other out.
I’ve been fiddling with the idea and afraid of looking dumb. However I’ve come to the conclusion that one piece is good for fitness and health tracking, sleep tracking, notifications, complications like weather data etc. and the other is just that, a remarkable device made by Casio and it’s one of my passions.
On the other hand (no pun intended) is that having the gshock on my left wrist (which is also a bigger wrist due to an injury I had to my right arm that caused muscle degeneration and making it smaller in diameter)…. Is that when I’m driving especially here in Arizona at higher elevations, the sun beats down on my left wrist and I always made a distracted effort to keep the Apple Watch out of direct sunlight for too long otherwise it gets really hot and we all know smart devices don’t like getting too hot. However the gshock in all its glory is solar and helps to keep the battery topped off, and with the AW on my right wrist it stays well inside the cabin of the vehicle out of the sun.
Both are large investments to me and I say screw it, why not wear them both simultaneously.
TLDR; if you want to double wrist, do it. Screw what other people think.
I’d wear my GWM-5610 instead but it’s sentimental to me because my mother bought it for me as a birthday gift years ago and although rugged, I’d rather keep it around or give it to my son when he’s big enough to wear it.
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2023.05.30 13:27 Lush_vitality Discover Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend with Lushvitality

Discover Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend with Lushvitality
The Essence of Tranquility: Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend
In the fast-paced modern world, finding moments of tranquility and inner peace can be challenging. However, with the Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend, a beautifully crafted creation by Lushvitality, you can easily transport yourself to a state of deep relaxation. This exquisite blend combines the therapeutic benefits of carefully selected essential oils, creating a symphony of scents that calm the mind, ease tension, and soothe the senses.
Ananda Rasa is a Sanskrit term that translates to "blissful essence." True to its name, this relaxation blend encapsulates the essence of serenity and tranquility. The blend features a harmonious combination of lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and ylang-ylang essential oils. Lavender promotes relaxation and relieves stress, while chamomile soothes the mind and body. Bergamot uplifts the spirit and eases anxiety, while ylang-ylang promotes a sense of balance and harmony. Together, these oils work synergistically to create a profound sense of calm and wellbeing.
Lushvitality, a renowned provider of holistic wellness services, has seamlessly integrated the Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend into their offerings. By combining this exquisite blend with their transformative services, Lushvitality creates an unparalleled experience for their clients. Whether you choose a relaxing massage, a rejuvenating facial, or a restorative yoga session, the soothing aroma of Ananda Rasa will envelop you, enhancing the benefits of each session and deepening your state of relaxation.
Journey to Inner Harmony: Lushvitality's Transformative Wellness Services
At Lushvitality, they believe that true wellness encompasses the harmony of the mind, body, and soul. Their transformative wellness services are designed to address these aspects, providing a holistic approach to wellbeing. By incorporating the Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend into their services, Lushvitality takes relaxation and rejuvenation to new heights.
Whether you seek relief from stress, wish to release physical tension, or desire to reconnect with your inner self, Lushvitality offers a diverse range of services to cater to your specific needs. From therapeutic massages that melt away muscular knots to nourishing facials that revitalize the skin, each service is tailored to promote balance, vitality, and overall wellbeing.
Unveiling the Secrets of Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend
The secret to the Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend lies in the careful selection and precise blending of high-quality essential oils. Lavender, renowned for its calming properties, induces a deep sense of relaxation, promoting restful sleep and reducing anxiety. Chamomile, with its soothing aroma, helps to alleviate stress and tension, promoting a sense of tranquility. Bergamot, known for its uplifting qualities, rejuvenates the spirit and dispels negative emotions. Ylang-ylang, with its sweet floral scent, balances the mind and body, fostering a sense of inner harmony.
Embrace Holistic Wellbeing with Lushvitality's Offerings
Lushvitality's commitment to holistic wellbeing is evident in their exceptional services. By incorporating the Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend into their treatments, they create a multisensory experience that transcends the ordinary. The therapeutic power of touch, combined with the aromatherapy benefits of the blend, creates a synergistic effect that deeply relaxes the body, calms the mind, and nourishes the soul.
