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BodyCopter/HoverCopter Project

The BodyCopter/HoverCopter  (HC/BC) project is an attempt to bring vertical take off and landing flight to everyday people without the use of airports.  

In order to allow the most people access to local, sport and regional flight, we have designed the "Torque Stabilized Vertical Lifting System"  (TSVLS) with directional/rotational (torque) control built into the design.  It is mechanically fail safe.  Also, with torque control built in at the factory, except for minor trim/directional adjustments, vtol flight becomes as simple as 1. raise the rpms 2. adjust the trim, 3. adjust pitch of the lift rotor and take off or land.  No dangerous, exposed rotor blades, no complicated tail rotor balancing of torque, no loss of lift.  TSVLS is a better system for low, slow, safe family and single person flight.  

By placing our lift rotor inside of a close fitting shroud, we increase lift of the rotor by 20 to 40%.  Since our center of lift is the same as our center of drag, we have no need for a tail rotor, like helicopters, operating outside our lift rotor down draft.  In this way we eliminate up to 40% of total drag needed to lift a load.  The outcome is a lift rotor capable of 20 to 40% more lift than if it were free spinning with no shroud, and we add up to 40% more lift by eliminating power normally used by a tail rotor torque control system.

With GPS and on board flight control systems, avoiding airports, towers, cities, at least for now will be automatic.  BC/HC flight envelop is 500 feet of altitude to 1,000 feet.  This is totally unused air space, except around airports for landing and departures. This low flight lends itself to safety by allowing the necessity for only a minute or two of emergency power to land in case of an emergency. An emergency landing can be made in any 10' of open space, and with floats attached could be made on water.

Imagine taking off from your home, being guided to work, landing in a landing space, hovering or rolling under power to your parking space, end of day, take off, land at the lake for a little fishing on the way home.  Or, taking off from home, heading straight for some hard to get to spot in the woods, hunting, and flying home with your game.  Imagine living where roads are impossible.  Imagine the freedom vtol can give, the medicines, it can deliver, disaster evacuation, boarder patrol, forestry, farming, animal husbandry, search and rescue.  The possibilities are endless.

The HC in the BC/HC Project stands for HoverCopter.  The HC is proposed to be a 4 to 6 passenger, Family flyer with the same safety and inefficiencies of the BC.  Imagine you and your friends or family taking off vertically, sitting back to back around a central air shaft with nothing but plexiglas between you and the scenery.  We a new and exciting way to enjoy a day.  Fly to a favorite spot for a picnic, or just explore from your vantage point just above the tree tops.  There is nothing new about the BC/HC Project, except total torque control and torque balance achieved by air foils located just the below a lift rotor, generating anti torque force.  So, all we need is the public awareness and funds to make all of this a reality, now.

Recently, we've added to our ultra safe, efficient, simple design, a fully electric power packed motor, the Emrax 268, lithium ion batteries, and an Emsiso controller.  With the addition aluminum/air or other new battery technology, we are projecting a 2 to 3 hour flight time at a cruise speed of 40 miles per hour making a 100 mile one way trip within reach.  The craft should easily be below the 254 lb limit of ultralight aircraft, so no licensing is required according to the FAA.

We are currently seeking a start up investor/managing partner to get off the ground, so to speak.  Visit our booth at Oshkosh,, airventure, this Summer.

  Paradigm Shift Yields Basis for Safe, Affordable, Simple VTOL

  Model of BodyCopter and Hovercopter, below.                   .   
The red one is the BodyCopter style, lifts from the top, pilot, beneath steers with weight shift.
The green one is HoverCopter or FamilyFlyer style, lifts from bottom, steers with top fully articulated rotor, up to four passengers would sit back to back, around an air shaft, in the middle, where the electronics are, inside a plexiglass enclosure. US Pat Pend


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