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VTOL for the masses!                
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First test flight July 2014 - US Pat Pend

Four Passenger, HoverCopter, Cut away, Conceptual Drawing,  US Pat Pend
See a Model Of The HoverCopter or Family Flyer Fly in the Photos, Above.
Can Be Equipped With Floats To Enable It To Land On Water!

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  Paradigm Shift Yields Basis for Safe, Affordable, Simple VTOL

  Model of BodyCopter and Hovercopter, below.                   .   
The red one is the BodyCopter style, lifts from the top, pilot, beneath steers with weight shift.
The green one is HoverCopter or FamilyFlyer style, lifts from bottom, steers with top fully articulated rotor, up to four passengers would sit back to back, around an air shaft, in the middle, where the electronics are, inside a plexiglass enclosure. US Pat Pend


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