In today's hectic world, taking time for self-care and relaxation is essential. The Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend and Lushvitality's transformative wellness services provide the perfect escape from the daily stresses of life. Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of Ananda Rasa and embark on a journey towards inner harmony and rejuvenation.
Indulge in the enchanting fragrance of Ananda Rasa Relaxation Blend and experience the transformative power of Lushvitality holistic wellness services. Discover the blissful essence that awaits you and unlock a world of relaxation, balance, and vitality. Embrace the beauty of self-care and allow yourself to flourish in mind, body, and soul.
#AnandaRasa #RelaxationBlend #Lushvitality #Wellness #MindBodySoul
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2023.05.30 13:25 bowmhoust karma for dummies

Karma is a powerful basic concept. I had a really hard time to understand karma for a long time, so maybe this helps some others struggling with it.
Let's say. I like sweets. But eating sweets is "bad karma", right? Why? What does that mean?
Well, if I eat sweets every day, it makes it absolutely necessary to brush my teeth at least twice a day. Otherwise they will start to rot.
Okay, but what's so bad about that?
It's bad, because when I eat sweets it limits my possible futures. Why is that? Because at any moment, there is an infinite amount of possible futures for us to experience. And by eating the snack, I close the door to some of them. I close the door to some degrees of spontaneity. What can I do tonight? Well who knows, but I need to be back before heading to bed, because I brush my teeth, right?
Wouldn't it be something if I were so free, that I could sleep wherever I just happen to be as I pursue something more meaningful than brushing my teeth? Where I can just do something else that is important to me more intensely instead?
I'm also closing the door to all kinds of possible futures where I don't even feel the urge to eat sweets, because I managed to abstain for a while.
No only does it make good futures more unlikely, it also opens up new possible horror futures, scenarios built upon rotting layers of old karma. Scenarios where I get a root canal treatment or an extraction. Where I have to pay money for that, so it bleeds over in all kind of areas of my life. Where I'm actually afraid of the dentist and pass this fear on to my children subconsciously.
Karma is all about that. It's individual, it's collective, it's a fundamental force of the subjective nature. It literally is what makes the world go round. It's the "why" behind anything anybody ever did, does and will do. And at every moment, we have the obligation to work off past karma. If we do it mindfully, we may get some new ideas about how we could do things better in the future. Every moment is an invitation to either take care of our shit or let it accumulate.
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2023.05.30 13:25 MQDSM_ What to do?

I came home earlier than usual from a holiday and I saw an unfamiliar vehicle on our driveway. Didn’t pay any attention to it… I entered through my own entrance and did my thing til I got hungry and decided to make my way upstairs where most of the food are. To my surprise, I heard weird noises that I assume are love noises coming from upstairs… I quietly went back to my room and I’ve been overthinking since then. I think my host dad brought someone home thinking there’s no one home as my host mom and the kids are at their summer house.
What should I do? I don’t want to keep this to myself… I think it’s best that my host mom is made aware… or should I just keep this to myself? I honestly lost all respect to my host dad after this incident…. I have been losing sleep because of this as well… I feel so bad for my host mom and host kids… I might lose my job too…
I need your advices…
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2023.05.30 13:25 SpiritedVoice1414 Underyes dilation with Minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Current dosage (per day): Accutante - 20mg; Liquid Min (5%) - 6 pulverizations 1ml; Liquid Fin - 4 pulverizations.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
What can i do to minimize the dark circles or tear troughs?
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 13:20 ForSubmitting I have toxocariasis and don't know what to do, I need help but can't get any because no one even knows what it is + my perscription to stimulants is being seen as the culprit/rather than a comorbidity of both these things.

(M 21, 6' 0'' 150 pounds, Austria) (May 30th 13:20)
Diagnosed with ADHD a while ago nothing else
(Sorry fo the rambling I simply don't know what to do so if anyone knows a solution write them down or PM me if you don't want to comment on here)
My situation is completely screwed up, I thought this summer will be the first one I could somewhat remember that from here on forward I would be more disciplined more reliable and that I was finally able to help myself. I have two issues the main and more severe one and the second (likely) temporary one.

Main issue:
This unfortunately didn't last long as of May 1st I infected myself by ingesting a fetile larvae egg of a parasite called Toxocara canis after not cleaning my hands this happened after feeding and petting a dog, which was a grave mistake, since I ate right afterwards too (It was 2 am I'm sorry I was really tired /unfocused and just wanted to eat and go to bed). As of last week my situation is deteriorating more and more. I have them occular on the right eye, as well as visceral am feeling constant abdominal pain and pressure in both my abdomen and head, I can't eat and I'm quite nauseous. I know that I have them occular and visceral since I have punctuating pain in my hepar, colon and spleen. For the first 2 weeks my faeces had weird corn shaped things in it (and no I had no corn) and I had constipation and itching at the area of my inner sphincter. After the second week they disappeared what followed was constipation and vomiting, I once got out of bed then all of a sudden threw up in my room everything I ate the day before. (This happened right I away woke up stood up threw up)
How do I know this to be all related to toxocariasis and not my medical persciption, which is also playing a role I am not denying that at all. I have "floaters" in my right eye (They are usually in your Corpus vitreum) and they don't seem to look like the usual type, they are stretched have more curls in them are longer and quite more darker, I cannot not unsee them. I know that they are real since they dissapear once I lay my hand over my right eye. I also pulled an unknown object out of my right eye that seemed to be moving autonomously I also have a video of it, which really doesn't help the situation since it's so small you would think the air made it twitch back and forth and I'm overreacting, but keep in mind I pulled it out of my Bulbar Conjuctiva and it curled around one of my eyelashes along with it, which honestly how does someone even fake that.
What also doesn't help the situation was my panicing and me trying to explain what was happening to my family members, they lovingly and logically denied it all called me a hypochondriac which honestly I would do too and it doesn't help knowing I was crying wolf quite a bit as a kid and had a somewhat fragile personality in terms of stress by the end of covid due to issues caused by my ADHD, so this was appropriate. And I still love them, I can't blame them so there really isn't more they can help out with or do. Which means that I'm fully on my own.

Second Issue:
Something weird happened whilst taking my medication 5 days ago too so this is where you have to bear with me, my persciption (Ritalin LA) was hitting my head quite hard and was lasting longerthan usual. 2 days ago I took a quarter of what I usually take against the lethargy that came with it for the day/which is half to my prior dosage and it had been active for at least 18 hours, which is 2,5x longer than usually and the strenght was too much for me to handle too. Did I abuse my perscription and now I'm hallucinating and making this all up in order to gather sympathy (I wish this to be true, like I really really wish I was just out of it). I think my liver's normal function has been somewhat altered, which would explain the prolonged effects. I sleep 6 hours at best and my mind is fading and out (It's alot better now since I stopped taking them the past 5 days (exepct the quartered dose), I also don't ever plan on taking them again) My sympathicus is overacting and my parasympathicus is not active one bit, which is clearly a sign of an overdose. But here is where it gets really weird, my stare/sight hasn't adjusted yet along with it my facial gesture and my limbic system are altered and they haven't gone back to normal. I have a slightly higher pain resistance, which let's me believe that my abdominal problems are a lot more severe than initially registered and am sometimes not responsive at all. This happened ever since 4 days ago and I think (I'm not too sure if I'm slowly recovering) it will get better in a week.
Am I scared and paranoid out of my mind? I really should be, but I'm still calm and barely emotional regarding these things, had lethargy it came and went by and I still feel weird, I constantly do. I have a friend who was with me at the time who can vouch for me in that regard and I want to entrust him with this information for if something does happen he's there as a backup and a companion. I really need someone to be there for me it will help ease the situation up a bit. Since my family is falsifiying and misjudging the situation for me
Best case the perscription causes all mind altering effects (which it likely does regarding sight and limbic system, and I might be back to normal in no time and can treat my toxocariasis with no issues)
Worst case I end up being called a pathological liar and diagnosed with pseudologia fantastica and won't be bothered with until something bad happens.
Absolute worst case scenario: Mental asylum

1) What do I do, who do I talk to and what is the best thing I should do in my situation, how do I know that someone is willing to help me and not looking for a way to throw me into a psychiatric hospital or looking for issues that are not even there to begin with? I really don't want to take anything else that could end up altering my mind, I just want to go back (I don't care about anything else anymore)
2) What testing can be done regarding ELISA and how can it be done to achieve the best possible result, and when should it be done and how often?
3) Is there someone somewhere that specializes in said area (internationally) and how do I contact them?
4) Are there any alternatives (natural) to Albendazole that could help me treat toxocariasis?
5) Will symptoms get progressively more worse or do they stagnate after a specific timeframe?

I hope I can resolve this issue as soon as possible
Thank you all who've taken their time and read all of this!
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2023.05.30 13:19 SnowCyclone Experience report: 3-FA - Happy but gentle amphetamine

Experience report: 3-FA - Happy gentle amphetamine
70mg over time, in doses of 15, 35, and 20 milligram
This wil be a long post, so buckle up.
Background information:  
Age: 23  
Weight: approx. 75kg or 170lbs  
Length: 185cm or 6’1”
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of experiencing 3-FA for the first time. 3-FA was chosen because I did want to go out to party, however, I did not want to deplete my serotonin in massive amounts. 3-FA and 3-FMA were the best suited for this with what I could buy, and 3-FMA would last significantly longer, hence the decision to use 3-FA. I dissolved the substance in vodka in a flacon in order to dose easily and accurately, and also because some reports stated that insufflating it is extremely painful.
While intending to use it at a rave, I wanted to test the substance out beforehand to see how I reacted, since very little information could be found regarding this substance. This was in a hostel with a group of friends, where drug use was (probably) prohibited. Another reason not to use 3-FMA. One friend would join me, and I assured her that I would report her how it felt before she joined me with it. For the duration of the day, I felt very lethargic and tired, and was hoping that the drug would help with this. A heavy meal was eaten at approximately 4 to 5 hours prior, and did not feel full at the time of ingestion.
Experience report:  
At 23:00 I ingested light dose of 15mg of the substance by mouth. It tasted extraordinarily disgusting, like spoiled hard liquor, and I took a small sip of water to flush the taste away. After this, we walked with a group of 5 towards the club which was approximately 30 minutes away.
I feel a bit more energised. Walking quickly goes easy even though I was tired, I am constantly fidgeting with my rings and wristwatch, and I become more talkative. I can feel as if my eyelids are slightly more open than before. However, my friends don’t seem to have noticed that anything was off. A slight trembling of the hands was felt as well, and this was noticeable when I tried to put in my earplugs, or tried to unbutton my jacket, which was quite uncomfortable.
Over the course of the past fifteen minutes I can feel the substance becoming more active, but the come-up is extremely gentle. It felt like a parent pushing your back when you are riding a bike as a child when you’re struggling to keep up to pace. The effects, however, are very much felt. When starting to dance, I felt encourage to continue doing so, like stopping would cost considerably more energy. Headspace is virtually absent, but I felt like I did not care as much as I usually do when I dance. This could also have been because the club was completely empty by the time this was felt.
The effect of the drug is now in full swing. Slight tingling was felt at the tips of my extremities when I kept dancing. I felt my heartbeat harder than solely because of dancing. Chewing gum felt very good. The headspace was a little more brightened up than before, even though I was complaining to my friends that the music sucked. The music sounded better too, even though nothing extraordinary was changed. I was practically fidgeting with my rings the whole time. My mouth was a bit dry, and I felt quite warm, but was not sweating a lot. A slight headspace of stimulation is felt, and I can notice that thoughts are being sped up. I felt like I was very happy to be here with my friends, and had a desire to flatter and hug them. This all felt extremely subtle, though, and as such can be seen as an encouragement instead of a desire, or forced manner.
According to the Journal app, the effects by this time were at its peak, and I hinted to my friend who was intending to use it with me that she could come with me to (re)dose. I ingested another 30 milligrams, and gave my friend the same amount. Again, disgusting. My friend concurred, and flushed it away with some water.
(T+1:15 or redose T+0:15)  
No new effects were felt, but the encouraging manner of stimulation became heavier. A greater degree of bruxism was also experienced. I started to sweat a little bit more, but the location had become warmer, so this is difficult to tell. The headspace stayed more or less the same; subtle but noticeable. The way this drug manifested felt a bit like the post-nausea come-up of MDMA.
(T+1:35 or redose T+0:35)  
This is a complex drug. I can feel the entactogenic effects that are akin to MDMA, but much more subtle. When using MDMA, you know for a fact that if you take a step back and realise what you are doing, and that you are pretty much fucked up. Not that you care usually. 3-FA is nothing like it. While you notice that the effects are working, the headspace is mild. Its moreso of a gentle nudge to keep doing what you’re doing instead of your body screaming that you must keep going.
Tactile intensification is extremely noticeable. Touch with intention feels very sensual, and my libido is definitely increased. A great degree of vasoconstriction is felt, and my body feels very light in the physical sense, and my friend occured While going outside for a smoke and to chill, I can feel my heart is racing abnormally fast. I feel myself becoming more talkative, and my affect for people is greatly increased. A woman I spoke to was talking about her battling cancer, and I nearly wept when I hugged her. Besides that, ego was inflated as well, and I could do basically anything if I put my mind to it.  
I was not agitated. I could feel some serotonergic activity, but not much. I felt amazing.  
This was also the moment I reached a plateau, and I basically kept feeling this way for another hour or so. I decided that I should redose once more, since I was intending to go on for a longer while. I ingested another 20 milligrams and gave my friend approximately 15 milligrams. And yes, the concoction I had brewed tasted worse than the devil sperm. 3-MMC is disgusting but you get used to it. You don’t get used to this.
(T+2:30 or 1st redose T+1:15 and 2nd redose T+0:15)  
This substance is gentle but very euphoric. Serotonergic activity was definitely felt to a greater degree. Chills were running down my spine, and I practically howled whenever the base or lights were being funky. I retracted my eyes to the ceiling and into the sky the moment someone gave me a slight massage. My perception of time was not suppressed, instead, it felt like a longer time had passed than actually passed. The love for my friends reached a climax, and I felt that I was loved by everyone in the room. No new effects were felt except for an exacerbation of the previously mentioned effects. The headspace, again, was mild. I did not feel like I was fucked up, nor did I feel that I was looking fucked up.
(T+3:15 or 1st redose T+2:00 and 2nd redose T+1:00)  
After some while, tiredness struck. It comes up very gradually. I had been tired throughout the day, and decided that it would be best not to redose anymore but let the effects water out gently and go home whenever the fatigue became over encumbering. A slow decline was felt in all effects, likely exacerbated due to fatigue.
(T+4:15 – after this point, all the times afterwards will be of the point of first ingestion.)  
Fatigue was felt. The encouragement to keep dancing still felt noticeable, but my head, body, and mind were informing me that it would be best to stop and walk home, which was still a 30-minute walk. I signalled my friend to leave, smoked a final cigarette, and walked home. A pleasurable walk home, with nice conversations. Conversations were still easy to start, uphold, and continue. I felt very happy to have been able to do this with my friend. We talked about our shared experiences regarding the substance.
We take a photo with flash together for a pupil check. While they are somewhat enlarged, this could also have occurred because it was dark. No abnormal pupils.
Suddenly, I feel very tired, inform my friend that I feel tired, and stop talking as much. We took a detour, but were now back at the hostel, and were going to to go sleep to get some rest.
I get out of bed at 7:00 AM. I did not feel tired, but rather wakeful. My heart was absolutely racing, and I felt very warm. These palpitations were probably the worst thus far after ingesting it. When borrowing the smartwatch from a friend who was informed of our usage, it showed that my resting heart rate was still well above 120bpm. Chills were running down my spine while I showered, and did not feel comfortable. These were probably due to the serotonergic activity. Appetite is suppressed, but it felt much gentler than that of regular amphetamine, MDMA, or LSD. I was feeling nauseous due to hunger. I was famished. This made eating some food all the more important, and after the first bite of some food it became apparent that eating was much easier than expected.
My mouth was dry. No amount of water or fruit juice could quench my thirst. Quite paradoxically, even though I was awake for more than 24 hours at this point, absolutely no anxiety or comedown was felt. I just felt tired. It was probably made worse due to not being able to sleep.
(T+11:00 to 18:00)  
Heart palpitations, vasoconstriction, and blood pressure seem to disappear suddenly. Fifteen minutes ago, I mentioned to my friend that I still had a racing heart, but at the next given moment a short while later, everything was gone. I was tired. Cognitive fatigue set in. Hunger set in too, and felt like I could eat a mountain of fruit. Words were significantly more difficult to think of, and expressing myself felt like a challenge. Weirdly, comedown was felt. No anxiety, depression, or negative thoughts occurred during this phase. It felt more like an afterglow. It should be noted however, that I was being extremely content with the circumstances. I was with my friends on a trip I planned myself, in the sunny warmth of a May afternoon, smoking a cigarette while standing in knee-deep in the cool waters of a shallow creek, surrounded by friends.
(T+18:00 to 24:00)  
I felt a paradoxical amount of energisation. Even though I had been awake for more than 40 hours, I had not felt this happy in months. Again, this could be due to the circumstances previously mentioned. I went to sleep, and was probably gone in less than a minute. While eating approximately 24 hours after the first ingestion, I noticed how extremely tensed up my jaws were. The bruxism and teeth clenching were definitely on par to 3-MMC.
(T+32:00-48:00 and the next day)  
This day I felt a bit irritable, but nothing in particular. Things in the trip did not work out as planned and I was a bit frustrated regarding the matter. I was, again, tired. There was no motivation to do anything whatsoever. Thinking was a bit difficult, as was writing this trip report, haha.
Even though a great degree of serotonergic activity was felt during the ‘trip’, no comedown or ‘suicide Tuesday’ was noticed. Just lethargy, and tiredness. I have never had a drug this complex and potent with such an absent comedown. This is contrasted to my usage of MDMA, with which I took fewer than 75 milligrams, and felt suicidal for three days when the comedown started.
Looking back/conclusion:  
3-FA is wonderful, potent, complex, and interesting drug. One of the most fun I have ever tried. Its profile is akin to a very light MDMA which gradually develops into effects akin to amphetamine. Though I have never tried 4-FA, I feel like the effects are quite similar. No comedown was felt.
This substance is fantastic. Never felt a potent compound that left me so speck-free. You feel that it is working, but you also feel that you do not look fucked up while using it. My friends who were not using (probably) did not notice that we had used the drug.
I give this substance a 9-9.5/10. Simply fantastic. I wish I had found this substance earlier.
If there's any questions, i would love to hear them.
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2023.05.30 13:18 SpiritedVoice1414 Undereye blood vessel dilation with minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
Current routine:
Cleanser (Boreade) Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C Lip cream for dry skin Sunscreen (Hyseac spf+50)
Night Cleanser (Boreade) Retinoid (Adapaleno) 3 times a week & Eritromicina the other 3 days (rest on Sunday) Lip cream for dry skin Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C
Routine Help: I've been researching and i came up with the following products:
Ice hooding/masks, cold compresses or spoon Retinol vit c undereye Tretinoin or Adalapene (Retinol Vitamin A) Ordinary caffeine solution eye serum
Guide me on selecting which products to incorporate.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 13:17 TheLoveLawer Distorted faces on TV screen

My girlfriend has been living with me for some months now and she enjoys sleeping with the TV on pretty much every night. I don't mind leaving it on with low volume so waking up to a show on or movie in the middle of the night is normal to me. Last night we were going to watch a movie and both fell asleep shortly into it, I woke up to a film that played automatically after the other one ended, the film that played after was "Drumline". I remember specifically at the time of me waking up actor Nick Cannons face was on the screen and it looked puffy... his eyes were very spread apart his mouth and teeth looked abnormally small and unhuman like and every body elses face seemed to be "melting" in a way as well as changing sizes and facial features of actors would change in size and shape. At first I panicked and turned the TV off and realized I probably just needed to wake up fully. I washed my face brushed my teeth turned the TV back on and I still saw the destotred looking faces for a few seconds before everything seemed to fade back to normal. Really have no real explanation... Gf thinks I'm crazy lol.
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2023.05.30 13:17 bigtastie Why aren't there any good small-mid sized integrated bracelet watches?

There is a HUGE trend for 70's Gérald Genta inspired watches with integrated bracelets. But there are no good small / mid sized options from China. And I don't understand why these Chinese watchmakers are sleeping on this opportunity.
The royal oak and Nautilus craze doesn't even need an introduction, these are extremely popular. And there is already a bunch of (almost 1:1) homages/clones in 40-42 mm size. But as we already know, the integrated bracelet watches wear bigger due to the bracelet being overall wider and the case design not being round. Usually it's said these watches wear 1-2 mm larger. The integrated bracelet watches often have a fixed link bracelet, which makes the effective lug-to-lug a lot bigger than the dimensions would suggest. There is a lot of anticipation of the new PRX 35 in automatic (with the waffle dial) set to be launched in june or july. Arguably this watch is a little too much, even on my small wrist. The new Christopher Ward Twelve is a another, new big hit, which is said to be coming in a 36 mm version in September.
Pagani Design had a huge let down by falsely advertising their PRX homage as a 38 mm, while it in fact was just a hair BIGGER than the 40 mm PRX. Also it was thicker, due to the choice of a Nh35 movement. The Chronograph version was only like 11 mm thick, but preferably it should be thinner when using quartz.
San Martin experimented with their (sort of weird) Royal Oak / Nautilus crossover SN013G, which actually looked nice in terms of size and case, but it had a GS inspired dial and hands, which looked way out of place on a sports watch. They also made a PRX homage, which was kind of redundant since it was the same price as the quartz version of the original.
I think there is A LOT of potential and demand in a mid sized 70's integrated bracelet sports watch. The case, bracelet and execution here is key. And now I'm saying something controversial; Use a quartz movement you can get a THIN watch at a lower cost.
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2023.05.30 13:17 SpiritedVoice1414 [Routine Help] Undereye blood vessel dilation with minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
Current routine:
Cleanser (Boreade) Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C Lip cream for dry skin Sunscreen (Hyseac spf+50)
Night Cleanser (Boreade) Retinoid (Adapaleno) 3 times a week & Eritromicina the other 3 days (rest on Sunday) Lip cream for dry skin Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C
Routine Help: I've been researching and i came up with the following products:
Ice hooding/masks, cold compresses or spoon Retinol vit c undereye Tretinoin or Adalapene (Retinol Vitamin A) Ordinary caffeine solution eye serum
Guide me on selecting which products to incorporate.
Thank you.
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